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Your opportunity to glory in the smarmiest of guys and their depredations.
No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in these stories.










NOTE: You are a woman with children and no husband. You are offered the job of a lifetime! What would you do to secure it?


“Hello, Ms. Williams. I am R.G. Armstrong, the C.E.O. of this corporation. Please have a seat for a moment.”

This was intentional on his part to give her a few moments to get her bearings and come to a level of comfort with the interview that was coming. She could look him over, inspect the surroundings (lavish and expensive) and draw some preliminary conclusions about the suitability of this position that she was interviewing for.

She thought about how much she needed this job. It was going to pay very well right from the start. It had a future. And she needed one for her three children, who were now without their no-good father. He was gone with some bimbo and undoubtedly would be no help in raising and supporting his children. If typical though, he would come back and claim a lot of credit for whatever good the children made of their lives, despite his nonsupport in their lives after this divorce.

He now turned his attention to her and said, “Are you comfortable, Ms. Williams? This will be a lengthy interview. Can I get you something to eat or drink?”

“Not now sir, maybe later.”

“OK, then let us proceed.”

He then went on to explain about the lead-up to this meeting. When the offering was first posted in a number of venues, there were well over 2000 inquiries of interest accompanied by resumes. A committee of trusted employees winnowed through this blizzard and reduced it to about 200 serious contenders. Then one of the executive V.P’s reduced it to 20 and another one to 6. This was the first time that she or the other five had met R.G. And this was on purpose. He was the one that they would be working directly with and she would have to mediate between him and the other two as part of her duties.

He explained that he had already interviewed the other five, she was the last one to meet with him. And he noted that the qualifications of all of the six women were impeccable. (She took note that they were all women and drew her own conclusions about this, just as he had intended.) He said that their interviews had each left him very impressed and that it was now her turn to stand out among them. He added that he would really like to hire all six of them, but at this time it would be only one.

After this overview, he continued: “Now if you are still interested, I have some very personal questions to present to you. Are you ready for that? This position is very integral to my success and the success of this corporation, and you will be intimately involved deeper and deeper as time goes by. So are you ready for this? It will be intense, I promise you!”

She noted the term ‘intimately’ and answered, “Yes sir, let’s proceed.”

He noted her professional attitude with this answer and nodded. “OK, there will be some questions that repeat what I already know about you. I will be noting your manner of handling them and the attitude shown by you in answering them as well as the answers themselves. You will note, that I am very direct in my communication with my partners in business. Which you will be a key one if chosen. I save the beating around the bush for those who are not important to me,” the last he said with a very thin smile.

“Your marital status? You will notice that I will be asking some questions that are of a somewhat gray legal area. If they bother you, or are not answered completely and honestly, the interview will cease. Agreed?”

“Yes, Sir!” “I am newly single.”

He nodded again, satisfied on the beginning of the interview.


“Yes, three.”

“Now you realize that as was stated in the prospectus, that you will be traveling a great deal with me? And that you will be very busy in preparation for those trips and even busier on them? But, I assure you, that in between you will have a lot of time to devote to your children.”

“Yes, sir. My mother has agreed enthusiastically to watch over them when I need her to. She is widowed and is very closely bonded to them. If I get this position, we will get a larger place together, so that there will not need to be any transporting of them when you call. And of course, they will be right there when I am free.”

“I am pleased with this. You show very good sense in your planning ahead on this. That is a very good sign about your qualifications. By The Way, what is your educational background?”

“I have a bachelor’s degree in business and communication and a MBA with a second in accounting. I worked right out of college for a local large corporation, first as an intern and then as a management trainee. But, then I got married and pregnant right away, so I had to leave that position and devote myself to my husband and family.”

“How do you feel about that? Any resentment over leaving or at least delaying your career?”

“I was happy to take care of my husband and children. I don’t live my life in torment over what might have been. I take it as it goes and try to make the most of it. However, my life has changed again, and I want to pick up the pieces of my career and move on to better times.”

“Great attitude, and for you information you got a very high rating from your previous employer.”

Now his demeanor got very serious as he continued, “We have covered a lot so far, and you have shown up very well indeed. But, now we have to discuss a very serious and pertinent issue. This was not included in any of the prospectus materials. It will be shared with you and the other five finalists only. It is also very personal. Are you up to this?”

“Yes, sir! And I believe that I am anticipating you, somewhat.”

“Very well, and one of the qualifications for the job is anticipation to my attitudes and actions. Think of Pepper Pot to Ironman. And I do not make that analogy lightly. The depiction on the screen of her is right on target for what I want, including her gradual accepting more and more power in support of him. Do you understand this?”

‘Yes, I do. And I very much like the depiction in those movies.”

“Good. Well here comes the key part, and very nervy on my part. I am not married, nor in any relationship. I am just too busy for that. There would not be enough time for you to find and provide a surrogate when we are busy here or in travel. You will have to fill that role yourself. Do you think that you can fulfill that role too?”

She was quiet and thoughtful for a few minutes. This was not a surprise after some of his comments in this interview. And she realized that this was probably very common even among the married guys. Just had to be.

“I can see that this has somewhat caught you off guard. Can I get you something to drink or eat while you think this over? I actually appreciate that you are thinking it through.”

“Yes, I would welcome a cup of tea at this point.”


As he arranged for her comfort, she was deeply thinking this through. She noticed that he was very straight forward and handsome. Sort of like a younger version of George Clooney. She felt that she could very comfortably work with him. But, what about the intimacies that would be required? What does he want in this regard? How will she feel about herself with this? And how will she feel about him?

Yes, she really wanted and needed this position. But, what about the cost to her attitude about herself? She had just left a marriage that she thought was solid. She has three children to think of. What would her friends, family and professional colleagues think of her if it got out? As it surely would. Perhaps, a little more information from him would help.

As she enjoyed the delicious cup of tea that he provided, she looked over the cup at him and inquired, “Now about the intimacies that you have noted, what are the areas of your interest in this regard?”

He thought, “Aha, negotiation skills. This is looking real good.”

He then replied, “I truly love and admire women. I consider sex as one of the most important means of communication between them, especially when there is mutual respect and affection felt towards each other. I know it to be a very important factor in life, like breathing and eating. I am a devoted and gentle lover, who likes it all but with no pain given or received, except for a little discomfort with anal sex, which I love and enjoy. I also enjoy very mild domination, role play and group sex. I am clean and healthy, and hate condoms. You would need to use some kind of birth control. I like my sex regularly and sometimes spontaneously. I get real excited with sexy dress (of which I will buy you some that I want you to wear) and get a kick out of sexual toys. As long as we are sharing in this, I will never be with another person without your express permission.”

“I see. My sexual background includes kissing, which I very much enjoy. It nearly always leads to deep French kissing. I like my body caressed, everywhere. And I also enjoy having my breasts played with gently, even being suckled on. I share in oral sex on each other and shared, too. I have much experience in multi-positional intercourse, but little in anal. I love to dress up sexy with all of the makeup appropriate to it, too. I like sexy adventures at odd times and places. However, I don’t want to endanger my reputation. I favor condom less sex, I hate the taste of rubber or plastic. But, for you to qualify for this you will have to provide documentation that you are safe. I respect my body and life.”

She continues, “As for multi-partner sharing, that can be approached for further discussion after we have become acquainted and comfortable with each other. It would have to be not often and with partners that I would preapprove.”

He nodded again, after this dissertation on her part. He reached into his desk and pulled out a folder and handed it to her. She took a few minutes to examine it and evaluate what it contained. When that was completed, she looked intently at him and nodded. She then returned it to him with a warm smile.

He now sits very still, appraising her and evaluating all that they had said. She is very intelligent, and communicates very well. She is a ‘handsome,’ which means that she is attractive in a mature and secure way that does not completely depend on personal beauty, not that she isn’t pretty. She is. And he knew that he would be proud to have her on his management team and by his side at social and private occasions, too. She simply seems to fit all of the parameters that he had in mind. But, he knew that he had to present the final test. The others had taken it, and passed to varying degrees. My, this is fun, he thought. But, it is very important, too. Well, here goes!

As these thoughts went through his mind, she evaluated all of this too. And she came out with a very positive impression about it. But, she just felt that there was something left out. And she began to anticipate what it might be. ‘God, don’t let me fuck this up,’ she thought to herself.

He now addressed her, “Ms. Williams you have shown yourself off very well in this interview. I am proud to have you among the finalists. And, your professional qualifications have been more than amply illustrated by your previous employment and your conduct here. I am deeply impressed. You should do well wherever you end up at.”

“But, I think that you can appreciate that certain assertions made by you about intimate qualifications need to be tested out and confirmed. I, of course, have no way of verifying your past conduct in this regard. Are you prepared to share in a demonstration now, here?”

She looked up to him, thoughtfully and then nodded. This is a great opportunity, and she needed it very badly. She just had to take a chance and go for it.

“OK, please go to the door and lock it. (She complied.) Now please stand in front of me just in front of the chair that you have been sitting in (about five feet in front of him) and turn a quarter turn each time I signal to you. You will now be completely under my command. This will help let you and I know whether this will work out, by seeing how we each react to this. I am warning you, though, I am very specific about what I want at any one time, and not very patient with dawdlers.’

She locked the door, walked purposefully back to where he had directed and removed her overcoat. She was now in her business suit, a pretty filly blouse, a skirt that respectfully and snugly hugged her body and a matching jacket. A very proper business presentation, and sexy too, to him. She stepped up to his view and awaited his cue to turn. He was very impressed in her discipline and obedience.

He nodded, and she turned exactly one quarter turn. He got a profile view of her body, seeing her ample breasts and lovely behind. She looked straight forward, as he examined her. She caught the next nod from him out of the corner of her eye and turned again, so that her back was directly in his view. Her hair fell in such a lovely way, curled at its deep brown ends, hanging to just below where her bra line would be, if he could see it. She then heard his cue, “now” and she turned again to give him a profile, and since he had already seen this he nodded for her to face him again.

He said nothing, but indicated for her to doff her clothing. She understood and carefully removed each piece in a businesslike manner, a sort of executive business strip-tease, and folded each article and put them on the coffee table next to her chair. As she placed each article on the table he got a brief but noteworthy view of some intimate areas of her body. Finally, when she got down to her bra and panties, she raised the ante some by posing herself in a very sensual way, letting him see her actual breast and pussy regions. Again, he was very impressed.

He now said to her, “Now it is your turn to decide what you want to do to impress me and secure this job for yourself. The floor is yours, Ms. Williams”

She nodded to him, briefly paused to consider her course of action, and then began to act on her decision.

She smiled at him and approached his desk. She nudged him back from the desk and took up position on it, sitting on it facing him with her legs somewhat open to his view. She then motioned him to advance towards her and she reached out to his head and brought it up to her for her kisses. He felt like he was losing some of the control here, but was totally into the kisses which rapidly became very energetic and deep. Their tongues were negotiating with each other, with give and take, constantly in touch and motion. His chest was pressed up to her breasts and he soon felt constricted in his clothing. He motioned for a brief respite and used it to remove his clothing, too. He wasn’t as artful about it as she had been. He was already terribly turned on.

She then moved his head and face down to her nether regions, which she made much more accessible with her legs now opened to a much wider degree. He avidly kissed around the region, at first deliberately missing the target that she wanted him to find. Her belly, which was amazingly flat and smooth after having three babies (she regularly attended the neighborhood gym,) received the first kisses, followed by her inside legs and then finally her pussy. When he got there it was already very warm and wet.

He used his tongue to attend to her outer and inner lips, giving her pee hole some attention and then moving to the main course, her clit. He lovingly and gently moved his tongue up and down her pussy crack, just missing her clit on the left hand side. Then after he felt her straining to guide his tongue to her clit, he gave in to her and began to give special attention to it. She indicated by her hands that she wanted a more vigorous attention to it, so he began to lick it directly, suck on it like a dick and to gently nibble on it. Ms. began to hump up and down under the sensations that she was enjoying. All the while holding him in position to pleasure her.

After several minutes of this, she began to buck wildly, her belly began to spasm, her vagina began to writhe and copious cum was coming from it. She forced his mouth down to the opening and shot her cum right into his mouth. She rubbed his lips all over her pussy, mons and belly and rode him till she relaxed.

He sat back, stunned by what had just happened. Now he knew what the guys had said about M.I.L.F. women was absolutely true. Their sexual and life experience made them terrific lovers. Boy, was her ex-husband missing out. And he thought of all the time he had spent on very young, inexperienced and uninterested lovers. No more time for that waste.

Having gained back her breath and sanity, she motioned for him to sit back into his chair, as she lowered herself to the floor on the rug between his legs. She was going to get right to it, since he was already gloriously engorged and hard. She kissed around his pelvic region as he had done with her, then when she could tell that he was also straining to get his climax, she began to very actively lick, suck and blow on his cock. He was beside himself with passion and very soon shot his wad into her mouth, which she graciously swallowed.

She laid her head on his leg to rest from the effort. He very tenderly reached over and stroked her hair. If he had had the energy, he would have lowered himself to the floor and worshiped at her pussy altar. And she would have worshipped at his cock too, if she had the energy to do so. Since, neither one of them did, they just enjoyed the comfort from the intimacy that they had just enjoyed and the fire that remained in their bodies from it.

As she rested briefly in this position, she considered her next actions, which might be the most important of all. Undoubtedly, the other ladies had made a very good showing up to this point. But, she knew that few women were comfortable in giving anal, and even fewer were good at it. She had told him that she had little experience with it, but there was more. As she smiled she remembered how her ex-husband had been stubborn in his refusal to do such a ‘dirty act’ with her. Her first experience with sex had been with a cousin who insisted on entering her ass, instead of her pussy to avoid pregnancy. After some practice, she had come to love it. It was different than pussy sex, but after becoming used to it, it turned out to be just as intensive in the feelings in engendered.

So, she motioned for them to move over to the love seat that he had in his office, in the corner by the window. They were on the thirtieth floor and so no one would likely see them, but the small amount of risk helped to set the stage. His cock was still very hard, so she lathered it up with a very thick lubricant that she (smile) just happened to have with her. And then she motioned for him to use the same to lubricate around her ass hole and into it with his fingers.

When she was satisfied with his efforts, she turned around, and bent over with her hands on the back of the sofa. She leaned over as far as she could and then spread her legs. With this accomplished, she motioned for him to approach her from behind. When he was in position, she reached back and guided him inside of her rear portal, which was quite open to his penetration due to her very recent climax.

He was very gentle in his probing into her depths with his penis. As he would proceed in very small increments, he could feel her rectum and bowel align itself with his substantial and very hard cock. The probing sensations were very sensational to both of them. And finally he reached his maximum depth. He stopped and relaxed inside of her for a few moments, and she sighed in pleasure. Then he began to pump in and out of her, increasing in vigor. She began to respond by bucking back onto him as he reached into her depths. She was beginning to talk to him, beckoning him to pound her harder and faster. They were both sweating profusely and their bodies were totally out of control. They moved on their own to their own rhythms. He began to stiffen even more, she felt it, they were now colliding into each other and then he shot his biggest cumming ever into her behind, and her body quaked with response to it.

They fell into each other arms and collapsed on to the couch. They held on to each other’s body and smiled warmly. As they came to themselves, they each excused themselves to use his personal washroom to repair the damage.

When he came back into the office, looking every inch the C.E.O. that he was, she looked up from the chair and smiled at him. He nodded at her, and a small smile betrayed itself on the corners of his mouth.

“I will have to confer with the Board on the final decision, it is as much theirs to make as it is mine. I will let you know as soon as I find out.”

As she stood up, unsure of herself, he looked at her and winked. And she walked tall and confidently out of the office.



Mr. M. Martin is sitting in the waiting room of the office of a Mr. Water-struck, the owner and Prime Agent of the Waterstruck Detective Agency. According to police sources that I tapped into, meaning I bought a beer for one of the more experienced boys in blue and asked him for a recommendation, Mr. Waterstruck is the most highly regarded P.I. in the Big City area. He didn’t mention if he was married to Mr. Waterstruck’s sister, though.

Anyway, this office is anything but the shopworn office in a seedy building that such businesses are often portrayed to be. It is clean, well-lit and situated in a modern strip mall located within two blocks of the county courthouse. It has a very attractive ‘milf’ type receptionist, who appears to be very capable and gracious in carrying out her assigned duties. She asked me to take a seat when I showed up for an arranged interview with the Mr. himself. So, the view is quite pleasant as I await being called into the inner sanctum, his office.

My mind wanders over the last month or so and the situation and assertions by my ‘lover/escort’ that has driven me to this action. There have been some very unfortunate occurrences in the past with her that moves me to be very, very careful of any future additional entanglements. We are already regulars, and I enjoy her very much. But, there is the common client condition: he is ‘crazy about her and she has undefined feelings towards him but is patient with him’ syndrome. It is so common that some sociology major will someday write and have accepted a doctoral thesis on this subject.

