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Cum in me I want to feel all your cum up inside me.”
It was a nice sunny day as Heather and her younger sister Kim sat on the back deck overlooking the yard. The two women were catching up as Kim was in town for the weekend to spend time with her older sister and her nephew Steve who was at that moment mowing the back yard. “Dam sis, if he wasn’t my nephew, watch out” Kim told Heather as the two started in on their second bottle of wine. Being that it was hot and Steve was doing manual labor he was only in a pair of gym shorts as he pushed the mower back and forth across the yarn. He was the captain of the football team and ran track so he had a body to match with chiseled abs and strong muscular arms and legs. Being covered in sweat didn’t hurt the hotness factor Steve had at that moment.

“You should see him without the shorts” Heather let slip as the amount of wine had got to her and her brain couldn’t stop her mouth from saying those words fast enough. Heather covered her mouth but it was too late. “What do you mean, Heather?” Kim asked sitting up in her lounge chair and turning to face her sister. “Nothing, I didn’t mean to say that” Heather told her sister trying to back track now. “No you said it would be better if Steve wasn’t wearing shorts.” “You have seen him naked?” asked Kim.

Heather didn’t answer her sister’s question, she just sat there as she down the rest of her glass of wine. “I can’t believe my own sister had seen her son naked outside of childhood and hasn’t told me.” Kim knew by the way her sister refuse to answer that there was more to the story. “You better tell me or I will start…” “Well I don’t know what I will do, but I’ll think of something” Kim told her sister.

“I can’t tell you Kim.” “It’s wrong and I can’t mess up Steve’s future” Heather started to tell Kim. “You did more than just see him naked?” Kim asked. “Yes” Heather said almost under her breath. “Like how?” Kim asked pushing her sister to tell her more. “I can’t, if someone finds out.” “I just happened a little at a time and before I could stop it, we had already gone too far.” Heather told Kim.

Kim looked out at Steve and saw that he still had over half the yard to do, so she grabbed her sister’s hand and led her back into the house to the living room. Once there Kim told her sister to start at the beginning and that she was her sister and she swore not to tell a soul. “I don’t know sis” Heather replied. “Heather I never spoke of things we did together growing up so you can trust me, I’m your sister.” “Just start at the beginning.”

After Dale left my life just seemed to fall apart and I think Steve noticed it over time. Steve tried his best to pull me out of my funk but it was no use. Things started to level off and then get back to the way it used to be, and then came the day that would change things forever. “So” Kim told her sister not wanting her to stop there. Heather finished another glass of wine and continued.

I had gotten home early for work and after coming into the house I headed upstairs to change out of my work clothes. As I passed Steve’s room I heard low moans and a slapping noise, before I realized what it was a looked through the partly opened door. There on his bed was Steve fully naked masturbating as he watched a porno on his TV. “Oh my GOD, really?” said Kim almost choking on the wine in her mouth. “Yes” replied Heather.

Seeing Steve masturbating shocked me a little as I wasn’t expecting that, but made me freeze in shock was what he was watching. On the TV was a porno of a younger looking guy fucking what looked like a housewife, she also looked a lot like me as the actress and myself had similar builds. She was a little big with larger thighs like Heather and a larger ass, her tits sagged like Heather’s did and they both had bright red hair. “So he has a MILF thing” Kim told Heather. “No it was more.”

The volume was turned down and between Steve’s moans he was saying things like. “Yeah you like that?” “Take my big cock.” The thing that shocked me the most was when he said “fuck yeah mom, I know you loved my BIG COCK”. It hit me that Steve was looking at the woman getting fucked as me and he was doing it. I turned and looked at Steve and saw just what he was holding, his cock was huge Kim, way bigger than Dale’s and it was thick too. It was a monster and it belonged to my son.

I turned and headed to my room before he saw me, and took a cold shower. I couldn’t get the image of my son’s large penis out of my head and for the first time in a long time I masturbated in the shower. I came to the thoughts of my own son’s penis and how big it was. “Wow Heather, who knew that Steve was blessed with a knee shooter” Kim told her sister. “So what happened after that?”

It was two days later and I was in my room crying around eleven or midnight. I had a bad day and was crying about how I going to pay for Steve’s college as I had gotten a letter from Dale and he found a way out of helping with it. I was lying in bed crying and being that it was a very warm night I was under the top sheet with only a pair of panties on. I didn’t even hear Steve come in as I must have been crying so loud. I felt someone crawl into bed and come up to me from behind, Steve was spooning me as he wrapped me up in his strong arms. He lightly kiss my neck and shh me in the ear as he brushed my hair from my face and wiped my tears.

