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Becky, the world's first futa, makes a tricky reporter into her bitch on live TV!
The World's First Futa – Futa's Public Delights

Chapter Three: Futa's First Naughty Live Interview

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

April 17th, 2047

“So I have a question for you, Becky,” Adelia said, her hand stroking my thigh with such a familiar fashion, “and I am sure all our viewers and in-studio audience are wondering the same thing.”

“Shoot,” I said, my clit-dick aching beneath my skirt. I felt the eyes of the world on me at this exact moment even though Adelia leaned her caramel-hued face closer to me, invoking an intimacy reinforced by our recent fucking during the commercial break.

“Given your effect on women who haven't been bred by your girl-dick yet, how did you keep Amelia McCreery from just pouncing on you he moment her lusts overwhelmed her?”

I arched an eyebrow. “Are you telling me, Adelia, that you haven't watched the interview yet?”

Her hand squeezed my thigh, sending a naughty thrill down my leg. “Well, of course I have. But I'm asking for those who haven't. I mean, it's a twenty-nine-year-old interview. I have a feeling the younger generation hasn't even heard about it. So, for their edification, why don't you enlighten me?”

“Well, I planned on doing it on sheer willpower,” I said. “But... I have a hard time resisting a pussy in need of being bred, too.” I shivered, my girl-dick throbbing in skirt.

“Breed me, Madam President!” a woman howled from the studio audience.

There was a reason a barricade was erected between us and the audience, a screen of metal that didn't block their sight of me, but kept them from being able to rush the stage. And held far enough back, my pheromones would only just reach them.

“So I came up with a plan on the spot.” I glanced off-stage to where my young wife, Sharron, watched. I motioned to her.

Her blue eyes blinked. She pulled her fingers out of her mouth—she was sucking my futa-cum off of them she was scooping out of her pussy—and strolled forward. Her strawberry-blonde hair bounced about her shoulders as she strutted onto stage while the cameras were streaming the interview. The previous times were during the commercial breaks.

“So,” I said, “you all know my lovely bride.”

A loud cheer erupted from the studio audience. Sharron beamed at them, waving, her left hand cupping the swell of her baby bump. She was pregnant with our third child, the only woman I'd bred more than once. The super ovulation only happened that first time with women. After that, birth control and natural cycles appeared to work normally with my futa-seed.

“So, with her help, I'll show you what I did,” I said and pulled up my skirt, unveiling my girl-dick to the live broadcast for the first time. I shuddered as I grasped my cock, stroking it in my firm hand. I stared out at the shrieking audience, a big grin on my lips.


September 20th, 2018

“Put that bitch in her place,” Dona hissed, my brunette friend angered to learn that our sexual antics in the green room, waiting to be interviewed by CNN, were secretly recorded and used as part of their show.

When the “makeup girl” came in, I thought it was only natural that she lost all control for my futa-cock. Every woman did the moment they came withing sight of my nineteen-year-old cock. They breathed in the pheromones I exuded which, though no doctor was sure, caused them to go into heat. They just had to be bred by me, ovulating despite any birth control or what time they were in their cycle.

So Jordan, the “makeup girl,” lost control. She rode my dick hard, bouncing up and down my shaft. She was just so eager to be bred. She craved it, her hot pussy squeezing and massaging my dick. She wanted me to erupt into her. She wanted to be flooded by my jizz.

And I pumped her so full of my girl-spunk. Then the moment she came, she skedaddled. Didn't stick around to do my makeup or anything. I thought it was weird. My entourage—my ex-boyfriend Kurt, Chris and his girlfriend Tiffany, and my friend Dona—were all as bemused as me. I didn't give it too much mind, thinking that people reacted differently to losing control of their lusts.

Though I never met a woman who regretted it.

So imagine my shock when I noticed a TV in the corner of the green room that was muted but showing the CNN show I would be appearing on. I was told a man would interview me, but a woman named Amelia McCreery was running the show instead interviewing Jordan. The “makeup girl” was really a producer who was supposed to not have sex with me, and if she did, to see if she would conceive.

It was a setup. CNN wanted to show live sex. No doubt they wanted to capitalize on the fame surrounding me since I cheered at the Husky college football game five days ago. Didn't they care about FCC fines?

Or did that not apply to cable channels?

Furious at being tricked, at being secretly recorded, I fumed as another producer, named Shawn, beckoned me to follow. Amelia was ready to interview me. The woman would, on live TV, try to resist the urge to have sex with me.