But, I don’t want to ruminate on this too much before meeting with the Man, so that what I share with him doesn’t come out stale.

Oh, now the ‘sexretary’, sorry the secretary/receptionist is motioning me to rise up and move to the door of The Man and prepare to be greeted by him.

I do so, in my casual clothes, black sneakers, washed-out jeans, striped business shirt, blue-patterned bandana and black western hat. I was never a cowboy, I was thrown off into barbed wire fences both times that I had the nerve to be on a horse, once when I was three years old. But, the attire is comfortable and sponsors a kind of kindly treatment among my fellow public park devotees. “See the old cowboy there, kids.” I can hear it now, though I have never actually had it said within earshot there. Mr. Waterstruck, however, is very smartly dressed in a blue suit with all of the usual business accessories.

Anyway, Mr. invites me into his inner-sanctum, presumably to dump my problems into his lap, which is attached to a cash register. He respectfully guides me to a very comfortable chair in front of his desk. Evidently, he will take his time with me, testified to by the comfort of the chair. I know, I have read too much of Sherlock Holmes. He returns to his chair and fixes his attention on me and asks, “What may my agency do for you, Mr. Martin?”

“Sir, I have a situation that will require the special attention that only a professional like you can give me. I need to have discreet inquiries made to determine certain suspected situations involving a girlfriend that wants to establish a residence in common and become a more significant part of my life. I need to have certain things checked out before I commit a significant amount of cash and a whole lot of my heart to this arrangement. There is no desire on my part to cause any harm to her. And our continued loosely based relationship is not in question, just the serious advancement that she is suggesting.”

“Very well put, sir. I think that I read the situation well. Do you mind if I record this conversation for future reference?”

“Not at all, I would prefer it. And I hope that what I have already said is on record.”

“It is, and thank you for being so understanding.”

“Understanding, undersmanding….it is to try to be efficient about this matter. I don’t want to have to repeat it. It is very personal and could become hurtful. So, I want to tell you things once and the answer your questions and then let you perform your magic for me.”

“Well, you are being very succinct and efficient about your portrayal of the situation, I think that we will do fine. I am sure that we can meet your needs. You now need to accurately portray the situation and then we can come to an agreement on services, if I feel that it is appropriate for us to serve your needs. It is after my agreement, that the meter will start running, and our usual rate for non-risky services is $50 per hour. Will that be acceptable?”

“Yes, that is what I expected after doing a little research on the internet. Here is the situation:

My long-time love (who is an active escort, not a problem for me) let me know recently that she was contemplating us moving into a home together. This has been a wild dream of mine for years. But, when we lived together for a month a couple of years ago, it went very badly. At the time, she evidently still viewed me as just a trick. A favored one evidently, but a trick none the less. And she has pulled some truly terrible things on me over the years. If it had been anyone else I would have bid her goodbye a long time ago.

Why have I give her so many chances? Because I love her to the absolute depths of my heart. Neither she nor I have ever been able to fathom it. It is not just because of the sex we enjoy. I paid for it with her as a provider. I could have gotten it with any number of escorts that knew of me and wanted my business. It wasn’t even because of exceptional rare skills on her part. She is not G.F.E., but a half and half provider, who is beautiful. She is very adept at Role Plays, though.

It’s just that my body craves hers. I only feel home when I am in her and holding her tight in my arms. Although for much of our relationship she has either denied or avoided saying that she loves me, I have felt her heart through my caresses and hugs of her.

Lately we have come to have a better accommodation with each other than ever before. And she has started to actually say that she loves me in a manner the causes me to consider the real possibility that it is true despite our extreme age difference. She had even introduced me into her children’s lives and they seem to accept me just fine.

But, I am not completely brain dead, so I have been asking searching questions of her. Not to delve into areas of her life that are rightly private, but into those that affect me and us. Even these precise and respectful inquiries have produced a lot more questions than answers.

Since, we living together will expose me to added real risks, if her motives are not at least fair, and with the questionable answers to the questions that I ask, along with the very real concerns that this all raises, I have decided to hire a private detective to trail her and find out what is really going on. I do want to have things work out, but based on previous harmful results in similar efforts, I can’t just take her word that things are fine and that our being together will work out.”

“I think that I see where you are coming from. Actually, by handling it this way with third-party inquiries, you are showing more respect for her, since you will be separated from personal presence in whatever is going on, but have the knowledge that you need to make your decisions. What would you like us to do, and for how long?”

“I am offering to show her place of residence, her job site, my place, and identify and describe the key persons in her life. This will be to eliminate un-necessary avenues of inquiry and focus on the area(s) of real concern to me.

I am not concerned about her clients that she handles just professionally. Seeing them for a half hour or full hour or so. What I am concerned about is whether she has another client like me that she has a personal and social relationship with. She has denied the existence of anyone like this, but evidence indicates that there is at least one. If so, it will not terminate some kind of relationship with her, but it will cause me to pass on entangling her anymore into my personal life.”

“Let me get this straight. She is a high class prostitute, called an escort, who has intimate relations with men for money and that doesn’t concern you, but the possibility that she has social involvement with them does?”

“Yes, that is exactly the case. First of all for legal reasons, escorts do not sell sex to their clients, they sell personal time. Whatever intimacies that occur are a matter of the feelings of the moment. Prostitutes, however, directly sell their bodies and sex services. That puts them a lot more in risk with the authorities.

As to the social involvement is concerned, that would be a serious impairment to the kind of personal relationship that she promises to me. A couple of escort dates a week, if that is all that they are, doesn’t necessarily effect our relationship at all. She seems well able to separate her professional life from our personal one.”

“What a remarkable attitude and situation. I don’t think that I have ever heard of anything like this before.”

“I don’t think that my attitude is very common. Most men are very jealous of the body of their lover. But, with her income requirements and our age differences, it makes some kind of sense to handle things this way.”

“What is her situation, exactly?”

“She is a Native-American, in her late twenties. By-The-Way, this is all covered by client confidence, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is, unless she has committed a reportable crime. But, so far that is not the case, and we will not be in any hurry to assume that anything that we find out will be so.”

“Well, thank you for that!”

Mr. Martin, continues,” Cora was born to a very poor Native-American family on the rez. She is very attractive, friendly, intelligent and brave. She didn’t finish high school because of an early pregnancy, but has gotten an office clerk certificate through a private business school. Because of a series of low scale offenses, involving shop-lifting, breaking and entering and drug involvement, she is prevented from getting a well-paying job to support herself and two children. Her common-law husband, Andrew (now estranged) has been of little financial help. He is the father of the young daughter, whom he loves very much, but is very much useless as to her needs. He has very much resented her involvement in Escorting, but not enough to prevent him from diverting some of the proceeds to him and his drug habit. I believe him to be very hypocritical, since he knew of her activity before their involvement and about her involvement with me which proceeded his. So, she escorts to help make up the difference between her regular income and the cost of maintaining a viable life. Yes, she has had drug problems herself in the past. It was during these times that she caused me a lot of grief and expense. Now, we are getting a long quite well and I regularly see her professionally and socially and help to support her.”

“Okay, I get the gist of this and can somewhat read between the lines, too. Has it occurred to you, that she might just be using you?”

“Sure, and that has been true in the past. Many things that are happening now tend to diffuse that worry. For instance, my allowance to have a friendly connection with her children. She would not allow that in the past and especially during the times that she was treating me badly. The generous amount of social time she spends with me, this is also relatively new just the last several months. And the fact that she sometimes spends free intimate time with me. This has rarely happened before. She also tells me that she loves me, which is new. Sure, this could all be window dressing, hence my concerns. But, it also could be a natural progression in our relationship based on her failed attempts with other men and my relative respect and honoring of her.”

“Actually, it appears that you have a rather well thought-out assessment of the situation. Now let’s see what our agency can do for you.”

“What I am proposing is that she be tailed at certain times of the day, different each day, and it being ascertained if she is spending more time with her clients than would be justified by a paying visit.

I will give you her proffered work schedule and the assertions of what her other times involve. There are certain critical time periods in the week that will need close scrutiny of.”

“Okay, Mr. Martin, it is now time to talk about a retainer. We need to have at least 50% of the anticipated total in escrow. And contrary to some others, if we don’t use up all of the retainer, you will get the residual back.

From what you are describing, this could be costly. What are you willing to initially commit to this purpose?”

“I just won a sizeable amount of money in the State Lottery, which is at stake in whatever I chose to do about my lover/companion. So, I am willing to commit a sizeable sum to determine where things are with her. How about $25,000 to start?”

“Because of her schedule, she will need to be monitored from about 5 am to 7am, when she heads to drop her daughter off at daycare and then to work. She works basically from 8 am to noon, sometimes till 2 pm and a day or two a week until 5 pm. So she will need monitoring during lunch from noon to 1 pm, and from when she gets off work until 5. Then she will need to be monitored in the evening if she drops her child off at her parents and when she indicates on her Backpage Ad that she will be available late in the evening till early in the morning. That usually only happens at the first/last of the month to get funds together for her rent.

When your agent that will be working this case is ready, I will drive around with him in his vehicle and point out the known addresses of interest.”

“With your retainer on hand, we can start right now. I will be taking lead on this case because of the admitted sensitivity of some of the factors.”

“Well, Mr. Waterstruck, here is a cashier’s check for 25 grand, which I will sign over to you. If anyone but a legitimate L.E. officer asks me about this, I will swear on my mother’s grave that I am not involved. Do, you understand?”

“Yes sir, I do.”

After the handling of the check with an official receipt and signing of the services contract, which Mr. Martin recognized as a ‘boiler-plate’ contract form, he was ready to start the investigation. So, he asked if they could do the runaround right then, and The Mr. said yes.

They first drove over to her parent’s place in the P.I.’s nonde off white small sedan that is the requisite lightly dirty. Freshly clean and grossly dirty vehicles call attention to themselves, something that those who want to drive to places without people noticing, avoid. “That is their trailer there down the driveway. Her parents are sociable, but not trustworthy. And because of their sketchy activities, they closely watch over anyone in the area that they know doesn’t belong. The interest in their place is this, it is where she meets her ex common-law husband to let him have time with their daughter. She says that they are on the outs now, but if she stays the night with him that becomes unlikely. That is one factor that I want nailed down. Also, I think that she uses them to watch her child while she goes about her professional business, so their place should be monitored anytime that the kids are there.”

“I sure hope that you are recording all of this, too.”

“Yes, I am. I am recording all of the conversations that we have.”

“Good. Saves repetitions. Do, you have any questions about this place?”

“Not at this time.”

“Okay, let’s move on to the next place of interest.”

So, they then drove to Mr. Martin’s place which is not far from her parent’s place. He pointed out his condo on the third floor and mentioned that she visits him there from time to time.

Then they drove over a short distance to the little girl’s daycare facility. He mentioned that sometimes the father of the little girl, would pick her up without the prior knowledge of the girl’s mother. She would tell Mr. Martin how upset she was over this.

They then drove out to her place of work. She was there and so he pointed out her car. The license plate was not easily viewable, so that info would have to wait until a very fine long-range camera was available.

Next, they drove south to where she lived. It was only temporary, because of some creepy things that her ex common-law husband had done there and his refusal to stay away, which was a condition for her to remain. He asked the P.I. to enter and case the place some other time when he wasn’t in the vehicle and to be very careful how he did it, because the owner/managers and the other tenets were very nosy about any goings-ons in their trailer court.

They then proceeded to the public park that she frequented, usually with Mr. Martin. He showed the P.I. where they usually locate themselves when they are there to keep a close eye on the little girl while she played on the equipment.

When they got back to the office, Mr. Martin related the various hotels and motels that she regularly used in her trade. She moved about to not bring too much attention on herself by the managers and the police. He showed him the Backpage Ad that she used for him to be able to time some of the close observations of her activity. And mentioned that she was evidently working with her sister in the trade.

Then he went on to discuss Andrew’s place in all of this. How it was her fault that Andrew even knew of Mr. Martin’s place in her life and how he has been a constant irritation to Mr. Martin over the years. She truly loves him, because he is also Native-American, about her age and nice looking. Lately he had warned off Mr. Martin from seeing Mariah, this for the umpteenth time, but with an added life-threatening note on his door. This was passed on to the police with an official written complaint. Evidently the police warned him off after he came late in the night and slashed one of his tires.

He then went on to explain the relationship that he had with Cora, including the places and times that they were regularly scheduled to meet and with whom. He told the P.I. that he wasn’t concerned about observations of his activity with Cora, since they were very careful of public scrutiny, which is expected with the obvious age difference.

He closed with mention of Craig, an older guy that she had seen about the same amount of time over the years previously. And that she had also previously seen several guys who reported on an adult dating site. That was it all.

And the P.I. said that the info given was so thorough that he had no questions at that time but would get back to him if any came up. And he asked Mr. Martin if he wanted progress reports. Mr. Martin said that he didn’t. Just to give it all in one dose when complete. They shook hands and Mr. Martin left to have his life remain in limbo until his questions were answered.

Three weeks later he got a call from the agency, to come in to get the report and summation. He arrived to meet The Mr. at the appointed time that very afternoon. Again, he was guided to sit in the ante room awaiting his audience with the P.I. King of Big Town.

Soon enough his time came and he was guided into Mr.‘s roomy office and the provided chair, this time by the very able secretary/receptionist. He wondered at this.

Mr. had his sober and inscrutable face on. No reading of his thoughts at all. Mr. Martin already knew his own thoughts. He was worried.

Finally, the P.I. looked up to him and nodded. “First of all, I am informing you that you do have matters of concern to deal with in this affair. But, not all is grim.”

Mr. looked down at his notes and then proceeded on with his summation,” In front of you is a folder with a copy of all of the reports filed in this matter. There are first hand observations, pictures, a recording or two in written form and a group of summations based on what we have found out for you.”

“I will concentrate on the summation, as you will be able at your leisure to check on the facts that support them. As to your two primary areas of concern: One, the disappearances that occurred at lunch time appointments were her meeting with a known drug dealer to replenish her supplies. There appears to be no real relationship between them, but she does linger with him, probably to service him for a reduced rate on her supplies. He has stayed over at her home on occasion, with the little girl present. And as to Craig, she is seeing him often on weekends, spending extended time with him and sometimes overnight. Those are the most troubling facts that we have under covered.

As to her professional work, there are three guys that she sees regularly, mostly on weekends. They are well known on the ‘hooker board’ that you are a prominent member of. They have the reputation of being respectful and honor-able in their dealings with the women in this ‘hobby.’ There is no indication at all of any social interchange among them with her, though.

She is practicing her profession with her sister, whom we understand that you have the hots for. But, she is not interested in you, and you have the reputation of being true to one provider as long as you are adequately taken care of.

Neither Craig, nor the drug dealer appear to have any romantic attachment to Cora. They just seem to get more time with her, because they are especially useful to her in discounts for supplies given and higher contributions given to her.

As to you, you have a considerable reputation on the board. You are respected even by your severest critics as a soft-hearted but truthful poster, who tries to be fair-minded in everything that you say, almost without exception. They also say that you have a very quirky sense of humor that often amuses them.

Cora is accounted as a limited menu provider, a half and half girl. That is half the time with a blowjob that she is very skilled at, and half of the time in full service, that is fucking. She is known to be responsive in that, too. She is not favorable to kissing or the playing with her breasts. Her rate is modest and she refuses to reduce it. She is also very good at Role Play. Especially noted were the Slut portrayal and the Sexy Nurse.

As to her relationships with the various men, she is noted to be friendly, but very professional. However, with you, it was noted that she is much more comfortable in your presence and that she is a great deal more affectionate with you. This is especially noteworthy because of your often grumpy nature and skittish reactions to difficulties as they become manifest between you two. She evidently is deeply in love with you out of the longstanding strong feelings of yours and your commendable manner of dealing with her, sometimes under a great deal of stress caused by her. This has caused her to be very forgiving of your regressions and patient with your grumpiness.

In our surreptitious interviews with her family, fellow board members and casual observers, there is a constant amazement that you two are even still seeing each other. But, most all of them say that you seem to be good for each other despite the many significant differences between you.

As far as Andrew is concerned, our law enforcement friends tell us that he is only a couple of more offenses (and even one if it is serious enough) from spending a considerable time in prison based on the record that he already has.

My fellow agents and I after consultation with each other came to the re-commendation that you spread the facts in front of her, try to work out some kind of balanced means of dealing with all of this and finally: Give the Girl a Chance, She is Worth it!”

“Of course, it is up to you. That is all, sir.”



Well, our president finally did it! We have six ICBMs heading towards us from the fief of the megalomaniac of Asia’s dictatorial ‘Democracy.’ We did manage to shoot down two at their attempted liftoffs, and one over Hawaii by unknown means. Then of the three remaining ones, one was shot down by our trillion dollar anti-ballistic missile defense, letting two through. One on San Diego and the other on Twilight City. Those targets were obvious because of defense industries, military bases and headquarters of a number of very important U.S. Corporations.

