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Grace accepts the position in the firm as the Naked Legal with law responsibilities and very sexual responsibilities. This is her orientation.
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The next morning I stepped out of the shower, drying myself and looked into the mirror after wiping a large circle of fog from the surface. I looked at my body critically as if I was evaluating the finishing touches of a completed outfit. I raised my eyes from the reflection of my body and giggled at the eyes staring back at me. Except for a few items, this was my outfit for the day.

I had done the due diligence as Mr. Franklin said. I reviewed all the documents closely, evaluating not only the general deion from the phrases but the nuances of the specific words where subtle changes can be manifest. There were no surprises in the wording, everything was as verbally described to me during the meeting. I had heard the words, but seeing them in print within a legally binding contract I was to sign and have countersigned by Mr. Franklin gave me a shiver. There were no tricky words to obscure the intention. My work would be as needed by Mr. Franklin and the team without limitation of a title either as an attorney or something less. It clearly spelled out the only limitation of arguing in court and representing myself with a client.

The shiver-producing words were an entire section under a deive heading, NAKED LEGAL: I was to remain naked, except for stocking, heels, and jewelry while in the offices; I was to be available for the sexual pleasure of all members of the team at any time and in any way; I was to be sexually available to any member of the team outside of work with the approval of Mr. Franklin; I was to be sexually submissive to the team and primarily to Mr. Franklin who would represent ultimate control; all males would be referred to as ‘sir’ or ‘Mr. last name’; all females would be referred to as ‘ma’am’ or ‘Mrs. or Miss last name’; and, as reinforcement, I agreed to respond at any time, anyhow, anywhere, and anyone, as directed.

Reading the documents and allowing my mind to wander in the possibilities kept me in a state of stimulation. My body was continually flushed with arousal and excitement, my nipples were hard to the point of awareness, my pussy was drooling so I took a hand towel to sit on. The frustration was not being able to relieve the tension building within me.

The benefits package was astounding. There had been no discussion of salary or benefits and I had assumed being given a position where I could spend my days ‘acting’ like an attorney might compensate for a greatly reduced salary of a paralegal. I was wrong. The salary offer was more than I had previously been making and I was sure that wasn’t a random figure. I felt sure he had done his diligence in all aspects of my previous career, including my compensation. Additionally, I was included in an office bonus plan, expense account, and clothing allowance. The clothing allowance surprised me and I made a mental note to ask about that since I wouldn’t be wearing many.

I chose a business suit dress with black lace matching underwear, sheer black thigh-high stockings with lace elastic top, black patent leather 4-inch heels, and a string of black pearls and earrings for my first day. I placed the folder with the documents inside a box of personal items for my new office and desk. I would bring more during subsequent days as I decided how I would decorate in keeping with the others.

“Grace! Let me help you with that.” I was balancing the box and purse on a raised knee as I tried to press the buzzer with an elbow. I turned my head to find Mark, the research geek, jogging down the hallway. He used his keycard, propped the door open with his foot and took the box from my arms, then held the door for me to pass through. Inside the small reception area, he put the box down on the coffee table and dug into his backpack. “Here, I made a card for you last night. I’ll take the box inside and put it on your desk.” He had the next door propped open when he turned, “Welcome to the team, Grace. It’s going to be awesome, everyone is excited.”

I looked at him and blushed, “Thank you, sir. I bet you’re excited.”

He stammered and blushed himself. “Noooooo … okay, sure, but I meant excited about your legal mind combined with the boss and what we’re working on. It’s going to be really exciting to be a part of.”

I thanked him and it occurred to me how little I really did know about what the small group was working on. I was so focused on the ‘other’ part of my responsibilities the legal side was barely discussed except for the potential.

