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Part 4 of a series please read in order to get full story.
Chapter 4: Saturday afternoon/evening/night

I slowly cracked my eyes open upon hearing footsteps coming towards me. I sat up reluctantly and with great effort. The girls joined me as we sat on the edge of the bed. Our naked bodies reflecting the sunshine through the windows.

"This weekend just keeps getting better and better!" Sam spoke cheerfully.

"And it's only Saturday afternoon." I responded.

"Yeah!" Sam chirped gleefully. "Well, what do you want to do now?" She continued.

"I don't know, what do you girls want to do? Want to go to the beach or something?"

"Yeah! That sounds good." Sam answered right back.

"Oh wait, I didn't bring a bathing suit." She sadly answered.

"I'm sure Kate has one you could borrow." I replied.

"Well I need a new one anyways. Maybe we should go do some shopping? There's probably some sales because of the long weekend."

"There's boardwalk shops near the beach, but those suits will probably be super expensive, we could go downtown and to the mall to do some shopping. Maybe eat out and then go to beach tomorrow?" I suggested. We lived about 20 minutes outside of a small town, where we had dinner on Friday. The downtown had a little market, a small mall and a bunch of little shops and stores.

"Sounds good!" Sam responded.

"Guess that means we have to get dressed." She added, as she held her arms out to the side and looked down, displaying her obvious state of nudity.

"Yeah, guess so." I jokingly pouted.

"Ok. I'll go get dressed. I think my bag is still downstairs." Sam said as she stood up.

"Meet you down there." She added as she skipped out of the room. Both Kate and I enjoyed the view of her naked body as she left the room.

"You're awfully quiet." I spoke to Kate, who sat beside me.

"Everything ok?" I asked concerned.

"Yeah. Actually I'm really happy, but just a bit, 'nervous' I guess." She spoke quietly.

"Nervous about what?" I asked.

"About us and Sam and what we are feeling and stuff." She stammered out.

"What about it?" I asked calmly.

"Well you know how earlier, after our shower, we had a quick talk about how Sam was feeling a new 'love' for us, like in a different way then just love for friends?" She asked.

"Yeah." I replyed recalling the conversation.

"Well, I think I'm feeling it too. I don't know. Like when I first was doing things with her I was doing it for you, but I began to feel something more. When she was, you know, sucking you, I got butterflies, and I wanted her to keep going. Like I felt so close to her when we kissed. I love you so much and I love the way you make me feel. But I was getting similar feelings about, and with, her too." She explained.

"So you think you love her too?" I asked.

"Well, yeah, I think I'm falling in love with her. Like I've always been curious with girls. That's why I think I pushed things with her, but now I'm feeling a lot more then just physical stuff." She admitted.

"So what does that mean?" I asked.

"Like I want us to go all the way. I want to see you both, you know, do it. Not just for you and her, but for me too." She bluntly stated.

"Well to be honest, I have also been feeling things for her but was scared about you getting upset." I said nervously.

"I would be sad if it was anyone but her. But I love you both and I want things to keep going. I'm excited for what's to come. I just wanted to talk to you about it first, so I didn't feel like I was hiding anything from you." She said.

"This is a crazy situation, but I'm so glad we are both on the same page. I love you so much Kate!" I said as I leaned in and kissed her.

"I love you too!" She responded cheerfully after the kiss.

"Love you too, and love you 'two'" I joked, holding up two fingers as a follow up, laughing about the homonym.

Kate giggled and winked.

"We should get ready, and not leave her waiting." She said as she stood up and walked over to the closet. I stood up and followed.

She browsed through the closet and decided on a blue summer dress with a white floral pattern. She walked over to her dresser and got a white bra. Put it on followed by the dress.

"Going commando?" I asked.

"Best way to wear a dress." She commented looking over her shoulder towards me. She twirled a bit and wiggled her bum. I gave her a smirk. I then dressed myself in a pair of red and black boxer briefs, some black cargo shorts and a light green band t shirt. Kate and I then proceeded downstairs towards the front door. Sam was leaning on a wall waiting for us. As we descended the stairs she slipped on a pair of flip flops. She wore white short shorts and a light blue tanktop. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. She rarely did, but I could see a bit of jiggle and sway as she put her flip flops on. Kate and I also put on some flip flops and we headed out the door. It wasn't overly hot out, a slight breeze was blowing as the sun shone through a blue sky with few clouds. We all climbed into my car, me in driver seat and both the girls climbed into the back seat. I turned on some soft rock music as I drove towards town. The conversations mostly revolved around what stores we wanted to go to and what we wanted to buy. It went quiet, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Kate lean over and whisper something into Sam's ear. Sam smiled and nodded. Both girls then saw that I had glanced towards them and they tried to start a new conversation but I cut them off.

"What's with all the whispering and secrets?" I asked amused.

"Nothing." Kate said.

"Well so far the whispers haven't amounted to 'nothing'." I responded with a smirk.

"Are you complaining?" Sam responded with eyebrows raised.

"No, I'm not complaining, not at all." I answered, with a hand raised.

"But are you trying to stray away from my question?" I asked.

"It's something for you." Sam responded

"Well, and for us." Kate added nudging her friend.

"Well - that's specific." I answered sarcastically.

Both girls shrugged and giggled. I was somewhat intrigued and excited, but I didn't pry anymore.

I pulled into the core of the small town's downtown. I parked in a lot attached to the mall. The streets around us also had many little shops and stores.

"Let's go to the mall first." Sam said as I parked. We agreed and walked towards the mall entrance. The mall wasn't huge. But many people from surrounding farmland and country came here so it was a good size for such a small town. We made our way to the food court and I got a coffee and bought the girls each a tea. We sipped our drinks as we walked the mall, browsing the booths and a few clothing stores. We went to one store that appealed to the girls, and they browsed some summer dresses and such.

"This one's cute!" Kate said as she held out a short summer dress. It was pink with black zig zag designs and some black lace on the top and at the hem. A bit more 'punkish' then the girly style dresses she typically wore. Sam, who typically wore more clothes that style agreed.

"Oh I really like that. Do they have our sizes?" She asked Kate. They both looked through the rack and found their sizes. They browsed a few other articles but only held onto the dresses. They said they wanted to try them on. So we made our way to the back of the store where the change rooms were located. There was a small line. The mall was busy due to the fact it was Saturday on a long weekend. The line progressed.

"Just the one?" The sales associate asked Sam who was next in line.

"Yes. And she has one too." Sam responded to the employee, as she tilted her head towards Kate.

"All the rooms are currently being used so you'll have to wait a few minutes." The worker said to Kate.

"Can't we just share one?" Sam asked the associate.

"If you want to. Makes my job easier and quicker." She responded to Sam and Kate with a shrug.

Kate then leaned closer to me,

"We'll send you a picture since it's so busy. We want your opinion." She said quietly to me.

"Ok, I'll wait over here." I replied pointing to a long sofa adjacent the change rooms where a few parents and others sat or stood waiting. I made my way over and sat on the end of the couch and scrolled my phone waiting patiently.

A few moments later my phone vibrated, notifying me of a picture text. I opened it up, assuming it was going to be a picture of the dresses. I looked at the photo. The message attached read 'Guess who else went commando ;)' and showed a picture of both girls fully nude standing infront of a full length mirror. Kate held her phone to the side so it showed a reflection of both their full bodies. Their breasts were exposed and each had one hand covering each of their vulvas. I could see their bare hips. I looked up momentarily, scanning side to side. I leaned back on the couch. There was a wall behind me so no one around me could see my phone. I looked closer at the photo. Both girls had 'kissy' faces. I scanned the photo for a moment longer before typing my reply.

'I like the way that looks on you two :P'

Almost instantly I recieved another photo. It was a close up of both their pussies side-by-side. A message read;

'Whos is whos? ;)'

I looked closely at the photo and due to the fact I knew my wife's pussy well, I responded;

'Yours is right, hers is left. But they both look very appealing! :D'

I got a message back

'Good guess! :)'

I texted back:

'Not a guess, I know my girls ;)'

Her reply was simply a blushing, smiling emoji.

I waited patiently for a few more minutes looking at the photos I recieved. I got another picture. It was of both the girls in the dresses now, holding up 'peace' signs and smiling. They each had an arm wrapped around the others waist. The message read:


I replied with:

'Cuties. I like the matching!'

I sent my message and scrolled back to the other pictures and examined them again. A few minutes later, the girls both came up to me on the couch. They saw I was staring at my phone. I didn't see them approach so I was slightly startled when Kate spoke.