Thankfully, each missile had only one warhead, so the damage, though substantial wasn’t going to slow the U.S. down much. And The Maniac of Asia got no chance to chortle over his success, since everything that he ruled or even knew of was burned to the ground in a hail of nuclear bombs. South Korea would suffer for a while, but survive. China and Russia had minimal effects on their territories, but were furious. Good sense prevailed with them, though. They didn’t want the same gifts sent to them that N.K. had just received. N.K. would be uninhabitable for at least a generation, but the land would eventually heal and it was expected that then the two Koreas would unite.

In our neighborhood, about one-hundred and twenty miles north of Twilight City, the damage was limited to a light covering of fallout. The local news media and power companies were hardly damaged at all. But, the emergency agencies advised the local residents to stay hold-up in their homes for at least two weeks for the fallout to reduce in potency and hopefully be washed away by the frequent rains in the area. Everyone was going to hold their breaths though to see what the long lasting effects would be on the local and regional ecology.

As is the usual case, many of the local inhabitants ignored sage advice of the emergency agencies to store up supplies of water and easily prepared food-stuffs in case of just such an occurrence. They were supposed to stay inside of their homes, but what were they to eat and drink, hence the object of our story.

I live in a planned community just a couple of miles South and East of Big City. It was begun in the nineteen sixties and intended to be a model community with heterogeneous lodgings, lot sizes and home designs. It is a square mile in area, with a double ten foot high cyclone fence all around, and a gated entry. Strangers of the human and animal kind are not welcome in this compound, nor evidently are anyone of the various races of the world, except white Protestant Caucasians. There a couple of Asians, who came in as spouses of residents, or there would have been serious Constitutional issues if they were denied, but no one for some reason married a A.A. or Native-American. Their loss, I figure. Baptist, Lutheran, with a smattering of Catholics ruled the religious life. The J.W.s did manage to get a family in. They were very popular people, always helpful and very circumspect in their proselytizing in the compound. No Mormons managed to invade, yet. They with their undeniable neighborly spirit will also be popular when they can break through.

The square mile, as in all square miles, is made up of six-hundred and forty acres. So, since the minimum lot size is half an acre, which allows for a maximum of 1280 lots. But, with roads, multiple lot groupings and infrastructure and the small village in the center, the actual number turned out to be about 900. And with an average of five persons per family, the population stabilized at about four thousand with condo inhabitants and some single and duo families. This justified a school right in the compound for grades K. thru eight. They were bussed out to a local high school for the later years of their educations.

One of the purposes of the planning of this community was to see the effect of having a variety of dwellings and lot sizes to see over time if this would prevent the production of just another slum, with decaying cookie-cutter homes all painted in complementary colors. And to see how self-sustaining the community could be with the encouragement to grow their own, in compound shopping and such. We even have our own fire department and County Deputy Sheriff Station, manned three days a week for four hours a day. The Community Commission has also arranged to have at least one deputy to live in the environs all of the time, and they give him a modest bonus to his salary to be open to reacting to truly dangerous events in the compound during his off-duty times. So, the ambiance of the community is noticeably tranquil almost all of the time.

One exception to that mode is Mr. Oscar Mannix, a curmudgeon of the first order. Since his family is one of the founding ones and a major investor to the economy of the compound, he is immune from other’s irritation, even though he is a solo-living ‘perv’ of the first order. Among a lot of other things, he owns the resident gas station and grocery store, the only ones of their type permitted in the compound. One of his redeeming qualities, almost everyone has some, is that he is studiously honest in his business dealings. Not forsaking fair prices in his monopolies in the village, for instance. And since he doesn’t have time to maintain his lawn, the kids in the neighborhood would fight each other to do his lawn and shrubs, if it was allowed because he is very generous in paying them for these services. He has a drawing each Spring for those interested in doing this service for him, it draws a lot of attention at his gas station for the drawing finale.

His escapades with the younger inhabitants of the village draws a considerable amount of attention, also. And fiery threats of retribution, too. But, so far the threats have remained relatively empty.

So, when the bomb blast dust hovered overhead and dusted us, he had already locked up and secured his store and gas station, and with the deputy living next door to it, it wasn’t likely to be bothered. However, everyone knew that Oscar was an enthusiastic survivalist and so would have a great amount of survival supplies in his home including water and emergency food rations.

By the ending of the first day of the dustings, people were getting concerned about soon being hungry and thirsty because of their short sightedness. The adults could have survived in difficulty for the two or three weeks, eking out their way by severely rationing their supplies. But, it is very hard to keep your sanity with crying babies and frantic children who don’t have enough water and food for themselves.

The dropping of the dust had all but ceased by the start of the second day and so some of the residents who were in severe need decided to chance things by using their cars stored in home garages to drive to Oscar’s place to get some needed supplies. They knew from knowing him that they better call first, or would get a very unpleasant welcome. Oscar had a first rate security system and some very unlawful defenses to unwelcome interlopers.

When the needy families would call him, the first words out of his mouth were, ”Do you have any daughters between the ages of fourteen and eighteen?”

After the flabbergasted reactions on the part of the parents settled down, if there were any insulting oral reactions by the callers, the phone went dead and stayed dead to them until they texted their apologies to him.

When he got a positive response, he would instruct them to bring her along and send her in the back door, which had a small shower installed for her to wash herself down and then to put on the robe supplied there and then enter to his pleasure. The parents were to instruct the girl as to what would be expected of her, and the seriousness of the situation. A surprising number of parents relented to this scenario.

The first was a fifteen year-old girl of a Caucasian/Japanese family who called in the morning and made the arrangements for eight a.m. on the second day. She did just as instructed and when she had entered the lodging area of the home was instructed to remove her robe and put it on the table for him to verify that she had nothing dangerous to his well-being on her. In front of her were the supplies for her family, which were generous in their quantity, to remind her of why she was doing this.

After verifying that the residence was all locked up and secure, he took the girl by the hand and led her to a downstairs bedroom prepared for this purpose. He helped her up onto the bed and then after removing his outer clothing joined her up on the surface. He then asked her if she knew why she was here and what would be expected of her. She very shyly said, “Yes, I was told and am familiar in theory about how this should go. My father instructed me to do whatever you ask, since our family and my younger sibling’s lives depend on it.”

“Okay, my dear, lets proceed and not draw this out for too long for you.”

He had her lay back on the middle of the bed for the present and proceeded to kiss and caress her face and body. She soon showed that this was a lot more pleasurable than she had feared it would be. When she got heated up from the intimate attentions, she was instructed to move down to service his cock with first her hands and then her mouth. When it got raised enough, to her excited surprise, he moved her to her back, with her hips up on a couple of pillows and began to work his cock up into her.

With this, she began to vocalize her fears at the beginning of his penetration of her, especially as he moved up to her hymen as she was a virgin upon her arrival. When he was nested up to her ‘cherry’ he looked up to her eyes and asked if she was ready for a slight amount of pain. She thought of the greatly needed supplies on the kitchen table and nodded “yes” fearfully. He then plunged right through the slight fleshy obstruction, to a considerable amount of pain for her that thankfully eased off very quickly. He then worked his cock right up to the upper end of her vagina and rested there to let her feelings and reactions catch up to this new experience for her.

When everything calmed down, she nodded to him again and he began a patterned fucking of her alternating deep plunges, shallow plunges and frequencies of varying length to get her totally wound up. She was surprised at the magnitude of her climax and the obvious spilling of her now womanly liquids. And was stunned, when Oscar temporarily moved his mouth down to sample them, even with her virginal blood. He then reentered her and sped off to his own spilling, which she again found very pleasant in feeling. They then gathered themselves together in a long term hug for a brief nap.

When they came to, she asked if there would be more asked of her?

And he informed her that there would be because of the volume of help that her family would need to get through the coming weeks, and the unlikelihood that her parents would want this event repeated. So, he gathered her up and moved her again to the center of the bed and propped her belly up on two pillows. She was unsure of what this might lead to and he wasn’t forthcoming as to his destination. She had heard of ‘doggie’ among her girlfriends. And they had ‘tittered’ together over the rumor that some guys liked to go up the ‘poop chute’ also. So, she was prepared for the worst (?) at this time for her family.

He left little doubt as to his destination when he anointed her anal entry with a very thick but good smelling lube. She could hear him evidently anointing his member with it, too. She then felt her anus being fingered with swirling and penetrating actions of a single finger. It actually was strange, but felt good she decided. And he then added sporadic sharp slaps to her butt cheeks to his repertoire. She could feel her asshole evidently dilating with all of this and so with a few porn videos supplied by her father for just this eventuality in mind, she reached back with her head laying sideways on the surface of the bed and pulled her ass cheeks as far apart as possible. At this, Oscar moved the head of his cock right up to the entry port and gradually worked it in, until he was fully planted up her backside. He then rested for a few minutes to let her innards adjust to the penetration and then began a gentle swirling and probing action up into her.

She then began to get feelings through the two walls in her abdomen, her bowels and vagina, to her ‘G’ spot. Very quickly after that, she then came again and with that he did, too. Right up into her bowels, which had its own pleasant reaction for her. With that he rolled off of her back and after a glancing blow with a warm washcloth had her suck and lick the remaining cum still in his delivery system.

They then took a very brief shower from filtered water, kissed and redresssed. He moved the supplies to out by the back door with a note to the father to throw off his outer clothing when they got home before moving the supplies from the car to inside of their home. Oscar then celled him to tell him to move his car right up and under the carport covering adjacent to his back door to minimize his exposure and hers. The father followed his suggestions and with a pat on her behind, the little girl moved out to help her father load the supplies.

When her father, very carefully brought up the subject on her encounter with Oscar as to how it went. She very shyly responded to her father’s inquiries with an, “Okay!” And the subject was never brought up again.

That afternoon another family contacted him politely. Several others had been very rude to him when he brought up the need for young girls to come in to get the supplies, with them knowing what that would lead to. So, for them he just hung up and let them find another way to overcome their lazy attitude towards the safeguarding of their families that had led to their current state of affairs.

A couple of families had been warned by the deputy living next door to the store that they would be shot as looters if he caught them trying to steal from it. Oscar did make arrangements for a few people who were of unquestioned honesty in their dealing to use up the fresh supplies especially in the store before they went stale. The deputy who had been ordered to stay in the compound to maintain order there, doled out the supplies and kept a list of the purchasers for later settlement.

The second family that contacted Oscar had three daughters between the ages of fourteen and eighteen and so Oscar, because of the amount of supplies that would be needed by them, insisted that all three of them come in together. The two older ones were fifteen and seventeen and the youngest was just turned fourteen. The mother who drove them up to his place couldn’t stand to hang around while her daughters were going to be despoiled and so instructed them to contact her by cell, when they were done with him and ready to load up the needed supplies.

When they came in they moved to the shower together and came out to him naked, since there was only one towel in there anyway. He guided them to the bedroom and with him in his shorts instructed them to get on the bed and play with each other as girls often do. Since the older sisters had done so for some time, they took this order gladly, worrying about what else he would think of.

So they got on the bed and laid the youngest, April, on the middle of the bed and then May, the fifteen year old, took charge of her face and tiny breasts for kissing and caressing. June, the oldest, took charge of her lower regions. As June was bent over the end of the bed and loving up April’s pussy region, Oscar moved in position behind her and began to lube up her vaginal entry. All three of the girls were virgins, and so he had a bit of a time getting up into her, but with no little effort he got up deeply into her abdomen.

She acted as if it stung a bit at first, but that soon wore off and she was immersed in little girl cum of her sister’s anyway, so took his further plunging into her quite well. And when he dumped into her, she switched positions with May. Then May continued the playing with April’s pussy and got the same treatment up her vagina in ‘doggie’ as June had, with the same reactions and results. Oscar now had red from their virginal blood all around his mouth from sampling their pussies after the fact.

He now instructed the two older girls to get into the ‘69’ position and he raised up on the bed to attend to April. She was a bit afraid of what was to come, but for the sake of her family and the younger children than her, she bucked up and raised her butt up on the offered pillow and allowed Oscar’s cock up into her also virginal vagina.

As he plunged through her ‘cherry’ she let out a yell, but the sisters were too involved with each other to pay much notice. And Oscar just ignored it and moved on up into her upper vaginal zone, to right below her cervix. He worked his cock head around in that upper zone and with this, April loosened up somewhat. She even began to smile with the very pleasant feelings she was now getting, with only a bit of stinging from the broken hymen.

He leaned over and began to kiss her very fervently as he was plunging in and almost out of her. Her hips began to reciprocate to his actions, as her tongue was dueling with his in her mouth. And when he moved down to suckle on her tiny titties, she just lost it and howled as she came from intercourse for the first time in her life. As that eased off, he lowered himself and tasted of her virginal blood and cum, just like her sisters. And then she moved to suck off and empty his cock of any remaining cum and her evident vaginal blood.

They then simply napped for about a half an hour and then the girls celled their mother to come and get the supplies and them. She said that she would be delayed for a couple of hours and so they remained on the bed and he got anal up the oldest one to the admiration of the other two.

The next morning a young couple with only very small children inquired as how they might get their supplies from him. She mentioned that a long-time friend, who was African-American and twenty-two years old was visiting. And she asked if that would do.

Oscar being awoken at five in the morning again was being pissy and said that the mother, who was Caucasian and also twenty-two would have to come also to balance things out. And after deliberations with her heart-broken husband reluctantly agreed.

With them both naked and on his bed a couple of hours later, he instructed them to play with each other, which was likely not new between them, since they had been very close friends for years. Oscar just sat back and enjoyed the show for some time and then got up on the bed for them to play with him. The A.F. was the closest to cumming, so she plunged down on his cock as he was laying on his back and the white one planted her pussy down on his face.

With their dynamic actions they each came and brought him rather quickly. Then the A.A. who very much liked anal, got into the proper position and he lubed her up and himself and proceeded to move up into her as she was on her tummy elevated at the foot of the bed. As he made himself comfortable inside of her rear end, the other gal positioned herself behind him and busied herself rimming and suckling his balls as he pistoned in and out of her girlfriend.

The A.A. was moaning and murmuring very dirty stuff as he plowed up and down in her and pretty soon they both came. And the ‘whitey’ licked off her girlfriends cum with his mixed in as it leaked out of her pussy at the end.

As they cleaned up and dressed they told Oscar that they might be up to doing this again after things cleared up. They might do it with her husband, too. They left with big smiles and their supplies.

The supply of needy folks was quickly running out, but there was one family of six children that became in need. They sent their fourteen year old twins to attend to him, and in their cases, they were very enthusiastic about the sexy fun, because Oscar played X-rated videos as he played with them.

From then on he had a few stragglers until relief came.

Three weeks later, relief supplies came into the compound and the gas station and store reopened. Evidently the very light dusting of the compound had received was mostly washed away and that which entered the ecosystem was very quickly lowering in toxicity.

Concurrent with the restoration of a majority of the normal activities in the village, the house and businesses of Oscar went up for sale and he disappeared to places unknown. Evidently he left while the leaving was good to avoid repercussions from the parents of the several young girls that he used in trade for needed supplies. Several of them had gifts in their tummies due to be opened in nine months because of his actions.

The only excuse that he left behind, was that he used the girls to avoid having his door rushed by other separate neighbors who would want and even perhaps demand his supplies to help them cope with their shortsightedness.




It’s late in the evening and the man sits in his over-stuffed rocker wondering what to do with himself. Everything on T.V. is dreadful. He can’t find any music worth listening to on the radio. He has already checked in on the usual sites that interest him on the internet. His current supply of books is meager. At this point he has no friends that would be interested in seeing him. His recent escape from a long-lived marriage that had been very happy, but had deteriorated into a hideously unhappy pairing had left him without the connection to all of his friends, family and virtually anyone else that he knew.

Life at this point is difficult, but not unbearable. He has his simple and comfy studio apartment. It isn’t much, but doesn’t cost him that much either. It will take several years to get out of the load left to him by his escape, but it can be done. And it will not be unbearable during the process. Just challenging. But, he is very disciplined with money, so it should work out. At least he still has his pickup truck and his computer. Along with his rent, an internet connection is be supplied so that resource is available to him to try to make something out of this night. The guitar sits in the corner, but his heart just isn’t into his playing it at this time.

He is very lonely, because of having had a warm woman beside him for so many years. Even now, it is hard for him to remember how bad it had gotten, because of the intrusion of the very pleasant memories of how it had been. But, he knew that there was no going back. He had already done some things that would prevent the former relationship from ever healing and resuming. And he had no desire for a crippled version of the happiness that they had shared for so many years.

He is over the several weeks of virtually nonstop sobbing and hysteria over losing so much that had mattered to him. It still made him sad to contemplate it, but he remained very busy to insulate himself from the trauma. Besides he is still coming out of the break away from the depression drugs that he had been on for several years. The terrible state of his mind had somewhat been dealt with. He still had the mood swings, but he now knew how to cope with them. No, there is no cure, but coping without the mood altering drugs was so much better, than either the crushing depression that came before or the horrible mind altering drugs that had at first helped and then aggravated the problem.