I had placed my purse on top of the box Mark took but kept the folder. I placed it on the coffee table and the new key card on top of it. I located the small closet I had been instructed to use. I reached behind my back to lower the zipper as I moved to the closet. I lowered the dress and stepped out of it, opened the door and found several padded hangers intended for women’s clothing. I smiled at the thought of Marjorie thinking of such a detail and wondered how she fit into this sexually. I was getting aroused thinking about an older woman. I hung up my dress and reached behind for the snaps to my bra and was in the process of slipping it down my arms when the outside door opened. I turned my head to glance at the door to find Jake standing in the open door. My arousal jacked up another couple notches at the appearance of the handsome, athletically large black man ogling me. It was too late to cover my breasts as the bra strap dropped to my fingers. I discretely sucked in a breath as I hung the garment on the same hanger as the dress, then turned to face him and the open door. I nervously looked from him to the door. I didn’t know when I might be exhibited to others but assumed Mr. Franklin would desire it to be intentional and not accidental. He seemed to recover seeing my darting eyes and stepped fully into the reception room to allow the door to close on its own.

“Sorry, Grace. I didn’t mean to … expose you like … WOW! You’re stunning.”

I blushed (again!?!), “Thank you, sir.” My eyes went wide as he strode directly up to me, placed an index finger under my chin and raised my chin and face up. He lowered his face and gently kissed me on the lips. I felt like the city waterworks had suddenly sprung a leak inside my pussy.

He smiled and stepped to the other door, “Welcome to the team, Grace.”

I quickly stepped to him and stopped him with a touch on his arm and I shivered at the feel of his muscled, bare forearm. “Jake, why was everyone so sure I would be here this morning to accept the position?”

“The boss. He showed us yesterday when you followed his direction to become naked in his office before you even had a contract or understanding of the position.” He stepped away from the door and put his hands on my shoulders. He was not afraid to touch me. “Grace, I don’t know if you have any latent concerns about this or not. It would be natural to have them, but the boss is who he appears to be. You’re a brilliant woman and a very sexual woman, which is a stimulating combination released together. You can trust the boss when he says he will fulfill your need to be complete, both your talented legal mind and your very, very sexy body.” He winked at me, used his keycard and disappeared into the main offices.

I turned to the open closet. I closed my eyes and allowed a long moan to escape. I slid my panties down my legs and sought someplace to hang them so they could dry out. That was when I noticed the full-length mirror on the inside surface of the door. I wondered if this was here for me to gain another reminder of what I was doing before entering the office. If so, it worked. I walked to the coffee table, took a tissue and dabbed at my wet pussy, discarding it in the wastebasket next to the door.

As I passed through the door, I found Marjorie stepping from her office. She stopped and smiled. I awkwardly fumbled with the keycard and folder. She came up to me, took the card from my fingers and slipped it into the elastic of my stockings, then patted it.

She looked me in the eyes and her hands rose to cup my bare breasts. “I’ve been dying to touch these since I saw them yesterday.” She lowered her face and kissed each nipple. I gasped and allowed a moan. I couldn’t believe it. It was Marjorie who was the first to touch me intimately. She raised her face to mine and softly kissed my lips and she whispered against them, “I’m lesbian, Grace, and I would love to introduce you to my partner if that’s okay.”

I shivered. I didn’t know what to expect from her, but this level of intimacy was a surprise. “I would be honored. Ma’am.” It was all I could think of to say.

She smiled and took my hand and we started for Mr. Franklin’s office. “I know she’ll be delighted. It has been too long since we had an enthusiastic three-some.” I shivered. I thought I knew what I was getting into, but this was … much more.

“Grace, good morning. I see you have decided to join the team”, he said as he stood up at his desk. A smile crossed his face as his eyes scanned my nearly naked body. He shifted his gaze to Marjorie, “Thanks, Marjorie.” She nodded and left. He indicated one of the chairs on the opposite side and I settled into it. “So, you did what I asked of you?”

“Yes, Sir. I read the documents very carefully and I am ready to sign them.”

“Any issues or questions?”

I smiled, “I’m sure questions will arise regarding my duties as we get into this, but … one, yes.” I held my hands out to the side, “Given my assigned uniform, what was the comment about ‘clothing allowance’ about?”

He chuckled, visibly relaxing. “At least, I can envision you going through a lot of stockings on your knees.” I chuckled and felt my pussy begin the waterworks action, again. “But, seriously, there may be times when we will want you dressed in … hmmmm … outfits for occasions that would not fall under the deion of business attire.”

