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Part three of a series, please read in order to get full story.
Chapter 3: Saturday mid-day

I walked into my bedroom. Kate had just left. I grabbed a comfortable pair of red plaid boxer shorts and a black t shirt, dressed myself and walked downstairs to our recroom.

Now, I'm a very big movie buff. So over the years I've gotten myself quite a large collection of movies. Our recroom was half our large garage converted into a mini theatre style room. Dim lights, dark walls, a big screen tv, surround sound and a very comfy U-shaped reclining sofa. I also had a small snack counter. A popcorn machine, a mini fridge and a few candy dispensers. There was also movie memorabilia scattered about. As I walked in, Kate was popping some popcorn and Sam was bent over at the wall that had all the DVDs and Blu-rays. Kate was wearing some fuzzy blue pj shorts and a gray tanktop. Sam was wearing silky red pj shorts and a black tank. Both their shorts were very short. Kate's were a bit looser at her leg openings, but it could just be because Sam was bent down so her shorts fit tighter around her butt, and they rode a bit higher showing some of her lower bum.

"Chose one yet?" I asked.

"Ugh, no. You have so many I don't even know where to start." Sam replyed.

"Well what kind of movie do you want to watch?" I asked.

"Probably not one you want to." Answered Kate.

"Let's watch a scary movie!" Sam exclaimed.

"No, I'll get scared." Kate said worried.

"You're husband will protect us." Sam replyed jokingly then turning to me,

"Won't you?" Asking sternly.

"I'll protect you as best I can from a movie." answering sarcastically.

"That means you have to cuddle us!" Kate demanded.

"That I can, and definitely will!" I replyed excitedly. I directed my attention to Sam.

"All those style movies are on the tower to your left." I directed her attention to the section that had the scary type movies. She began to browse. I walked closer to Kate who was still by the popcorn machine. It was across the room so out of ear shot to Sam as long as we whispered.

"So earlier when you asked about how far I went with Sam. What's too far? I don't want to push anything and I also don't want to cross any lines." I asked quietly.

"Well I don't know." She shrugged. "When I thought you were going all the way with her, it actually made me quite horny. I wasn't sure if it was just the moment, but the more I think about it I still feel like it would have been fine. If not actually pretty hot." She answered softly.

"Really? So what does that mean?" I asked cautiously.

"Well, we will see what moments arise, and judge how Sam is reacting. She may be reluctant to progress in fear of causing an issue between us. So I may need to help her." Kate said cutely as she leaned closer to me.

"Ha, I'm excited, but also kinda nervous." I admitted.

"Don't be nervous. You're great, and kind, and I know you care so much for us both. That's all I want." Kate calmed my nerves.

"Is this one any good?" Sam called from the other side of the room holding up a dvd case. I kissed Kate's cheek quick and then made my way across the room to where Sam was still crouched at the movie shelves. She held an indie produced zombie apocalypse movie called 'til death'. I then went into a critical analysis explanation of the movie. More complicated then it should have been I guess, as she just stared at me, totally lost.

I stopped, thought for a second, and replied simply,

"The CGI isn't the greatest, but that might be good for Kate because the gore is super fake. The storyline is unique. The acting is mediocre." She registered this explanation better as she looked at the back of the case, still pondering.

"It's a horror, romantic, dark comedy style movie." I further explained.

"Ooo romance!" Kate exclaimed from across the room.

"Ooo horror!" Sam said excitedly.

"Hahah comedy!" I finished with a chuckle.

We all laughed a bit.

"What's it about?" Kate asked, as she was approaching the couch.

"It's about a married couple and the wife turns into a zombie but the guy won't stop until he finds a cure so they can be together again. Hence the title." I replied.

Sam still thought for a moment looking at the case.

"There's also quite a few sex scenes!" I joked as I lightly nudged her.