Also, the frantic effort to drown his horror at what had become of his marriage and life, in the bodies of escorts had abated. In a way it had been fun, but it had also been rather empty. Love making with his wife had been so sweet, until it crashed into recriminations and bitterness. These ladies were devoted to giving him a good time, but that was definitely all. All that they promised and all that they delivered. At least they were honest about it. And the things that they had done with him absolutely blew his mind.

He knew that now he had to find another way to fill in that part of his life; no, he wouldn’t give up the ‘ladies’ but her would try to find a better and more lasting type of relationship with someone to replace them. He had tried to initiate this by giving out index cards with his first name and cell number with the message written on the front: I CAN HELP! He gave these out in the course of his job which entailed a lot of contact with the public. He felt that he was doing no wrong, since he didn’t solicit their number to protect their privacy. It was their option to use it or not. Since, he was lonely, it would give him the opportunity to help some others at a minimum cost to himself, and perhaps it might result in a more permanent relationship developing.

In the meantime, he was still pursuing contacts with ladies on the internet. CRAIGSLIST, being the main venue. These were both supposedly regular ladies just wanting to date and obvious escorts who were selling themselves. But, he had recently been informed of an ‘escort review board’ named CLRB, to better identify and contact escorts to see. It included reviews of others who had seen the escorts, so it was easier to match up the guys needs with the offerings of the escorts there. So, he had several leads as to dealing with his loneliness and sexual desires. He still needed to be very careful and at this point was still somewhat ignorant of the risks that all of this entailed. But, he would learn!

One of his first experiences with the cards was a young woman, who called him a couple of times to transport her around town. It became obvious very quickly that she was just using him, since she offered nothing in return for these favors. He made his living transporting people and didn’t want to get into the habit of doing this repeatedly with a ‘using’ person. He cut it off by asking for a kiss on his last time of driving her, she was so offended that she never called again. Good riddance.

Another one was a woman evidently in her forties from out of town, who was somewhat flustered by being away from all that she knew. She found a job fairly quickly in town, but knew no one except for her brother. So, she called him up to see if he might want to take her to dinner. Since that was one of the things that he was looking for, of course he said yes. And it was a pleasant dinner, too. She was slightly plump with red hair, and a delightful conversationalist. Before they left her brother’s place for dinner, he came out to check him out. Good thinking on his part, and evidently he passed muster. They never dated again, since she was having deep personal problems of her own, and left to return to her home city soon after. He hopes that she is well, since she was very nice to him.

His online social dates followed a similar pattern. He met six ladies whom he emailed with at least ten times each. That is at least ten emails from each one of them and ten from him. This was to establish a basis for meeting. He had worked out a pattern to determine if the lady was likely to be what she said that she was. This was as a result of a very bad experience that had cost him just enough money to learn a very important lesson. Never send money to a lady that you don’t know in person over the internet. Got it! These dates all produced a very special and enjoyable dinner date. But, each one ended with a refusal to follow through. Evidently, he was still so broken by the wreckage of his marriage that he emotionally turned the ladies off. It also could have been that he was very honest that he wanted a full relationship, not a platonic one. In hindsight, it appeared to him that mainly they wanted another income to help them enjoy their homes, grandchildren, church group and lady friends. They weren’t really looking for a new lover. More like a ‘couch potato’ ATM, who wouldn’t bother them too often.

The excuses that they gave to break off communications were interesting. Four of them used the excuse that he wouldn’t join their church. He had long since come to a balanced conviction on spiritual things and felt no desire to beat anyone else over the head with them. But, he had no intention of joining any religious group that taught things different from what he was convinced of. He felt that that would be dishonest of him. He did say that he would gladly accompany them to any social occasions that the church sponsored as her mate. But, they let him know that that was not enough. One of them broke off since he wouldn’t join her political party. She was very sweet and he had to warn her to not use her real name on the internet to protect herself, because it was right in the phonebook with the address listed there. He hated the thought of her being hurt over that. In hindsight, he felt that that objection was really an excuse to let him off easy, since she had liked him but felt that she didn’t want to cope with his still rampant emotionalism over the end of his marriage.

His last effort of this type was with a lady that he took to Chinese dinner in a neighboring town. She was a delightful talker and he at first thought that she might be the answer to his search. But, it turned out that she was an adherent of Naturopathic medical regimes and also sold the supplies. Over dinner he let her know that he was doing just fine with his current medical regime which was an amalgam of various methods that were working very well. His recent visit to his doctor had left the doctor in shock over his recovery from a very serious health stage in his life. When he had informed the doctor of what he was doing, the doctor told him to not quit because it was obviously working. So, despite the fact that he had a lot of respect for the type of regimes that she was advocating, he had no intention of changing anything in his personal health management, until some of it wasn’t working. She seemed very insulted by this and broke off all communications with him. After the very pleasant dinner, of course.

After that, he never found a viable lady to date again in that method, although he did try at times.

During this time, he had met one lady on Craigslist, who was not a real escort, but did charge a minimal amount to date. She came across very well in the emails that they exchanged, so he decided to try it out with her. So they made a date to meet in her hometown about 40 miles away at eight o’clock in the evening after work, at a DENNY’S restaurant. He informed her that he was always early, a fact that had irritated almost every lady that he had ever dated. He said that he would probably really arrive at about seven thirty. She laughed and said that she was prone to that too and would probably arrive at about seven forty-five! So they agreed that they would both be likely to be early to the date. So they signed off and awaited the meeting.

On the assigned day, he was supposed to get off to get ready and drive to the date at seven o’clock. But the boss called him on the phone and twisted his arm to stay over another half of an hour. He was frantic to get home and get ready, especially since this was their first date and he wanted to make a good impression on her after the previous failures in dating. When he was finally released to go home, he rushed home, threw off his clothing onto the floor of the otherwise very neat apartment, rushed through a tepid shower, threw on his ‘go-on-a-date-to-impress-the-girl’ clothing and rushed out to the car.

When he arrived at the restaurant, he notified the hostess that he was waiting for a lady for dinner and he would like to await her there in the lobby on the couch. They said fine and were whispering amongst themselves. Evidently he had let it out that this was not only a first date, but a ‘blind’ one. So, they looked at him and mused amongst themselves as to what the lady that came might be like. When he got settled down and calmed himself down, he looked at his watch. Seven Thirty it said. With all of the stress and dither about it all, he had still gotten there thirty minutes early. He smiled at that.

After a few minutes the hostess came up to him and asked if he might like to take a seat and wait for her there, so that he could have some kind of drink or entrée in waiting for her. He told her again that he wasn’t expecting her until eight and would like to wait for her where he was, to greet her when she arrived. She excused herself and moved back to her greeting desk. And he got some more of the inquisitive looks from the staff.

At seven forty five, she still hadn’t arrived, and the hostess was beginning to have a pitying expression on her face. She seemed genuinely concerned about him and again asked if he would like to take a seat to wait for her. He repeated that he was fine right where he was. From that time on, they checked out each lady that came in to see if she was the right one. He, of course, had not ever met her face to face and she had sent no picture, so he was also curious as to her demeanor.

At seven fifty-five a pleasant looking lady in the ‘generally agreed upon appropriate age group’ for him, arrived at the door and moved in. She walked right over to him and introduced herself as Ellen, and asked him if he was Bill. He stood up and said that he was, and he then gave her a little hug, and the whole staff evidently breathed a sigh of relief.

As they were escorted to their seats, she was very fervently apologizing for being late. When she found out that he had been there for almost an half an hour, she was even more pronounced in her manner. But, then he reminded her that the date wasn’t until eight and that she was actually five minutes early. At that she smiled and the ice was broken.

After a fine and congenial meal, they adjourned to her apartment, a nice condo somewhere in the city. She again mentioned the contribution, which he then placed on her dresser. She undressed before him and was a terrific looking middle aged woman. She then helped him off with his clothing. He actually preferred it this way. It made it seem more intimate. And he loved a woman’s hands on him anyway.

They briefly cuddled together under the blankets to establish an intimate connection between them. Then they began to use their hands on each other, not to stimulate each other first, but to build a further personal connection to each other. Then the hands moved to the intimate sites and their bodies began to react and their breathing began to be more pronounced. Then she used her arms to urge him to mount her and while he was up on her belly put on the cover, and then guided his member into her proper orifice. He rode her for several minutes and when it became obvious that he wasn’t going to cum soon that way, she pulled him down to hug and suggested playfully in to his ear that she had something else to share with him.

With that, she pulled back the covers and removed the hat from his member. She looked and admired it to him and complimented him on its size and beauty. She then began to give it stimulation, first with her hands and then with her hands and mouth. She got her mouth and the member very sloppy wet, began pumping up and down on it, also using her hands, and when he got very stiff, she began a very powerful sucking action on it, while pulling it in to her mouth as far as she could. That shot him right over the top and he emptied himself right into her mouth. She excused herself to go to the bathroom then. When she came back in, she again cuddled up to him and began to talk. She told him that she used to date guys, after her marriage failed, without asking for any donation. He told her that he had never minded giving a donation, if the lady gave him what he desired. She then said that it just seemed that she was meeting a better kind of guy, since she started asking for donations. They both laughed over that. And she let him mount her again for some more vaginal fun before he left. Just a totally great end to a fine evening.

It was sad that a couple of weeks later, before they could date again, which she had seemed to be enthusiastic about, she notified him that she was going to have to move out of town for an extended time to care for her aged mother. She said that she would try to contact him again when she came back, but she never did. Darn, that was a bummer.

Bill now came back to thinking about his present situation. He decided that he would go to bed now and take a look at things online again in the morning after a good night’s sleep.


After the several failures with ladies of an appropriate age, Bill decided to try something different. So, he posted on CRAIGSLIST, under Men looking for Women to see what would happen. He mentioned that he was in his 60’s and single. That he was lonely and looking for the comfort and association of an interested woman.

He got a response on the third day from a young brown woman, who said that she lived in West Africa. Her picture showed a very pretty young woman. One whom he would surely like to meet. Bill and she exchanged a number of emails, where they poured their hearts out. He wanted the company of a loving woman, and she wanted very much to come to this country. She said that if she could come, she wouldn’t want to go back. He informed her that he was recently divorced and starting all over, though he was employed and doing alright. She said that it didn’t matter, she would love him anyway and they could build their future together, along with a family.

His one worry from the beginning was her continual asserting that she loved him. Sure he wanted that to be true, but he knew that that wouldn’t be proven true until they would meet in person and see how they fit together. But, she asserted that his manner of writing to her, and his honesty caused her heart to feel very strongly about them right from the start. To see if she was one of the tricksters and scammers, he asked her to send a personal picture that wasn’t a portrait. She continually said that she would, but it never came.

After about ten emails sent each way, she begged him to let her come to be with him. He thought about it for several days. He realized that this could just be a scam. But, maybe it isn’t, he reasoned. If it was, he would lose a small sum of money. If it turned out to be true, he would gain a lot more than that. So, he gathered the $1700 to send to her in two money orders. The lady at the store that rang them up, tried to talk him out of it, but he was firm, and he informed her that he knew what the risks were in this. She had been a good friend when they had worked together, and surely meant well at this time. He thanked her for her caring.

He sent the two money orders off to an address in Georgia, which had her name on it. She said that an agency that would book the flight had its location there. He awaited work from her and got it three days later, when she called him on the phone and told him that she had the ticket and was ready to get on the airplane, but the authorities in West Africa said that she had to post a bond for $3000 to leave the country. This was to cover any bills that she left behind, and to establish that she could make it back if things didn’t work out in America with me. His heart just sank at that. He knew for sure that it was a lie. He had already examined the policies for flying out of that country, and no such bond was required. He informed her that he would not be sending her any more money. That he didn’t have any more to send to here, not $3000 for sure. She cried and begged him to send her the money. She was so desperate to come and be with him. He repeated the ‘no,’ and hung up the phone. The next week she called him again to ask if he had changed his mind. Bill said, ‘No,’ that he hadn’t. So she asked if he would send her a phone to call him, since the one that she was using belonged to another person. Bill advised her to cash the ticket and she could buy a lot of phones. She then promised to send most of the money for the ticket back to him, but he never heard from her again.

With this scam pulled on him, he decided that he had learned to never send money to anyone that he met over the internet. If he wanted a lady to come with him, he could fly there and escort her back. So, lesson learned he decided to try again.

This time he looked in the CRAIGSLIST section Women Looking For Men, and saw a picture of a very attractive East Indian lady, who was evidently flying in an airplane when the picture was taken. After a couple of friendly emails, in which she revealed very little, except that she lived in Vancouver, B.C. they got down to more important matters. He was encouraged that she lived so physically close to him. And so he revealed his experience with the girl from West Africa. She informed him that there would be no asking for money from her, in fact when she came to see him, she would pay for her own ticket.

This all sounded good, but he was very wary of what could come from her in the future. Since he had not heard her voice yet, he was not even sure that it was a woman that he was talking to, nor that the lady in the picture was the same one as he was emailing to. In his research on the internet, he had learned that there are warehouses in various places, like Nigeria, where people have a job trying to induce people desperate for love, or just greedy in some other way, to send them money. They have no conscience at all. They seem to be convinced that if they can fool the person, he deserved to be fooled. And they are very clever. They have a series of emails all prepared to unleash on an unwary soul. They start out very friendly and simply ignore whatever is said by the ‘mark.’ Bill used this to help separate the chaff from the wheat among them. He would ask for a casual pose. They usually wouldn’t have one, and ignored the request. Bill would then repeat the request and if they again ignored his request, Bill would cut off communication with them. That caused some very interesting follow up emails from them, some sounding desperate; some sounding threatening. They even threatened legal action against Bill, saying that he had led a young lady on, only to break her heart by discontinuing communications with her. It was all balderdash, however.

The East Indian lady passed the first test. She sent on another photo that wasn’t taken on a plane. She also sent a series of emails vilifying the young lady who had ripped me off. It was looking good up to this point, and she said that her children were excited about her getting a new boyfriend that seemed so nice. He told her that he thought that she was very nice too, and that he was anxious to meet her face to face. She said that she had a cabin in the woods, not too far north of Vancouver, B.C. and would like to meet up with him there to get to know each other better. He said that he would like that too.

To further test the ground under this promising relationship, he asked her the name of her cat. Bill got no reply on this at all. This was very unnerving to him. She could have said that she had no cat. But, no acknowledgement even of the question. This probably meant that he was in the hands of a ‘handler’ who was now merely sending him preprogrammed messages keyed on certain words that he used, and sent on in a certain order to soften him up for what was to come.

In one of her first emails, she had told him that the first photo of her on the airplane was of her traveling to Kenya, to sell her family store there, so that she could retire to Vancouver and help her kids. She said that the store had been in the family for many years and that when her husband had died five years before, she had assumed management of it. It was still making money, she said, but she didn’t want to manage it from such a great distance anymore, and none of her children were interested in taking it over. She told me several times that as soon as it was sold that she would come back to Canada and come down to see me, in anticipation of us spending a week together in her cabin in the woods. It all sounded so good.

Then Bill got a hysterical email from her. She said that the authorities were confiscating her latest shipment of goods, which she had sent ahead of her to help close down the business, for tax reasons. She needed $1700 to pay them off, then she could close down the business and come and see him. He had already told her that he wasn’t going to send any money through the mails to anyone that he met on the internet. She came on as if she was offended that Bill didn’t think that she was on the up and up. And she said that he could Western Union it anyway. Bill reiterated that he was not going to send any money. She replied that if he really loved her, he would help her. Bill informed her, that he hadn’t even met her face to face. How would he know that he loved her? Besides if he did, he still wasn’t obligated to give her any money. That was reserved for his wife, children or live-in lover. She was none of those things to him, yet.

Bill also found the amount requested to be interesting. Sounded all so familiar. Perhaps these bloodsuckers had decided that since Bill had fallen for that amount before, he would again. Not so!

He received a number of additional emails from ‘her?’ repeating her pleas to send her the money. Finally, Bill told her to ask her children for the funds and cut off all communication to her. He still received emails, unanswered by him, for weeks afterward.

Bill started to feel bad about this, but he decided that it was evident that she was not legitimate and that he had saved himself $1700 to boot. Not a bad outcome at that.

A couple of weeks later, he received an email response from a young lady who stated that she lived in Kansas City, Missouri. Bill informed her in his first email to her that he wasn’t interested in communicating with anyone that he wouldn’t be able to meet face to face. And that Kansas City was simply too far for him to visit. She reasoned that she just wanted a friend over the internet to talk with and confide in. She said that she was 17. He wasn’t comfortable over that at all. And he told her, that that could mean real trouble for him if the conversations got into anything intimate. She said that she would avoid that. He returned to her that he would immediately cut off communication if anything in that manner was passed on. She said that that was OK, with her.

