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After meeting his new patients, he singles out the most attractive for some treatment
Part 2:

He was more than a little excited on his drive to the school; he had found sleep almost impossible but even a little fatigue wasn’t going to stop the fantasies rushing through his mind as he drove. He cock was already on high alert and was turgid before he entered the car park of the private school.

He positioned himself so he could walk comfortably and was greeted by the headmistress and that did it for his stiff cock almost instantly. He listened as she described the situation with the swimming team and that the school and the parents wanted the team to win the nationals.

Two teams of four with one reserve have had their schedules cleared and are available each and every day for sessions but the exact locations and sessions time were to be arranged with the swimming coach. The parting words before he was introduced to the swimmers were that winning was the most important thing – at all costs.

A whistle stop tour of the beautiful school ended with Paul meeting the swimming coach and the ten students. He sat in front of the group and instantly nodded to Sarah who looked a little embarrassed. My name is Doctor Paul Mutney, I am counsellor and specialise in helping sports men and women to increase performance and to win.

He spent the next twenty minuets asking and answering questions; he spent the time listening to their answers and quickly found that what was missing was quite simply to do with mindset and could easily be improved by a couple of sessions in about three hours. He knew the current coach wasn’t pushing the right motivational buttons, but he had 27 other hours to fill and a bonus if they won so he came up with a detailed plan and described in great detail the bogus treatment for the team.

They were all engrossed and engaged with Paul and as he spoke he started to check on his future patients. There were five girls and five boys aged between 15 and 19, nearly all of them are above a seven out of 10 and a fair few knocking on nine. His groin bristled appreciatively as he spotted a particularly bright and bubbly girl in the back row – stunning blue eyes and what looked like an amazing figure under her uniform.

There was a couple of plain Jane’s but he would deal with them later as a separate experiment but the stunning blond was going to be first on his list and his mind wondered as to what she would look like with his cum all over her face. He snapped out of it and describe the next few days of ‘treatment’ and after a little round of applause he stood and then chatted with a few of the students – admittedly he used this time to rate each of them in order of how he was going to deal with them.

After some coffee and a good chat with the coach, Paul decided that he was harmless, he was a nice enough chap but was out of date when it comes to techniques and his thinking towards sports psychology. He would use this portly man later on but for now he would sideline him. He did use the time to ask for profiles of each of the students and their current performance levels.

Paul was given a small plain room with a couple of chairs, a long sofa suitable for lying on and small window fitted with a blind and so he busied himself as he organised before his first session with the gorgeous blond he found out was called Rose Murphy and was 18 years of age. Her performance in the pool has been reasonable and compared with her team mates hadn’t deteriorated nearly as much.

At the allocated time he opened the door and outside Rose was sitting looking a little bit scared. Paul touched her elbow and told her not to worry and that everything was going to be okay. She seemed to calm a little as he walked into the room. “Please sit down and make yourself comfortable Rose”. She did exactly that waited patiently for the treatment to begin.

After talking with her for about 10 minutes and questioning her it was very obvious that Rose was a bit of a star, funny, cute as hell and very bright indeed. Paul was listening and taking mental notes of her everything she did – how she moved, how she laughed and how he held herself when the questions became a little awkward about her lowered performance. She looked particularly innocent and vulnerable when she discussed her last loss – she shrank in the chair and her body language was very obvious as she described how her opponent had pipped her at the last minute even though Rose was ahead by 2 lengths at the last turn.

“Thank you, Rose... it is very clear to me that I can help you”, she looked straight at Paul and he could see she believed him. “We will need a few private and a couple of group sessions to sort this out and if you are happy we are going to start now if that is okay with you?”

She kept looking at him while he spoke and nodded her permission for him to carry on. “If you pop up onto the couch and lie down with your eyes closed. Paul was always amazed at how compliant people where when a doctor told them to do things but watched with glee as she moved to the sofa.

He started to talk to her in exactly the same way as he did with Sarah and it seemed to result in exactly the same result. The answer to his question was different as she hadn’t had a boyfriend but she did enjoy playing with herself – his cock was very pleased. He didn’t wait long before he got his hands dirty and was quickly undoing her blouse as she described how she would use her fingers between her legs.

He thought he was in trouble as she stopped talking for a moment but quickly carried on after Paul remembered to ask another question. He was listening carefully to her answer about her fantasies and decided to try something new. Rose, please remove your blouse and your bra. She didn’t miss a beat as she undid her buttons and slowly opened her blouse to she her rather disappointedly dull bra. Her C cup breast were perfectly formed and he was in raptures as she sat up and unclipped her strap and let her bra fall away.

Paul stopped breathing as he saw her amazing breasts, slightly above a hand full, bronzed and pert, beautifully pert teenage tits right in front of him – his cock was very pleased. Her nipples were not the biggest but perfectly harmonious to the rest of her breasts. Paul didn’t waste anytime and quickly moved to touch and mould them. As his eyes described them, they where firm and full. Her nipples reacted to his hands and he spent a few minutes just being with her tits.