"Ah, well, with this weekend's pace we might as well!" She laughed and handed me the case. She stood up as I stepped back. Her shorts were still very snug on her buttocks from the crouching she was doing, she readjusted them. I looked down at her butt as she pulled the material looser. I turned back towards the sofa. Kate was already sitting cross-legged on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in her lap and a few cans of soda. Sam walked towards the snack counter grabbed a small handful of candy and walked back towards couch. I went to the BluRay player and put in the disk in, turned on the tv and sound system. I walked towards the couch. The girls were sitting right beside eachother. As I approached, Sam scooted over making room for me in the middle. I sat between the girls and Kate placed the bowl of popcorn on my lap so we could all reach. The previews played as we got situated and comfy. Sam and I commented on some of the previews that we would like to see them. Kate didn't seem to agree as they were all horror and thrillers anyways. I used a remote to dim the ceiling lights. Keeping the wall sconces by the snacks on. But otherwise the only light was from the tv. The girls both cuddled into me as they snacked on the popcorn. I pressed play and the movie started. Typical opening scene, first person view, shaking camera, heavy breathing. Apocalyptic views. Burning buildings, wrecked cars, garbage blowing about. Large explosions. Camera fading in and out of focus. Then it turned to show a quick view of a zombie rushing towards camera quickly with a loud screech. Both girls jumped a bit. Me, knowing what to expect, didn't budge. Then the screen went black. 'Two weeks earlier' scrolled across the screen. Then it cut to a scene where a young couple is having full blown sex. Music has now changed to more of an upbeat club style mix song.

"Well that didn't take long." Kate mentioned.

"For some people it doesn't take long!" I joked back. We laughed.

The flashes of skin and body parts, as well as tossed about sheets and different items in the nicely decorated bedroom continued to the beat of the music. Then a quick flash to an erect penis entering a vagina.

"Whoh!" The girls both said surprised at the actual view.

"It's an independently produced movie, so it doesn't necessarily have to stick within typical rating guidelines." I responded.

"I see that." Sam said.

"We ALL saw that!" Kate jumped in.

We all laughed a bit more and continued to watch as the scene came to a close.

The story was told through narration of the husband. The first 30 minutes showcasing their relationship and how the world was. It was an artsy based film and had snippets of sex between the couple. Showing quite a bit. During those scenes the girls both squirmed a bit. Maybe because they liked it, maybe because it made them uncomfortable. Not sure. By the time the main plot began to unfold. A virus outbreak, mass commotion, a city wide evacuation. The husband and wife struggling through arising problems. By this time our popcorn had diminished. I stood taking the empty bowl to the counter. I grabbed a small handful of candy and returned to my seat. I sat down and Sam reached for a candy from my hand. I playfully pulled it away out of reach. A small frown on her face, then turned into a smirk. Not knowing why, until all of a sudden she had moved her face closer and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. She began to pry open my mouth with her tongue and started to make out with me. Dropping my guard, she then quickly reached over and snatched a few gummies from my hand. She pulled away from the kiss with a cocky smirk and she looked me in the eye, placed the candy in her mouth and gave me the look of 'I won'.

"Oh you sneaky little-"

"What?" She cut me off with a bit of sass.

Both girls giggled a bit as they rested back into the couch. The girls leaned back to the curves of the U of the couch and placed their legs from opposing sides across my lap. As their calfs brushed my lap I noticed that I was semi hard from the mini makeout session. I stirred a bit as they moved about to get comfortable. I'm sure they noticed the slight buldge in my boxers. Both brushing it nonchalantly. Kate, who was on my left, bent her knee and massaged her toes slightly on my dick. Sam's legs draped more on my thighs, as she intently watched the movie. Kate focused on the movie, at least with her gaze. But her right foot rubbed around my lap causing my member to twitch and grow. This continued for about 10 minutes. I triggered the recliner for the seat I was in, as it reclined both girls readjusted. Sam now had her feet near my feet that rested outwardly on the recliner, and Kate remained with her left calf on my upper thighs and her right foot lightly on my, now stiff, dick. She continued to rub up and down my shaft with her toes and pad of her cute foot. I leaned back more into my seat enjoying the light touch. Kate then slowly moved her toes to the waistband of my boxers. Tucking her toes in and caressing the tip of my shaft. A small amount of pre-cum coating my head and her toes. I placed my left hand on Kate's exposed thigh. I rubbed softly, letting her know I liked the 'attention' she was giving me. Realizing the ineffective angle she was approaching at, she moved her foot back to the front of my boxers and toe'd at the single button on the front that held the opening closed. I adjusted slightly and with my free hand, reached under her foot and unbuttoned the front. I opened it and made room for her foot to comfortably sit on my exposed cock and balls. Sam must have taken notice as she still faced the tv but slightly rubbed her bare feet on mine. Playing soft footsies. Kate continued to rub my shaft with her toes. We all faced towards the tv as the zombie apocalypse was now fully underway. The man's wife has been bitten and became fully zombified. He had her locked in the back of a cargo van that he drove frantically trying to reach a cure facility. She has somewhere along the line lost some clothes, as her skirt was ripped on the side and back revealing a pink thong that peeked out as she rocked and stumbled around the moving van. Her tank top has also lost a strap as her left breast was exposed through the torn material. The man had a ripped shirt and some tattered shorts on. Both were dirty and covered in soot from burning buildings etc. There were a few scary scenes that made the girls jump and freeze momentarily before going back to their foot play. Then, during one big jumping scene, Kate squealed and pinched her toes on my dick skin. Causing me to jump and mumble an "Ouch!"