“Steve what are you doing?” I asked him. “Shh, mom it will be alright.” “There’s no need to cry.” Being held in the loving arms of someone made me melt as the last few years with Dale he stopped doing things like this. “But Steve I’m your mother, you can’t do this.” I tried to stop Steve but he won’t listen. “Mom I love you and just want you to be happy.” “And I saw you the other day watching me.” I was caught Steve did see me and now he was in my bed running his hand up and down my side with only the thin sheet between his hand and my skin. The kissing to my neck was driving me crazy and his loving touch was making me wet. The heat of his breathe on my neck was making it hard to stop way he was doing.

Steve then ripped the sheet off our bodies as his hand scooped up my one breast and he started to suck on my hard nipple. “Steve…” “Uhh…” “We…” “Can’t do…” It was no point I was helpless as Steve more to my other nipple as he rolled me to my back. He was now above me with the moon light making his face glow as he kissed me on the lips, the neck, and sucked my nipples. My vagina was on fire and my panties were soaked.

Heather didn’t noticed as she told her sister the story about Steve and her, that Kim had pulled up her sun dress and was fingering her own pussy. Hearing her sister retell the story made her hot and horny and since she didn’t own panties getting to her wet pussy was easy.

He pulled down my wet panties and reached to stop him because one this was wrong and two since I hadn’t been with a man in over a year. “Its okay mom, I don’t care.” “I actually like it more.” Steve pulled down my panties and looked at my full bush in the moon light. He then lowered his mouth and started to lick and suck my clit and vagina. Dale would only do this if I was completely shaven so if I was in the mood and he saw even stubble he would stop.

It didn’t take long for Steve to bring me to my first orgasm and it was a big one. I cummed so hard that I squirted all over his face. Steve never move or said a word he just kept going licking up all my juices. He then removed his boxers and I saw it up close for the first time. Photos Kim it was like looking at my forearm hanging there. “Steve please we can stop here and no one needs to know or find out” I told him pushing on his hard chest. Part of me couldn’t believe I had gone this far with my own son and the other part of me wanted his big cock so bad. Steve bent down and started kissing me again trying to distract me as he lined his big penis up with my vagina.

When he entered my for the first time I screamed out in pain. It was so big that it hurt so much and Steve only had the head in. Steve held me in his arms as he slowly worked his penis into me. I had tears in my eyes for the pain but to feel his big cock inside felt amazing. Once he got most of it in he started to fuck me with his big cock. I never felt so full in my life when he had the whole thing in, it felt like he was hitting my cervix with it.

Kim was about to cum herself listen to her sister; she now had her dress pulled all the way up that Heather could clearly see her sister’s pussy if she looked. Kim also had her other hand in the top of her dress playing with her tits.

I have never been fucked like this before, it was so loving but so rough and hard at the same time. I felt like Steve was ripping me in half with his cock but I never wanted it to stop. “Oh god fuck me Steve!” “Fuck your mom with your huge cock.” I couldn’t stop and I wanted more now; I don’t know what came over me Kim. Maybe it was how Dale treated me towards the end or how horny I was, but I needed Steve to really fuck me. I pushed him off and turned to get up on my hands and knees. “Come FUCK your mommy!” Steve lined his cock back up with my vagina and resume fucking me. His cock felt bigger this way and felt like he was up in my stomach now. Steve fucked me as hard as he could driving his cock deep into me. We were both screaming and moaning as he fucked me as hard as he could.

Steve flipped me back onto my back and continued to fuck me as hard as he could. I was staring me in the eyes and sweat poured off him as my tits flopped around and hitting me in the face. “I’m going to cum baby” I told him. “Me too mom” Steve replied. “Cum in me I want to feel all your cum up inside me.” “It’s okay I can’t get pregnant anymore baby.”

At that moment I came and Steve did too, it felt like hot lave shooting up in me. He held me in his arms as he pumped all his cum into me and then he didn’t something that I wouldn’t have expected. Steve lowered his face again down to my well fucked vagina that was leaking his and mine cum and started to lick it up. “Oh Steve what are you doing” I said running my fingers through his hair. After cumming twice and getting fucked hard by his big cock my vagina was sore, but Steve was sucking the cum straight out of it. I never knew of a guy who would do this and here was my son doing it.

I sat up a bit and looked down as Steve sucked my vagina lips one by one into his mouth and then sucked on my enlarged clit. This bought me to the edge again and I came for a third time as Steve continued to suck up all the cum. He then came up next to me and the two of us fell asleep in my bed spooning.

“Oh my fucking god Heather.” “That was the fucking hottest thing I have ever heard.” “I had two mini orgasms just listening to you.” Heather finally noticed that her sister was sitting across from her masturbating as she told her the story. Kim stood up and removed her dress revealing her naked body to her sister. Unlike Heather who had a typically mom body, Kim was slim and in shape. Kim did hate that her tits never got to the size of Heather and she was stuck with “B” size ones. Kim did have both nipples pierced with barbells going through them, they match the barbell that she had going through her pierced clit.

“I need a drip in the pool after hearing that story” Kim told her sister as she headed out back fully naked and drove into the pool.
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