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Phyllis feels relieve to tell her young priest of her sexual adventures and the Priest is seduced
I Confessed to my Young Priest…Then he “Confessed” to me

A story of youthful confessions and more by Phyllis and Roger


Introduction: I was a nubile and sexy young woman…a Baptist…my close friend, Becky, invited me to attend her Catholic Church…she thought the young priest, Father Daniel, was a real dish and she told me of the cleansing of one’s soul through confession. Becky told of how she would sit in a closed cubicle and share her private moments with Father Daniel;…how talking to the priest about her “sinful” sex life would make her hot and wet; telling a grown man of her sexual adventures excited him to; that she could hear the priest breathing deeply as she unfolded the tale of her latest sexual adventures. She said she could hear him move his robes and imagined he was giving himself a good stroking as she revealed her sex life. What I didn’t know at the time but her relating telling the priest about her sex life; encouraging me to tell him, too, was only part of Becky’s and the priest’s plans for me; of how this was the beginning of lots of new sex and fun in my life; in hers, too. Not to mention that of the priest!

Becky was one of my best friends and we shared most, but obviously, not all of our secrets and stories…We both loved sex and climaxes and couldn’t get enough of it all. Our bodies were alive and when we came, we were extra alive. It was why, I now know that she had a strange sparkle in her eyes as she told me I should come to church and about sitting in the little booth, encouraging me to do it; telling a grown man, in this case, Father Daniel, the handsome young priest, telling him about how much she liked fucking and turning them both on in the middle of church with lots of other people around was exciting and a fun thing to do on a Sunday, even for a Baptist, like me. Becky was a naughty girl for keeping a secret…we were both naughty and loved it all.

There we two were for that Sunday morning service, listening to Father Daniel from the pulpit talking about sin, that we were sinners, that…strangely in this sermon---about sex with animals: that bestiality was a sin. That hit home for me because I liked animal sex…a whole lot. Was he talking to me and Becky? I wasn’t sure Becky was into it but I was.

Then, after the service, she went to the little confessional; I waited patiently outside the booth, the other parishioners walking around, seeing the two shadows inside, two figures and knowing the priest was getting hot listening to my friend. I couldn’t hear a word but my imagination was excited about my first time inside. I was thinking Father Daniel had said I was a sinner for liking bestiality…who was he to say and should I tell him? All these thoughts and the two figures whispering inside. I was nervous. It seemed forever but the door finally opened…Becky was red in the face and smiling at me…I knew…she knew. It was now my turn, it all sounded exciting: another adventure in my youth.

The story…first chapter: Listening to the excitement in Becky’s voice as she had related to me about her confessions I waited outside nervously until she was finished; until she had received Father Daniel’s admonition and instructions: Five “Hail Mary’s” and no masturbation or fucking until the following week’s confession…I wasn’t sure she would be obedient on the last part but the Hail Mary’s were easy enough. She opened the little door of the confessional, exited, a huge smile on her face and blushing cheeks, adjusting her dress, looking at me…then it was my turn. I entered and closed the door. It was dark enough inside…but I could see the image of Daniel through the screened partition. I sat on the little cushion hoping my moist cunt wouldn’t leave a mark…what would the next parishioner think?

I didn’t know how to begin. I sat and waited. Through the partition came a fine young voice in a kind of whisper: “Hello my child. I am Father Daniel. I am ready to hear your confession.” I mumbled some response that it was my first time to confess. I said what Becky told me to say, which was: “Forgive me Father for I have sinned.” My voice echoed in the little space. “How old are you my child?” he said. “I’m fourteen and I’m a Baptist.” His reply: “You are a child of God…we are all His children…[and then came the moment]. How have you sinned my child?”