Well, I would make sure she didn't. I would make her interview me like she was supposed to.

With my futa-dick throbbing before me, thrust out through my boy shorts, my skirt bunched around my waist, I marched after Shawn. My hands clenched into fists. I would show this Amelia McCreery!

She wouldn't get to fuck my cock until I let her. If she thought she could just ride my dick and gain a name for her, or that she could record my friends and I having sex the way the paparazzi did, then she was so mistaken.

“Oh, my,” a woman gasped as I marched behind Shawn.

A young girl in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, a clipboard in hand, gasped. She backed away into the hallway wall of the Channel 7 Studio here in Seattle. The local news channel was hosting CNN's crew and broadcast so I could stay here in Seattle. Her cheeks burst with color. Her eyes shot right to my dick. She licked it, that lust burgeoning in her.

She wanted my dick in her. She didn't know why. But she could feel that itch forming in her. That need to be bred by my futa-cock. And my shaft twitched. My pussy clenched. My juices flowed and my ovaries ached.

I wanted to breed her.

And then it hit me. How was I going to stop Amelia from just mounting my cock right there during the interview. She would ride me the same away Jordan had only ten minutes ago. Amelia would slide her pussy up and down my dick, not caring it was fresh from Dona's asshole.

Worse, I wouldn't stop her. I couldn't stop her. I would just be so horny for it. I would let her get away with her trick without even making her beg for it. Because I was just so hard for it, too. Because I had no self-control either.

I needed a plan.

We reached the studio. The crew were all men, some operating cameras, others holding boom microphones that thrust out over the stage and hovered over where Amelia sat getting her face touched up by a male makeup artist with an effeminate form in skinny jeans. He had a waist slimmer than my own. Other man moved cables out of the way or had headphones over their ears, talking quietly into them.

They all glanced at me. Jaws dropped as they men saw how hung I was. The gay guy glanced at me and tried to look apathetic, like he'd enjoyed bigger, but I could see the envy in his eyes. And Amelia... The black-haired woman shuddered, her eyes lancing on my cock like a hawk staring at a rabbit. She licked her lips, her bold nose quivering. Her narrow face only helped to give her that bird of prey look, that hunger for my futa-dick.

She would be on me in a second. She might not even wait for me to get there.

“Uh, Becky, I just need to mic you,” a young man said, his head fixed ahead with a rigidness even as his eyes kept twitching down. “Okay?”

“Yes,” I said.

I needed a moment to think. I had to do something about my cock. What? The young man fumbled to attach the lapel mic to my bodice and shove the battery pack into the back of my skirt. My dick twitched and throbbed before me and...

I spotted Jordan lounging nearby, her blue eyes fixed on me. She pursed her plump lips as her hips wiggled around in memory of how she danced on my girl-dick. I smiled at her, cocking a finger. She sauntered to me, her small breasts quivering in her tight t-shirt, her nipples poking hard against the fabric. It was clear her left nipple was pierced.

“Yes, Becky?” she asked, her voice throaty.

“You were very naughty,” I told her, grabbing her pierced nipple through her top. “Weren't you?”

“Sorry.” The girl squirmed. “It was all Amelia's idea. She thought it would be a good idea to show the effect you have on women and...” Jordan shook her head, her blonde hair, the tips frosted pink, danced about her shoulders. “What you do to women is impressive. I was all set not to fuck you, but the moment I walked in... I just had to bred.”

I twisted her piercing, feeling the barbell through the material. “Mmm, yes, you did, you naughty whore. And I need more help. Luckily for you, you're going to feel amazing doing it.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Okay, Becky,” Shawn said, “we're about to come back from commercial break. Amelia will introduce you. When she looks off stage at you, that's your cue to walk on and take a seat next to her.”

“Mmm, got you.”

“And, uh, you don't have to put your, um, penis away, but you can,” he said, his voice growing even tighter.

I gave him a smile. “Isn't my cock why we're here?”

“Yeah, it's going to be a ratings bonanza,” he said. “Did you see the football game? The moment word hit that you were having sex, more people turned into the game then any other single broadcast since the final episode of M*A*S*H. You caught people's imagination.”

“I hadn't, actually.”

“Well, Nielsen wasn't releasing it publicly, but...” He nodded his head. “There was a huge spike from when the broadcast of the game start with 208,000 people watching to the height of your fun where 131 million had tuned in to witness your fun on the field.”