Kate then answered louder.

"Oops! Sorry babe."

Sam then turned and took full notice of what position we were in and what we were doing.

"Awe, did she hurt you?" Sam asked half sarcastic, half sympathetic, as she glanced towards my mostly exposed cock under Kate's toes. The low light from the movie left a bit to the imagination, but not much.

"A little more rough then I prefer." I answered jokingly.

"I didn't mean to." Kate responded sadly with a frown.

"Want me to kiss it better?" She continued sympathetically.

"I wouldn't be opposed to that." I responded with a chuckle, thinking it was just a joke. Kate then removed her legs and swiveled around on her bum and crouched beside me. Sam removed her feet from mine and sat straighter up and seemingly adjusted to get a 'good view'. Kate crouched down and layed a few soft kisses up my shaft to the tip, gave the head a kiss then kissed her way back down to the base and my testicles. As she sat back up she gave me a sly smile and cuddled in beside me.

"Better?" She asked.

"Yeah." I gasped, as my dick twitched a bit.

"You guys are cute." Sam said coyly and cuddled into my other side.

"You are too Sam!" Kate responded cheerfully. I shifted and tucked my hard shaft back into my boxers as best I could. Leaving the front button undone, and we three cuddled in to finish the movie.

The husband and his zombie wife arrived at the 'clinic' hoping for the cure but found the place abandoned. Out of options, and gas, the husband breathed deep as he walked slowly around the van and tentatively unlocked and entered the back where his zombified wife was contained. The soft music ended with the sound of the back door being shut. A few bangs and struggle sounds and the van jolted. Then it went silent. The camera panned the surrounding vacant city. No life in sight as piano style music played softly. The camera came back to focus on the van. The music faded to silence, then a loud 'BANG'. The girls jumped a bit. Then another 'BANG' and the van door shook. Another couple bangs and the door broke open. The camera panned again and slowly the zombie wife emerged from the van fully naked. Followed by the husband, now turned zombie, fully naked aswell. He had bite marks all over his body. Then it showed the naked zombie couple limp and shuffle towards a broken down, condemned house. They broke through the door and walked through the rooms and into a bedroom. Similar layout to the room in the beginning of the movie but this room was all destroyed. The zombie couple then shuffled to the bed and began to have grotesque zombie sex.

I chuckled softly finding the dark humour of the movie amusing. The girls stared at the screen not knowing how to react. This scene lasted longer then the beginning and showed a lot more. It was honestly like zombie porn. Sam then began to laugh at the ending of the movie as Kate peeked from between her fingers not sure if she wanted to fully watch it or not. Sam and I both laughed at Kate's reaction as the surround sound blasted groans, moans, grunts and a darker style beat song. The movie then showed the wife's face with over-the-top done zombie makeup as a dark creamy paste splattered on her face. Yes, a zombie facial. Then the screen went black and the credits began to roll. The girls sat silently. Surprised by the ending. I just quietly stiffled a laugh.

After a few moments I spoke up,

"So what did you think?"

"Ummmmm..." Kate thought out loud, not sure what to say.

"I wanna say hot, but...not." Sam said then laughed a nervous laugh.

"I get it , but I don't get it." Kate added.