"Like the photos?"

I responded with "Oh yeah!" As I looked up and smiled at them.

"So are you going to get the dresses?" I asked as I stood up.

"Did you like them on us?" Kate asked.

"I liked them on, and off of you." I replied. Both girls smiled. I think I may have gotten some weird looks from the people that stood near us.

"They're buy one, get one 50% off." Sam perked up.

"Well that's a deal!" I responded.

"Ok let's get them." Kate said. We made our way to the cashier and the girls placed the articles on the counter. I offered to pay and the girls thanked me. We continued our way through the mall. We approched a store called 'So Lace Solace' that sold bathing suits and lingerie.

"Oh! They have very nice bathing suits there!" Sam beamed.

We made our way into the store. Majority of the customers were girls and a few had their boyfriends or husband's with them. We were on the half of the store that had all the bathing suits. The girls darted from display to display. The room was scattered with mannequins adorned in bathing suits and large posters with scantily clad girls at beaches and pool scenes. The shelves and racks displayed tops and bottoms separately.

"I have to admit, I never knew there were so many styles and stuff for tops and bottoms. No longer just bikinis and one pieces eh?" I said as I followed the girls through the store.

"Well yeah, it's like underwear. Everyone likes different stuff." Sam responded knowingly.

"Well what style do you like?" I asked, trying to help as best I could.

Sam looked over at Kate then spoke to me.

"What style would you like to see me in?" She asked shyly.

"What options do I have?" I asked slyly.

"Well there's boycut, band sides, string tie, high rise, low rise, cheeky, thong style." She listed.

"Ha that's a lot of options." I answered back.

"You'll have to help me Kate." I added.

"Does that mean I can get one too?" She asked back with pleading eyes.

"Are you going to get matching?" I asked.

"If that's what you want." She answered with a smile.

"What can I say, I like matching." I replied with a wink.

"So is that a yes?" Kate asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Sure." I answered.

Kate beamed, like most girls would at getting new clothes.

"These are cute." Kate held up some bottoms. There were a basic bikini cut style and teal.

"Those aren't very exciting. Why not go for one of those other styles that are more, you know, 'appealling'." I said as I looked at the basic bottoms.

"You mean more 'revealing'." Kate said with an eyebrow raised.

"Like peek-a-boo bottoms?" Sam answered back with a laugh.

"What are those?" Kate asked.

"You don't know?" Sam replied, sounding surprised. Kate just shook her head 'no' looking confused.

"They have a G-string back and three thin strings on front. Like a G-string for your vagina. It also has strings on either side of your pussy lips." Sam responded matter-of-factly.

"Those sound weird!" Kate scoffed back.

"How does that even work, or look?" She added.

"Google it." Sam responded almost daring.

"I don't know if I want to." Kate replied with a laugh.

"They don't sound very comfy." She added.

"They aren't made for comfort." Sam scoffed with a smirk. I googled it on my phone and just as Kate turned to me I showed her a few images of them. She scrolled through a few, making some funny faces. Sam and I both laughed at her reactions. She kept scrolling.

"Ok, they sounded weird, but some of these are actually kinda cool looking." She admitted through a grin.

"But I wouldn't wear them to the beach." She concluded.

"Well then maybe we will meet in the middle and wear these." Sam said as she held up a pair of bottoms that were considered 'cheeky'. They peeked in at the back. Almost a thong style but with a bit more coverage.

"I like those, if that means anything." I said, picturing in my head the girls behinds in that style bottoms.

"Well if you like them, we can try." Kate said shyly.

We all looked through that style bottoms. I found a style I liked. They had black stitching and hems. The design made them look like old school briefs. Black trim that went around hem and dipped in a curved 'V' on the crotch. They came in an assortment of bold colours.

"Those are really cute!" Sam spoke excitedly as I held up a pair.

"Yeah I like those ones!" Kate added as she reached for the pair I was holding.

"Oh! They are super soft too!" Kate continued as she held them. Sam picked up another pair.

"Oh they are!" She said cheerfully.

"What colour should we get?" Kate asked me.

I browsed for a moment longer and chose a bright hot pink.

"What about these?" I asked as I held them up.

"I like these!" Kate held up a blue pair.

"I like the pink." Sam said as she reached for the ones I held.

"Does it count matching if their the same style but different colours?" Kate asked.

"Well pink and blue do look good together." I answered.

"Ok!" Kate replied cheerfully. The girls found the size they needed and moved to the tops section.

"There's even more options of tops then bottoms." I exclaimed wide-eyed.

"Well there's a lot more sizes though too." Kate said.

We looked through a few styles and the girls decided on an all black tube top style. It had a twist in the middle and an elastic strap around the back.

"Let's try these on." Sam said as we walked back to the change rooms. This store was also very busy. The girls, without even asking. Told the associate they would share a room. The only waiting area was packed. As I looked around of where to go, Kate leaned towards me,

"You can go to Haze and we will send you photos. We also wanted to check out something else, so we will meet up with you after?" Kate said to me.

"Ok." I replied.

"I'm excited for the photos." I added with a whisper. I kissed her and turned to leave the store. Kate then joined back with Sam and told her I was going and we will meet up later. As I took a few steps away, I felt a hand grab my arm. Turning back around Sam was now there and leaned in, kissed me and said "See you soon!" And went back to join Kate. They both smiled at me and linked arms as they went to the room they were assigned. I smirked and continued on my way out of the store. It wasn't obvious but I knew I was getting some looks and glares from people who saw both kisses. I made my way to the opposite end of the mall to a store called 'Haze'. It was one of my favourite stores. They sold games, movies, toys, and collectables. I could easily kill a bit of time here.

Just as I walked into the store, my phone alarmed me that I recieved a picture message. I walked into the store to an aisle that was empty so I could look at the picture with more privacy. I opened it up and saw a photo in a mirror's reflection of both girls sitting side by side on a bench in a change room. Fully naked. With their legs spread. I messaged back simply 'mmmm'. A few seconds later I recieved another photo. The girls sat in the same way, except this time they each had a hand on the other's pussy. I messaged back 'Oh, now that's hot! :D' a couple seconds later I recieved a text that read 'We want to keep going but we can't take long or else people will think somethings up. We're going to try on the suits now :P' I texted back 'Ok. I love those photos but honestly any photos of you two beauties are great!' I just recieved a blushing emoji back. I then began to browse through the aisles of the store. I thought of the photos and my penis began to tingle and twitch in my shorts. Good thing I had tighter underwear on I thought. I made it through a couple aisles and I recieved another photo message. This showed the girls standing side by side in the bathing suits. They had an arm wrapped around each other's exposed lower backs and sides. The suits fit snug and beautifully. Accentuating their slim and fit figures. The bottoms sat low. Showing some of their smooth mounds. The tops fit small and didn't cover their full breasts, but it held their breasts nicely. The girls typically tanned in the yard nude or at least topless so there were no tan lines visible. I recieved another photo that showed a close up of one of their bums, I could tell it was my wife's. Almost instantly I recieved another photo, of Sam's bum. With a message that said 'See how it fits on our bums' both photos were very nice. The back of the suits showed quite a bit of their bum cheeks. The top of their cracks were also peeking out. They fit a lot more snug and showed a lot more then I expected but oh how I loved the view. I messaged back 'WOW! I really like those suits!' I got a message back that read 'Does it show too much bum?' I texted back 'The perfect amount ;)' I didn't receive a message back for a few moments so I scrolled back and looked at all the photos again. My dick began to stir more in my shorts and I had to sneakily readjust. A few moments of staring at the photos and I recieved another message.

'We like the suits. Hope you love them too! We are going to get them and have to go one other place. We'll let you know when we're done. <3'

I messaged back,

'Yes I really like them. Where else are you going?'

I got a message back that just read

'Its a suprise! ;)'

I texted back,

'Oh, ok! :)'

I went back to browsing the store. I tried to focus on my shopping, but my mind kept going back to the girls. The photos, and what the 'suprise' might be. My mind was flooded with ideas but I just kept thinking about what we have already done this weekend and what might happen as the weekend progresses. I enjoyed being lost in thought. I blinked slow as I recalled all the views. From the nude bodies at the hot tub. To the waxing and shower and the blowjob. Oh that blowjob. I began to feel uneasy as I walked the store aisles with a hard-on in my shorts. I kept away from others, because if anyone was to look in my direction, they would clearly see my outline. I couldn't focus on my shopping anymore as I aimlessly wandered the store.

