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Part two of a series, please read in order to get full story.
Chapter 2: Saturday morning

As I slowly awoke and opened my eyes, the morning sun shone through the windows, illuminating the room in a golden glow. As I remember the night before I can't help but shudder a bit and smile. Both Kate and Sam are cuddled to either side of me as I held them. I took a moment to just gaze towards the window and feel the morning breeze across my nude body. My morning wood stood stiffly unashamed. As I looked around the room, the girls stirred just enough so I could free my arms from underneath their naked bodies. I sat upwards and checked the time - 7:30. That's sleeping in for me, so I felt very rejuvenated. I leaned to either side and kissed both the girl's cheeks. They smiled coyly in their sleepy haze. As I rose, I walked towards bathroom to use before entering the room again. Both girls have moved closer to eachother and are entangled in a sleepy cuddle. The sight of the two nude beauties knotted together caused me to stare for a few moments. Their arms and legs draped over eachother and faces almost touching. Cute subtle smiles adorned their faces. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Starting a pot of coffee. I opened the fridge to look for what we had to make a breakfast. The cool misty air chilled my nude form. I gathered up some bacon, eggs and hasbrowns. I went and grabbed a shirt and a pair of boxer shorts from the laundry room. Most people know bare and bacon don't mix well. I then proceeded to cook a nice breakfast. I loved to cook so I took my time to make a nice meal for the girls. About twenty minutes passed and as the last few pieces of toast popped out of toaster. I buttered them and organized all the food onto the table. Standing back, feeling accomplished. I walked back up to the bedroom to wake the girls. As I entered the room the girls looked to be even closer together then when I left. I approched the bed. Kneeling one knee on the bed, I reached towards Kate, who was closest to me, with her back facing me. I reached out and caressed her smooth side and coaxed them awake.

"Good morning lovelys." I spoke softly. They both slowly loosened their grip on eachother and cracked open their eyes. The morning light caused the room to be bright. They looked at eachother and towards me as they stretched.

"Mmm, morning." they said relaxed, yet cheerful, in unison. They both smiled, probably recalling the night before aswell. I leaned in and kissed my wife. As I leaned back Kate spoke up,

"Nothing for her?" Tilting her head towards her friend.

"Oh of course" I responded sarcastically and pecked Sam on her cheek.

"That's it? You can do better then that" Kate said abruptly.

"-What?" I responded without hesitation.

Kate then looked at Sam's face and without words they seemed to exchange knowing glances.

"Well after last night I think she deserves more." Kate said as she looked back towards me.

I was shocked. I know last night our 'friendship' was brought to a new level, but did my wife just ask/tell me to kiss her best friend on her lips? I must have thought for way too long because Kate spoke up again,

"Well, what are you waiting for?"

Without having a response I looked towards Sam's face. She smiled and winked and closed her eyes and puckered slightly and leaned towards me. I then responded naturally and arched forward and kissed her. It was more then a peck but not a full out make out session. The kiss lasted only a few seconds but my mind raced as I leaned over my wife, knowing she was watching, as I pressed my lips firmly on Sam's. To break the slight awkward excitement I ended the kiss with an audible 'mwah' and I broke the kiss with a wet 'pop'. I straightened up my sitting position and Sam rocked forward a bit and breathed in a deep breath, with her eyes still closed. She slowly opened them and beamed down towards Kate blushing and smiling. Both girls giggled quietly.

"Well... Breakfast is ready." I broke the silence.

"I thought something smelled good!" Sam responded.

"We'll be down in a few." Kate added. I took that as my sign to leave. I acknowledged it and went back down to the kitchen. I poured two coffees, for Sam and I, and an orange juice for Kate, she doesn't like coffee. I placed the drinks on the table and sat patiently. Sipping my coffee awaiting the girls arrival. A few minutes later both girls pranced into the room, arms linked. Wearing the same robes from the night before, but this time they were both tied with a sash in a bow mid stomach. Covering majority of their bodies.

"Oh that looks and smells good!" Sam beamed.

"Thanks husband!" My wife added.

They walked over. Unlinked their arms and sat beside eachother across from where I sat. We dished out the food and began to eat in silence.

"So, about last night.." Sam said bluntly between bites. Awaiting for our response.

