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There is a clandestine group organized to attack sex stories published on the internet. They meet weekly to discuss ways to disparage and disillusion writers in hopes they will stop sharing their stories on the internet.
When Ted entered the Riverside Bar and Grill he had no idea what he expected to accomplish. He had heard that a group of people met there every Friday and Saturday night to discuss their addiction. The bar was crowded with weekend revelers. He spotted the welcome sign over a door at the rear of the room. He elbowed his way through the rowdy crowd. The sign in front of the room invited one and all to come and share their story with the group. Ted opened the door and entered.

The meeting room wasn’t large by any standards. There were approximately 30 folding chairs lined in rows facing a podium. The room was over two-thirds full. He took a seat near the front. After about fifteen minute a tall skinny man, wearing horn-rimmed glasses approached the podium and call the meeting to order. The man was about 5’ 11” and weighed about 135 pounds. He was dressed like an eccentric college professor and his thin gray hair was a mess.

“My name is Nigel.”

“Hello…Nigel,” the group responded.

Ted’s first thought is that he had wandered into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He was debating a way to slip out without drawing too much attention to him. Unfortunately he had selected a seat in the middle of the row and would have to climb over too many people to escape. He decided to wait for a break or intermission and then slip out.

“I have a terrible addiction. I am addicted to internet sex stories and they are ruining my life.”

There was a chorus of amen’s from the group. Nigel continued by telling the group that the meeting would be conducted much like an ‘AA’ meeting. Anyone that is so moved can come to the podium and share their story with the group. The group will in turn offer advice and solace.

“Does anyone want to volunteer to go first?”

Nigel opened the soul cleansing portion of the meeting by calling for volunteers to share their stories. A middle aged man in the back raised his hand and was invited to the podium. He was dressed casual in slacks and polo shirt. He looked like an average family man.

“My name is David.”

“Hello…David,” the group responded.

“I am addicted to internet sex stories and they have me obsessed with fucking my Daughter, Taylor. Every since I read a story on Literotica I think of nothing but finding a way to fuck my nineteen year old daughter.”

A low groan comes from the crowd.

“I read a story entitled ‘Taylor’s Privacy Invaded’ and it inspired me to put a video cam in my daughter’s room and I watch her during her most private moments and I masturbate like a crazy man and plan ways to fuck her. The man in the story had the same name as me and his wife’s name was Karen. My wife’s name is also Karen and our daughter’s name is Taylor. It is almost like someone was writing my story.”

Ted raised his hand and asked, “Can you tell us about that story so we can get a better understanding of why it is affecting you in that manner?”

“Sure, I can do that”, David answered. “The David in the story and his wife had been married for a little over twenty years. They had two children; Jason 21 and Taylor 19. Jason was serving in the military and was stationed in Europe. Taylor attended the local Community College and lives at home. It was an exact deion of my family.

Their home is just like mine in every way. They lived in a two-story home and each floor had its own central heating and air conditioning units. The thermostat panel for the upstairs unit was located on the wall just inside Taylor's bedroom and she also found the thermostat location awkward because it was in her private space. She did not like for people to have access to her bedroom because she was fearful they would rummage through her personal belongings. She had made that fact well known on many occasions; just like my Taylor always did.

The rest of the story follows my life exactly. David turned the two units to their heating mode and found that the upstairs unit was blowing only cool air. It was necessary to have a repairman look at it before the first real cold snap. This family also had been using this same furnace repair company for the last 15 or 20 years, and they usually had the same repairman each time if he not on vacation or out on other personal time.

His name was Gavin and he had been the repairman the family since he was 22 years old. He was the only repairman Taylor felts comfort with because he's been servicing their furnace since she was four years old. He was almost like a member of the family. She insisted her Dad request Gavin. When her father called the repair company, he asked the dispatcher to send Gavin to do the repairs if at all possible. The dispatcher told him they couldn't make any guarantees, but they would have a better idea who will make the call in the morning. Taylor was already paranoid enough about strangers invading her private space, so David decided not to tell her Gavin may not make the call. There was no need to upset her unnecessarily; he would cross that bridge later if necessary.

Karen was out running her early morning errands, as usual, and David had his annual doctor's appointment at ten o'clock. Taylor needed to take a quick shower before going to meet one of her girl friends later that morning at the Mall. David reminded her she would need to let Gavin in and stay there until the repairs are completed. Taylor decided to go ahead and take a quick shower while her Dad was still at home.

While David prepared to leave for his appointment, he got a brain storm. He set his video camcorder up in Taylor's bedroom and angled it to record anything going on in her bedroom. If Gavin didn’t make the call, he wanted video proof if something came up missing from Taylor's room. David knocked on Taylor's bathroom door and told her he was leaving for his doctor’s appointment, but didn't tell her about the video camera.

When David got home later that afternoon, Karen was still out running errands and Taylor was out shopping with her friends. He retrieved the video camcorder from Taylor's bedroom and up loaded it to his computer. He played it back and was at times embarrassed and other times shocked at what the camcorder had recorded. The first scene was fairly mild when Taylor came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head and a separate towel wrapped around her body. David never intended to capture private scenes of his daughter. He had mixed emotions about what he saw on the video.

She tossed the towel from her head on the floor and approached a floor length mirror and began combing out her wet hair. She removed the towel from her body and began to examine her nude body in the mirror. This was the embarrassing part. He started to turn it off, but couldn't tear his eyes away from Taylor’s beautiful lithe young body. She first cupped both breast with her hands, lifted them and let them drop. They jiggled, but didn't sag. She rolled both nipples between her thumb and index finger. They became swollen, hard and erect. She turned her body from side to side admiring her tits from different angles. David felt guilty invading her most private moment. He was again tempted to turn it off, but he couldn't. His cock got hard as he admired her half dollar size areola. Her eraser size nipples stuck out about a quarter of an inch. His hand unconsciously drifted to caress his aching cock. He knew he should turn it off and delete it, but he couldn’t.

While teasing her left nipple with her right hand; her left hand moved down to her vagina and started slowly massaging it. She closed her eyes and appeared to entertain a fantasy. A minute later the doorbell is heard ring in the background of the video. Taylor quickly pulled on a skin tight white halter top with spaghetti straps and a pair of really tight short shorts. She slid them on without panties or bra. Her Dad could see her erect nipples.

She rushed out of camera range and David could hear her talking to a male voice at the front door. When they came back into to camera range it was Gavin who made the service call after all. David was relieved that it was not some stranger. He made a mental note to caution her about proper attire when answering the front door. Taylor excused herself and let Gavin go up into the attic to tend to his business.

About thirty minutes later he heard the attic door close and Gavin came back into the camera's view. He made adjustments to the unit's thermostat panel. Then walked over to Taylor's bed and picked up the dirty panties she had been wearing before taking her shower. He put them to his nose and sniffed them. He closed his eyes and drew in her aroma once more; slowly exhaling with a smile of enchantment. David was ashamed to admit it, but he got an erection as he imagined myself with her panties to his nose breathing in her sweet fragrance.

David’s fantasy was interrupted by a shrill cry from Taylor who was just off camera. She stormed into the room, rushed up to Gavin and snatched her panties from him. She balled them up in her left hand and began to berate Gavin. She shook her fist in his face and had the look of both anger and disappointment on her face. Gavin said nothing. He calmly reached out and seized her left wrist and pulled the panties back to his nose and continued to breathe in her scent. Taylor started to say something else to him, but stopped in mid sentence and stared in shock at Gavin again sniffing her dirty panties. Her face turned a crimson red. Gavin slowly pushed the panties under her nose; quietly urging her to sniff. She gasped with surprise causing her fragrance to be sucked into her nostrils. Gavin leaned forward, positioning her panties under both their noses where they could each breathe in her sweet smell jointly. Taylor closed her eyes and drew in another deep breath through her nose. Her shocked father saw her body relax as she enjoyed the arousal created by the two of them sharing her tangy perfumed panties.

David saw a noticeable bulge in Gavin' pants. Gavin whispered something to Taylor. She blushed and shook her head yes. Taylor's right hand moved to caress her left breast and began pinching the nipple through her shirt. They both continued to enjoy the aroma of her sweet musky fragrance. Gavin whispered something else to her and she smiled and shook her head; again agreeing to whatever he had said. Gavin gently massaged her wet pussy. She broadens her stance to allow him easier access. Their breathing came short and rapid. She asked if she could touch the bulge in Gavin pants. He told her that she shouldn't to do that. She whispers that she wants to feel its hardness, but Gavin shakes his head no. She pleads and he relents allowing her to feel it through his trousers. She stroked his cock up and down through his pants.

