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Based on a fantasy of mine.
It’s finally happening. I’m meeting the man I’ve been talking to online for months, I thought to myself as the plane pulled up to the gate. I knew it was only a matter of time before my company would ask me to travel to your town for work. You had agreed to pick me up from the airport and take me to my hotel, followed by going out for dinner and drinks. I was very nervous. You knew all my dark fantasies, and I yours, but we never discussed if we’d be living them out during my stay. I was hoping it was implied. I didn’t wear a short skirt and 4 inch heels on the plane for comfort. My DD breasts were nicely accentuated by my blouse and thankfully it was tight enough to support their weight even with out a bra. I knew you’d be able to tell I wasn’t wearing one and if you hadn’t already planned to fuck me, maybe my outfit would inspire you.

On the drive to my hotel, my mind was reeling. You are more handsome than your photos had prepared me for and I could see the outline of your cock in your pants. My panties were already damp as I thought about how much I wanted to feel it twitch, unloading your cum down my throat, in my pussy, and definitely deep in my ass, too. You had told me you were able to cum many times before you were empty and I had high hopes of being filled with every one of your loads. I haven’t been fucked much in the past few years, and when I have, it was never very satisfying. My holes are very thirsty. Somehow I manage to hold a conversation with you, despite imagining your cock roughly driving in and out of every one of my holes. If you know me at all, you already know I want you to make me your little slut while I’m here, but that you’ll have to take me. You know I want to be dominated, that I want you to force your way inside me.

We finally arrive at my hotel and you help me take in my bags. As I check in, you’re trying to decide if you should fuck me now or wait until we get a few drinks in us so you know you can really let loose on me. Still undecided, you follow me into my hotel room. I quickly tuck everything in a corner of the room to be dealt with later.

You’re standing rather close when I turn to you to ask if your ready to go eat. Seeing me standing there looking up at you, smiling sweetly, you were suddenly overcome with the need to defile that mouth, smiling so sweetly at you. What the fuck am I waiting for? She told me she would be in town because she WANTS me to fuck her, you thought to yourself. You rush me, pushing me into the wall. Kissing me passionately, you slide your hands up my hips, under my skirt until your finger find and hook onto my panties. You pull them down to my ankles and roughly start rubbing my clit with your thumb. I moan and close my eyes, my first orgasm already building. You undo your pants and free your rock hard cock. It’s not time for me to cum. You push me to my knees and your cock is down my throat before I even know what happened. You start pushing yourself further down my throat until you realize I’m doing it for you. I gag myself on your cock as I continue to deep throat you. Your original plan was to cum down my throat but as you look down at me, another idea comes to you. Grabbing a fist full of my hair, you pushed your cock down my throat one last time for good measure, then you pulled me up, spun me around, and bent me over the hotel desk. Pussy and asshole exposed, you notice two things: my pussy is nearly dripping it is so wet, and both holes look so tight, underused, and inviting. You slide the tip of your cock up and down my slit, thinking about what you’ll do to my asshole later. With your fist still clutching my hair, you lean forward and pull my hair, arching my back and bringing my ear to you for you to whisper in it. “Tell me you’re my little cumslut and beg me to fuck you,” you growl at me.

You release my hair and I turn back to look at you over my shoulder. “I’m your little cumslut, sir. Please, please fuck me! I just need you to fill me up with your cum, baby,” I plead you. With that, you drive your cock all the way into my pussy. You are surprised by how tight I am. Excited by this discovery, you proceed to fuck me relentlessly, plowing me with the full length of your cock with every thrust. I loudly cum on your cock over and over again as you slam into me, smacking my ass, pinching my nipples, and pulling my hair. After an unknown amount of time and an unknown amount of my orgasms, you feel yours stirring in your balls. Thrusting into me as deeply as you can, you grunt and release rope after rope for your hot cum deep into my pussy. Still firmly inside me, you pull my hair, bringing my ear to your mouth again. “Don’t clean up and don’t put your underwear back on. I want my cum dripping down your legs while we’re out.” You chuckle to yourself, knowing you must have given me a lot since you’ve been letting that load build in you for nearly a week. You wanted to be sure the first load you gave me would be huge.

I blush and shudder with your words, already in love with being your slut. You withdraw from me and I spin around to clean you up before you can even ask. You put your cock away and I straighten out my clothes and hair. As we walk to your car, I already begin to feel your cum leaking out of my pussy, smearing onto my inner thighs as I walk.


We stood at the busy bar of the restaurant, waiting for our table to be ready. Your cum was still leaking from my pussy as we stood there and of course it was too busy for us to find seating in the bar area. Now that we weren’t walking, you cum was no longer just smearing on my inner thighs. I began to feel an actual trail begin to form, going down my right leg, just barely past the slight bulge of my inner thigh where some earlier cum had smeared and started drying. It tickled a little and though I had the urge to wipe it away, I was curious how far it would get before we got our table.

As we drank and waited, we had a wonderful conversation, not mentioning or even alluding to what transpired at the hotel or what was making its way down my thigh. We always had great conversations between the dirty talk online and I was glad that remained true in person. If I hadn’t already had your cum dripping from me, I still would have been so wet for you.

It was nearly 45 minutes before we got our table and your cum had slowly made its way to my knee. If it caught the light at just the right angle, one could see it glinting. At this point it had cooled and it felt cold from the air moving around it as we walked through the dining room, causing me to be acutely aware of how much you must have deposited into me earlier. The thought of your cum inside me sent a bolt through me. My clit and tits suddenly tingled intensely as this wave of need came over me. Fuck. I briefly toyed with the idea of bending over a dining table and offering myself to you, begging for more of your cum wherever you wish to put it. I refrained.

