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Georgia's makes new friends and her exposure spreads to a gym

by Vanessa Evans

Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 12

The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed and happy. I thought back to the previous day and wondered if I’d have another day as good as that one. I showered then put a dress on and went to the café for some breakfast.

Manuel welcomed me and held the chair out for me as I sat at a table. I didn’t deliberately flash my pussy at him but there was a good chance that he saw it; and my tits because the dress that I had on is so short and the top part is quite low and baggy.

I wasn’t worried because I’m sure that lots of girls show their pussies when sitting in cafés.

As I sat there watching the world go by I remembered the O-Shot thing that Jake and Lenny had gone on about. I phoned Pau.

“Pau, I’m having real problems with my sex life, I just can’t orgasm. I’ve read something on the internet about something called the O-Shot. Can you check around and find out if there’s a doctor here in Ibiza where I can get it?”

“Sure Georgia. Leave it with me and I’ll get back to you just as soon as I’ve got some news for you.”

When I got back to the boat I decided to phone Celeste and ask her to make me 5 more summer dresses, a couple of see-through, thong leotards, a couple of see-through thong bikinis and a 4 very thin mesh tops, also see-through; and to courier them out to me at the marina office.

Celeste was her usual cheerful self and seemed to know exactly what I wanted – again, and promised that I’d have them within a week. As I talked to her I unfastened the dress and let it fall to the floor.

Then I decided to have a lazy day then go somewhere that evening, I didn’t know where then but I’d think about it during the day. I quickly covered myself in sunblock then went to the tanning deck at the back of the boat.

If I’d wanted a quiet morning I was out of luck. First the Captain arrived and ran up the engines to make sure that they were okay. Then he disturbed me to get to the jet-ski to check that out and top up the fuel. I hadn’t bothered to put any clothes on because he’d seen me naked before, and I didn’t care if he did see me naked.

He didn’t seem at all phased by me being naked and just went about his business.

No sooner than I’d got back to my sunbathing than Isabelle from the next boat shouted over to me. She told me that she was having a little get together with a few of the occupants of the other boats there and she wanted to invite my father and me. When I told her that daddy had had to leave and that I didn’t know when, or if he’s be back, she said,

“Oh, that’s a shame; I was looking forward to talking to him.”

Maybe there was hope for daddy there. I decided to phone daddy later and ask when he was coming back.

“Would you like to come on your own then?” Isabelle asked. “Toby will be there and it’s got to be better than staying there on your own. I’m sure that Toby will be able to entertain you and I’m sure that he will appreciate someone young to talk to.”

I told her that I probably would go but not to worry if I didn’t make it. Then Isabelle surprised, and annoyed me by saying,

“Oh, just one thing sweetie, could you put some clothes on when you come, one or two of the guests may not understand the phase that you’re going through.”

At first I just wanted to tell her to fuck off but after a little thought I was glad that I didn’t. I didn’t want to ruin daddy’s chances with her and I was sure that I could find a dress that would reveal everything that I’ve got. Besides, it would be a good opportunity to tease Toby. I could wear a vibrator and cum in front of him, and maybe some of the other guests.

Yes, I was going to go. Clubbing of one form or another could wait. It wasn’t as if I was short of time.

Next it was the cleaner, Martina. She had the cleaning to do and to stock-up the fridge. She too had seen me naked before so I again didn’t bother to cover up. She also wanted to arrange for a place for me to leave any clothes that I wanted cleaning.

I hadn’t really thought about getting my clothes cleaned before, and was happy that she was thinking about it.

By mid-afternoon I was getting restless; I had to get off the boat. Also, I’d eaten too much at the café and I was feeling bloated. I decided that I needed some exercise. Should I just go for a walk? Should I even go for a jog? No, it was too hot for that. It was then that I remembered the gym that I’d had a look in a couple of days ago. I went and found the leaflet that that man had given me.

Then I had a sudden thought that I had no gym clothes. Okay, I’d bought myself some trainers but I hadn’t thought about clothes. What do girls normally wear in a gym? I remembered the sports bras, long PE skirts and horrible thick knickers that we wore at school. Even if I’d brought them with me there was no way that I was going to wear them.

Then I remembered seeing some photographs and scenes in movies where girls wore sports bras and leggings or shorts. I’d even seen some girls wearing leotards. I wasn’t going to wait until the ones that Celeste was making for me to arrive and I didn’t own a bra any more, never mind a sports bra nor any leggings or shorts. I would just have to wear a tank top and a skirt. It was as simple as that.

I rummaged through my wardrobe and got out a thin, cotton, spaghetti strapped, white, slightly see-through crop tank top and the only white skirt that I have. Okay, it’s ultra-short and the skater style but so what? There was no way that I was going to buy a sports bra, leggings or shorts so that was that, decision made.

Then I had a naughty, but nice, idea. I decided to wear one of my vibrators. Instead of the egg I decided to go with a little bullet vibrator. It isn’t remote controlled nor is it variable speed. It just gently vibrates when you twist the 2 halves. I slid it in and gave a satisfied sigh.

I put what I needed into my backpack, slipped on one of my summer dresses and left to find a taxi.

Thirty minutes later I was stood outside the gym again. I looked in and decided that I was going to do it.

There was no one in the reception area when I went in but the same young man that I’d seen before appeared and I told him that I wanted to get some exercise and that I’d need someone to show me how the machines worked. He introduced himself as Pedro and said that all I asked for was possible so I paid the fee and he pointed me to the changing room.

When I’d been there before and had been shown the changing room I’d assumed that it was the ladies changing room but as we walked to the door I couldn’t see a Señoras or a Caballeros sign, and when I went in there was a man, a naked man, walking out of the showers.

I didn’t know if the place had always been mixed or if it was being ultra-modern and PC and was now gender neutral, or what; but I didn’t care. I went to a locker near where the naked man was starting to get dressed and took my dress off, then my shoes. I was now as naked as the man had been a few seconds earlier.

I looked over to the man and saw that he was looking at me. I smiled at him then got my trainers out of my backpack and put them on. I looked over to him and he was still looking at me. Next I got my top out and slipped that on. The man was still looking at me. Unfortunately, he was stood sideways to me so I couldn’t see what the bulge in his boxers was like.

Finally, I got my white skirt out and stepped into it. I fastened it then pulled on the hem so that my butt and pussy were covered. Turning my back to the man I bent over, straight legged, and picked up my shoes; deliberately taking my time so that he could get a good look at my pussy.

My pussy that had had my bullet purring away inside it for over 30 minutes so it was swollen and wet.

Standing back up with my shoes in my hand, I put everything in a locker and put the big rubber band with the key attached, onto my wrist.

When I walked out of the changing room Pedro was there waiting for me. I quickly noticed that he had a bit of a puzzled look on his face and his eyes were looking way below my face. I wondered if my skirt had ridden up so I checked the position of the waist band. It was still where I had left it so I knew that my slit wasn’t visible.

