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Eloise succumbs to curiosity and finds herself on her knees at the "callback" tryouts.
Eloise didn’t need long to think.

With her heart racing harder than when she stepped up in front of the judge’s table during tryouts, lowered herself down onto her knees until she felt the cool tile, still wet from the shower, against her skin.

Within moments, the cocks that she had been nearly salivating over were the only thing she could see. The girls had essentially pounced on her, shouldering their way into the shower stall so they could surround her. Alice, with her showpiece of a latina dick now in full frame of Eloise’s sight, was front-and-center out of the rest of the pack of lusty baton-twirlers. Eloise sucked in a lungful of air and looked up, away from the eye candy cock, at the smug expression on Alice’s mug. She felt a twinge of regret. Maybe she should’ve just left, and put this all behind her. She could feel her bottom lip start to quiver, and her eyelids to flutter pitifully.

“Do you want me to make this easier for you, Ellie?” Alice asked with a saccharine tone normally reserved for house cats and tutoring children. Eloise nodded without even having to think about it.

The next thing Eloise knew, her whole face was sent whipping over to the side, and the cheek on the opposite side of her lips was stinging, and burning hot. A yelp of surprise slipped out from her mouth with Alice smacked her. While Ellie’s head spun, she felt fingers thread their way into her hair and clench down onto her scalp. Another smack. This time, her head stayed in place. Eloise wiped her mouth clean from the spray of spit that had accompanied the open-hand smack.

“Open your mouth, whore!” Alice commanded.

Eloise had practiced following Alice’s instructions this earlier today. She dropped her bottom jaw, and this time she didn’t ask if she could do it the next morning instead. She stared up at Alice’s animalistic expression of frenzied lust as she jammed a couple fingers behind Eloise’s lower gum line.

“Wider! How am I supposed to get my cock in there, slut? I thought you were supposed to be smart.” Alice pushed down on the lower bound of Eloise’s piehole, pulled her fingers back, and replaced them with the plum-sized head of her vividly real dick. As soon as Eloise had her first taste of authentic cock with it slipping past her lips and resting on her tongue as if it were a gooey pillow, she heard a cacophony of laughter ring out from all around her.

“What’s that, less than 24 hours since she got told that she made the team? That’s a fucking squad record for inducting a new cocksucker,” spoke the cheer co-captain who was presently pushing her dick deeper into Eloise’s mouth whether or not she was ready for it. Alice’s hand collided with her face, albeit lighter this time, to draw her attention away from dealing with the pulsating intrusion into her gurgling cakehole.

“Eloise,” Alice barked, “welcome to the callbacks. Do a mighty fine job at this, and you’ll really be on the squad. If I can offer a piece of advice to you, chica..” Alice said before giving Eloise’s ever-reddening smacked-up face a couple of reassuring pats. “.. do a better job at this than you did at that routine you gave us in the gym, and we’ll love you.” Eloise blinked a response before steeling herself. She was going to knock this audition out of the park – how couldn’t she, now, after that pep talk?

“What are you waiting for, cocksucker? This is your time to impress the judges!” The voice came from somewhere behind her in the cramped stall, and so did the palm thrust to the back of her head which sent her careening down throat-first onto Alice’s slobberknocker. A titter of giggling spread through the girls rating Eloise’s performance, as if they enjoyed seeing Eloise’s general lack of cocktaming prowess. The skills gap Eloise failed to account for on her resume for the ‘squadmeat’ position was made that much more obvious by the noise that rumbled up out of her throat when she had Alice’s cock unceremoniously shunted down into it.


Alice didn’t waste any time giving her a chance to recover. Using the handful of Ellie’s hair, she began dragging the auditioning cockgobbler back and forth on her pole. Eloise did her best to keep up, bobbing her head back and forth like lewd sex scenarios she had spent her time reading deions of on the internet – a vice that she indulged entirely too often. Doing her best impression of the seductresses and whores she would read about in her stories – stories that would often fuel bathroom stall debauchery – the aspirant dicksucker tightened her lips around the shaft lodged in her mouth so that they would mush up against it and make as much of a seal onto Alice’s meaty pole as she could muster. That’s what all of the gifted polesmokers in the stories she read would do, and she really only had that to go on.