"Uh, aha, uh...well.. I enjoyed it." I stumbled out. I'm ussually not short on words but I found it a difficult to culminate a responsible response, when I feel like the girls already talked about it upstairs.

"Well, I REALLY liked it. I feel like I wouldn't have been ok with anyone else like that but it was just crazy and so natural." My wife added. Now, she's ussually the one who is shy and not very good at articulating a response. I felt like she had already planned what to say.

"It was really special and it was weird, but it totally worked. And felt normal, well felt good! But normal..." Sam continued calmly.

"The best kind of spa treatment!" I added jokingly. I was now more settled on my opinion once I heard what the girls had to say about it.

"Can I just add I love how smooth I am after a wax. So soft.." Sam said as she slightly bit her bottom lip. Her hands were under the table and my imagination was telling me she was currently running her hand(s) over her, or my wife's, smooth hairless mounds.

"Yeah I love how smooth we are, such a great feeling!" Kate said eyes drifting towards her friend. Her hands were under the table too. They both glanced towards eachother without turning their heads much and shifted in their seats. They sat quietly for a few moments having never broken eye contact.

"Umm, are you two doing what I think you're doing?" I broke their stares.

"Well what do you think we are doing?" Sam responded with a bit of sass. They both looked at me with sassy questioning in their eyes awaiting my response.

"I'm guessing you're both making sure you're still smooth eh?" I replyed with a gawk and a wink.

"Yup!" They responded matter-of-factly.

"Feeling any after burn yourself?" Kate asked me.

"Nah, chest feels fine. At least I didn't do any...more difficult areas." I replied.

"Oh yeah! Darn we didn't wax his lower stuff!" Sam blurted out.

"Then we will today!" Kate forcefully added.

"We'll be gentle. Promise." Kate followed up more lovingly.

"Better make sure it's worth it!" I replyed quickly. Realising I sounded a bit more perverted then I wanted to. But the girls reacted positively with nods and a "We will."

"Good!" I finished, and rose up to pour the last of the coffee into my cup. The girls began to clear the table and brought the dishes over and began to load the dishwasher and straighten up the counters from where I prepared the meal. I sat down on the other side of the table and sipped my coffee as I watched the girls scurry about. As they leaned down to place plates and items in the racks of the dishwasher I caught glimpses and then knew for a fact that neither was wearing any underwear. I let my mind wander more then ussual, as I recalled my views from last night. The girls blowing on me and eachother. My hard dick in plain view of them both. The girls eating eachother out. Having sex with my wife as I gripped her friend by the waist and slapped against her body as I thrusted deep. And as I came hard and spurted some on Sam's round butt. I shuddered and realised I caused myself to get a hard on.

"Let's go shower." Kate spoke as they had finished tidying up.

"Coming?" Sam beckoned, looking over towards me.

"Not yet I hope!" Kate bursted out in a sexy giggle. We all laughed.

"Well maybe I will." I added pushing the conversation sexually.

As Kate swooped around table and looked into my lap seeing the tent in the boxer shorts.

"Well, you ARE ready." She squealed pulling my arm upwards coaxing me to stand. I stood up as I stepped back from table and Sam's eyes darted towards my crotch.

"Yeah he is!" she retorted towards her friend. I almost felt as if in the moment, the girls just had me as their pawn and I had no say. I loved the feeling of both of them so enticed on me and my body. In a different way then it has been viewed in our group before. I felt so comfortable but yet sexually charged. It was very surreal.

"Let's go." Kate tugged gently leading me back to the bedroom, with Sam following closely behind. Our ensuite had a large glass enclosure under a double spout rainfall-type shower heads. Plenty of room for two people and a comfortably close enclosure for three. The girls pulled the ties in their sashes and allowed their robes to fall gracefully off their bodys. I watched the girls disrobe in the bright sun lit room, looking at every detail and area on their sun kissed skin. I remained still, just starring at their bodys in an obvious way. I felt I could now, with the budding new relationship we had. Kate turned on the shower, held her hand under the falling water until the temperature felt right for her. She turned around and saw that I still stood dressed in my shirt and shorts. Sam was placing a few towels on a nearby bench. Kate placed her hand lightly on Sam's hip causing her to slowly turn to face me aswell.

