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My parents left my older sister with me to keep me company and so I wouldn’t fool around with girls while they were out. However, they had not the faintest idea that my womanizing tendencies had few boundaries, which were about to be expanded into new territory...
My parents once left to travel for a couple of weeks, and decided to have my older sister stay to keep me company. We very rarely spend time together so i was excited to spend some time with her. We were very close and at a few times acknowledged how attractive we thought. When she got home, however, i realized how attractive she was. Her long, blonde hair with a slim body. Add that with bouncy breasts and a firm ass, I felt like I was given a sex slave.

That was when it came to me: I could objectify my own sister for pleasure. At first I felt weird about having my own sister as a fuck buddy, but I haven't had any action in a while and having someone I knew and trusted made her ideal for practice. Once the parents left I set out to do just that: make a fuck toy out of my sister.

I started out just spanking her, while also getting a subtle squeeze to feel her up. The third day I stepped up my game and ask her how we used to remark on how attractive we thought of each other while I held her ass in my hand. My sister laughed and flirted by asking if I enjoyed her body. I kissed her cheek and said if we weren't related and I met her at a bar I would have made a move.

On the fourth day alone she has finished doing yoga and was wearing a sports bra and yoga pants. Her ass and breasts firmly pushed up so I felt the urge to make another move. She was cooking breakfast and she bent over to grab something she had dropped. I grabbed her waist and asked if she needed any help. I also felt my erection pushing against her ass.

She caught on and said it isn't right to do this. I asked why not since we were both attracted to each other and we were alone. I moved one hand to place it on her breasts, which she allowed. She remarked that we were siblings. I asked how she was okay with me feeling her body but not sleep with her. She stared in my eyes and said she wasn't my sex slave. I reminded her that I had been objectifying her the whole time at this point and she has been okay with it.

My hand moved back to her waist as I started dry humping her ass. My boner firmly between her ass cheeks. She said I was big and I began licking her ear, whispering it was hers if she wanted it. She said she would think about it and I left it at that.

The next day she asked me how she looked in a bikini she just bought. I felt her behind as usual and said she looked great. She asked how her breasts looked, as she moved her hair so I got a better look at them. They were pressed together firmly and I was getting hard, I had never seen such amazingly big breasts in my life. I told her they looked great as I felt them up. She then said she thought about what I asked her, about having an incestuous romance while the parents were gone. She said I could have her once and she would see how it would go.

I took her to the parents room and began kissing her neck. Then I undid her top and kissed her breasts. One hand held her left breast while the other was squeezing her ass. Her hands slipped my pants off and started working my shaft.

After a few minutes of caressing each other, I pushed my sister onto the bed and undid her bikini bottom. I saw how small and tight her pussy was compared to how big my cock was. My sister said she was ready, so i slowly slid my hard cock inside my sister. She moaned as her pussy stretched to accommodate her brother.

I started slowly but then began thrusting faster and harder. Her breasts bouncing every time I fully burry my cock inside my sisters pussy. I couldn't believe what I was doing: half of me felt weird screwing my sister but the other half enjoyed having such a pleasurable experience. After I came all over my sisters abs, I felt great.

We went into the shower and cleaned up. She told me she enjoyed it, despite the fact that it was incest. I mentioned how she had the best pussy and body of anyone I hooked up with, and she replied I had the best cock. I asked if we would keep doing this for the remaining eleven days and she said I can drill into her whenever I wanted.

The next day my sister walked up to me as I watched television in a bathrobe. She removed it to remove her pantyhose and thong. No top. She gave me a lap dance and asked if I liked that, and I slipped my dick in her pussy and said I liked this better. She kept doing her routine while I thruster my dick in her and feeling her breasts. I had finally done it: I made my sister my sex slave.

We were very comfortable over the next week and a half. A few times I would walk in on her in the shower, bend her over and slip my cock right on in. I loved hearing me go *pop pop pop* when I pounded her. She was on the pill too so I could shoot as many loads as I wanted inside of her. Some days we didn't even have sex, just feel each other up. I particularly enjoyed her lap dancing while I felt and licked her breasts.