"Can I help you with anything?" A female voice from behind me broke my train of thought. I turned around and saw a teenaged girl standing before me. She had long blonde hair and wore a tight Power Rangers shirt. A name tag read 'Carla'. I recognized her as an employee, as I frequented this store. I raised my gaze, and answered back,

"I'm just browsing while I wait for my wife and friend to finish doing their thing." I replied as calmly as I could.

"Gotcha." She said with a smile and a nod.

"Girls like to shop!" She added as she looked into my eyes.

"That they do!" I replied with a laugh.

"I'm supposed to try and advertise our frequent buyers club, but I think I recognize you as a regular." She mentioned as she looked me in the eye.

"Yeah, I'm part of that 'club'." I responded.

"Thought so! Well if you need anything let me know!" She finished.

"Will do, thanks!" I replied. I realized I was at the back of the store where the adult style party games and novelties were. I focused on the shelf before me. It had a few 'naughty' games. I looked at a few truth or dare games. Then I found an adult version of charades. I thought it would be fun for the girls and I. I held onto the game as I looked at the other shelves. I browsed the novelties and I found they had a small selection of novelty massage oils and lubes with jokes on the packages. I found one that was titled 'Happy Ever Ending' it had Disney-esk fonts, and a picture of a sexy princess in lingerie. 'Sure, why not.' I thought and I picked up a bottle. I then went to pay. Carla was now at the til.

"All set?" She asked as I approched the counter.

"Yup, this is all." I responded as I set down the game and oil.

"Looks like a fun night." She joked as she rung in the items.

"The perks of the married life." I jokingly responded. Thinking to myself 'oh, if only you knew'.

"Well if this is what is to be expected in marriage, then I look forward to the wife life." She smiled back.

"He'll be lucky." I commented in a kind way.

She smiled and gave me my total. I paid.

"Thanks, see you around!" I said, and then left the store. Once I got to the open hallway of the mall I walked a bit faster. I pulled my phone out. No message from the girls yet. But as I walked I scrolled up to the pictures again. As I walked a felt another stir in my shorts. I turned a corner to a small hall near an exit. There were less people here. I saw over in the corner there was a photo booth. I got an idea. Maybe I should take some 'photos' of my own for the girls. I laughed at the thought of doing something so risky. I thought about it for a moment longer and decided to go for it. I walked over to the booth. There was a door with a lock that read unoccupied. There was an LCD screen that cycled through samples of photos of random people and couples. The price read $5 per strip of 4 photos. 2 strips for $7.

"Perfect!" I said quietly, as each girl could get a set. I shuffled through my pocket to find some change, as I smiled at the thought of what I was going to do. I found the amount I needed and entered the booth. There was a black wall with a touchscreen display and the camera lens, infront of a black bench. I turned the latch on the door, locking it. I placed my bag on the floor out of the way. I took a deep breath in. I undressed so I was ready, placing my clothes on the floor next to my shopping bag. I scrolled through my phone again looking at the photos of the girls. I made sure I was nice and hard. I put the money into the slot. The screen then gave me options for 1 roll or 2. I clicked 2. Then the screen cycled through some instructions.

It took 5 pictures, 15 seconds apart. Then I got to choose my top 4 and what order they printed out on the strips. The screen showed a reflection of what the camera saw. It had a small timer in the corner that counted down from 15 between each photo. It also showed where to position yourself depending if you were alone or not. Though those positions weren't ideal for the photos I was going to take. I clicked continue and the screen said 'Pose for picture' and started a countdown. I knelt on the bench and covered my dick and balls with both hands. The picture captured with a shutter sound. Then it started the countdown again. I now gripped my shalf with my right hand and pointed it towards the camera. The shutter sounded. For the third photo, I stood slightly to the side and let my dick stick out freely. The photo took. Then I placed my middle and forefinger against my shalf and pushed it flat up against my lower stomach and flexed my abs. The photo took. The last photo I vigorously masterbated. Hoping that the photo would show the motion. It felt good. I thought of the girls and their photos. Then the shutter sound. The screen then showed a buffering circle. It read 'Please wait while we frame your photos.' I slowed my jacking. I was horny, but I thought I better save it for the girls. I reached down and gathered my clothes. I began to dress myself. The screen then showed all my photos, it read 'Choose your top 4' I looked closely at the photos as I dressed myself. I decided on my 4 favourite. I opted to not use my first photo taken. I selected 'Print now'. It then read 'Thank you, your photos are now printing'. I finished straightening my clothes and grabbed my shopping bag. I unlocked the door and stepped out.

Carla was standing just outside the door.

"Hi!" She startled me.

"Uh, hi." I stumbled out my response.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you." She said.

"Uh, it's ok." I said, as I quickly looked to beside the door of the booth where the photos printed. They printed photo side out! I reached quickly and grabbed the two printed strips. My nerves shook at the thought of possibly being seen. I held them tight and slipped them into my shopping bag. I looked back towards Carla, who didn't seem to have been shocked. Not sure if she saw them or not.

"Uh, just killing time, took some photos for the wife." I stammered out an explanation, even though by giving an explanation, made me sound more guilty.

"No big deal, I saw you go in, so I just waited." She responded.

"Waited for...?" I questioned, after a moment of silence.

"Oh! Yeah! Sorry. I forgot to ring in your frequent buyers discount. It's only a few bucks, but a few bucks is a few bucks." She shrugged and had another receipt and some change in her hand.

"Here ya go!" She continued, as she handed me the change and new receipt.

"Ok, uh, thanks." I responded. My heart beat fast as I tried to read whether or not she saw the photos. There was an awkward silence.

"How long have you been waiting?" I asked as nonchalantly as I could.

"The whole time. I saw you go in the booth when I was at the corner. I came over and just waited here until you were done." She answered back. As she was talking a couple young kids walked up and past us to the photo booth. We both stepped to the side. The kids entered the booth. The door lock clicked and then read 'occupied'. As soon as the door was locked the screen outside flickered and then showed an interior view of the booth. The kids were sitting on the bench making faces to the camera. I froze. I turned back to Carla. I had a shocked look on my face.

"You ok?" She asked, seeing my expression change.

"I didn't know the screen showed what was inside." I spoke with fear and embarrassment.

"Oh.. yeah.." she said through gritted teeth. Her gaze for the first time dropped from my eyes to the floor.

"I wasn't sure if you knew, and I wasn't sure how to bring it up." She continued with a small, nervous smile on her face.

"Oh geez." I groaned

"Don't worry I think I'm the only one that saw." She said trying to calm my nerves.

"I'm so embarrassed." I admitted as I'm sure my face was flushed red.

"Awe, don't be so hard on yourself." She said calmly. Then burst out laughing.

"Ah, sorry, bad choice of words!" She added whilst trying to stifle her laughs.

"Ha ha ha, very funny." I mocked in reply.

"Hey, you don't need to be embarrassed. They were very nice photos." She giggled as she looked me back in my eye.

I smiled an embarrassed smile.

"Your wife's a lucky girl!" She continued, with a nod.

I laughed nervously and wiped my brow.

"You got a nice dick." She said, in a more upbeat manner.

"Well that was blunt." I responded slightly shocked.

"Well I am a gemini!" She spoke matter-of-factly.

"Is that supposed to mean something?" I asked.

"Nah, probably not. But are you less embarrassed now?" She asked.

"Uh, maybe?" I responded slightly confused.

"Well, I should get back to work. Nice talking to you. Hope your wife likes the photos!" She said quietly as she turned to walk away. She took a few steps then turned back around, and as she took a few steps backwards said a bit louder;

"I sure did!" She smiled smugly and twirled back around and continued back to the store. I felt myself blush as I watched her walk down and around the corner, out of sight. I exhaled deeply, still feeling a bit flustered and embarrassed. My phone notified me that I got a message from Kate.

'We're done now. Are you?'

I responded:

'Yeah. Where do you want to meet?'

I recieved a reply:

'Lets meet at the car.'

I replied:


I began to walk towards the exit near the car. Feeling a bit anxious as I walked. In my mind everyone around me could've seen my little photoshoot.

I walked out of the mall. The sky has gotten darker, more clouds and quite a bit more windy. The cool wind was nice compared to the stale warm air of the mall. I approched the car. The girls were both standing beside it already. They had a few bags, I didn't take note from what stores though. Sam held a couple bags and a couple sat on the ground as Kate held the hem of her dress from flapping in the wind. It seemed to get more windy the closer I got to the car. I popped the trunk and the Sam went and put her bags in. Kate leaned down to pick her bags from the ground up. As she leaned over a gust of wind blew up her dress and it flapped upwardly and flashed her bare buttocks.