Kate, in the sexiest voice she could do said,

"Maybe we should help him." with a sly smirk.

Sam glanced quickly at Kate as she spoke then readjusted her focus on me. Both girls stepped towards me. Kate reached for the bottom hem of my shirt and began to pull it upwards. I raised my arms and just as the shirt made it high enough to block my lower view. I felt Sam's fingers grab the waistband of my boxers. She slowly pulled them away and down to make it past my mostly stiff boner, as to not snag it since it stuck straight out. As Kate finished pulling my shirt off my head I looked downwards to step out of my boxers that now laid on floor. As I did my erection bobbed slightly and Sam noticed. Without warning she grasped it and held it still from the bounce. Smiling cutely. Kate had turned to toss the shirt aside and looked back just as Sam held my rod. She reached forward and wrapped her hand around her friend's so they both held it with one hand. She held her friend's hand tight enough to keep it on my member as she reached down with her free hand and helped Sam up from her kneeling position. Both girls now stood before me. Kate's hand ontop of Sam's hand, wrapped around my rock hard cock. They stood close to me almost in a leaning hug as Kate wrapped her arm around her friend's lower waist. I placed a hand on either girls lower back. We stood there for a few moments breathing softly in tune together. It was such a close embrace. Even though they held my dick together there was an unspoken somber 'love' we had for eachother and it was evident in the way we stood. Our eyes were closed as we soaked in the moment with eachother. I never felt so close to both the girls. The room seemed to be silent and still. Then we slowly moved away from our loving embrace. Kate softly released her hand from around Sam's. Sam held her hand for a second or two longer wrapped around my member. Slowly, very slowly, loosened her grip. Freeing my dick as her soft hand cautiously slid off.

Kate softly whispered under her breath


Just as Sam very quietly moaned a relaxed breath as they stepped backwards a half step. The moment drifted away and we reemerged back into reality. I'm not sure how much time had passed. But the room now had a mist of steam from the running shower. The sounds slowly came back into focus as well. The sound of the running water. The birds chirping outside the window. I shook my head a bit to break my trance. The girls both had a look of solace on their faces. The steam from the room glistening on their faces and body's. All three of us kind of awkwardly began to look about for what we were going to do before we got distracted. We then remembered, and gathered towards the shower. The girls stepping in first and me squeezing in last. Our body's brushing up against eachother causing goosebumps and shivers of delite. As mentioned before, we had a large two person shower. With two rainfall style showerheads mounted in the ceiling. One on each side. My wife had all her products on the shelves to the left, mine on the right side. There was also built in benches on both sides. Naturally we took to our own sides, with Sam in the middle. The water from the shower heads cascaded down our bodies. Sam slowly went back and fourth from under my side to Kate's, enjoying the difference in temperatures. We silently began to wash our own bodies. As we did we would bump or touch someone else, not trying to avoid contact. Sometimes we would purposely make body contact. As our shower continued we became more relaxed and back to our normal jokey-selves. Hip bumping eachother and reaching unnecessarily as to make our other body parts come in to contact with eachother. Making it seem as if there was less room in the enclosure then there actually was. Kate then spoke up

"Can someone get my back please?" Holding a sudsy loofah out. Sam took it from her and both girls turned away from me as Sam began to wash Kate's back. They also we're now closer to me so the water didn't instantly wash the bodywash off Kate. Sam stood so close to me that my now semi hard dick sat inches away from her bum. I took in hand another loofah and reached past both girls to get a feminine body wash from my wife's side.

