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Dan is being pressured into moving Gemma’s sexual adventure forward and he is reluctant. Finally he proposing a threesome and is amazed when Gemma leaps at it, more so suggesting her best friend.
This story has been written for my own pleasure. It is purely fantasy. If you do not like any of the themes or dislike the story once you start, please stop reading. Constructive comments only please.

This is the third chapter in this series. There is a short paragraph setting the scene and you can certainly enjoy this story as a stand alone but to fully appreciate it please read chapter 1 and chapter 2.


Pillbox Sex Dungeon - Chapter 3 - Introducing a friend

Teen, MFF, threesome, oral, anal

The steamy weekend sex sessions and occasion weeknight meets continued. Our loved up and sex crazed couple have now been dating for close to three months. With each visit to the pill box Dan has pushed Gemma a little further in her sexual awakening. Gemma has taken everything in her stride and is also very keen to reverse the roles. The restraints, the whips and the roleplay have become a regular occurrence.

All their sexy antics are being recorded on the covert camera’s installed and bring much pleasure to Dan’s three mates. Dan’s mates have loved watching the relationship develop but for the past three weeks have been pressuring Dan into upping the anti again and taking things to a whole new level.

The lads have owned the Pill Box for three years and in that time all of them have been regular users with so many different girls they have lost count. All the footage is recorded and disturbed and they have a huge library of their very own amateur porn.

With the except of Billy’s girlfriend, Gemma is now the second longest running female to the Pill Box and the lads feel it is time to introduce someone else to the bedroom. All three lads are very eager to get involved and Billy even offered his own girlfriend. Dan really isn’t sure how Gemma would take the suggestion but on the basis she has never turned him down yet and never ceases to amazing him what she is willing to do he agrees to bring it up into conversation.

Over the coming weeks Dan keeps trying to move the conversation onto the topic of a threesome but chickens out each time thinking it is just a step too far. Dan has really fallen for Gemma. All his previous conquests had just been about the sex. Yes this relationship was built on sex but he was totally smitten with her at the same time. To the point he felt very guilty that his mates were watching the steamy sex sessions without her knowledge. This pang of conscious had never happened before.

The pair had met up for a Sunday night session, which was as hot and cum filled as always. After several hours of sex the two had fallen asleep in a tangle of cum and sweat covered sheets and partial clothing. As usual Gemma had woken first, removed herself from the bed and taken a couple of sexy snaps of Her boyfriend. Dan only woken when he heard the shower. As he lay in bed watching the shadow of his gorgeous teen lover in the shower he decided he had to do it, he had to push for the threesome.

After the pair were washed and dressed, the usual procedure followed where Dan blindfolded Gemma, picked up both their bags and then lead her to the car.

About ten minutes into the drive Dan bite the bullet and raised the subject.

“So, I think it is time we took things to a whole new level” he announced to the sexy school uniform clad teen.

“Okay, what you thinking”

Slightly nervous of the reaction Dan decided to just come out and say it. “ I think we should introduce someone to the bedroom”

“I’ve been thinking the same” she replied without hestitation

“Really, wow” was all he could think to say, totally stunned at her reaction.

“You would be up for it then. my best friend is so horny for you” Gemma told Dan.

Totally speechless, Dan sat their in stunned silence.

“I tell her everything we get up to, I even show her some of your pictures. She gets so horny just hearing about it all and I know she fancies you”

“Ok” was the only lame response Dan could muster.

“shall I set it up for Friday?”

“Yeah, if you sure you ok with it. Wasn’t really where I was going with it, but if your okay with it, let’s do it”

Dan was absolutely amazed at Gemma’s response and the fact she had already figured it all out and was actively pushing to bring another girl into the bedroom. The rest of the journey was quite quiet with Gemma planning and plotting and Dan imaging the treat he was in for.

As their neared their destination, Dan reached over and slipped off the blind fold. Without even thinking, Gemma lifted her bum off the seat and slid her little pink panties as off. She gave her pussy a quick wipe as she knew it was wet from the last twenty minutes thinking about next weekends adventure.