Then I realised that he must be wondering why I was wearing a skirt. Ignoring that I said,

“Right, I’m ready when you are Pedro.”

Pedro had a clipboard in his hand and he proceeded to ask a lot of questions about my health and which muscles that I particularly wanted to tone up. I put my hand on my bare stomach and said that I wanted a 6-pack. Then I put my weight on one leg and stretched the other as wide as I could saying that I wanted to keep my flexibility. Finally I said that I wanted to increase my general fitness.

Pedro then asked me how long I was staying in Ibiza. That surprised me but after a short pause I said that it would be 2 or 3 months. Then he surprised me again by asking me if I’d like him to be my personal trainer whilst I was there.

I said that I’d think about it and let him know.

Then he led me into the main exercise room where I saw 5 young men and 1 young woman on the various machines round the sides of the room, and 1 young woman doing stretching exercises on the mats in the middle.

The woman on the machine had a very large chest and needed the sports bra that she was wearing along with leggings that maybe were giving her a camel toe; I wasn’t sure from that distance and angle.

The woman on the mats wasn’t wearing a bra and clearly didn’t need one; her tits were smaller than mine. She was wearing leotard, but the material was quite thick and the gusset quite wide. She was sat on the mats spreading her legs as wide as she could and touching first one calf, then the other.

Pedro led me to the first available machine, going clockwise round the room, and did a quick demonstration of how to use it before asking me to sit on it. I had to straddle the seat the reach up to a bar and pull it down. When I’d got hold of the bar I just couldn’t move it. I strained a little then Pedro apologised and pulled a pin out of the weights and pushed it back in higher up.

“General fitness.” Pedro said before we moved on to the next machine. It was one of 3 exercise cycles; a man was already pedalling away on one of them.

I told him that I could work that one out quite easily and that I was sure that it was for leg exercise. The same applied to the 3 treadmills that were next going round the room.

The next machine had me a bit puzzled at first but as Pedro got on it he explained that it exercised the leg muscles that you use when you spread your legs. That really got my attention, and that of my pussy. It had been tingling for quite a while by then and I just knew that an orgasm wasn’t that far away.

Pedro sat on the machine with his legs straight out in front of him. There were pads both between his legs and outside them. Then he spread his legs wide held them open.

“Hold them as long as you can then slowly let them come together” he said.

Then he moved a lever and spread his legs easily.

“With the lever set like this,” he said, “the exercise is in closing the legs.”

I could see him straining a little as his legs closed.

“Remember to change the lever otherwise when you relax your legs will fly apart.”

I giggled as he relaxed and his legs did fly open.

“Can I try that?” I asked.

“Sure, just hang on a second while I reduce the pressure.”

As I waited I just knew what was going to happen and I was ready for it. I sat on the machine and put my legs straight out with the pads either side of both legs.

“Okay Georgia, when you’re ready push those legs out.”

I took a deep breath and did as he told me. It was then that Pedro discovered that I didn’t have any knickers on. My spread pussy was there for the world to see. No only had Pedro seen me but 2 of the men opposite me had stopped what they were doing and were staring at my pussy.

Oh, that felt good as I held my breath for as long as I could then relaxed. I heard Pedro mutter something but I couldn’t tell what. When I relaxed my legs rapidly closed.

I pushed out again and held my breath again. I looked around and saw that another man was looking at me, as was the skinny girl who has also stopped what she was doing.

I ran out of breath, relaxed and my legs shot together. After those 2 moves my skirt had given up and the hem was resting on my bare stomach.

“Hang on a minute.” Pedro said and he went to adjust something behind me.

When he got back in front of me he told me to be ready to squeeze my legs together then move the lever.

I did, but as soon as the lever was in the other position 2 things happened. Firstly my legs flew open, and secondly, I orgasmed. I was cumming with 4 men and one woman staring at my spread pussy. That thought alone made it a strong one and a long one.

When I eventually started to come down from my high I looked around. Everyone in the room was now staring at me. I got pangs of embarrassment, humiliation and intense pleasure. I was really proud of myself.

When I was able I said,

“Sorry about that;” and I tried to squeeze my legs together.

As I tried and got nowhere, Pedro finally said,

“Move the lever.”

I did and the pressure from my legs suddenly closed them.

“Hmm,” I said, “that was interesting.”

“Maybe too much weight for you.” Pedro said, let me adjust it then you can try again.”

As Pedro went to the back of the machine I looked around and saw that only the large woman had returned to what she was doing, the rest of them were still staring at me.

“Okay Georgia, try it now.” Pedro said.

I moved the lever and again my legs flew apart. This time though, I didn’t cum but I could feel my very wet pussy’s muscles quivering as I tried to close my legs.

It was easier this time, and with a lot of effort I managed to close my legs then quickly moved the lever. I relaxed.

“Okay Georgia, you’ve done well so far, I think that we’ll move on to some floor exercises that will be good got your stomach muscles.”

I stood up and my skirt fell back into place. Also, I saw the other people on the room had resumed what they were doing.

Pedro told me to sit on the mat then lay back. As I did so I was sure that he could see my slit up my skirt. For a second I thought about pulling the hem down but I remembered that he and everyone else in the room had just stared at my open pussy for what seemed like hours. It was pointless trying to pretend that I had any modesty.

Pedro then told me to put my hands behind my head and to lock my fingers. As I did that I felt my crop top slide up, I was sure that the bottom half of my tits, and maybe my areolas were exposed.

When I had done that he told me to spread my feet to shoulder width.

“Right Georgia, now sit up.”

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be and I watched as my feet involuntarily rose up.

“Keep your heels on the floor Georgia.”

“I can’t.”

Pedro moved from beside me to kneeling just below my feet. He put his hands on my ankles and pressed them to the mat.

“Try again Georgia.”

I did, and as my head came up I saw that Pedro was looking at my pussy, my very wet and swollen pussy. If I hadn’t of had an orgasm so recently I would have cum just then.

“Well done Georgia. It will really help your stomach if you can slowly build up to doing that 50 times a day. It will get easier as you do more and more each day.

Okay Georgia, that’s enough instruction for today, on that wall are a lot of pictures of floor exercises that you can do. In your own time I’d like you to try as many as you can. If you need any help I will be somewhere around. If you can’t see me I’m sure that anyone else in here will be able to help you. We’ll talk again when you’ve had enough for today.”

I sat there for a few seconds while I looked at the pictures on the wall, and at the other people in the room. Some of the exercises involved spreading my legs and I thought that those could be fun. Deciding to try each one I got up and went to the left of the pictures, my plan to go from left to right on each row of exercises.

Before long my body was twisting and spreading in all directions and more ways that I could ever have thought of. Quite a lot of them caused my skirt to go up and even totally invert. All thought of modesty had long gone and I just got on with it, ignoring any spectators that I had.