I nodded as if that made some kind of sense much less that it meant anything to me. What kind of outfits or what kind of occasions?

He watched me sign and date the documents and he counter-signed each after me including the non-disclosure and confidentiality.

“In case you’re curious, everyone in the office has also signed the same non-disclosure and confidentiality documents just like you. What happens between us and how we take this beyond the office affects all of us equally.” I had been curious about that but wasn’t sure I was in a position to push the issue. It was nice to realize he and they were on the same page as me.

“I want you to spend time with everyone today. Mark will assist you in getting your office setup and brief you on some of his activities. I want you to have a feel of Jake’s activities in the past and his unique skills. Then, see Marjorie and she will get you started on open cases and clients that may resurface.” I nodded, got up, and moved to the doorway. Doors didn’t appear to be closed inside the office area. “Oh, Grace …” I stopped and turned at the door, half in and half out. “Did you also do what I asked? Refrain from pleasuring yourself?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He smiled, “I suspect you’ll find relief soon.”

I blushed. God, how can I be blushing while naked on my first day at work when I fully knew what was in store for me. Yet, I did and it was like a rush of arousal and anticipation. I poked my head back into his office.

“Sir … could I perhaps do something for you …”

He was quiet for a moment, looked at his desk phone, then back at me. “I have to make a phone call now that might take a while, but …” He smiled, “Maybe something I’ve never had the pleasure of, though.” He pushed his chair back and looked under his desk.

I caught on immediately. I walked to his side of the desk and crawled into the space where his legs would be. He stood up and loosened his pants, pulled his soft cock from his pants and boxers, and sat back on the chair, scooting it forward. I settled into the small area and took his soft cock in my hand, bringing my mouth to the head. I licked the end, kissed it, and took the crown into my mouth with a gentle suck. I heard a soft ‘mmmm’ from above and I smiled. I could feel him reaching with his upper body and thought he was retrieving a contact from his computer, then the sound of buttons on the phone.

“Jack! Hey, thanks for agreeing to talk at this time. How are you doing? The firm doing well?” He listened for a while, laughed and, “Golf? Wow, well … maybe I should have stayed where I was. No time for golf lately for me.” A lot of laughing. It was weird to be sucking the growing cock of a man on the phone with a business associate but that his cock was rapidly growing with the ministrations of my mouth was satisfying that even with the distraction I was being effective.

“Jack, before we get into that other thing, I want to say that I’ve hired a new associate. She just started today, but I can tell you she’s already getting her hands around things in the office.” A pause. “Oh, yes, she’s someone I’ll have assisting me frequently.” I pulled my mouth off his cock. He was talking about me to someone about starting to work for him and I was naked under his desk and giving him a blowjob. “Just a minute, Jack.”

He peeked under the desk with the phone pressed into his chest, “Weird, huh?” He scooted his chair back to me and I engulfed his cock to the back of my throat. “Ohhhh … what? …. No, nothing … that was her now. I couldn’t feel better about a new hire than about her. I’ll tell you, she’s going to take a load off me very quickly.” I gulped at the comment but didn’t release his cock and pushed the head into my throat and swallowed, feeling my throat muscles milking his cock.

Over the next few minutes, his cock became rigid and pulsed. Despite the diversion of his phone call, he was quickly approaching a climax. Then, “Sorry, just a minute, sorry …” He pushed back into his chair and his hips tensed. I followed his slight movement and kept his cock well in my mouth, sucking and stroking it until he erupted in my mouth. He shot two thick ropes of cum to the back of my mouth. I then sucked him dry and licked any residual from the head of his cock.

He pushed his chair back and I crawled out. When he stood, I tucked his softening cock back into his boxers and closed his slacks, zipping him up, and buckling his belt. He put his hand over the mouthpiece and lean forward. I took his face in my hands and kissed him deeply.

Softly, he said, “My god, Grace. That was amazing.”

I blew him another kiss as I walked to the door. I turned back to him and he covered the mouthpiece, again. “I see what you mean about needing lots of stockings.” He suppressed a laugh.

I was walking toward my new office, a new swagger in my walk when Mark came up behind me.

