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Tina has survived the Challenges of Day 1 without undo intimidation, but what will happen during the second day?

“How are you feeling today?”

Mary was hovering around me while the others kept their distance and anxiously watched. Aashi had arrived early with the light breakfast brought to the room by servants. She confided that the information is being held close in confidence to provide an element of surprise for the guests … and me. She smiled before adding that concubines are regarded as so subservient and controlled others hardly consider them until they are wanted by men.

The little information she had about today was the first challenge this morning. Dogs will be used, again. This time, though, the four dogs will be brought out to me, but the situation will be different. This will be a timed challenge. This challenge will be for three hours. The dogs and I will be kept in close contact and they will fuck me for the entire time. If some dog or dogs lose interest in the activity, they will be removed and new dogs will be brought to replace them. They intend to always have four dogs active with me.

Upon hearing what was planned, Mary was obviously concerned, which brought out her query.

Absently, as I thought about this new challenge, “Physically, I feel fine. A little soreness and puffiness, but I don’t think it is even on par with after that gangbang at the convention.” She knew I had the kennel gangbang with six dogs the day after that. The six dogs and the couple men still weren’t three hours but a little more than two. I looked up at her. “It’s still okay, Mary. Don’t worry much, yet. This is getting excessive but still doable, still within the range of my experiences.”

She shook her head and took me in her arms. I could still feel the tension and nervousness through her body in the embrace. “What does that say about you, then?” We both laughed and it helped ease some the nervousness from us both. Even if I thought this was doable, these were strange dogs without the support and control of someone more concerned about my well-fare than anything else.

Unlike the previous challenges, this time I left the sanctuary of the suite for the courtyard naked. We talked about it and Ishaan and Aashi warned me of the uncertainty of the reaction. But, I had my own thoughts on the matter and it had weighed on me overnight. Chowdhury was using the sheer sarees as a mark on me that I was nothing more than one of his concubines. By rejecting the saree, could I also be rejecting his smear? By not playing to his mind game and being honest about what was happening, could I take a psychological point myself? The saree only provided an opportunity for his concubines to remove the garment in front of his guests. This was an exhibition, could I turn the table, even slightly, by presenting my participation openly by arriving naked, ready, and willing?

My arrival to the courtyard provided the surprise I was intending. Even Chowdhury couldn’t resist commenting to those around him. I smiled and nodded to him. At that moment, I could see in his reaction he considered the situation different. If that was good or bad for me, I would have to see.

He made his usual announced that Ishaan translated, but I was watching to the side where the dogs had come from before. Comments and gasps roiled around the courtyard at the mention that this would be a three-hour challenge with dogs. I listened to the translation with only enough attention to know the challenge hadn’t been changed since Aashi brought us the word. Then, I saw heads turn to the side and the room become quiet. As far as I could tell, it was the same four dogs as last night.

As the four handlers with their dogs approached where I stood, Ishaan turned to join Mary and Bob at the side, while I dropped to my hands and knees to assume a mating position for whichever dog would be released to me. It was the German Shepherd. He walked around me as he did last night, sniffing the air and reconsidering what this bitch was. His wet nose touched my pussy as he moved in closer and closer to the scent of my already wet pussy. It was impossible for me not to be constantly aroused whether in the courtyard or recovering from the challenges.

The dog licked me several times and my pussy rewarded his efforts with more leaking wetness. His licking continued and my mind continued to work on what, if any, strategy I might be able to employ in this challenge to my benefit. Allowing the dogs to lick me seemed to be an obvious one. The more time they spent licking my pussy and ass would be fewer minutes of being fucked and, though I liked being fucked, the knot going in and then out were likely to be the painful aspect over time, at least until my pussy was so used that it was left gaping open.

I dropped my front to the rug and enjoyed the tongue on my pussy. The licking was very nice and my arousal increased steadily. I broke contact by sitting back on my heels and reaching behind to scratch his ears and neck. I wanted to show interest in the dog, but I was mainly interested in allowing my pussy and clit to calm somewhat from the steady stimulation of the tongue. Then, as if encouraging the dog, I returned to all fours and patted my ass but with less direction effort than I might have back home to truly encourage a mounting.