I was on my back pushing up with my arms and legs when my next orgasm hit me. I collapsed and started shaking. As the waves passed over me I heard a man say,

“¿Estás bien?”

“Sí, gracias, estoy bien, bien.” I replied.

After that I decided that I’d had enough of those exercises for one day and that I’d try the rest the next time that I was there; but there was one more thing that I wanted to have another go at before I left. Three of the men and the fat woman had left and been replaced by 4 men and 2 young women.

I noted that both women were wearing sports bras over their average sized tits and both were wearing leggings. I was happy with my skirt but I’d try a few different tops.

The leg spreader machine was free so I quickly went and sat on it. This time I knew what to expect, well maybe not the orgasm, so when I pushed my legs apart I was ready for my skirt exposing my pussy. In fact I ‘accidentally’ helped it on its way up.

As I held my legs open I looked around and decided that the men who used that gym had some sort of built-in radar that told them when a girl was using that machine; and I wasn’t about to disappoint them.

I held it for as long as I could then slowly relaxed. I did it again before moving the lever and watching my legs fly apart and hearing myself gasp.

That attracted the attention of all 3 girls and they too watched me, 2 with smiles on their faces.

After a pause I slowly managed to squeeze my legs together before relaxing and watching them fly apart again. I took my time taking quite a few deep breathes before squeezing again.

I just managed to get my legs together then I moved the lever and relaxed. After a few seconds I lifted my legs off and just stood there for a couple of seconds while my legs decided that they could support the weight of my body.

I went straight to the changing room, stripped and went to the shower only to find a naked man there showering and wanking.

“Did I cause that?” I wondered then turned another shower on. That noise was heard by the man and he suddenly turned round. Seeing me he stopped wanking and just held his hand there.

“Continúa, termina lo que has comenzado; no me molestes” I said, telling him to finish what he had started.

He did, but facing me.

My left hand moved to my right tit and my right hand slid down to my pussy. The little bullet was getting the better of me again and I was going to help it with its task.

Before long we were both cumming and I watched as he shot his load nearly over to me.

Tension alleviated, we both got on with our showers.

As I got out and started drying myself, another man walked in. He looked at me then got on with getting changed. I guessed that the place really had gone gender neutral.

Back in reception I waited for Pedro to appear then told him that he’s got the job as my personal trainer until I left Ibiza. He offered to give the lessons at my home but I declined saying that I preferred the gym. Pedro wanted the lessons to be 3 times a week but I insisted on twice, what’s more I didn’t want the same days each week, I wanted to just turn up. We had a little discussion about his availability then he was happy. What man wouldn’t be?

I left with a smile on my face and the thought that maybe I’d wear a butt plug the next time as well as a vibrator.

When I got back to the boat I could hear music coming from Isabelle’s boat. I was in no rush to go there so I stripped, raided the fridge then had another shower and squeezed the bullet out. I had never had so many showers each day as I was doing then.

After I got dry I went to my favourite drawer and got out another butt plug; this one with a big red fake ruby. Then I got the egg out and put new batteries in it then pushed them both where they belong. I switched it on to random blasts and went up onto the deck to see if the party had any life in it and to think about what I was going to wear to it. If Isabelle didn’t want me to go naked then it had to be something very revealing.

As I watched I saw a man, a woman and 2 girls about my age go onto Isabelle’s boat. I hadn’t seen any of them before but that meant nothing.

The egg hit me then and I let out a load moan.

That quick burst of pleasure seemed to make me make up my mind about what to wear, my yellow dress with lots of cuts across the front. I could arrange it so that my nipples and slit were covered when I arrived then just gently push the material up or down so that my goodies were visible. I just hoped that there would be some miserable, prudish people there that I could upset.

I watched people standing around talking on the different decks of Isabelle’s boat for a while before going to put on my dress and some sandals.

Feeling very over-dressed I went round to Isabelle’s boat. She was stood talking on the middle deck and saw me arriving.

“Oh good, you made it sweetie, come on in and I’ll introduce you to everyone. We’ve got some other girls here and there’s Toby of course, and one of his friends, I’m sure that they’ll be able to entertain you.”

As she said that last bit I thought,

The only way that they’ll entertain me is if they get naked and start fucking each other in front of everyone.”

The Isabelle whispered to me,

“I’m so glad that you decided to put some clothes on sweetie.”

I felt like thumping her but that would ruin daddy’s chances with her. Then I thought,

“Do I really want this woman for a step mother?”

I didn’t get the chance to think about that because she started the introductions. Just as soon as the first one was over I discreetly moved bits of material on the front of my dress. I felt my nipples escape and react to the gentle breeze.

“That’s nice.” I thought as Isabelle turned me to face another middle-aged man. I watched his eyes lock onto my tits and hard nipples, and I smiled as I shook his hand. Just about every other man that I got introduced to spotted my nipple straight away. Amazingly, I never saw one of the women looking at them although one did say that I was wearing a cute little dress.

When we got to the stairs down to the lower deck Isabelle said that the kids were down in one of the suites.

“Don’t bother coming down to introduce us, I’m sure that we’ll work it out.”

“Okay Georgia, thank you; you’re such a sweet little girl. You father must be proud of you.”

I again resisted the temptation to shut her up and I headed down the stairs. The movement of my legs up and down caused my dress to ride up above my pussy but I didn’t care and I left it where it settled.

I found them, Toby and another boy, Ben and the 2 girls that I’d seen, Kate and Zoe (sisters); through the second door that I opened. All had a glass in their hands that they tried to hide when the door opened.

“Relax guys.” I said, we’re all over 18 aren’t we so a bit of booze isn’t illegal. I’m Georgia by the way, and who are all of you and what are you doing?”

Just then the egg hit me and I moaned and shook for a few seconds.

“Are you okay Georgia?” Kate asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Nice dress Georgia.” Ben said; do you know that your tits are sticking out of it and that we can see your pussy?”

“I hope so; I thought that it might be a way to liven-up a boring oldies party.”

“Wow, you’re brave Georgia.” Kate said, “I could never wear anything like that.”

“You mean that our mother wouldn’t let you?” Zoe added.

“Of course you could; you’re both old enough to make up your own mind what you wear.” I said.

“Well yes, but we don’t want to upset our mother or father.”

“I doubt that your father would complain if you wore a dress like this. You need to escape their clutches for a while and have some fun.”

“You’re right there Georgia.”

“Maybe the 3 of us girls should go clubbing one night.”

“Or two or three.” Zoe added.

“So, watchyadoin?”

“Nothing really.” Toby said.

“We were thinking about a game of cards.” Zoe said.

“Boring.” I said, “unless we play poker, strip poker. That would be fun.”

“Not for you Georgia.” Toby said; it looks like you’ve only got that dress on.”

“That’s right but that doesn’t matter, it still would be fun.”

Both Toby and Ben were game; I guessed that they figured that I would be naked quite soon. Kate and Zoe were a bit reluctant but after a bit of persuasion they agreed.

