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Laney introduces her best friend to some of the new excitement...which is Orgasm: the climax of sexual ecitement
A friend and I visit Kevin

I was blushing when my girlfriend learned I hadn’t finished my homework the next day: “But you go to your neighbor’s house to do your homework. What happened?” I went beet red and looked down. Varda and I were walking home that day and we often talked about “things” that were personal…you know boys and things. Varda told me about her brother catching her in the shower and his dick at attention but I didn’t tell her much. I mean if I told her about Jim and his dog what would she think? It might be the end of our friendship because it was way, W A Y, out there. “You don’t have much to say,” Varda remarked as we walked, “Can I come with you to Jim’s when he gets back? I’d like to meet him.” I was beyond red in the face and my pussy was dripping just thinking about Varda meeting Jim and his dog. I was speechless and then she knew that she had to, absolutely had to, meet Jim and she told me so. I asked: “You won’t tell anyone…promise?”

She nodded as we walked past my house. “Are we going to Jim’s now? You said he wasn’t home.” “You’re my best friend? And you promised?” We walked to Jim’s house where I knew Kevin would meet me. It was my turn to have a surprise for him. Varda was almost 17 and she was a sexy female. She had that pretty shape that made boys look. Neither of us ever wore knickers any more…it was our secret, and she told me how sexy she felt, how she wanted to have sex but didn’t know how to get started. It was weeks ago that I told her I didn’t have any answer but that if I ever did have sex I would help her get started. We had made our mutual promises and pledges of secrecy and just now I was feeling so horny and my body had taken control of me, including my feet, walking us to Jim‘s. I took Varda’s hand and we swung our arms and smiled and she was getting excited.

I had a key to Jim’s and we went right inside. His doggie was there, his tongue lolling, looking up at me. Then he walked to his bowl for water and sat down and licked his balls until his dick peaked out. Varda was watching and looked at me. I smiled and she looked back at the dog. “I’ve never had a pet and I’ve never seen a dog’s dick. It’s amazing,” she said. “What would you think of a dog licking or fucking you Varda?” I was getting bold and taking a chance she would run home screaming. It was quiet just then in Jim’s kitchen as I waited to learn Varda’s response. “You’re kidding aren’t you?” she said. I just shook my head. “Really?” she said. My eyes got wide and she knew. Another secret shared between us, that was sure.

“Sit down,” I said, “and I’ll show you.” We sat opposite each other, her face flush. Mine too. “Open your legs and pull up your dress,” I said. Varda looked at me, like: Is this real? but also did as told, both of us lifting our dresses, exposing our hot bodies. There we were, two hot young girls with open legs and both dripping. I could see her spend glistening along her pretty slit. We both had ginger hair and I was glistening too. She smiled at me, wondering what would happen. I patted my thigh and over came the doggie, his dripping red dick out and ready, putting his legs on mine and beginning to lick. I was squirming and looking Varda in the eyes. She looked with amazement as the doggie slurped on me and she began fingering her slit slowly with one hand while spreading her lips with the other, listening to the doggie licks and my sighing. “This is really hot,” she said. A huge smile.

I pushed down the doggie; this was something I didn’t need just then; I was trying to get Varda on the sexual tracks that she would enjoy, just as I had promised her. I got up and showed the dog this new cunt. Varda looking down at doggie. Me just showing him, and standing, out of reach, he didn’t need instruction. He had Varda’s scent and just turned from me to her, licking her thigh, she was petting his head, waiting and then nature tookits course and he was licking, slurping, licking as she shook and shook some more using both hands to open herself to this wonderful tongue. She was grunting like there was no tomorrow, scooting down, spreading herself for deep licking, then the dog jumped up and his dick was slapping her cunt lips and I pulled the dog away saying: “No, not yet.” He started to whine and Varda looked at me, curious, and I told her, “Just calm down. Calm down! There is more than a dog waiting for you. He’s just not here yet and I promised him I would bring a friend,” which was a little lie but Kevin and I had talked about Varda and how she was ready for sex like I had been. Kevin told me he would come by after work and we would see.

So Varda got down from her spreading and panting, pushing down her dress and sitting up. I had to stop her from fingering herself. “Just be patient. You won’t be sorry,” I said. I poured out some wine for us and we ate some cheese and I told her we wouldn’t wait long but just to wait. She calmed down finally, still looking at the dog which was licking itself.

Worth waiting for

It seemed forever which meant another glass of wine for us but then I heard steps outside and the door opened. Kevin, with a big smile saying “Hi” and meeting Varda and I could see he liked her right away. So why was I jealous? I had agreed to this and was excited for my friend and that I got to watch and help out. They didn’t need a lot of help. Kevin sat with us a little, had a glass and we visited, and then he took both our hands leading us into the living room. “What a nice surprise,” he said, meaning Varda was a surprise and Varda looked at me with a smile that lit her up. I knew she thought Kevin was perfect for her. He was good looking, younger than Jim and older than us but he made us feel comfortable, the three of us just sitting down. He told us of his day and looked at us. “Let’s just relax and watch a movie for a while,” he said. He got up and put a movie in which began to play and it was sexy stuff: A woman is alone in her room when her boyfriend arrives; they have small talk and they are both sexy and start feeling each other and removing clothing. Soon she had his pants down and his big dick standing straight up as she was feeling all over him; him rubbing her head and ears.