His cock was very hard and obviously very pleased but he wanted to taste them, so ever emboldened he shifted to his knees and within seconds his mouth was around her left nipple and boy did he play. He sucked and licked and sucked some more as he fondled and grouped this beautiful virgins teenage breasts. He didn’t care what Rose was getting out of it but if he did he would have been very pleased as she was getting flushed and started to breath heavily. He had grabbed as much of her right tit as he could and tried to force as much as he could into his mouth and used is other hand to rub her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger – she was getting harder and harder and didn’t show any sign of stopping him.

His excitement was getting more intense and he wanted to do more, so much more but time wasn’t with him on this so he had to take a chance. “Rose, I want you to sit up and take my cock out of my trousers and place it in your mouth”. He watched and again held his breath as she slid her body so she was sitting upright and didn’t wait for him to stand up before she reached for his flies.

Her hands weren’t tentative as she found her mark and undid his trousers. She released his insanely hard cock and as instructed placed his stiff cock into her mouth – and that was it, she didn’t move she didn’t suck she just placed his hot stiff cock inside of her warm mouth and it took him a moment to understand that she had never done this before so needed some instructions.

Looking down at her, sitting on the sofa with his seven inch cock in her mouth made him the happiest man in the world and with growing excitement he instructed her on how to give a perfect blow job – slow and deep and avoid the use of teeth at all cost. He had to help her a little and quite quickly she got the rhythm and was taking my cock far down her throat and giving a beautiful and wet blowjob. Paul watched in silence as she bobbed up and down on him.

The pressure and pleasure was growing and he knew that he wasn’t going to last much longer in her mouth but he had to come in her and on her. He wanted to make her his cum bucket. He grabbed her hair and helped to increase the speed – “in a minute I am going to come in your mouth, I am going to withdraw and then come on your face, you are to swallow as much as you can” she didn’t stop or slow down and he wasn’t going to let her anyway even if she wanted to.

Paul moved his stance as he increased the force of his thrusts; she didn’t seem to mind and he was so close to coming that he just didn’t care who was in front of him – he wanted to come. His grip increased and Rose just kept up with his jutting at her mouth. She braced herself a little as he jammed his cock in her face again and as his pressure increased he stabbed one final time and released his come inside of her mouth. The pressure was released and he could feel her throat struggling with the volume.

Rose didn’t slow down and Paul kept his cock inside of her mouth even after the spasms stoped in his body. His grip changed to a stroke of her hair and as he came down from his orgasm he looked at Rose sucking my dwindling cock and smiled. She was happily sucking and taking every bit of come he had and would do for as long as he wanted.

Paul withdrew from her and sat opposite her; she had made more space to get closer to him by opening her legs and so he could quite happily see her panties which were very obviously wet from their little encounter. Her magnificent tits were on display and Paul already had further urges to do more to Rose. He could smell her sex and he had to at least return the orgasm favour so he moved my hand to her slit.

Paul wasn’t rough, his animal instincts was relieved by her mouth and he wanted her to have as good a time as she gave him so he slowly moved his hand over her panties and rubbed her gently. He needed better access so he slipped between her legs and slowly removed her panties. Paul wanted to dive in and lap away but he decided he should be gentle and introduce her more slowly so he gently rubbed her outer lips and kissed the inside of her thighs – they were soft and I was already hard again.

Paul parted her lips and started slowly kissing her clit, very gently and carefully; his lips applied pressure, she was obviously getting more turned and her breathing was getting deeper, her hands grasped his hair as he increased his speed and used his tongue to split her open even further. Her legs widened and she drew him closer into her as his fingers entered her pussy. She tasted amazing and even through this was her first time his middle finger entered with ease.

She gasped and as he looked up. Rose had her head back and her eyes closed.

Paul went back to circling her clit with his tongue and slowly increased the speed of his finger fucking her young pussy. She started to jerk a little and her breathing increased further. Paul felt her start to clamp down on his finger and her moans got louder. He easily slipped a second finger inside of her and the waves of plesure increased.

Rose grabbed his hair and almost suffocated him against her pussy – what a way to go he thought as he carried on licking her beautiful pussy!!! She cried out as her orgasm turned her soft cream body, rigid. Her body reacted as the waves washed through her body. It lasted for what seems like minutes and slowly her whole body relaxed and her heaving breasts slowed.

Paul slowly removed his fingers and spent a couple of seconds running rings around her pussy and quickly flirted with her arsehole. She didn’t react in a bad way and that made him very excited for the future. He told her to lie back down and after getting dressed, he told her that she wouldn’t remember anything about the session. He then spent a few minutes actually giving her advice on how to improve performance and when she got up and left she was happy and completely unaware of what really happened in the last hour.


2018-03-06 23:32:36
Short and sweet. Loved it.

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