We got to our table, a round table for 4 in the corner of the dining room. You pulled out one of the chairs facing the interior of the room for me but instead of sitting across from me, you sat next to me, facing the room, too. You explained you like to people-watch, but as you got comfortable and placed your hand on my inner thigh, I knew your real intention was to torment me through dinner.

I don’t remember what we ordered but I know I barely ate, needing my other cravings satisfied before I cared for food. I did drink quite a few glasses of wine, though. You had spent a good portion of the evening finger-fucking me under the table, roughly toying with my clit while I tried to stifle my orgasms as we sat in this restaurant. We skipped dessert, paid quickly, and left in a hurry.

It’s only a short drive back to my hotel but you tell me to suck your cock while I play with myself as you drive. I gag on your cock as I press it into the back of my throat. To show your appreciation for my efforts, you spit onto a couple of your fingers and massage your saliva onto my asshole. Your index finger starts probing my tight little hole but it resists you. You finger my pussy to lubricate your fingers and you try again. I moan loudly onto your cock as your finger penetrates my ass, followed quickly by a second finger. You finger fuck me briefly but you stop. You don’t want to loosen my ass up too much. Your cock is what will stretch my ass, you determine. We’ve arrived at the hotel anyway.

You follow me into the elevator and grope me obscenely once the doors close, your cock pressed against my ass, one hand taunting my clit, the other pinching my nipple hard, your mouth driving me wild by kissing and nibbling my neck and ears. I press my ass into your groin further as my body responds to your onslaught of pleasure. We reach our floor and you give me a second to compose myself before the doors open. Flushed, I hurry to my room with you closely behind.

I barely hear the door click behind us before you have me bent over the bed, your cock head slamming against my cervix. Roughly pinching and twisting my nipples, you hammer me from me behind as I beg you to keep fucking me, harder and more, to never stop fucking me, telling you how badly I need your cum in me.

As I cum on your cock for what may be the 20th time in the few hours I’ve known you, I smile to myself at how easy it is for me to cum. I know it’s a gift many women don’t have. Suddenly, I feel your cock grow even more ridged. Another orgasm builds in me as I think about what’s about to happen. “Take all my cum up your fucking pussy, you little slut. I’ve got so much cum for you,” you grunt. With both hands you grip my hips, pushing me down as you bury your cock as far as you can into the depths of my pussy. The spasming of your cock as you release your torrent of jizz into my wanton hole triggers another orgasm in me. I cum hard with your last couple spurts, milking the cum from you.

“Slut, did you just cum on my cock simply because I was cumming in you?” Your cock slides out of me and I roll over to face you. I look at you, smiling slightly before I cast my eyes downward, trying to hide my smirk. “Yes sir. The thought of you filling me with your cum makes me feel so dirty. I love feeling dirty.” The knowledge that I came on your cock because you were cumming in me fills you with a rage-lust. You weren’t really angry but Goddamnit if it didn’t make you want to punish me. Ok, you little slut. You wanna feel dirty? I can make that happen, you thought to yourself. Your cock barely had time to start to soften before it was raging for another warm hole.

You pushed me back onto my stomach as you pinned me down and shoved a pillow under my hips. You order me to spread my ass cheeks apart for you. With your cock still covered in our juices from just a moment ago, you watch your cum slowly leaking out of my pussy and you wonder how it still looks so tight, albeit swollen. You shake your head, telling yourself to focus, trying not to let yourself get side tracked by my pussy again. With one hand you line your cock up with my puckered little asshole and with the other you cover my mouth. You want to muffle any sounds I may make, you know I haven’t been fucked in the ass in a long time but you have no intention of taking it easy on me. You start to press your cock into me. You aren’t going to ram it in, but you aren’t going to go slowly either. I start to moan and the moan gets louder as your cock sinks deeper into my ass. I knew your cock was big but it felt like it was splitting me open as your cock sunk to its depths.

Once you have fully invaded my ass, you grab another fist full of hair and spank me hard.

“Whose slut are you?”

“Yours, sir!”


“Whose ass is this?”

“Yours, sir!”


“Do you need me to fuck your ass?”

“Yes! Please, sir! Please fuck my ass!”


And with that, you start to fuck my ass mercilessly, your cock brutally stretching my once tight hole.

“Oh fuck yes!” You hear me yell before I bury my face in the pillows. I yell more indecipherable profanities and exclamations as I cum repeatedly from your anal plundering. You roar as you empty the contents of your balls into me once more. My final orgasm subsides as your cock spasms one more time, depositing the last of your cum into my ass. You smile knowing you’ve now filled me three times and you aren’t done yet. You tell me what a good slut I am but that you wish we had a butt plug so your cum would stay put until you were ready to use my ass again. I smile at you while I shimmy over to the edge of the bed to reach into one of my bags, being careful to keep your cock in my ass until I find the plug. I pull it out and you pat my ass in approval. Sliding your cock out of my ass you marvel at how much you’ve managed to stretch my asshole in one go. You see a bit of your pooled cum in my ass, causing you cock to twitch with anticipation of depositing more later. You insert the butt plug which makes my moan lightly. You decide you’re going to tease me for a while.


2018-09-25 15:27:22
Great story and well written... hope there are more parts!

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