Toby went and got some cards and we positioned ourselves around the bed.

Before we started playing Toby told us the rules and how to play. It didn’t sound like the rules were genuine poker rules but hey, who cares, they were good enough for us and each game was over quicker than proper poker.

Ben lost his shirt first then Katie lost her top. She wore a red lacy bra under it.

Then Toby lost his shirt then I lost. I stood up, reached for the hem of my dress then peeled it up over my head. I pulled then twisted my nipples making them even harder.

“Have a good look Ben; Toby’s seen it all before.” I said

“What, when.” Kate asked.

“She sunbathes naked on the back of her boat.” Toby said.

“You don’t do you Georgia?” Zoe asked.

“Yes; why not?”

“But that’s right next to the path. People passing by will see you.” Kate said.

“Yes, I suppose that they do. It’s no big deal; it’s not as if I’ve got a lot for them to see.”

“That’s a matter of opinion.” Ben said.

“Aw thank you Ben, you’re so sweet.”

“So you 2 girls have never sunbathed naked before?”


“You really should try it; it’s so nice, so free, so empowering. You do realise that a naked girl can get most men to do just about anything for them don’t you?”

“I’ve never thought of it like that.” Kate said, “maybe we should try it Zoe?”

“I guess that I’m game if you are Kate.” Zoe replied.

“Well Ibiza is the right place for that. Maybe we could go to a nude beach together?” I said.

“Hmm, maybe.” Zoe replied.

I went to sit on the edge of the bed but suddenly stopped when the egg decided to hit me.

“Arrrrgh.” I said and fell to my knees as the egg kept going at full throttle. For a good 30 seconds.

Then the orgasm hit me. My head went back and my body started jerking about.

The 4 of them had just stared at me as I hit my high then came down. When I got to my feet Toby said,

“Are you okay Georgia?”

“Of course she is.” Kate replied, “She just cum haven’t you Georgia? How did you manage that? Was it because you are naked in front of us?”

“No, I’m okay; let’s get on with the game.”

Ben lost his shorts next then Zoe her top revealing a black bra. Next it was Kate that lost and she had to take her skirt off. She wore a matching thong.

“Cute.” Ben said.

Then Zoe lost her skirt next revealing a matching thong.

Then Toby lost his shorts. Everyone was down to their underwear except me.

“Getting interesting now.” I said.

“Can we stop playing now? Toby asked.

All 4 of us said ‘no’ all at the same time.

Kate’s bra was next to go. She held an arm over her tits for a few seconds then let us all look. Her tits are slightly bigger than mine and her nipples were as hard as mine were.

Then Kate lost again.

“Oh fuck.” She said as she stood up and slowly pulled her thong down. She’s as bald as I am and I wondered if she’d had laser removal treatment like I have.

She sat down and dealt the cards.

It was Ben’s turn to get naked. He stood up and with one hand pulled his boxers down.

“Come on Ben, move the hand; you’ve seen Kate’s and my pussies.”

Ben moved his hand and Zoe gasped at the sight of his hard on.

“Nice one Ben.” I said.

Zoe lost he bra next. She looked proud as her tits came into view. They are slightly bigger than Kate’s, possibly a ‘B’ cup. She pulled on her hard nipples to make them stand out more.

“Wow, not a hint of sagging.” I said as she sat down.

Zoe lost again and showed everyone that she too shaved herself bald.

We had to play 3 more games before Toby lost his boxers and he took more convincing to move his hand so tha we could see his hard on.

“I’ve got an idea.” I said, “Let’s play 3 more rounds. The loser in each round has to lay spread eagled on the bed for 5 minutes while the others play with them.”

“What! No.” Toby said.

Both Kate and Zoe shrugged their shoulders. They were in.

Ben was thinking. Toby looked scared.

“Come on guys, so you lose and one of us girls wanks you. Surely that’s what you dream about.”

After a long pause Ben said that he was in then Toby did.

Ben grabbed tha cards and dealt. Two minutes later Kate said,

“Oh shit.” And stood up.

Ben quickly cleared the cards and Kate slowly lay on the bed and spread her legs. Both Ben and Toby quickly moved in on her tits and pussy and it wasn’t long before she started to cum.

After she’d returned to normal she sat up and said,

“Thanks guys, I needed that.”

Zoe lost next and she was grinning as she got on the bed.

“Come and get it guys.” She said as she spread her legs.

Two minutes later she was cumming like a steam train. We all watched her pussy as the spams continued until she was able to sit up.

“Sod the cards guys,” I said, “move over Zoe, it’s my turn.” She did and I took her place and Ben and Toby got busy with their hands.

I was just coming down from my high when the egg decided to kick in. I went straight back up there and stayed there for aged before the egg switched its self off.

“Wow Georgia that was a good one. Haven’t you played with yourself for months?” Kate said.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you Kate.”

As I sat up I turned to Kate and Zoe and said,

“I think that it’s only fair that we give the guys a blowjob girls. We don’t want them to die of blue balls do we? What do you think ladies?”

I thought that I was going to miss out as both Zoe and Kate pounced on Toby and Ben.

It wasn’t until Kate started gagging that I got my chance and I went right down on Toby’s cock. His load of cum soon went down my throat.

Ben had filled Zoe’s mouth and she showed it to us before swallowing it in one go.

“So are all your orgasms like those 2 Georgia?” Kate asked.

“I wish; no, I’m getting a little help from an egg vibrator. It keeps bursting into life and making me cum.” I replied.

“Bloody hell Georgia, how big is it?”

“Hang on, I’ll show you.”

I lay down on the bed and the 4 of them watched as I squeezed the egg out.

Both Ben’s and Toby’s mouth dropped as soon as it started to appear. Just to confuse them a bit I sucked it back in before finally squeezing it right out.

Kate picked it up and said,

“I’ve got to get one of these.”

“Me too. Zoe added.

“Give it to one of the guys Kate; let them put it back in.”

Toby took it and slowly brought it to my waiting pussy. As it started to go in I flexed my pussy muscles and it quickly disappeared.

“I guess that we should get dressed.” Toby said. Someone is bound to come looking for us soon.

We did and started playing cards again, this time with no forfeits when we lost.

Someone did come looking for us, Isabelle to ask us if we wanted anything to eat. We all trapesed out and up to the main deck and over to the buffet table. As I ate a couple of sausage rolls I looked around at the other quests. One loud mouth man was talking in a condescending way to the couple that he was with.

I turned to Kate and Zoe and said,

“Watch this.”

I walked over to the man and stood in front of him.

“Well hello little girl, what can I do you for. That’s a pretty dress that you’ve nearly got on.”

“Well sir, I was wondering what your thought are on FGM? Should it be banned everywhere in the world?”

The man looked at me for a few seconds then replied,


Before he could finish what he was maybe going to say I said,

“Female Genital Mutilation. That’s what it is. Is it right? Would you like it if your parents had cut your balls off when you were just reaching puberty?”