As the car drew up outside her school, she handed over her panties, gave Dan a deep kiss whilst squeezing his semi hard dick. “Until Friday lover” she said as she got out of the car and walked into school knickerless.

Dan watched her all her the way to the building, totally amazed at his gorgeous sex goddess.

School went so slow for Gemma as she was so excited about the following Friday and the plans she had to make. She met Sarah after school, as they did every day to walk home. They diverted into the local park and Gemma told Sarah all about her latest sex session including showing her a number of photos from the night before and this morning. As usual Sarah got visably horny. Usual Gemma would ignore this but guessed Sarah used the imagines and stories to relieve herself at a later time.

Still holding her iPhone with a picture of a sleeping naked Dan Gemma asked “Would you have sex with him?”


“Well it’s obvious you fancy him, I see how flushed and horny you get when I tell you what we get up to. I want to arrange something special for him and wondered if you would be up for it.”

The two chatted for a while, Gemma explained she would love to see her best friend riding her boyfriend. Sarah really wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but it was so true she fancied Dan and was so jealous of all the sex she agreed to go along with it. What Gemma didn’t know was Sarah also fancied her and always had. Neither girl had been with another but it was a secret burning desire of Sarah’s and she saw this as a chance to realise that ambition.

The two made their plans, discussed their outfits which Sarah suggested slutty school girls was the best idea.

The week went so slow for both girls but finally Friday arrived. Sarah had come straight home from school with Gemma. The two girls didn’t change out of their school uniforms but did ready themselves for what promised to be a great night.

At 5pm The girls left Gemma’s house and walked to the end of the road. Dan was waiting. Gemma climbed in the front and Sarah the back. Both girls so excited whilst Sarah was also extremely nervous, having never even met Dan before. Gemma introduced the pair. Dan drove to the lay-by down the road and then checked that both girls were totally onboard with what was about to happen. He checked Gemma wasn’t going to get jealous of him being with her friend and checked Sarah was totally comfortable with what the plans were.

Dan talked Sarah through the security arrangements. He pulled out two blind folds and asked the girls to swop seats. Gemma was instantly a little disappointed as she always enjoyed the drive and the foreplay but dutifully compiled. Dan got the girls to put on their blind folds and started the drive.

Sarah was the same age as Gemma, smaller breasts, slightly taller with jet black hair down to her shoulders. Not as attractive as his redhead nymphomanic girlfriend but still attractive.

Within minutes his hand fell onto Sarah’s knee. She jumped not expecting it and he removed it quickly. A moment later he returned in without the surprise factor. He ran his hand up and down her leg and around her stocking top. He could see her biting her lip. He moved his hand to hers, then placed her hand at the hem of her skirt. She took the lead and hitched her skirt up and rubbed her already wet pussy through her knickers. She tilted her head back, enjoying the sensation.

Dan moved her hand again, this time placing it in his lap and replaced his hand on her wet panties. She rubbed his semi hard cock through his jeans, before fumbling with the zip.

Gemma heard the zip and knew what was going on. She so wanted to get involved and toyed with the idea of slipping off her seatbelt but decided against it.

Sarah’s hand slipped inside Dan’s jeans and quick gained access to his boxers wrapping her fingers around his cock. Dan returned the favour and slipped his hand inside her knickers.

The two held that position for what seemed like an eternity, all the time Gemma staining her ears to work out what was going on.

Gemma felt the car turn and the badly maintained lane that signalled the end of their journey. Dan withdraw his hand so he could steer better but Sarah left hers clutching the throbbing cock.

The car pulled in and came to a stop. Dan got out of the car and moved all three of their bags inside,having undone all the locks and switching on the lights.

He came back, got Gemma out of the car first and then Sarah. Gemma could walk this route in her sleep now, so she went slightly ahead and Dan guided Sarah. As soon as Gemma was inside she went to remove her blind fold.

“leave the blindfolds on I think” he told both girls.