"'Excuse my reach girls." I said half heartedly and half sarcastically. In doing so my body fully pressed up against Sam's back and behind. My penis right between her soft bum cheeks. As I retrieved the bodywash I leaned back to my upright position and Sam repositioned herself so she stayed in contact with my body. I put a dab of soap on the loofah and got it sudsy and began to wash Sam's shoulders and upper back. Sam now lowered her scrubbing and was washing Kate's lower back and I followed and started washing Sam's lower back. She then bent forward pushing her butt firmly against my stiffening penis, and began to wash my wife's bum. I thrusted forward and she responded with a little wiggle. I reached out and began to wash her upper buttocks while I still held my shaft against her crack. Now the loofah and bubbles also coated my crotch area. I looked down at my hand holding the bubbly loofah as I rubbed it around and took in the view of my stiff shaft pointing upward as it rested against Sam's tight butt. I looked over from the side and then saw that Sam had the loofah she held in one hand and her bare hand was now lower and under between Kate's legs. Clearly rubbing my wife's pussy. I set my loofah aside and placed my hands on Sam's shoulders and humped slightly. Thrusting slowly having my dick slide up and down Sam's butt that was slick due to the bubbles that still remained. I took my right hand and ran my finger tips with just the right amount of pressure down Sam's spine. I reached her lower back and gripped her right hip. Then did the same with my left hand coming to rest on her left hip. She bent forward more so her chin tapped rhythmically on Kate's lower back as I rocked her. Sam had now dropped her loofah and looked as if she was fingering Kate rather then rubbing. Kate began to moan and caused Sam to join in. Building moans echoed in the shower. Audible above the sound of the running water. Kate reached out forward and placed her hands on the front and side wall of the shower to steady herself. Opening her legs a bit more and arching forward. On full display for Sam and I. Sam arched a bit more forward and fingered Kate more vigorously, not even trying to hide it. I craved more, but didn't want to do anything that the girls weren't ok with. I second guessed myself as I worried about pushing it too far. But I was so horny. So I placed my hard dick on the upper crease of Sam's butt and placed one hand ontop, putting pressure on it. I gripped her hip with my other hand and picked up the pace of my thrusts. Both girls moaned more. Kate looked back and made eye contact with me and smiled, then Sam hit a good spot and Kate's jaw dropped as she let out a deep gutteral groan and had to steady herself with her arms resting on the walls she dropped her head and breathed heavily. I picked up my pace as I began to thrust harder and faster. Sam rested herself on Kate's back as she leans forward and reached her free hand to her own pussy and began to finger herself as she continued on Kate. I kept going at a steady pace. Then Kate's breathing picked up yet again as she gasped, leading up to orgasm. Sam had to remove her hand from her crotch to hold Kate's hip as she jolted and twitched. I reached around Sam's hip and as I continued my thrusts I reached under and began to finger Sam's smooth wet snatch. I pushed my middle finger in as deep as I could curling slightly and rubbed my palm in a circular motion as to massage her clit. Sam's breathing then also became unsteady as she twitched herself and was emphasized by Kate's movement. I stood more upright as I continued fingering and rubbing Sam. I wrapped my right hand around my shaft as I began to stroke myself quickly, craving release. The girls both moaned loudly and almost like a dominos chain reaction Kate came hard groaning deep and almost falling over forward. Sam then came hard and moaned in a high pitch, almost like a scream. I felt the pressure build up in my balls as I held off as long as I could while still stroking quickly and came with force as I shot my first load right over both girls, and then my next few spurts blasted out and splattered about on both girls bare backs and finished with a few small spurts onto Sam's lower back and the water falling caused most of it to run down her bum and down her slit. Kate now was on one knee as she leaned on the side wall of the shower. Sam sat down behind her. Kate pivoted on her knee so she was almost sitting in Sam's lap. They curled up recovering from their orgasms as their breathing became a bit more steady. They leaned on eachother as they soaked in the moment. I sat back into the bench behind me as my orgasm subsided. We all breathed deep. A few minutes passed as we sat under the falling water. I then had enough strength and balance to stand up. My flaccid dick hung dripping cum and water. I leaned forward as the girls reached up and I helped them both back up to their feet. We were all a little unsteady and as we stumbled a bit, trying to not fall over, we all chuckled. We quickly but clumsily washed eachother again. Both girls held a loofah and I had a cloth. We washed eachother. Switching places and wherever there was exposed skin near us we washed and massaged the soap in. We all rinsed off and shut off the water. I reached out and grabbed the towels and handed one to each of the girls and we began to dry ourselves off. The silence started to fade as we began small talk.

"Well that was fun." I joked. As I stepped out of the shower enclosure.

"Ha that was REALLY fun haha." Sam laughed as she followed.

"I can't believe that just happened!" Kate added. And also stepped out.

"In a bad way?" I asked

"No , no, it a great way! But it's crazy how that escalated. I'm just in awe." Kate answered.

"I've never done anything like that before. I'm just afraid, I don't want things to be awkward between us now." Sam replyed in a worried tone.