"WooHoo!" Sam laughed as her friend scrambled to cover back up.

"Awe, no need to cover up that sweet thang!" Sam joked.

Kate huffed, but cracked a smile as she grabbed the bags and put them in the trunk. Both girls climbed in the back seat.

As I was placing my shopping bag in the trunk Kate's voice echoed.

"No peeking in our bags!"

I didn't respond, but didn't rummage through any of their bags. I closed the trunk and made my way around to the driver's seat. I climbed in and started the car. The girls were having some kind of chat, but I didn't take notice of the topic.

"What's wrong?" Sam asked, directed towards me.

"Oh nothing, just thinking." I replied.

"Thinking about what?" Kate asked concerned.

"Ah, nothing important. What's next girls?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"We're hungry. Let's go get some dinner." Kate responded.

"Ok where would you like to go?" I asked.

"Let's just stop and pick something up and head home, looks like it might storm." Kate replied gazing out the window. It was getting darker and more windy. We agreed to stop by a small carry-out restaurant closer to home.

"Buy anything fun?" Sam asked as we drove towards the exit of the parking lot.

"Yup." I simply answered. There was a few moments of silence followed by:

"Are you going to tell us?" Kate asked, breaking the silence.

"I bought a game." I answered. Keeping my answers short to tease the girls. I felt a bit less awkward about the previous situation I was in the further we drove.

"What game?" Sam starkly responded.

"It's a, ahem, adult version of charades!" I stated.

"Ooh. That sounds fun!" Sam excitedly responded.

"We can play this weekend." I said.

"Yeah, sounds fun." Kate added.

"You girls get anything 'fun'?" I asked.

"Yes we did!" They said together followed by a giggle.

"Going to share?" I asked as I looked in the rearview mirror.

"Yes, we will share." Kate said followed by a laugh.

"I meant are you going to tell me?" I asked.

The girls looked at eachother and smiled.

"We will show you later." Sam said sneakily.

"Ha ha ok. Oh! I also remember I bought something else! Actually a few other things." I said slyly.

"What else did you get?" Kate asked.

"I'll show you later!" I mocked.

"Awe dang!" Sam groaned, followed by a laugh.

"You better like the one thing. I really paid the price to get it." I said, thinking of the photos.

"Expensive?" Kate asked concerned.

"Well not cost wise, but I did pay a high price." I said slyly.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kate asked.

"It's kinda embarassing." I admitted.

"What happened?" Kate coaxed.

I took a deep breath in.

"Well I tried to take some photos of my own for you girls, and things took an awkward turn." I explained.

"Did someone walk in on you?" Sam asked as she laughed a bit.

"Not exactly." I answered back.

"Well what happened then?" Kate asked abruptly.

"And why haven't we seen the pictures?" Sam added.

"Well I used a photo booth. I didn't know that the screen outside showed what was happening inside." I groaned.

Both girls burst out laughing.

"Did security get involved?" Kate broke her laughter.

"No. Thank goodness. But an employee from Haze saw the whole thing. I don't know who else!" I exclaimed, exasperated.

"Female employee?" Sam asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes." Was all I mustered out.

Both girls laughed again.

"What happened after?" Asked Sam.

"A slightly awkward conversation." I answered plainly.

"What did she say?" Kate asked.

"She was a bit shocked but wasn't mad or anything." I answered.

"She also said you were a lucky girl Kate." I added, trying to ease my own anxiety.

"Oh, so she was impressed?" Kate giggled.

"I want to see these photos!" Sam added.

"Maybe, but I still felt extremely embarassed." I responded to Kate then shifted my eyes in the rearview mirror to Sam and added "They are in my shopping bag in the trunk."

Sam unbuckled and reached over the back of the seat and into the Haze bag, searching for the photos. I looked quick in the rearview mirror and took a glance at her butt as she leaned over the seat.

Her tight white shorts and no underwear, shaped her bum nicely.

"What's this?" She announced, holding up the massage oil.

"Every spa needs massages!" I said excitedly.

"But you also just ruined my suprise." I added with a mocking sad tone.

"Oops." Sam replied cutely.

"Can't wait!" Kate added, taking the bottle from Sam. She laughed as she read the bottle.

"Happy ever ending? Now that's a good massage!" She laughed.

Sam dug for a moment longer and found the strips of the printed photos.

"I found the photos!" She said as she turned and sat back down in her seat, buckling up.

"One for each of us?" Sam asked, handing a strip to Kate.

"Did you give that employee a print too?" Kate joked as she looked at the photos.

"Uh, no." I responded bluntly.

"She saw the live show!" Sam laughed.

"Ah, shut it!" I replied jokingly.

"Mmm, these photos are hot!" Kate said, staring down at the photo strip.

"Very hot. Nice dick!" Sam added with a smile.

"Carla thought so!" I spiked back.

"So Miss.Employee has a name now!" Sam gawked.

"Yeah. Ugh, still embarassing but I'm trying to make light of the situation. Hopefully it won't be awkward if I see her working again." I said cautiously.

"I'm sure it won't be awkward. Just no more flopping your dick around for anyone other then us!" Kate said with a smile, nudging Sam.

"Unless we are naked camping!" Sam added.

"Yeah." Kate added. There was a few moments of silence, while the girls admired the photos.

"Looking at these photos are making me wet." Kate said.

"Mmm me too!" Sam said.

"I should take off my shorts so I don't get a wet spot. These white shorts don't leave much to the imagination when wet." Sam cooed. I looked in the rearview mirror as she undid the button and zipper and slid off her shorts in the back seat. I moved the mirror downward a bit so I could get a good reflection.

"Keep your eyes on the road mister!" Kate said cutely.

"Ugh, it's so hard!" I exaggeratedly groaned back. Talking about the difficulty of focusing on the road, but they thought otherwise.

"I like it hard!" Sam said with a giggle.

"So does Carla!" Kate laughed.

"Ah, stop it!" I bit back, trying to be intimidating, but cracked a smile.

"It's so hot back here!" Kate groaned.

"From the photos or me?" Sam asked jokingly.

"Both!" Kate replied.

"Take off your dress then." Sam said.

"Only if you take your shirt off too!" Kate bargained.

Both the girls then stripped naked. My car had dark tinted windows so they were not concerned as we drove down the county roads.

Sam then moved from the right seat to the middle seat, so she was right beside Kate.

In fact, it WAS feeling very warm. It was getting muggy, and darker, as we drove.

"Looks like the storm is coming." I said breaking the silence.

"Yeah it does. Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow for the beach." Kate said as she gazed out of her window.

"Yeah." Sam added. As she still looked at the photo strip. Sam moved her hand down and lightly played with her pussy lips. Lightly caressing herself. As we drove I would often glance up and look for a few seconds at the girls in the rearview mirror. Sam still sat in the middle, so I could see her better then I could see Kate. But off to the side, I could see Kate's arm moving rhythmically in-tune with Sam's subtle movement. The car stayed quiet as we all enjoyed the drive.

"We're almost there. The restaurant is about 10 min away from here." I announced.

"So, are you saying we need to get dressed?" Sam reluctantly asked.

"Unless you want to go out like that." I replied back.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Kate responded jokingly.

"I definitely like you both like this, if only it was socially acceptable." I answered back.

The girls slowly gathered up their clothes and dressed themselves. I turned onto a town side road.

"Here we are." I announced as I parked.

"Good, I'm really hungry." Kate said.

"I'm hungry AND horny!" Sam blatantly said.

We all laughed as we got out of the car. It was now very windy and it began to rain. We quickly jogged to the covered walkway. Once on the curb, both girls linked an arm of mine as we walked under the veranda towards the restaurant. Kate struggled to keep up with our pace as she was also trying to hold down her dress from raising, due to the wind tunneling effect as we walked under the veranda. The wind was very warm but the rain added a bit of a chill. We entered the front doors and adjusted ourselves from the weather. Sam then quickly rushed off to the side and sat down on a couch. Her face was flushed red. Her eyes shifted and lowered. A voice from behind broke my focus.

"Take out or eat in Hun?" I turned and saw an elderly lady standing behind a small podium. She wore a white shirt with a red apron, a name tag read 'Mary'. She held a few menus.

"Take out please." I replied with a smile.