Dan sat them both on the bed. The two girls held hands which was Gemma’s way to reassure Sarah. Dan poured two large whiskey sand handed them out. Sarah smelt hers and pulled a face. Dan told her it isn’t as bad as it smells and to down it on one, which she did.

In one motion, Dan slipped Gemma’s blind fold off and held a finger to his lips. The gorgeous redhead grinned from ear to ear.

“I’m loving your outfits girls” I think we need to leave them on as long as possible.

“Now before we start, myself and Gemma have a safe word. A word If either of us say stops play immediately, our word is elephant. Sarah I think you should have a word, any ideas?”

After a moments though “Unicorn” was suggested.

“Okay then, let play commence. lay back for me please”

Still holding hands, the girls compiled without question. Dan moved both their panties to one side and started playing with their wet slits. Gemma was so wet which he had come to expect, Sarah not so much so but within a few minutes of rubbing and stroking her juices started to flow.

Dan signaled to Gemma drop hands and move away from Sarah slightly. Sarah felt this but was already in heaven so didn’t think too much. Dan signaled again for Gemma to get off the bed. Dan dropped to his knees and pulled Sarah’s knickers down and off. Instictately she raised her hips to allow access.

Dan beckoned Gemma towards Sarah’s pussy and whilst she didn’t know that was coming, she was lost in the moment. She dropped to her knees, kissed Dan and then kissed her best friends inner thigh. She moved up and down her friends legs, kissing and nibbling, sucking and licking. Sarah’s short skirt was up over her belly denying Gemma access. Back and fourth she went, every now and again licking up her wet slit or flicking her clit but each time moving back to her inner thigh.

Dan stood back to watch the show and of course he took a few pictures.

Sarah’s pussy juices were slightly salty and slightly sweet and floral, tasting nothing like cum and nothing like Gemma’s own juices.

After going Back and fourth the redhead concentrated on her pussy, sticking her tongue in, licking her juices and then sucking and flicking her clit.

Dan dropped back to his knees and rubbed Sarah’s pussy again, making his fingers wet. He placed One finger first quickly followed by a second inside the young teen who was starting to squirm and thrash around on the bed. He placed his thumb at the entrance to her anus putting light pressure on it whilst wiggling his fingers as deep inside her as he could. All the time Gemma is licking, sucking and slurping her pussy and clit.

Within minutes Sarah is building to a climax, thrashing more and more. Gemma looks at Dan and he nods. The pair build up the rhythm of their assault. Gemma licking and flicking, sucking and tiggling her clit with her tongue, Dan gently pushes his thumb into her anus which pushes Sarah over the edge. She arches her back and holds it for seconds before waves of pleasure violently erupt through her body. She falls back onto the bed and Gemma and Dan hold their position for another thirty seconds or so as pleasure ripplies though Sarah.

Gemma takes her place on the bed again and the two girls lay side by side. Dan removes his jeans and boxers to reveal his hard cock.

“Sit up girls”. Dan moves in front of them so he is standing spread eagle one leg between each of them.

Gemma grab his cock with one hand and guides Sarah’s hand to the throbbing member at the same time. The pair fondle his cock and balls and then Sarah leans forward and takes it in her mouth. Gemma is amazed and really pleased that her best friend is so horny for Dan. The pair share the cock back and fourth, slowly wanking the shaft whilst licking and sucking his head and sack.

Sarah whispers in between sucks “I need this cock in me”.

Dan is more than happy to go for it. Gemma gives him the nod. He pulls away, gets a condom from the bedside cabinet, puts it on and lays down on the bed. Gemma manoeuvres Sarah onto the bed so she straddles Dan. She Lines her best friends pussy up with her boyfriends cock and helps Sarah impale herself. Both girls still wearing their school uniforms including stockings and shoes. Sarah starts to ride Dan, her hands all over his body, she leans over and kisses him passionately all the time riding his full length deep into her tight pussy.