The dog finally did, though, jumping onto my back and probing rapidly with his cock jabbing into my ass cheeks and around my crotch many times before finally sinking into my pussy. Once he hit the target, his fucking became crazy, but he managed to pull out of my pussy. Frustrated, he back away and circled me several times. Without some assistance, mating can be frustrating. In nature, it can take several mountings before the penetration is secure enough to last. The second mounting and penetration, I could feel that his cock was more erect than before. He gripped me with his front legs and began fucking all over again. This time he stayed inside and I felt his cock growing in length and size. I gasped my own increasing stimulation and groaned when I felt the knot forming and bumping into my lips outside.

My head hung from my shoulders and my eyes caught the image of my breasts swinging beneath me as the dog fucked wildly. I felt the knot begin to spread my lips and opening as he shifted his efforts to create the tie. I joined him, bracing myself to assist him in pushing the knot through my constricting hole. When it pushed through, I cried out and he repositioned himself, grabbing me tighter and pressing deeper into my clenching pussy.

He was singularly focused now, only concerning himself with seeding the bitch he was tied to, human or canine, the eons of instinctual mating took him over completely. He pressed into me, pulling back to press further, but each time he pulled back he jammed the knot against my g-spot. When I felt his cock and knot swell even larger than before, his cock jerk and pulse with the imminent climax, I braced myself for my own orgasm that was on the edge of reality. The first spurt of warm, watery cum into my pussy sent me over the top. I cried out in orgasm as spurt after spurt of doggy seed poured into my pussy, trapped by the knot closing off my pussy hole.

I collapsed to the rug, my ass still up on my knees tied to the dog but the side of my face on the rug, my breasts pressed and flattened. The dog continued with erratic thrusts as the last of the strong spurts slowed to the leaking of his semen. He waited on my back, the fur of his belly slowly rubbing on my bare back. He tested the knot but we weren’t separating, not for a little while, anyway. Satisfied that we were tied, he turned, somehow his cock rotates inside me as we become ass-to-ass. He tested the tie, again, the knot bumping my g-spot in the process and another shiver of excitement coursed through my body.

As I wait, feeling the knot inside my pussy, occasionally bumping my g-spot, a thought takes form. I reason that the worst part of a doggy-gangbang for three hours would be the knot stretching my pussy both in being pushed in and pulled out. The orgasms will be exhausting but the abuse of the muscles and flesh from the knots would be the long-term problem. I remembered Mary commenting to me while I was mated with one of the dogs at the Woodburns’. I had just orgasmed a second time while being tied and she asked how I kept the knot in longer. That might be my strategy here. Keep the knots in longer than normal and reduced the number of ties.

I used the Kegel muscles Mr. Woodburn had insisted on for his own enjoyment. They were also effective in prolonging the tie with a dog, then rocking back and forth on the knot bumped the g-spot, which could induce a secondary orgasm. I wasn’t sure more orgasms were what I needed but reducing the number of knots stretching my pussy was what I needed.

The poor dog didn’t know what was happening. He was tied to me for much longer than he was used to so when the knot had reduced to the point I couldn’t hold onto it any longer he moved away as if he might be afraid of being recaptured. I stayed in place and let the handlers do the work with the dogs now that I saw the approach I could survive. Dog after dog was brought to me and dog after dog went through a similar ritual, each subsequent dog finding more cum leaking from my pussy. The dogs spent considerable time licking me and I did nothing to dissuade them. In fact, I had minor orgasms several times just on their tongues as they lapped at my messy pussy, even curling their tongues somehow into my hole.

Two additional dogs had been brought in to continue the train of interested canines in mating with me. I was tied to a dog after having orgasmed, again, when the dog emptied into my pussy when I heard one of the handlers tell the others to take the dogs out. The three hours had passed. I didn’t squeeze on this dog and the tie didn’t last very long, my pussy was so full of dog-cum and my opening so stretched that the knot pulled out after only a short time.