"You know, he loved her so much, til death, and beyond." I said sarcastically.

"I know, but it was still weird." Kate replyed.

"I didn't pick it, haha, blame Sam!" I joked.

"It wasn't like any zombie movie I've ever seen before, I'll give ya that! And honestly, it wasn't horrible, just awkward at times." Sam replied.

"That's the dark humour aspect." I added knowingly.

"I'll stick with my chick flicks." Kate said as she stood up and stretched. I unreclined my seat and stood up. As well as Sam. I turned the lights on and powered off the TV and systems. I checked the time. 12:30.

"You girls hungry? Want lunch?" I asked.

"I'm still full from breakfast and the popcorn." Kate replied

"Me too." Sam added.

"Ok. What do you two wanna do now?" I asked.

They both thought for a second. Sam looked down momentarily at my open fly on my boxers as my flaccid member hung out freely.

"You still need a wax 'down under'" Sam said and anunciated 'down under' in her best Australian accent, which caused Kate and I to laugh and mock a bit.

"Yeah let's go do that now, then we will ALL be super smooth!" Kate said excitedly.

"Too the bedroom!" Sam called out as they galloped away together. I stretched and made my way up to the room, walking at a much slower pace then the girls. I arrived to the room and the girls already had a new box and strips laid out. They stood at the foot of the bed waiting for me to lay before them.

"Ah jeez, this is gonna hurt." I commented followed by a nervous laugh, as I meandered towards the bed.

"We promise we will make it worth it! Won't we Sam?" Kate said as she nudged her friend with a wink. Both girls smiled. I laid down on my back infront of them and took a deep breath.

"Off these go!" Sam said as she reached for the waist band of my boxers. Pulling them down gently. I raised my hips as she pulled them from under me and down my legs and off my feet. Tossing them aside. Both girls centered in on looking at my package, as their 'package' that Sam just 'unwrapped'. Kate reached for the bottom of my shirt and began to pull it up as best she could with me laying on my back.

"You should take this off and out of the way." She commented. I sat up and aided her in removing my shirt. I sat sitting after she had tossed it to the side. Both girls placed a hand on opposing shoulders and laid me back down

"Lay down and relax." Kate commanded softly. As they laid me down they followed my movement and knelt on the bed on either side of my legs. Both focused on my lap. My dick beginning to slightly harden. The girls surveyed the work they needed to do. Now I'm not by any means hairy but I have a short dark hairs on my mound and balls and I know I prefer it smooth, but like anyone knows, shaving only keeps you smooth for like a day. So I have about a weeks worth of growth so it's pretty obvious. The girls looked around. Seemingly deciding where to start, or just admiring. I like the thought of the girls so intrigued by 'sacred area'.

"Alright let's do this." Sam said, breaking their concentration. As she turned to the side and gathered up a few strips. Kate then turned to me and whispered,

"It'll be worth it, I promise." Followed by a smile and wink.

The girls started on my mound. They placed a strip near the top and massaged it in.

"1, 2, 3-" as Sam ripped it away, causing me to jump a bit.

"I told you I didn't like it rough." I joked through gritted teeth, trying not to convey my pain.

"But look how smooth it is now!" Kate recoiled as she brushed the smooth area that was just waxed. Sam tentatively reached down and brushed her fingertips over the smooth area.

"Oh you're so smooth man." she said in her 'sexy voice'.

They then placed another strip on my mound, massaging it in.

Pulling it off again.

They then both brushed the back of their hands accross the larger smooth area and said;

"Mmm, smooth."

"Gentle! It's sensitive." I said squirming a bit.

"Oh yeah! We forgot to blow!" Sam said giving Kate a condescending look.

"So much for making this worth it." I joked sarcastically.

"We'll just have to get your mind off of it." Kate answered. Pulling the front of her shorts down, flashing her mound and slit. Just as I smiled and reached forward, she pulled them back up covering herself and giving me a teasing look.

"Ah no fair!" I pouted.

"No fair? You want no fair?" Sam spoke up with a smirk. Standing up and pulling her shorts down to almost her knees. Since she stood on the bed beside my legs and I was laying down I couldn't reach. But Kate then leaned over since she was closer and ran her hand and fingers slowly up her friend's snatch. Both girls moaned obnoxiously.

