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Ben Winston is a member of the Army Reserve Medical Corp and had been unexpectedly called to active duty. Catherine had to except a promotion to supervisor on the night shift in order to make ends meet. Ben’s mother volunteered to come and help Catherine and the children while Ben is away on deployment.
When Michael and Jerry returned from summer camp their father had just received orders to report for active duty with the Army Reserve Medical Corp. His call to active duty had caught the whole family by surprise. Their father was already busy organizing his gear for his fast approaching deployment. He would be shipping out the same week fall classes began at the children’s school. He would be able to celebrate the twin’s birthday the week before he had to report for duty.

He would have only one full week to spend with his family and to set his personal affairs in order before shipping out to Afghanistan. Ben spent part of his reminding time getting an elaborate security system installed in his home. He wanted his family to be safe while he was half way around the world. He bought the top of the line security system that monitored all the doors and windows. It also included a video surveillance system with motion detecting cameras all around the outside of the house and cameras monitoring each room and corridor inside the house. Even though he would be thousands of miles away he would be able to manage the safety of his family through his laptop.


It was a very hot dry day in late August when Captain Winston reported to the U S Army Base Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. This National Military Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan is Walter Reed’s extended Medical Facility, where the most severely wounded troops go for life-saving care before being shipped back to the States.

On average, 400 to 500 outpatients are treated daily, including 50 in the emergency room. The 430-bed facility had room for up to 1,000 patients and a staff of more than 500, including 118 doctors. Kabul was also home to a 200-bed hospital for the national police. Together they are twin hearts of a nationwide network of military medical facilities.

Now as the U.S.-led NATO coalition prepared to end its combat mission in Afghanistan this year, the push to improve medical treatment at the military hospital and regional facilities near the front lines had reached a critical phase. They treated everything from major to minor gunshot wounds, traumatic brain injuries, and amputations from improvised explosive devices, or IEDs to hemorrhage, sepsis and shock. Enemy attacks were up and coalition medevac and surgical support was growing scarcer in the area. The hospital beds and gurneys are filled with bodies broken by the war.

When Captain Winston first reported to the hospital commander, he found there was no shortage of pharmacists. Therefore he was selected to be cross-trained as a surgical assistant and was told he would be assigned to assist a seasoned surgeon. His cross training took 12 weeks and he found he would be under the direct supervision of Dr. Constance McLemore.

He was told he would serve as her surgical scrub person for basic surgical procedures. Among his duties would be to prepare instruments and the operating room for surgery. He must also troubleshoot, report, and remove from service any faulty equipment. He would be responsible for inventories, instruments, sponges, and needles on operating field. He would also maintain appropriate quantities of surgical supplies and equipment. In addition to instruments he must anticipate the surgeon’s every need in the operating room. It sounded overwhelming but Captain Winston was sure he could multi-task while managing to perform as expected.

The night of graduation several of the new surgical assistants met at the Officer’s Club to celebrate and discuss their new assignments. Everyone was excitedly chatting about their new assignments and commanders. Captain Winston asked if anyone knew anything about Dr. Constance McLemore. Suddenly all the friendly banter stopped and there was total silence at the table.

Ben looked around the table and said, “Well…hasn’t anyone heard anything at all concerning Dr. McLemore?”

No one volunteered any information. They all sat wordlessly looking like the cat that ate the canary. He was beginning to get a queasy feeling in his stomach. He out ranked everyone at the table and expected an answer.

“Come on…surely someone has heard something about this mysterious Dr. Constance McLemore,” Ben pleaded. He didn’t want to pull, but he would if it became necessary.

Finally a young female Lieutenant spoke up and said, “I understand she is a very beautiful woman in her early to mid thirties.”

“Okay…that’s a start. What else have you heard about her?”

“I heard she graduated at the top of her class at Harvard Medical School and did her internship and surgical residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston,” she continued.


“And she holds the rank of Major in the military.”

“And….?” He said while waiting for informative comments rather than generalities. Everyone remained silent. They were all acting strangely evasive. He found he was almost to the point of not really wanting to know what they were reluctant to tell him.