So, the emails flew back and forth for a couple of weeks, nothing alarming, Just discussion of things common to a young woman’s concerns. It appeared that from my experiences up to now, the two week of passing emails seems to be the end of the fermentation time. If something was going to brew up, it was likely to happen then. So, when the time ran out, he got an expected email from her asking for money. She asked for $500 at first, but later lowered it to $250. She said that her sister was in London, and that her nephew had gotten sick there with something that their socialized medicine wouldn’t pay for. It was not a really expensive medicine, but it was needed to save his life. And that the mother couldn’t afford it, since she was strapped for cash at that time.

Bill almost sent it, but then he thought, where is the rest of this family? If this was true, why ask a stranger to meet such a trivial request? Wouldn’t the extended family meet this need? Then it occurred to him, this really was a young girl, and she had very limited horizons, but an active imagination. She thought of $500 as a lot of money, which would be to a younger girl. And she had access to the internet with all of the stories posted there. Also, she probably had friends with whom she shared strategies to carry out these risky scams with.

Bill told her in his last email to her, that she was carrying out a very risky behavior. That she needed to stop it, or it would get her into a lot of trouble. Bill never heard from her again.

After this, Bill gave up on the internet for some time. He went back to seeing escorts, whose scams were so much more transparent, and the results if it came true was so much more pleasurable than a lady that he would never see.

One that he saw during this time was a black lady that he met through a discussion board, COAT AND TAILS, or something like that. It was a hooker board, where guys who wanted to get laid, met girls who wanted money and were willing to lay them to get it. It was a refreshing piece of Americana. Sold to the highest bidder, and all of that. One of the things that these boards did do, was to warn the other guys of dangerous situations with some of the ladies that advertised there and also in other venues. Before the boards, guys were subject to: cash and dash, false advertising services that were not delivered, pimps with guns, and ladies with stolen pictures. The boards didn’t stop this, but in the reporting network offered, went a long way to defuse these situations. Also, eventually the girls got the right to post messages about dangerous clients, too, balancing the situation. But, this opened the way for he said and she said, too. Which was another problem.

Bill met this young woman from an advertisement on the board, who offered exactly what he wanted. It is called the G.F.E. experience. It involves a lot of kissing, oral/genital play and condom covered intercourse. It is very popular among the guys. She was evidently friends with the controlling escort who ran this site. They were not happy about this happening, since they had some unreasonable issues with him. Evidently, Betti knew about all of this and decided to see Bill anyway. He saw her four times and it was magic. She was warm, lively, very attractive and an honest provider if he had ever met one. After the first date, she didn’t even want him to pay her anymore. She said that it was because he would go down on her, which most black guys won’t do for their black ‘sisters’ but only for white ones. Bill actually had heard this from other sources, but still to this day didn’t know if it is true. But, she did obviously enjoy his attentions to her pussy, especially the oral ones. And she returned at least as good as she got. She gave him anal, too. And it was great! He always gave her some cash, though. She was reportedly raising five children. Bill only raised three, but knew how critical money was in such an effort.

After the fourth date, if became very hard for them to connect. It was a long drive for both of them to go to the apartment where they met, and each had many other responsibilities to take care of. Also, Bill became convinced that he wasn’t good enough for a former Marine Sergeant, who was a city engineer in the large nearby city and was only in her mid-thirties. Bill was still emotionally volatile and was prone to temper tantrums when things didn’t go his way. He became despondent over the state of affairs with her and decided to part ways with her. He was very gracious about it, but evidently she took it very seriously and was very hurt by that. He came under a hailstorm of abuse by the members of the board and so terminated his sharing there. Though Bill is doing so much better and is in a better place in his life now, he still gets a bit of a sting in his heart when he remembers her.

After a few weeks of heart calming, he decided to give CRAIGSLIST another chance. This time he was connected to a purported Russian lady. She sent all the proper pictures and was very forward in asking to come to this country, supposedly to live with him. After what he had been through before though, he was going to be very careful this time. He immediately informed her that he would send no money overseas. She said that she understood and actually didn’t need any, as she had a good job and was totally self-supporting.

Bill wondered that if she was doing so well there, why did she want to come here and start all over? She said that she was 42 years old. And he wished that all forty year old ladies looked as good as she did. He tried the cat thing again and received no response. Auto response emailing he reasoned. And as he lined up the emails that he had received, he could see where his name had been crowded into the appropriate spaces. Funny he hadn’t noticed this at first. The final straw was her continually complaining that Russian men were all drunkards. Bill had heard that drinking is a serious problem there. But, all of the men? And is it much better here? No, but she had seized on the fact that he doesn’t drink alcohol. So, he was the one that she supposedly wanted to be with.

She was getting very pushy now about coming over here to be with him. It appeared that coming over was the main thing, not being with him, because of her attitude. He could just see himself marrying her to get her over here, and then her disappearing on him, as he had heard of others doing, with her then from a remote sight destroying his financial affairs with or without a local pimp to help her.

He decided to break it off and informed her through his last (he thought) email. She then sent a series of very threatening emails to him, saying that she would hire lawyers to come after me for misleading her. He sent her one more email letting her know that he had all of her emails. If she thought that she could get anything from him, just try.

After that, he returned to escorts. They were so much more fun, after all.


My name is Marvin Martin, and before you start with it, I have heard all of it before………..many times. Evidently my beloved parents, now deceased for some years, had never been a fan of the cartoons featuring a certain brush-helmeted character. But, nearly everyone else I have ever met was. I provided a certain amount of entertainment for the others as they got the joke. It really is OK, though. It is such a privilege to add some ‘light’ to other’s lives. Yeah, sure….

Anyway, I am in my middle sixties, now. I am in good health and unbelievably horny. And am totally enjoying my life. Especially the gals. I gave up on marriage. I had a wonderful wife for many years, but it went very bad at the end. Only very warm memories left now. And the few efforts at finding another mate have floundered on my very emotional nature, and up till recently my poverty. Things are much better now.

The problem is how to get the sex that we need, when there is no girlfriend or wife available to share this? Well, some say just do without! Sure, like doing without breathing, eating and all of the other ‘ings.’ Ever notice that those who offer this solution, themselves have someone while suggesting that the one deficient in this regard do without? All too often, huh?

After some very determined research, I found a way around this problem. It first came to my notice when there was an ‘expose’ on one of the major channels in Twilight City that was intended to shock the community that there were actual prostitutes advertising on the internet, and even named the vehicle: CRAIGSLIST. Oh really…… I’m guessing that there were a significant number of watchers who took pen to paper to make a record of this site.

When I first tapped into this resource, I was amazed at the number of and relatively young ages of the escorts found there. Before we go on further, we need to differentiate between escorts and prostitutes. Similar, but not the same. Prostitutes sell their bodies’ use for money, and intend to get the guy ‘off’ as soon as possible, with as little interaction between them as is necessary and leave as soon after that as possible. Escorts sell their time and intend to please the person for the full time, and also take very seriously that the person ‘pops.’ Escorts tend to be much more accommodating to the guy’s desires.

I quickly learned the difference in my first few encounters. Also, I got some of the best advice that I ever received in the ‘hobby world,’ “Don’t Fall In Love With Your Provider!” Of course, I proceeded to become very emotionally involved with every woman, who shared her pussy with me. Can’t help it. So, my solution to that was to tend to, with very few exceptions, see each of the gals only once. Not a perfect solution, but it opened up other positive experiences with a number of gals. I have long since lost count of how many over the years.

After a number of experiences with the CRAIGSLIST girls, some of them great, some of them no so much; I read on the site about the existence of a so-called ‘review’ site. It was called, CLRB (Craigslist Review Board.) On it were a number of written reviews of gals in the ‘hobby’ and evaluations about them to guide and protect the guys from a number of nuisances that can be encountered in pursuing these gals, like: ‘bait and switch,’ where the gal that you meet is nothing like the one that was advertised; gun-toting pimps; ‘cash and dash’ girls; police entrapment and assorted scams. That site went down and was replaced with ‘Coats and Tails Review Board,’ a similar review board that specializes in escorts that provide GFE. Girlfriend Experience is a type of encounter that involves: a very friendly atmosphere, hugging, caressing, serious kissing, all kinds of oral service and covered full-service (intercourse.) It is very popular with the older guys. You can’t see it now, but my hand is raised, also.

So for posterity’s sake, or any other fool that has nothing better to do, I am going to record my ‘sex safari’ to Twilight City. I find myself with a whole weekend off, and $1200 to spend on sex. I intend to have five encounters, so that would be about $240 each. Since it is still possible to find just what I like for about $200 an hour, that amount should be sufficient. I have more available for the weekend for room and food, too. Twilight City is about 100 miles from my home city, Big City. Also, there is Rainier which is another 30 miles south of Twilight City which has an abundance of brown and black skin girls, that I especially like. I will be locating in a smaller city in between that has taken the moniker, Twi-Rain as a combination of the two other cities’ names. It has the large airport and a long line of motels and hotels. The street that they are on is named, Nelson-Mandela Way.

I plan to leave to go south at about 10 am on Friday to give plenty of time to move through the very congested streets and freeways on the way. I hope to see one lady on Friday evening, two on Saturday and another two on Sunday before I head back to Big City, with my ‘tail’ between my legs in exhaustion. A number of things can go wrong with the ‘dates’ even with prior arrangements. Actually, making reservations too far in advance can work against itself, since many of these gals live very chaotic lives. So, to facilitate things, I worked up a list of twenty gals I would like to see, and made reservations with only two that I especially wanted to see. I tend to stick very close to the gals that advertise on C & T RB, since that tends to be much safer.

So, I packed my overnight bag, my Viagra and date list and drove south to the ‘promised land.’ The drive was uneventful, but fatiguing. So when I arrived in the target area, early in the afternoon, I took a brief nap at the motel that I was staying at. I got one with external entrances, which save the gals who might visit me from having to cross in front of the clerks in the lobby. When I woke up from my brief nap and took my ½ tablet of Viagra, I got out and consulted my list. Once in a while, I take a chance on a gal who is poorly reported on to give her a chance to redeem herself by taking good care of me. An incentive to raise the bar, you might say. It has worked very well several times. And In some cases has resurrected their careers, when I reported well on them and then they continued on a better course than before. Just makes you heart want to well up with happiness, doesn’t it? Yeah….sure.

I had made prior arrangements for the first gal that I was going to see, Friggen-Frieda, a white gal in her early thirties that was reportedly GFE with BBBJ (bare oral on the guy’s penis.) She had at one time had an excellent reputation, but lately had been in a number of unpleasant situations that she was running out of excuses for. But, I called her to confirm the appointment and she spoke to me personally and told me to move to the vicinity of her ‘incall’ and await her further instructions for our 2 pm appointment. Nothing unusual about this. So, I drove to the indicated place and settled in for a brief wait by playing solitaire on my phone. This was twenty minutes early. When it got to 2pm she texted me to move to another location about two miles away. I thought, hmmm. But, did so. Then at 2:15 she moved me another half a mile. Finally she told me that she was ready and moved me again another mile. I got there and waited for 20 minutes with no further calls from her and no answering mine when I tried to call her. This kind of thing often happens when the gal, or her pimp, book more than one client for each session, hoping that at least one will show up. Then they select the one that they can get the most out of or maybe is just a favorite of hers and then just leave the unchosen one hanging out in the wind. Rarely any apologies for this, and a whole lot of lame excuses are given to others who inquire after this is reported on the board. The unchosen one rarely gets an apology, because first of all he wasn’t worth choosing and also because he reported her to the others.

After the tension of that scenario, I decided to see an Asian Massage Escort. I had never been with an Asian before, and not had a ‘real’ massage either. So, I decided to combine the both and leave off this evening feeling refreshed for the rest of the weekend. I called Sweet Salome to make an appointment and was notified that she had just had a cancellation, so I was welcome if I could get there within 30 minutes. I just made it at my usual clip of 5 mph below the speed limit. I was especially excited because she was a provider of ‘nuru’ a specialized sexy massage therapy.

When I got to the door of the third-floor condo in the large complex, she met me at the door in a truly beautiful kimono. Golden in color with all kinds of designs in hand-embroidered bright colors. Stunning. She was in full geisha makeup. A very small woman, slim, about 30 and lovely. Her coal-black hair was done up in geisha style and her manners were very consistent with that calling.

“Mr. Anderson,” she inquired when I appeared at her door? And I answered, “Yes.” As this was the chosen name that I was using for this occasion. She motioned me into her foyer and bent down to take off my shoes. She put them under a bench and then turned to lead me to the interior. We got to an ante room, where she helped me to entirely disrobe. Her kimono and head piece came off very easily for her and with us both completely naked, she escorted me into a very hot shower. She allowed me to caress her body as she completely washed mine. Just a little shrug when I got in the way of her efforts. Her body was very slight, but I could detect hidden resources of strength in her. She could probably easily take care of an offending person, if it was necessary. But, she was very polite, helpful and caring with me. Regular smiles showed up during the visit. I didn’t care that they were part of the business, they were very sweet in any case.

She then took my hand and led me to a giant type of bath with swirly waters. She had me lay back and relax with my head supported in a built-in head rest. It felt just wonderful. She got into the water and began to run her hands all over my body with light and firm touches in rotation. She smiled a lot and giggled with a little girl laugh when she got to one of the ‘private’ areas on my body. It was all in good fun, and she made her body available to me to caress her fun areas, too. She exaggerated her response to my clumsy attempts to copy her techniques, to make me feel good about them. It worked. She then moved her body to up on the rim of the tub and invited me to sample her breasts and pussy. She fed me her nipples to suck on and then lifted her body to bring her labia to my face. She was very sweet to the taste and her labia became very wet.

She then took me by the hand and moved me to a rubberized mattress on the floor and had me lay on my stomach. I could barely see out of my eyes the very thick gel that she poured onto my back, and spread around. Then she spread some on herself. With that accomplished she began to move her body all over my legs and back, especially using her breasts and pussy region to rub on very sensitive areas of my body, like my buttocks. The intensity and pressure increased, and I thought that I would go out of my mind with pleasure. She even reached under and played with my penis. Oh-My-God!!!

After a few minutes of that, she had me roll over and then she began the same routine on my front. First the gel on me, then on her. And this time I got to see the whole process. Very cool. Then I saw her with a sense of earnestness begin to rub her delightful body all over mine. If there is a heaven, it has to include this to be complete! There was no thinking on my part. Just waves and waves of pleasurable sensations coming from everywhere on my front. Then as my penis was at full erection, she put on the condom with her mouth, laid down on my body and fervently kissed me on my mouth, with a full French tongue action. I would have married her on the spot if she had agreed to have me. Instead she rose up and lifted her body to introduce my penis to her vagina. He was very impressed, too. Instead of the bouncing that some ladies do in cow-girl, she used a slight lifting and then rocking motion. She had her hands on my chest to balance herself, and a face full of intensive passion to inspire me. After about five minutes of that, I rocked my hips and completely emptied myself into the condom in her.

She also either had or simulated a release of her own with moans and low shrieks. I don’t think that I had a bone in my body after that. I just laid there until she brought some wash cloths and wiped me down and after I caught my breath escorted me back into the shower. The warm water invigorated me and she then dried me off and helped me to get dressed. She affectionately took me by the arm and escorted me to the door. I kissed her and gave her the envelope with my donation to her. It had lasted exactly one hour. And cost $300. I have seldom in my life spent my money in a better way.

As I left her condo, I looked for a Denny’s to have a breakfast in the evening at. When I got there, I moved very slowly inside and was directed to a booth all by myself. I just wanted to savor the wonderful experience that I had just had and anticipate the dinner that was coming soon. When I was done, I went back to my motel and collapsed onto the bed to sleep the night away.

In the morning, I took the next pill and went out to get a small breakfast. In this kind of activity it is a mistake to under or over eat, and to not drink enough fluids. Need to avoid alcohol, though. Especially with a gent my age, it just gets in the way of being effective in the ‘work’ at hand. After eating, I went back to the motel and freshened myself up for the day’s activities.

I decided to drive the local ‘stroll’ where the pros advertise themselves and play. A person has to be careful in this, because police regularly use decoys to entrap the guys. One way to avoid this is to get the girl into the vehicle. Very seldom will a law enforcement lady actually get into the car. They want you to talk through the window. And when they get into the car, a LE hug, can be somewhat of an indication. It involves the client and pro both handling each other’s privates. Not totally effective, but somewhat. I saw several prospective ladies, but none that I was interested in.

So, I decided to drive over to my prospective 11 am date, before telling her that I was there. When I did, there were two very large black men (pimps?) coming out of her apartment, and two police cars in the parking lot. I texted her about the LE, a professional courtesy, and informed her that I would pass for this day. It was not a big loss anyway, even though she had a very nice manner on the phone, she advertised that she was covered oral (CBJ) and full-service only. She was exotic (of mixed heritage) and only 19. No kissing, no breast-play and no anal. Why did I bother, anyway? Because she was a stunning beauty, you see. Even so, no great loss on this.