I hesitated. He was a stranger to me. I had seen him giving a brief sermon; heard his words that we are all sinners and that as Christians we would be forgiven. He was a handsome young man and even with his robes from shoulders to feet I could tell he was lean and virile…just like my uncle Dave whose body I knew every inch…younger than my grandfather whose body I also knew every inch. Still, I didn’t know what to say to this stranger. He was a man, after all, and I thought he was a sexy man, too, even in his robes. But he was a priest. I wondered what he looked like under the clothing…did this religious man’s cock harden like the other men I knew…but in his sermon he had touched one subject that aroused me…he had mentioned animals and that the Bible forbade consorting with animals. I was a “consorter.” In fact, one of my favorite things was consorting with animal cocks. Would I be forgiven even for this sin? Father Daniel spoke softly to me through the little screen:

“This is private…the confessional…it is confidential…just between the two of us…you can tell me how you have sinned; you can speak freely even all about your sex life and I won‘t tell another soul no matter what…I am here to hear your confession and give you absolution from your sins whatever they might be.” His voice was smooth and soothing to me. I felt very private, very quiet, very alone…I adjusted on my little seat…my cunt was getting hot just thinking about this man asking me to tell him sexy things. I paused and collected my thoughts…and then said: “Father…I am Becky’s friend and I have had sexual feelings…”

I could see a shadow of him nodding…he said “Go on…I know Becky…she is a wonderful girl…she has sexual feelings, too, but what did you do with your sexual feelings?” I was ready for my ’Hail Mary’s’ now. Was more relaxed in the darkness…I could see the lips of Father Daniels move and thought of him using them on me for some reason…would his tongue ever lick me? I was starting to breathe hard already. Then…

“I yielded to them,” I blurted out. “I knew it was wrong but I did.” My voice caught in my throat…and then I told him other things. Once I got started it seemed I couldn’t stop; all kinds of my experiences poured out: I told him of sex with my grandfather…of sucking on his cock after he had caught me sucking on our goat and making him come; [as I went on with my confession it became very quiet on the other side of the screen…except Father Daniel started breathing deeply…did I hear him lift his robe?]…I told him of playing with the cock of the family goat and then the family dog…how I had laid alongside my dog, sucking his penis and then lifted my leg over him, positioning his penis at the opening of my cunt…how it had seemed so natural, our bodies close…his stiff dick, the pointy tip, wetting me; how I positioned and helped the dog thrust into me, making me come hard; of peeking in on my parents one night and watching them have sex…of Mom sucking Dad’s cock…of the pleasurable noises they made, how happy they both were and how I wanted to try things and be happy, too; of how grandfather played with my ass and fucked me in the ass…that at first it was strange but how I came to enjoy it; of learning to use my finger in his ass to get grandfather extra stiff; of staying with my uncle and aunt on a weekend…how I was invited into their room and into their bed…how uncle and aunt and I all got naked and stroking and licking; how they had made me moan and cry out and have my first vaginal climax…of other things…it was a long narration…the priest was very quiet and listening intently. I told him of the Bible part I had read about sex with animals and felt I had committed a terrible sin but enjoyed it.

I heard his robe rustling through the little screen. Was the priest lifting his robe, stroking his cock while listening to me? I heard his breathing and a little grunt. He exhaled. He slid open a screen in the confessional and I looked at him. His face was crimson and flushed. I knew I had turned on this handsome man something awful. He smiled. Then he spoke:

“Time for us my child…(pause to inhale)… just now is limited. There are others whose sins I must hear. Come see me tomorrow afternoon…my room is at the back of the church…and I can spend more time with you to discuss these…things.” He slid the screen shut and we were now shadows. “In the meantime, it is sufficient for this first visit that you ask God’s forgiveness…and say 5 Hail Mary’s Full of Grace…and I will see you tomorrow.” I felt relieved…I wasn’t going to be punished. The priest was breathing hard and took breaths between sentences. I knew I had turned him on with my story…I couldn’t wait to see him again.

Out of the confessional I went. Becky was waiting for me…we shared big smiles. It was my turn to be hot and have a red face. “I told you that confessing was fun!” she said. We were both blushing as we walked hand in hand out of the church. I told her I had aroused the priest with my story. Becky said: “That’s why it’s so much fun. I turn him on every Sunday.” “He wants to see me in his office tomorrow,” I said. “For more confession?” she smiled…”I’ll let you know,” I said, as we both walked along…floating on a sexual cloud, our imaginations on fire…the fires of Hell or some other fire? I couldn’t wait to find out!