"Take your time darling, I'll be back in a few moments." She kindly said, as she handed me the menus. I thanked her and took the menus over to the couch where both girls now sat. As I approched Sam was whispering something to Kate. Kate huffed and stifled a laugh.

"What?" I asked as I arrived before them.

"White shorts, rain, and no underwear." Kate said hushed as she nudged Sam. Sam sunk her head a bit lower and blushed even more.

"Haha, commando complications." I nodded as I laughed.

"At least I'm not in a photo booth." Sam bit back, looking up at me, with embarrassment still on her face.

I gave her a friendly scowl, as I handed the girls the menus. I joined them sitting on the couch and browsed the menu. We all looked through and chatted about what sounded good. When we came to a conclusion of what we all wanted, I stood and gathered the menus up.

"Hey Sam, want to come order with me?" I asked with a bit of sass and a smirk. She just rolled her eyes at me. She looked cute when embarrassed. Kate just giggled to herself.

I walked over to the podium. I was only there for a moment before Mary came back.

"Came to a decision Hun?" She asked kindly, and she took the menus. I placed the order for us as she jotted it down on a small notepad.

"It should be about 15 minutes dear." She told me.

"That's fine, thank you." I replied. I turned and walked back to the girls.

"It'll be about 15 minutes. Want to wait in the car?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure." Kate said. Sam just nodded. I stood off to the side as Kate stood up. Sam looked from side to side, there was no one near and she rose up and walked quickly to the door. Kate and I followed from behind. I looked down at Sam's bum and with the interior lights I could see that her shorts were pretty see-through. I smiled to myself as I stared and followed her to the door. Now the rain was coming down quite fiercely. The wind was blowing the rain under the veranda and against the buildings. The girls jogged quickly to the car. I stayed back a few feet behind the girls. Kate's dress flapped frantically in the wind and she made no effort to cover up. The dim lights from the front of the building barely lit the small parking lot. There were no street lights on this road. We arrived at the car and the girls were tugging at the handles until I was able to unlock the doors. We all climbed in. The girls in the back seat and I climbed in the passenger seat.

"Oh man, what a storm!" I exclaimed over the sound of the rain and wind.

"I'm soaked!" Kate groaned loudly. I turned back to view the girls shadowed outlines. I reached up and clicked on the interior lights. Kate pulled at her light dress that clung to her. She was definitely soaked and the thin material stuck and formed around her body.

"Ugh I hate wet clothes." Sam groaned as she shifted uncomfortably in the back seat.

"Yeah it's one of my pet peeves." I added in response to Sam. I too, pulled slightly at my wet shirt.

"It's getting colder too." Kate spoke as she shivered slightly. It's true, the muggy warm rain has now transitioned into a chilly storm. I turned the car on, putting on low heat. My car came equipped with heated seats and the girls turned theirs on.

"These wet clothes probably aren't helping the cold." Sam said as she cuddled down, almost as if to get the most heat from the seat.

"Maybe you should take them off to help your body dry and warm up. There's a blanket in the back." I offered the suggestion.

"We aren't far from home, and you can just run inside when we get there. No one is around there and this parking lot is pretty vacant too." I added soothingly.

Without answering the girls undressed. I turned the heat up a bit higher.

Kate reached over the back seat and grabbed a blanket. We always kept one just incase of an emergency. Or a picnic. She turned the interior light off just incase anyone came near. The girls covered themselves from their shoulders down. We sat and watched the storm through the windows.

"I hope it doesn't storm tomorrow." Sam spoke after a few minutes of listening to the sounds of the storm outside.

"I'll check the weather." I said, as I got my phone out. When I unlocked the screen it was still on my texting conversation with Kate. I looked at the pictures again momentarily. I flashed my screen towards the girls showing the pictures.

"I'm keeping these." I said in a thankful sounding way.

"Well we are keeping ours too!" Sam said with a smile, as she held up the photo strip that was sitting in the door storage compartment. The girls had now let the blanket down from their shoulders and it sat across their laps. Through the flashes of lightning from outside, I would catch glimpses of their exposed breasts. Erect nipples from either the rain or from the photos. I continued on my phone and opened my weather app up. I scrolled to the next days expectant weather.

"Not calling for any rain and looks like it'll be very hot and sunny. Good beach weather." I said.

"Good!" Sam chimed.

I looked at the time.

"Food should be ready now. Anyone want to come help me?" I asked as I glanced over my shoulder.

"Umm, I'm not putting my wet clothes back on." Kate replied.

"Me either. Sorry." Sam added with cute smile.

"You can always go in like that. No difference from your white shorts." I joked back. Sam just glared at me waving a fist, before cracking a smile.

"Ok I guess I'll go alone." I said in a pouty way.

"Thank you. We owe ya one." Kate said.

"Or two." I said with a sneaky smile, while I darted my eyes back and fourth between the girls. Kate looked over at Sam, then back at me.

"Maybe." Was all she said as she smiled coyly. I smiled back and opened the door and jogged to the entrance. The rain has slowed quite a bit but it still was raining lightly. I entered the restaurant and went up to the podium.

"I'll go grab your order and be right there hun." Mary called out from a few tables away as she placed some plates down before an elderly couple.

"Perfect, thanks!" I replied.

A few moments later Mary came back out from the kitchen with a few bags with take out containers in them and a receipt.

"That'll be $48.95." Mary gave me my total and I paid.

"Storm looks like it's slowing." She said as she glanced out the window.

"Yeah, seems like I caught the worst of it." I commented as I acknowledged my soaked clothes.

"At least you're not wearing white." Mary said.

"Hah, yeah, you noticed?" I laughed in response.

"Hun, I notice a lot. Not that you should complain." She smiled.

"No complaints here." I said with a smile as I held up my hand. She smiled and handed me the take out bags.

"Well you go home and dry yourself, before you catch a cold darling." She said in a motherly way.

"I will, thanks! Have a good night." I said before turning and walking towards the exit. I got outside and the rain has now almost stopped. I walked towards the car quickly, but not as fast as I had before. As I approached the car I could see that the interior lights were back on but the windows were very fogged. Between the tint and fog, even with the lights on, I could only make out blurry shadows within the lit car. I opened the driver door and the girls gasped and jumped.

"Oh! You scared us!" Kate said whilst taking a deep breath. They have now shed the blanket entirely. Sitting hip to hip in the back seat. Sam slightly leaning on Kate.

"Why? What were you doing?" I asked as I placed the bags of food on the passenger seat and glanced back at them.

"Just talking." Kate said as she shrugged.

"Sure.." I said rolling my eyes jokingly, turning back facing forward.

"We were literally just talking." Sam said as she smiled.

"Anything in particular?" I asked as I turned on my defog. The windows began to clear. I looked in the rearview mirror. The girls both looked at eachother.

"Girl stuff." Kate replied slyly with a bit of sass.

"Odds, eh?" I said.

"Odds?" Sam replied confused.

"Yeah, because girls literally can't even." I said, once again glancing in the rearview.

"Haha, very funny." Kate replied sarcastically. I chuckled, clicking off the interior lights, then put the car into drive and began to drive home. We were only about 10 min away.

"Ah, that food smells so good. I'm so hungry." Sam said breaking a moment's silence.

"Yeah me too." I said in agreement.

"Yeah, since we skipped lunch." Kate added. The car went quiet again as we watched flashes of lightning in the distance.

"Anything specific planned for tonight?" I asked.

"We have a few things planned." Kate answered.

"You two sure have been secretive this weekend." I responded.

"Surprises are fun!" Sam said excitedly.

"That they are." I said as I pulled into the driveway.

"Can you set up dinner while we get dressed?" Kate asked me.

"What's wrong with what you're wearing now?" I asked. Referring to their state of nakedness.

"We have something else we want to wear." Kate said. Sam nudged her and whispered "Don't ruin the suprise!"

"Oops." She whispered back.

"I'll act surprised." I joked, still not quite sure what the suprise was.

I parked and leaned over for the food. Sam then quickly leaned forward and kissed my cheek. Smiling then leaning back unlatching her door. Kate did the same then opened her door. The girls ran around to the trunk and grabbed their bags and clothes, then ran to the door. I went around and got my bag from the trunk and carried my bag and the food to the door. The girls shivered slightly as they stood near the door. Moisture still in the air from the storm. They jumped slightly as the motion sensor front light came on. They looked around almost embarrassed by their nakedness even though we have no neighbours and barely any traffic ever came down our street, especially after dark. The overhead light doubled with the post-storm fog, cast a beautiful glow on their nude forms. Casting shadows emphasizing their curves. The sight again caused me to smile and shudder from their beauty.