I next texted Bunny-Wabbit, a tall, thick white girl who was a lesbian that I had seen before to see her at noon. She was very good with the guys, since she had no heart attachment to any of them. She practiced a mild form of bondage, and was an absolute delight to be with. She and her mate had promised me the opportunity to impregnate them, since they wanted a family. It was all in fun, however. But, if they had been serious……….

When I got there, she grabbed me at the door, and pulled me in. She helped me off with my clothes. Then she sat me on the edge of the bed and took my already hardened cock and planted it between her bounteous breasts. While she had me fucking them, she was busy kissing my stomach. After a few introductory minutes of that, she backed me up onto the bed and proceeded to try to kiss my lips off of my face. It wasn’t just exaggerated kissing, she kissed for real, with a whole lot of tongue and face in it. Wonderful!

Then came her specialty. She got out her blindfold and put it on me. She hand-cuffed me to the bed posts, glided her hands all over my body and then proceeded to give me the bare blow-job of the ages. Even at my age, my cock got steel-hard. With that accomplished, she asked if I wanted anal. ‘Yep,” I answered. So with the cuffs off and the blindfold still on, she muscled me up and around to her back, lubed both of us up and proceeded to push my cock up into her ass. It went in quite easily and felt like a warm, slick wonderful glove making love to my member. I didn’t last long with that. She complimented me on my offering to her. She was confident enough in me that she didn’t require me to use a condom.

She then helped me up onto the bed and asked if I wanted another pop. I said that I would prefer to just cuddle with her and whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears. She liked that, and amongst other flagrantly rude things we shared was another fantasy about me impregnating her and her lover. We went into every detail of the process and the aftermath, how we would all three of us and any babies we made live together happily forever. She promised that it would be soon. It was all just great fun that she evidently enjoyed also. With five minutes to go, she reminded me that she had another appointment soon. So, I gave her another fervent kiss and then left, with my clothes on, this time.

I had another date firmly arranged for that evening, so I went to a steak house and had a modest sized steak dinner to fuel me up. Then I went back to the motel to rest up. But, first I went for a walk on the highway in front of the motels and hotels. A three mile walk, in which I encountered four pros that I knew of for sure. They took one look at me and gave me no notice. Not rude or anything like that, just wanted younger meat, I guess. I already had plans for the evening anyway. When I got back I took a 90 minute nap. And then had a long hot shower. I stopped at a coffee stand and ordered a Carmel Frappuccino, my favorite. Then rested to await my 7 pm date with Betty-Boobs.

When the proper time came, I was directed to a small community north of Twilight city on the corner of two roads with very similar numbers. Must be fun for the out-of-towners to find. She walked me up to the apartment that she shared with a couple of other escorts. And these were true escorts! Professional, pretty and proficient. The three P’s in bonus quantities. This was the first time that I had seen her, but I knew her well from the board, on which she had a sterling reputation.

I was very lucky to get to see her. She was very selective and saw only a few clients a week. She was intelligent and very cheeky in her responses on the board. We had respectfully crossed swords there, but seemed to come away each time with good feelings about each other. Now, I was going to get to meet her in person. And I was stoked about it.

When we got in, I got to actually see her up close and personal. And there was no disappointment in it, either. She was a black lady in her middle thirties, about 5’9”, built slimly muscular with modest sized firm breasts. She had a face that was very attractive, with a thoughtful manner about her. What a terrific smile to go along with all of this. Damn, she was a near perfect woman. I couldn’t think of anything about her that wasn’t perfect. As she undressed, I noticed that her body was toned and smooth to the touch. I was welcome to caress anywhere I wanted to, and moved right away to her shapely and taunt butt cheeks. Wonderful handfuls. We hugged each other while standing, and I could have stayed in this pose for all night. She kissed me deeply, and repeatedly with her eyes open and closed. I don’t think that I have ever been better kissed.

Despite her obvious ability to handle her body, she was very gentle with me. She told me that she was ex-military. It figured with her very confident manner, and disciplined approach to things. But, she could really turn on the femininity, also. I felt like I was being handled by a true woman, a great one.

She asked me what I wanted, and I couldn’t wait to get between her legs with my mouth. So, we fell back on the bed, and I began kissing and working my way down her body. I gave special attention to her breasts, wished that she was nursing. But, they tasted great, anyway. And she seemed to be very responsive to my attentions to them. Some moaning and using her hands to lift them up to my mouth to suckle on. I worked my way down to her lower belly and covered it all with butterfly kisses that just almost tickled. This got her very worked up. Then she put on my condom and had me enter her. It felt just great being in her and feeling her body under my body. I felt like I was home and never wanted to leave.

I then was so enamored of her body that I pulled out and began to kiss, tongue and suck on her pussy and anal regions. My tongue worked over her inner and outer lips, teased her clit and finally entered her vagina as deeply as I could work it in. She just started to dance around with her hips and belly and soon afterward came to an honest climax. One of the few that I have ever seen in a provider. She was so impressed that she ripped off the condom and man-handled me into position and simply took my cock and put into her vagina and grabbed my butt and hips and motioned me to fuck her as hard as I could. I tried as long as I could, and with my member still very hard, she rolled over onto her stomach, with a pillow under her, raised her ass up into the air and commanded me to put my member where the sun don’t shine. She again took my cock and worked it up into her as deeply as it would reach. After getting my breath back, I pounded her as directed and came hard and deep within her.

After this, She walked me to the bathroom to clean-up, though I would have been happy to keep the wonderful juices of this woman on me for all eternity. Evidently, my getting up too fast, caused me to pass-out and fall to the floor. She simply lifted me to her shoulder and laid me gently onto the bed. She got some cold cloths and wiped down my face and body. I soon came back to and saw her very concerned eyes. She asked if I was alright. I told her that I had some fancy-named condition, where if I rose from a laying or sitting position too quickly, it can cause me to pass out. No harm done, though. But, she climbed up onto the bed and laid next to me and hugged me to her to make sure. I rolled over, when I could and hugged her back. Some would call her a whore, prostitute or worse. But, at that moment I felt as loved as I ever have in my whole life. I will never forget it!

I slowly got dressed and ready to go. I didn’t hurry and didn’t really want to go. But, I knew that I needed to respect her and do the right thing. She didn’t even try to hurry me along. Just watched me thoughtfully with her beaming eyes looking after me. I was totally impressed with her and left with a very pronounced ache in my heart. If I had only met her in any other way than this. It is true that many times the provider and client develop a strong attachment, but it almost never can work into a real relationship. When sex comes first, it seems to ruin the opportunity for a real relationship. Very sad, when you meet someone in the hobby world that truly appeals to you, not just for the mega sex. But, if it weren’t for this hobby, I probably would never had met her. So, I took comfort in that. Oh, I was so glad that I had met her. I will carry that with me forever.

When I got to the room that night, I undressed and drank a glass of water, then went to bed and cried myself to sleep. The perfect woman, and she can never be mine. The cruelty of the universe apparent. Oh, but the joy of having met her. Smiles with the tears.

The next morning I awoke feeling fine and refreshed. The emotional outbreak from the night before was over. My heart just gets so involved sometimes. I guess the tears are the safety valve to keep me from going bonkers that is if I haven’t already done so. I arranged for a light breakfast, took my Viagra for the day and during my morning 3 mile walk picked up a small bottle of 5 Hour Energy drink to pep me up through the day.

My first appointment this morning was another questionable one. Some of the guys give me ‘shit’ over seeing them. But, sometimes amazing things happen. And it helps if you think of all of this as an adventure and not just a market place. On any adventure worth its effort, not everything goes as planned. That is a major reason to go on them. The uncertainty. So, here goes again.

When I arrived at the ‘incall’ for Mount Jane’s Body, a white, twenty-two year old lady with a gorgeous picture, I saw that the place was very sketchy. Crummy motel with broken down autos. Sort of creepy people wandering around, too. I knew that I might have to make a quick break for it, so I dropped all of my valuables into a locked hidden place in my vehicle. I only carried my donation, my spare set of keys and my I.D. (hidden on my person.) Not even my cell phone went in. Sure enough, when she opened the door, it was not the girl in the picture. I immediately said, “No.” and beat a hasty retreat. Some big guy came directly after me, but I had parked right by the door and was in my vehicle before he could intercept me. I put it into reverse as he was banging on my door, but I got away before he could do any damage. When I got to the motel, I quickly reported this incident to protect the other guys. Some of the guys harassed me for seeing her in the first place. My answer to them was, ‘Do you want to know about these kinds of things or not?’ The other guys gently chided me over it, but said that they were very glad to get the intel. She or her pimp got right on the board and tried to excuse it away. Said that I went to the wrong door. I debunked that right away, and others came on briefly sharing their experiences with her. Several days later she moved out of the area. She had better move a long way away, because this is a regional board, with national connections. Even if she changes her phone number, her mode of operation will give her away. Before long she will have to come up with some other way to rip people off. Maybe she will move into identity-theft.

I was prepared for what might happen, followed through with reasonable safety procedures and got away unscathed. I was fine. So, I decided to go to see one of my few regulars, Fanny-Miss who happens to be in the neighborhood this weekend, too.. I don’t get to see her very often since she lives so far away, but each time is very memorable. I first starting seeing her when she was 19 and have seen her off and on for the next 6 years. She is half Native American and fiercely proud of her heritage. She has a native boyfriend who truly loves her and very much resents her profession. But, they are not in the situation where they can go on only with his income, so she will have to go on doing so for some time to the great cheers of those who get to see her.

She is a fine provider and the most beautiful woman that I have ever known, much less made love with. And I love her very deeply. But, it would never work out between us since I am so much older, of a different culture, and yes we first met in the hobby. It took me a long time to accept this, but now that I have our relationship is stronger than ever. And she is much happier about it. The young native boy knows about me, and is very jealous. But, he is very polite to me when we happen to meet. Probably Fanny’s influence there.

Interestingly, I usually have such a menu of things that I want to do with her when I do get to see her. And sometimes we do those things, but usually we just lightly kiss, do oral on each other (she is really good at that), I lightly massage her back and then we make love very gently and with a lot of feeling. She likes to lick and kiss in my ears. It really lights up my fires. We break up after I cum and then we clean up, gabbing about everything as we do. When I leave I get a strong hug from her and I know that we will see each other again. I know it to be true, even to all time in the future.

Well, one more to go to fill up the sexy weekend. And this one was to keep a promise to a gal on the board that has asked to see me for some time. She is about 45 years old, very cool gal and gives reportedly the best BJ in Twilight City. I was about to find out. But, it wasn’t arranged to be till 6 that evening, so I relaxed at the motel, caught up on some of my emails and took an extended nap.

When I was awakened by the alarm radio, I took a shower and then went to the connected restaurant for a light dinner. When that was done, I freshened up a bit and texted her to see if everything was still on for us. “Of course!” She texted back. Since, I knew her to be a true professional, I just drive straight there and entered her hotel ‘incall’ to the room that she had directed me to.

When she opens up the door, I see a very attractive MILF, with a warm and inviting smile. She takes me by the hand and leads me over to a blanket opened out on the bed with a small picnic lunch laid out. She smiles as she cuts off pieces of cheese and sausage to go with the wheat thins she has on a plate in front of us. Also, she has root beer there for me. I guess she picked up on that from some of my discussions on the board. With this picnic repast, we enter into an animated conversation on many of the things that we are interested in, especially about the hobby.

Then she escorted me over to the hot tub, right in the room and we continued our talk for a few minutes. She started getting frisky in the tub, with her hands on me and with enthusiastic kisses. My hands were busy on her, too. And she was very responsive to my efforts. Since we were getting sexually high, we got out of the tub and dried each other off. Then she led me to the bed, where I immediately fell upon her body, worshipping it with my tongue and hands. After a few minutes of this, she said: “I see that you are a lover, Jake.” “I try, ORAL-I.” She then told me that I was doing just fine with her, but that it was her turn to work on me, and I graciously let her take over.

She is not known as ‘Oral-i-zer Supreme,’ for nothing. She began by some light kissing and then worked her way down my body, giving attention to each stop until she reached my cock. She took time and used a lot of effort and every technique that I knew of and a few that I didn’t in her attention to my excited member. While she was ramping up the energy and suction on my cock, her one had was playing with my anus, as I had mentioned that I am very sensitive there. She said that all men were, as are all women, but that I was one of the few that mentioned it. As she played with me, I was mostly mesmerized by her actions, but had enough consciousness left to play with her anal cavity, too. She redoubled her efforts when we moved into the 69 position, and I finally popped very pronounced with stuff shooting all over the place. I didn’t get to warn her about it, because I almost never come from oral and was completely taken off guard by her success. She even took some of it in her mouth, but didn’t seem to mind about it. At least she didn’t beat me about the head and shoulders over it.

With that I gave up on intercourse with her, I was spent from the weekend. She didn’t mind and promised to make up for the anal that I had paid for when we met again. We relaxed together on the bed to finish out the hour, spinning our stories out to each other, then she helped me on with my clothes and hand-to-hand escorted me to the door and finished the process with a very hearty kiss.

When I got to the car, I texted a thank you to each of the women that I had seen that weekend. I drove my already loaded up vehicle to the interstate to return to Big City, my home. I figured that I would sleep most of the next day. With a very large smile on my face. I had spent every dime of the $1200 and no more on the ladies. Everything had worked out just as expected.

So, I close my little narrative, and thank you for sharing my little sexual safari to Twilight City.

Perhaps, we will meet again.



“Miss Williams, I didn’t expect to see you again until the loan is to be paid off. Are you here to do that now?”

“No, Mr. Voss. I was sent in by your receptionist since I can’t make today’s payment,” she says with a quavering voice.

“Well, let me check the book. It says that you borrowed $5000 6 weeks ago, and have made 5 payments of $500 on time. That’s good. You did understand when you borrowed that you have to make these payments on time until you can pay off the loan in one sum, didn’t you? That none of the payments reduce the loan amount?”

“Yes, Mr. Voss,” she says with a small voice with her eyes downcast.

“Well then, what is the problem?”

“I just can’t make the payment today. I don’t have the money.” Said with expectant eyes.

“I don’t have the time for this, Miss Williams. You know that this isn’t a bank. We don’t have loan forgiveness here. And we don’t let our borrowers claim bankruptcy, either. I know that you saw Bubba and Jeff out in the lobby. They are our Loan Security Department. Such sweet guys, usually. But, not to be trifled with if things go wrong.”

“Are you trying to scare me, Mr. Voss? She says this with a flash of anger.

“Well Miss, aren’t you scared? You should be. Don’t you have anyone to loan you the money? Parents? Boyfriend? Weird Uncle?”

“No there is no one. That is why I borrowed from you.” Said with a return to shy fearfulness.

“Well, I don’t see you robbing a bank. They are closed already. And shoplifting wouldn’t get you enough in time. And there is no excuse allowed if you get caught and have to go to jail.

Let me ask you some very personal questions to see if something can be done about this with a minimum of drama for you.”


“Are you a virgin?”

‘No, I am not.”

“A boyfriend?”


“Do you like sex?”

“It’s ok, I guess.”

“Then, I have a friend downtown named Rosie. She has a house where gentleman callers can get the intimate attention that they crave. If you are workable, I can recommend you to her. You could make enough in one night to make your payment and have some left over for yourself. One night a week could keep your payments current without having to use your other resources.

But, I need to know that you will work out. I don’t want to antagonize her by sending someone who won’t.

So I, with your permission, will check you out to see if you will work out. Is that OK, with you?”

“I guess,” said with downcast eyes and low voice.

“Please go to the door and lock it.”

She complies and returns to her former place about 8 feet in front of his desk.

“Now I am not going to say anything twice. If you want to avail yourself of this opportunity to get out of your trouble, then please do each thing as I request it. Do you understand?”


“Now, stand straight up and look straight forward.

Turn slowly around stopping each quarter turn, so that I can get a good look at your body.

Now, remove all of your clothing except for your bra and panties. Please, turn slowly around again, just the same as at first.

Ah, very nice.

Now, remove your panties and bra and do the same again.

You are doing very well.

(While she is standing naked in front of him) At Rosie’s there are certain expectations anticipated by the gentleman callers. You will need to be available for any of them that they ask for. The main ones are serious kissing, caressing, hugging, groping, displaying your body for them, performing oral on them, accepting oral on you, letting them play with your breasts, intercourse in various positions, anal intercourse and so on. There are various games that they like to play, too. You will join in these with them in an enthusiastic way, with a lot of laughing and merriment.

The men that come to her house are required to wear a condom for intercourse and nothing else. They will not be allowed to hurt you, except for some slight discomfort associated with anal sex. If they do, they will be barred forever from coming back. None of the guys would want that.

You will not be allowed to date any of the guys from her house on your own. To enforce this, she has her own goons. I believe that Bubba and Jeff moonlight there sometimes.

