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Story originally posted by black darth on literotica but it was sadly removed.
By now she was hooked. It was like an addiction. Sally could not orgasm without a maximum thrill, and nothing could top the threat of her own inevitable death. She craved the feeling.

Her next episode with Deathmaster was as spooky as the others. It occurred at an abandoned industrial complex far from anywhere. The buildings opened into tall structural steel frames that rose hundreds of feet into the air. She was forced to climb, naked, up rusted steel ladders and follow narrow walkways until she reached the appointed place of her "event."

There Sally was introduced to a strange man who looked tormented. Deathmaster explained that this man, like Sally, wanted the thrill of his looming death to extend the pleasure of his climax. He was a hunk of a man, and his large penis, now semi-erect, excited her just to look at.

"You will both climb this steel ladder until you reach the iron landing about forty feet above us," Deathmaster said. There I want you to simply fuck. There is danger because it is a very small platform, just large enough to support your bodies. And it is a long climb up there and back, so there is a chance that either one of you, or possibly both of you will fall to your death.

"Here is the catch. Once in position, the lights will go off and you will fuck in the dark. And it is very dark in here. I have a sharpshooter stationed in the shadows above the platform. He has a night vision scope on his rifle. He is instructed to shoot and kill one of you the moment you are having orgasm. We have sensitive microphones and visuals turned on so we will know. Both of you will climb up, but only one of you will be coming back. And that person must climb down in the dark. The odds are less than 50/50. And you have no choice. If you try to walk away now, you will both be shot dead right now."

Sally's heart was pounding as she looked at the naked man. He looked back into her eyes. They both knew they had to do this thing. She was at a point where she expected to die. She had to have the orgasmic thrill once again, even if it was her last. He seemed as committed as she was. They both started up the ladder. He let her go first, although that was not a good feeling for Sally.

She hated heights, so there was additional fear with each rung of the steel ladder. The height was dizzying for her, but she made herself finish the climb. Just doing this was enough to stimulate her sexually so that her pussy was dripping by the time she reached the narrow little platform.

He was right behind her. His cock was very erect now and she knew that this man was as sexually excited about what was about to happen as she was. Under the circumstances, she did not care to know his name, or anything about him.

The platform was very small. To lie flat on it, Sally realized that part of her head and her feet projected over the edge. "How are we going to have sex here without falling off?" she asked.

It was obvious that the standard missionary position was not going to work. He was taller than Sally, and his knees projected over the edge of the platform, which meant that he might slide off, taking her with him in the midst of the act.

"Why don't I lie flat on my back and you sit on me," he suggested. "Perhaps you can get enough purchase with your knees on the side of this thing that we can stay up here."

His idea was workable, but Sally realized that she was a much better target, sitting upward over him, while he lay flat against the steel platform. She was sure that this was going to be her last fling. She wanted to make it a good one.

He got in position and she carefully squatted over him, and lowered herself on his stiff, throbbing cock. At that moment the lights went out and they were in total darkness. How sensual, she thought, to be doing this in such a dangerous place, while men secretly watched them from the darkness of this spooky old building. It didn't take long for her to fuck her way to orgasm.

There was a loud grunt and she felt his massive cock start to jerk and then pump hot spurts of his semen into her. He reached climax moments before her. "Ohhhhhhhh," she moaned as her own release arrived.

At that moment there was a loud report. Sally was in deep pleasure with her eyes closed and felt the man's body under her jerk, his pumping penis thrusting violently upward into her pulsating pussy. Also she was sprayed by something wet and warm. Even in the midst of orgasmic madness, she understood that it was her partner that was shot and that she was still alive! She was covered with his blood. It dripped from her face and tits. Her orgasm exploded into intense ecstasy as she thought of herself fucking a corpse. She continued to ride the still erect, still throbbing and pumping cock for several long minutes until the orgasm subsided.

When she started coming to her senses, Sally realized she was still in grave danger. It was so dark she was trapped on this dangerous little platform, with a dead man's cock still in her, and clinging to a tiny little platform some 40 feet over a rusted old factory. Somehow she was going to have to climb over this man's body and find her way to safety.

Panic was her first reaction. But then, as she sized up her situation, she decided that if she waited right where she was until dawn enough light might filter in the building for her to see to find her way safely down the ladder. That could be a few hours away. In the meantime, she felt the dead man's semi-erect cock inside her still excited pussy. The man was naturally so well hung that semi-erect was very large. As the time passed, Sally could not resist the temptation to fuck that cock again. She discovered that it remained quite firm, even though it was not as hard as it was when the man was alive. Before long she experienced orgasm. She did this several more times that night. The perversion of having sex with a corpse was enough to excite her over and over again.

When dawn broke, and enough light filtered into the old building to allow her to see, Sally raised herself off that cock, and carefully dropped one leg over the edge of the platform as her bare foot searched for the ladder. She realized that her face was now touching the cock that had given her so much pleasure. That it was a part of a dead man now seemed so revolting she nearly lost her grip and fell. But her foot found the ladder and she carefully made her way down to solid footing.

It was such a maze of old pipes, machines and walls that Sally spent a long time, carefully finding a way out of the place. She was a mess. Naked and covered with dried blood and brain, her hair a shambles. She looked for her clothes but never found them. She did find her car, but had to walk a long way after leaving the building because the vehicle was parked on the opposite side. The keys were left under a rear tire, just in case this happened. She drove home, very cautiously, not wanting to be stopped by the police and having to explain why she was driving in the nude and covered with blood and brains.

"Never again," she vowed. But while in the shower, she masturbated and had another orgasm. She had yet another one after she went to bed. She knew she would see Deathmaster again.


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