The length of this challenge meant I had less time to recover and I was very much looking forward to Aashi’s ointment massaged into my body, especially around my very used pussy.

* * * * *

“What have you heard, Aashi?” Although she was only allowed to speak Hindi, she understood English.

“Very little, Miss.” Ishaan translated while his sister carefully massaged between my legs focused on my puffy, red, and swollen pussy lips. She looked at Ishaan, then at Mary with deep concern in her expression before continuing with what she had overheard, “What I did hear … I am not sure I understand.” I was lying on my back in front of them as she worked her magical ointment into the areas that hurt. She still seemed intimidated by my comfort in being naked in front of them as she touched my pussy. I encouraged her. “I heard Mr. Chowdhury talking with several men about snakes.”

My eyes bulged open and sought out Mary as if she could dispel what I had heard. She looked just as confused and concerned as I was. Mary touched Aashi’s arm to get her attention. “What do you mean, snakes?”

“I don’t know, Miss. They were talking about snakes in the next challenge but this time they were much more careful about their discussion. I think, maybe, they think she is getting information because she has not been shocked at each challenge but seemed prepared.”

I nodded. It made sense. Perhaps it was a mistake to go into the challenges with so much confidence and actually taking charge of them instead of appearing intimidated. I might have ended up heightening the level of challenges he chose to give me.

The idea of somehow snakes being used in the challenge weighed heavily on my mind as I padded barefoot and naked with my little troupe back to the courtyard. Snakes presented significant psychological reactions on the surface: they were the embodiment of evil in Western religions; and, they were an ultimate phallus object that had the ability for movement all their own. I hadn’t seriously considered snakes in either light before as I had never truly been exposed to them in any form. And now, my exposure to them was somehow going to be sexual.

I immediately heard a different buzz of anticipation when I approached the openness of the courtyard. I also saw a completely different setup in the courtyard. A number of large flat screens were arranged by the fountains on either side of the center of the courtyard where a white table had replaced the large rug on the grass. I approached the table, which was directly in front of Mr. Chowdhury. I made a cursory examination of the table while Mr. Chowdhury began his talk to his guests and Ishaan translated. He described this challenge as being truly unique and never before tried. He apologized for the lack of ability for everyone to see what would happen intimately but indicated the wide screens, then two men with cameras approached. To adequately show everyone what was happening, these men would video it all and the images would appear on the screens as it happened.

There was certainly confusion until he announced the use of snakes, which caused a clamor of shocked and excited exclamations. He held up his hands to bring quiet and leered at me. “Let us see how the Western black slut and dog bitch handles this …”

The table had a sunken center as if it might be a shallow bathing tub. There were sides extending up about six inches all around the outside. I was assisted onto/into it and now noticed slots through the surface. The sunken part of the table was deeper at one end and rose at the other end. My upper body lay on the part that slanted up so I was somewhat looking directly at Mr. Chowdhury. Then, it became clear what the slots in the surface of the table were for. A wide strap was fed through one side, over my upper chest, and out the other side. It was then cinched tight. My arms were separately secured by smaller straps at the sides. A similar strap cinched across my lower abdomen.

I was beginning to get nervous. I have been willing to participate in a lot of sexual positions, but I have always been allowed a significant amount of control of the situation by at least having freedom of movement to stop if I wanted to. This was different. Now, I would be restrained and helpless to resist. My mind was beginning to panic and, apparently, my eyes showed it. Mary rushed up to me.

“I’m going to stop this.”

I looked at her, my eyes flashing from her to the straps and Chowdhury. I forced myself to take deep breaths. “No. Not yet.” I gazed into her eyes, “But, you’ll stop them immediately if I say so, right? Promise me!”

She touched the side of my face, “You know I will.” She looked at Chowdhury who was smiling at the scene before him. She turned back to me, “I think we should stop this. It isn’t worth seeing you like this.”

I managed a smile that must have looked distorted and strange. “No … please. We’ve come so far. Just have Bob ready.” She nodded and kissed my forehead.

I looked at Chowdhury as Mary retreated. His expression changed to disappointment, which caused me to smile at him with renewed determination.