Now to see if this should work out for you, I need you to demonstrate all of this to me, now. A ‘delay of payment’ act by you, too.

Please, turn around and bend over.


Now spread your legs, so that I can see your pussy and ass.

Good, again.

Now come over and kiss me and make out with me!”

She moves slowly over to him with swaying of her body and up cast eyes. She is getting into this. For some reason she doesn’t understand, she is getting very turned on by his commanding attitude.

She crawls into his lap takes his face and turns it to hers. She looks into his eyes as her hands caress his neck, shoulders, chest and arms. She begins a very active kissing of him, squishing her lips against his. They both begin to moan and search each other’s mouths for the other’s tongue. Their bodies adjust position to facilitate the deepest tongue penetration possible.

After several minutes of this, she slides down his body and searches for his zipper. She finds it and quickly undoes it to expose his penis. It is in the process of rising, which she encourages by her bringing her mouth down to it and lowering her mouth over it. She begins to lick it, suckle it and pump up and down on it. This produces copious quantities of liquid from her mouth and from his cock.

She has him stand up and then removes his clothing. She runs her mouth and tongue over his whole body, even his back alley.

He then has her stand up and he returns the favor on her.

They move to the couch that is in the corner of his office and he has her turn, bend over and put her hands on the back of the couch with her legs apart. He bends over and kisses her buns, then her anal region, using his tongue on her anus. She begins to squirm against his tongue. He then probes her anal cavity with his tongue, eating her out.

She lets out a whimper and bends down with her upper body to ease his way with her rear. He then stands and moistens his two fingers, which he works up her ass with seemingly no trouble at all. She let out a low voiced mumble and then begins to push back on his fingers. He pulls his fingers out and returns them with more moisture.

Then, he takes his cock and works it up into her ass. She slightly pulls away at first and then accepting the inevitability of this, she relaxes and allows him full entry. He proceeds carefully and gently at first. But, as he feels her relax inside he begins to pump in and out of her. Then he starts to pound her. She pushes back on his in thrusts. He feels the pressure building and then he empties himself into her. She sighs and turns and lays on the couch as his penis withdraws from her.

In a few moments, they both recover and they put their clothing back on.

“I think that you will do just fine, Miss. Here is Rosie’s address and phone number. Please be here by 9 in the morning with your payment.”




Out of a dark and silent forest calm, came a flurry of shouts, screams and clatter to the ears of my beloved wife and I. We looked at each other very quickly as we then heard gunshots. She signaled me to escape out the back of the tent, while she rushed the front opening to help our children and distract whoever was out there from noticing me. Just like her, sending me off to try to reconnoiter the situation and render whatever help might be possible.

I hadn’t undressed yet, so still had my trusty carbon steel long knife at my side and my automatic pistol in my shoulder holster with extra clips. So, I jumped into my boots, grabbed my backpack and ditty bag and scrounging down sneaked off into the darkness.

One of the attackers evidently saw me and pursued me into the thicket out behind of the tent. I heard him and turned to see an awful looking machete coming towards my head. I ducked to the right and drew my silenced pistol and gave him a very nice hole in the forehead. He immediately dropped to the ground. I then dragged him to be hidden in the thicket and moved silently to my right to see what I could do for the others.

The scene in the camping site was just awful. A group of young men, perhaps as many as six counting the deader that I left behind, was savagely assailing my family and Major Benson’s too. I could have picked off a couple of them fairly easily, but they would have overwhelmed me with their numbers and there would be no one to report on what had happened here. So, I looked for a means to distract them or at least scare them in to a retreat to salvage what was left of two families that are very dear to me. But, the attackers seemed to be on something and therefore beyond any reasonable chance of manipulating against their fevered attack.

I briefly got a glimpse of my wife bravely fighting them over our children, but she went down in a hail of gunfire. Major Benson had went down first, it appeared, leaving his family helpless in the assault. I didn’t see their fourteen year old daughter, though and hoped that she had somehow escaped the terrible tragedy unfolding before my very eyes. I thought to myself, that I was determined to survive this and help bring this violent mob to their ends, legally if forced to do so.

I hunkered down to consider what to do and decided that I would be of no effective help in this horrible situation, and so withdrew for a quarter of a mile to escape their attention and to ponder on what to do about all of this.

As I hurried down the path, I heard a sobbing voice in the brush and rushed to anchor her to me, silencing a reflective scream on her part until she recognized me. The bully boys were too busy for the moment to pursue us in the wild, so we escaped to the planned quarter mile distance, off of the path in a random pattern that would be very hard for them to follow. Abby anchored her hand to mine and followed my lead with tear reddened eyes and a blank stare on her face. She was very forest conscious and reliant, so was no hindrance to me at all.

We hunkered down among some very large rocks, with her welded to my side and we wrapped in one of my insulated hammocks with my eyes staring down the only access to us and my ears fine-tuned to any unwelcome sound. She soon fell mercifully asleep and continued her death grip on my shirt with her body plastered to mine.

When morning came, we very carefully retraced our steps to the camping site to see if there was anything we could do for any hoped for survivors. I made her stay back out of seeing distance and checked out the scene. There was one very groggy attacker just waking up, but no others apparent. I grabbed him from behind and drug him into the brush to question. And before we left the scene, I could see all that I needed to see to know that there were no survivors from our two families, except us.

The young man of about twenty was of undetermined racial background, tattooed and apparently tough. However he was at a severe disadvantage now, since I was armed and he wasn’t. And I was in total rage over what he and his ‘buddies’ had done to my friends and loved ones.

I definitely ungently lashed him to a tree and rehearsed what I was going to ask him about this tragedy. He didn’t yell out, so there was probably no others of the mob around. Evidently he saw my eyes and was very scared at what was to follow. At least he wasn’t wasting his time with empty threats or whining.

I took out my long knife and approached him with a very unfriendly and determined expression, “Why?” He absorbed that and replied that one of his ‘friends’ had suggested a fun rousting of some campers, but it all got out of hand when they fueled up on drugs and alcohol on the way there. He said that he was very sorry for his part in this ‘mess,’ and apparently meant it. I told him that I was sorry for what I was going to do to him now, to get whatever information that I needed to gather this mob up, but any sympathy for him died with two worthy families’ violent demise. At this, he began to cry. He was going to cry a lot more before I was done.

Felicia heard the shouts and screams, but knew enough to stay away from it. And she remained in the place that I had left her, not wanting to see the sorry remains of those that she had loved in both families.

It didn’t take long, but the ‘tough’ didn’t survive the questioning. I made a few notes and attached them to the deader in a zip lock bag for the authorities. As I returned to again take care of Felicity, I heard angry voices and didn’t want to confront them at this time in case it was a return of the ‘mob of toughs.’ So, I with the young girl withdrew into the covering woods to wait out the situation.

I had a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ array of supplies in his back pack and ditty bag. But, much lighter than R.C.’s trunk due to modern technology and Eddie Bauer. We could survive with local available resources for quite some time. And frankly, I needed the time to come down from the fury and awful hurt I felt for my failure to protect my family.

She was still very much in shock and totally dependent onme for now. When I was near, she wouldn’t let go of my hand. A kind of survival protocol on her part. But, the hand of a young girl was somehow very comforting to me who was struggling with the shock of all of this to me too.

When we were at an apparently safe distance from any intrusion, I gathered her up into my arms and sat us on a log to have something to eat. I shared a half of an energy bar with her and we silently began to cope with our ravaged feelings.

I pondered the loss of my best friend for nearly my whole life. Major James Benson 111 was the grandson of the most famous son of the history of his town. The first Jimmy was well known in the town, dated my own grandmother (nearly married her, it has been reported) and has been part of a two family friendship that has lasted generations. The Atkins and the Bensons usually ended up next to each other anyways, because of their last names, but their very similar family outlooks on life and shared religion just seemed to weld the two families together.

But I and James had a lot more in common than that. We were both in to Security, the really important stuff. I was an agent of a private security team, well known by the government and often utilized by them. James was identified as being with some shadowy military security force, but he never talked about it with anyone, even his dear wife. I and James, because of our prowess have a couple of times worked together on security projects and were always successful in our shared exploits. At least I thought so, because the government is very close lipped even about the successes of their agents and contractors, even to the agents.

To give Felicity something to think about over her distress over her family, I asked her to look for a very tall and climbable tree while we ambled in the forest to not be an easy target for anyone who might be following. While we were walking I noticed that Felicity had a very large blood stain in the crotch of her light brown camping jeans. I stopped us briefly as we neared a brook and asked her about it. Perhaps because of the residual shock, the normal shyness about such a subject with an adult man, who isn’t even her father, was prevented from overwhelming her, and she told me that she was on her period and didn’t have any supplies with her because of her quick escape from the frenzied attack.

I gathered her into his arms, just as I had done with my own daughter, and murmured into her ear that they would take care of it after I climbed the designated (by her) tree. Since the time was about nine in the morning, I knew that the news would be on, so I climbed as high as I could in the tree and aimed towards a satellite that I was aware of and turned on my satellite radio. I didn’t want to wear out the battery, so I got what I needed to know very quickly and turned it off. When I got to the ground I informed Felicity about what I had learned.

“Felicity, I just heard on the radio that the authorities who first came upon the horrible remains of our two families are of a mind that I did it. That is since only you and I have survived and you are not to be found at this time. They ascribe some kind of improper relationship between us, and are very likely to shoot first and ask questions later if they encounter us. Only later they might show some regret for not waiting to take out their anger on the supposed offender.”

After a pause for both of us to ponder over this, I continue: “I could take you back to the campsite and leave you there to be found by the authorities. But, I can’t really promise that the bad people aren’t still in the area waiting to silence us two, the only witnesses left to their offenses.

“No Uncle Art,” she offered with a very weary voice, “I would rather be here with you in the safety of your arms.”

“Okay, Honey. We will stay out here until the authorities have sorted this out and have figured out what really happened. That shouldn’t take too long, since the ‘mob’ wasn’t exactly professional in their depredations last night, and this will be dealt with by the cream of the crop of C.S.I. and law authorities.”

“Okay Uncle Art. (Honorary uncle) Will we be safe out here?”

“More so than most other places, now that we are aware of things, my little friend.” At that she grabbed ahold of me again and hugged me very tightly.”

I then decided to address the matter of her trousers and so to prevent her balking at this, I simply asked her to doff them and hand them to me. She didn’t even have time to think of it and automatically took them off and handed them over. Panties too, I insisted. She was a bit slower in acquiescing to this, but did so. She stood there nude before me with seemingly no undue concern as I took her panties and trousers over to a small pool and anchored them in the water with rocks to soak. Cool water is very good for removing blood stains, I remembered. Just one of the thousands of facts that I had picked up over the years. Amazing how many times they had helped in some needed situation.

While the pants were soaking I tossed over to her a spare pair of my shorts. Amazingly, she was not all the quick in putting them on. I lightly mused on that for a few moments.

Then as she came to sit beside me, we reviewed what we would do to survive over the next few days. She was very experienced in the woods, but I reminded her anyway to not eat anything that she saw until I cleared it, though she would certainly be welcome to use her eyes to point out probable candidates. Since it was late Spring, morels would be evident and they are very easy to recognize. And the early berries would be out. And Art knew of greens that would prove useful, too. This is a temperate zone forest and had many useful foods available. That would help to stretch out their supplies and give them a useful task to keep their minds busy.

After forty minutes or so, I took the panties and trousers out of the water and wrung them out and laid them over in the sun to dry. It wouldn’t take long for the panties since they were of a manmade fabric with only a natural fiber gusset to slow the drying down. But, since Felicity evidently had no women’s personal goods with her, she would line the gusset with my clean handkerchief and this would protect her panties and trousers from further staining until her period would stop. And this is how it worked out much to her relief.

We were going to eat very lightly in our sojourn in the forest to keep ourselves very lively. We might lose some weight due to this, but we had a better chance of survival that way. No telling when we might have to hightail it, after all this forest has bears and wolves. Fortunately, they hadn’t been bothered much by bugs so far, since they are most active at dawn and dusk in the immediate vicinity of water.

As we sat together, side by side, I indicated how we would spend that night. We would find a couple of sturdy trees not too far apart with leafed branches about thirty feet off of the ground. I would use my climbing spikes to reach the necessary height and anchor a small but very strong cable with the other end on the other near tree, by using a very long nylon rope towed behind me as I then climbed the nearby tree. With the cable in place, I would anchor to it a pulley lift to bring up the hammock and its rope anchors and mount it just below the cable. When it came time to go to bed, I would climb up and enter the hammock, pull her up with the pulleys and we would have to sleep together in the hammock. At least we would be warm, since it was insulated and roomy enough for two. After she would be situated in the hammock, I would lift the backpack and ditty bag up to be stowed up in the forest canopy with us with and it would be all hidden from all but the most determined viewers from above or below.

She nodded after my deions and explanations and seemed to me to be evidencing no little enthusiasm over the prospect of sleeping with me. I thought that over and saw no way to do this elsewise and decided to just be alert to personal issues that might arise.

After scouting around the area during the afternoon and early evening we settled down to have some dinner. Just so happens that I had some ramen with me. And a truly cool pan that folded flat when not in use, but when held by its handle folded out into a metallic pan suitable for heating water and….ramen. Felicity watched this in operation from the unfolding to the heating up with the butane torch to the cooking of the ramen and then the cleaning and stowing away of it. She enjoyed having a hot meal, but sat there dumbfounded for a few minutes after clean-up and with scrunched brows looked up to me and asked, “How in the heck does it do that, Art?” “I have no idea, Honey. It just works, and I am glad for that!” With that she nodded and evidently her mind went on to other avenues of thought.

Soon after, we found two proper trees with leafage at just the right height above the ground and I proceeded to rig things up as I had earlier explained to Felicity. It all went off without a hitch and after about an hour, we found ourselves together up in the hammock, wondering about what was going to happen next.

Felicity figured out that Art would just lay there embarrassed by his feelings for her unless she did something about it. So she offered, “Art, I think that I would be much more comfortable if I took off my trousers and panties and hang them outside to air out overnight. I know that they will get damp in the night air, but they should dry out with the morning sun and heat. “I don’t know, Felicity, are you comfortable with that?” “Sure Uncle, you are my favorite man right now, anyway.”

I was somewhat worried about this and what it could lead to. And then she upped the ante by asking for my walking shorts and underwear, so that they could ‘freshen’ overnight, too. “Do you think that this is wise, Felicity, I asked with worried eyes.”

“No, problem at all.” And she held the hammock steady by holding onto the wire above as I removed my clothing, too. We then settled in for the night, with our bodies hugged up together in the closest possible proximity.

After only a few minutes, I relaxed into a drowsy state and she noticed the energizing of my member. Even though she was only fourteen, she was not a virgin and was well into understanding all of the ‘sex’ stuff. When my eyes drooped and I was obviously in a light sleep, she moved her hands over to stimulate my member even more. She switched ends with me and without spilling them both to the ground because the hammock had Velcro attachments to keep it closed during the night while the resident was asleep, she took my aroused member into her mouth. I noticed, but was so tired and sleepy that I didn’t react to this intense personal attention. But, my member did. First she got a taste of my pre-cum and then she got a small load of my real cum right in her mouth.

She then she returned to her original orientation, again without spilling them to the ground and backed her bottom up to my member and guided it into her pussy that was well oiled in anticipation of it. I was still only slightly cognitive of what was going on, but was enough to cooperate with her repeatedly backing her behind up to my belly with her ‘plugged in’ as it were. In no time at all, I dumped a load into her love tunnel and both then both of us went to sleep, with me still entered into her.

I awoke first and didn’t miss the fact that I was in fact sleep fucking her. I was aghast at the prospect of raping her, but when she awoke, she assured me that nothing like that had occurred. With that, I was totally aroused and took her again only this time on my own volition, which she was more than glad to cooperate with. I guided her to being on her back and entered her with her legs slightly apart and then whispered to her to close her legs and proceeded to pound her as forcefully as I felt that the hammock would take. It was very strong and so they were in no danger, except the danger of enjoying this greatly.

Later in the morning after having a wild berry and energy bar breakfast, I again climbed the tallest tree that I could find and listened in to the news. It came over the air that the authorities had figured out that I had not done this horror, and in fact they had the remaining perpetrators in jail. There were the two dead at Art’s hand (they found the notes that he left on one of them) and two of them had had to go to the emergency room from the damage done to them by the two families’ death struggles with them. The last two were caught trying to steal Art’s fully (and more) equipped Suburban, but he always carried the key with him, taped to the inside of his boot. And it had very advanced security measures that would prevent it from being stolen unless the thief had a heavy crane with him, and maybe not even then, because if disturbed and entered, it would attach itself to the ground and make things very unpleasant for the illegal intruders.

