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What Started as a joke turned out to be so much more than I could have ever imagined.
Authors notes: This is essentially a true story with a few modifications. Additionally the names of the people involved have been changed. Additionally all people in this story are over the age of 21.

What Started As A Joke

My name is John, and I'm going to tell you about what went on at a Saint Patrick's day party. But to do that I have to go back about a week or so. You see I work at a company with several attractive women, and I've been working with the same women for several years now. And when you spend more time with people you work with, you learn some intimate details about them.

On a normal afternoon Stephanie, a blonde girl I work with who has a nice pair of breasts on her, and a nice big butt, was talking to my other colleague Jessica. Jessica was also well endowed, and significantly bigger than Steph. Anyway Stephanie was talking to Jessica about her boobs. "These are so nice! I wish mine were this big" Steph said slsllightly fondling Jess. "Thanks i would share some if I could." Said Jess. "Ok ladies that's enough grab ass if I can't watch" I chimed in walking passed the two busty women. They exchanged some glances and continued their playful conversation.

Later on in the week Jessica and I had lunch together and she told me all about how her and Stephanie talked about threesomes and how she was invited to join Stephanie and her boyfriend. "Well I think everyone should experience a threesome." I said having had a few in the past. "Well I am not sure, I've never been with a girl. I tried once and it didn't go so well." Jessica told me. "Well I would say you could join me and Meg (my wife) but she's told me before she wouldn't go down on a girl in a threesome." I said. "Well that's selfish." Jess said joking.

As the day went on Jess and Steph talked about the conversation I had with Jess and that seemed to be the end of it. Boy was I wrong. The next day I caught the girls playing with each other's boobs again at work. "Why don't you whip em out. They are more fun that way" I told them making them jump a bit. "I mean I'm down." Said Steph. "I don't think Stephs boyfriend would approve" said Jessica. "Trust me every guy likes boobs. And no straight guy would say no to watching" I replied. Little did I know my joking comment would lead to one of the best nights of my life.

Another day went by with more innocent flirting and dirty talk between the girls and I, my wife Meghan was included in one conversation when Jess came over for dinner. Now we always have a party at our house on Saint Patrick's day, me being mostly Irish, and loving Irish booze we planned our annual party. After confirming who was all coming Steph and I were talking about Jess, "they are nice, I've just never seen them out of a bra, I have motorboated them though" Steph said referring to Jessica's breasts. "I don't disagree, they are nice, I had a dream about Jess a while back and in my head they were amazing. I'd like to see them in person, but I think Meg would have to supervise" I said. "Yea that would be really hot, I am sure James would love to watch too" Steph replied. "Well let's have an expirament to test how nice they are, I will be the control for Meg, and James will be the control for you" I said joking.

That's how we left it for the time being. Then two days before the party Steph told me she talked to James about the "expirament" and that he was in. "Jesus Steph I was joking. But I will talk to Meg, did you even ask Jess?" I asked the busty blonde. "Yea she's in, she said that she needs to be drunk but then she's cool with it." Steph replied. "Alright well I will have to talk to Meg and we will see how it goes". When I got home I talked to Meghan, and after speaking to my wife who seemed a lot more into, it than I expected she said she was also in. We had talked about her with another girl and there never seemed to be any interest, and she had told me on several occasions she would never go down on a girl, which would make a threesome less exiting and truthfully kind of turned me off wanting one with her.

The night of the party arrived and we drank and sang, and genuinely had a good time. I was in a different room playing a drinking game with some friends, when I was summoned by Jess. "John! Come here! We are testing your expirament in the bathroom." Jessica called from across the house. Without hesitation I left the game unfinished, completely unlike me and went to the bathroom. I was met by four other people.