“Damn it…someone say something…let the other shoe drop,” he groused.

The same young Lieutenant took a deep breath and hastily blurted out, “I also hear she is a nightmare to work with and that she changes surgical assistants like most people change their underwear.”

Everyone sat around the table in silence, slowly sipping their drinks while lost in their own thoughts. The cheerful atmosphere had changed to somber. Ben finally broke the silence and said, “Okay, Lieutenant…I appreciate your full candor. At least I won’t be walking into a total ambush.” Captain Winston downed the rest of his drink then excused himself. He went back to his room and opened his laptop to check on his family. The children were at school, Catherine was snuggled in her bed and Nana was dozing in her easy chair while one of her soap operas played on the Television. Ben closed the laptop and hit the sack.

The next morning Captain Winston reported to Dr. McLemore’s office. He found a young 2nd Lieutenant sitting at the desk in Doctor McLemore’s outer office. He approached and gave the Lieutenant his name. He was instructed to have a seat and wait until Dr. McLemore completed a conference call.

“Lieutenant, what is Dr. McLemore like to work with?” He casually asked as he took a seat.

“I am sorry, Sir, but I am not at liberty to discuss the Doctor’s personals.”

Captain Winston was taken aback by the Lieutenant’s response. He leaned forward and said, “Are you refusing to answer my questions, Lieutenant?”

“I am simply following orders, Sir.”

“And what orders might that be, Lieutenant?”

“Major…Doctor McLemore forbids any of her subordinates to discuss her personals, Sir.”

“Well…can you at least tell me what kind of temperament Major McLemore has or what kind of temperament Doctor McLemore has, Lieutenant?” Captain Winston purposely switched to Dr. McLemore’s military rank hoping it would remind the Lieutenant he was speaking with a ranking officer. It didn’t seem to matter to the Lieutenant.

“All I am at liberty to say, Sir, is that when she is at the hospital she is 100% medical and when she is away from the hospital she is 100% Army.”

Captain Winston took a minute to absorb the Lieutenant’s answer and then asked, “What exactly does that mean, Lieutenant?”

“It means, Sir that she operates strictly on a need to know basis. She will let you know what she wants you to know, when she feels you should know it.”

The intercom buzzed and the Lieutenant said, “You may go in now, Sir.”

Captain Winston quickly stepped into the Doctor’s office and stood at attention. She was sitting behind her desk sorting through her mail. His eyes were drawn first to the front center of her desk where there was a Solid Walnut Desk Plate - Brushed Gold Metal Plate with Shiny Gold Border emblazoned with the name “Major C. L. McLemore, MD. His next focus of attention was on Dr. McLemore. She was dressed in Hunter Green scrubs and had her medium golden blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail.

She glanced up at the Captain through her electric blue eyes and said, “At ease, Captain. We tend to be less formal around the hospital. Please lay your orders on my desk and have a seat.”

Captain Winston sat and watched as she continued to sort through her mail. He found her more beautiful than he could have ever expected. She had a fair complexion and no blemishes whatsoever. Her breast appeared to be 34 to 36 C; or possibly a D cup. After a minute or two she picked up his orders and quietly studied them. As she read she occasionally looked up at the Captain and nodded approvingly.

“Okay…I am impressed, Captain. Your orders say you will be my new surgical assistant and I will assume you understand those duties,” she said handing his orders back to him before continuing. “Do you have any questions before I dismiss you?”

“Yes…I do have a few questions.”

Dr. McLemore jumped to her feet and interrupted his response.

“Captain, when I said a moment ago we tend to be less formal in the hospital, I didn’t mean we dispense with proper protocol”.

There was anger in her voice and the Captain took immediate notice.

“When you answer me, whether it is in the hospital or in a military setting, it will always be either yes Ma’am or no Ma’am. Is that understood, Captain?”

The Captain promptly sprang to his feet and answered in a bold voice, “Yes, Ma’am.”