Gemma removes knickers and climbs onto the bed. She manourers her freind to sit up and then Straddles her boyfriend face. Without a moments hasiation Dan starts licking and sucking on her pussy, sticking his tongue as deep into her as he can.

Sarah, still being blind folded realises where Gemma is, learns forward and kisses her best friend deeply tasting her own pussy juices.

The three locked in this embrace continue for sometime. Sarah using the full length of Dan’s cock, pulling herself almost right off of his rock hard cock before Plunging back down hard, Dan fucking Gemma’s pussy with his tongue, her juices flowing over his face as he laps as much up as he can. his hand finds he arse and he sticks his thumb up her bum all the while the two girls locked in a deep embrace, they tongues entwined as one.

The licking and suck of Gemma’s pussy and the rhythm of Sarah riding Dan’s cock builds and intensifies. Both girls totally lost in each other’s arms and mouths, Sarah still being able to taste her own pussy juices.

The girls break there embrace. Gemma undoes Sarah’s top button on her blouse to reveal her small boobs. Sarah concentrates on Dan’s cock as Gemma pinches her friends nipples and rubs her boobs. Dan can feel his orgasm coming and continues licking and sucking for all his worth. Sarah’s riding gets harder and harder, faster and faster, pushing Dan over the edge, he explodes with an organism ripping through his body. He buries his tongue deep inside Gemma and holds it there. The orgasm passes from Dan to Gemma which rips through her body and releases yet more pussy juice all over Dan’s face. Gemma continues to ride Dan’s cock, being so close, she needs to come, so needs to come, just a little bit more nd yes, yes, it’s there, she plunged down one last time as her own orgasm blows her mind, she arches her body back as the pleasure rips through her.

After a few moments, they all flop onto the bed, in a huge mess of cum, pussy juice and sweat. Exhausted and in fits of giggles at what just happened.

Dan gets up, removes his condom, and pours another three whiskeys. They all down it in one, Sarah becoming acustom to the burning sensation.

“Well you two hard fun with each other” Dan declaired. “I wasn’t expecting that”

The two girls grinned at each other and held hands once more. Dan couldn’t resist getting his phone out and snapping a picture. Both largely still in there school uniform, both pussies were on show with Sarah still in here suspenders and boobs on display.

“Had you planned any of that?” He asked

“No” came the answer in unison although Sarah had been fantastisimg about this moment for the last three months.

“I think you too should lose some clothes and sixty nine”.

With another wicked grin at each other, they wasted no time losing their skirts and shirts. Now Sarah just wore her stockings and shoes whilst Gemma just wore he shoes, white socks and a pink bra.

With out hestiation, Gemma turned 180 degrees on the end and climbed on top of Sarah. The two dived straight in, licking and sucking eaches others pussies, Gemma for the second time tonight. Dan had planned this, he took another photo and the moved around the bed.

Gemma’s arse was in the air and exactly where he wanted it to be. He grabbed some lube from the cupboard, put some on and rubbed himself against her arsehole. Grabbing her hips, with Sarah underneath with her eyes wide, he rubbed himself up against the tight anus and eased himself in. Gemma was quite acustom to this now and savoured the feeling it gave her. Gently he started pumping his cock all the way in to the tight cavity. Sarah’s eyes never braking contact with his balls and base of in sock sliding in and out, all the time, suck, licking and savouring her best friends pussy.

Gemma too was working for all her might to give her friend her third orgasm of the night. Both girls loved receiving oral but neither had received it from a girl before and both were loving every second. Dan was enjoying being in his girlfriends arse as always but he had no reason to cum as he was enjoying the girl on girl show.

As Sarah built Gemma’s climax, Gemma started to push herself in Rhythm on Dan’s cock. Sarah was so lost in the moment and her orgasm almost took her by surprise. She flopped down onto the bed a the pleasure ripped though her. Dan was almost about to cum too and pulled out of Gemma with the plan of sending his cum all over Sarah’s face and boobs. Much to his surprise, the dirty teen grabbed his cock and sucked it for all it’s worth. Wanking the base of his shaft and sucking on the head like her life depended on it, within seconds Dan split his second load of cum of the evening, Sarah continued to suck, swallowing every last drop.