There was my wife, 5'8 dark hair, 115 lbs, she is skinny but not too skinny, she has small breasts with thimble sized nipples. She has darker skin as she's part hispanic,

She has stong shapely legs from playing soccer, that lead up to her nice firm round butt which in my opinion is her best body feature. Then Jess, she was about 5'4 maybe 5'5, nice big breasts, I would say an easy double D. She was a little heavier set, but not fat, she had wide hips with a big juicy butt basically as big as it could be without being too big. Then Steph who was as I mentioned before is blonde, great breasts, I would say a large C cup possibly a small D cup, also on the heavier side but smaller than Jess, another nice juicy butt completed her package. And the last person, was James but let's be honest we aren't here for him.

Now Steph was the most forward of the girls and said my wife should go first. My wife lifted her shirt and bra up, exposing her breasts to the four of us, her nipples erect and hard. Jess was first to put her face to my wife's small breasts rubbing her soft face against them, then Steph was next applying the same technique. Steph was up next to remove her top, her breast were bigger than I expected, nice pink nipples also erect, about a 50 cent piece in diameter. Jess put her face between the two large breasts and proceeded to motorboat her. Then my wife did the same.

The last to remove her top was Jess. Her breasts were large and heavy, her nipples very pink, and erect. Steph held them up and proceeded to motorboat as she had received moments ago, then my wife was last to do so. Now once this was over my wife chimed in "Sorry my boobs are small, but my best feature is my butt" and she proceeded to pull her pants down to show everyone her nice ass. Once she pulled her pants back on, Jess followed suit, then Steph exposing myself and James to three wonderful asses.

Now that's all that happened between us five (I know, downer, but hang tight it gets better) Steph and James left the party a short while after our expirament, which was obviously a success. Another mutual friend of me and Meghan, Kay had asked why we were all in the bathroom "Well it started as a joke, but Meg motorboated the kther two" now Kay was clearly jealous, and I could see it in her eyes. Kay's breasts were about the same size as Stephanies. Kay was half black, another short girl 5'5 another big juicy butt, and about the same weight as Stephanie with a bigger ass. I suppose the same size as Jessica's, but on Stephanies frame.

"Why wasn't I invited? Are my boobs not good enough?" Kay said a little hurt. "No this started as a joke, but then became a real thing as of like fifteen minutes ago." I replied. "Meghan! Come here!" Kay shouted to my wife. As Meghan approached Kay, she grabbed her head and pulled it into her bosom. My wife just went with it. At this point everyone Kay's boyfriend Erick turned the corner in time to see Kay and Meg start kissing. Everyone had a lot to drink by this point, and the party had dwindled down to just a few guests. Which is probably why what happened next, actually ended up happening.

The kiss was passionate, tongues swapping, loud kissing sounds being made and some light moaning. I took this queue, and picked up both girls while they continued to kiss. As I kicked open the door to my bedroom I signaled Erick to follow us. Upon entering the girls continued to kiss and fondle each other.

Before I knew it clothes were being taken off. Kay had stripped my wife's shirt off and started sucking her hard nipples. Moaning sounds filled the room soon, Meg had taken off Kay's shirt and was now on top of her kissing down her neck towards her breasts, you could see the saliva shimmering on Kay's chest as Meg continued kissing down.

Side note: remember when I mentioned earlier my wife expressed her disinterest in eating pussy? Keep reading.

As Meg stripped Kay's pants and underwear off, she started to rub her pussy with her hand, Kay has nice chocolate color skin, her pussy glistening in what little light was coming through. She was clearly enjoying the touching my wife was providing. Meg slowly kissed down Kay's stomach teasing her a bit, then it happened. Meg did what she said she would never do, and started to lick Kay's pussy. Kay was squirming and moaning. Meg was enjoying what she was doing to Kay, clearly using similar techniques that I use on her. Meg started to finger her while she licked.

After a few minutes of this, Kay signaled Meg back up for more kissing then rolled Meg onto her back, and removed her pants, also kissing her body, soon my wife was naked in front of a friend, and basically a stranger. Kay started her onslaught of my wife's pussy, licking and sucking her clit, Meg was moaning and squirming, one hand on Kay's head, the other pulling on her nipple.