His legs become weak and unstable. He had to sit on the edge of her bed to keep from collapsing. Taylor dropped to her knees and continued to stroke his cock up and down; begging him let her see it. He finally relented and freed it from his pants. She took the panties they have been sniffing and wrapped it around his penis and slowly stroked it.

She looked up at Gavin and said she wanted to suck his cock. He told her absolutely not; adding that it could lead to real trouble for both. She defiantly shoved his cock into her mouth anyway. Gavin jumped and pushed her wet mouth off his sensitive cock and told her she would make him cum. Taylor told him she wanted to make him cum in her mouth.

After a moment of contemplation, Gavin put his hand on her head and guided her mouth back to his cock. It only took a minute or two for Gavin to explode into her mouth. Her father could see her throat moving up and down while her jaws were inflating as she drank down every drop of Gavin’ load. David found himself feeling jealous and guilty for his emotions. He felt he should be angry with Taylor, but instead he found himself longing to have her lips around his cock; swallowing his load.

Gavin fell back onto her bed while she stood up and wiped her mouth with the panties they had been sniffing. After Gavin recovered from his orgasm, he pulled his pants up and told Taylor it was time for him to reward her for delivering such an amazing blowjob. He lifted her halter top over her head and lowers her panties to her ankles. She eagerly stepped out of them and he pushed her onto her back on the bed.

Gavin crawled onto the bed next to Taylor with his clothes back on, and kissed her gently on the lips. She cooed as he began stroking her breast. She scooted closer to him and urged him to go slow and explore her body. She closed her eyes while he toyed with her nipples. He began to tease and kiss his way down her body. He took his time kissing and licking on her neck, nibbling on her ears and telling her how wonderfully beautiful she was. Taylor blushed as she felt herself getting very wet.

Her father was having trouble catching his breath as he stroked his cock through his pants. Gavin continued slowly down Taylor’s body, licking every inch of her breast. He teased each nipple for what seems like forever. Finally, with encouragement from Taylor's forceful push on the back of his head, guiding his mouth; he engulfed her C-cup tits one at a time. He paid special attention to her nipples; licking, sucking and lightly biting. Her breathing was getting heavier, with short shallow bursts; her moans got louder with anticipation. She was so wet it puddle on the top bed cover. Her wetness didn't go unnoticed by her father. His little girl was enjoying this and it caused his cock to become very hard and erect. His guilt grew along with his desire to enjoy the pleasures of her lithe young body.

She pressed her hips to Gavin and moaned, yes...yes...yes. Keep going…don’t stop. Please keep going. He told her that the secret to good sex is to go slow and make the woman literally beg to achieve an orgasm. He continued kissing down her body. His next stop was that sensitive area just above her pubic region, where he found a thin silky patch of blonde hair. He slowly licked around the tuft of hair. Then slowly, keeping his tongue pressed lightly to her skin, he traced her labia up and down. She murmurs a low, “Oh my God”.”

“Gavin could smell the scent of her sopping wet pussy. The same scent they both had enjoyed while sniffing her panties together. He continued teasing her, and was driving her crazy. Her father could tell by her moans that she was rather agitated that Gavin didn't go ahead and eat her pussy. Gavin was determined to take his time and make her beg. He knew from past experience the more she desired gratification, the more she would enjoy it. Her gyrations told him that his actions were generating the desired effect, and she actually liked the treatment she was getting.

Gavin continued by licking down the inner regions of her right thigh, kissing softly around, but never making contact with her wet pussy. He licked the wetness of her inner right thigh down to her knee and back up. He lightly grazed her vaginal slit with his tongue, as he crossed over and did the same thing to her left thigh. She was pulling at his head with all of the strength she had, begging him to put his mouth on her wet pleading pussy. She was driving her hips up to meet his licking, partially spreading her vaginal lips with each thrust.”

"Gavin...PLEASE!!" She pleaded softly.

“That one phrase alerted him she was ready. He pushed her legs as wide as they would go, revealing her wet and willing pussy. He gave her a slow gentle puppy dog lick up the middle of her pussy then went directly for her clit with his mouth. When he finally he sucked her clit into his mouth, she let out a loud guttural moan.”

"Yessssssss... Oh my God yessss!!" She pulled his face deep into her pussy and shuddered.

“He lets his tongue fall down to her vaginal entrance and pressed it firmly inside as far as it would go. Her hips bucked up to meet his tongue and she began to fuck his tongue. He held his face and tongue firmly in one place as she fervently worked her pussy on it. When her hips fell for the last time, his tongue was steadfastly in placed on her clit.

It was clearly visible on the video that her thighs were starting to tremble. David knew that his daughter was very close to a major orgasm. She placed her hands on the back of Gavin’s head and pulled his face tightly into her pussy.

Her father had read articles about women's orgasms in which they described this point as being like an ocean wave as it is starting to crest just before it slammed into the shoreline. Gavin sensed her trembling and started to lick her clit vigorously and then sucked it back into his mouth. About that time Taylor slammed her thighs together, locking Gavin’s tongue securely to her clit, and let out another loud scream.”


“Her hips were thrashing violently, but with the pressure of his hands on her legs and his suction on her clit, he never broke contact with her clit. Her pussy began to gush, and he surprised to discover she was a squirter. Her fluids quickly smeared across his face and ran down her ass crack to the bed covers below, leaving an even bigger wet spot. Her Dad had mixed emotions. He felt happy Taylor was able to experience such a wonder orgasm, but guilty he was wishing he had been the one to give it to her.

Taylor convulsed for a few seconds before passing out. Gavin put her halter top and shorts back on her then covered her with a light blanket. He sat on the edge of her bed gently stroking her hair while waiting for her to recover from her orgasm and returned to full consciousness.

About five minutes later Taylor opened her eyes and looked around the room confused like she wasn't sure where she was at first. She saw Gavin sitting on her bed and asked him what happened. He assured her she was okay; that she had passed out during her orgasm. He told her there was nothing to worry about and that the response she had was a perfectly normal reaction. Taylor looked panicked and said, "You didn't fuck me while I was out, did you?"”

Gavin gave her pat her on her hand and said, "Don't worry, Taylor, I never fuck any of my clients. My only interest is to deliver the best orgasm possible with my mouth."

"Why not fuck them after you bring them to such a great orgasm?"

"No! No way is my cock ever going to penetrate one of my clients! That would ruin everything and violate an understood trust. It would change our whole relationship; for the worse."

“He went on to say that occasionally some of them wanted to suck his cock and he was okay with that because there was no chance they could get pregnant. However; his only intent is to bring them to full satisfaction using only his skillful tongue.

Taylor thanked him again for her wonderful orgasm and assured him that no one had ever made her squirt like that before. She said it was the most intense orgasm she had ever had in her entire young life. They talked while sitting on the edge of Taylor's bed. She told Gavin again that she had never experienced such an amazing orgasm before. She asked him where he learned to satisfy a woman like that. Gavin told her he had been making service calls for 15 years in the same area and 12 of those years had been spent perfecting the art of pleasing the female customers with a good cunt licking. He told her he loved eating pussy and that he ate pussy every day of the week. Some days he ate pussy two to three times a day.”

“Do you charge these women for your service”, she asked?

“There is no charge because I find it very gratifying to bring a woman through a magnificent orgasm,” He told Taylor.

“Taylor estimated he must have hundreds of women in order to eat pussy several times a day every day of the week. Gavin told her he only had just a little over a dozen women who come to him for their vaginal pleasuring. He told her that he had a small studio apartment in town and the women all had standing appointment with him and show up at their appointed time to be serviced. Some came once a week while others had two and three appointment each week.

Most days he liked to schedule an early morning appointment, a mid-day and a late afternoon session. Frequently some of these women work in an extra meeting with him by calling the company and scheduling a legitimate service call. If he was ever tied up on a legitimate service call when he was supposed to be at a routine session with one of his regular clients, he would make up for it during the week-end at the studio apartment.”

“Is my mother is one of your regular clients,” Taylor asked Gavin.

David perked up and listened closely for his answer.

“That is something you should let your mother answer,” Gavin told her.

“Taylor urged him to be honest with her and tell the truth. Gavin hesitated a long moment, pondering his response. Finally he confirmed that she was and had been for over ten years. Her regularly scheduled appointment is every Tuesday and Thursday.

At that point it dawned on David that on Tuesday and Thursday night of every week, Karen and he enjoyed the most remarkable raw lustful sex that any married couple could ever hope to experience. Now he understood why. Gavin had been tuning her up so that she was more than ready to pleasure her husband. David smiled and thought to himself, “Now how is that for having a good dependable service man?”