That night I had visions of the young priest. How nice he was to me and I did as he told me: I said 5 Hail Mary’s Full of Grace, asked for God‘s blessing…at the same time I played with myself…one long stroke for each Hail Mary!.. and squeezed my fingers into my cunt which was hot and wet, all the time thinking of Father Daniel and how we would have a more “in depth” talk in the afternoon…what confessions and secrets of his own he might reveal to me…including what he wore under his robe? The best secrets are the ones that can be shared…with my best friend Becky and with Daniel.

Second Chapter: “The next afternoon” could not come soon enough for me. I was nervous all day, primping, dressing…not fully dressed!…you know…”barely” dressed… and then it was afternoon, school was out and I was off to the church for a little more confessing. Father Daniel was just inside as I entered and he took my hand as we walked to his office at the back of the church…my hand rubbing against his robe. He looked so regal and elegant in his long black robe, with the large cross hanging down around his neck. His hand was warm and just feeling his flesh was already warming me. He opened the office door, we walked inside, he closed the door…and locked it. “We don’t need any unexpected visitors. Do we?”

I nodded and was already blushing, getting hot and wet…it was all exciting and I was shy and embarrassed and ready for another sexual adventure in my young life. Father Daniel led me to the couch, sat me down and went to his desk, reaching inside, bringing out a bottle of wine and two glasses…”It helps with ‘confessions,’ you know.” He handed me the glass, we clicked and drank. I wondered how it was that my first swallow of the fluid immediately sent a jolt to my cunt but it did. I adjusted on the couch…Daniel’s arm was around me and I cuddled into him. He kissed the top of my head.

I knew it was too soon and very wrong…but I reached out my hand resting on top of his robe and felt his stiff pole; looking into his face. He smiled. It was very quiet in his office. We had another swallow of wine. His pole moved on my hand and he kissed me. “This is just between us,” he cautioned…“the confessing and the rest and it must remain secret or we could both be in serious trouble.” I nodded, he kissed me again and I fumbled on top of his robe…he was really stiff! A horny priest…or is that an oxymoron?

“What should I do?” I asked. “About what?” he inquired. “About animals and consorting with them…like you said: the Bible is against it.” He went on: “Yes, the Bible talks against consorting with beasts but in other parts it is allowed…especially to satisfy a woman’s needs when her man is away. When women…or girls…have needs, then it’s permitted. You enjoy it don’t you?” I smiled and nodded…this was all turning me on terribly and in my mind I saw dog’s cocks…and Father Daniel’s! I couldn’t wait to see it. It was so dirty and wrong and so hot. He kissed me again!

I confess I was nervous about all this: a priest and young me; in his office kissing; my hand on top of his robe making his cock flex…it was so quiet I could hear the clock ticking…or was it my heart beating so fast? I crossed my legs and felt the air cooling me…exciting me more. Under my dress I was naked and vulnerable…I wanted to be vulnerable for this priest…wondering what he would do with me when I yielded to my sexual feelings. Father Daniel broke the silence: “Phyllis, tell me about your first time…with a dog I mean…How did that happen?”

He wanted my story of consorting with an animal! How I had sinned…his cock flexed on my hand as he asked…It was all so hot and erotic and he kissed me again, pouring us more wine; the clock and my heart ticking together. “We aren’t in a hurry. We have the whole afternoon,” he said. “I have to be home for dinner,” I said. “What kind of dog was it?” he asked. “He was our family dog,” I began. “He was a Labrador and we called him Duke. Are you sure you want to hear?” He nodded. “When my folks went to town and I was alone I used to play with his cock and kiss it and stroke it until he would spurt. I got to liking the strange taste. One afternoon I had gotten him really stiff and anxious and ready to cum. I had put my dress over a chair so it wouldn’t get messed and was playing with him, lying naked by his side on some cushions. I was hot and wet and it was a warm afternoon; the two of us on the porch. His red doggy dick was in full display and my hand was wet with him…I knew he was ready to spurt out his cum…my pussy not far from that big, stiff thing.