Soon I couldn't help myself, I wasn't sure if I was invited or not, but I climbed on the bed and started to kiss Meg, we tongued the inside of each other's mouthes a bit, I could taste Kay's pussy on my wife's lips, and when the kiss broke I asked her "are you enjoying yourself baby?" She nodded in agreement. I kissed down her body to her wet pussy. The wettest I've ever seen it in six years of being with her. Kay moved her face away but moaned when Erick started fingering her from behind. I started to lick and suck my wife's clit within inches of Kay's face.

Without any exchanged words I got naked, and so did Erick. Kay got off the bed and onto all fours and started to suck Erick. I watched her curly haired head slide forward and back on his stiff cock. I positioned myself to let Meg suck me as she lay on her back, (I wasn't at full steam, Whiskey dick is a thing fellas.) As Meg sucked me to my full 7 inchs of thick meat, then she whispered "take me from behind" as she got up and bent over, Kay had bent over the side of the bed and as I entered Meg, her and Kay started kissing.

My dick was slick with saliva and pussy juice so I glided in and out of Megs tight pussy with ease, she moaned into Kay's mouth with each thrust. The sound of slapping skin as Erick and I pounded our respective partners "God I love that dick!" I heard Kay say as Erick railed her, "give it to me!" Yelled Meg as I pounded her from behind. This went on for a few minutes.

"Lets ride our guys" Meghan said as she slid off my throbbing cock. I laid down where Meghan was, dick pointing straight up, and she lowered herself onto me, Erick laid next to me and Kay followed Megs lead. "Ugh I love you!" Meg shouted while bouncing on my pole. "Give it to me!" I heard Kay moan while Erick held her by the hips and humped into her. The girls looked amazing, tits bouncing pussies wet and slippery, backs arched small amounts of sweat forming on their bodies.

Then what I heard next was the biggest shock of the night. "want to switch?" My wife asked looking at Kay, "only if it's cool with you" Erick finally spoke up. "I'm cool with it, just no anal, and don't cum inside her" I said. He agreed and the girls began to climb off. This was a whole nre side of Meghan I had never seen before, but I was loving it. Erick penetrated Meghan first, he was not as long, or as thick as I am, but not by much. She moaned as he entered her and as he got himself all the way inside her he said "Wow you are tight".

Just then Kay started to lower herself onto me. Kay was not as tight as Meghan, as Erick has stated, but she was wet. Like a water park. She was soaked, I slid in with ease. "You've got a nice dick." She said as I was fully inside. "Thanks" i replied as she started to bounce up and down on my cock. "Yea baby fuck her!" Meghan chimed in between moans, Erick was giving her a good fucking, but I would later learn not as good as I do. I reached over and squeezed my wife's tight ass while she rode another man's cock. It was hot watching her with another man. I was then assaulted in the face with two nice round breasts. I sucked and squeezed them while they were in my close to my mouth.

At this point I think Erick was ready to cum, he lightly pushed Meghan off of him and Kay climbed off of me. Erick stood up and Kay got on her knees and was sucking him. Meghan laid on her back and she instructed me to fuck her again. I obliged by giving it to her fast and hard.

She was moaning "I'm cumming baby" and I could feel her pussy tighten around my dick. As this happened she whispered to me "cum inside me!" I was already there, so I let loose. I pumped rope after rope of hot cum into her waiting pussy while I assume Erick did the same to Kays mouth.

I kissed my wife passionately with love as I was proud of her, and so turned on by her actions. We all cleaned up, Erick and Kay left. Before bed Meghan and I had another romp, this time I took her from behind and fucked her like she owed me money. Since this event some other people who were still at the party caught wind of what happened, and now we have a few other people interested in group activities with Meghan and myself. If they happen, I will be sure to share them as I have this story.

I hope you enjoyed reading this one. As I stated earlier this was a relatively true story. Some dialogue was changed but the events were true. Please let me know what you thought. And also please use constructive criticism. I'm not a professional writer, just a horny guy who likes to share.



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