Dr. McLemore handed him a document and said commandingly, “Very well, Captain. Study this carefully and meet me tomorrow at 0500 in operating room number seven and be prepared to carry out your duties. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Dismissed, Captain!”

Captain Winston made an about face and stepped into Dr. McLemore’s outer office and quickly scanned the document. It was entitled “Surgeon & Surgery Assistant Protocol”. His eyes moved quickly to a highlighted paragraph.

“The surgeon and assistant must establish expectations and methods before operating together, agreeing upon verbal and non-verbal cues. Clarification should be requested when in doubt. Cross-training of surgical staff is encouraged to avoid novice assistants when a primary assistant is absent. Give feedback after a procedure where an assistant or surgeon performed problematically. Do not let frustrations build, rather, discuss them as soon as discretely possible. The surgeon’s and assistant’s hands should not be in the field simultaneously without prior explicit direction by the surgeon. Surgeons and assistants should always visualize instruments and tissue that they manipulate. Distracting conversation should be avoided, comforting the patient when necessary. Soft music is often an acceptable alternative.”

It seemed to be the same standards he had learned during his initial surgical training. He felt the document was Dr. McLemore’s means of putting him on notice that she expected him to follow the code of behavior explicitly. She was going to be a “By the Book” bureaucratic supervisor. That’s fine with him, because he had always been one who followed all the guideline. It takes all the responsibility off of his shoulders. All he had to do was comply with every order Dr. McLemore gave him.

Captain Winston arrived at operating room number seven at 0445 and made sure everything was in place and ready to go as soon as Dr. McLemore arrived at 0500. He was dressed in his Hunter Green scrubs and was wearing the Niki walking shoes recommended in the doctor’s protocol document. The surgery began on schedule. Things moved quickly. Very few words were spoken during the procedure. Captain Winston picked up quickly on the various hand signals used by Dr. McLemore. They were all outlined in her protocol document. The entire procedure lasted three hours and twenty-two minutes. Everyone was drained by the time Dr. McLemore instructed Captain Winston to close the patient. She stepped away from the table and the Captain moved into her place.

Before leaving the operating room Dr. McLemore turned back and said, “You did an outstanding job, Captain. I am impressed.”

She quickly left the operating room and everyone was left with puzzled expressions. Captain Winston picked up on the unusual behavior of the people assisting in the procedure and asked what was going on.

“I never thought I would see the day,” one of the surgery nurses said.

“What are you talking about?” Captain Winston asked.

“What did you do with the real Dr. McLemore and who the hell was that doctor that just left here?” The same nurse remarked.

Captain Winston shook his head and said, “Someone please fill me in on what’s going on. I am the new guy here and I don’t have a clue as to what you all are talking about.”

“This is the first surgery I have every assisted in where Dr. McLemore was the chief surgeon in which she didn’t grumble and groan and cuss and throw things around the O R like some kind of crazy person,” another nurse remarked.”Everything was so quiet and peaceful. I was really beginning to think we had crossed over into the twilight zone.”

“I don’t know what you did to her Captain, but whatever it was, please keep doing it,” a third surgery nurse commented.

Captain Winston didn’t comment on any of their remarks. He knew never to discuss a commanding officer in front of other personnel. He closed the patients and excused himself. He headed straight to the physician’s lounge for a cup of strong coffee. It had been a grueling procedure and he needed his caffeine to kick start his brain.

There were approximate 15 physicians relaxing in the doctor’s lounge. Captain Winston got a cup of black coffee then searched for a quiet corner in which to retreat. He rounded a divider and saw Dr. McLemore seated on a sofa with her bare feet resting on a coffee table. He tried to duck away, but she saw him and motioned him over. She patted the sofa to her right indicating she wanted him to sit. He reluctantly sat about three feet away, leaving enough room for another person to sit between them. Captain Winston patiently sipped his coffee and waited for her to say something. She didn’t say a word and he began to feel awkward and wondered if he should initiate a conversation. She was the one who invited him to sit, so he decided to let her initiate the dialogue.