Gavin went on to tell Taylor that sometimes when Karen was especially horny, she came to the studio for a week-end session. Taylor asked Gavin if she could set up a regular appointment for herself. He laughed and told her absolutely. He even assured her that he would cancel one of his regular clients just to make room for her, if it became necessary.

David didn't continue to watch the video to find out when Taylor's appointment would be. He decided to let that be hers and Gavin's little secret.

He turned off the video and manually delivered himself the most incredible orgasm ever.”

David finished describing the internet story that was published on Literotica. The story that he thought had caused much of his problems. He stepped away from the podium. Nigel hurried to the podium and continued his role as the meeting moderator.

“Thank you very much, David, for sharing your story,” Nigel remarked as he adjusted the microphone and resumed his leadership role. “We have heard many stories such as your and can offer you many solutions.”

David returned to his seat in the rear of the room.

“Our group is dedicated to destroying websites like Literotica and”, Nigel gleefully stated. “We have members all over the world that surf those websites with the intent to make disapproving comments about the stories. Our goal is to demoralize the writers to the point they lose their motivation to submit future stories. Our members don’t even have to read the stories to make negative remarks about them. We have sent out a list of disparaging comments that can fit just about any story. Just to mention a few: ‘You need an editor’, ‘Story was not consistent’, ‘Idiotic characters – Ridiculous dialogue’, ‘Hard to follow’, ‘Your spelling is terrible’, ‘Wrong Category’, and my favorite; ‘you have just paved the road to Ruin’. And if you really can’t find anything grammatically wrong with the story, you can resort to sarcasms. I like to use the negative comment; ‘English is not your first language’. Remember to make these comments anonymously so you don’t get any blowback from the writers.”

Nigel waited for the applause to die down before continuing with his diatribe. He called for anyone in the audience who could share a story about a cheating wife. That particular category had a lot of angry followers (both men and women) who are more than willing to post negative comments. Nigel explained how easy it was to solicit negative comments in that category.

“There are men all over the world who get really angry and upset when a story is about a cheating wife because they can relate. Men with LITTLE cocks hate to hear about women who cheat with men who have very LARGE cocks because it makes them realize they are such inadequate lovers. A white man with small or average size cock gets especially angry if a story is about a white woman who cheats with a black man because he has a very large cock and is really good at pleasing women. A cheating wife story will also force men with little cocks face their inadequacies; their inferiority complex. I find most will almost always post negative or sarcastic comments. So let’s hear from someone with a cheating wife story.

Ted hesitated for a moment then boldly raised his hand. Nigel motioned for him to come forward. He made his way to the front of the room. He had a brief discussion with Nigel. Nigel confirmed Ted did indeed have a cheating wife story and then encouraged him to approach the podium.

“My name is Ted.”

“Hello…Ted,” the group responded.

“I am addicted to internet sex stories and they have ruined my marriage. My story was actually published on Literotica. It was written by my brother and submitted without my permission.”

A low groan comes from the crowd. It was followed by chants of ‘Down with the internet sex stories’. The crowd had to be called back to order by Nigel before Ted could continue.

“I had drunk way too much and foolishly shared my story with my brother on the night of my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I thought he understood I didn’t want the world to know about it”, Ted complained to the group. He looked out over the group with sad depressed expression.

“Pleased share that story with us so we can mount our campaign against Literotica”, Nigel requested.

“My story appeared on Literotica under the title, ‘Katie and Ted learn from an Expert’. My story started about ten years ago when Katie and I had been married for 18 years. It was a long story so I will give you only a brief synopsis.

I met Katie in the summer between her junior and senior year of high school. She had just turn 17 and I was 19, getting ready to start my freshman year of college. It was love at first site for both of us. We dated six month before we had our first sexual intercourse. Up until then we engaged in a lot of heavy kissing and sexual exploration. I played with her breast and vagina through her clothes. She rubbed and fondled my penis through my clothes. It later progressed to me sucking her breast and putting my finger in her vagina until she had an orgasm. She would jack me off until I ejaculated into a napkin. Katie was the first and only girl I had ever been intimate with.

After we had known each other for about 18 months we slipped away and got married. Our first child, Jason, was born nine months later. Approximately two years later Ella was born. Katie became a stay at home Mom and devoted all of her time to raising the children. We had a relatively normal sex life. We had sex a couple of times a week, but that soon began to decrease in frequency as the children got older. The sex was always good, but Katie was shy and neither one of us was sexually experienced and we never experimented with sex at all. We were content with the missionary position and on occasion we would try the doggy style. She would give me an occasional blowjob and I would lick her vagina. I hate to admit it, but I wasn't really familiar with the anatomy of the female vagina. I didn't know to spend more time stimulating the clitoris. I just stuck my tongue in and out of her vagina like it was my penis. Katie was too shy to tell me to do anything else. We had been married about 18 years when I noticed that Katie was becoming distant and seem to lose interest in sex altogether. I was concerned and mentioned it to our pastor. He suggested we get away together and spend time rekindling our love life.

I owned a Volvo dealership and there was a dealership convention coming up in Los Angeles that would last about a week. I asked Katie to attend it with me. We decided to add another week and drive out to Los Angeles, taking our time and enjoying the sites along the way. We had just entered California near Death Valley and were getting hungry when I saw a sign that said 'RESTAURANT AHEAD' and we decided to stop for lunch. Just fifty yards from the restaurant the engine started knocking. I looked at the dash panel and realized the engine had over heated. I threw the car in neutral and coasted the rest of the way. Luckily there was also a service station and a motel near the restaurant. I stopped at the service station. Smoke was pouring from under the hood. I got out of the car and raised the hood.

While I examined under the hood, a tall black man approached and introduced himself as the owner of the service station. He told me that his name was Reginald Williams, but most everyone called him Reggie. I told him I was Ted Harrington, and then introduced him to my wife, Katie. I didn’t notice at the time, but he seemed greatly taken with Katie. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her tits and butt. I have to point out here that my Katie is a gorgeous blonde with large breast and a shapely ass.

Reggie determined that the problem was a busted heater hose, costing about $50, and it would take him about an hour to repair. Reggie told us that he also owned the restaurant and lunch was on him. He would come get us when the repairs were completed.

Reggie found us in the restaurant an hour later and said, "Folks I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that your car is repaired and ready for the road. The bad news is that the water pump also had to be replaced. Instead of costing $50 the cost is $493.85."

I told him that's no problem and slid my credit card across to him. Reggie informed us that credit cards were not acceptable for mechanical work; it had to be cash or check. Since I never carry checks, I pulled out my wallet and counted my cash. All I had was $196.00 cash. I suggested I have money wired through Western Union. Reggie told me that the nearest Western Union was over 100 miles away and he didn't have anyone he could send to pick it up. This created a problem. We sat there for about five minutes quietly searching for a solution. Reggie broke the silence with what he considered a solution.

"Well, we could always barter." He looked over at Katie and winked.

I thought for a moment and then it dawned on me what he was possibly suggesting.

"What do you mean barter? I have nothing to barter?"

Reggie looked over at Katie again and then back at me. Katie blushed and then looked at me with a concerned look, then diverted her eye down. I knew right away what he was suggesting. Reggie and I bickered back and forth, with me telling him there was no way I going allow my wife to be used that way. Reggie shrugged his shoulders and told me that it looked like we were stuck there in this out of the way place. He would not entertain the option of letting me mail a check. It was cash on delivery or no release of my vehicle. We were struck in a strange place with no other options. We were at a stalemate.

Reggie also owned the motel and suggested we get a room because he couldn't release our car without us paying for the repairs. Reggie and I continued to bicker back and forth. The argument was becoming quite heated. It was beginning to look like it may come to blows, in which case I didn't have a chance of becoming the victor.

Katie broke in and said in a low, barely auditable voice said, "I'll do it."

The room seemed to fall silent. I could not believe what I had just heard from my shy little, sexually inexperienced wife. She had never been with another man. I far as I knew, she had never even considered being with another man. My first thought was that Katie had apparently misunderstood just what we were arguing about. I reached over and touched her hand and said, "You don't know what you are agreeing to, Katie?"

She blushed, looked down at the table, nodded her head and said, "Yes I do. I'll do it, Honey. I'll do it. Now let's not argue and get it over with."