I took the first step, Varda watching the show, and I unzipped Kevin. His dick popped out, long, hot, fully erect, his tip was oozing; I started imitating the woman in the movie, feeling him all over and Varda looked over from the movie to this real scene right in front of her. Kevin took her hand and helped her get started on his cock. “How’s Little Kevin, today,” I joked. “Ask Varda,” he said. She nodded and put both her hands on his cock saying: “Little Kevin is hot and fine and I’m stroking his wet slippery tip.” It didn’t take her long to get in step and now I felt that jealousy pang again but happy for Varda that she was getting into our little game. “Pull up your dress, Varda,” I said and she did so, “Little Kevin likes a wet pussy. Feel yourself. Are you wet?” She was feeling herself, nodding and breathing more. I took my hands away and pulled up my dress. Kevin’s hand went on me and I scooted down.

In the movie the man was lifting up his girlfriend and feeling her legs and cunt and I was watching, listening to Varda moving on Little Kevin then looking at the film and by this time the boyfriend had taken full advantage, putting her back on the bed, spreading her legs and playing his cock on her cunt. Varda looked back and Kevin, questioning, and Kevin gave her this warm and knowing smile taking both of Varda’s hand to his face, kissing her hands, licking his spend off her fingers, then his hands were at her quim, spreading and playing with her cunt lips, Varda breathing hard now. I could see that her body had taken over and that she was ready. I stood up and whispered in her ear: “Straddle Little Kevin. Let him have a taste. He loves pussy and quim and cunt. Squat down near him and let him tease you.” I held her up and she hovered over Kevin and his erect wet cock. Kevin took hold of it and rubbed it up and down on Varda’s cunt lips and Varda got this dreamy, squirmy look, her eyes glassed over. He held her bottom and his cock teased her all by itself. Varda started to squat down but Kevin held her up and brought her face to his, kissing her, slurping his tongue. I was petting Varda’s bottom and fingering her from behind as she flexed and pulsed and tried to squat down on this instrument that was “tasting” and teasing her.

Kevin pulled his cheek to hers, his hands were spreading her legs, smoothing her down, slowly, down. “Kevin. Kevin,” Varda whispered. “Please. I can’t take more teasing. I want him in me. I don’t want to wait any longer. My legs are weak. Please.” That hot cock entered her wet pussy and she flexed and moved down, savoring every part of her body spreading over his tool. “Oh God,” she said. “You’re hurting but don’t stop. I want you to hurt me and fuck me. I waited so long and ached for a hot cock.” She grimaced as he slid up inside, breaking her hymen, and she grimaced again and sat down on his dick and rested.

Kevin was good. He just lay there and petted her face, the sweat dripping off her cheeks. Varda started crying: “He fits right inside. He’s so big and hot and I didn’t know.” Kevin lifted her on him and let her slide back down then lifted her again, her pain easing into other feelings, letting her rest on him, their hairs mingled with their wet. He lifted her dress over her head and Varda was naked and sweating and then she lifted off and sat back down, lifting again and back down. “Kevin,” she said. “What,” he asked. “Fuck my wet cunt,” she said and kissed him as he began lifting and dropping her then she was lifting and her hands on his chest and she began to moan and ooze and coo and she was riding that cock, over and over. “Put him all the way inside again. You’re at my throat. Oooo. Ugh. Kev…Kev…Kev…in. I don’t know. I don’t know what you’re doing but don’t stop. Please.”

Every woman responds in her own way to a coming orgasm and I was worried at the start that Varda would walk out the door but now she might never leave! She was so hot on him and I put my hand under her feeling her cunt and Kevin’s cock and their juices and I was playing with myself it was so hot. I glanced at the movie and the actors were fucking like mad. Just like Varda and Kevin. I was rubbing Varda’s back and she was muttering and guttering and sweating and frantic to milk Kevin as he milked and stroked her cunt with his marvelous cock. They were joined and then she finally closed her eyes and sat on him and was out of breath and resting on his chest.

She slid off and laid back on our couch. I couldn’t be jealous of her. Not now in her time of ecstasy and relief and she looked at me, saying nothing at all, but the biggest smile with big eyes. I covered her with her dress, squeezing hands, and wanted my turn but Little Kevin was one limp exhausted thing, lying limp on Kevin’s belly.

I got up and washed my face and poured us some more wine. Going back to the couch I saw Varda’s hand resting on Kevin’s belly and playing with his limp cock, Kevin smoothing her hair and exchanging smiles. His cock flexed. And flexed again and went limp.
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