My knees were bent and pulled widely to the sides, then strapped to the sides, my feet strapped to the sides of the outside walls. I knew I was now completely exposed. From the many dog cocks and knots I had just experienced, I was sure my pussy was gaping obscenely, too.

That was confirmed as one of the video men pointed his camera at me and the screens came to life. The one just to the side that I assumed was for Chowdhury and his wives were actually two monitors with one facing me. Suddenly, my exposure appeared on the screen. The image zoomed in to capture and magnify my gaping pussy, some juice still leaking from it. My eyes couldn’t help but focus on that magnified, leaking pussy, just like everyone else around the courtyard. I knew some of that juice was still remnants of the dogs, but I also knew some of it was my own lubrication leaking from my renewed arousal. Despite the intimidation, my mind was reacting from being restrained moments ago, my body was becoming excited at the possibilities of the unknown, and both had occurred at the same time.

What an erotic sight and that was me I was looking at just like the other 30-plus people. It was hypnotic and then, my pussy winked … an involuntary opening and closing caught in zoom of the camera. I gasped at the sight and recognition, made all the more stunning because it was me.

My focus on my own pussy was broken moments before the camera moved away. To the side, I caught movement and turned my head in that direction, which was all I could move. Approaching were two men, one carrying a small box and the other a largish burlap-type bag. I watched them stop before Chowdhury who gave them a nod. They turned and approached me secured on the peculiar table. I was already guessing and anticipating that the large bag held the snake I was forewarned about, though I still couldn’t figure out how it would fit into a sexual challenge unless they intended to fuck me with it like a living dildo. Something told me, though, that wouldn’t be bizarre enough for Chowdhury.

The man with the bag stayed back a few feet as the man with the small box can up alongside the table below my bent knees. I craned my head up to see what was going to happen, my heart rate rising noticeably. I watched him place the box on the table and open the folded lids of the top, then put his hand inside. He clearly wasn’t able to grasp what was there, his hand moving quickly for a moment until a small sigh of relief escaped his lips. He looked at me restrained on the table, then, as if doubting what was expected, looked back at Chowdhury.

I followed his gaze and found a look of exasperation and building anger cross his countenance. The man sighed, again, this time it seemed like resignation. His hand was closed around something small. He removed the box, dropping it on the ground, then cupped both hands around the thing and brought it to the surface of the table near my ass. I craned my head to follow his hands and gasped out in surprise and confusion to see a very small rodent escape his hands and skitter around the smooth white surface of the table. The man used his hands to control its movements. I looked at the small animal, the man, and back to the rodent, my mind not yet making sense of what was happening.

Then I saw the screen near me split with dual images side by side. One was focused on the rodent sitting near my ass probably more confused and uncomfortable than me. The other image followed the other man as he opened the bag with one hand and put his other hand inside. He, too, felt around for a moment before he started pulling something out. I saw the tail end rising out of the bag first. A snake, it was a snake. A black snaked mottled with greyish tones. When the head became visible, it was about 3 feet long and squirmed as the man carried it by the tail to the table.

The snake was placed on the table, but the man continued to hold it by the tail. The rodent must have spotted it at the same time I did because it became very agitated, moving from side to side, seeking an escape that wasn’t there. I could see on the monitor that my body filled the curved shape of the sunken table top closing off any escape for the animal in that direction. It moved frantically to the edge, but its tiny claws gave it no grip on the smooth surface and slipped back down.

The snake found the animal by scent or sight and squirmed more aggressively, though it was still held by the man. I watched the snake for a moment straining for the rodent, then a change in one side of the monitor brought my attention to it and I gasped.

“NO! Noooooo … no, not that!”

The monitor was focused on my pussy with the small rodent darting back and forth in front of it. But what caused my exclamation was the only possible hiding place for the animal … my pussy was gaping open and the more I stained and struggled, the more it opened and closed.