I saw no way out of this cleverly laid trap. All the signs had been there, but I was more concerned with getting my car repaired and missed them. I realized I had foolishly stumbled into a trap and reluctantly gave up. However; I made it clear that I would not allow Katie to be alone with him. He cheerfully invited me to come along. He had the audacity to tell me I could watch and maybe learn some secrets about how to truly please my wife. That really pissed me off, but I agreed to the terms. The three of us walked over to the motel and Reggie got a room key from the office. He led us to a room on the second floor. The room had a king size bed, a sofa, and a computer desk. Reggie told me to sit on the sofa and be prepared to learn the art of love making. That only served to anger me more, but Katie quickly moved in to de-escalate the situation. She told Reggie that she was not getting into bed with a dirty sweaty man and suggested he take a quick shower. Reggie agreed to the shower but told us that to insure we didn't sneak away while he was in the shower, Katie would have to join him in the shower. Before I even had a chance to object, Katie started walking toward the bathroom. Reggie winked at me and joined her, closing the door behind them.

They were in the shower for about 15 minutes. When the door to the bathroom finally open; a very naked Katie hurried over to the bed and slid under the covers. Reggie followed her at a much slower pace. The first thing that I noticed was Reggie's huge black cock. I estimated it to be at least 10 inches and rather thick.

Reggie walked over to the bed and jerked all the covers off and piled them on the floor. Katie tried to cover her naked body with her hands. Reggie just laughed and said, "Baby, how do you expect your husband to learn how to please you if everything is hidden under the covers?"

He crawled onto the bed and began stroking her breast. She scooted close to him and urged him to get started. My first thought was she is acting too much like she was looking forward to having sex with this man. My second thought was maybe she just wanted to hurry and get it over. Reggie continued to take his time and looked over at me while he explored her luscious body. Katie laid there looking up at the ceiling and Reggie toyed with her nipples. It appeared he was intentionally trying to piss me off. I think he was hoping I would get pissed, throw a fit and storm out of the room. I was determined not to leave her there alone with him.

Katie swallowed hard and then looked over at me. She looked somewhat terrified by him, but anxious to get on with the deed, but I couldn't determine if it was because she dreaded what was to come, or was she actually looking forward to fucking her first black man. Reggie told her to just relax and enjoy the ride. He took his time kissing and licking on her neck, nibbling on her ears and telling her how amazingly gorgeous she was. I kept thinking he was doing all that for my benefit.

Katie blushed again and pressed her hip into Reggie as he continued down her body, slowly licking every inch of her luscious breast. He teased each nipple for what seems like forever. Finally, Katie’s pushed on the back of his head, forcing him to engulf her tits in his mouth. He paid particular attention to her nipples; licking, sucking and lightly biting. Her breathing was getting heavier and more labored; and her moans were louder. She pussy was so wet it began to puddle on the sheet beneath them. She pushed her hips into Reggie sighing and whispering softly in his ear. I heard her say, “Keep going…Please hurry and fuck me. I want to feel you inside me.”

I could tell she was hoping I did not hear her whispers, but I did. I didn’t know what to think. I really couldn’t interpret any of her actions at that point. I at first thought she was trying to cause Reggie to have a quick orgasm so it would be over with, but I was beginning to have some doubts. Reggie looked over at me and said, “The secret to good sex is to go slow and make the woman literally beg to be fucked.”

I grumbled to myself, “The son of a bitch is beginning to act like he is holding a classroom lecture on making love.” I wasn’t amused at his confidence. Reggie continued kissing down her body and I had to fight the urge not to hit him over the head with a God damn chair. I felt sure the son of a bitch was enjoying taunting me.

Reggie’s next stop was that sensitive area just above her pubic region, where the top of her bikini panties had been. He slowly licked along the imaginary panty line around to her right hip with his tongue. Then slowly, keeping his tongue pressed lightly to her skin, traced the same line back around to her left hip. I could smell the scent of her very wet pussy because the aroma of her desire was quickly filling the room. I knew Reggie could also smell her and knew that the teasing was driving her crazy. He knew by her moans that she was rather frustrated that he would not get on with fucking her; but he also knew by her gyrations that his actions were generating the desired effect, and she liked the treatment she was getting.

He continued by licking the wetness of her inner right thigh down to her knee and back up; lightly grazing her vaginal slit with his tongue as he crossed over and did the same thing to her left thigh. She was pulling at his head with all of the strength she had, begging him to put his mouth on her wet pussy. She was driving her hips up to meet his licking, partially spreading her vaginal lips with each thrust. I had never seen her want sex so badly. I wished I was the one who was driving her to that level of ecstasy. I never dreamed she would ever get this passionate.

“Reggie...PLEASE!!!!!” She moaned softly.

That’s all she needed to say. In Reggie’s opinion, she was finally ready. He pushed her legs as wide as they would go, revealing her wet and willing pussy. He went directly for her clit with his mouth and sucked it in, and she let out a loud squeal.

“Yessssssss… Oh my God!! Yesssssssssssssss!”

She pushed his face deep into her pussy; squirming and shuddering as her thighs slammed closed around his head and squeezed. He lets his tongue fall down to her wet entrance and pressed it firmly inside as far as it would go. Her hips bucked up to meet him and she started to fuck his tongue. He held his tongue in one place as she worked her pussy on his tongue. When her legs finally relaxed and her hips fell for the last time, his tongue was firmly in place on her clit. Her body began to spasm and her orgasm was consuming her whole body. He started to lick her pussy vigorously and then sucked her clit back into his mouth. About that time she let out another loud scream.


Her hips thrashed violently, but with the pressure of his hands on her legs and his suction on her clit, he never broke contact. Her pussy began to gush, and I could tell Reggie was pleased that his new found sex toy was a squirter. Her fluids quickly smeared across his face and ran down her ass to the sheets below, leaving what would become an even bigger wet spot.

I sat glued to the sofa. I had never known Katie to be a squirter. I had never seen any woman squirt. I thought to myself how much I would love to be able to make Katie squirt like that during sex. I could feel myself getting an intense hard-on and became angry with myself for getting so aroused while watching my wife respond to another man. She was enjoying this man in ways she never enjoyed me and it didn’t go unnoticed by me.

Reggie laid his head on top of her pubic mound, and gently kissed and licked her still very sensitive clit. Her body trembled and shook with each touch as Reggie stroked her body with his hands. As her orgasm subsided, she cleared her throat and looked down at him. She had actually forgotten that I was a witness to her amazing orgasm. Yes, I was still sitting there speechless. She apparently decided that she really didn’t care at that point. She wanted to go on having these magnificent orgasms like I wasn’t even in the room.

“Reggie that was an amazing orgasm; I am absolutely ready for you to finally slid your giant cock in me and make the lustful animal love to me like you promised.”

I don’t want to hear Katie talk like that to this stranger so I clear my throat, but it went unnoticed by both Katie and Reggie. They were in their own zone now; a place where nothing else seems to matter, except her next orgasm. She bucked her hips, again, trying to get him to her enter her. He resisted as he continued to tease her. She groaned in frustration. I got more pissed off. I had never seen Katie so lustful and wanton.

“Reggie, I am begging you, please fuck me. Please fuck me now!” She demanded.

“I told you, Baby; I am not going to just fuck you. I promised to make lustful, wild animal love to you. I think you have experienced at least two powerful orgasms, and I think you are just about ready for the big one.”

With that, Reggie pushed himself up and brought his knees forward positioning himself between her spread legs. He started to rub his cock head up and down her pussy, starting at her clit and moving down to her ass crack. With each pass he put more and more pressure until finally he pushed his cockhead into her tight, wet opening. It was the first time that his cock had actually entered her wet pussy. I could see the feeling was intense for both of them. Reggie remarked that he was fucking the hottest white woman he had ever been around; and to top it off, he was fucking her in front of her husband of 18 years, and with his permission no less. I bit my tongue and fought the temptation to hit him with the something.

“Are you certain you really want this giant cock in you, Baby?” he asked before he made his complete entrance.

“Yes Reggie. I have never been more ready or more eager about anything in my life,” She pleaded.

He started to slowly grind his cock into her wet opening. He was being careful not to hurt her because she was extremely tight, and he is extraordinarily large. She took a deep breath and braced for the stretching her pussy was experiencing. This was truly unchartered territory for Katie, and knowing that made the moment so much more intense for her. As he slowly pushed into her pussy, her vaginal lips, slick with her love juices stretched around his large cock, and her velvety walls closed in around it. She winced in pain due to her tightness and the painful stretching.

Reggie whispered softly in her ear calling her his new sex toy, his white princess. He told her she was becoming a real woman today. He said he could tell for sure that she had never had a cock this large in her before. All of this was apparently for my benefit. With her pussy being so tight Reggie knew that I had never touched the depths he was going to reach in the next few seconds. He saw it as a moment that could only be described as amazing. Reggie was experiencing sheer delight as her body accepted his invasion. I am in total anguish as my wife responded positively to everything Reggie did to her body.