“That must have been interesting.” I looked at him puzzled. “I was looking for you and poked my head into the boss’s office. He pointed under his desk.” He was watching me closely. I laughed.

“Very interesting, indeed.” I put my palm up in the air, “But, I made him cum.” He laughed and gave me a high-five. It was almost shocking to me how comfortable I felt with all this. I was naked in the office, just gave my boss a blowjob, and was now walking to my office with another man who must be having similar thoughts.

In my office, I found my box of personal items on the credenza behind the desk. The difference in desks was immediate. Unlike the others, this desk was a glass top on legs … completely open from the sides and front and visible through the top. It appeared they set this office up with confidence they were getting me to occupy it.

Mark had me sit in the chair behind the desk and assisted me in locating all the electronics to the locations I found most convenient and comfortable. Then, he walked me through the computer applications with passwords, network, and directories for case file, and the directory for my personal files. He did the same thing with the new business smartphone. He then walked me through identifying the various network printers and the personal printer in my office.

All the while he roamed from directly behind me to the other side of the desk depending on the need for privacy as when I established my passwords. At almost any time I glanced at him, though, his verbal attention in providing direction was on what we were doing, but his eyes were often on some part of my exposed body. I had never realized how often my legs naturally parted when I concentrated at my desk, but at this desk, I became very aware of my legs and lap being clearly in view from above. It seemed that I was forever being aroused by the constant reminder of my condition and, with it, the reminder of what I could expect. The anticipation of the next sexual activity I was promised had also done a tremendous job of keeping my body turned on and my pussy in a steady state of wetness.

When we had been through what he had set up for me, he stepped away from the desk and looked down at me, his eyes dropping frequently over my body. It was weird. In almost any other situation, to be so brazenly ogled by someone would have me feeling upset; suddenly, maybe because of the condition I had accepted, I only felt arousal by it. I wondered if I would ever become conditioned to it and it would only be as natural as being dressed. I hoped not; I hoped it would always remain arousing.

I considered Mark. I leaned back in my chair. My legs had crossed as a self-conscious reaction to the exposure. Mark was very much a geeky-type personality but he was not a nerd. He loved his gadgets and electronics and the pursuit of answers, but he was not awkward socially. But, he did appear to have a tendency toward introversion. I wanted him to be as comfortable with all of this as anyone else in the office. I smiled at the thought of what that meant from me.

I stood from the desk and approached him. His eyes wandered over my body as I approached, just like I anticipated. I stepped into his personal space and shyly looked from his chest to his face.

“Thank you, for all your assistance, Mark.”

“Uhmmmm … it’s what … what I do here. You’re welcome.”

I put my arms around his neck and pulled our bodies together and our faces inches from each other. “I want to thank you, Mark. You know what Mr. Franklin expects from me … for all of you.” He nodded. I could see it in his eyes, he certainly knew but wasn’t the aggressive type. “This is my first day.” I acted shy, again. Finally, looking back into his eyes. “This is going to become more comfortable, but maybe we have to intentionally break the ice.” He smiled and nodded. I felt the least intimidated by Mark and, as a result, I felt the most comfortable being forward with him. Mr. Franklin was … Mr. Franklin; Jake was intimidating in so many physical ways; and, Marjorie was someone I had never experienced or known, a comfortable and outgoing lesbian.

With my arms around his neck, I closed the inches separating us and kissed him. The first was tentative and testing. He responded with a kiss of his own. He took me in his arms with a more passionate kiss and his hands wandered over my bare skin to my butt cheeks. I pulled back and smiled at him. He watched me and any uncertainty previously reflected on his face had evaporated. I smiled at him and my fingers began unbuttoning his short-sleeved shirt. When my finger reached the bottom, they began working on his belt and pants, unzipping his fly, my fingers slipping inside to touch his semi-hard cock.