“Wow,” I said, blinking in surprise. 131 million? Holy shit.

“Mmm, I bet they were,” purred Jordan, her hand stroking my dick, making me ache. The pleasure shot down to my pussy, the heat growing in me.

“Welcome back to the McCreery Files,” Amelia purred, her voice so smooth. “Our next guest exploded across the TV sets of America last Saturday. Becky Woodward is nineteen and the world's first futanari, caused by some sort of unknown mutation that has doctors baffled a year later since her changes. Some call her the next stage of human evolution, others a demon sent to corrupt the world into sin.”

“Maybe I'm both,” I said, fixing my eyes on her, feeding my anger. She would not get to touch my dick without groveling.”

“Every day, women in the greater Seattle metropolitan area give birth to her daughters, futanari just like their mother. Whether she's the next stage of human evolution or not, it is clear that she is the start of something new for the human race.

“Something invigorating.” She drew in a deep breath, her cheeks spotting with color. “Now we heard from our producer, Jordan, that she tried to resist Becky Woodward's attraction. And I shall do the same. I will focus on interviewing her and resisting any sexual urges to be bred by the world's first futa.

“We'll see if I'm successful.”

She said that last part almost with a joking tone to her voice. I ground my teeth.

“So let's welcome Becky Woodward.”

I took a deep breath and marched forward, my futa-cock thrusting out before me. It bounced with my footsteps, my tip throbbing and aching with my heartbeat. I shivered, my pussy clenching. Jordan gasped my name as I dragged her behind me by the nipple.

Amelia's eyes glanced at me. At my dick. She shifted, her lush thighs crossed before her. She was in her late twenties or early thirties, her blouse cut to show some shoulder and her plunging cleavage, her breasts looking like delicious and round. She flicked her tongue across her lips.

Then her eyes narrowed. Confusion flashed across her face as I stepped onto stage, the bright lights warming my face and dick. I reached the plush chair tilted to half-face her and half-face the cameras. I sat down, my hand sliding down Jordan's torso from her breast to her waist.

“Um...” Amelia swallowed. “Well, I'm shocked that you brought Jordan back out with you.”

“Are you?” I asked as I hiked up my skirt. “I mean, you wanted to have the world see my handwork and...”

I smiled as I unveiled young woman's thong soaked in my cum. I pushed the thin cloth to the side and groaned at the sight. Jordan had a pierced clitoral hood, the gold ring smeared in my cum. Her pussy lips were engorged, her pussy shaved. A sweet musk mixed with my salty cum filled my nose as I breathed in. I rubbed my finger through her pussy lips, gathering my own spunk on them.

I popped the fluids into my mouth on live TV. I shivered, loving my own flavor mixed with the girl's sweet cunt as I stared at that cameras. I reveled in the public display of my naughty actions. I shivered and moaned.

“Mmm, that is good,” I said.

“Er, yes, I imagine it is,” Amelia said. She swallowed, her eyes flicking down to my girl-dick throbbing before me. She squeezed her legs tight, her pantyhose whisking together. “And I think the world can all agree, that was a delicious thing to witness.”

“I hope so,” I said.

“Well, thank you, Jordan,” Amelia purred.

The blonde girl blinked, her blue eyes glossy. Then she went to leave. But I caught her wrist with my left hand while my right seized my girl-dick. I yanked her back at me. She gasped as she stumbled then fell onto my lap. My futa-cock nudged into her rump, left exposed by her hiked-up skirt. She shifted around on me, my tip sliding into her butt-crack.

I moved my hands as she squirmed, Amelia's dark eyes bulging. I found Jordan's thong nestled between the cheeks of her ass. I pulled them aside and pushed my dick down through her crack until I felt her puckered butthole.

“Oh, my god,” Jordan groaned as I pulled her down my dick.

Her hot, tight asshole engulfed my girl-dick. I groaned, my toes curling in my shoes, my pussy clenching as the velvety heat gripped my futa-cock. She bottomed out on me, her bowels clenching down hard as she whimpered. She squirmed, stirring her anal sheath around on my dick.

Amelia's jaw dropped. I hugged Jordan tight, holding her impaled on my girl-cock. It was so amazing being in her. My shaft drank in the minute shifting she made as she squirmed. Her bowels squeezed and relaxed, massaging me with her anal heaven.