On the second to last day my sister was on my lap and I slipped my dick in her vagina. At this point she was used to getting used for sex, so she was unphased. She actually didn't mind that her own brother would casually cum inside of her for fun. At times I felt guilty that I was using my sister as an object but I had never felt so pleased by a woman before. She asked how we would explain our affair to our parents, and I told her not to worry cause they wouldn't find out.

I asked her once more what she thought of our incestuous romance, while she slowly moving up and down my shaft. She said she enjoys it and thought it was natural to practice on each other. She then laughed and said she enjoyed being my play thing, as she proceeded to do me harder. *pop pop pop* was being heard as my sister bounced on my lap. She knew how much I loved hearing that.

I chuckled and reminded her she had the best body and pussy out of anyone else I used. As my sister slowed down, I felt her ass up and told her I would always welcome her into my bed anytime. She said she was glad to hear that, and I was happy that she took the news so well since this meant I could have some good pussy to casually use as stress relief.

The last day together we spent cuddling in bed naked. I hugged her so her breasts pressed against my chest. She is the best sister a man could ask for, willing to let her brother use her body for pleasure. I rolled her on her back and slip my hard cock in her pussy. I fucked her nice and slow, savoring her tight sugary vagina. I began eating her breasts and pounded her harder.

Suddenly our parents arrived early. I thrusted deeper and deeper into my sister, trying to get myself to cum before the parents caught us. We were too late though, our father walked in as I was shooting a load inside of my sister. I massaged her breasts as I explained that I objectified my sister for sex so I could use her for practice.

My father, however, gave me a high five and said I scored the most attractive girl. I was confused so I re-explained how I shot a load inside my sister and I was feeling her breasts. I moved my hands down to her waist so I could thrust deeper and get the last few shots in.

He said he always knew we had a thing for each other and said it was only a matter of time before I made a move. My sister began to move off the bed, but when she got to her hands and knees, I grabbed her waist and pulled her back in for some sloppy seconds. Her pussy still tight and wet with my cum, I began fucking her again so I could reinforce the point to my father that my sister and her daughter was my bitch.

My sister began to moan while asking him why this wasn't bothering him. He looked at his daughter, naked and taking my hard cock, said that she had a great body and that he wanted me to bang her so I could stay good at sex and have a hot body to practice on whenever I wanted. I told my dad I had regularly shot loads into his daughter when I wanted to, as I pounded my doggy styled sister harder. He patted me on the back and said that I was doing good reminding my sister of her place.

He the massaged my sisters breasts and asked if she would keep letting me practice on her. She reminded him that I shot a load in her while he walked in and currently making a slave of her again. He stopped feeling her breasts and spanked her saying she was a good girl. He began squeezing her ass and said he would never tell mom as long as I kept reminding my sister of her place. I told him to please get his hands off of my prize and leave us.

Once he left, I began to fuck my sister harder so I could hear that *pop pop* sound every time I thrusted into her pussy. As I did this my sister asked what had just happened. I told her I am getting after it, and she replied with her meaning what Dad was doing by touching her. She was also upset that I referred to her as my prize. I told her that she was my curvaceous sex object and I wanted her so I could have her as another conquest, but one I kept revisiting.

She tried to explain how we thought we were lovers, but I lifted her waist and pushed her head down so I could get deeper penetration of my object. I grabbed my sisters bouncy breasts as I aggressively thrusted deep inside of her again and again as I busted my nuts inside of her again. I dominated my sister by making her take my load so she knew her place.

I tossed her onto her back and noticed how satisfied she was with what I just did. I remarked how she enjoyed what I just did. As I put my right hand on her breasts and began to lick and kiss them, I used my right hand to squeeze her ass and finger her wet pussy. My sister just laid there and let me have my fun with her, knowing I would start fucking her again. Knowing that she was my slave of a sister.
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