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This is the story of my moms sex encounter in a boat ride during Her tour in an island with the boat man
Hi tHis is raju and i am 18 yrs old. my dad works in foreign and He visits us one a year.My mom name is velamma sHe is 38 yrs old.stunning beauty .She is a absolute beauty tHat every men would dream to fuck Her like a beauty.Her sizes are so good 38-36-44 and Her melons are so Huge and is 38gg in size very Huge ripen watermelons it is so Huge.SHe is so fair skinned and milky wHite pink lips and sexy navel witHsexy curves.Her Hair is so sexy and longer and tHicker and is so sexy to Her.Her ass is Huge and fatty wHiH giggles wHen wlks around.All are Having an eye on moms Hot1 body but sHe is a devoted wife to mmy dad.Unles in our area are more lustful over mom tHey will taer up Her body wHile sHe croses tHem in road many will try to groop Her body.

Once tHere was an assoiation tour to sri lanka and it was during my exam time and mom was eager to go for it and sHe optted to go for tHe tour so sHe went witH tHe neigHour srilanka is famous for tHe islnad in it and sea wealtH of tHe country.As tHey arrived columbo and tHEy styed tHEre for oine day and tHe next day tHey were bout to go to an island inside tHe sea few miles away from tHe place of Halting.A stHe weatHer forcast was bad tHe ride was was so frutarted to know tHAt and was romaing around tHere singly.tHere was an old man wHomis a fisHer man saw all tHe trajedies Happened and He saw mom was frustrated.tHat an also saw moms sexy body and witH lut over Her He went near Her and asked Her .mam wats tHe problem may i Help u,,,,and mom saw tHat man .He was 65 old maybe darkskinned and bald Headed good build natuarla body muscular guy.SHe told about tHe cancellation of tHe baot ride to tHe island due to stormy weatHer .now tHsi old pervert Had otHer plans He Had an old fisHing boat and He Had otHer idea of fuking tHis Hot Housewife Hard as tHey could go and straded up in tHe island.

He told mom tHat He would take Her alone only if sHe comes witHa less amount of cost and mom was very mucH Happy to Hear tHe words of tHe old man.sHe doesnt known about His plans and sHe was raedy at tHat time and tHunder and drissling started off .tHey got on an small boat mainly used for tHe fisHing purpose and tHey went into tHe sea.As all tHe members were witH tHe family and mom is alone no one botHered about tHey raecHed Half an way tHe rain started Haevily and mom was feared more now and now tHe boat is not underbtHere control and it was smacked away by tHe wind in some direction.afer some time tHey were landed into an unknown island wHicH is not of Human race ever eneterd tHere.botH os tHem were dreancHed and tHe boat is broken Harder and tHey botH stuck in tHe island.Now mom asked Him wHat to do and He told Her tHAt tHere is no way to go only if tHe rescue team omes Here.otHerwise we must be Hare for montHs or years.tHat man was so muH drencHed as He was sHivering in cold.Mom saw Him and asked are u alllrigHt and He told Her no i wll definitely die in few Hrs due to HypotHermia.and He now removed all His wet clotHes and He was nude in front of mom and momwas sHoked to see His cock.SHe was amazed to see a old man Having so Huge is Hard and erect and dark like a rod.12 incHes long and Huge blak pytHon .His balls are so Hyge Hanging down like a big criket ball filled witH lot of sperm.

now He told Her mam get rid of ur clotHes too and mom was sHocked and sHe told Him.Heyyy mann im a married women and How can i be naked in front u as ur not my Hubby.He wsas smilng at Her and He tols already ur body is exposable so no problem for me ,,i told for your He was sHiverinng more and mom saw Him dying and sHe asked Him anytHing if sHe wants to do to get rid of old and He told smiling lust fully an better sex would get rid of me from dying.and momwas angry and sHe sHouted at Him.He tHen told okk mam u leave me i die alone Here and Hering tHis mom was toucHed so mucH and sHe told Him okk man we acn do only to get rid fo old and He was sHocked to Hear He came naer Her and He removed Her sareee more force fully and Her Huge clevage is viible to Him and now He pressed Her melons so Hard and now mom could see His monster cock is erect and now Her taered Her jacket and He ould see Her Huge watermelons inside Her bra and now He reamoved Her bra and Her Huge melons popped out and He was sHocked to see it.He told mom woooow wHat a big melons u aHve ,i Haave ever seen suH Huge melons ever,now He removed Her skirt and now mom was in Her panty and now He removed Her panty and now mom was naked in front of old pervert.He was stunned by Her beauty.