“What? You shouldn’t be asking questions like that. Where are your parents?”

“And what do you think about the Tampon Tax that the EU is insisting should be raised?”


“And what about the call for immigrant women to be put into prostitution so that they can’t claim benefits?”

“What? I’m not standing for this; not from a little girl who should be at home tucked up in bed. Where are your parents? I’m leaving, and don’t any of you expect to get invited to my next do.”

As he walked off the boat everyone started clapping. Isabelle came over to me and said,

“Wow Georgia, where did that come from?”

“I was the head of our debating team at school and the way that he was talking just got me so annoyed.”

“Well thank you Georgia; I should never have invited him. It was just that he invited us to his party so I felt obliged to invite him. Now I know why he isn’t married.”

“Not all unmarried men are like that Isabelle; I know one who’s a wonderful man.”

“Let me get you a drink Georgia.”

Bugger me; she came back with an orange juice. I went and found the vodka and filled my glass. Then I went looking for Kate and Zoe.

“You were awesome Georgia.” Kate said as I walked up to them.

“No not really, it’s just that some people really piss me off and, luckily, I can keep calm and think quickly in situations like that.”

Over the next hour or so various people came over to talk to me. They all told me that I was a gutsy little girl, or equivalent, but I suspect that some of the men just wanted to look at my little tits and slit.

I did manage to get to talk to Kate and Zoe and I invited them to come and visit me at the boat, maybe go on a trip to a beach and maybe go clubbing with me. Both liked the idea and Zoe told me that their parents would probably be happy get rid of them for a while.

The egg kept zapping me and a few people asked me if I was okay when I gasped or winced or screwed-up my face when it started up. One time that I was talking to Isabelle the egg took me over the top and I orgasmed right in front of her. I had to hold onto a side rail to stop me from collapsing on the deck but I managed to keep quiet. Isabelle wanted to send me back to my boat and to bed to recover from ‘some bug’ that I’d caught.

When I repeated that I was okay, Isabelle looked down at my front and said,

“That’s quite a dress that you’ve got on young lady. Well I suppose that it’s better than what you usually wear on your yacht.”

“Yes Isabelle, it is nice, you should get one like it.”

“I don’t think so; I’m too old for flaunting my body. Besides I’ve got Toby to think about.”

“I don’t think that Toby would complain.”

“Well that’s nice of you to say but ….. Oh there you are Tom, have you met Georgia? She’s my neighbour.”

“Yes I have, we met earlier; and I must say that you look wonderful my dear; and the way that you shut up that moron was amazing. You could give some of us oldies a lesson or two.”

“Why thank you kind sir.” I replied and wondered what sort of lesson he was talking about. Judging by where his eyes were looking the lessons would be more about what he could put in my mouth rather than what comes out of it.

When things started to wind down I made my excuses and left, but not before Zoe told me that their mother and father had agreed to them spending some time with me. Apparently he’d said that they’d be good company for me. Zoe said that they’d come to my boat later that morning.

It was a shame that the party was at night, if it had been during the day people would have been able to see a lot more of me.

I woke late that morning and after a shower and slipping just a dress on, not even shoes, I went over to the café for some breakfast. I didn’t eat as much that time and when I saw Kate and Zoe walking towards my boat I shouted for them to join me. We all had some juice and talked.

Apparently they are staying on a boat at the other end of the marina and would be there for another 3 weeks. I again asked if their parents minded them coming to visit me.

“Hell, they were glad to see the back of us. Daddy wants to go fishing and we’d told him that there was no way that we were going fishing.”

“I laughed and told them that I’d gone fishing with my daddy but I’d managed to escape on the jet-ski and gone to a beach.”

“I thought that you said that you were naked all the time on your boat Georgia?”

“Yes I am.”

“So did you ride the jet-ski naked and go to the beach naked? Was it a nude beach?”

“Yes, yes and no; with me only being 150 cm tall and only have these little things, (I put my hands on my tits and pulled my nipples), maybe they thought that I was a little kid. Either that or they just didn’t care. Besides, who would object to me being naked? It’s not as if I’m a man.”

“So you rode a jet-ski naked and were the only adult there that was naked, wandering around a non-nude beach?”

“Yep; you do know that nudity isn’t illegal in Spain.”

“Wow; you have got some balls girl.”

We all giggled and I replied,

“No I haven’t.”

As I said that I lifted my dress and showed them that were no balls between my legs. As I did that I glanced over to where Manuel was standing. He was watching and I saw a grin appear on his face.

“Hola Manuel.” I loudly said.

He walked over and said,


"¿Te importaría si estuviéramos desnudos?" I asked.

"No supongo que no." Manuel replied.

I stood up and lifted my dress right off leaving me totally naked. Then I sat down again.

“Georgia; what the hell are you doing? You’ll get us thrown out.” Zoe said.

“No I won’t. I just asked him if it was okay and he said yes.”

“You’re one crazy girl. You know that don’t you?” Kate asked.

“Yep; I’m only young once and I’ve got a nice body so why not? So ladies, what do you fancy doing today? Shopping? A beach? Sunbathing on my daddy’s boat? Or what?”

Zoe replied,

“Well I for one am fed-up with walking around historic places and tiny little shops.” Zoe said. “I fancy a beach – without our parents there.”

“Me too; and I can’t believe that we’re having this conversation with you like that.” Kate replied.

“That’s 3 of us then.” I said. “I went to a cool one the other day, we could go there.”

“Sound good to me.” Zoe said, “We brought our towels and bikinis.”

“You won’t be needing your bikinis ladies; were going to get rid of those tan lines of yours. And you’re going there commando.”

“No, I can’t; I just can’t.” Kate said.

“Why not?”

“I’ve never sunbathed without any clothes on before. In fact I’ve never been naked anywhere other than our bedroom or the bathroom.”

“Me neither.” Zoe added.

“Well it looks like you 2 are going to experience some really nice feeling today ladies. Tell you what; we can do a bit of nude sunbathing on my boat before we go. That will get you used to being naked. You said that your boat is at the other end of the marina so there’s little chance of you parents coming down here.”

“There’s no chance, they’ve gone out for the day.”

“Good, so there’s definitely no chance of your parents seeing you then. Why don’t you get naked now then?”

“WHAT? No; absolutely not. I just couldn’t.” Kate replied

“Me neither. Not here.” Zoe said.

“Where then? Over there?” I said pointing out to the footpath.


“Over there?“ I asked pointing to the car park.


“Okay, come on, let’s go to the boat then you can get naked.”

As I said that I stood up and collected my things.

“Ponlo en la cuenta por favor Manuel.” I shouted as the 3 of us left; one naked girl followed 2 bemused girls.

“What did you say to him Georgia; we haven’t paid for the drinks.”

“That’s okay, it’s sorted.” I replied.

When we got to the boat I stopped on the footpath.