I sat up and reached for her and she quickly pulled her shorts back up and collapsed back down on the bed.

"Oh you teases!" I groaned jokingly frustrated.

"Ok ok, sorry, we will make it worth it!" Kate said as she took her shorts off completely.

"Get naked Sam." Kate commanded sexily.

Both girls smiled and took off their clothes. After getting naked they both sat on their knees on either side of me. They both wiggled a bit and smiled as I eyed them both and took in their full forms. Then Sam retrieved another strip, holding it up.

"Breaks over boy." She sassed. And placed this one off to the side of my shaft and balls. She handed Kate another strip as she laid it on the opposing side and they both massaged each one in.

"This way it'll go quicker." Sam quoted sensing some concern from me. They rubbed the strips in. My flaccid dick flopped back and fourth from the rubbing. Then the girls asked,


"I guess" I answered reluctantly.

"1, 2, 3-" as they both ripped their strips. And almost like they planned it, they both lowered themsleves down and blew closely and softly across they area they waxed. I cooed soflty loving the relief from the burn by their cool breath.

"Wasn't that bad." I commented.

"Well now comes the more 'sensitive' area." Kate said. As she lightly stroked my testicles.

"So how are we gonna do this?" Sam asked Kate.

"Well we have the little strips and since there's not much hair we can just do little sections right after another with the same strip. Until it won't pull anymore or we are done." Kate responded. She's seen me get waxed before so she is just going by what she's seen.

"Okay." Sam responded to her. Turning to me, she continued. "We'll try our best." Almost sounding like she was trying to reassure me in a professional way.

As Kate got a strip she paused for a second.

"Wait." She exclaimed

"I have an idea."

"What?" Sam responded. Kate stood up and waved to Sam to follow. They walked a few feet away from the bed with their backs towards me. Kate leaned close and held her hand on the small of Sam's back as she whispered something into her ear. I'm not sure what was said. But I sure liked the view of the two nude girls and their beautiful bums. All of their body actually, but I really liked seeing their bums side by side as I took in the view. The mid-day sunshine made the view even more spectacular. I looked back up to see if I could read Kate's lips. But I couldn't due to her angle. She moved away slightly, keeping her hand on Sam's lower back. Sam turned around. I saw and heard her quietly respond, "Are you sure?" Kate just nodded and smiled at her friend.

"Ok." Sam said with a smile as both girls hugged quickly, as friends do, and walked back towards me on the bed, both smiling. Almost nervously.

They climbed back onto the bed where they previously were. They stayed raised on their knees. Looked at eachother, smiled nervously again like they were waiting for the other one to make the first move or speak. They smiled at eachother again and looked back down at me. They walked on their knees a bit closer to me. I laid on my back with my arms at my sides. I gave them both a slightly confused look. Then they each lightly took ahold of one of my wrists and guided my hands, palm up, towards their pussies.

"Kate thought this would help you relax." Sam said nervously.

"We're very smooth." Kate followed up with a wink. My palms rested upwards against both their smooth, hairless soft folds of flesh. The warmth was very soothing and I could feel their unsteady breathing from below them. They manipulated my hands so I rubbed both their pussies. I took some initiative and ran my middle fingers up their slits as well. I could feel them both getting wet and slick. They also got warmer. I laid there, rubbing up and down both of them as they held my wrists. They slowly loosened their grips and soon enough, I was in control of my own hands and wrists as I rubbed them slowly up and down. They placed their inside hands on my chest and stomach and rubbed slightly as well. Kate placed her outside hand on the bed to steady herself and Sam rested her outside hand on her thigh and both girls ground themselves on my hands. They moaned quietly under their breath. I then went a bit faster and took my middle fingers and entered them both at the same time. I slid my fingers in as deep as I could and slowly fingered them as I still rocked my palms and felt their smoothness. Sam gasped, and bit her lower lip. Her eyes closed and she rocked gently, meeting my pace as I worked on her. I looked over at my wife's face and she had her mouth slightly agape as she looked longingly towards her friend.