"Hurry up!" Kate beckoned.

"You two are beautiful." I commented. They shifted and smiled, giving me a few more moments to look at them before

I joined them. I unlocked the door. The girls ran in and upstairs. I placed my shopping bag on a table in the hallway and carried the food to the kitchen. I went to the laundry room and grabbed a dry pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt. I changed out of my wet clothes. I went back to the kitchen and unpacked the food, got some plates and utensils. I laid the food out on the table aswell as the dishes, and got a few drinks from the fridge. I sat at the table, waiting patiently for the girls.

After a few moments I heard rapid footsteps coming down the stairs. As the footsteps travelled closer they also slowed, to a very slow walk. Then they stopped. I heard Kate's voice echo down the hallway quietly.

"Go ahead." She spoke softly, slightly out of breath.

"You go first." Sam replied in a similar way.

I arched my eyebrows due to my own personal intriguement.

"Let's go together." Kate said back, a bit more audible.

"Are you ready?" Kate beckoned out towards the kitchen.

"Yeah." I replied, as if I didn't already hear their previous conversation.

I looked towards the hall where their voices came from. The girls then slowly stepped around corner and into the kitchen. They wore matching lingerie sets! They stood in the archway smiling cutely as I took in their full forms. The lingerie they wore was a one-piece. Gold, reds and black. The bra part cupped under their breasts with a lace band, a slight push up padding underneath held their breasts up firmly. It had a flowery type lace that encircled their nipples, exposed in the middle. Thin black straps draped over their shoulders and behind their necks. Black lace designs fit snug downwardly from under their breasts, cascading down their sides. Showing mostly skin in the middle across their stomachs, aside from some red with gold sparkle strings that relaxed horizontally from side to side. The panties had a gold lace band that sat low and hugged their lower hips, showing quite a bit of their smooth mounds. Thin black lace trailed lower on either pussy lip and it was crotchless! I moaned under my breath as I took in their beautiful bodies. They must have heard me, as their smiles grew bigger and they slowly turned in opposing circles. The back of the bras had thin black straps that went just below their shoulder blades and back up over their shoulders. Their full backs were exposed and the panties were buttless. The gold trim circled around their firm bums, emphasizing their beautiful curves. Sam wiggled her bum side to side and I was mesmerized. I could stare at this sight and never feel any less in awe, but both girls slowly turned back around and as I gazed back up to their faces they looked back at me and smiled oh-so-cutely.

"What do you think?" Kate asked shyly.

My response was just blinking then widening of my eyes. I nodded slowly with probably a dorky looking smile.

"Wipe your drool why don't you!" Sam broke the trance with a nervous joke and caused us all to laugh a bit. I pretended to wipe my chin and sealed my lips tighter.

"I could stare at you two forever." I responded with a moan in my throat.

Kate dropped her gaze and smiled through a blushing face.

"Well you'll have to wait til after we eat!" Sam said and winked. She readjusted her panties and I was drawn back to the view of their exposed crotches. So kissable I thought. My dick began to harden in my loose fitting jogging pants. I twitched it and clenched my legs a bit tighter. The girls then walked towards the table I kept my eyes on their pussies as long as I could before they disappeared behind the table as the girls sat opposing me.

The girls dished out their food from the containers to their plates and began to eat. They shared a bit of each of their meals.

"Aren't you going to eat?" Kate asked with a giggle. I realized that I hadn't opened my to-go container yet and I just sat in awe of the girls, recalling the full figures of their outfits. I must have been zoned out for a bit. I just shook my head breaking my stare and dished my own food out and began to eat. We all sat silent as we ate. Then I felt something against my foot and leg, looking up I caught Kate looking at me smiling and she rubbed her foot up and down my leg. I took a deep breath and smiled back. She mouthed 'You ok?' and I nodded with big eyes and an even bigger smile. I reached down and took her foot in hand and moved it to my crotch. My rock hard member was very obvious through the material of my pants. She nodded slowly acknowledging the affect her and Sam had on me.

"So what's the plan for this evening ladies?" I asked excitedly as I ate.

"We'll continue our spa weekend." Sam replied.

"What's next?" I asked.

"You'll have to wait and see." Kate responded quickly with a smirk.

"Alright. I'm looking forward to it." I replied as we finished the last of our meals.

"Mm, that was good. But 'dessert' will be even better!" Sam said with a wink then a giggle. We all laughed a bit. I looked at Sam and licked my lips seductively. She eased into a small smile and bit her bottom lip softly. Kate then stood up and began to gather up the dishes.

"I can clean up Kate." I said as I looked at her in her lingerie again.

"We can go set up." Sam spoke to Kate as she also rose up and stood before me. I glanced back and fourth between both of them and took in their bodies once again.

"Ok. Thanks!" Kate said, placing the dishes she held back down. She stepped around the table and leaned down and gave me a long sexy kiss. I slowly ran my hand up her thigh and behind to her bum. I squeezed it gently. Then slid my fingers under to her open crotch and just as my finger reached her slit, she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues danced and wrestled as I slid my finger up and down as much of her slit as I could reach. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed the situation. Then I felt Kate's hips move away from me. I cracked my eyes open and Sam had wrapped her arms around Kate's stomach and was tugging her away from me with a hug from behind.

"Not yet." She said sternly.

Kate groaned begrudgingly into my mouth as she was tugged away. I relaxed my arms and leaned back into my chair.

"We'll call you when we're ready." Sam said as she looked into my eyes then down to my tent in my jogging pants then back up to my eyes.

"Ok.." I said reluctantly but also in anticipation of what's to come.

The girls both blew a kiss then walked out of the kitchen. I sat and admired their bounce as the left. I blinked slow and shuddered slightly. Shivers ran up my spine as I thought of the two girls.

I slowly arose and gathered up the dishes and organized the kitchen. Then I heard rapid footsteps descending the stairs. I turned as Sam stepped through the archway. Still in her lingerie I took notice of her more relaxed state. Her breathing was heavy from the run down the stairs. She held a small green gift bag with white tissue paper ruffled out the top. Her chest heaved slightly from her breathing as she looked at me. I looked at her body from the tips of her bare feet up her smooth legs, to her smooth mound peeking out from her panty opening, up her flat tummy to her firm, yet soft breasts with beautiful pink nipples rhythmically lifting in tune with her breathing. Up her soft neck to her moist lips forming a happy smile. I followed the form of her face to her light green eyes. I broke my trance as her smile grew and she held out the gift bag.

"We also got you something." She said kindly.

"Oh?" I responded softly.

"There's a dress code for this evening." She said sternly, followed by a muffled giggle.

"Oh, ok." I replied sarcastically. Taking the gift in hand.

"We're almost ready, we'll call you soon." She said, twirling gracefully around and scampered back to the stairs. I watched her bum bounce as she distanced herself. I walked over to the table, placing the bag down. I pulled the tissue paper out and reached in. I took out a pair of boxer briefs. They were a stretchy, spandex style material. They were red and had a black waistband and a black mesh 'penis pouch'. My eyes widened and I was momentarily taken aback by the lingerie-esk male underwear. My initial thought was 'I didn't even know they made stuff like this' then I thought 'Where did the girls even get these?' I brushed my thoughts aside and took my shirt and jogging pants off. I put on the underwear. I adjusted my package in the tight fitting underwear. I tossed my jogging pants and shirt in the laundry room. I walked into the bathroom and took a look in the full length mirror. I tilted my hips from side to side as I looked at myself. My penis and testicles were held together and propped up in the mesh buldge, I could see a slight outline and some skin tone through the tight knit mesh. I shrugged 'Hopefully the girls like them' I thought, and left the room. I walked to the living room and sat on the couch awaiting the girls call. A few minutes passed. I reclined the seat and relaxed with my eyes closed thinking of the girls, their outfits, the weekend so far. My dick began to grow but was restricted due to the tighter underwear. I reached down and half massaged, half readjusted. Giving the handful a grope and a squeeze. Then I heard some soft footsteps in the distance. I kept my eyes closed as I reclined. The footsteps approched closer until they stopped right before me.