The authorities were convinced that if Felicity was still alive, that I had saved her. And that I was probably hiding because of hearing the earlier reports of suspicion about my part in this two family tragedy. So they were now inviting me to come back in, hopefully with Felicity in hand. Even my boss with the Security firm joined in to the call, and he would never be part of this if I would be in any danger by doing so. Since we weren’t that far away, but well hidden from any searching authorities, it wouldn’t take us long to walk out and then I would have my Suburban to facilitate us getting out to civilization very quickly.

But, there was one more situation to discuss, after breaking camp and preparing to walk out. How would we explain her condition to the authorities, since they would for sure insist on a total physical for her when they reached civilization to insure her health. It would be totally obvious that she had had sex with penetration and a semen dump from a healthy man. And if they got curious enough, a DNA check would point towards me. Felicity said that she would tell the nurses and doctors that she had been raped by the attackers and that I had saved her life. Good thing that most of what had happened between them was totally innocent and easily proved. Even though they would doubt her story as told, they would have a lot of sympathy for us both after the horrific losses that each had endured. So, they would just shake their heads and walk away from any suspicions.

To prevent a successful DNA testing, Felicity with Art holding her up, washed out her pussy and vagina as well as she could. She would use a mouth-wash for the same purpose as soon as they could stop at a gas station. It was all for naught, as the authorities did insist on a DNA test to, as they put it, narrow down the person among the mob who had raped her. This was because as they said, there were four of them still alive and they wanted everything on them that they could establish to get the most stringent punishment possible.

Not to worry, though, for some reason the samples taken from Felicity conveniently disappeared, and no problem! They had more than sufficient charges to lay against each of the ‘mob.’

In closing this story, it should be noted that they remained dear friends for all the rest of their lives. They were never intimate again. Let the forest keep its secrets they mused to themselves. But each carved out new lives and often ran into each other in their small town. A few noticed the deep smiles each shone forth when -ever they met, even across the room.



Where Uncle Henri came from and who he really was were mysteries from his initial arrival to Big City. It was obvious that in the way that he got quickly situated that he had agents working in his behalf long before his appearance here. He personally did little of the work of his enterprise. What he did was hire very skilled persons for the various factions on his interests and come up with many of the original ideas that fueled it successes. Though he was not directly identified with DUOMENTALITIES, INC., he was one of the progenitors of the ideas that made it possible. And one of his newest ideas was the creation of Holographic Simulated Pro Sports Lounges that could be installed In a person’s home to allow the sports fan and his friends to watch and join in the fun at the stadiums around the country or even world without ever stepping out of their safe and comfortable homes.

It was accomplished by using a special suite of electronics to transfer visually an empty lounge at the stadium to the subscriber for a price and then the fans to enjoy the simulated presence at their leisure’s, even after the games were played. The Stadium authorities and Pro Sports team loved it, because it opened out a whole new opportunities to make stacks of money without any significant outlay of funds on their parts, like building newer stadiums and such. Since it became the in thing for people who wanted the sports experience without the risks of attendance at stadiums with overtaxed security arrangements, it opened up other possibilities too. Like reducing the seat tickets to still have full stadiums with the majority of the game proceeds coming from the leasing of the lounge experiences.

The idea caught on very quickly and Henri through his licensing of the system and equipment to accomplish this shared in the waterfall of monetary return that it provided.

The idea of coming to a town like Big City, a middling sized metropolis was for him to stay out of the limelight. He wanted to enjoy his money and power without drawing too much attention to himself. In fact, nobody but him really knew who he literally was, though all of the superrich knew him as a complimentary investor in their enterprises, too. None of them had ever met him in person, but through very secretive manners of communication, almost all had had met them in their offices in simulated presences.

Another peculiarity of his, was that he purposely owned very little. Almost everything that he utilized was leased, usually at terms that favored him to the extreme. But, he always made sure that the leasing authorities made their profits, too. So, he had very little trouble in any of his agreements of this nature.

For instance when he moved to Big City, he wanted a premises leased and quite large in floor area to meet his needs. Like a famous literary detective, he almost never left his premises. So, all of his needs and interests were required to be met there. Hence he had his factors lease the entire floor of an extended stay hotel in Big City and then had the whole floor secured security wise and developed to meet his designs. With this came a considerable alteration of the original design of the building, but in the lease was factored in the increased value of the premises and so the total lease was considerably reduced to agree with that. He leased it for an initial ten years and included options to increase the time factor.

In the lease also were allowances for him to do practically anything he wanted to do, without any permission from the leasing company needed. Like he could sublease parts of his accommodations without having to account for the increased population which is normally done in leased accommodations. And that meant guests and increased family members, too. So, it took a whole year in advance to prepare the whole floor for him and for him to move in. And after that, very little was heard from him by the business leasing it, but the rather large check that came each month.

His first hiring for the condo was a housekeeper. She was an older lady, short and not very attractive. She also did not live in the accommodations, but she was a whiz at keeping the place clean and presentable and a multitalented cook, too. Another talent of hers was in giving him his morning B.J. The local weird Dr. Spenser had augmented her mouth in his fashion to make it more pleasant for him and her and she was making double of the regular rate for her official duties, too. She took to this duty with the same enthusiasm as she did all the others, and undoubtedly her husband was enthralled with her augmented abilities, too.

Then to augment his living population, he obtained a rescue dog, a middle-aged Black Lab as a canine companion in the home. She was very happy with the place she had in the family and her accommodations, which were a very comfortable kennel for the nights and mostly the run of the place during the days. And she got along with the cat, too. A Russian Blue that was unusually large and the scourge of any rodent that thought to try to enter the place. Both of them though, left Pepe the cactus related to two others in the area, one being the famous Hector, alone. Hector was not the type of individual to invite or accept any brushing up to. He was quite prickly about it, actually.

A further augmentation, was the including of further females to service his intimate interests. So, he put out an ad for student sub-leasers from the nearby college and found those that would trade room and board for a very personal interest in him. And he also bought an interest in a local cab company and arranged for the girls to be picked up at the condo for school and at the college to come home. Since the girls were paying for their rooms with their pussies, mouths and asses, the money that was coming to them from their various monetary supports were then available to them for other purposes of their interests. That was greatly appreciated by them, too. They only had to sleep and service him one night a week each. A small sacrifice for such a big advantage to them.

One other thing though was of interest to him, and that was to have a mobile fantasy figure in the home during the day to inspire him and share in intimacies at odd times during his daily wanderings in the rooms.

So, he had his local factor advertise in all of the media that he could for families that were in financial distress with the sub-condition that they had minor female children. And after he had identified several, he had one of the cabs come to his residence and went out for one of the few times of his residence I the city.

The first few that he checked up on were not suitable. Either the girls were too old or not attractive enough. Or the parents were offended by the terms of the agreement. No problem for him, they could keep their supposed honor intact and remain in their squalor or financial distress as they chose. One of them reported him to the authorities, but he had much better attorneys than they did, and his offers were very much made in a way that would not risk his status in the community. He was in an official manner offering to take the girl or girls on as wards of his and have them taken care of and educated beyond what their families could ever afford. All he wanted in return was their presence in the condo in their natural state and their intimate holes when he desired them that was unofficial but well understood, of course.

This was the third family that he encountered on his search and find operation and they were evidently from Eastern Europe by their accents. Maybe Russian or Ukrainian he thought, though either of them would be totally insulted to admit that their languages sounded the least alike.

The family had eight children and they were suffering because the father an excellent worker was currently unemployed for some reason that wasn’t explained to Henri. So, Henri commiserated with them and their situation. And to himself he thought that there just might be a place for this man in his organization, but that was for another time and situation to consider. At this time, he was interested in the twin girls of ages fourteen each, that appeared to be younger in a way that interested him.

He without staring observed them as they paid attentions to the proceedings, sat, listened and moved about. They were very slim, with ballet type builds. Were pretty in little girl ways, tall for their ages at five foot seven and a bit dark skinned and leggy. They also had generous mouths and small but firm butt cheeks he could tell.

So, he opened the negotiations, and the parents recognized them quickly as such with his offer to take them into his household as wards of his officially and legally proper and to help the parents in their distresses in the amount of one thousand dollars a month. Henri knew that this was too low for them to survive or for them to give up their daughters to what they knew it would entail. But, this was just an introduction to impress them with the amount that he would eventually settle on with them, if they decided to agree with the arrangement.

They looked very shocked at him and told him that that wouldn’t meet their needs at all. So, then as the girls and the other siblings listened, he asked them what did they think that a fair amount would be? They then knew that they were now on the spot and in a corner too, in the negotiations. The parents hemmed and hawed over this and so Henri made his second offer, Two thousand and five hundred a month. This caused the parents to suck in the air through their teeth at the significant increase in the offer, more than they had hoped for. But, they remained silent as Henri expected, so he let them stew for a few minutes as he engaged the two girls in conversations as to what they thought of it all. They were naturally sad to leave their family, but excited at what this could mean for them.

After letting them stew for a few minutes, he turned from the excited girls and told them that his final offer was three thousand a month that in addition to what the state was doing for them it would put them in a very comfortable situation for sure. And when they held back in the negotiations, perhaps hoping for more for their dear daughters, Henri pretended frustrations with the discussion and moved to leave to meet other families, he remarked.

The parents panicked then and said quickly that they agreed and their mother moved to pack a couple of bags of their clothing and personal effects and Henri passed over the first envelope, told them to be careful how they used the funds and that the papers that he was leaving needed to be filled out, signed and notarized before they would receive the second payment of cash. Then he took the two girls by the arms after they had kissed and hugged their parents and siblings and escorted them to the waiting cab to move back to the condo.

When they got to the condo, Henri had Marcie the housekeeper take their clothing and dump it into the trash along with the things that they were wearing right down to the skin. Their personal effects were moved to the room that they would be sharing, and they were told that they would be naked most of the time and any things that they would need to wear would be provided to them.

While they were settling in Henri called his private physician and asked him to come and do a thorough examination of the two girls with pictures of all of it focusing on their current sexual status. Also to take samples of their internal vaginas for DNA tests to establish if possible their latest sexual partners if any.

After a few minutes and before the doctor arrived, Henri came in and accompanied them around the apartment and introduced them to the pets, which they took an immediate likening to, and the various rooms around the apartment and told them that they were responsible to just wander about the premises for the present as a very pretty set of decorations in their nudity and he would later indoctrinate them into their other duties. They would start their schooling on Monday, with a naked male teacher to tutor them. This caught their interests.

After an hour, the doctor arrived and spent a good hour with them in their new room. When he came out, he met with Henri in his private office and delivered the verdict. These girls were not virgins. They had had multiple experiences in intimacy. Also from the conversations that he had with them, it had been either with their father or brothers. And that he had found evidence of this and saved samples to be processed a.s.a.p. This gave him a log of leverage in the situation, which could be of value if there were any hang ups in the agreements.

That night he had them sleep with him together and he confined himself to hugging and caressing them, with only a short kissing of their pussies to start things off right. When they got up in the morning they found each a simple T-shirt and shorts combo, with the notice that this was only to be worn when visitors were present. And so after having their morning showers they began their appointed duties of decorating the condo environs with their pretty bodies, first as a pair, but eventually in separate routes and modes.

On the third night of their habitation, he took one into his arms as she wandered by in the early afternoon while he was watching a baseball game for her to sit on his lap naked as she was. Then as the game droned on, he began to kiss her and she responded to this, understanding what her duties were to her new master. One very much more fulfilling that her father had been. As she cuddled up to him, he began to finger her pussy, something that she had experienced numerous times before from her father and brothers. And when she felt that she was wetted, she reached down to open his pants and take his cock up into her hand to caress. When she felt him to be elevated, she moved to have him up into her pussy and lightly bounced up and down on him.

About this time, Marcie came through and showed her deep displeasure at this with a frown. Henri, still having twin number one on his cock, looked over at her and remarked, “The resignation forms are in the drawer in the kitchen if something you now see disturbs you.” She knowing of the loss that that would mean for her family, adjusted her looks to be a smile and tottered off to some other duty. Then Henri turned his attentions back to the twin and soon with her simpering into his ear, he came strongly up into her and she congratulated him on his efficiency. She serving up the pussy and its contents up to his mouth for savoring. Then she kissed him and went back to her mobile decorating mode, with still some evidence of her recent service to him draining down her legs, unattended.

When he had had enough of the game, he got up to get a drink of water and met the busy Marcie in the kitchen. When she saw him, she took him by the hand and moved to the table and leaned over on to it and lofted her housekeeper skirt and motioned for him to take her up the butt. He had never even been up her pussy before, but being the polite and accommodating gentleman that he was, he used some cooking oil nearby and inaugurated her ass hole and his cock and began to move it up into her insides. She then entered upon a series of shimmies and back pushes to augment his efforts and to accompany them with little cries, groans, moans, shrieks and protests along with other encouragements and soon he was deeply up her and with her very base threats he came up strongly into her. She then turned around and sucked him off clean.

After that she whispered that he could have her up the backside any time that he wanted, perhaps out of concern about the face off over him fucking the little girl out in the open right before her eyes. Henri informed her that he would keep that in mind and that she should bring her sixteen year old around that weekend and leave her for the day. She said that she would. When Maria arrived, he took her and Marita into the master bedroom and fucked her right up the pussy from behind to the girl’s enjoyment and her mother’s embarassment. The girl showed up on her own some of the times on weekends and Marita never showed the least amount of negative reactions to any thing he did from that time on, including of his taking twin number two up the back chute on the kitchen table while Marita was preparing dinner.

About that time, Henri decided to get some of the sexual augmentations that Dr. Spenser had developed for men, with one of the twins getting all of them for females. With the planned for absence during the surgeries, he had a business associate stay in the condo to keep the home fires burning. Besides, he and Henri were in serious negotiations over a proposed business deal. Henri, figured rightly that this would help to grease the skids on the agreement and result in a more favorable agreement for him. Charlie was delighted and the deal went through to both of their pleasures.

It took longer for the twin to have her surgeries and heal up that him. For him the doctor lengthened his tongue, so that it would unfold to about six inches from his mouth, enough to probe a lot of girls right up and past their cervix. Sometimes, he found that it could under the right conditions probe up into the cervix, too. Mostly the girls didn’t like that much. He was clever to leave him with it able to fold up and not interfere with his normal speech.

He modified his anal entry, much like the girls so that he could have the girls fuck him in some way, and that he would enjoy it. Also, he modified his penis to have a greater ability to eject cum and a fake augmentation of its volume of it. And he made a pair of long bags for his lengthened penis of two inches, so that it could harden, even as his life went on. And it was controlled with an electronic pad that could communicate with the controller in his body.

When he got home, all of his fuck mates enjoyed his augmentations, or at least they were smart enough to say that they did. Marita praised them up and down. And the remaining twin was intrigued with his now ability to probe deeply into her ass and vagina with my lengthened cock and tongue. She especially liked the tongue, since it was very interactive in its entries.

When Maizie, the now altered twin arrived, he tried out all of the augmentations the first night and he found them to be adorable. She liked his, too. But, with the augmented twin now much different than the unaugmented one, Marita decided to return home to be with her family, because she didn’t feel the connection with her twin anymore. The family was terrified that he would reduce the monthly donation that added to the pay that the father was now getting from working in one of his subsidiary companies. Maybe for him lose that job, too.

So, the twin’s mother, still very attractive, came to his condo uninvited and asked to speak in private with him over the now changed arrangements. Interestingly she didn’t want to meet with her now changed daughter, but just gave her a firm hug and moved on to talk with him in his bedroom at her request.

When they entered the room, she didn’t waste any time, but quickly removed her clothing to his stunned looks and then naked, she guided him down to the side of his bed and through a mouth stuffed with his enlarged cock begged him to not change the arrangements of them and him in regard to their now solitary daughter. He let her finish her very fine B.J. and then assured her that the donation had been intended for only one daughter, and since the surgeries, that daughter was worth ten other little girls and so there would be no change in the arrangements. She then looked up to him and said that there would be one change, she would come twice a month to fuck him to cause him to remember what he said at that time. He told her that she didn’t need to, but he was not going to turn down a fine woman like her, and so she and he did.

A year and a half later, the twin’s mother’s husband was killed in an industrial accident and so the company made her a settlement. She still kept coming to see him, though. And he was becoming very taken with her. So, since Marcia was becoming fractious again, he pensioned her off and invited Nellie to come to stay with him and take over the management of his gigantic condo. Since the other twin was now old enough to manage the rest of the family, they stayed at the home under her direction, and he contained myself from then on to the mother and the augmented daughter, with the students rotating out as they graduated and no replacements being added.

Things proceeded very well from then on, Nellie lived with him as a de facto wife and he had her arrange for domestic help in the condo. Maizie stayed as his special lover with her own room and separate interests. She and her mother had a quite strained relationship, but they knowing of his feelings about stress in the house just ignored each other except for occasional hugs out of familial love and they let things move on as they would.

Nellie never left him, and neither did Maizie, since she was afraid of how another man would react to her belly button pussy, for one thing.
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