When we were in the shower earlier it was, in a sense, very animalistic. We almost rushed it all. But currently as I sat and tentatively manuvered my fingers and hands as I explored their most sacred areas, I soaked the moment in. More romantic then earlier in the shower, less playful and more erotic then during the movie. I continued my exploration and both my hands became very wet. The girls were almost dripping as I kept my steady pace. I now had a full hard-on that twitched as I felt the girls move with me. I looked a few seconds at Kate's face and expressions. Going back to Sam's face, I examined their reactions and solace. Then viewed lower at my hands as they worked. Back and fourth between the two. My palms both glistening from the moisture. The slick shine on each of their mounds coated around as I rubbed them. The pads on my palms lightly brushed their now sensitive clits. Their pink inner lips kissed my hands as I pressed with more pressure and manuvered according to their expressions, breathing and moans to best account for what each girl seemed to react best to. Their moans slowly built into more like groans as I worked the way they seemed to like best. The wetness now dripping and running down my wrists and into the bed below where they crouched. The wet slops more audible now. Kate's hand that was on my chest made its way down my stomach and unto my now super hard dick. I twitched as her hand grasped my shaft and she began to stroke me at the same pace I rubbed her. I let out a deep groan from my throat as she rocked my rod. She was unsteady with her strokes probably because she was nearing orgasm. As I picked up my pace both girls began to huff and gasp. Then Kate let go of my shaft and reached for Sam's hand that rested on my stomach. She grapsed her friend's hand and brought it back down to my shaft. Kate wrapped Sam's fingers around my hard dick and aided her in stroking me. Once Sam had the pace and a firm grip, Kate moved her hand to my testicles and played with them. Rolling them around her palm and massaging them lightly.

I moaned with an open mouth as the girls ground deeper and harder onto my hands. Now almost a flow of moisture exiting them. I felt the girls getting close as I curled my fingers in them and kept them buried deep. I rocked my hands and the sounds of the slops grew louder. I always loved the wet sounds. And I rocked harder. They moaned loudly, almost screeching. They gasped loud and now couldn't keep their hands steady on me. I bent up my knees to coax them upwards. They released me as they placed their hands back on my chest and the bed to steady themselves. Sams orgasm hit hard she convulsed and then my arm was flooded with her juices. Letting out a long gutteral groan, starting low and getting higher pitched as she exhaled. As she peeked Kate had her own orgasm hit, she gasped and shook. As she whispered;

"Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop!" Kate gripped my wrist with both hands and she ground hard into my hand. Both my arms were now very wet. Especially the one under Sam. They both convulsed and shook as they gasped and moaned. I let out a deep groan myself as the moment proceeded. Kate arched forward pulling my hand closer and yet further way from her. Her grip was so strong it restricted my wrist movement. Sam leaned forward and placed both hands on the bed infront of her. My hand lost full contact with her. Just as I lowered the arm that was under Sam, she jolted again letting out a sqeal. And collapsed on my arm. Breathing heavily. Kate pulled my hand away from her as she twitched a few more times and sat back onto her bum. She looked longingly into my eyes and then drifted her gaze towards Sam who laid on my arm and had her butt raised up since she was still on her knees. I saw Kate glance down at her bum and the back of her sopping pussy. She smiled a suductive smile as she regained her breathing. Sam still was breathing heavy as she cuddled closer into my side. Kate laid on her stomach and leaned into my other side. Both girls breathing steady now. We laid like this for a few minutes and then I began to stir my arm that was under Sam, as it was going numb. Sam reluctantly rolled off to the side as I freed my arm. She coyly looked up at my face and smiled cutely and then buried her face closer to me almost embarrassed. She let out a cute little sigh.

"Ok breaks over." Kate joked. She was in a very cheerful, upbeat mood.

"Awe." Sam groaned but raised herself up and took a big inhale.

"Can I just say that was...amazing!" Sam added cheerfully.

"Well you're welcome." I responded in a joking, cocky sort-of-way.

"Thank you." The girls said in unison with a giggle.

"I feel bad about having to now cause you pain though." Kate spoke to me sympathetically.

"Can we help him out once we're done though?" Sam asked, rather daringly.

"We definitely should." Kate answered back. They then turned themselves around so they were on all fours facing their bums toward me, on either side. They crouched and looked at my still very stiff erection. They were both in post-orgasmic jokey state as they wiggled their cute butts at me as the played with my stiffy and balls.