After several minutes of slowly pushing in, pulling part way out, and pushing in a little deeper, he was finally to the half way mark. It wouldn’t be long now before he was completely in her, balls deep. Their eyes never broke contact. She was looking into him, not just at him. Although she had a grimaced look on her face, she also had a look of passion, love, lust and pleasure all in one. Reggie touched bottom and held himself in her for a few moments to allow her to adjust to having him inside of her. Kate told him she absolutely loved the feel of his big cock in her. As she started to grind her hips into him and said, “I would have never believed anything could feel so wonderful.”

He took that as his clue she had adjusted properly and he began to rock in time with her grinding. With each “in” stroke he pushed as deeply as he could. With each “pull out”, he left just the head in before plunging back into her. He started to massage her clit with the thumb of his right hand as he played with her nipples with his left. She started to moan louder and grind harder. He could tell that she was on the verge of another orgasm so he picked up his pace to meet hers.

I paid close attention to everything Reggie did to her. I fully intended to duplicate his every move the first chance I had to be alone with her. With the exception of not having a huge cock; I hadn’t seen Reggie do anything I couldn’t have done if only I had known to do it. I could kick myself for not taking the time to learn how to really make love to my own wife. I had never had sex with anyone but Katie since our marriage. Therefore; I really didn’t know there was more to learn. She never told me that she wanted something different, so I naturally assumed I was doing everything okay.

Within minutes Katie was thrashing about the bed wildly under Reggie. Suddenly her pussy was gushing around his cock so he pulled out and felt her squirt with more pressure than he ever imagined possible. He kept his thumb on her clit until she relaxed on the bed. He gave her a moment to gather herself.

“Are you still good with this, Katie?” He asked with concern.

“Yes Reggie. Please let’s keep going. I need to feel you cum inside me!”

He rolled her over on her stomach and got her up on her hands and knees. He had her to arch her back just right and positioned his entrance perfectly. He knelt behind her and slowly eased his cock back into her pussy from the rear; doggy style.

Reggie looked over at me and said he didn’t know everything there was to know about the female anatomy, but what he did know, what he had experienced in the past, is that a woman’s pussy gets much tighter in the doggy style position. I made a mental note of that fact. Reggie went on to say that he normally he saved the doggy position for last, because it always made him cum faster. But today, with his new inexperienced sex toy, he was feeling like a rock star, and he felt he had the stamina of a wild stallion.

Once he was completely in her from the rear, he suggested she reach back and play with her clit, if she so desired. She did. He told her that he would let her control the pace, that all she had to do was rock back and forth on his cock as he remained still. And she did. She started slow at first, but as her hand quickens on her clit, her rocking on his cock got faster.

She started to rock faster and faster as another orgasm was building. Reggie looked down at her beautiful ass, her tight little hole staring up at him. He decided to take her experience to another level. He licked his right middle finger; getting it well lubricated. With his right finger thoroughly lubed with his spit, he placed it on her anal opening and started putting pressure and began to work it into her virgin ass. He looked over at me to make sure I was paying attention. I was.

Katie suddenly stops rocking on his cock; probably wondering what Reggie was doing to her ass. He knew at that point she had never experienced the pleasure of anal sex. She stopped rocking and looked at him with a look of fright. She had never had a finger or anything else in her ass. He assured her it would be okay. She decided to trust him and let him proceed. She quickly learned that she likes it.

She resumed her rocking, and with each move back towards him, he pushed his finger in a little deeper. Finally, after a few minutes of easing his finger into her, he was in to the third knuckle. This sent new sensations through her body as she pinched her clit hard and slammed herself onto his cock. It didn’t take long after that for her to have another earth-shattering, ear-piercing screaming orgasm, with yet more fluids added to their already sizable wet spot. The tsunami of pleasure over-took her whole body and she collapsed on the bed in front of him, his cock pulled out of her pussy and his finger from her ass.

“Oh, Reggie, I knew I was right when I first fantasized about fucking you. In the restaurant when I first agreed to do this, I pictured you sliding your large cock in and out of my pussy. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter, and then I worried that Ted might notice the wetness in my crotch and get angry.” Katie breathlessly confessed.

“Well, Katie I must confess that I was getting a massive hard on just thinking about what it would be like to slide my cock into your pussy, and I hoped no one noticed it.”

Katie giggled and said, “I noticed it getting hard and it was all I could do to stop myself from reaching out and touching it.”

I really felt awkward and didn’t want to hear her talk like that in front of me, so I cleared my throat again, but said nothing. Neither Katie, nor Reggie showed any sign that they had even heard me clear my throat. I had to admit to myself that I had been too stupid to see any of what had been going on between the two of them at the time. I was focused more on getting the damn car repaired.

Reggie smiled and said, “The thing that amazes me is I have never lasted this long or had a woman cum as much as you have with me.”

“Ok, so what’s next Reggie? Can I ride you?” She eagerly asked.


I sprang to my feet and strongly protested. I am ready to get the hell out of there. Katie appeared to be enjoying this way too much. I was crushed and saddened. I wanted to take my wife and flee the place. I lashed out at her.

“Katie, you have more than fulfilled our promise to him. Now get your damn clothes on and let’s go!” There was obvious pain and sadness in my voice.

Katie pleaded with me, “Oh Ted, please don’t make me leave just yet. I need to have one more wonderful orgasm.”

“It’s after eight o’clock, Katie, and it is dark out. We need to eat a quick dinner and hit the road,” I argued.

“Well…You can go down and eat dinner in the restaurant if you wish, but I am not ready to bring this to a close just yet. I have to experience one more magnificent orgasm,” She countered.

She stared coldly at me and I grudgingly sit back down. I repositioned my raging hard on hopefully without either of them noticing. I had been carefully studying Reggie’s techniques and their effect on Katie. I couldn’t wait to try them on her myself. I felt reasonably sure I could achieve the same results with her if given another opportunity.

Reggie lay on his back as she sucked him back to harden before anxiously climbing on top of him. Her knees were still weak, hell; her whole body had to be weak from three back to back squirting orgasms. As she positioned herself above him, she reached between her legs to grab his cock and guided it into her pussy. In one swift motion she came down and impaled herself on his ten inches of delight. She fell forward on his chest as her body began shaking with another mini-orgasm. He started to drive his hips up into her kind of slow at first, but soon picked up his pace. As she was still lying on him she was moaning in his ear letting him know that he was pleasing her in more ways than she can imagine.

“Reggie, I just came again!” she whispered.

“I know Baby; I could feel your juices gushing out from around my cock.” He answered.

His cock and balls were completely soaked, the bed sheet ruined. She pushed herself up and brought her knees forward. She held his cock in her pussy by clinching her internal vagina muscles. He reached up with both hands and started playing with her nipples. Her left hand fell to his chest for balance as her right hand went to work her clit again. She started to slowly grind on his cock, and as she regained strength, her pace got faster.

“Oh Reggie, you feel so good inside me. I am so glad you made me wait and take it slow. It is turning out to be the best sex I have ever had. I’m not sure I will ever be satisfied by anyone else.”

“Thanks baby.” He answered between breaths as he felt his balls start to tighten; building toward a gigantic burst of orgasmic fluids. “I think I am going to cum very soon. I can feel it building down deep in my balls.”

Katie only sighed and shook her head. Reggie began to force his hips up to meet with her grinding pace. Their rhythm was in sync.

“Fill me with your hot cum Reggie. Fill me up!” Katie whispered in a quiet voice.

That’s all it took to trigger Reggie’s orgasm. He exploded a load of cum into her that would fill a bucket

“Uhhgggffnneff….I’m cumming baby, I…..ahhh….ohhhhh!!!!”

At that very moment the first of 6 large spurts of cum shot into Katie’s cunt, she had another mind numbing orgasm which threw her body forward on top of his chest again. He pumped several smaller spurts into her as her muscles involuntarily milked his cock dry. After a minute to recover, Reggie slapped her bare ass and then pushed her off of him.

“I have never fucked any woman who could match me in stamina like you have. You have literally fucked my brains out. I can’t take anymore until I can get some much needed rest.”

I jumped off the sofa and started gathering Katie’s clothes. I felt like I had to get the fuck out of there before my head and heart exploded.

“Katie, that’s it. No more stalling around. We need to hit the road now.” I stated.

“Ted, I am still not leaving here. Not before I’ve had some more of those wonderful orgasms. If you want to go to dinner, then go down to dinner. I am staying right here in this bed until I can fuck no longer.” She angrily proclaimed.

