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I'm 39 now. It's a year later. Maybe you don't remember what happened at the conference last year. I'd never cheated before. But if you read my first story, you know that I met Jake, and after we had dinner and shared a bottle of wine and he offered me $1000 for sex. In a moment of vanity and, I suppose, lust, I succumbed. It seemed like such an overwhelming offer and he was so very charming.
Every time I pulled out my dresser drawer and "withdrew" a $100 bill to buy something special for the kids, I remembered. I couldn't spend it all at once, so I had decided I owed it to the children and would use it a little at a time. Anyway, there was a mixture of guilt and excitement each time. I took to laying the bill on the dresser, taking off my panties and standing there masturbating until "Jake" made me cum again. It was only my own juices that ran down my leg, but I could pretend. A wash cloth and pulling on my panties and I was ready to shop. I didn't cheat again all year, unless you call that gorgeous fantasy cheating. I'd gotten over thinking maybe I was a whore.

I went to the same conference again this year. A different city, but I knew Jake would be there. I'd dreamed for a couple months about having him again and I wasn't about to ask for more money. We went to dinner and before he even could ask I said, "You can come to my room tonight if you want to."

I did my call home and, at the arranged time, the knock came. I answered wearing only v-string panties and a demi-bra my husband had never seen. I wasn't going to show up in the plain Jane undies I'd been in last year. I stood there with the door wide open and, you know, I think Jake was actually embarrassed. He quickly came in and eased the door shut behind him.

Jake must have appreciated my choice because we made out for a good while before he took my undies off. We stood there kissing as I undressed him and then he took to kissing and caressing my whole quivering body. He started from the top of my breasts and then down my belly. Then he kissed every inch of my legs down to my feet. The aroma of my own sex wafted up to me.

We laid on the bed and he did that more, finally taking my sex in his mouth through my panties. He gently gnawed on my pussy and then used his tongue. It felt wonderful through the silk. I was close to orgasm the whole time.

I pushed him off and laid him on his back. I rubbed my panties on his cock - God I wanted it then and there - and then climbed down between his legs. His thighs responded to my tongue and when I held his cock up and licked beneath his balls, he started to moan.

He loved it when I took his balls in my mouth and then licked up and down his shaft. He only let me suck on him for a few seconds because he didn't want to cum yet.

Jake stood me up and sat on the edge of the bed. He reached around behind me and unclipped my bra. It dropped easily to the floor and he took my nipple in his mouth. As he was gently sucking on my tit, he slid my panties off at last, reached between my legs, pushed his fingers between my soaking wet lips and found my clit. I stood there accepting this with my eyes closed as waves of ecstasy made my whole body shake and my knees tremble.

When he felt my orgasm rise, he plunged his fingers up into my vagina. But I wanted his cock. I pushed him back down on the bed, crawled over him and rubbed his tip against my clit. I didn't need much of that and lowered myself over his wonderful, wonderful rock hard cock. He tried to hold onto my breasts as I bounced up and down over him but finally just watched them bounce for him.

I wanted something more intimate, so I hopped off after a couple minutes and laid on my back. I opened my shaking legs as wide as I could and held my pussy lips open with both hands. "Fuck me, Jake. Fuck me!"

Jake took in the view for a few seconds. "You are so beautiful." And then he held his cock at my opening, pushed it in and laid on top of me. He was kissing me, twisting my nipples and fucking, fucking, fucking me. I was so happy. I don't usually cum from my husbands cock in me - he helps me other ways - but Jake has a way of making me cum with it and I convulsed in pleasure.

Jake is one of those men whose ejaculations keep coming, and when it is over stays hard for a few more minutes, sliding in and out in both our juices. He also knows how to press against my cervix and rub it side to side with his tip, which absolutely sends me. We left quite a puddle on the sheets for housekeeping to think about.

I thought I couldn't take any more and we chatted for a while about our kids. But I was drawn to him again and found myself climbing over his naked body and down to his cock. It tasted so good, with everything on it. And it wasn't long before I got him fully aroused again. I hopped off and got on my knees next to him and said "Fuck me from behind like last time."

He knelt down behind me and started licking my pussy and then my cheeks. I couldn't believe it when he pulled my cheeks open and tickled my asshole with his tongue! Nobody had ever done that. It was amazing. Once again my whole body shook. Then he climbed up and inserted himself in my vagina. Guys, you know we love that. It feels so deep and reaches different places inside. I was loving it, myself, when he asked, "Can I use your rear?"

My hubby doesn't ask for that and I hadn't had that since college. Jake hadn't asked for that a year ago either. "Oh Jake, yes. fuck my asshole Jake." It went pretty well. He'd just been in my vagina and with a little spit he slid in easily. It hurt a bit cause he's so big, but in the end (no pun intended), it felt wonderful and brought me a bonus orgasm. I did my best to squeeze his organ with my sphincter muscles and his moaning told me I was doing the right thing. I couldn't actually feel his juices jetting out but his spasms and broken breaths told me he had satisfied himself.

In the morning we made love again. We dressed and were kissing goodbye. I looked at the sheets and realized that housekeeping wasn't going to have any question what had been happening. For some reason it didn't embarrass me.

Jake held me between his hands and said, "I have another proposition for you. There's a man, a business associate. ..."

Later, I found in my purse a stack of ten crisp $100 bills he must have put there when I went to the toilet.

Big PickelReport

2018-08-08 03:14:42
Great job, once again you hit the stride of a secret meeting.


2018-03-03 23:00:01
Please do NOT stop writing these stories. I find them very consise and interesting. A great turn on story.


2018-03-03 08:16:06
Great intro and ending. For such a short story - very satisfying. I hope you will publish a longer story sometime. If the chore of proof reading a long story puts you off it would be my pleasure to help, you write so well. Robbie.

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