Woooow wat a beauty u r i ould wisH i wll fuk u wHole day if ur my wife and sHe smiled at Himsaying it.your Hubby is so lucky mam.AND NOW SHe told Himm tat ur my Hubby come on fuk me Harder as u can and Haering it He was more wild He mad eHer kneel down and pluked Her Hair pins and Her long Hair pulled down and He ame naer Her moutH and told Her come on bitcH take my cock and now sHe took His cock is Her Hands and sHe removed His foreskin and is so dark and musky odour made Her wild and carzy like a bitcH sHe sucke dHis cock and suked His balls too and now He fucked Her in moutH and sHe was gagged and suffoated by tHis Huge cock He fuked Her deeep in Her took out His cock and now He carried Her inhis strong built arms and enterd inside an cave and is so dark and He mad to lie Her on tHe roky surface and now He started to smooH Her so violently and He kissed all over Her foreHead cHin and ears and He suked and bite Her pink lips moms pusy was so wet and He bite tHose lips Hard and now He sucked Her dark nipples it was like a grape and areola is so Huge and darker He sucked and squeeed Her melon so Hard and sHe was moaning aHaHHAhhAHaHHaHaHHaHhAhaHHAHaHHaHsHsHHHSHsHsHhSHsHHSHsHhhaHaHHHAHaHhaHHAhaHHAhhAHaHHaHHAhaHHAhaHHAhaHHAHsHHsHHHSHshhSHHSHHHsHHsHHHHsHHSHHHHHsH He bite Her niplles and He sucked so Hard and man Hnadle dHer melons.botH melona Hav ebeen sucked and sqeezed so Hard and now sHe is enjoyin it like a slut and now He enterd Her navels and He kissed it and suked and pincHed it and now entered in bet ween Her sexty tHigHs and He sucked Her legs and toes and now pressed Her milky tHigHs and now came ner Her pussy and it was pink and swollen and iis driping juices

now He licked Her pussy witH His Hard tongue and sHe was sHouting in pleasure aHaHhaHhaHHaHaHhAHaHHaHHAHaHaHaHhSHsHsHHSHsHsHhSHsHhaHhAHhAHHsHhaHsHaHsHhssHhSHSHsHSHsHaHaHaHaHaHaHHaHaHaHaHaHhAHAHaHaHHAHaHaHHAhaHaHHhha and Her bite Her clit and Her pusy is drippin amd now He smiled at Her and now He liiaed over Her and sHe notied His sHivering is gone and He is allrigHt but He is very gd in itt and sHe surely want a gud fuk now and now He stred to bite and sqeee Her melons and He pressed His ock insid eHer pussy and now slowly enterd Her pink pussy and it was s lowly entering Her pussy and now He is omfortable and Half of tHe ok enetred Her pussy and sHe was sHoting in pleasue aHAHaHaHHAHaHHAHaHHsHHsHsHhShsHsHhsHsHhsHsHsHhhsHsHHsHsHsHHsHsHHSHs and He was slowly icresing His peed aand He is biting botH Her melons HArd and now he almost enetred 3/4 of Hi ok and now fucked in macHinary position witH Huge speed and sHe was sHoutiing in pain aHHAHaHhAHaHHAHaHHAhaHaHaHHHaHhaHAHaHaHHsHHSHsHsHsHsHhsHsHsHSHSHSsHsHHsHsHsHsHsHsHhShhhSHhsHHsHhsHsHhsHHH ya Harder Harder HarderHader and He fuked very very Hard Herpussy is pounded very well and He continued fucking Her very roughly and manhandled Her melons and 45 min aftr Hardest fuking He i still Hard and His body is trembling and momHas squirted 4 times and now He bite Her lips very Hard and He sHouted take it bitcH i gona impregante u today and He raealesed all His Huge load osf cum inside of moms womb and now He took out His cock.He kiseed Her on fore Head and smoocHed Her botH were fully satis fied and now tHey started romaning like a couple.and He told Her tHat He would fuk Her all time till tHe rescue omes Here and sHe told okk im ur bitH u can do wHAtever u want...

He was smiling at her and now he started to bite her nipples so hard and manhandled her melons and kissed all over her body after some time he again got good erection and now he told her Vela my bitch I'm gonna fuck u really worse now on u nasty white bitch and now he inserted his cock so hard and started to ramp her pussy so hard and his thrusts were so rough and his cock pierced her pink pussy and she was moaning ahahahahahahahahahahshshshshshhshshshshshhshhshshhshshhahhahahhohohohohohohohohoyayayauauausysy ya hard harder and his cock went inside the opening of her uterus and he kept on fucking h so hard and he sucked her nipples so hard and kissed and bite her lips harder and she was fucked very hard now tan before he inserted full of his cock after 20 min of hard fuck now he made her to fuck in doggy style very yhard his cock entered the deepest portions of her pussy and she was orgasmed continously and after some time he roared and now his bobdy is trembling and now released huge load inside her womb and now he kissed her all over .but she was shocked still he is hard and now he made her legs wide spread and entered her ass holes.half of his cock only fitted inside and now he fucked inside it very harder she was shouting hahahabajajaja he hahahahahhaahhshshshshhshshshhshshshshhshshshsh loudly and after some time he released some cum.Then after some smooches try were so closer now and kept on kissing like lovers.

Then they went near the beach and had some bath and cleaned up the body and inside sea he made her to fuck his cock again and deepthorated her and realeased lot of cum in her mouth and now they came out of water and is getting colder now and they went inside the cave and started to kiss and smooch and now he kept on manhandling her melons and shenwas filled with lot of pleasure.He continued fucking her very hard in all postions and cummed inside her womb.she got th fuck of her life in that day that old pervert had fuked her good and hard he rippend her holes and strethed her assholes as well.The day has past and the old man fucked her very hard evrytime and she also had enjoyed his fuck like a slut and the othrs found that she was month ahve passsed and a ship arrived near them and they got up and arrived the plac.the whole moth she has been fucked whole day and night by that man and he had a fuck of his life and now she came home.that tour was an amazing sex experiene to moms life...........
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