I am shocked, upset and hurt but I knew from past experience that when Katie was angry with me, no amount of arguing could change her mind. I felt I couldn’t have been more humiliated. I knew that if I said another word I could risk losing her forever.

Reggie said nothing. Katie continued to glare at me. She was really pissed at me. Time seem to stand still for the moment. I decided it was better to retreat before I really fucked up. I took a step towards the door, but I couldn’t just leave without finding a way to save face, so I turned to them and boldly said, “Okay, I am going down to dinner, but when I return I want both of you to have this foolishness over with.”

Reggie nodded. I turned toward the door, but then turned back and said to Katie, “I will see you in about an hour, Honey. Please, please be ready to go home with me because I love you so much and I don’t think I can live without you.”

She could see that I was really hurting; but she couldn’t think of anything to say that would ease my pain. She just smiled and nodded her okay. I knew she didn’t mean to hurt me, but she apparently couldn’t get enough of the wonderful orgasms Reggie was causing. With that, I was out the door. Katie turned to Reggie and said, “I really do love my husband and I don’t want to jeopardize my marriage, but I am not ready to leave without experiencing more of those superb orgasms.”

“If that’s how you really feel then we need to shower and join Ted at dinner and see if we can’t convince him to let you stay a little longer.”

“That’s how I really feel,” she said.

Reggie said, “Okay Baby, go start us a hot shower. I will join you after I make a quick phone call.” Katie smiled and dashed to the bathroom.

Reggie picked up the phone and called the gas station.

“Willie, you are going to have to open and close the station for the next few days. I think I am going to have my hands full.”

With that done, Reggie joined Katie in the shower.

Twenty minutes later they found me sitting alone in the restaurant and Katie slid into the booth next to me, and Reggie sat across from us. I was still in a bitter mood. Katie turned on all her charm and cuddled close to me throughout the dinner. I can never resist Katie’s charm; especially when she massaged my inner thighs and teasingly moved close to my hardening cock. Soon we were all laughing and enjoying each other’s company. I was not pleased with Katie’s decision to stay longer, but her logic and charm eventually won me over to her side. It was now too late to travel, so Katie and I decided to spend another night.

After dinner I returned to the motel room with them, mistakenly thinking me and Katie would sleep together. I was shocked and disturbed when Reggie offers to get another room for me to sleep in, and Katie didn’t object to that suggestion. I grudgingly insisted I wanted to be close to Katie. I wanted to be there in case she had a sudden change of heart. Reggie explained he only offered the other room because he felt I was in agony watching them gleefully fuck.

Katie made up the couch bed for me, then she quickly stripped and joined Reggie in the king size bed. The digital clock on the nightstand showed it was almost midnight. We turned out the lights and the room was blanketed in darkness. I tried to sleep, but was distracted when Katie started giggling and whispering to Reggie. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but when she giggled and they rustled about in the bed; I knew she was seeking her next orgasm. I tried to block it out and drifted in and out of sleep. My sleep was disturbed several times during night when Katie squealed, moaned or screamed while experiencing another incredible orgasm.

I woke up around nine thirty the next morning and observed Katie and Reggie sleeping peaceably in each other’s arms. She was on her back and Reggie was on his left side facing her. They were covered from the waist down with only the top sheet and naked from the waist up. I slipped quietly out of bed and after hastily dressing went silently out the door to the dining room for breakfast.

Katie woke up with a tingling in right breast. She opened one eye and observed Reggie nibbling on her nipples. She raised both arms over her head as she yawned and stretched. She shuddered as she felt a gentle wave of pleasure bath her whole body. She encircled Reggie’s head with her arms and pulls his face closer to her breast.

“What a wonderful way to wake up”, She said as she gazed down into Reggie’s eyes.

As he sucked and nibbled on her nipples she fondled and lightly strokes his cock while running her hands up and down his body. She suddenly bolted upright in the bed and looked over at the empty couch bed.

“Where is Ted?” she asked.

“He probably went to breakfast; which is where I think we should go after our shower.”

"Ok Reggie, now that I am awake, let’s have some more fun!"

She started to climb on top of him, but he stopped her.

“Wait a minute Katie, let’s take a quick shower then go down to the restaurant and eat a big breakfast.”

“I have a better idea, Reggie. Let’s stay here and you feed me some more of your gigantic cock.”

“Woman as much as I adore making love to you, I have to absolutely take a break and nourish my body. We have fucked so much since you arrived, I am literally too weak to perform up to my usual standards. I have to make a trip to the restaurant and eat a large breakfast.”

She halfheartedly surrendered to his pleading and slowly sauntered to the bathroom. A few minutes later, Reggie joined her in the shower. They showered and soaped each other’s body thoroughly from head to toe. She continued to explore Reggie’s body, spending time fondling his balls and examining his large cock. She continued to amuse herself until Reggie tired of it then lifted her out of the shower and began towel drying her body, paying careful attention to all of her tender spots. They both dressed quickly and ventured down to the restaurant for a hearty breakfast. On the way to breakfast Reggie stopped at the front desk and instructed them to have housekeeping clean the room and change the bed linens.

I was having second thoughts about my promise to Katie to stay one more day. When they join me in the booth it was a repeat of the previous night. Katie quickly read my face and knew I was on the verge of changing my mind. She cuddled closely and massaged my cock through my pants and nibbled on my ear lobe.

She whispered in my ear, “Honey, if you really don’t me to stay longer I will understand. Just says the word and I will pack my bag and we can leave right now.”

This reverse psychology approach had always worked for her in the past. It throws the decision back on me and makes me feel like I am in control. It has always worked in the past and it worked this time.

“No, Honey, I promised to stay one more day and I will not break that promise,” I replied.

After breakfast Katie and Reggie headed back to the motel room for another marathon fuck session and I decided to go for a drive. Reggie and Katie never left the motel room the whole time I aimlessly drove around the area. They spent several hours engaged in sexual bliss. On a few occasions they watch porno movies; Reggie referred to them as training films. It was the only way he could get Katie to take a break from her insatiable need for orgasms.

Reggie taught her things about a man and woman’s that she had never known. Pearls of wisdom that had never entered her mind all the years she had been married to me; all magnificent pleasurable secrets that would increase her quality of life sexually. She hadn’t even imagined most of the things during her curious teenage years when her hormones were raging and all she thought about was the opposite sex.

In fact, some of the stuff he taught her was probably not known by the majority of married couples or young single adults. Reggie’s had so many sex partners over the years and had learned so many secrets from them; it would take the average couple several lifetimes to gain his experience. He had opened a whole new world of sexual exploration for Katie and she planned to share all those secrets with me.

Katie wondered where Reggie could have possibly learned all those wonderful secrets of gratification. She couldn’t wait to share her new skills with me. She was more than certain our sex life was going to change for the better.

“Reggie is there any way we can lure Ted into our sex play?” she asked. “I have been enjoying all these marvelous orgasms and poor Ted has been left out. I know he is hurting and probably thinks he is losing me.”

“You know him better than I do, Katie. Come up with a way to include him and I will be more than happy to participate in a three way,” Reggie said, before adding. “However; I will not in any way engage in any homosexual acts with him and that is final.”

“I am not suggesting that you do, and I know for a fact Ted would never agree to anything that requires him to put another man’s dick in his mouth,” she assured.

“Okay, let me try to think of a way to bring him in without insulting him or his manhood.”

I returned to the motel room just after dark and found Katie and Reggie going at it doggy style like two young teenagers having sex for the first time. I was almost tempted to turn around and leave again. Katie was in the middle of an enormous orgasm and not aware that I had returned. Reggie motions for me to come on in and pointed to the couch. I took that as his cue for me to sit and not talk.

It took Katie a moment to realize that I had returned. Reggie was still slowly pumping his cock in and out of her doggy style. After a moment he leaned forward and whispered something in Katie’s ear. She shook her head yes. I couldn’t hear what was said, but was paranoid enough to feel like it was about me.

She let out a loud moan as he put his hands on her hips and started to pull her into his fuck strokes. He started slow, and without any real rhythm. He alternated the depth of his cock with each stroke, but he never took his cock all the way out. The suction and tightness of her pussy was driving him to another mind numbing orgasm and he knew that he needed to go slow and deliberate with his fucking or else he would be cumming like an inexperienced teenager, way too soon.