He was responding by prying his shoes off and pulling his unbuttoned shirt from his body. I sank to my knees as I pulled his loosened pants and undershorts down his thighs to expose a nice average sized cock growing in hardness in my fingers. I felt it twitch with the first touch of my lips and tongue to it. I took it into my mouth, just the head, and felt it grow. My hands dropped to assist him in removing his feet from his pants. I sucked more intentionally, occasionally glancing up at him. In minutes, his cock was hard and I was feeling my juices running from my pussy. The frustration of following Mr. Franklin’s edict to not pleasure myself, being naked, and sucking him while on his phone conversation all had me at a fever-pitch of need and arousal.

I stood up, his cock hard and rigid in my fingers, and moved around him, taking his hand and pulling him to the couch on the other side of the office. I wouldn’t have clients I would be independently advising and handling. Having a large couch in my office could only have one intended purpose and I decided it was time to try it out.

As I led him by the hand to the couch, my eyes kept moving to the wall of glass and the exposure to the rest of the office was complete. But, I noticed Mark’s furtive looks at the same thing even more nervous appearing than mine. The wall of glass was certainly intended to provide a constant sense of exposure for me, but it also created the same exposure for anyone in the office with me, especially when engaged in this form of activity.

I leaned back onto the couch and swung my left foot to the top of the couch back and my right foot on the floor. He stood next to the couch and gazed at my fully exposed body and a smile spread across his face as he knelt on the couch to lean forward and place a kiss on my wet pussy.

I put a hand on the side of his face, “I appreciate your intention, Mark, but right now I really just want to have you inside me. I really, really want to do this.”

He gave my pussy another quick kiss and lick over the length of my slit before moving up my body to kiss me on my other lips. His body covered mine and his cock probed at my crotch as he moved his hips to press against me. I slipped a hand between us and moved it over my pussy, parting the lips and moving it down until it was at my opening. I heard him moan as I sucked in a breath, both of us reacting in imminent anticipation. I released my hold on his cock and wrapped my arm around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. At the same time, or as a result of that action, his cock head penetrated my wet and ready pussy. He gasped into my mouth as his cock penetrated my hot and wet sleeve grasping and clenching around him.

He slowly pressed his cock fully into me and my legs moved to wrap around his waist, pulling him tighter against me and slightly deeper as I raised my hips into his next thrusts. I gasped and moaned uninhibitedly at the penetration, at the feeling, at finally being given the relief and pleasure my body has been desperate for since yesterday when I was first tempted by all of this. I pumped my hips up into each of his thrust and I gripped my body to him as I cried out with joyous and thankful gratification in orgasm. I held him tightly as my body felt the waves of sensation wash and crash over and through my body.

When I was again feeling anything besides the amazing thrill of my body releasing, I was aware he had only slowed the thrusts of his cock into my drooling pussy. Without him even coming, yet, I felt the juices flowing from my pussy down into the crack of my ass. I had felt release but it had not nearly sated the appetite that had built up inside me.

His thrusts renewed my response and my response signaled urgency in his efforts. The moans again escaping my throat were drowned out by the grunts and groans coming from him. I pressed up tightly against him, our pubic bones crashing into each other in our fucking, his pelvis crushing my clit with each energetic thrust. He was amazing. I loved his fucking and my response to him only redoubled his efforts. When he came, he grunted loudly as he thrust deeply into me, holding his cock inside as his body quaked and he gasped with each spurt of his cum into me. I held him tightly as another wonderful orgasm washed over me like a crashing wave in a storm.

I didn’t release him for moments after we both had partially recovered. My legs and arms held him tightly as if I claimed him for my own, his spent cock slowly shriveling inside me until it finally slipped out of my messy hole. Only then did I release him. As he stood, I stopped him and pulled his slick cock into my mouth, which I used to clean him of our combined juices.

When I was done, I sank to my knees in front of him and kissed the head of his soft cock. “Thank you, sir.”

He encouraged me up, “You forgot earlier.”

I dropped my eyes, “I know that now, sir. I am sorry, sir. I am new at allowing myself to be the submissive I am. I will do better.”

He laughed and hugged me to him. He said into my ear, “Your intention complied. That you forgot the verbal compliance is incidental, I think. But, I think the boss would say for your complete acceptance of that side of you will require your diligence in complying with it all.” He smiled at me, “But, that’s him …”

I watched him dress and he told me about the unisex bathroom at the front of the area that had a shower they sometimes used after long days. I thanked him, kicked off my heels and stripped down my stockings, then padded barefoot and completely naked through the office. I was surprised to see it was almost lunchtime. Certainly, this wasn’t what every day would be like … could it?