“This whore is a natural!” Alice declared, patting the top of Eloise’s head like she was subservient pet. “With a little training, you’ll be right at home with the rest of them.” Eloise was too focused on performing as best as she could in her second round of tryouts to question what Alice had meant by ‘the rest of them.’ She wasn’t able to get very much of Alice into her mouth without starting to choke, but she was determined to be the best cocksucker she could be with what cock she could cram in. Alice, however, had other plans. Alice began to use the grasp she had on the scalp of the whore-in-training to push her flagpole right past Eloise’s tonsils and down into her throat. Eloise heaved, and blew bubbles of sticky spittle through the air-tight seal that her lips formed around the dick stretching them around it like the base of a condom. Her eyes went wide with panic and started to complain aloud to Alice that she wasn’t ready for that sort of treatment.

“G’LURCH! – hrrk..” was all that managed to come out from Eloise’s throat.

“Aw, come on, Alice, don’t break her before the rest of us get to enjoy her!” rang out a voice from next to Eloise.

“Fine, fine..” Alice groaned. Eloise’s vision of her judge had been quickly obfuscated by a well of tears brought streaming down her face from having her throat bulged by the first cock she had ever sucked. With one mighty wrench backwards, Alice dislodged her cock from Eloise’s windpipe. Once it was clear of her lips, leaving Eloise to pant and splutter out a feeble ‘hic!’, Alice began to wax Eloise’s face with the sticky substance that she had coughed up around her cock in it’s visit half-way down her esophagus. Back and forth, Eloise felt the bubbly glaze be applied to her nose, cheeks, and mouth via the artisanal girlcock wielder.

“Who’s ever next, go.” Alice said in the fraction of a second before a beastly feeding frenzy begun. Cocks were repeatedly whapped off of the side of Ellie’s face, and darted toward her unoccupied mouth in contest for being the next one to sample from the inexperienced dicksucker’s eagerness to cement herself as a permanent fixture on the team. For a moment, Eloise felt a pair of cocks wedge themselves up next to each other and hump fruitlessly at her face.

“Fuck off, hoe, you’re going after me! She’s got three good holes, so go use one of the other two!” one of the cheerleaders said to the other.

“Not a bad idea, tramp,” said who Eloise assumed to be the owner of the second cock both trying to hollow out her throat at the same time. She didn’t have any time to process what this division of labor meant before she felt a five-pointed star smack down onto her pliable asscheek. The girl who has lost out in her vie for control of what goes into Ellie’s mouth had apparently moved around back behind her.

“Suck her off while I see how much you’re enjoying this from back here, ‘ya cockslut!”

Eloise did as she was instructed; she thrust her head back and forth and slopped her lips down over the ridges of the cock she was charged with the thorough spit-polishing of. By the time she had stretched her pink cock massagers half-way down the meagerly sucked schlong, she knew she must’ve at least had a solid three-quarters of futa shaft in her gullet.

“Bevvy, look at this adorable whore. Come here, come here!” A shuffling of feet, a repositioning of the masse of bodies crowding around newly-inducted dickpig, and then Eloise heard a new voice cackle down at her from directly in front.

“Oh my god, look at her! She’s trying so hard, but she can’t get more than four inches into her face. She’s so fucking cute.” Eloise tilted her chin back, mouth full of futa wang, and flicked her eyes up at the face of the condescending cheerleader that was breaking in the squad’s first of three new after-practice indulgences.

“Look at that face! So cute. This one is going on my Instagram.” Less than a heartbeat later and Eloise’s entire vision was flooded with the blinding light of what she assumed to be the camera flash presupposing her face getting put on Instagram.

“.. there. Tagged ‘hashtag’ fresh meat, ‘hashtag’ cute, and ‘hashtag’ after-practice-suck-off.” Another round of giggling echoed off of the tiled shower stall after the cheerleader announced her hashtags. Eloise didn’t have the opportunity – or the room in her mouth, for that matter – to say anything against this social media blasting, because she felt a set of hands squish their way into the doughy folds of her pasty ginger girl buttocks. Ellie had no choice but to heave her way forward on the rock-hard gag order in between her lips so she could move down onto all fours. The girl pistoning her mouth prevented her from squealing as something much bigger than the fake cock she had been trying to fuck less than ten minutes ago pushed into her waiting pussy.

“Ooh-f! Hey, Alice! Mark down that this whore has a tight fucking pussy! That’s bonus points, right?”

Back and forth, Eloise was sent onto either cock pistoning away at the opposite ends of her body. When the girl behind her would plunge her dick down balls-deep into her until her hefty futa nuts smacked into her belly, Ellie would get sent thundering in the other direction and right down another inch of the opposing futa dick in her face. In a lewd game of call-and-response, her squadmate would answer with her own throatclogging thrust and shoot Eloise back onto the other girl using her like post-practice stress relief.