He brought his right thumb up to his mouth, as he had before, and got it well lubricated with his spit. Once he was satisfied that it was lubricated enough to insert into her ass, he placed his thumb at the entrance to her ass. He pulled her closer to him and started to push his thumb into her ass. She did not pause in her fucking this time. She moaned and pushed her ass back, hopefully encouraging him to keep going. He pushed his thumb into her willing ass and she let out a loud moan of pleasure. This set something off inside of her and she started to pump wildly against him. He could feel her pussy tighten around his cock as it started to spasm and contract, sending wave after wave of chills across both their bodies.

He was finger banging her ass and pounding her pussy for all it is worth. It only took about two minutes of that before they were both in the throes of their mutual orgasm. Reggie felt her ass tighten around his thumb and her pussy clamp tightly around his cock.


"Fuck yes!!!"

Reggie grunted back as he started to spill an abundant amount of cum into her. He shots 5 thick strings of his juices into her cunt. He thrust deeper into her as he felt her cunt milk every last drop out of his cock. He collapsed on top of her and kissed the back of her neck and rolled to his side. They both lay there gasping for air as they recovered from their mutual orgasms.

“Did you enjoy my finger fucking your ass hole?” He breathlessly asked her.

“Oh my god yes; that’s what triggered my fantastic orgasm.”

“Okay, once I recover from this I have one more thing you have to experience before you leave here.”

“What could it possibly be? I think we have tried every sex act and position known to man.”

“Believe me, Katie, you are really going to enjoy it when I stick my big cock up your ass and fuck you until you cum like an erupting volcano.”

“Oh my God no,” she said. “Your big cock will split my ass wide open.”

There was panic in her voice. I leaped off the sofa and strongly protested. I firmly announced I would not stand by and watch my wife abused like that.

“Okay, if you are that concern I suggest you fuck her virgin ass with your cock. I assume your cock is not as large as mine.” He smugly remarked. “But she definitely needs to experience anal sex at least once in her life. What’s do you say, Katie? Do you want Ted to fuck your ass?”

“Well…I definitely want to experience anal sex and if anyone is going to ram their cock up my virgin ass…I want it to be my husband, Ted.” She quickly realized this was Reggie’s plan to lure me into their sex play.

“Okay…you heard the woman, Ted. Strip down and get your ass in this bed. You both are about to experience the most remarkable sex you have ever had in your life.” Reggie told them.

Katie got on all four in the middle of the king size bed. I hurriedly stripped and took my position on the bed. I excitedly knelt behind Katie nervously awaiting further instructions from Reggie. Both Katie and I were gulping short shallow breaths as we prepared to try anal sex for the first time in our life.

Reggie began his instructions by telling me to insert two fingers into Katie’s pussy and start slowly fucking her cunt with those fingers until her pussy is drooling with her juices. Once my two fingers were well lubricated I was to remove them from her cunt and replace them with my cock. While my cock was being lubricated in her pussy, I was to start working first one finger then the second finger into her ass. When her ass adjusted to my finger, I was told to remove the two fingers and prepare to slide my well lubricated cock slowly into her ass.

Reggie nodded to me indicating it was time to begin pushing my cock into her ass. I pulled out of her wet cunt and rub the head of my cock on her little brown hole and then started applying gentle pressure. I could feel her ass fighting my entry. She was finally able to relax her sphincter muscle in her ass and felt the head of my cock pop inside her. I held it there for a few minutes to allow for adjustment and then proceeded to move deeper into her virgin bowels. Katie’s body was covered with goose bumps and perspiration. I paused a moment; pulled my cock almost out and then slowly pushed it in all the way until my balls were pressed against her butt cheeks. I smiled when I heard her let out a soft moan.

I started a slow steady in and out movement. Katie pushed back to meet my thrusts as we fell into a synchronized rhythm. Katie’s breathing increased as she reached between her legs and started to furiously rub her clit. I started to picks up my pace when I felt the muscles in her ass start to squeeze my cock. In a very short instance I felt my orgasm start to build and Katie was breathing harder and starting to squeal and shriek. Our mutual orgasms hit at the same time. Katie was shuddering all over and I felt my legs going weak.

“Ahhhhaaaaa… Graaaaa…Ughhhh!” We both screamed out at the same time and then fell forward on the bed. My cock slipped from her cum filled ass. We both lay there exhausted and gasping for our next breath of air.

Reggie praised us both, telling us we had just cleared a major hurdle in our sexual education. We had both brought each other to a satisfying sexual climax. I was proud of myself. I was confident I could successfully bring Katie to many more fulfilling orgasms, even without having a cock as large as Reggie’s.

“Okay…I have one more thing I want to show you and then I am going to get out of here and let the two of you have fun with what you have learns over the last few days,” Reggie said.

Katie and I both look puzzled. “What else could you possibly show us? I think you have shown us everything in the ‘Kama sutra’,’ I remarked.

“Have either of you ever heard of ‘DP’; double penetration?” Reggie asked.

We both shook their heads ‘NO’.

“Well, well…then you are both in for a real treat. Katie, get over here and suck Ted’s cock until it springs to life again.” He ordered.

Katie deep throated my cock a couple of time before it came back harder than ever. Reggie laid on his back in the middle of the bed and told Katie to straddle him and take his cock into her pussy. She had a questioning look, but obeyed. Once she was in place, and his big cock was deep in her pussy; Reggie pulled her forward placing her head on his chest. He then instructed me to lubricate my cock and enter her ass.

I rubbed my well lubricated cock around her little brown hole and then started applying gentle pressure. Her eyes went wide with uncertainty, but Reggie calmly hugged her to his chest and whispered, “Baby just give it a minute to adjust. Our cocks will be rubbing together inside you and if you hate it, Ted will pull out, but give us a minute.”

Katie had a mild orgasm as soon as both cocks began to move in and out of her holes. The three of us rock for a few minutes until e had a rhythm going; she was amazed at how sensual a feeling it was. She was building up to a massive climax, “Guys I think I’m going to cum like I’ve never cum before”. That was all she got out as a sexual explosion erupted from deep in her pussy. Pussy juice was flowing out of her cunt as both Reggie and I push in deep.

I could feel Reggie’s cock in her pussy through the thin membrane separating her bowel from her vaginal canal. It felt strange for me to feel another man’s cock rub against mine. As the two of us continued to pump her holes, her previous orgasm was followed by multiple orgasms that kept coming one after another. Katie was soaked with perspiration and kept moaning and squealing over and over, “O my God…oh my God…oh my God!”

Her orgasms kept coming and coming and I was amazed at the feelings rushing through my body as my cockhead rubbed against Reggie’s cockhead through her thin membrane. Within minutes the three of us are in the throes of major orgasmic blast. I collapsed from exhaustion and rolled to one side. Katie passed out from the overwhelming sensation. Reggie put his arms around her and cuddled her while she slowly recovered. All she could do was moan, “Oh my God that was wonderful.” It took almost two minutes for Katie and I to calm down enough for us to fully recover.

Reggie told me that I did an outstanding job and caused Katie to have several powerful orgasms. My confidence was building, but still wondered if I could keep Katie satisfied after she had experienced Reggie’s giant cock.

I turned to Reggie and asked, “My cock is nowhere near as large as yours; how can I possibly give her the kind of pleasure she has experienced with you over the past two days?”

“Ted…The size of the cock is only a small part of delivering pleasure. The real secret is in how you prepare her to receive your cock. You have to learn to take it very slow. There is no race to the finish line. You have to tease and taunt her body throughout the entire foreplay. You must learn to take your time and make her really want you inside of her. Take her to the brink several times before you let her reach that magical moment. And if you didn’t learn anything else the past few days, you MUST; and I repeat, MUST make sure that she has at least one breath taking orgasm before you ever consider having an orgasm of your own. Do you understand what I am saying?”

I nodded my head and said, “I hear what you are saying Reggie and I am willing to do anything to make Katie happy. I just hope I haven’t messed things up with her.”

“Believe me…You haven’t messed anything up,” she said, “I love YOU, Ted. I don’t love Reggie. All I love about Reggie is the amazing orgasms he enabled me to have.”

She crawled into my arms and gave me a big passionate kiss. “You have just demonstrated that you are just as capable as Reggie, to push me over the brink into marvelous orgasms.”

“Always remember, folks…you don’t just jump in bed and screw. When you do that it just becomes a chore. If you want to really enjoy sex, you have to treat each time as if it were the first time and you are discovering each other’s body for the very first time. And don’t forget to always Communicate, Communicate, Communicate,” Reggie said as he put on his clothes.

“Well kids…I’m out of here. I will leave you two lovebirds to practice what you have both learned over the past few days,” Reggie added as he slipped out the door.

Katie’s pussy was really sore and her asshole was burning like crazy. Reggie left the room and Katie and I both agreed she’d had enough sex for the time being and chose to hold off on practicing our new skills until morning. I slipped on my PJs and turned off the lights. Katie rolled onto her left side facing away from me. I was on his right side facing away from her.