When I came out of the bathroom, Marjorie was waiting with my shoes and stockings. She led me into the reception room and informed me she was taking me out to lunch. She wanted to talk about meeting her partner. If I thought she was teasing earlier, she wasn’t.

After lunch, I did the undressing routine, again. As I entered the office area, Mr. Franklin pointed over to Jake’s office. “I didn’t realize this orientation was going to take all day.”

Marjorie was in front of me and struck a stern pose right back at him, hands on her hips and a playful glare at him. I put my hand on her shoulder as I passed, “Yes, you did, Sir. And, on top of it, you’re loving that I appear to be the slut you thought I would be.”

He laughed and turned back into his office. I smiled back at Marjorie and she was beaming. “You remember that, girl. Slut or submissive notwithstanding. If you give them an inch …”

“Ma’am … if they give me an inch, I’ll take whatever more they have to give.”

She shook her head but was smiling broadly. “Welcome to the team, slut.” I smiled as I turned for Jake’s office.

I knocked on his door jam, “Sir? Would this be a good time for you to show me what you do here? You seem to be next in my orientation.”

He stood and I was instantly reminded of the physical presence he projected. “Grace, you can grace my office anytime you want.” He chuckled. He stood and gazed at my body. With Mark, the same action was his interest in seeing me naked and still not quite believing the luck he had fallen into. With Jake, it was more, much more. With Jake, it was as if he was actually evaluating my body for what he might like to do with it. It was completely different and very animalistic.

He had me sit opposite him and he went through his background in the military and the private sector, as he called it. He was big into surveillance, investigation, and security. I didn’t doubt any of it. Upon quizzing him on how his skills fit into the firm, he asked if I had ever seen the old Perry Mason shows. I admitted I had, though they seemed hokey by today’s TV standards. He said that Perry Mason often resorted to a field investigator that sometimes got his hands dirty in order to dig out the evidence needed for a case. That was his role. The cases the firm would get involved with weren’t necessarily going to be the ‘white crime’ type of thing the large firms handle. They were all rather excited about the idea.

After more than an hour of discussion, it seemed to have ended. With a slap on his knees, he rose from his chair and I did the same. If I thought the meeting was over, however, he made it clear I wasn’t leaving his office right away. He came up to me very deliberately and crushed me with a kiss. I admit it, I’ve experienced enough of my shady encounters that it normally takes more to make me melt, but he did it. I damn near thought I swooned like a silly high school girl. I relaxed in his arms and was instantly ready to yield in any way to this man. And, I think once he felt that, he took complete charge. He lifted him in his arms and pressed me against the wall of his office. My legs went around his waist, my arms around his neck, and I tried to crawl into his mouth with my own but he was doing the same back to me.

I hadn’t felt a kiss like that, a kiss with such animalistic energy and control, a kiss that told me I was about to be owned and consumed, a kiss that I would remember even while being kissed by someone else. I ground my pussy into his abdomen and wished I could blink my eyes and all his clothes would fall off and his cock would be inside me. He might have felt the same way.

He walked me to his desk and bent over as if I weighed nothing to him. I released him from the grip of my arms and legs and lay on this desk before him. I looked into his eyes as he pulled his shirt over his head and began working on his shoes, socks, and pants. I raised my legs into the air and spread them wide. I was showing him I was his, to take me, to devour me, to use me.

When his pants dropped, my eyes shifted to something I had never seen in all my gangbangs … a truly lovely and massive black cock. Porn is full of BBC, but it is a myth, not any more than any other average cock. I promised myself … someday … I was going to measure it. I had trouble taking my eyes off it, but the man it belonged to was just as impressive and the total package was far more than a cock. It was already hard, which pleased me. I had that effect on him. Me. The Naked Legal. The office slut.

