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Candi get rescued
Part four The Conclusion

Part Four

Aug 23/2017 22:00 Hrs Bush Country, Kruger National Park

God damn it three quarter of an hour to change one bloody tire. Fuck it’s time we take vehicle maintenance more serious!. Forty-five minutes longer before I can get to Candi Slamming the wrench back into spare tire well in back.

Pieter jumps into the driver’s seat flooring the gas pedal, spraying dust into the night air. His eyes staring ahead , the peripheral vision in his right eyes spotting Candi’s Rover GPS signal blinking in stationary position,then it starts moving in a eastern direction. “What the hell are you doing Candi?”


Aug 24/2017 00: 52 Hrs Bush Country, Kruger National Park

A pair of female lions roar at the hyenas, creating a standoff with me in the center of jaws and claws. Closer the sound of a motor engine, a pair of headlights shining behind the lions, through gaps in the bushes.

Foolishly I try once more to break the bonds holding my arms and legs spread eagle. The hyenas begin to howl, both lions roar and in my head I’m screaming!”


Aug 23/2017 21:33 HRS Bush Country Kruger National Park

With the pick up parked in a new clearing, Candi is once more tied to the tailgate, this time MacLean thrusting fast and deep in her abused pussy. Oscar and Hullette were busy driving four stakes into the dry hard packed dirt “Jesus can we take her with us Hullette when we cross the border?”

“Are you out of your fucking mind MacLean” Oscar calls out as the back of his hatchet to hammer in his last post in the ground. She may be a good fuck but is she worth kidnapping charges?”

“Who says we would be suspected or even caught if she went missing?” Trying to get at least one of the other two to see his side. Reaching around to her sore breasts, squeezing then hard as he fucked her pussy from behind. Candi all cried out suffered her abuse in silence, her mind focused on the thought that Pieter was on his way to save her.

For more than ten minutes MacLean thrusts in and out of the abused ranger, whispering into her ear “Damn if this isn’t the best pussy I ever had!”, “I could make good money selling you!” then calling out that he was going to cream her pussy. Unloading a long stream of cum into her aching pussy save one to launch across her naked back.

“So who has her next?” Maclean hitching up his pants as he walks to where Oscar and Hullette wear busy attaching lengths of leather to the post they finished driving into the parched earth.

“No one let the bitch rest up before we take her again!” Hullette calls out as he cuts four equal lengths of hemp rope. Going about what he was doing without looking at his two partners.

“So will you finally tell me why we set up this?” Oscar asks Hullette while MacLean looks on admiring the handiwork.

“So we can show little Candi a real good time without her fighting back after we get a little something

Meanwhile with a slight turn of her head Candi can see the dashboard clock in her Range Rover 22:07 hrs. In her mind she hears the distinct motor of the Range Rover Pieter getting closer by the seconds, totally unaware that he just got back onto the road.


Aug 23/2017 22:29 hrs Bush Country Kruger National Park

The three men were finally finished eating and were horny once more. Hullette comes to the still bound Candi, running his left hand along the still red flesh of her left ass cheek “You ever been airtight before?” Cutting the rope binding her right wrist to the pickup. “Promise no fighting and we’ll show you the night of your life!”

Candi was so out of it that when the tension on her right wrist left she held her arm out like it was still bound. When the left wrist was freed she finally lowers her burning arms as the ropes on her legs were sliced through, then when Hullette led her to the area staked out she offered absolutely no resistance. Accepting his groping and the sneers of Oscar and MacLean like she didn’t even see them.

When between the stakes Hullette forces Candi onto her knees facing two stakes head first. More pressure and her head is almost touching the dry dirt as her arms are pull in the direction of the stakes.Each one a piece of rope tied to it then looped through the length of leather effectively binding her.

As Maclean goes to slip rope around her ankles Hullette stops him “Not yet, it’ll be easier to get under her if she loose!”

Maclean instantly understands “Can I be under her?”

Hullette shrugs his shoulder “I don’t care I’ve had her cunt and ass, going to fucking drown her making her swallow my load of cum!”

Maclean doesn’t waste anytime consulting Oscar, diving to the dirt, tearing his pants down, then”Someone grab her legs and lift so i can get under her!” Oscar does as asked watching Maclean position himself under her so he could fuck up into her reddened swollen pussy . As soon as he nods his head Oscar lowers Candi back, spreading her legs so MacLean could insert his cock into her pussy. Then Oscar takes his position pulling her swollen asscheeks openand shoving his hard cock between then.

Candi was so out of it that as the latest cock penetrates her asshole she barely whispers her displeasure.When she opened her eyes after feeling something fleshy rub against her cheek and lips, Candi open her mouth without being told, only to have Hullette thrust his full length and girth deep into her throat.