My attention was taken from the monitor when I felt a shifting by the man with the snake. I looked at him to see him moving his hand and arm toward me allowing the snake to close the gap between it and the rodent. I strained my head up to watch in fixed horror … fixed erotic horror … as the snaked closed the gap under the control of the man’s hand.

I felt a small bump against my ass cheeks but I could see nothing directly so I moved my attention back to the monitor to find the animal now huddled against my pussy after having backed up to it while fixing its attention on the snake. The camera zoomed in a little more until my pussy filled that side of the screen with the rodent in front of it. The other side followed the snake from a more distant perspective.

I couldn’t help but glance down at my chest because it felt like my heart was about to burst through my body. My breathing was ragged, my entire body was tight and struggling against the restraints, but my eyes couldn’t leave the monitor like everyone else because the entire room was deathly still as if nobody was breathing.

“Oh, no, Tina … I’m so sorry …” It came softly across the stillness from Mary.

My eyes opened wide when I saw the little guy turn from the snake and step to the only dark, closed retreat available to him. My mouth flew open when his tiny claws thrust into the opening of my pussy. His rear feet found little traction on the smooth surface, but his front found a hold in my tender flesh and pulled himself into my hole. I thrust my head back and my mouth released a high pitch groan as the animal’s claws grabbed my pussy walls for protection, his furry body huddled deep inside me.

My head and eyes twitched back and forth with no particular purpose. My mind was trying to comprehend what had just happened with I felt something flick against my pussy lips. I craned my head to see the snake loose on the table. I shifted my gaze to the monitor to find only one image … my pussy with the snake’s head at the opening, flicking its tongue against my dripping pussy. I couldn’t breathe as I watched it slowly curve with the head right at the opening. My lungs strained at the lack of air but the anticipation was too much to think of breathing until all expectation and unknown became startling. The snake drove its head into my pussy with a suddenness that expelled all the stale, used up air from my lungs and I sucked in a deep breath as I groaned loudly.

I watched on the screen what I could feel happening inside me. More of the snake crept inside me until about a foot was inside. What the others couldn’t see, except for the bumps occasionally showing in my abdomen, was the snake twisting, the rodent scurrying madly inside me to avoid the thrusting mouth of the snake.

In a different kind of horror, though, the rodent’s claws had a strangely erotic effect on my pussy and the snake’s wild movements was exactly like a cock moving erratically. The body and head of the snake bumped my g-spot, the animal once ran over the body of the snake and dug at my pussy, probably to escape, but only seemed to manage to claw furiously right on my g-spot. The snake turned around inside and struck at the animal but closing on my g-spot nub, instead.

I cried out in an orgasm that seemed too taboo and obscene. The crowd had been raucous as they watched, but went silent, again, at my orgasm. My spasming, drenching pussy must have changed the game inside me, though. As I regained some perspective, again, the animal was no longer moving and the snake was doing something that felt like … oh god … it felt like my throat on a cock buried in it when I created a swallow action to pleasure the cock. The snake was swallowing the rodent!

After the snake was removed, I knew there was nothing inside me, but Chowdhury wanted to show his guests that fact. A speculum was brought out, inserted in and opened wide. With a pen-light, the camera focused on my open pussy. They made quite a show of inspection, but for the first time, I saw my own cervix.

After my upper chest bindings were relaxed and I was allowed to have some water. Mary, Aashi, and Ishaan came to assist me. Mary kept apologizing, but I reassured her. After all, I had survived. She swatted my arm and whispered, “You orgasmed?”

I smiled weakly, “You could tell, huh?”

“Tell? I think the people in the next town probably heard.”

“That was the wildest thing I have experienced. I couldn’t describe the feeling.”

Aashi leaned in and whispered, “Well, it’s not over. They are going to do it, again.” I sighed deeply.

After I was secured to the table, again, I felt I had control of expectation this time. I thought so, anyway. The stir from the crowd turned my attention to the side but this time I found three men approaching, one with a similar small box, but the other two each carried separate bags. I dropped my head to the table back and sighed. Two snakes?

