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continued from part VI…

Sam, her sister Susan, and her nephew Josh had just pulled into the shopping center.

Josh decided to tag along with his aunt and mother to a local boutique fashion store, mostly because he wanted to be near his aunt Sam.

It was pretty obvious to all in the car on the way there, that he was there for her. He relegated his mother Susan to the back seat so that he could sit in the front next to her.

Sam was in athletic casual wear. She had on tight yoga pants and a tight tank top over her bra that was holding her 36D breasts. Cleavage was on full display, and Sam knew it would garner some attention.

“You really miss seeing your aunt Sam don’t you Josh?” asked Susan from the back seat. Josh was peering over at his aunt in the driver seat. Susan had Josh 20 years ago after a one night stand. She had seen him grow into manhood and wanted him to have anything he could ever want. She would do anything for him. Josh was over 6’ tall with a lean body from years of competitive swimming. Not that either of them knew, but Josh also sported a 9” dick which left all the girls he had been with quite impressed. Josh was confident, but at this particular moment he was a bit shy.

“Ya know mom, I do miss her…errr…you” Josh said turning to his aunt. “I miss seeing you and hanging out with Amy and Amber."

“Well we certainly miss you too dear.” replied Sam. “We miss seeing you practice your swimming in the pool while we laid out in the sun.”

Josh remember this fondly; his two cousins in bikinis, glistening under the summer sun. But for Josh, he was fixated on his aunt. She was confident with her body, something her daughters were just now getting into. When Sam walked around the pool, or later in the evenings in lounge wear, she never tried to hide her body; her fit legs, her toned ass, and her large tits. She would catch Josh looking at her and they started a little teasing routine. Whenever she would catch him, she would wiggle her ass or graze the top of her breasts with the back of her hand. “Eyes up here” she would tell him. She enjoyed this back and forth flirting with her nephew. It made her even more proud of her body knowing that a teenage boy, and now a young man wanted to see her body. She too would find herself looking at him when he wore his swimming trunks, the skin tight ones he wore during competitions. They sometimes barely kept him all in. He would do little things like walk up to her when she was laying out and stand over her with his bulge right above her and ask where something was, or whatever question he could make up.

I bet he can use that big young dick all day and night, Sam would think to herself. Even a few times she masturbated to the thought of him fucking her. Josh had done the same; the two of them under the same roof, both cumming to the thought of each other, not knowing the other was doing the same.

“You know the two of you look good together” said Susan from the back seat. “You both have fit bodies and know how to use them” Susan wondered if Josh would be open to a relationship with her sister. He too would be part of the special relationship the three of them shared.

“Oh I bet Josh leaves girls exhausted and satisfied with that big dick of his” Sam said. She realized it was a little forthcoming complimenting her nephews endowment.

“I have a few tricks up my sleeve” Josh replied “but most girls are into the nasty stuff I like.”

“Like what?” asked Sam, noticing a slight tingle in her pussy.

“Well, first of all anal, most girls are really shy about it. Then things like deep throating, rough play, threesomes, and well maybe some water sports. I am pretty open about what I like. I hope that doesn’t offend you” he said towards Sam.

“Not at all dear. As a matter of fact, I like some of those things too.” They arrived at the store and everyone got out of the car and walked in. Sam was looking for a little tight dress to wear for her brother and sister this evening. She wanted to tease them over dinner, entice them to go at it again with her.

“I’m going over to the frozen yogurt shop down the way and enjoy a treat while you shop. Josh you stay with your aunt in case she needs anything. See you guys in a bit” Susan exited the store and strolled down the pathway and out of view. She hoped that one of them would act on their instinct and go for the other.

“I’m going to try on these things Josh. Any you want to see me in first?” Sam asked.

“The blue one” he said.

“OK, wait outside the dressing room in case I need another size.” Susan went into the fitting room. The fitting room area was at the back of the store, accessible after you turned the corner behind a wall. It was not visible from the show floor.

Let’s see what he does, thought Sam as she stripped off her tights and top. She left her panties on, which now had a small dark spot on the front from her pussy juice. She was getting turned on. Sam of course took this moment to indulge herself in her own scent. She shoved one hand down the front of her panties, over her trimmed pubic mound and down to her wet pussy lips. The other had she shoved down the back of her panties, between her ass cheeks. She put the fingers of this hand to the pucker of her asshole feeling the sweat from the heat of the day. She ran her hand down to her taint and back out again. She brought this hand to her nose and inhaled deeply. Damn she loved this smell. Her sweat, the scent of her juices, the slight foul smell from her asshole, and as she brought the other hand up from the front of her panties, the smell of her pussy juice. She inhaled them several times, which for Sam put her on a single path. Josh; she wanted him. She would be nasty for him. She would do what he wanted to do.

She pulled the blue dress half way up, it zipper in the back. She let her left bra strap fall off her shoulder. “Josh, come help me with the zipper please” she called out.

“OK” he yelled back. He hoped he would catch a glimpse of her body. He opened the door to the fitting room which Sam had just unlocked. She stood with her back to the door facing the full length mirror on the back wall of the stall. She pretended to bend down for something she needed, and let her left breast fall out of the cup. She pretended not to notice, but knew Josh had seen. He had. He felt his dick start to get hard. It was there in front of him. The nipple and areola of his aunt’s breast. The years of cleavage showing shirts, bikinis by the pool, loose evening gowns were now superseded by the release of her full breast. He yearned for a view of her full tits, yearned to put his mouth on them and suck them. As instinct took over and he made his move.