Without warning Dr. McLemore swung her legs around and dropped her bare feet into the Captain’s lap.

“Massage my feet, Captain.”

Captain Winston was taken aback and without thinking said, “I beg your pardon?”

Dr. McLemore’s face turned blood red and she bellowed, “When I tell a subordinate to do something I expect them to do so without question.”

Her angry voice resonated throughout the physician’s lounge. Physicians in close proximity moved away while others chose to leave the lounge. Captain Winston was embarrassed, but put his coffee down and began to massage her feet. He was beginning to understand why she had trouble keeping surgical assistants. He massaged each toe individually then massaged the balls of her feet with his thumb.

“You are quite good at this Captain,” she said as she laid back on the sofa, propping her head on the armrest. It was as if she had never raised her voice. “You must get a lot of practice massaging your wife’s feet.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He answered in a monotone voice.

“What does your wife do, Captain?”

“She is a floor nurse at our local hospital, Ma’am.”

“Oh…I’m sure her feet ache and hurt just as much as ours do after a long surgery procedure.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She was speaking in a calm normal voice now like they were close friends. It was as if she had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. Captain Winston felt humiliated. That’s why he couldn’t understand why he was getting an erection while massaging her feet. It never happened when he massaged his wife’s feet. Dr. McLemore could feel his hardness and knew he was the submissive she has been looking for. She decided to test him further.

“Captain I won’t you to suck my toes.” She boldly commanded, holding her right foot up to him.

His face became a crimson red. He turned towards her with a shaken expression. His cock twitched and he felt as though he was about to cum. He was confused by the multiple emotions taking place inside him. He knew he had to be careful how he handled the situation.

Dr. McLemore observed his red face and quickly added, “Before you say anything, Captain; the only proper response is either yes Ma’am or no Ma’am and I caution you think before you speak.

He stared at her for a moment while mulling his options over in his mind. Her request was both degrading and humiliating, but it also felt bizarrely exciting. Without commenting he shoved her right foot into his mouth and started sucking her toes. His cock was getting so hard it felt like it was going to explode. He began a slow sawing motion with his tongue between each toe and then licked the bottom of her foot from the heel to the ball of her foot. He was strangely excited by her boldness. Her toes tasted salty.

She was pleased with his obedience. She could feel an electric wave travel up her leg to her tingling vagina. The sudden wetness in her crotch was obvious to them both. She pulled her foot from his mouth and quickly scribbled an address on a note pad. She handed the note to him and said, “I maintain a private home off base, Captain. Be there tonight at 2030 hours and come in full military dress.”

The presumption in her voice left no uncertainty she was serious. She slipped on her Niki walking shoes and hurriedly left the physician’s lounge. Captain Winston was perplexed by her actions. He was not exactly sure what just took place, but he did know that it sexually excited him when she took control of him. It made his cock get really hard when she was so forceful with him. He felt powerless to defy her in any way. He couldn’t understand these new exciting feelings. He found himself wanting to please her, but didn’t understand why.

Ben went back to his quarters and prepared for his meeting with Dr. McLemore at her private off base quarters. After showering and dressing in his full dress uniform, he still had some time to kill before their scheduled meeting. He decided to open his laptop and see what his family was up to at that moment. It was approximately five in the morning back home and everyone was still sleeping. Catherine was still at work at the hospital. He decided to surf the archives and view video footage from earlier in the evening. The first thing he found was Nana and Madison taking Jerry to the bathroom around two o’clock. Shortly after they returned him to bed there was more movement in the boy’s bedroom. Ben couldn’t believe his eyes. The lights were out and the visibility was low, but it looked like his daughter Madison had returned to the boy’s room and had gotten in bed with her brother Michael. Ben tried to think of a satisfactory explanation, but none came to mind. It was time to leave for Major McLemore’s home so he would have to shut down the laptop and ponder the matter later.

Captain Winston arrived at the two story stucco house at precisely 2030 hours and cautiously approached the front door. There was a video surveillance camera prominently displayed above the door. He peered directly into the camera, pressed the doorbell and waited.

