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My name is Gary. I always thought of myself as being straight. That is, until I realized I was bi. I hope you Enjoy!
Names have been changed......

Let me introduce myself....

My name is Gary. At the time this story takes place I was 29 years old, single, and really super horny. I started having these day dreams about being with another guy. I honestly think I was just needing some affection and me being a total failure with the lady’s, maybe a man would work. I was not blessed with a big dick, I’m 4 inches when hard. I can cum gallons at a time.

As I have stated, I was really horny and needed someone to fulfill my sexual needs. Me and a older buddy of mine was on the lake Fishing when it occurred to me...... Cody, I know I’ve seen him watch gay porn.

Let me introduce you to Cody.....

Cody is 45 years old and is a weird guy. I love him like a brother though. Like me, he’s a failure with the ladies. I didn’t know how big is dick was at the time but it measures right at 5 1/2 inches and really good girth.

So here we are out in the lake Fishing. I finally work up the courage to ask him the question.

“Cody, are you bi? Or do you happen to be gay?”

“No”, he responds.

“Oh”! “ are you sure bud? I’ve seen your DVDs that you have.”

“Yeah I’m sure, I just like different kinds of porn”.

“Ok, well I’m bi curious!” “I was hoping you were to because I really wanna experience another guy”.

“Well I’m always up for experiencing something new!” “I never would have thought you would wanna have sex with a guy”.

“To be honest Cody, I’m just horny as fuck and wanna get off”. “But let’s worry about Fishing right now, we’ll talk more about this later”.

“Alright” he replied

So just like that I have found my first guy/guy experience. He ended up showing me his cock and me showing him mine.... he definitely has me beat. He has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen up close. I had butterflies in my stomach, I not only wanted to suck on it but I wanted to have it up my ass. I wanted to feel it throb as he shot his load in me.

We spent the rest of that day talking about where we were gonna meet that night. What we were gonna do, Ect... I told him the only place I know of is on my hunting lease. I said I’d pick him up and we’ll head up there at dark.

I ran home and showered. I gathered up a couple condoms and lube for us. I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen but I knew I wanted to be safe. I grabbed my computer and a couple porn movies and headed to pick him up. All this time, my 4 inch dick was rock hard. I figured it wouldn’t take me long to cum.

I pulled up to his house and he was already waiting on me. I noticed his bulge immediately. I told him to pull it out for me, he did. My god did that thing look huge. As we head to the lease we talk about our fantasies we each have.

Cody was like me. He wanted to experience it all but was still a little nervous. He wanted to suck me off until I cum down his throat. He wanted me to fuck him in the ass. I wanted the same.

We pull up at the lease and waste little time. Before I knew it I was totally naked and in the back seat of my truck. Cody joined me and we just sat there stroking our cocks.

Cody was the first to make a move.... he grabbed my cock and leaned over and started licking the pre cum off. I watched as my little cock disappeared in his mouth. Feeling his saliva mixing with my pre cum, feeling the warmth of his mouth, feeling his tongue flick my head just almost made me cum instantly. I fought back the urge though.

Finally, I said “lay on your back. I wanna fuck your asshole”.

Without hesitation he got on his back. I found myself trying to get into position so I could rim his asshole with my tongue. I used my tongue to loosen his tight virgin asshole up. He tasted a little musty but I figured it’s a ass, it’s gonna be different. I poked a couple fingers in his hole and started to lick on his big balls. After a couple minutes of me fingering his hole and licking on his dick and balls, Cody was begging me to fuck him. My dick was begging for it also.

I grabbed the bottle of lube and showered my dick and his ass. I sat on the center console and brought his ass closer to me. With his legs on my shoulders, I started pushing my cock in him. Damn was he tight. It took me a little effort but soon I was as deep as I could get. Not realizing I hadn’t put a condom on, I started pumping in and out. Slow at first, but I picked up the pace after a few minutes. I started pounding his hole.... I have never fucked anyone so hard or so fast in my entire life. I felt the tingle sensation and my balls drawing up.

“Cody, I’m about to cum.... I’m going to cum Cody.”

“Pull out and come down my throat” he replied.

I pulled out right before the final moment.

“Finish me off with your mouth I said”

Cody instantly started sucking! About 30 seconds into it I could feel my orgasm raging again.

“Cody here I come”.....

I grab the back of his head pushing my dick down his throat some. I don’t exactly know how much I came but I know of 8 big squirts. After about 20 seconds, Cody started cleaning up my dick. This just made me hard again but it was his turn. I wanted to get him off.

“Are you ready to do that to me???”

“Fuck yes” he said!

I got between his legs again and started licking his shaft. I was teasing his cock with my tongue. After a few moments, I had all 5 1/2 inches in my mouth and my tongue licking his balls. He started moving his hips, fucking my mouth. I never knew I could do that. After what seemed like an hour of me getting throat fucked he pulled his cock out. He told me to get on my knees on the console. He didn’t waste anytime and started eating my ass out. I swear that is the best sensation EVER!!!

He ate me out for 5 or 10 minutes. My cock was rock hard again and oozing. I finally said “fuck me please!!!”

He sat down and spread his legs....

“Come sit on it if you want it. “

“Lube that rod up and I will. “

He lubed his dick up and my asshole. I grabbed his dick and pushed the head against the entrance of my hole. I slowly sat down, inching his shaft into me. My god did it stretch me out. I finally got it all in and just sat there. He reached around me and started pinching my nipples! OMG that about sent me over the edge.

“Are you ready for this?” he asked

“Yes” I demanded.

“Raise up a little so I can work my hips”

I did and did pound town start?! It felt like he was pulling my guts out and then slamming them back into me. I could feel his balls stretching around and slapping mine with each thrust. I felt that sensation of orgasm building up and I knew this was from my prostate getting massaged. I started shooting another huge load of cum without even grabbing my dick once. I was still cumming when I could feel his dick tense up, he grabbed my shoulders and slammed me on his cock.

“Oh god, oh god, mmmmmmmm, fuck”he said.

I could feel every spurt of cum. I came more than him but my god did it feel good inside me. I let him rest for a few moment then I came up off of his dick. I started to turn around but he stopped me and said “bend over.” I did, I thought maybe he was wanting to see his cum ooze out of me. What he did next got me rock hard again. He spread my asshole and he started licking up his mess he made. He cleaned up every last drop.

We ended up staying up there that night. We had sex a couple more times that night and several blowjobs. I was super exhausted that next morning but was ready to go again. And did we ever.

If you liked this let me know.... I have several more stories of me and him. We have had threesomes now with another guy and a woman. We are still friends, we’re just two guys that enjoy getting off with each other.


2018-04-15 02:54:13
damn wish I could find some one to go fishing wth and start that conversation

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