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My first contact is in Cuba.
My name is Ralph A. I am a hitman with a small twist. I get paid to rape a target, not for killing them. Contractors typically have people they want humiliated for various reasons political, criminal, or economic.

I boarded a plane from my airport in the U.S. An envelope I received earlier that day had my target. A drug Lord in Cuba had a daughter getting married soon. My job was to humiliate the family by leaving her a eastward child. The father owned a vineyard as a cover up for his drug business. Tomorrow he was holding a party which was my chance to get in.

I arrived in Cuba were an airport worker gave me another envelope. I went to the airport cafe and opened it. Inside was a picture of the target. She was a Latino teen. She had black hair and brown eyes. Her skin was that nice coppery tan that Latinas have. Her tits were big but not gigantic. Her husband would have been a lucky man. My cock grew as I knew I would be penetrating her tomorrow.

I arrived at 10:00 the next morning at the vineyard. The party had already started. I knew I had to get to her before lunch. I walked off to the side of the building. A gang member sat beneath a tree with a shotgun keeping watch. I sat next to him and struck up conversation. When he wasn't looking I slipped a knife in his ribs and killed him quick.

Then I grabbed his vest and that and put them over my clothes. A large box was nearby. I through his corpse inside. I didn't bother with the shotgun. It would have been to loud. I walked into the vineyards courtyard. No one questioned me as I strolled through. I went through a gate into another courtyard. No one was hear but guards. The house had elise guards stationed outside. My disguise wouldn't grant me access. I saw a side house. I walked over and went inside.

A door led into the rest of the house. I peeked through the door. An elite guard was coming this way. I picked up a nearby plate and dropped it with a crash then hid in a closet. When the guard came in I stabbed him from behind. I took his flack vest, cap, and holster then shoved him into the closet.

I then walked around the house and looked for the girl. I went upstairs. The room at the end of the hall seemed like it may be a bedroom. The drug lords room was obviously the one with posted guards. I headed the sound of a cello from his room. I proceeded to walk past to the next room. I carefully opened the door. There she was. Maria Lopez according to my file. I slowly walked in and closed the door behind me.

Maria sat at a computer desk with her back towards me. I slowly approached. The dirty slut was watching porn. It appeared to be some BDSM garbage. I almost laughed because she was about to experience something similar. I grabbed a handkerchief from my pocket to muffle her. I the quickly wrapped it around her mouth and muffled her sounds. I tied it off and grabbed her hands which I bound with a rope. I grabbed her light frame and threw her on her bed face up so I could see her eyes. She tried to kick but I grabbed and tied her legs too.

She was terrified but was powerless. I grabbed the bottom of her little pink blouse and ripped it off. Then I grabbed her skirt and pulled it off. She was wearing some slutty pink lingerie. I unbuttoned her bra and revealed her perfect tits. I loved them I grabbed one and pinched it hard leaving a red mark. But my favorite part of a girl is the pussy. I grabbed her panties and slipped them down her slender legs. Her shaved teen pussy was wet from her porn.

My cock was rock hard. I unzipped my pants and took my member out. Her eyes were filled with terrible realization. Her breasts were much to small for a titty fucking and her mouth was gagged so I went straight for the pussy. It was tight and felt wonderful with her wet juices. I slammed her so hard she winced with each blow. I grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed as tight as I could. She cried. Tears streaked her face and ran mascara down her cheeks.

I fucked her for only a couple minutes when she came against her will. Her eyes rolled back into her skull and she tried to moan through the handkerchief. As I continued to smash her with all my might she came a second time. Her juices flowed all over my cock and her bedsheets. Her body shook with both pleasure and pain.

I was finally ready to cum. I pushed harder and deeper hitting the back of her vagina. Then I felt my semen eject into her. I slowly pulled out. She lay there unable to move, defeated and crying like a baby. White drops of cum began to drip from her pussy. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the dominated little slut. My first mission was a success. I left her nude and with cum dripping out of her vagina.

I exited the room and went back to the side house. In turn went back outside of the vineyard and changed back into casual clothes. I went back inside and had some cheese and wine. Little did Mr Lopez know the rapist of his daughter was eating his cheese and wine at his own party. After getting a nice meal and drink I left.

At my hotel I received an email.$ 100,000 were wired to my bank account and there was a link to a newspaper article. "Maria Lopez raped in her home." My next mission would be in a week. Tomorrow I head back to the states.


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This text needs a sequel !

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