“Oh, my god, she's in my asshole,” Jordan moaned. “Oh, wow, that's amazing. Oh, Becky, yes!”

“Mmm, there we are,” I said, resting my head on her shoulder, glad the girl was shorter than me. I glanced at the cameras. “Thank you, Jordan.”

“You're soooooo welcome.” Her asshole clenched down hard on my girl-dick. “Ooh, this is a treat to have you in me. And in my asshole this time.”

“Becky!” gasped Amelia. “Really? Why are you doing this?”

“I thought you wanted ratings by showing the world futa-sex?” I said, looking at her and giving her a sweet smile. “Behold, futa-sex!”

Jordan let out a moan.

“But... but...” spluttered Amelia, her thighs squeezed so tight together her face swelling red. It spread down her throat. “I meant... I mean...”

“Plus, this will only help,” I continued. “You vowed not to have sex with me but to interview me. Well, clearly you can't have sex with me if I have my futa-cock buried in Jordan's asshole, right?”

“Well, no,” Amelia said, her voice so throaty. She shifted in her chair.

I grinned at her. “Now, you may have noticed I'm in Jordan's asshole and not her pussy. See.” I slid my hands down to the girl's exposed crotch. I pressed her thong to the side and found the folds of her pussy. I pried them apart, my fingers brushing her pierced clit. She whimpered on me. “I am clearly in her asshole.”

“Yes, you are,” Jordan purred, leaning back against me, my nipples throbbing as she squirmed. I wished we were both fully naked so I could feel her supple skin.

“And you slid easily down my cock, didn't you? Despite the fact I didn't put any lube on my cock.”

“I did,” Jordan gasped. “Ooh, wow, I heard it takes lots of lube and can even hurt. I've never wanted to do it. This feels amazing. How did you do that? You weren't lubed.”

“Yes, how did you do that?” Amelia asked, her voice throaty.

“Futanari, apparently, produce ten times the amount of precum as a guy when we're horny. It's more than enough lubrication for vaginal sex, let alone anal.” I shivered. “Very useful when I feel like enjoying another hole.”

“I bet it is,” Amelia said, her back so straight now. She had her hands clasped tight together, knuckles growing white.

“So there's lots of... theories about you and how you... drive women wild for your futa-dick,” Amelia said, her eyes almost glassy.

“So wild,” Jordan murmured.

“Oh, I have heard so many of what caused me to become a futanari, but the doctors are certain its the pheromones that I release that cause women to go into heat around me the first time they meet me.”

“Heat?” Amelia swallowed. “You make it sound like we're all female dogs.”

“Bitches?” I asked, arching her an eyebrow. “Well, Amelia, do you feel like being my bitch right now? If I asked, would you get on your hands and knees and let me fuck you doggy style?”

She shivered, her nipples poking so hard at her blouse. She licked her lips and shivered. Her legs recrossed, her nylons whisking. Then she said, “So it's the pheromones that send a woman into hyper-ovulation?”

She ignored my request.

“Yes,” I said, shifting, enjoying Jordan's asshole about my girl-dick. I played with her clit-piercing, smearing pussy cream and my cum across the ring, making Jordan whimper and shift on my shaft. “It prepares a woman for the moment my cum spurts into her pussy. So she can be bred by me.”

Amelia squeezed her eyes shut for a moment.

“I mean, anyone who watched me fucking the Oregon Ducks' cheerleaders during the game on Saturday had to notice Sabrina, the first one I bred, begging me to fuck her even though I had my dick fucking her asshole. She didn't care how dirty it was.” I smiled at Amelia. “She just wanted to feel my cock sliding into her cunt and spurting my cum into her. She would let me do anything.

“Which included slamming my dick into her cunt without cleaning it first. A little ass to pussy.”

“Oh, that's so kinky,” groaned Jordan, shuddering on me.

“Yes, it is,” Amelia said, her voice so tight.

“Mmm, and she loved it. She screamed off her pretty, little head while I fucked her doggy style.” I paused, staring at Amelia. “While I fucked her like she was a bitch.” I arched my eyebrows at the woman.

She swallowed and let out a whimper.

“So, tell me, Amelia, what do you think? You've breathed in my pheromones.” I tugged on Jordan's clit piercing. “Are you hyper-ovulating right now? Are you going to into heat so you can be bred like a bitch by me?”