“ I knew how wet I was and the air was cooling when I opened my legs. I scooted around so the tip of Duke’s dick was positioned and I could just, you know, scoot a little closer; the tip pointing right at my cunt…like an arrow pointed at its target…I was quivering…I moved a little more and was just in the right place now…I could move a little, the dog still panting, licking my face kind of in gratitude I guess, and then I lifted my leg over his body, opening myself for insertion. I was so ready. Duke was too.

“I had to take the initiative. After all, he was a dog and needed ‘training.’” I laughed. Daniel had lifted his robe as I was telling my story. I looked down. He had a nice cock. Very nice! He smiled and kissed me and I pushed his face away: “Let me finish the story…your kissing won’t let me talk.” “Go on,” he said, smiling. His eyes were flashing. Young Phyllis had set the handsome priest on fire…it didn’t take much…the quiet room, the wine, a man and woman, I was naked under my dress…him naked too and a good story…what’s not to like! I went on.

“So there we were…me naked and hot both of us in position…his cock pulsing…just like yours Father Daniel!…” he laughed, “ I felt so vulnerable with my leg lifted over the puppy’s body and his throbbing cock at me. I rubbed it on my wet body and moved a little more; his cock now just spreading my lips slightly: I forget the rest!” I joked. Father Daniel, in a stern voice said: “Stop it…tell me what happened.” I continued:

“Well…he was licking my face…and I moved again, closer, smoothing that cock with the wet walls of my cunt…his dick throbbing…I moved more and Duke began reacting, moving deeper…we were both wet and slippery and he slipped inside easily…I moved out and then in again. He wasn’t actually fucking me. I was fucking him. My leg over his body acted as a lever and I moved my leg to bring his cock in and out…I was getting frantic for release. It was so natural…a cock and a cunt…a dog’s cock and a girl’s cunt…but it seemed our bodies were made for this…it was tickling me and teasing…I wanted his cock deep…squeezed my leg forcing another thrust…it was all so beautiful on the porch that afternoon…my cunt being stroked as I flexed my leg on his body…it was like we were designed for this moment and I felt him slip deep inside and spurt and release in me…splashing me with his sperm. That was the first time…but not the last.” My turn to kiss my hot priest…who was wetting my mouth.

“You are a very pretty girl, and what a sexy story,” he said and kept kissing, this time his tongue in my mouth, licking the roof of my mouth. “You are very handsome…for a priest, and really stiff!” I said and stroked the stiffness, in my hand… between kisses and he laughed…we both laughed as our tongues entwined, a little more wine and the ice was fully broken between us. I didn’t need wine to get hot. We were no longer a pretty young girl and naughty sex-starved horny priest but a female and a male, both of us on fire…ripe with lust…our hands and lips and tongues exploring, feeling, stroking. He lifted the hem of his robe. I looked down and there it was…stiff and wet. He had a nice cock but it was circumcised…not to my taste…I preferred uncircumcised cocks with their crimson heads peeking out of their foreskins…it was like a teasing dragon exiting the cave to take me on a wild sexual ride…but…well…I tasted his anyway of course and stroked him some more, his fingers in my hair as I licked and tasted…I had never known such reverence! It was a religious experience! I saw cocks of all kinds fucking me off.

He stood then and looked down at me. I looked up at him: “I said my ‘Hail Mary’s’ like you told me…and I was Full of Grace because I worked on my cunt while saying them!…did you like my confession?” He had this big smile and lifted his robe more. “I wasn’t the only one liking your confession,” he said and his cock flexed in front of me. I reached and stroked it some more…feelings his balls. I knew what I was doing. I thought of granddad and the many times I had stroked his balls. How well I had been taught. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” he said. “Maybe you should confess,” I said and smiled.

He looked at me and down at my hands playing on his stiff cock, fondling his ball sack: “I confess I like what you are doing to my cock. And my balls! Are you going to anoint ‘little’ Danny?” I laughed and kissed the wet tip of his cock, lifting his balls. “Let’s call him ‘Big Danny.‘ This kind of anointing?” as I licked the wet head. “Father, I will hear your confession,” I said. He took my head, pulling me onto him…fingers in my hair as I began to suck him. “MMM!” was all he mumbled. That was enough of a confession for me…my mouth was full and my ears were filling.