"What do you mean?" Kate asked kindly.

"I mean like it was amazing but you two are like my best friends and you're married and I don't know I just, don't want to cause any issues and uh-"

"No, don't be silly. It's fine. As long as we all don't have an issue with it." Kate cut off Sam's studdering. Trying to put her worries to rest.

"Things might be different between us now though." Sam said shyly.

"Different in a good way though. Like I feel we are closer now and not just in a physical way. Just like when we first went camping at the nudist park. It was strange and seemingly crazy but it brought us closer." I responded.

"Yeah, like it was fun and stuff and I feel closer to you both for sure. Like so comfortable, even more then before, we both love you Sam." Kate added. As she hugged her naked friend.

"I love you both too, but I think that's my point.." she trailed off.

Sam looked at both our facial responses.

"What do you mean?" Asked Kate.

"Like I mean.. I don't know.. I felt more then just physical stuff. Like it was emotional." Answered Sam.

"Well that's a good thing." I put my arm around her shoulders. I eased her as best I could. She leaned into me.

She took a deep breath and blurted out.

"I love you two."

"We love you too!" Kate repeated with a smile.

"No, no... like I think I love LOVE you two." She said, almost sounding embarrassed.

We stood in silence for a couple seconds not knowing how to answer. Kate and I made eye contact. Then Sam spoke up again.

"This is what I meant. I'm sorry, I just made things weird."

"No don't be sorry Sam-" I was cut off by Sam again.

"Sorry no. Just, maybe I'm overthinking this whole thing. I've been having a great weekend. Let's not get too complicated. As long as you two are ok with what we just did. Let's keep it that way and move forward with our weekend." she spoke calmly and then added

"I'm just being a girl." with a little smile and giggle then hugged us both tight and whispered;

"Thank you."

We held our embrace for a few moments and then released eachother sharing shy smiles.

"We should watch a movie or something, I'm going to go get on some comfy clothes. I'll meet you guys in rec room?" Sam spoke.

"Yeah sounds good!" Kate answered cheerfully.

"We'll be down in a few." I added.

"Ok!" Sam replyed. She went to turn to leave the bathroom, but spun around quickly again to give us both another quick squeeze hug and then she pranced out of the room. Reminding us both again of her, and our, nakedness.

As she left the bathroom and her footsteps disapated until we couldn't hear her anymore. Kate turned to me.

"Did you?" She asked

"Did I what?" I replyed confused

"Did you, you know, like, do it?" She stumbled out.

I was assuming what she meant but in thinking I just gave her a 'huh?' look.

Then she blurted out

"Did you have sex with Sam?"

"No, I didn't." I went on to explain how I humped her friend and how I held my dick firmly against her as I thrusted.

"Oh." she responded surprised.

"Why?" I asked concerned.

"Well when I looked back you, and you were moving behind her, you had your 'look', like the face you make when we have sex, and it was really hot. Honestly I thought you were screwing her and that's, well that's kinda what pushed me over the edge." She explained.

"Pushed you over the edge?" I asked not sure if that edge was good or bad.

"Yeah it like made me cum harder." she answered coyly. Thinking back, I think in the moments in the shower there were only good 'edges' we were pushed over.

"Oh?" I replyed with a big smile.

"Yeah. It's weird. Like Sam said, I know you're my husband and everything but with her touching me and you behind her doing what you were doing, or looked like you were doing. I felt a crazy emotional connection between you both and I wasn't jealous or concerned at all. I was just enjoying the moment." She explained.

"Me too, it was so different but not like awkward or anything." I responded.

"But I do have to admit one thing, I did finger her." I added.

"Oh?" She said with a devious grin.

"Did she enjoy it?" She added with a sexy smile.

"I think so." I responded with a smirk.

Kate then kissed me quick and as she pulled back and whispered close to me.

"I know she did. I could tell by her breathing. I liked it too. I hope you did." She kissed me quickly again and turned away and left the room. I remained in the room for a few minutes longer recalling all the events of the morning so far.


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I suspect predictive text is slipping in the odd incorrect word. When you know what you intended to say your brain reads that and ignores what your eyes are seeing so it is not easy to proof read yourself. Perhaps ask a friend to help? Still hot though - I love that you are taking things slowly. Robbie.

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