She cleared her throat. “I, uh, well, I have no idea what my body is doing right now,” she said, struggling to sound professional. But she had this hungry look in her eyes as she stared at Jordan squirming on me, my fingers plunging in and out of the girl's juicy snatch. “So, you joined your school's cheer squad. I'm surprised the administration let you.”

“Well, President Pope is a big supporter of me and what I represent,” I said. “She just loves my futa-dick. I'm sure you saw that pic of us.” I jammed a third finger into Jordan's pussy, making her asshole squeeze down on my dick. “You know, the one where I'm pumping her pussy full of my fertile seed.

“Breeding her.”

Amelia licked her lips, a shiver racing through her body. “Well, yes, I have seen that picture. But what I meant was, your school faces swift penalties from the FCC. There are more than a few, the president included, who are vowing to make an example of your school if you cheer again.”

“Well, I plan on being on the field for Saturday's game against the Stanford Cardinals,” I said. “I know those Stanford cheerleaders are eager for it. They've already texted me begging for me to breed their entire team on the sidelines. The University of Washington won't be bullied by the Federal Government. Not when so many girls need to be bred.”

Amelia swallowed while Jordan's asshole clenched on my dick.

I pumped my fingers faster and faster in and out of her sloppy cunt, driving my own futa-cum deeper into her depths. She squirmed, her back rubbing against my nipples, stimulating them through my top. Delight shot down to my pussy. My cunt grew hotter, my girl-dick throbbing inside her bowels.

“And won't your school be driven bankrupt by such reckless actions?” Amelia asked, her voice so tight. She rocked in her seat. Not much, but just enough to make her chair twitch and her black hair sway about her features.

She recrossed her legs.

“We're holding fundraisers to deal with the fines. In fact, the first one's Friday night. For $1000 a plate, you can come meet me, have a great dinner, and catch a delightful performance by Seattle's own Macklemore.” I looked at the camera. “For you rich men out there, I will breed all your trophy wives and mistresses. I will pump them full of my spunk while you watch, spanking it hard. You know you want it. Right, Amelia?

“You want it, after all?”

“W-want what,” she moaned, her rocking increasing. She looked like she had to pee. Or had to be fucked.

“To be bred. That's why you invited me on the show. So that the entire world could witness it. So you could have a huge boost to your ratings while I filled your naughty cunt up with all my naughty seed.”

She let out a moan.

“What was that?” I asked, digging my fingers deeper into Jordan's pussy. “I didn't hear you?”

“I... I...” she swallowed. “I would love to be bred by you, Becky.”

“Even though my dick is currently in Jordan's tight, dirty asshole?”

“She's so deep in me, Amelia,” Jordan moaned, her pussy clenching down on my fingers, her bowels about my girl-dick. “Oh, God, she's going to make me cum just from fingering my snatch. This is so hot.”

“Yes!” Amelia gasped. “I would. I would let you breed me while the entire world watches.” She shuddered, her face burning. Her eyes shot to the camera, staring out at the world watching live. “Everyone is correct about her. She does make women go into heat. It is this amazing sensation building in me. My entire body is quivering. My pussy has never been wetter. And I mean pussy. Not a vagina. Not right now. Its a dirty, naughty cunt that needs a futa-dick fucking it so hard. I want Becky's futa-cum spurting into me.

“Breeding me. This is an incredible feeling. I can't fight it. I would do anything.”

“Anything?” I asked. “Like admit that you brought me here by lying to me?”

She hesitated.

“You told me that I would be interviewed by a man,” I said. “Then you filmed me and my friends having sex without our permission. You set this all up for this huge rating boost, didn't you?”

“Well...” she said. She shuddered in her chair.

“If you're not honest with me, well, I'll just enjoy Jordan's asshole for the rest of the interview. It's so tight and hot.” I let out a purring moan. “And soooo dirty. Ooh, my cock feels positively filthy buried to the hilt in her asshole.”

“So filthy,” she moaned, her bowels squeezing down on my girl-dick. Then she lifted herself up my shaft, caressing me with her velvety embrace. She slammed down it, my crown throbbing inside of her.

“Oooh, yes, I would be happy just erupting into her tight asshole and calling it an evening. She's more than enough for me.”

“Yes, yes, I did this all for the ratings!” Amelia moaned, her hands shooting to the bottoms of her blouse. She worked them down fast. “I wanted to be bred by you. Ever since I read your Rolling Stones interview, I've wanted this. I've ached for this. It's consumed me. It's driven me wild. I just had to be bred.