“Okay ladies; get ‘em off. No clothes allowed on the boat.”

Both Kate’s and Zoe’s jaws dropped then they looked at each other then they looked around. Seeing no one they started getting undressed.

“Hurry up ladies; you don’t want those boys to see you do you?”

They both froze then looked around.

“Just joking.” I said and walked up the plank quickly followed by 2 naked girls holding their clothes and their bags in front of them.

“Okay, you can relax now; but that rule about not wearing clothes on this boat still applies; okay?”

“Okay I guess; we are all girls.” Kate said.

“Unless we invite some guys back here?”

“I err, I don’t know about that.” Zoe said.

“Oaky, let’s take you things down to my cabin then we can get you 2 used to being like that.”

We did that then I grabbed some towels and led them up onto the front tanning deck.

“Don’t be nervous girls you can be up here for hours and not see anyone.”

We lay down and Kate and Zoe started to relax.

“Hey, it’s quite nice this nude sunbathing lark.” Zoe said.

“I like the feeling of the sun on my pussy.” I replied.

“Yeah, it is quite nice but my nipples are starting to hurt.”

“Here, let me put some sunblock on them.” I said and started to do just that.

But I didn’t stop there. I continued all down her front then went back up to her pussy.

“Missed a bit, sorry, I’ll fix that now.” I said.

“It’s okay, I ca … Oh, that’s nice Georgia, don’t stop; please don’t stop.”

I rubbed her clit for a while then got between her legs and my mouth took over. Soon Kate was cumming and I heard Zoe say,

“It’s okay Kate, no one can hear you.

I finished Kate off then turned to Zoe.

“Your turn Zoe, we can’t have you burning.”

“The whole works?”

“The whole works girl, spread ‘em.”

Fifteen minutes later there was a glowing naked girl either side of me.

I was just starting to relax when I felt fingers on me. Bloody hell, those girls are good with their fingers and mouths. I’m sure that Manuel in the café would have heard me when I orgasmed.

I really did need to relax for a while.

A short while later I got up and asked the girls to follow me. Their orgasms must have numbed their inhibitions because they happily followed me to the sundeck at the back of the boat. We lay there, on our backs, legs slightly open, up on our elbows, watching the people in the car park and on the path; and planning our trip to the beach.

I told them which beach that I’d been to last and how I’d got there. Both seemed happy to repeat that so we went inside to decide what to wear.

Zoe said that she and Kate could go in what they came to meet me in.

“No, no; at least you have to leave the underwear here. You agreed to go commando.”

“No we didn’t.”

“But you are going to leave the underwear here aren’t you?”

Kate looked at Zoe then they both smiled.

“Okay, as you said, we only live once.” Zoe said.

“Good. Those skirts, I like denim skirts and they look good on you but they are a bit long; this is Ibiza, you need to look like you are going to have some fun.”

“They’re miniskirts, short miniskirts. They go down to mid-thigh.”

“You’ll have much more fun if they were shorter. Tell you what; maybe you could borrow one of mine.”

“I doubt that we’d get into any of yours Georgia; you are a bit smaller than us.”

I went to my wardrobe and got out a couple of elastic waist skirts and offered them to them. They put them on and then both complained about how short they were.

“Hey, do you want to have some fun or do you want to have some fun?

“I suppose that I can pull it down so that it covers my pussy.” Kate said as she did just that.

Zoe did the same then said,

“It’s terribly short, and without any knickers on I’d have to be REALLY careful.”

“Or not. You do want to have fun don’t you? Remember, the length of a girl’s skirt dictates the amount of fun they have.”

“Well you must be permanently having fun the Georgia. Your skirts are more like belts.”

“Yeah, and look how happy I am.”

“Hmm, good point I guess.”

“Think of the attention that you’ll get.”

“Okay, another good point. I guess that you win Georgia; what do you say Kate?”

“I will if you will Zoe.”

“Sorted, now, those tops are nice but they’re not very revealing are they?”

“They’re not supposed to be.”

“So how do people see your tits then?

“They don’t; people aren’t supposed to see our tits.”

“Why not? We see men’s tits.”

“But girl’s tits are different.”

“Men’s tits are nipples, areolas and smooth skin; and they come in different sizes just like ours.”

“Well yes but.”

“But nothing sister; flash the flesh; men will love it.”

I managed to get them to wear 2 of my tops. They looked great but with Zoe’s tits being the size they are, the top that she put on was a bit tight. I managed to find a sleeveless, short blouse that could tie at the bottom and she agreed to wear it.

“Right, me now; let me see what I can find.”

I decided on a white matching mesh top and skirt. The holes in the mesh are about 1 centimetre in diameter so when anyone close to me looks for more than a couple of seconds they will realise that they can see everything underneath. What’s more, the skirt only just covers my butt and pussy; and it’s of the skater variety.

“Wow Georgia; you look amazing, so cute, but don’t you think that it’s a bit too revealing? Okay the skirt is about the same length as ours but those holes, I can see your tits and your slit. Your nipples are sticking out through 2 of the holes.” Zoe said.

“You could see my slit last night and I didn’t hear anyone complain.”

“It was dark last night, remember?”

“So it was; oh well, I guess that I’ll just have to chance it.”

I got one of my butt plugs out and held it up.

“What about one of these?” I asked. There were no takes so I put it back and picked up 3 of my little vibrators.

“How about one of these then? You want to stay up there all day don’t you?”

“Well yes,” Kate said, “but it would be soo humiliating cumming in public; I just couldn’t.”

“You’re right but embarrassment and humiliation part of the turn-on? Didn’t you cumming in front of those 2 boys last night make you feel good?”

“Really good actually; at that moment I felt like I could ask them to do anything and they would.”

“It’s called ‘girl power’; think what you can do if you can get over the stupid taboos? What do you think Zoe?”

“Okay, I’m game. So when do we put them in and switch them on?”

“I’ve only got one remote controlled one and whoever gets that one can put it in now. The other 2 have to be switched on and then put in. Who wants the egg?”

Neither of them said anything so I put my hands behind my back and said,

“Which hand is it in?”

“Left one.” Kate said.

I brought my left hand round to the front and gave Kate the egg.

“Put it in now sis.” Zoe said.

Kate squat down and the egg slowly disappeared. Giving Zoe the control I asked her to test it.

“Fucking hell!” Kate exclaimed. “I wasn’t quite expecting that.”

“Good isn’t it?”

“Hell yes; can you switch it off for now please sis?”

Zoe did then put the control in her bag.

“Right girls,” I said, “have we got everything? Towels, sunblock, money, sunglasses, condoms, water?”

“I think so.” Zoe replied.

“Okay, let’s go.”

As we walked to get a taxi both Kate and Zoe were continually pulling at the hems of their skirts.

“I feel so exposed.”

“Everyone can see my pussy.”

“Oh shit, I’m going to have to be so careful.”