Josh reached from behind Sam with his left hand and cupped her bare breast. “You are coming out of your clothes aunt Susan” Josh said. He held her heavy breast with his hand firmly. This skin to skin contact sent Susan to a point of no return. This was happening. He had accepted her move.

“Well this is a dressing room Josh. This is where women take off their clothes all the time.” She said this as she turned toward him and pulled the other bra strap off her should and letting her other breast come out.

“You like naked women don’t you Josh?”

“Yes I do, but right now the only woman I am thinking of is you.”

She reached down with her right hand to grab the now large bulge from the front of his pants. He was virtually erect, constrained only by the waist of his jeans. “What do you say, let aunt Susan help you with those nasty thoughts you have?” she had now unbuttoned his pants and was pulling down his zipper. His cock was bursting out, the tip of his dick out jutting out from the top of his underwear.

He went in and kissed her hard on the mouth, forcing his tongue inside where it met hers equally excited. He now grabbed both her tits, squeezing and jiggling them, pinching softly her hard nipples. She pulled out his dick from his underwear and was stroking it. His pre-cum was already providing the lubrication she needed. “Stick this big dick in my ass" she said to him. “I love all things anal Josh. So you can have it and more when you want.”

He didn’t need anymore than that. He spun her around. She placed her hands on the glass wall, hiked up the dress she still on and pulled down her panties to the floor. Sam spread her feet apart and leaned forward, bending at the waist, thereby thrusting her round full ass back at his crotch. She let her forehead rest on the glass wall. She pulled her hands off the wall bringing one to each side of her ass. Sam grabbed with each hand the flesh of her ass cheek and pulled them apart, showing Josh the asshole that was his for the taking.

He rubbed the pre-cum from his dick on her asshole and spit down on it to provide further lubrication. He was bursting. He lined up his 9” fully hard dick with her picked asshole and placed his penis head against her hole. Sam fired off muscle movements which impressively made her asshole open slightly. Josh shoved forward, his dick entering her ass. She accepted it with all the tightness and grab it had to offer. Deeper, she thought. As if reading her mind Josh pulled his cock back a bit, then pushed in harder. He did this several times until she was taking the full length of his dick. Without the use of artificial lube this ass fucking leaned a little more higher on the pain spectrum. But she liked it. So did Josh. He fucked her deep, feeling the crevices and ridges of her anal canal run along the veins of his dick. He wanted to keep going, but couldn’t. This was too hot. “I’m going to cum” he said to her.

“Do it baby, blow your fucking load deep inside my ass. Fuck every last ounce of it inside me.”

So he did. He sped up his stroke, signaled his balls to release his semen which rose up and to the top of his dick. His first cum shot was hard and strong, releasing a jet of hot spunk inside her. With each subsequent stoke he came again. He drained all his cum inside her and withdrew his cock.

So you like nasty, Sam thought. She proceeded to squat down in front of him. Her hands now back on the mired wall supporting her she pushed from deep in her asshole. It required concentration which she gave. Eventually it appeared. The oozing white cum he had just spewed inside her. She reached back with one hand and gathered it on her finger tips. She rose and turned toward him. Sam raised those fingers to her mouth and stuck them in, slurping up the hot gooey mess. She sucked them clean and swallowed. Sam hadn’t done this before, but she knew she would want to do this again. The taste of her own asshole mixed with the seed of this big dick specimen of a man in front of her. The odor and taste combined flooded her with desire. “How’s that for nasty?” she asked

“Yeah, that’s what I like” he said. “You are dirty like I always imagined. We’re going to do this again and some of the other stuff on my…rather our minds”

“Yes we are" she replied.

After they organized themselves and Sam bought a dress, they walked over to the frozen yogurt shop where Susan was outside finishing a large cup.

“So did you two fuck each other?” she directly asked. She knew they had to of done something.

“Yes, in fact Josh here just rammed his big dick up my ass. And he is going to do that and more. He is mine for the next few days.” Sam said grabbing Josh by the arm.

“Did you tell him about us?” Susan asked, licking the last of the melted yogurt off her spoon.

“Why no I didn’t” Sam replied. “So Josh now that you know we are comfortable being completely open and available sexually to each other you should know that I have been with your mother and your uncle Max. I have also had your cousin Amber. If you want, we could see if my girls maybe would want some of this young dick.”

“Yeah, for fucks sake that would be amazing.”

“And don’t forget about your old mother" Susan said standing up. She slid towards them between two tables. “Since we are so open, maybe you could pleasure me and I could pleasure you.”

“Yes to all of this. yes yes yes” Josh replied.

The two sisters looked at each other delighted with this agreement. They got in the car, and Susan asked for Josh to sit in the back seat with her.

On the way back to Sam’s house Susan gave her son a hand job. She made him wait to cum until right when they got in the driveway. Only when the car had stopped could she move her body and lower her head over her son’s dick and jerk it till he spewed streams of cum into her mouth. It reminded Susan of the morning hand jobs she would give her brother. They all went eagerly into the house, ready to tell the rest of the family what happened.

Inside Max and his two young nieces Amy and Amber waited with a secret of their own to announce.

to be continued...


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Nice,waiting more.

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