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continued from part IV...

The bright sun shone in threw Amy’s window, waking her up from a good nights sleep. The first thought in her mind was hearing the threesome between her mom, aunt, and uncle last night. ‘Maybe one day I will be in one’ she thought.

Down the hall in the guest bedroom Max woke up to the touch of a hand on his member. It was a familiar touch. He knew it was his sister Susan starting her morning off as usual. He lay there naked with his eyes closed, ready to enjoy the hand job he was about to get.

Susan lay next to him, her large body also nude. Sam had left early that morning to go get breakfast ready for everyone. One of Susan’s EE tits was flopped on top of Max’s chest. Its weight spread out across it’s fingerprint on his body. He could suffocate under those things. It wouldn’t be a bad way to go. Susan used her left hand to slowly stroke the base of his cock. Her large hands were strong and she applied the weight of her fingers perfectly surrounding the whole of his shaft. She stroked it up and down slowly feeling it swell with arousal.

As Max’s dick hardened she wrapped her whole hand around his 10” long and large girth dick. His cock needed a hand the size of his BBW sister to really work it. Susan sped up her stroke, adjusting her pace to vary the sensation on his dick. Max moaned softly enjoying his wake up present. This made Susan fell happy, knowing her brother was enjoying this as much as she was. She sped up her stroke, tightening her grip at the top of his shaft. She stroked his cock for 10 minutes until she was ready for her morning treat. She moved her large body down his torso until her head lay on his stomach, her mouth lined up with his throbbing cock.

She starting jerking his dick fast with a tight grip. She wanted her brother’s hot cum in her mouth. She put the top of his dick in her mouth and flicked her tongue on the tip of his member. Max could feel the load building up inside him. He was ready to bust in her mouth. He felt the semen rise from his balls, into the base of his dick, and finally racing to the head of his monster cock. He shot a first massive load into his sister’s mouth. It was thick and creamy, covering her tongue. A second and third load followed each filling her mouth with his seed. After a few more he was empty, Susan sucking any remaining cum off of his dick. She turned her head around towards his. His eyes now open, she looked right into them. She opened her mouth revealing a pool of cum, closed it and swallowed the full load. She opened her mouth once more showing off to her brother that she swallowed the whole thing. She was satisfied with the taste of his cum in her mouth, now running down into her stomach. Max was floating on a post ejaculation high and rose up, kissing her on the mouth, tasting and smelling his own semen. They broke the kiss and started to get ready for the day.

Everyone enjoyed a breakfast prepared by Sam. “Who wants to go with me to the store” she asked. Susan and Josh decided to go. Josh just wanted to be near his aunt and continue to stare at her tits and ass, sometimes letting her know he was checking her out.

Back at the house Max went up to the guest room he was staying in to grab the phone he left charging on the nightstand. As he was entering his code to unlock it, he heard a knock at the door. It was Amy, Sam’s youngest daughter and Max’s niece. She hadn’t changed from the barely there shorts and thin tank top she wore at breakfast. “Hey uncle Max.” she started.

“Can I…um…ask you a question?”

“Sure, what’s up?” he replied.

“Have you ever had anal sex?” she sputtered out. The question caught him off guard. He turned now fully paying attention to her. He was looking intently at her perky breasts, their nipples poking through the cotton of her tank top.

“That’s a hell of a question to start a conversation with dear.” said Max.

“Well I had tried to shove a toy in my ass a few nights, ago…sorry you don’t mind me asking you this, I just heard you fucking my mom and your sister last night and figured we were going to be open about sex and stuff from now on.”

“Well, yes you did hear me fucking your mom, and I have been fucking your aunt for some time now, including her asshole. So if you have some questions about sex, you can always ask me.” Max had walked closer to Amy as he replied and was now near enough to put his arm around her, giving a half hug and squeeze.

Amy leaned into his hug and as her gaze turned down she noticed the bulge in her uncle’s pants. As if by instinct she gently put her right hand on top of it lightly feeling his cock. ‘Fucking massive’ she thought.

“So like I was saying, I could only get so much in before it hurt too much. Like how do you get able enough to take a whole one up there”?

“You have to start slow, and it helps to have someone there to help guide you” Max said, now feeling his niece rub up and down his shaft through his sweatpants. ‘Does she want me to show her, is she as horny as her mom, would Sam get mad’; all these thoughts ran through his head. Amy was going to go for it. She thought her uncle knew what she wanted so she made her advance.