A few seconds of silence and no movement. Then I felt the soft touch of the girls fingers and hands as they caressed my chest and arms. They lightly ran their hands around my exposed upper body. Their light touch caused shivers to run through me. My senses became hightened. I very quietly moaned a content groan. Then I felt the hands of the girls on my thighs. They slowly opened my legs. I peeked through my, now slightly open eyes, and saw the girls step over a leg each. They soflty rested themselves on one of my thighs each. I felt the warmth from their pussies as the pressed more firmly upon my thighs, just above my knees. Their hands both went back to rubbing my shoulders, arms and chest. I shut my eyes tighter and sunk deeper into the chair. My breathing was slow and deep. Complete relaxation. As the girls continued their massaging they slowly began to ground their pussies on my thighs, moving a bit higher, causing me to open my legs wider, as their knees touched eachothers. I sat still and focused on all the points of contact between us. I opened my eyes and smiled at the girls. I made eye contact with each of them. I looked down and watched their hips move rhythmically. I saw peeks of their smooth pussy lips on my thighs from their crotchless panties. The sights and feeling of their smooth pussies and their, now stronger, massage on my upper body caused my cock to begin to stir and stiffen. The tight pouch holding it all together, restricted it from freely rising but the buldge began to grow none-the-less. The girls took notice. Kate moved her hand down and began to massage and squeeze my bulge. Sam let out a low groan.

"Hey Kate, don't rush things. Let's go upstairs." Sam spoke and pulled herself up and off of me. She pryed Kate off me and they both held one of my hands as they helped me to a standing was kind of a turn on to have Sam take control of my wife's advances on me. They turned around and held my hands as they led me to the stairs. Since the stairway was narrow we ascended single file. Sam first, then Kate, then me. Kate continued to hold my hand. I kept a couple steps down lower and looked intently at both girls naked bums as we walked slow.

We entered the bedroom and it again was dimly lit with candles scattered throughout. The aroma added to the already sensual environment with the scents, sights, and the girl's outfits. Calm music played softly through the speakers from the tv.

"What do you two have planned?" I asked softly, matching my voice with the atmosphere.

"I know you work hard and you're so good to us. So we are going to give you a nice, long, full body massage." Kate replied in a similar soft way.

"Mmm.." I groaned quietly as I smiled and blinked slow, looking towards the girls, who stood before me. I licked my lips seductively and the girls responded by biting their own lower lips and smiled sexily.

I reached down to my package in the underwear and readjusted slightly. Not obnoxiously, but noticeably. The girls glanced down and smirked. Sam then stepped forward and linked an arm with mine. Kate following suit. They lead me, arm-in-arm to the bed, that had only a light sheet. The girls stepped to the side and coaxed me forward. I knelt on the bed. Scooted forward and laid down on my stomach. My face was tilted to the right as I closed my eyes and sunk into the bed. Kate climbed up on my right side. I heard Sam's footsteps walk away to the dresser then back to the bed. She knelt on my left. I cracked my eyes open and looked to my right. Kate was crouched sitting on her knees. She leaned back down and had the bottle of massage oil that I bought earlier. Sam must have put it in her bag after she found it in the car. Kate's legs now slightly parted. I enjoyed the view of her bare pussy only inches from my face. I inhaled deeply smelling the atmosphere. The mixture of the candles and the clean smelling girls. Kate manuvered my right arm down and to the side. Palm up. Sam followed and did the same with my left. The girls each got some oil on their hands and began to knead and massage my arms. From shoulder to bicep, forearm and hands. I blinked slowly as I softly groaned from my stiff muscles being worked on. I kept my eyes on Kate's crotch. It's seemed like a long time had passed as my arms felt a lot looser. The girls massaged my hands. Their fingers and thumbs circling with perfect pressure. My arms had a tingling numbness as my senses hightened with their touch.

"I'll do his shoulders." Kate said softly.

"I'll start his legs." Sam responded. I adjusted my arms so my head was propped up on my forearms and laid face down. I felt Kate climb over and sit lightly on my lower back. Sam sat opposite her, upon my bum. They both, in turn, added a generous amount of oil upon the areas they were working on and started to rub and work in the oil. It warmed up the area they were working on. It felt obvious compared to the cool air and breeze coming in the windows that were opened slightly. Kate kneaded into my shoulders and Sam began with my calf muscles. They rocked slightly as they massaged. I could feel the warmth from Kate's bum and pussy as it rocked on my lower back, a massage in itself. I could feel pressure from Sam's tight bum as it rested on mine, but due to my underwear I couldn't feel skin on skin. As time went on, the tense muscles almost seemed to turn to jelly. I could feel my aches just melt away. I felt so warm and relaxed. I moaned softly, as a compliment to the girls dual massage. Sam expertly moved up and down my calves, made slick from the oil. Kate kneaded and worked into my shoulders and neck. I groaned into the bed, as that was where I was facing. Sam moved up and down from the back of my knees to my ankles. She moved down subtly towards my feet. Her light touch tickled and I twitched a bit. She jokingly tickled more through her light touch. I struggled through jolts because both girls sat upon me holding me down.

"Oh, ticklish? I'm sorry." Sam mocked quietly. I clenched my firm butt as she sat upon it. I tensed cheek to cheek. She hummed from the bum action. She then sat straight up and reached between my slightly open legs. She groped my balls that resided underneath. She then lifted herself up and off. I heard her steps as she walked to the foot of the bed and knelt down and worked a massage on my feet. A bit more oil and she went from foot to foot. My nerves settled and the massage felt great and no longer tickled. Kate moved lower and sat upon my butt and she massaged my lower back. She worked either side of my spine and over to my sides. From the hem of the low cut underwear, up to my shoulder blades. Sam rubbed deep in the arches of my feet. I continued to groan deeply every-so-often. My back felt great and my feet felt like I'd walked on clouds.

"Good so far?" Kate asked softly after I let out a long groan.

I answered back with a moan that grew into words- "Mmmm-feels amazing, I'm so lucky."

Kate responded with a short moan followed by soft spoken; "Good!"

Kate manuvered around so now she crouched over my back and faced Sam. Sam moved up on the edge of the bed. The girls added some oil and massaged my thighs. From side to side, from knees, up just to the hem of the underwear. Their massage moved further up and unto my bum. Sam circled her thumbs and worked just below my bum cheeks as Kate worked my gluteus maximus area.

"You're getting oil all over his new underwear!" Sam gasped, then giggled.

"Well then, they should come off." Kate replied back. They both leaned to one side to take weight off my body and grasped the hem on my underwear. I lifted my hips up as best I could, as they slid the underwear down. Kate let go and Sam took them the rest of the way off because she was at the end of the bed. Kate sofly ran her fingers over my bum and up my crease. I adjusted my penis and testicles so they laid out between my slightly open legs as I relaxed flat out on the bed. The girls resumed their previous positions. Adding a bit more oil they continued where they left off. With the new exposed area, the girls' massage got a bit more sexual. The skin on skin massage grew to a mixture of massage and groping. Their fingers and hands made more and more contact with my butt, perineum, scrotum and penis. Sam's upper thigh massage caused her to often graze her thumbs on my dick and balls that layed out between my legs. She would press both her thumbs on either side of my penis head and pressed slightly as she ran her hands back down my inner thighs. My shaft began to harden from their touches. Noticing this, Sam began to focus more, and longer on my genitals. I began to wiggle my hips as my dick grew and stiffened. I was almost fully hard when the girls noticed my uncomfortable position from lying on my stomach.

"It's probably time to flip over." Kate spoke up. The girls climbed off of me. Sam squeezed my dick one last time from behind. They coaxed me, and I flipped over onto my back. My hard dick now rested on my stomach. Sam climbed up to my left and Kate on my right. They glanced at my dick before focusing on my face. They added some oil and began to massage my shoulders and chest. I closed my eyes and enjoyed their soothing touch. They worked their way down my chest and abdomen. Sam then crossed over. Facing away from me, she crouched just below my hard dick, on my thighs. She started to massage my legs from the front this time. Reaching down to my feet, up my shins and sides of my calves, around my knees and up as far she could on my thighs. She continued up and down in the save way. This caused her to rock forward and backward. The view was spectacular. Her exposed firm buttocks lightly thumped on me. She seemed to inch further and further back. Her massage up and down quickened, and now when she sat upwards to reach my thighs, she was right ontop of my pulsing member. Everytime she came into contact with my dick I moaned under my breath and couldn't help but thrust slightly. Kate noticed and looked at where my focus was. She then admired my face as I probably was making some interesting faces. I had my lips parted as I watched Sam work. Kate must have been getting turned on aswell. She guided my hands that were gripping the sheets and moved then to Sam's hips. I held Sam's hips as she continued to rock herself on me. Kate leaned back and sat with her knees raised and ran her fingers lightly on her pussy. I looked close and could tell she was wet. Either from herself or maybe some of the massage oil. But either way her pussy was definitely slick. I let my groans and moans grow louder, not in an obnoxious way, but audible to both the girls. I could hear soft gasps and moans now escape both girls. Sam has now ceased the massage, she held onto my shins and rubbed her bare pussy on the length of my cock with more pressure. I'm now at full mast and I could see and feel the moisture from Sam's pussy on my throbbing member as her vulva hugged the the girth and slid up and down the full length. Kate began to rub herself more vigorously. Kate shifted her eyes from my face back to my cock being rubbed by Sam. I glanced back and fourth between Kate and Sam. I groaned deep and gripped Sam's hips tighter. Kate began to shake and gasp. She came hard as she watched Sam, cock teasing me.