“So I leaped at this opportunity to do it and advance my career. I sacrificed so much last Saturday letting the broadcast continue live, ignoring the phone calls from my bosses. And now I'm going to benefit from it!”

She ripped open her blouse, exposing her teardrop-shaped tits to the world. They heaved and jiggled. Her dusky-brown nipples thrust from wide areolas, stretched into slight ovals by her heavy tits. She whimpered, her hands attacking her skirt now.

“Please, please, Becky, breed me!” she moaned, tearing her skirt down her thighs, revealing that she wore thigh-high stockings, a black garter belt, and nothing else beneath it. She had a trimmed bush soaked by her juices. She stood up, the cameras trained on her, the male crew all watching with such hungry eyes.

“Crawl like a bitch and apologize to me with that hot mouth,” I moaned. “You're my bitch now, aren't you? My bitch wanting to be bred!”

“Yes!” she gasped, falling to her knees, her tits swaying like plump pendulums.

Jordan whimpered and squirmed, moaning, “You are so hot Becky. I love it. She's actually crawling to us.”

“Uh-huh,” I whimpered, my heart thudding in my chest.

The host crawled across the floor in her nylons. The cameras moved, one pointing right at her swaying rump. I shivered, knowing the viewers at home were getting quite the naughty look at her muff. She moved between my legs.

“Becky, I am so sorry for tricking you and filming you without—”

“Bitches don't talk,” I said. “That's not how they apologize. They use their tongues.”

“Tongues? You...” I heard her give a sharp intake of her breath. “You want me to lick your pussy.”

“I want you to apologize with that naughty, lying tongue of yours,” I moaned, squirming on my seat, my dick throbbing in Jordan's asshole.

Amelia's lips kissed at my inner thigh. I groaned, my cunt clenching as she came closer and closer to my snatch. I shivered, my eyes squeezing shut as she smooched closer and closer to my snatch. My heart pounded in my chest. I sucked in a deep breath, the blood coursing through my veins. This was so much.

This was so hot.

I ripped my fingers out of Jordan's cunt as Amelia came closer and closer to my pussy until she was nuzzling into my wet bush. Then I gasped as she swiped her tongue across my snatch. Jordan shuddered atop me while my dick throbbed in her tight bowels.

“Oh, wow, Becky, this is such a naughty sight,” groaned Jordan. “She has to rub her face into my pussy to lick yours. Ooh, yes, I love it.”

“Mmm, enjoy,” I groaned. I knew I would.

Amelia's apologizing tongue felt incredible lapping through my folds. She dragged it up and down my snatch, caressing my hot folds, making me shudder and groan. Pleasure shot up to the tip of my dick. It pulsed in Jordan's asshole. The blonde whimpered, her hair swaying about her shoulders right before my face.

Then she gasped, her bowels squeezing down so hard on my dick. She whimpered and moaned while Amelia's tongue probed into the depths of my cunt. She swirled it around, fluttering it, driving it wild inside of me. She put so much effort into apologizing.

“Yes, yes, yes, that's it,” I groaned. “Show the world how sorry you are by making me cum in Jordan's asshole.”

“Please, please, yes!” groaned Jordan. “And keep rubbing that nose into my cunt. Ooh, it's so perfect.”

“I bet,” I gasped, my orgasm building so fast inside of me. This was so hot.

My gaze shot to the cameras. It was like the game all over again, but I was so much more aware of being filmed. The cameras were so close to me. They moved, the male operators all capturing different angles of Amelia's apology.

She wiggled her tongue so deep into my cunt. She moaned as she fluttered that delightful organ in me. She stimulated me. Made me whimper. My toes curled as I shuddered. The heat shot up to the tip of my futa-dick, building there, aching to explode out of me.

Jordan's clenching and relaxing bowels didn't help. She stimulated me as she squirmed on my lap, teasing me with her velvety delight. My moans grew in my throat then burst out of my mouth. I shuddered, that ache swelling.

Amelia's tongue felt so good in me.

“That's it, bitch!” I gasped. “I... I...” My eyes squeezed shut. “I forgive you!”

My orgasm exploded through me.

My futa-cum spurted into Jordan's tight asshole. Every blast sent a powerful shock wave of rapture through my body. My legs spasmed. I whimpered and moaned out in throaty delight. Ecstasy slammed into my mind. My thoughts collapsed beneath the heat.