I had watched him sermonizing from the pulpit. He was lofty and regal and gallant. Now he was just putty in my hands. Underneath all that, beneath his lifted robe, he was all man, pulsing, a wetting man responding to my tongue and lips, me savoring his body fluids as his cock was reacting to my ablutions…his own special holy waters in my mouth…my cunt hot and also ready to be anointed.

His hand was up my dress now…pausing as it found my naked cunt…then fingers came alive, worshiping its folds and its own holy fluids…we were two hot, panting people. He kneeled between my legs, I opened myself for him. “Your body is a gift from God,” he said and I scrunched down on the couch. “Devine,” he said as his mouth went to me and began licking. My turn to finger his hair…pulling his face into me as I lifted my bottom and arched my back…his tongue was sending me to Heaven! I put both hands on the cross he had around his neck dangling on my pussy…pulling on it. “God you’re sweet,” he said…licking away…I held the cross, moving my fingers along it…”God is good!?” I laughed and pulled on the cross, moving his face harder against my cunt. I spasmed and let out a little girly grunt as he pressed into me. His face and mouth were wet with me…he stopped and looked at me, our eyes connecting, he smiled…”Your spend is delicious!” and he began again but not finishing me as he could sense I was urgent for release…but then he sat beside me, his robe at his waist…

“Sit on my lap you little whore,” he said helping me to stand. I stood there straddling him…his cock erect. “What are you going to pay your little whore to do that?” I teased. “I will shower you with all the blessings I have under my control…when…I lose control.” I said: “I want to be showered by the cum from your prick you dirty horny priest,” my turn to tease. We were both laughing now as I climbed on for my ride.

I moved over the priest’s cock, looking into his face…he was breathing hard…I hovered above him and positioned his cock…letting the tip touch my cunt lips but teasing him again…we were both wet and I felt how slippery we were. “We’re both slippery,” I said…hovering above him. “Just like Duke and me were that first time!” His eyes opened wide. I knew he was ready and wanting me…I looked into his eyes…he was questioning…what I was doing hovering and still, just above his wet cock…It was our moment of truth…all the truth and nothing but…I held myself steady and looked at him.

”What about Becky?” I asked. He didn’t answer. “Well???…” I insisted. I was still above his hot cock, nudging the tip with my cunt lips…not letting him enter me yet…more teasing… and he tried to lift into me but I lifted too. “Well???” I repeated. “Your little whore wants to know.” “Know what?” he asked, trying again to lift into me but I lifted as well.

“Confess,” I said…”Come on you horny fucking, sinful priest…CONFESS! Confess your sins. Do you fuck Becky too?” Now he grew irritated and gripped my waist in his firm hands…his lifting and my lifting, our toying, was over now…he gripped me hard, taking control just as I hoped he would, empaling my cunt on his cock…his arrow had penetrated me and I exhaled…he was inside me, deep inside with an impulsive thrust…I sat on him and rested. I forced my hands on his chest and gripped his cross. “Is she your hot little whore, too?” I teased and he lifted me up at the waist and pulled me down on him again. He took my breath…my face was on his…kissing him…our tongues at work. He nodded and thrust again…his cock was at my throat…I wiggled on him…”Yes!” he exhaled…”Yes she is!” It was my turn to move…I lifted and sat, lifted and sat as he was frantic, I was too, and we were two animals in lust, kissing, fucking, thrusting and fucking some more. “I like fucking pretty young women…I do!” “You’re good at it Father,” I said as I felt him deep inside…”You like fucking Becky…I knew it…it’s why she brought me to church…to fuck you. Should we send her a ‘Thank You‘ note?” He held me in his grip thrusting hard now.

He thrust into me again this time with an urgency; I felt him release, hot jets of cum inside and release his hands at my waist…I needed more, lusted for more but he was going limp…God! Not now going limp when I wasn’t finished! Men! Fuck them…which of course I was…but…it’s life and I made some pretend orgasm grunts and breathed in his ear. “You didn’t come, did you?” he asked. “Be honest.” “It was all too quick and a surprise…will I get another chance?” I laughed. He nodded…”or…or” “Or what?” I asked. “Does my little whore want some more fucking right now?” he said. I mumbled in his ear as his limp cock slipped out of me completely: “MMM…HMMM.”