He came up to me with a smile and appraised my pose. “God, Grace … I pray I never get used to what you are giving us.” Me, too. He moved to my spread legs, his hard cock in his hand pressed down to lead his way. I felt this cock head touch my pussy and I gasped. He moved it over my already soaking lips until he was at my opening. I pleaded with my eyes for it to enter me, to thrust his cock deep into me in one massive thrust. My own hands were holding my legs wide open for him so his went to my breasts as his cock remained just at the entrance to my body.

“Please, Jake … sir. Please … just fuck me.”

“You want it so badly, Grace?”

“Not badly, sir. I want it all, the whole thing, I want you to take me, use me, consume me with that cock of yours.”

“Look right here.” He pointed to his eyes. I gazed into them and they were like a deep pool of manliness, dark eyes to go with his dark body. As I gazed into them, he thrust forward. Half of his cock sank inside me in the first thrust. He pulled back an inch and thrust the rest of the way in, hitting me deeply. I cried out in ecstasy. I was full of cock and my pussy was already spasming around it.

He released my hands from holding my legs and told me to grip the edge of the desk. I did and prepared myself. My new grip held me in place on his desk or his strong fucking would have thrust me bit by bit across the desktop. I was groaning, moaning, gasping, and crying out at the fucking he gave me. I came with a piercing crying that could have been heard in the offices below us.

When my body stopped convulsing, he pulled me into his arms, my legs around his waist. I was still in the throes of orgasm, just past the most intense part, as he picked me up, his cock still buried inside me. He hefted me up and let me fall back down the length of his cock. Over and over, raised to the head inside and released to fall over the length of it. He walked me to the same wall and pressed me against it and began fucking me hard and furious. I came, again. God, where does this kind of stamina come from …

As my eyes cleared, I was still in his arms, his cock deep inside me. “So, you think your glass office is exposed?” I couldn’t even nod. I knew it was. What could he mean by the question?

He gripped me and walked me out into the main room and lay me on the edge of the conference table. In moments, Mr. Franklin and the others were in their doorway, then moving to the conference table. I was in disbelief as each took a chair and sat down as Jake resumed fucking with the same energy and control. I turned my head to see each of rest of the team watching as I received the fuck of my life. Each, though, had a pleasant smile.

I looked up at Jake leaning over me. “Cum in me, sir. God, Jake, cum inside me … seed me. I want to feel you.”

As if that was all it took, he did. The first spurt of cum made my eyes open wide. I had never felt such cum and it was one spurt. There were two more to follow it and my poor pussy couldn’t hold it. He continued to fuck me slowly as he spurt his cum into me. Then, he collapsed on top of me. I heard the others get up and leave us. I knew I was leaking cum onto the surface of the table. I knew I was a sweaty, ragged, and limp body. But, I also knew I had never been fucked like that ever before.

I cleaned Jake’s cock of our combined juices and as I did it, I decided this was something I wanted to add to my duties. I enjoyed the act of giving my appreciation.

I took yet another shower before moving on to Marjorie’s office. She was waiting for me with her blouse open, her bra pushed up, and her hand between her legs.

“I can’t wait until later, how are you at muff-diving?”

I smiled as I knelt before her spread legs as she scooted to the edge of her chair. Her panties were on the floor. “I don’t have much experience, Ma’am. But, I know what I like and … I hope to get the chance to practice.” She smiled and closed her eyes.


NAKED LEGAL continues in Chapter 3: Jake's Team.


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Thank you, both, for the comments. I appreciate it.

I will take a look back at the story and see if I see what you are referring to, Robbie.

Ike ManReport

2018-04-12 17:34:45
Thank you, both, for the comments. I appreciate it.

I will take a look back at the story and see if I see what you are referring to, Robbie.


2018-04-11 05:16:41
Great continuance. I hope the burgeoning relationship with Mark develops further: it seems to offer the most possibilities. Again a little more prof reading reading but overall top class. I would though point out that covering up the mouthpiece of a modern day telephone does not mute the sound pick from the microphone. Kind regards, Robbie.

James Dylan DeanReport

2018-04-10 13:06:17
Well done sir! That office doesn't have a place for an old cab driver as a transportation professional, does it? hehehehe

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