Amelia's tongue stirred through my convulsing pussy. She stimulated my spasming flesh as my cream flooded out of me. I groaned and gasped. My entire body quivered. My moans ripped from my throat.

“Such a sweet apology!” I gasped as my orgasm peaked.

“It's the best!” gasped Jordan, her bowels writhing about my girl-dick as she joined me in ecstasy. “Oh, Becky, you're awesome! I love this!”

Amelia pulled her mouth from my pussy. “You'll breed me now?” she gasped. “With your dirty dick? You'll breed my bitch-pussy?”

How could I say no? What anger I felt was drowned out by the rapture of my orgasm. “Mmm, yes. Jordan, hop off. Thank you for your help.”

“Ooh, it was all my pleasure,” she moaned.

I whimpered as she rose off my dick. With a wet plop, my futa-cock spilled out, bouncing before me. I smelled the sour tang of hot bowels. Jordan staggered away, my cum spilling out of her asshole, staining her crack.

The crew watched with such hungry eyes as I rose, my futa-dick thrusting before me. Amelia turned on her hands and knees. She presented her rump at me, toned and firm. Her legs were spread. Juices dripped from her bush, splashing on the vinyl floor of the studio set.

“Breed me with that amazing cock, Becky!” she moaned, staring at one of the cameras. “Let the entire world see how amazing your dick is!”

I fell to my knees behind her, my dick smacking into her rump. I shivered at the thudding impact. I hefted my dick and spanked her naughty butt-cheeks, going back and forth. Precum flicked from the end, splattering clear drops across her back.

“You were so naughty,” I moaned, “but I forgive you. I want you to have my baby, too. I want to breed you so badly.”

“Yes, yes, yes, breed me!” she groaned. Her back arched. “Please, please, just ram that dirty cock into my bitch-pussy!”

I maneuvered my clit-dick down across her rump. I shuddered at the transition from satiny skin to silky bush. I probed into her pubic hair and found the hot folds of her pussy. Her labia spread with greedy ease around my thick tip, her snatch so wet for me.

Which was perfect because I needed to clean off my dick in her. Just like I did with Sabrina.

I slammed forward into her bitch-pussy. Her cunt clenched about my cock. I whimpered in delight as I buried into her. My eyes rolled back in my head. It felt so good to be in her. To slide into her juicy depths with my dirty cock.

“I'm going to pump you full of so much jizz,” I panted as I drew back my cock.

She squeezed down hard, her silky snatch buffing my dick clean. My tip throbbed and ached, drinking in the friction. Pleasure radiated down my shaft and through my body. I trembled, my blouse rustling. I gazed right at the camera as I rammed back into her, my crotch smacking into her firm rump.

I stared at the world as I fucked her. I pounded her hard, pumping away with every ounce of passion I had. I plowed into her bitch-pussy with such force. I made her whimper and groan. She shivered, her snatch squeezing down on my futa-dick with such passion.

I pumped away hard, fast. I pounded her. I drove my girl-dick to the hilt in her. I made her groan and gasp. It was so incredible. My breasts heaved, my nipples rubbing against my blouse as I reveled in her snatch.

“She's cleaning my dirty cock with her bitch-pussy!” I moaned to the world. “Ooh, she's so tight and hot. She wants it bad!”

“I do!” gasped Amelia. “Oh, yes, ladies! You need to be fucked by this futa-cock! You need to be bred by Becky!”

The silky caress stimulated me as I thrust forward harder and faster. I slammed my futa-dick to the hilt in her over and over. The ache built at the tip as she buffed clean my futa-dick. Her juices soaked my shaft, mixing with my own cream running down my thighs.

She bucked back into me, our flesh slapping together. I loved the sound. Then I heard another, fainter smacking. I frowned then realized it was her teardrop-shaped tits heaving together beneath her. My hands slid up her body, reaching around her, until I found them.

I squeezed them.

Her pussy squeezed my girl-dick.

The friction increased. The pleasure screamed through me as I hammered her. I drove my futa-dick so deep into her. So hard. I plowed her with every ounce of passion I possessed. I groaned and gasped, my back arching, my girl-dick plunging over and over into her. She whimpered and quivered, squeezing her pussy down on my dick.

“Breed my bitch-pussy!” she howled as her back arched.