“The door is unlocked, Captain. Please enter and come to attention, front and center, in the den,” an authoritative voice ordered over the intercom.

Captain Winston closed the door behind him and cautiously proceeded down the dimly lit hallway to the den. Major McLemore was seated in a large leather chair. She was in full military dress. Captain Winston stood at attention in the center of the room, facing the Major. She rose slowly from the chair and walked around him inspecting his uniform. She returned to the leather chair and gave the command to, “Stand at Ease”. Standing at ease means that you still stay in place, but you are in a more relaxed position.

“Remove your uniform and fold it neatly on the chair to your right,” She ordered.

The Captain was baffled at her command and said, “I beg your pardon, Ma’am?”

Major McLemore sprang to her feet and angrily barked, “The proper protocol when given a directive is either Yes Ma’am or No Ma’am. Do I make myself clear, Captain? I don’t like repeating myself, understand!”

“Yes Ma’am!” He loudly replied in the standard military fashion.

He stood in place a moment longer then promptly moved to the chair on his right and slowly began to disrobe. He returned front and center, coming to attention, wearing only his army green t-shirt and boxers. The Major ordered “at ease” then tossed him a large dog collar.

“Put this around your neck and then return to ‘at ease’, Captain.”

The Captain did as he was told, but felt his cock starting to get hard. Major McLemore approached, circling him as she conducted another inspection. She roughly thumped his semi-erection with her finger. The Captain let slip a low groan, but remained ‘at ease’. His cock grew to its full erection and tented against his army green boxers. It was awkward to say the least.

The Major ordered him to remain in that formation until she returned. She departed the room and the Captain breathed a sigh of relief. He had no way of knowing what might come next, but he found himself hoping she would order him to fuck her brains out. He felt like he could suffer her abuse if she rewarded him with sex. She was a deliciously beautiful woman, but she seems to have some unresolved issues with men serving under her.

The Major returned a short time later wearing a light blue chiffon nightgown that descended to about mid-thigh and was transparent; no bra, no panties. His spirits lifted somewhat. He was beginning to think they were going to have sex until he noticed she was carrying a small riding crop and a dog lease. She ordered him to remove his t-shirt and boxer shorts and then assume a position on all fours in the middle of the room. After attaching the lease to his collar, she walked him like one would walk a dog down the corridor to her bedroom.

She towered over him and said, “When you enter this house you are no longer an Army Captain, nor are you my surgical assistant. You are my slave and you will address me as Mistress. Is that understood?”

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Yes Mistress,” She corrected him.

“Yes Mistress,” he responded loudly in military fashion.

“I will address you as, Slave, Pet, Submissive, or Doggy and you will call me Mistress!”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You will follow each of my directives as though they are military commands. Is that perfectly clear?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She slipped her nightgown off and tossed it on her bed.

“Now the fun begins, “she said running her fingers through his hair and petting him on his head, “You may lick my hand as any good doggy would do to show that you appreciated the kindness of your Mistress. I will reward you from time to time.”

He licked her hand and she petted him on the head again, and then swatted him hard across the buttocks with the riding crop. “I may also see fit to punish you from time to time.”

Her doggy cowered at her feet as any pet would do if punished in such a manner. She dropped down on all four, like a female dog and offered her ass to him. He was confused and did not move.

“Come on Doggy….I want you to sniff and lick my sweet little rosebud until I cum. I want you to lick it and stick your tongue in it until I have an orgasm. You may use your fingers in my pussy if need be to accomplish your task.”

Her doggy moved quickly and obediently to her ass and began to lick and circle her rosebud with his tongue. She emitted a low moan to indicate she enjoyed his licking. He inserted one finger then two into her pussy and started with a sawing motion in and out of her now drooling pussy. She spread her legs wider and began to push against his tongue and fingers. She was rocking with the motion of his strokes as he pushed his tongue and finger into her ass and pussy. He took his other hand and pinched her clit between his thumb and index finger. He began to rapidly jack her clit as though it was a small cock. A minute later she screamed, “Oh my……Godddddd, I’mmmmmmm cummmmmming!”