"Now see this is a problem that we need to take care of." Kate said matter-of-factly.

"I agree, we've been putting it off for way too long now." Sam responded holding back giggles.

"Now what shall we do?" Asked Kate as she let out a laugh as she manuvered my stiff dick around and lifted my balls

"Are you two talking about the waxing?.. or something else?" I asked intrigued.

"Let us handle you, I mean it, I mean we will both handle it. We're professionals." Sam stammered out as she looked me in the eye. Causing both girls to laugh.

"Ok, let's seriously do this, he deserves to be smooth like us." Kate said. Sam then grabbed a wax strip. Kate held my shaft away from my balls and Sam began to quickly stick it on, rub it in a bit and rip it off, placing it right back down and repeating. I squirmed a bit from the pain but she went quickly so we were getting it done. As I squirmed and twitched Kate continued to rock my cock with her hand, a mix of accounting for my movements, keeping it out of the way of Sam and a bit of jacking off for the fun of it, and to keep me hard. Soon enough Sam spoke up.

"Ok, I think we are officially done here!" As she looked around my exposed cock and balls.

"Officially done this 'phase'." Kate spoke knowingly and nudged Sam. They made a seconds eye contact.

"Oh of course! Can't forget phase two!" She said excitedly.

"But before we begin, feel how smooth you are!" Sam added proudly as she reached for my wrist like earlier and guided my hand to my own mound and testicles. She aided me in massaging my balls and surrounding area. And yes indeed it was very smooth. I loved the feel of the my soft hairless balls.

"Very nicely done ladies!" I praised.

"Now let's take care of this 'other' issue." Kate said as she wagged my hard shaft back and fourth.

"Mmm, I've been waiting for this." Sam added, suductivly cute. They both centered in on my cock as the wiggled their butts towards me. Kate leaned down and kissed the head of my dick a few times and then took the head into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down going deeper and deeper. She held her hand at the base and squeezed gently. Sam proceeded to fondle my smooth balls as she watched her friend suck me up and down. I let out soft moans of approval. I reached my hands forward and placed a hand on each one of their round bums. I massaged them as I enjoyed the feeling of my wife sucking me. I moved my hands around their bums and brushed their pussies lightly from behind. I barely touched them but they both twitched, still sensitive from their orgasms. I ran my fingers up and down lightly. Kate then raised her head from sucking and stroked a few times with her hand before giving Sam a look. Both of them looked at me to make sure I was watching and they turned back toward eachother as they leaned in and began to kiss. They started to make out. Opening their mouths, tongues darting in and out, entwined together. Their tongues wrestled. They made it as obvious as they could. Their lips touched often but they mostly stayed an inch or two away from eachother keeping their tongues busy. They had their eyes closed as they continued. I kept my hands on them as I massaged their bums and sofly ran my fingers around their sensitive pussies. Kate continued to slowly jack me, and Sam still fondled my smooth balls, as the kiss unfolded. The sight was almost unbearably sexy. I moaned as I enjoyed the sights, sounds and feelings. The kiss slowly came to a halt as they rested their foreheads against eachother, breathing deep from the kiss. They clearly did it for my benefit, but they enjoyed themselves more then they had expected. My gaze went from bum to bum and face to face. I saw that Kate whispered or mouthed something to Sam, but because I viewed their faces from the sides I wasn't sure what was said. I saw the side of Sam's face as she nodded lightly and smiled a bit. Kate then smiled even bigger as they kissed again quickly and pulled away from eachother. Kate slowed her strokes and then held me upright from the base of my shaft. Sam let go of my balls and looked downwards towards my raised dick. She sat there for only a moment before Kate took her free hand. Placing it on Sam's shoulder and slowly moved to the back of her neck, then to the back of her head. They both took a deep breath. Kate then looked at me with a sparkle in her eye. As she kept eye contact with me. She lowered Sam's head down towards my cock. Sam tentatively opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Her tongue made contact with my exposed head and as she continued to lower, partially by Kate's guidance, partially gravity and partially her own want. She closed her lips around my head and began to suck.