Now, I knew what to expect and it all followed a similar pattern until it was time for the snakes to be released. Again, the animal was huddled in fear next to my pussy as the two snakes were pulled out of the bags by their tails. I felt my own trepidation at the sight of the snakes wondering how this was supposed to play out, but I knew I wasn’t going to have to wait much longer for the answer.

At the appearance of the snakes, the little rodent responded as the previous one had. It scurried around desperately looking more earnestly for an escape and coming to the same conclusion eventually as the controlled movements of the snakes brought them closer and closer.

Even prepared for the sensation this time, my eyes opened wide when I felt the little animal touched my pussy and his tiny claws thrust into the opening in his escape to safety. Again, it was his front feet that found a hold in my tender flesh and pulled itself into my hole. I watched the screen aghast and released a high pitch moan as the animal’s claws grabbed onto my pussy walls seeking protection, his furry body huddled deep inside me.

I thought I was also prepared for the snake, thinking it was going to come down to which one managed to get to my opening first. I was wrong. The screen was again zoomed into my pussy filling the image and the two snake heads appearing at the opening. Now, though, two tongues flicked out at my lips and the tender skin of my pussy. Both heads approached my opening, sensing the animal inside, both intent on it. I watched as the mouths opened, tongues darting out, and suddenly striking at each other. Though I was assured these snakes were relatively harmless without poison or significant teeth, my body and mind flinched when the mutual attack happened, something about being in the way of two combatants.

After neither backed away, I watched as both thrust themselves at the opening at the same instant, both heads hitting the opening to my pussy, twisting and squirming to gain entrance at the same time as the other, neither wanting to lose the prize waiting inside. It felt like two cocks being forced into my pussy only these moved independently and erratically. The monitor showed the scene in graphic and obscene detail, zoomed to capture it as the heads disappeared, my pussy stretched wider, and the bodies wiggling to gain support for thrusting deeper through the restriction of the opening.

The animal, of course, erupted into frenzied action inside. This one had two heads to concern itself with but the same was true for me. I watched in mixed horror and fascination as more and more of the snakes disappeared inside me. The camera zoomed out to show the bodies of the snakes separately writhing from my pussy, but equally fascinating was the movement of my abdomen being pushed up in one spot, then another as the snakes moved in competition to find and capture the rodent.

In the process, the action inside me became beyond anything I felt even the previous time. The two living cocks writhed, squirmed, thrust, and wound around each other in pursuit of their prey. The feeling was a constant shifting of a huge cock rolling inside, then two independent cocks spreading my walls, one moving deeper, the other to the sides. All the while, the rodent was scrambling over, under, and around the bodies attacking it. The tiny claws digging, scraping, and pulling at my sensitive flesh.

Again, I felt the tiny claws digging into the hard nub of my g-spot as it sought a location more difficult for the snakes, but they managed to coil and strike wherever the rodent moved. Two snakes coiling inside, the partially length of their bodies, they filled me in a way I had never felt. My walls were extended like a balloon inside was being expanded, my hole was stretched as they moved in and out inches at a time in pursuit, the scales sliding easily in but grabbing and catching coming out.

With the rodent clamoring near my g-spot, first one, then the other snake struck, each hitting my g-spot, each momentarily clamping down on the sensitive nub. As before, despite the obscenity of the situation, despite my being bound and helpless to control what was happening, my body responded to the physical and my mind responded to the obscene nature in which it was happening.

I exploded in orgasm. I cried out even more intensely than the previous time. My orgasm flooded my pussy with my juices, clamping, clenching, spasming around the three living creatures inside me.

The knowledge didn’t register until my body stopped shaking. There weren’t three things moving anymore. Only two, two long independently stimulating cocks moving. One was more docile, but the other still moved as if thinking there might still be prey to be found. Soon, both became more docile and pulled themselves out of my pussy, one at a time. The second one came out and was clearly distended near the front of the body and I knew that was the one who captured the rodent. I almost came again as it squirmed to gain the purchase it needed to back its body out of the confines of my pussy.

Like waiting for a canine knot to shrink, I collapsed within my bindings and patiently waited, small tremors sending new shivers through my body.


The story continues with Chapter 4: "I Quit".


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