“Maybe you can show me” she said as she now put her right hand into his sweatpants, pulling down on the waist letting his semi hard cock fall out. She lowered to kneel in front of her uncle and placed his cock into her mouth, in awe of it’s size, making her slightly rethink her plan. ‘No’ she thought ‘I’m doing this; I’m taking this cock in my ass’.

She was sucking hard on his dick, both her hands around his waist, squeezing his ass and bringing the cock further into her mouth. She pushed her head further onto him, feeling it’s tip touch the back of her throat. She gagged up thick saliva onto his dick, choking it up and letting it sloppily fall out of her mouth and onto the top of her tits. Max saw this and reached his left hand down to her mouth, squeezing her face to prop open her mouth. He brought up some saliva and spat down into her mouth. She was nasty. She was nasty like her mom and Max knew it.

Amy was surprise to find she loved being spat on and it got her now wet pussy even more eager. Max coached Amy up onto her feet and brought her to the bed. He put her on the bed on her hands and knees, her young ass up in the air. Amy gave it a little jiggle enticing her uncle. “Let’s see this little asshole” Max said spreading her ass cheeks apart. It was a perfect pink hole. It’s puckering beckoned for something to be put inside it. Max obliged, putting his right index finger into her asshole after having spit down to lubricate it. Amy already knew to relax her sphincter a bit, allowing the finger in easily. This was so fucking hot. He just had both his sisters the night before and was now about to conquer his nubile niece. He went over to the nightstand and scrambled to find a tube of lube, hurrying back to Amy’s awaiting ass.

She was grinning with anticipation. He squirted lube onto her ass, rubbing it in and around her asshole. Slowly but surely over the course of 10 minutes he had fit three of his fingers into her ass, loosening it’s muscles and stretching it open. “You see Amy” Max said, “You just have to loosen it up, and look you are taking three fingers up your ass.” “Mmmmmm..yeah, I feel them. "This is way…”, she took a gulp, thriving on the ecstasy of the moment “…better than a dildo” “Hold on sweetie” Max said maneuvering his cock to align with her asshole. He removed his fingers revealing an asshole ready for the taking. He slowly pushed the tip of his dick into her hole. Amy let out a moan. He applied more lube, wanting Amy to feel the smooth glide of his shaft in her. Amy adjusted her knees a bit more apart, to better accept the dick.

Max pushed in his stiff member slowly into her, withdrawing it, then back in just a little further. Her asshole enveloped his shaft, forming a silken tunnel around it. It was such a difference from the asshole of his sister, which after him fucking the shit out of it for sometime had gotten less tight. After they spent sometime adjusting her body, he helping her with how to relax and where to flex, she obeying and feeling equal parts pain and passion; he started to really fuck her.

He grabbed her waist, pulling her down onto his dick, rather than he shoving into her. The first sound of her ass clapping against him thrilled both of them. He started pounding her down onto his dick, slap…slap…slap each time he was fully inside her tight asshole. Her as cheeks reddened. “I’m going to cum inside you baby. I want you to feel the throb of my dick as I cum” Max said.

“Ooooo…ok” Amy managed to say, focusing her attention to the sensations inside her anal canal. The nerve endings were sending sensations to her brain, detailing every part of her uncle’s shaft. Max fucked her as hard and fast as he could, now sweating. It came like a released dam.

He ejected his semen into her bowels. One shot, two, now three. Amy could feel the rise of her uncle’s dick inside her, releasing it’s seed. He collapsed on top of her having came all he had into her. He withdrew his dick, shiny with lube and looked at her young asshole, red and beat from the fucking he just gave her.

“So that’s what it’s like” Amy said, on cloud nine. She had gotten her uncle to fuck her in the ass. Her disheveled hair strewn out across the sheets, her face dizzy with the high after a good fuck. It was beautiful to Max. He knew he wanted to do that again. Soon.

And just as that thought exited his mind, he looked up to see Amy’s older sister Amber in the room with them. Amber had that look of a girl who was brimming with sexual rage. She was so turned on, having watched her uncle cum into her sister’s ass.

“Give me some of that dick” she commanded as she marched over to the bed towards a happily bewildered Max.

to be continued...
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