She gradually worked deeper and deeper. She began to bob her head up and down. Kate and I never broke eye contact. As Sam started to bob more under her own will, Kate took her hand off the back of her friend's head. Kate then gave me a serene look of solace and a small smile as I relaxed a bit more. She broke eye contact with me and looked downwards towards her best friend. I looked down and for the first time looked at Sam as she orally pleased me. It felt amazing as her wet mouth slid up and down. She relaxed more and talentedly used her tongue and lips on my shaft. As I looked up and down from Sam's face to my wife's above. The sight was beyond belief. Sam took her hand and replaced Kate's at the base of my shaft. Kate now took her freed hand and started massaging my balls. I took one last long look at both the girls, and closed my eyes. I let a soft moan escape me as the girls continued. I felt Kate move again, I opened my eyes slowly as Kate lowered herself towards Sam's face. Sam took notice and slid her mouth up and off my cock. And was almost instantly replaced with Kate's mouth. Now the girls took turns sucking me. A few bobs up and down, a few strokes and then switched. They kept their pacing and maneuvers mixed up. Not rushing their time on me. Kate then took me as deep as she could, sliding all they way up with constant suction then popped out of her mouth, Sam repeated the same thing. Then Kate again. They continued this for a few rounds as Sam held the base of my cock and Kate massaged my balls. I moaned as I took in the sights and feelings. I continued to rub both their bottoms. Kate then rose up from her position and guided Sam to follow. Kate edged me to rise up aswell and stand infront of them, they sat on the edge of the bed. Now their faces were level with my hard dick. They began to kiss and lick me all over again. Sam began to steadily suck my dick. Kate moved her face lower and kissed and licked my balls. My wife knew I liked ball play. She continued to suck, lick and kiss as Sam kept up sucking. Kate lifted her hand and massaged my butt as she kept her focus on my balls. I began to moan more audibly as I tried to stay standing infront of them. I knew I was getting close. I started to thrust slightly. Rocking back and fourth to meet their pace. Kate knowing the signs rose back up and guided Sam to the side. Now they both kissed the sides of my shaft. I held the back of both of their heads. They looked up at me with their beautiful eyes as they stuck their tongues out and licked and kissed my dick and eachother. I let out another long moan, to signal I was approaching orgasm. They sat with their mouths open and Kate jacked me furiously with her hand as Sam squeezed my balls gently but firmly. I let out one last long groan as I held off as long as I could. My balls tensed and my dick became engorged. I blasted my cum out and it splattered all around the girls faces, in their mouths and on their chests. Kate was jacking me quickly so my cock wasn't aiming anywhere specifically. 5 shots and my legs began to quiver. A few more spurts and my breathing was uneasy. Kate slowed her movements until she was just lightly massaging the base of my dick. Both girls moaned and smiled. They both lightly kissed the head. My sensitive shrinking dick twitched. Sam laid her head back and moaned quietly with her eyes closed. Kate wiped a few globs of my cum off her cheek. She looked over at Sam as she looked back forward. Then looked towards her friend. Kate wiped her thumb across Sam's cheek just under her left eye removing some cum. Sam smiled and blinked slowly. They leaned in and kissed lightly and gathered up to their feet. They both gave me a hug, we held eachother for a minute or so. I could feel their breathing. They held me as my breathing steadied. When my breathing was mostly back to normal we all took a relaxed deep breath and broke our hold on eachother. The girls went to the bathroom. I heard the sink running as they cleaned their faces. I sat down on the edge of the bed and reclined. I closed my eyes and relaxed.


2018-04-16 04:31:04
Still loving it but perhaps you do not get waxed yourself: the sack needs to be stretched tight for ball waxing to be effective - actually having 4 available hands would make it much easier. Also you missed out waxing the shaft - around the bottom near the base. For me this is the bit where waxing is most appreciated, by both me and any girl. You should cover the crack as well - there is the least discomfort from this and it is easy for the girl to achieve if you adopt a doggy pose. Looking forward to reading part 4. Robbie.


2018-04-06 20:10:14
Chapter 2 for some odd reason didn't upload, I tried again, hopefully it will show up soon.


2018-04-06 15:01:11
That because we all cum in 2


2018-04-06 11:03:54
you clearly don't know how to count because you went from story 1 to 3 without a number 2

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