Chapter Three: I was by his side now, resting. Our bodies warming each other as we calmed…both of us still panting from the jointing. Then, he got up, opened a back door and I heard swishing and footsteps. I opened my eyes to see a naked Father Daniel…with a dog on a leash…they were walking toward me. I would have a lot to confess. “This is Jack,” he said, “you two can get acquainted.” He led the dog to the couch. It began nuzzling me. I spread my legs and it went right to my spot, beginning to lick and nuzzle. “You’re going to make me cum” I said. Father Daniel smiled, saying: “Not me…Jack. Good boy Jack…lick my little whore.”

And he did…my head resting, my body lifting and heating again. It had been good sex with the priest but I just hadn’t come there were so many things happening. I needed finishing. I looked up at Father Daniel in amazement that all this was happening…he was watching us, Jack and me my body lifting to the incessant licking of my juices, I was so close to a tremendous climax. Father’s cock rising to attention again at the sexy scene of his parishioner in growing pashion…Jack and I making the priest hot again but it was Jack’s turn…and mine. “He’s just lickering you up…you want finishing…I’ll help…here, turn over on the couch.” I turned and rested on the couch…my ass in full presentation. Daniel lifted Jack alongside me and I felt the dog’s cock on my back…poking around…I moved my bottom for position…then…”Hold still, I think you‘re ready,” he said and I did…the dog’s cock slipped easily into my wet hole, his paws gripping my waist…plunging his cock into me…”Ugh,” I grunted as Jack thrust and “Ugh!” again as I lifted and moved up for deeper penetration…”You love dog fucking don’t you?” I buried my head into the couch and enjoyed…

“Fuck…fuck me,” I cried and the dog was intense now…every fiber of me in unison with its plunging cock. I was aching and crying and releasing to the fury…Daniel petting my back…smoothing my hot skin…his hands cool where I was hot…the dog was finished and I lay there, unmoving, still exposed…Daniel’s arms holding me…

Then another surprise…this young priest…again aroused at our scene…was hugging me from behind and I felt his cock searching for me…I lifted for position and he was fucking the life out of me, this time probing my ass…”Doggie style!” he muttered…”Now I’m your doggie fucking my little bitch whore in the ass,” he muttered, thrusting into me as I lifted, responded, enjoying every dirty word, every feeling…he released in me and I felt his hot jets as I had one more little cum…I was drained and throbbing…thinking of granddad and the goat, of Uncle Dave and his wife…of my best friend Becky and the secrets I would confess to her…”Wait until Becky finds out what a horny priest you are,” I said between gasps for breath…it was quiet as he grew limp…”She already knows,” he whispered in my ear. His turn to confess. He was soft now, lying at my side…our eyes closed…him petting me down…covering me with his robe…our breathing slowed…my cheeks wet with tears. “I never knew…” I said. “You are God’s gift,” he said. “More Hail Mary’s?” I asked. He just laughed and kissed me. In the quiet room everything was still, except for our beating hearts. I reached for his soft cock, fingering it in thanks for our religious experience.

Our hands fumbled over our exhausted and wet bodies…his stiff cock now just a wet limp thing and I played with it…teasing. He was kissing me fondling my body…I squeezed on his hand…we were both embarassed...priest and the penitent…both of us naked…the dog kicking itself clean. “I have another little thing,” he whispered. I waited…”I’ve lusted after women and even nuns,” he went on. I waited some more…”I’ve always wanted to fuck a nun…strip off her habit, kiss her, lick her to a white hot passion and then fuck her silly…”

“Next time?” he asked. “Will you wear a habit…that way on one will have suspicions if they see you coming here…and…also…the best part for me…I’ll take it off and fuck your brains out…” “After today,” I said, my fingers on his dick felt it begin to throb as we spoke, “After today, I’m not sure I have any brains left…but you can still fuck me silly! “…and we laid there in his priest’s office, side by side, naked and cuddled and laughed. I could hardly wait for my outfit and did I ever have things to tell Becky…maybe we’d get her a habit too! Confession was truly good for the soul and made my cunt purr like the Devil!
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