She fell forward on the carpet. Her breathing was coming in rapid, ragged bursts. She appeared to be struggling for her next breath. It took approximately three to five minutes to fully recover from her orgasm.

“Good doggy…come here and roll over on your back. Let mommy reward my good doggy.”

Her pet rolled over on his back and wiggled as she stroked his belly. She seizes his cock and began aggressively jacking him off. His cock was so hard it felt like it was going to explode. He could feel his orgasm building. His cock started to throb and twitch and pulsate. Just before his semen began to rise up his shaft, she stopped stroking him and says, “No…no, doggy. You are not allowed to come until I say you can.”

He laid there in pain and frustration. His cock was throbbing and his balls were aching. He felt he was going to scream if he didn’t get relief soon. His Mistress motioned him onto the bed and had him rollover on his back. She rubbed his belly and stroked his cock. He got harder and harder and the pain in his balls became so painful he pleaded with his Mistress to let him cum. She found his pain amusing. She ordered him to be silent and then put her lips around his cockhead and circled it with her tongue.

He lost control and spurted his seed all over her breast and abdomen. She took a flyswatter from the nightstand began striking his cock and balls with it. He cried out in pain and pumped several more strings of semen onto her breast. She made him lick up every drop of his cum and swallow it. She rolled over on her back and shoved his face into her pussy and ordered him to lick her to another orgasm.

He ran his tongue up the center of her labia and then latched onto her clit. He sucked it into his mouth and lightly nibbled and chewed on it. She closed her thighs tightly around his head and he could feel her thighs start to tremble as her orgasm churned. Within minutes she was screaming with pleasure as her orgasm raced through her quivering body. She pushed him off her pussy and scrambled up on her hands and knees.

“Mount me and fuck me like the Dog you are. Ram that big doggy cock in my pussy as far as it will go! You are such a good doggy. Make me cum and cum and cum until I can stand it no longer,” she affectionately urged.

At that point he was filled with rage toward her and was venting all his frustrations while fucking her with all the fury he was able to muster. His cock was harder than it had ever been. It was throbbing and pulsating like never before. He could feel his balls stinging and throbbing as his orgasm fast approached. He did not have her permission to cum, but he didn’t care. He didn’t care what his punishment might be; he let it all go and filled her pussy with his hot blast which triggered another massive orgasm in her. She convulsed and then collapsed onto her stomach. He rolled to his back; thoroughly exhausted. He had been tormented and degraded in every way possible, and to his surprise; loved every minute. She was more satisfied than ever before. She had found the perfect lover.

The next morning Captain Winston was ordered to appear front and center, in full military dress, in the den. He reported as ordered, at the appointed time and place and immediately came to attention. Major McLemore, also in full military dress, approached and conducted the customary inspection.

“Captain Winston, a car will out front in two minutes to transport you to the hospital. You will prepare OR # 5 for an emergency procedure. You will assist Colonel Bickerstaff with the procedure. I will expect you to perform in the excellent manner you have done in the past. Is that understood?”

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Dismissed, Captain!”

Captain Winston made an abrupt about face and marched down the corridor, out the front door to the waiting car. The driver, an enlist man, saluted the Captain and open the backdoor for him. The Captain returned his salute and entered the vehicle. It felt good to be treated as a superior officer again.

Captain Winston found Colonel Bickerstaff easy to work with and everything went smoothly during the operation. The emergency procedure lasted three and a half hours. Everyone was exhausted by the time it was over. Colonel Bickerstaff let Captain Winston close the patient and then he left the OR without comment. As Captain Winston prepared to leave the operating room, a scrub nurse called him to the side. She informed him that Major McLemore had left instruction for him to report to her office immediately after the procedure. What now he thought to himself.