Gemma quite disappointed she hadn’t come and now feeling quite redundant, rolled off of Sarah to see this most erotic sight of her best friend blowing her boyfriend. Without thinking Gemma reached down, grabbed her phone and took some pictures.

After a few minutes the threesome fell apart again and all laid on the bed. Staying at the mirrored ceiling Gemma stated “I think you two owe me an orgasm” to which no one disagreed.

Dan decided now was the time to pull out his last party trick. Everything had gone so well and the girls were so into each other and happy to suck and fuck he was quite confident what he was going to suggest would go down well.

He walked to the wardrobe, opened it and pulled out an item neither girl recongnised. He held it up. Realising neither girl could comprehend it he told them it was a strap on double ended dildo.

“I think Sarah should put this on, one end goes into you and you can then fuck Gemma with the other end and I’ll do the same. Only question is do to want her pussy or her arse”

“Her pussy” Sarah replied within a split second, again having obviously already thought this through.

Gemma remained quiet, watching the two. Dan helped Sarah into the straps and pulled them tight. He rubbed the double ended dildo against her wet pussy and then slowly worked one end into her pussy, leaving the other end sticking straight out. Dan sat down on the edge of the bed and beckoned Gemma to sit on his lap. Her held her hips and lifted her up, whilst Sarah held his cock up, Dan lowered Gemma onto his hard cock once more. Her already lubed and open anus accepted him without hestitation.

Sarah smiled at the sight and gave Gemma a long loving kiss, their tongues entwined once more. The stocking clad teen unclipped Gemma’s bra and cast it aside revealing her sizeable cleavage and creamy nipples. Taking one and then the other in her month she ticked and sucked at her nibbles, flicking them with her tongue and nibbling with her teeth.

Sarah rubbed the strap on dildo up and down Gemma’s wet slit and then teased her a little putting it at the entrance to her love canal and then removing it.

The pair kissed some more, all the time Dan with his cock buried deep in his girlfriends arse. Sarah slowly put the dildo in, inch at a time, removing it and then starting again. Slowly and surely Gemma got given all 7 inches of the plastic object.

Yet again the girls embraced, their tongues darting around inside each other’s mouths. Gemma put her feet in the bed, leaned back with her arms stretched out and started to pump her arse on Dan’s rockhard cock, whilst Sarah slowly and gently built up a rhythm plunging the silicon dildo into her best friends pussy. Gemma felt absolutely stuffed and was loving all the attention. Dan moved his hand to her pussy and started rubbing and flicking at her clit. Sarah built up rhythm in unison with Gemma pounding Dan’s cock deep in her anus. The trio continued life this, building up the pace, sweat pouring off all three of them. Gemma kept looking up at the obscene imagine within the mirrored ceiling.

Sarah could feel her own orgasm build that the double ended dildo pounded her pussy at the same time. Faster and harder, harder and faster, the Rhythm build. Gemma organism was almost there too, totally lost in the moment, she plunged down into Dan’s 7inch cock one last time as the pleasure ripped through her body. At the same moment, Sarah came, the electric sending shock ways through her, she feel forward, burying the dildo deep inside them both and kissed her best friend long deep and hard.

This was all to much for Dan, being buried deep in Gemma’s tight arse. He shot his load, which make Gemma come again, feeling the cum deep inside her. The three held this position, exhausted and sweaty for what seemed like forever. Dan eventually became soft and popped out. Of course the girls didn’t have this issue with the double ended dildo still buried deep in them both.

Finally the three of them rolled out onto the bed, in fits of giggles. The sweat and cum drying onto their mostly naked bodies. Dan got up and took one last photo before helping Sarah out of the straps of the dildo. He got a sheet from the cupboard, chucked it over the girls before climbed back into bed on one side of Sarah. The three cuddled up with Sarah in the middle and fell instantly asleep.
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