She orgasmed on my dick.

“Holy shit!” I groaned, staring right into the camera before us. “She's cumming like a whore in heat on my dick!”

“I am!” she hissed, her voice so throaty. “I'm cumming so hard! Oh, my god, Becky! Please, please, spill that seed in me!”

It was so hard not to as I plowed into her convulsing pussy. There was something just so delicious about fucking a hot cunt spasming with such heat. It made me groan and gasp. My eyes squeezed shut. My pussy clenched down so hard. My juices flooded out of me. They poured down my thighs, warming my flesh.

Her pussy sucked at my dick.

Her bitch-cunt begged to be bred.

I buried to the hilt in her. I groaned and my cock erupted. My futa-cum spurted into her depths. I flooded her. I pumped her full of my jizz. Hot, juicy spunk squirted over and over into her. She whimpered, her pussy spasming about my shaft. She milked my cock.

She wrung out every drop of cum while the pleasure melted my mind in bliss. I howled out for the watching world to see as I bred Amelia McCreery's bitch-pussy on live TV.


April 17th, 2047

“I made her my utter slut on TV, and it landed me so many interviews after that,” I moaned, my futa-dick throbbing in my wife's asshole. My fingers dug into her sloppy pussy, loving the way her pregnant snatch clenched and relaxed about my digits. “All the cable news stations wanted me fucking their female talent, all those beautiful women, live on air. They were all desperate for it.”

“And I bet you bred them all,” Adelia said, her voice so tight, staring at me with such envy in her expression as my wife shifted and squirmed on me, working her tight asshole up and down my dick.

“Oh, God, yes!” I whimpered, my pussy clenching. I jammed my fingers so deep into Sharron's pussy. “And I loved every moment of it. In a week, I had worked my way through every national news anchor and commentator in America.”

“Becky!” Sharron gasped, her pregnant body heaving on me. She slid her bowels up my clit-dick, squeezing the entire way. “Oh, yes!”

Her cunt spasmed about my fingers, and her bowels writhed about my dick as she plunged back down my shaft. Her velvety bowels swallowed every inch of my girl-cock in her rectum. Her orgasm spilled through her, hot juices gushing out of her cunt.

I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing in her velvety bowels. The hot massage swelled the ache throbbing across the crown of my dick. My head lounged back. I stared up at the ceiling of the studio, my eyes flitting across the strange racks and scaffolding holding lights and equipment.

“Oh, Sharron, I love you!” I moaned as my cum erupted into her pussy.

That hot, wondrous blast of jizz erupted from my girl-dick. My futa-cum spilled into my wife's asshole over and over. Stars exploded across my vision. Countless millions watched this streamed live across the world, witnessing my passion.

“BECKY!” cheered the studio audience, clapping and whooping and thundering with their excitement.

My left hand held my wife's swollen baby bump while the fingers of my right plunged over and over into her spasming depths. I whimpered and groaned. My futa-cock pulsed and spurted over and over into her body, flooding her with so much of my passion.

I loved it. It was the best. My head lolled to the right as my pleasure peaked. Adelia stared at me, her caramel face twisted with excited pleasure, her breasts rising and falling in her blouse. She licked her lips as she watched me erupt.

“Oh, Becky!” Sharron moaned, slumping back into me. “Oh, wow, honey, that was so hot.”

“Yes, it was,” panted Adelia. “You're just glowing, Sharron. Pregnant and cumming on your futa-wife's dick. What a contestant you would have made in the Ms. Bred beauty pageant.”

“Mmm, she would have won,” I moaned, my eyes fluttering. “How could I vote against my own pregnant wife?”

“It was because of this interview with Amelia McCreery that the Ms. Bred Beauty Pageant was created, correct?” Adelia asked. Despite her horniness, she couldn't stop being an interviewer.

“Mmm, yes, I met Carter Mondale, then President of CNN. He pitched the whole idea, inspired by how I made his newest commentator perform on stage. To beg to be bred by me. He thought it had potential to be expanded upon. To make a whole wicked production out of.” I shivered. “I completely agreed with him.”

“And when we come back from a word from our sponsors,” Adelia said, glancing at the camera, “we will talk about the first Ms. Bred Beauty Pageant ever. You won't want to miss it or more as we take a retrospective look on the life, and naughty fun, of President Becky Woodward.”

<div align="center">The END of This Tale of the World's First Futa</div>
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