Kate shook and moaned loudly, almost screeching. She let her orgasm subside. She let out a grunt, then took a deep breath. She looked me in the eyes almost 'questioning' I let out a smile and opened my mouth slightly as the friction from Sam caused me pleasure. It seems like that was all Kate was waiting for and she lifted a leg and crouched over my face. She faced towards Sam's back. I leaned up and kissed her soft folds. She shuddered from the sensitivity, post-orgasm. I lightly kissed and licked her soft, slick pussy. Then I felt Sam's rocking stop. I felt a moment of sadness as the new 'massage' ended. Then I felt Sam raise her bottom up slightly. I felt Kate's hand wrap around my shaft pointing it straight up. She jacked me slowly and then tightened her grip and I could feel her rub the tip of my dick up and down Sam's pussy. After a few moments of teasing, I felt Kate guide my dick to Sam's opening. Sam slowly eased herself onto me. I ceased my kissing and licking as I felt Sam's tight warm pussy encapsulate my shaft. It seemed like an eternity as she took my full length. Finally as she bottomed out she let out a gutteral groan. I was all but awestruck as the moment proceeded. Then Sam began to shift. She raised back up and came back down. I could sense Kate manuvering her friend as she rode me. Once Sam got a steady pace going I continued to orally please my wife as I was in her friend. The room began to echo with moans and wet slaps. Kate groaned again as I hit a good spot on her and she came once again as I licked her, I felt her pussy muscles contract and she got more wet. I moaned into her. She then got off of me and knelt to the side, breathing heavily. I replaced my hands on Sam's hips as she continued to bounce on my shaft. I now got to look at her cute butt as she raised and dropped on my dick. My eyes widened at the sight as I let out another moan. Kate leaned in to Sam's side and placed a hand the back of her head. She got a handful of hair and Sam turned to look at her. Then leaned in and kissed. Lightly as first. Just a peck then a longer one, then they each took a breath and beagn to open their mouths and make out. Sam's riding began to get unsteady as she tongue wrestled with my wife. I moaned again. Their kiss then ended as Kate leaned back. She urged Sam to raise up higher as my cock slipped out of her. Kate coaxed her friend to turn around and face me. She guided her back down and took my cock in hand and slid it back into her friend. She kissed her again and leaned in and whispered something in her ear. Kate sat back and gave me a huge smile. I turned and made eye contact with Sam. Her face was flushed red as she breathed deep. She then started rocking and quickly picked up the pace and rode me hard. I grasped her hips as she bounced on me. Her perky boobs bounced rhythmically in turn. Even while she wore the lingerie. I looked deep into her eyes as she stared back at me. I broke my stare and looked over at Kate. She smiled sexily as she seemed to be very turned on by the sight of her husband and friend. I then lifted Sam up from her hips, I took control as I drove deep and hard into her from below. I thrusted quickly as I held her up. She rested on her knees. She began to moan and squeal loudly as I continued my thrusts. All three of us gasped and moaned but Sam was definitely the loudest. She gasped unsteadily and fell forward and kept her balance with her hands that were now gripping the bed sheets firmly on either side of me.

"Ugh, I'm going to cum!" She groaned.

"Don't stop!" She begged. I kept on thrusting her from below, my balls slapping against her wet underside. Kate reached over and put a hand on Sam's lower back. She let out another deep moan and began to shake and convulse. Losing all control. I tried to keep my thrusts going as her orgasm continued, but I found it difficult to keep going as she shook and twitched on top of me. She lost her strength to stay propped up and collapsed flat onto me. Her breathing was heavy and she huffed. I was unable to continue my movement so I let her rest heavily on me. Her warm body shivered from her subsiding orgasm. I was still buried ball deep in her. A few seconds passed, as her breathing became more steady. Kate softly rubbed her back as she lay atop me. Her breathing softened. I twitched my still rock hard shaft that was in her. She cooed and shivered. She reluctantly rose upwards. And tentatively raised her hips allowing my full length to slowly slide out. I looked at her face as she shyly looked downwards. Her eyes half shut and her mouth relaxed open, probably due to the post-orgasm sensitivity. She grasped my shaft as she raised higher, as to not let it slap down. She shuddered one last time as my engorged head popped out of her tight pussy. She released it softly. I was still very firm. She collapsed gently off to the side of the bed. Pure relaxation and exhaustion. She smiled coyly and laid on her side to my left. Kate then slightly more aggressively, climbed ontop of me and grasped my hard cock, slick from Sam's pussy, and slid it up inside herself and started to rock. Not long passed before Kate was riding me at a quick pace. She began to moan. I groaned aswell as we made love. Sam regained some enthusiasm as she propped herself up on her elbow and leaned over and began to kiss me. It wasn't long before we were making out as Kate continued to ride me. All three of us began to moan louder. I groaned deep as the familiar feeling arose in my loins as I sensed my own upcoming orgasm.

"Mmm-I'm going to cum!" I moaned into Sam's mouth as our tongues wrestled.

Both girls moaned deep. I held Kate's hips as I took control from below and rapidly humped her from below.

My orgasm approached. I held off as best I could. Then Sam whispered deep.

"Cum for me." That was all it took, as I groaned loudly as I came hard into my wife. I grasped her hips tight as I slowed her bouncing, but my orgasm kept going. I must have shot 5 or 6 big loads deep into Kate. It began to gush out of her, filling her beyond capacity. I groaned and gasped a few more times. My heart beat rapidly, and my breathing became heavy. Kate stopped her rocking. She still sat on me while my softening cock resided in her. Sam kissed me a few more times before she rested back on her side beside me and looked down to the point where Kate and I were in contact. Kate raised up and my softening cock slipped out. Some more cum dripped out of her sopping pussy. Kate grabbed a box of tissues off the night stand and wiped herself to stop the dripping.

"That was a lot of cum!" Sam said amazed. She sounded somewhat dazed. Probably exhausted from her earlier sexperience.

I muffled a bit of a chuckle.

"Awe, I got it all over my underwear." Kate pouted cutely. She gave the best sad face she could to me, before cracking a smile and giggled.

"C'mon let's go change." Kate said to Sam.

"I'm going to clean this up first." She said as she ran a couple fingers through the warm, gooey cum that covered my mound. Kate then picked the box of tissues back up and tossed them at Sam.

"Clean your mess." Kate said sassily, then giggled and twirled around and went to the bathroom. Sam grabbed a few tissues and began to wipe up all the cum from her hands and me.

"Full service spa, eh?" I said as she wiped. She just looked at me and smiled and winked. She finished cleaning up. She kissed me, then stood, and went to the bathroom aswell. I stretched, feeling a lot better after my 'massages'. A chilled breeze blew through the room. I went over and closed the windows. As I turned back around, the girls exited the bathroom. They have shed their lingerie and now were completely naked. They hugged themselves as the entered the room.

"It is a bit cold in here." Kate mentioned. They blew out the candles that dimly lit the room, and climbed in bed, covering up with a blanket that they took of the bed before I arrived. I walked over and climbed in on Sam's side, since she was closest. I spooned her as I felt her body against mine.

"Mmm, you're warm." She cooed and cuddled closer.

"Can I share?" Kate asked. The situation felt surreal as my wife asked her naked friend if she could share her own husband. I smiled at the thought.

"I guess." Sam reluctantly joked. Climbing over me. Keeping as much of her soft body against mine as she did. I lay on my back and both girls cuddled in closely on either side.

"Goodnight love you." I spoke kindly as I squeezed both girls gently.

"Love you too." They both said in unison. We then drifted off to sleep.


2018-04-17 03:22:46
Enjoying how this plays out - please keep it going. Robbie.


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Enjoying how this plays out - please keep it going. Robbie.


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Enjoying how this plays out - please keep it going. Robbie.


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