Due to the girth even breathing through her nose Candi wasn’t getting enough air to breath. As she move her head side to side Hullette pulls out enough that she could get air. “Like that Candi?” two more thrust in like the first before Hullette pulls out and Candi gasps deep lungfuls of air after spitting up, just missing MacLean under her mouth.

With all three orifices filled with cock Candi minds finally wanders back in time when she was in bed, effectively giving all control of herself to the three raping bastards. For the next half hour the three of them fucked her harder than any men ever did before.


Aug. 23/2017 22:45 Hrs Bush Country Kruger National Park

Pieter gets out of the Rover, seeing the tell tale signs of wheel tracks. As he inspect them ‘not the Ranger Rover’s width! Damn Candi don’t tell me you ran into poachers!” Flashing his Maglite beam along the tracks, figuring the direction of the tracks “Damn they’re going towards the Mozambique border!”

Getting back to the Rover, grabbing the radio “Guys Head up I’m making for the Mozambique border in pursuit of an unknown vehicle!” Getting behind the wheel once more “Anyone close by I could use the backup!” Starting his engine before a reply comes

Pieter, Dietric I’m about a kilometer from your position, will meet you there!”

Well at least I’m not going alone unlike Candi! Runs through Pieter’s mind as he begins to follow the tracks.


Aug 23/2017 23:00 HRS Bush Country Kruger National Park

The triple penetration ended with Oscar flooding Candi’s ass with his cum. MacLean was the first one to pump cum into her when he blasted her pussy with the second load from him. Hullette was more cruel, pulling out and shooting rope after rope into her face, hair and upper chest, glazing her with his cum.

Hullette gets up and moves towards the pickup, reaching for a pack of cigarettes. Lighting up turning to watch Oscar and MacLean making Candi clean the cum off their cocks. Snickering when he sees Maclean move to Candi’s ass and jam home. Candi doesn’t even respond as Maclean starts rutting her with wild abandonment. Oscar used the time to face fuck Candi once more

When they were final sated with her body Hullette calls out “If you two are done, roll her onto her back and tie her feet to the stakes.” Oscar and Maclean obeys as Hullette rummages in the pickup finally finding the bull whip he brought with him. Cracking it out an evil sneer on his face as he approaches the bound Candi

Crack, Crack, Crack! Renders the air as Hullette uses Candi’s legs as targets, opening gashed on her thighs and arms. Checking his watch 23:17 Hrs “Alright Oscar, MacLean let’s get back to Mozambique before her fellow rangers catch us!”

Her ordeal finally over Candi lapse into unconsciousness


August 24/2017 00:43 Hrs. Bush country in the Kruger National Park

Consciousness return and I can make out my surrounding I see the hyenas were getting closer by the second, but being tied spreadeagled to stakes on the ground I could do nothing about it.In the near distance a roar from a lion, praying to god it’s a male lion and not a hunting female.Off in the far distance the drone of a motor hopefully coming to rescue me from my predicament.

If only I had listened to Pieter and waited for the other guys to return from the big rugby match in Johannesburg before going to retrieve the drone I was using to track the first sighting in five years of a family of Black Rhino in the quadrant directly east of the Giriyondo Gate.The data the drone had collected was too invaluable to be lost! But no, I had to be stubborn and retrieve it myself , proving I wasn’t just the token female only able to look after guests! Look where that attitude got me; raped by poachers, staked out bleeding to attracting whatever predator that wanted a fast meal!

Closing my eyes praying that it’s over fast one way or the other


Aug 24/2017 00: 52 Hrs Bush Country, Kruger National Park

A pair of female lions roar at the hyenas, creating a standoff with me in the center of jaws and claws. Closer the sound of a motor engine, a pair of headlights shining behind the lions, through gaps in the bushes.

Foolishly I try once more to break the bonds holding my arms and legs spread eagle. The hyenas begin to howl, both lions roar and in my head I’m screaming!”.

Suddenly the sound of a Bushmaster shatters the air followed by “Scram hyenas no meal for you tonight!” Another shot and the female lions scatter, one catching my left leg with her hind paw as she ran past gashing my ankle above the rope

“Candi are you still with us?” a dark shape drops beside me. Instantly I recognize the voice Pieter. Trying to speak, barely getting a croak out “yes”

The ropes cut, all tension gone Pieter tries to get me up. My arms and legs burning, my gashes splitting open again as more light flood the clearing “Good news Pieter, Johan stopped a pickup before it crossed the border, bad news two died but one survived!” just before I black out once more “How’s Candi?”

The End
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