Captain Winston cautiously approached the young Lieutenant stationed outside Major McLemore’s office. The Lieutenant saw him approaching and picked up the phone and notified the Major. Without exchanging words he was motioned into her office. He came to attention in front of her desk. She was seated at her desk wearing her Hunter Green scrubs. She busied herself with the mail on her desk.

After a minute she looked up and said, “At ease, Captain. Please have a seat and relax. I understand the operation went well and Colonel Bickerstaff was pleased with your performance.”

Captain Winston didn’t vocally respond, but did take a seat. He was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Major McLemore looked as though she had more to say, but was searching for the right words. The Captain felt the hairs on the back of his neck bristle. He knew something was brewing in the back of her devious mind and didn’t really want to know what it was. They sat there silently staring at each other.

She finally broke the silence and said, “About last night…..” She didn’t finish her statement. It looked like what she had to say was troubling.

“Yes Ma’am. What about last night?” He asked, half sarcastically.

“Last night was a test and you passed with flying colors.”

“I don’t think I understand, Ma’am.”

“You are a married man; aren’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am. I am.”

“You love your wife and you miss your wife don’t you.”

“Yes Ma’am. I do.”

“You have been deployed for about six months and you have at least six more months before you can go home to your wife.”

The Captain nodded affirmatively, but said nothing.

“You miss holding her in your arms and making love to her; don’t you.”

“Of course I do, but where is this conversation going, Major?”

“Forget the Major crap for now and just call me Connie.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Look, I am not married, but I have sexual needs too. That’s why I want you to be my ‘Fuck Buddy’, Ben. Can I call you Ben?”

“What about Slave? Or doggy, and don’t forget submissive?” The anger and sarcasm was clearly obvious in his voice.

“Oh, forget about all that….I was just fucking with you a bit.”

Captain Winston could not believe what he was hearing. His first thought was that it was a trap of some kind. He was at a loss for words. He started several times to respond to her proposal, but could not collect his thoughts.

“What do you say, Ben? Do we have a deal? Would you like to be my new ‘Fuck Buddy’?”

“Why me? You are a beautiful woman and could have just about any man or woman you wanted for sex purposes,” he suspiciously asked.

“It’s simply. You are an officer. You are well disciplined. You follow orders without question and you have a very LARGE satisfying cock,” She answered with a sly grin before adding. “And you made me cum harder and more intensely than anyone had in the past.”

Captain Winston was flattered, but he was also suspicious. He returned her smile and nodded his head yes. Connie got out her chair and came around her desk. She was nude from the waist down. She leaned across her desk, propping herself up on her elbows and asked him to fill her pussy with his big fabulous cock. Ben, without hesitation, dropped his pants and pushed his hard cock into her drooling pussy. It was wet and slippery; no resistance whatsoever. He gave her three long slow strokes before asking what would happen if someone walked in on them. She assured him that the Lieutenant would never make such a grievous mistake; not if he wanted to hang on to his rank.

Ben spent the next ten minutes vigorously hammered her from behind delivering; two bone chilling orgasms before he experienced his own. When he did come it was like opening a flood gate. When his hot semen hit the inside of her pussy it triggered a third magnificent orgasm for her. They were both exhausted. Ben collapsed back in his chair and Connie continued to lie across her desk until the glow subsided.

“Oh my, God….Ben. That was amazing. I want you to come to my house tonight, and every night until your deployment is over,” She said trying to catch her next breath.

“It would be my pleasure, Major, but I would like to ask, what happens with us when my deployment is over?”

“Don’t call me Major when you are acting as my ‘Fuck Buddy’. Call me Connie.”

“Okay…Connie it is, but what happens when my deployment is over?”

“Nothing silly! We are just ‘Fuck Buddies’. You go home to your wife and I begin my search for another ‘Fuck Buddy’. Hopefully I will find another one just like you rather quickly.”

His ego sunk a bit after her quick matter of fact comment. He was hoping to hold some special place in her heart, but he could live with her stated terms. He still looked forward to the next six months with this gorgeous sex crazed blonde goddess. He gave serious thought to requesting an extended deployment.
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