My heart was racing ninety miles an hour. I couldn’t relax enough to sleep. I tried counting sheep and counting backward from one hundred to one. Just as I began to settle down and fall asleep; Katie moved closer and her rear end was touching my rear end. My erection returned to its usual hardness. I lay very still, waiting to see she was initiating something or for my hard cock to go soft again. Nothing happened so I rolled over on my back and stared at the ceiling. Katie stirred again and pushed her butt closer into my hip. I couldn’t tell if she was sending a signal or if it was just wishful thinking on my part. I wondered if she was just experiencing restless sleep or was she having second thoughts about waiting until morning to have sex again. I lays there a minute and then thought what the heck and rolled over and pulled her into the spoon position with my arm across her waist.

She pulled my hand up to caress her breast. She was still totally naked and my 7 inch cock immediately came back to life. She could feel the throbbing of my hardness as I pressed it into her ass cheeks. I leaned in and kissed her gently on the nape of her neck. She emitted a low sigh. I rolled her over on her back, with me on top of her.

We started kissing. She was tense but tried to rock her hips up to meet my aching hard cock. I remembered what Reggie told me about going slow and to bring her to full arousal before attempting intercourse. I slipped my pajamas off and supported myself on both elbows, and rested my body over hers. I was aware of her tits pressing firmly against my chest, and we started to kiss more enthusiastically. I could sense she had a lot of nervous energy, so I took my time; as Reggie had suggested.

I kissed her deeply and slowly started moving down to her neck. I lightly nibbled and licked her neck and shoulders. She started to breathe heavily, but she was still seemingly on edge. I continued kissing and licking on her neck as he slowly worked my way back down to her breasts. I tried to do it the same way he had seen Reggie do it the first time he made love to Katie. I teased all around her big tits, lightly brushing her nipples with my tongue as I passed over them to the other side; she let out a deep breathy sigh and then a low moan. She was becoming more visibly relaxed as she brought her hands up and lightly placed them on either side of my head.

Things had definitely changed for the better. We both were now communicating during our love making session. It added a whole new dimension. My cock was throbbing, bright red and drooling more pre-cum. My carnal lust was in over drive and I didn’t care anymore, I wanted more of Katie’s pussy and I was going to get it. I rose up grabbing my erect cock in one hand; while looking down at my sweaty, gorgeous wife’s' body, and slapped my prick on her clit several times, getting pre-cum all over it.

She looked up at me and said, "Teddy, are you going to fuck me? Are you are going to fuck your naughty wife again?"

She spoke to me in her little girl voice.

I responded, "I'm going to give you the best fuck ever! A fuck you deserve! A fuck I should have given you over the last 18 years."

Then I pressed my cock between her wet pussy lips, watching them part as my cock pressed inward. Katie watched my cock slide into her cunt. She moaned as it entered her, inch after inch of my seven inch cock. I buried my cock all the way into her tight, hot, wet pussy all the way up to my ball sack. I had to moan as well, this was the best pussy I had ever put my cock in! My wife was so tight and wet, I wanted to fuck her and never stop.

We made love using all the wonderful techniques Reggie had shown us. My biggest thrill came as I watched and listened to my wife’s massive orgasm that was due solely to me. She screamed and moaned with delight for a minute or two before her orgasm finally subsided.

I thought to myself about how many of my friends would love to be me right now, fucking my hot wife'. I thought about all the friends whom I had noticed eyeing my wife. I fucked my wife with such pure lust; I never thought that lust would be so pleasurable and make me hammer her like I had never fucked her before. I could feel a big cum load building up in my prick. My cock began to swell, thickening as my lustful fuck was bringing me closer and closer to shooting my wad. I thought for a moment if I should go ahead and cum in Katie’s pussy or should I try to hold back until she orgasm again? I wasn’t sure if I had enough control to make that decision.

I cupped my hands around her ass and pulled her to me. I quickly slid my middle finger into her ass just as I felt my cum building up in my cock. I suddenly felt a surge as my cock unleashed a huge spurt of cum deep into her pussy. I let out a loud grunt.

"Yeah! Fucking take this Katie! I'm cumming!" I screamed as cum raced up my cock from my balls.

I he thrust my cock deep into her pussy again, sending another surge of cum deep into her hot pussy. She let out a loud moan as she had another intense orgasm. It felt like her pussy was sucking my cock; sucking out another spurt of cum!

As soon as Katie and I stop cumming we held each other tightly before collapsing on the bed. I rolls over on my back as we lay there staring at the ceiling, while trying to catch our next breath. Without realizing, we both slowly drift into a deep peaceful sleep.

After the most amazing sex we had ever had in our life; we rose early the next morning and prepare to starts for home. Katie moved around the room gathering our belonging and placed them neatly in the suitcases. I watched in silence, not knowing what to say about the previous night, if anything. I wanted to confirm she enjoyed our sex together, but could see that she was deep in thought. I decided to let her speak when the time was right. She made one last check in the bathroom, then closed the suitcase and placed it by the door. She turned and looked at me, but said nothing. Her pussy and her ass were so sore, she could barely walk.

We load our luggage into the car and start the long drive home. I had a very contented look on my face and Katie was humming to herself as we travel down the highway. We said nothing for several miles. We were both lost in our own lustful thoughts.

They had driven less than fifty miles with neither of them speaking a word. Katie is the first to break the silence. She turns to me and said, “Ted, Honey, I was just thinking that it’s not really fair that you allowed me to experience sex with another man, but I have never given you permission to experienced sex with another woman.”

I was jolted out of my daydreams. I looked over at Katie and asked, “What exactly are you suggesting Sweet Heart?”

Katie paused a moment and tried to decide how to state her proposal properly.

“I was just thinking that now we are less reserved about sex, and we are just beginning to really explore our sexuality”

She paused and cleared her throat before continuing.

“What would you think about inviting another woman into our bed while I watched the two of you go at it?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from my formally shy and timid wife. I could see the excitement in her face. My heart raced as I visualized us together with another woman in our bed. The excitement of the suggestion caused my mouth to go dry and my pulse to race. There was a noticeable bulge in my pants.

I looked at her and said, “You mean you wouldn’t feel threatened by me having sex with another woman?”

“No, not at all Honey”, She replied, adding, “In fact; now that we are in to experimenting, I think I would really enjoy it. Hell, now that I think about it, I might enjoy having sex with her also.”

I grinned really big and said, “I love you so much, Katie.”

Ted finished his story and took a step back from the podium. The group sat quietly as though waiting for him to finish the story. It finally dawned on Ted that he had left many question unanswered. He hesitated a moment then stepped back to the podium and said, “I’m sorry…I suppose I should explain why my story led me to your group.”

Nigel stepped up and said, “Surely you don’t think we would let you leave here without sharing the finally outcome of your venture.”

“You’re right. There is more to the story”, he said. “Reggie changed our life. We started experimenting with all kinds of sex. Katie invited her best friend, Lisa, to join us in bed and it was magnificent. I would fuck both women several times a night using all the techniques Reggie had taught me. I brought both of them to several amazing orgasms with my tongue and my cock. They would go ‘69’ with each other to give me time to recover before continuing our night long sessions of sexual bliss.”

“What were the consequences to this behavior? There are always consequences’, Nigel remarked.

Ted hung his head and answered, “The biggest consequence is that it opened a flood gates with Katie. She enjoys orgasms so much; she ventures off and fucks strangers, my employees at the dealership, and friends from our church. I can’t keep up with her. Sometimes she is gone for days. She recently spent a week in Las Vegas with our Pastor. They fucked round the clock and he was totally exhausted when they returned. He now avoids all our calls.”

Nigel resumed his role as moderator. Ted went back to his seat. Nigel called for suggestions from the group that can be posted on the internet anonymously. All the men in the group who had a small or below average cock responded. Nigel was bombarded with suggestions to use to disparage any writer who submits a LOVING WIFE or CHEATING WIFE story. The group took turns shouting out remarks that have worked in the past.

“Typical Fag Cuck Garbage!”

“Get a Divorce from the bitch!”

“What could Possibly go Wrong?”

“Cuck Shit!”

“Burn the Bitch!”

“Fag Cuck Shit!”

“Wimpy Dumb Cuck Shit!”

Ted got up and quietly slipped out the door while the suggestions kept coming in from the agitated group. They were fired up. There appeared to be a lot of men in the group who had small cocks and they were eager to offer suggestions. The CHEATING WIFE category hit the nerve Nigel was hoping for.
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