Were just some of the remarks that they came out with. Just before we got to a parked taxi I said,

“Remember girls, walk and act like your skirts are knee length and your tops are industrial strength and people will treat you like they are. Confidence is the name of the game.”

“Easy for you to say, you’ve done this before, we haven’t, and this egg feels so weird.” Kate said.

“And in an hour after you’ve been naked on a beach full of people you’ll be wondering what you were making such a fuss about. Come on girls, confidence, get into the spirit, relax and enjoy the attention that you’re starting to get.”

The 3 of us got in the back of the taxi with me sat in the middle with one foot either side of the transmission tunnel. I didn’t catch the driver trying to look up my skirt; he’d probably seen hundreds, if not thousands, of pussies where mine was right then.

At the bus station Kate again complained saying that people were looking at us.

“Relax sis, Georgia’s right; enjoy the attention; I am.”

After we got the tickets we had a 10 minute wait for the bus. There appeared to be hundreds of people waiting for the same bus as us and we had to stand in the queue. There were a couple of men in the queue in front of us who didn’t even look at us. Zoe whispered that they looked gay. Behind us were a boy and a girl about our age. Whenever I turned and looked at them both of them were looking at us. I wondered if they were going to the nude part of the beach like us.

When the driver opened the door everyone moved forwards at once. Queueing was suddenly history as everyone got squashed against the person in front of them.

I felt a hand on my butt under my skirt and turned my head to look to see who it belonged to. A young man was right behind me and he was grinning. I smiled back and said,

“Naughty, naughty.”

He didn’t move his hand until we got separated by the crowd.

The 3 of us managed to keep together, albeit standing in the aisle near the back of the bus. I looked around and saw a selection of adults sitting and standing near us. The man sitting immediately in front of me was staring at my skirt; or should I say through my skirt.

“Enjoy the view old man; that’s all you’re getting.” I thought.

That bus was quite noisy and we didn’t get much chance to talk and be understood. I was a bit disappointed with that journey and was happy when the bus pulled off the road at the end of the line.

As we walked down the little path to the beach I said,

“Nearly there girls, are you ready to get naked?”

Nether replied and both looked nervous.

“Come on girls; it’s the most natural thing in the world. Trust me, in 5 or 10 minutes you’ll be wondering why you were being so stupid.”

When we got close to the water’s edge I put my backpack down and got naked. I stretched my arms up in the air and said,

“That’s better; freedom, power. Feel that fresh air.”

Both girls looked at me then put their bags down then looked at each other. Without saying a word the 2 tops started to come off and disappear into their bags. Looking at each other again there was a slight pause then fingers went to skirts and both skirts hit the sand.

“There, I told you so, doesn’t that feel good?”

“Yes, I guess that it does.” Kate said; “do I have to open my eyes?”

“Come on little baby; it’s quite nice actually. If you’re that scared don’t look at anyone.”

“Right,” I said, “pick up your stuff and let’s find somewhere to spread out.”

I led the way through all the people who weren’t brave enough to try being naked, or had been so indoctrinated by religion or some other miss-guided so called do-gooders, and we soon got to where there were fewer bodies on the sand.

As we’d walked through the ‘textiles’, as I heard someone call them; part of the beach, not one of them said anything to us. As both Kate and Zoe are taller than me, and both have bigger tits, I decided that maybe my previous naked walks hadn’t been interrupted because I look like a little girl; it must be that people don’t care or maybe they are scared of saying anything. Whichever it is it didn’t bother me; I (and now Kate and Zoe) were the winners.

About half way along that part of the beach I had to stop to wait for some people to get out of the way and Kate said,

“This is weird.”

“Yeah, but it’s nice isn’t it? And I bet that your pussy is tingling something rotten like mine is sis.”

I smiled because my pussy was tingling something rotten as well.

As we emerged from the busy area of the beach I looked for a space near where I had been when Jake and Lenny had appeared, probably, subconsciously hoping that they’d re-appear and fuck all 3 of us.

Finding a space that I was happy with, I put my backpack down and said,

“This will do.”

“Can we go further away from the water please?” Kate asked.

“Nope.” I replied; “about half way between the sea and the bushes is just fine.” I replied.


“Hopefully you’ll find out quite soon.” I replied.

We spread our towels then the sunblock. Kate and Zoe were both starting to relax. As Zoe was putting the sunblock back into het bag Kate suddenly screamed. Then she turned to Zoe, called her a bitch then said that it wasn’t fair.

It was then that I realised that Zoe must have used the remote control in her bag to turn-on the egg in Kate’s pussy. I smiled to myself then said,

“Okay Kate, we’ll even things up. Zoe; get that vibrator out, switch it on and push it up your hole; or shall I do it?”

By then, all 3 of us were on our backs and it wasn’t difficult, with the help of Zoe’s skirt for coverage, for Zoe and I to discreetly insert out purring vibrators into their new homes for the next few hours.

All 3 of us lay back and enjoyed the sun.

“This is quite cool.” Kate said after about 10 minutes; “but I don’t know what I’m going to do when this egg makes me cum.”

“When you get to that point Kate, I don’t think that you’ll care.”

“Yes this is nice.” Zoe added.

We’d been laid out for going on for an hour when I heard the unmistakable noise of a group of English young men approaching us and it wasn’t a surprise to hear them decide to stop between us and the sea.

“Keep calm and think of England.” I whispered.

“Easier said than done;” Kate replied, “I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Just let it happen Kate;” I whispered, “These guys will love it.”

“But. …….. Oh shit. “Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, aaaaaarrrrrrgn; that’s nice.”

By that time both Zoe and I were up on our elbows watching Kate and the young men who were, unsurprisingly, watching Kate’s every jerk.

“Well that was cool.” One of the guys said as Kate started to get control back.

“I know where I’m staying for the next few hours guys.” Another said.

The 6 young men spread their towels at our feet and I’ve never seen people sunbathe so close together. I think that the 6 of them were taking up the same space as us 3 girls. Imagine 6 men, lying on their stomachs, up on their elbows with shoulders touching, looking up at 3 naked girls, on their backs, up on their elbows looking down at the 6 guys. Also, by that time the 3 of us were so aroused that our knees were a long way from being clamped together.

The guys started talking to us, asking the usual questions about where we were from, how long were we in Ibiza, had we been to so-and-so club etc. Both Kate and Zoe quickly caught on when my replies were a load of rubbish; we weren’t staying for 2 weeks in a hotel in San Antonio as I told one of them.

I suppose that there was a fair bit of banter going on between us and we were getting on quite well. Nothing was said about Kate’s orgasm, nor about Zoe’s when she too couldn’t hold it any longer.

That changed when I orgasmed because I decided not to suppress anything and let myself get quite vocal as well as physical. I think it was me saying quite loudly,

“Yes, yes, I’m cumming.”