Occasionally, the spirited futa humping away at her face would tag out and baton pass her red-haired head to a new, previously unsucked shaft. In turn, Eloise’s snatch wasn’t unoccupied for more than a second or two as one girl would take the place of another. All the while, the same jargon she heard tossed across both sides of the practice field were shouted to queued-up girls.

“See? I told you that she was a good pick!”

“I’ve ‘gotta admit, you were right. This whore is gobbling my cock like she’s been with the squad for months!”

“Pass her over here! I need a bit more of that mouth of her– ours.”

“Anyone want her cunt?”

Eloise was a pass-around piece of meat. A bonding exercise for a gaggle of teammates treating her like a blow-up doll. On a whim, she had decided to drop to her knees when prompted, giving into the desire she felt when she closed her eyes and banged her pussy with that dildo – a toy that she knew was never going to cut it again after having the real thing. Seven of the real things, to be exact. When she tried out for the squad, she wanted to be on the sideline, gyrating ‘round and ‘round with her girls and supporting the team on the field. Now, she wanted to be bent over the locker room benches and ready to support them in a completely different manner. She was ready to exchange roundoffs for rounds taken back-to-back on her pussy. Instead of being the mount on top of the pyramid, she would only concern herself with being mounted under the bleachers during games. She wouldn’t have to worry about sticking those back handspring landings, because all she’d be responsible for was relieving the tension of the girls who could. She was exactly where she wanted to be.

“Eyes up, skank, time for your official induction,” she heard Alice’s voice penetrate through her train of thought while the other girls ran a train on her. The dickgirl thoroughly dicking-down her pussy – one of three holes that now squad property, as far as Eloise was concerned – slid out of her. Eloise tilted her chin back and rested her smacked-sore pair of asscheeks against her heels and watched as all seven of the schlongs she had been servicing were wagging their dicks back and forth aloft above her face.

“Switch hands, ladies, and let’s formally induct this hoe onto the Lancaster Cheerleading Squad!” Eloise listened to Alice instruct the girls, then watched as each of the uniformed girls wrapped their hands around the shaft on their left and started giving their partner a brisk stroke.

“Tongue out, Ellie! It’s time for you to practice your facials. Give it your all, newbie!”

It didn’t matter who told her what to do anymore; Eloise wanted the payoff for her hard work today to be splurted all over her face. She had earned it, didn’t she? She pushed her tongue out over her bottom lip and did her best to touch the tip of her tongue to her chin. She gave the girls as big of a target as she could muster. ‘Facials,’ as Eloise knew them, were cheerleader slang for the aggressively over-exaggerated smile and grin performers would give the crowd members. In this context, however, with her teammates furiously stroking one another off and seven engorged dickheads aimed squarely at Eloise’s face as if it were a target, she assumed the facials she was about to receive were more similar to the ones she had read about on dirty story repositories online.

The first sticky, rope of futa glaze that hit her forehead made her jump slightly in shock. It wasn’t just warm – it was hot, and it was viscous. Then it was joined by another shot of spunk. Then, another, criss-crossing across her eyebrows and caking them with cheerleader cum. A warm blast hit her in the tongue and rolled down the back of her throat. Before she could focus on the taste, another, totally unique flavor splattered the roof of her mouth and coated her cavernous cum receptacle with stalactites of splooge. She could hear the faint grunts of ecstasy as each of her squadmates brought their partner to orgasm and aimed the cock they were stroking at Eloise’s face. A few strands plastered to her face later, and Ellie couldn’t open her eyes because candle wax thick globs of futa baby batter had glued them shut. By that time, she couldn’t feel a single spot on her face that wasn’t coated.

“What do we think, ladies?” Alice’s voice echoed down to her through the pitch-blackness of Eloise’s closed eyes. She listened as the round of approving grunts, affirmations, and acknowledgements of the six other dickgirls who just drained the contents of their nuts all over their newly-baptized cumdumpster.

“What about you, Ellie?”

Eloise smiled through the gooey coating of dickgirl spunk that had been pasted over her lips. When she opened her mouth, she was rewarded with a healthy couple of spoonfuls of hot-and-fresh load that poured directly into her gaping gullet from off of her soundly cum-caked face. She didn’t bother trying to stop herself from moaning as she ran her tongue around her lips in order to gulp down another ounce of sperm-flavored lipstick.

“Well then,” Alice said with a self-satisfied snort after watching the spectacle. “It looks like we’ve got ourselves a new teammate, girls.”
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