That finally prompted one of the guys to ask if it was a fake cum, just for their benefit, or if it was actually real. I decided to show them what was the cause of me cumming and squeezed the little bullet vibrator out onto my towel. You should have seen the surprise / shock on their faces as out it popped. Kate’s and Zoe’s faces weren’t much better; I guess that they too were surprised that I’d do such a thing. But I did; and I enjoyed it.

Before anyone could say anything, or maybe one of the guys could reach for it, I picked it up and pushed it back inside me.

I’m sure that you can imagine some of the comments that came from the guys; most of them made me giggle and feel proud of myself. I was really enjoying showing-off to those guys.

As the talking went on I decided to have a bit of fun with my pussy muscles and I started clenching then relaxing them. I knew that the guys could see what I was doing and I’d planned to tell them that it was involuntary if any of them said anything; but they didn’t, just watched as we talked.

After while Kate decided to go for a swim and she asked Zoe and I if we were going with her. Three naked girls were followed into the sea by 6 guys with tented shorts. When we looked back at them we all had a little giggle.

The splashing turned into ducking then groping, encouraged by the 3 of us not objecting to any of it. The groping started to be 2-way and I soon had a bare cock in my hand under the water. I wanked it until streams of jism could be seen floating away.

Judging by the lack of noise coming from Kate and Zoe I assumed that they were doing the same.

I had another orgasm as I was wanking another guy and I guess that my partial loss of muscle control caused me to squeeze his cock too hard because he told me to be gentle with him. I still managed to watch his cum float away.

After a bit more splashing and groping we all went back to our towels to dry and sunbathe. The guys decided to get an ice cream and offered to buy us one. Two of the guys got up to go and get them and they asked who was going to go with them saying that they’d need 3 people to hold the 6 ice creams. I got to my feet and said,

“Come on then.”

“Aren’t you going to put something on?” One of them asked.

“Nawh, I can’t be bothered.” I replied and the 3 of us set off down the beach; me between the 2 of them.

We, I, got a few strange looks when we were in the beach bar but no one said anything and we were soon back with the others.

The vibrators gave each of us girls another orgasm before I suggested that the 3 of us leave. Unsurprisingly, the guys wanted to see us again and we arranged to meet that night in a particular bar in San Antonio that they told us about.

The guys were surprised when the 3 of us packed our bags, waved goodbye and started walking back along the beach still totally naked.

As we walked through the non-naked people again Kate asked if we were really going to meet up with the guys,

“Absolutely – NOT.” Zoe replied, “Come on sis, we can do better than those yobs. They were okay for a grope and watching them cum but that’s it.”

We put our clothes on, what little of them there was, before leaving the beach and when we got to the bus stop we discovered that we had 35 minutes to wait. We went to the little shop and bought a bottle of cola and went and sat on the curb stone to wait.

I knew just how much was on show as we sat with our knees up but I wasn’t sure that Kate or Zoe did. I watched the people passing by to see how many of them looked at us and got an eyeful of our pussies. It was mainly the middle-aged men that noticed us.

The bus was again crowded and I think that there was only one old man that noticed just how much of us he could actually see. The vibrator gave me one more orgasm as the bus bounced along.

Back at the marina, the taxi dropped us off in the car park near daddy’s boat and we were soon sharing the shower after squeezing the vibes out.

As we were getting dried we arranged to meet up later and go to a club. I offered to lend them some revealing clothes but they both declined the offer.

“Well at least leave your underwear at home.” I said.

“Talking about bras and knickers,” Kate said, “I can’t see ours. I’m sure that we left them on your bed Georgia.”

I thought got a minute and remembered seeing them when he left.

“There must be a phantom knicker pincher in the marina.” Zoe joked.

Then I remembered Martina.

“I know where they are.” I said, “they’ll be out in the suburbs somewhere.”


“Martina the housekeeper will have taken them to wash them; they’ll be back here sometime tomorrow afternoon.”

“Oh gawd, I’ll have to go back to our boat without any underwear on.” Kate said.

“You mean like you’ve been all day. You’ve flashed your pussy to hundreds of people so what’s the big deal?” I asked.

“But it’s mummy and daddy.”

“Stop worrying Kate.” Zoe said; “just remember to keep your knees together when daddy’s around.”

“Why bother.” I replied. “I’m sure that your father will appreciate the sight.”


Kate and Zoe got dressed and left. I went out to the rear sunning deck and must have fallen asleep because the next thing that I knew was that it was dark. Going inside I discovered that I had 2 hours before I was due to meet Kate and Zoe to go clubbing.

I raided the fridge and the bar first then decided that I was going to wear just 2 matching boob tubes that Celeste had made for me. The boob, boob tube is black with a strip of totally see-through black mesh right across the middle of the front. The whole thing is about 10 cm deep with the middle, mesh strip being about a third of it. Just about all of my tits are easily visible.

The bottom part is identical except that it’s a deeper version, about 25 cm. When I adjust it so that my pussy is covered my pubic hair (if I had any) would be visible through the mesh strip. I knew that the whole bottoms would ride-up and show my butt and pussy, but that was what I wanted.

Putting my steel balls up my vagina and a pair of heels on, I grabbed my little shoulder bag and set off.

I met Kate and Zoe at the Lio bar. When they walked in I was a little disappointed and both were dressed very modestly compared to me, but then I remembered their parents. As soon as I’d got them a drink I asked them if they’d been brave enough to come out without knickers (I could see that they were both braless). Both looked around then lifted the front of their skirts to reveal their hairless pussies.

We had a few drinks during which we got hit on by 2 groups of young men, then left to walk to a club.

There’s a few clubs within easy walking distance from where we and as we walked we decided to go to biggest and most famous one. As we approached it Kate said,

“I think that you and me sis are going to be a bit over-dressed.”

She was probably right; just about all the girls waiting to get in were dressed in a little as me; a few even less. I counted 7 girls that wore only body paint, although I could see the outline of a thong on 2 of them. I made a mental note to seek out a couple of those girls and ask where they got their paint job.

Over-dressed or not, we had a great time in there. The whole place was amazing and there seemed to be thousands of people there.

My steel balls kept me feeling sexy all evening but it wasn’t until we’d been dancing for over an hour that they got the better of me and I orgasmed on the dance floor.

There was no shortage of guys trying to hit on us, either by talking (virtually impossible in most areas because of the loud music), or by trying to dance with us. I must admit that I did let a few guys dance close and get their hands on me. A couple of them managed to slide my top up over my tits and fondle them as we danced. One even got his hand between my legs and fingered me for a while; all while we were still dancing.

I felt a few hard cocks pressing against my lower back and the top of my butt.

Dawn was breaking when we finally left and as we walked back to the marina we exchanged experiences. I wasn’t the only one who got finger fucked.

Back at the boat I showered then collapsed on my bed.


2018-03-12 01:46:29
I am loving everything about this series please continue. And fuck eroticfishcake for giving you a negative. u know he just wanted his sotry higher than yours.

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