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Ben Winston is a registered pharmacist and also a Captain in the Army Reserve Medical Corp. When he received orders to report for active duty the same week fall classes began at the children’s school, it created a big problem for the whole family.

Catherine Winston was a registered nurse working part-time as a floor supervisor on the day shift at the local hospital until her husband; Ben received orders to report for active military duty. Ben is a registered pharmacist and works for a national pharmacy chain. He is also a Captain in the Army Reserve Medical Corp. When he receives orders to report for active duty it creates a big problem for the whole family. His combined military active duty salary and the small supplement the pharmacy chain gives him for his active duty service is not enough to fully maintain their standard of living.

Catherine has to accept a promotion to a full-time nurse supervisor position on the night shift at the hospital in order to make up for the pay difference between Ben’s military pay and his pharmacy supplemental pay. However; with Ben away on deployment and Catherine working night shift they will have to hire a nanny to stay with the children at night. There won’t be enough money left in the family budget to cover the salary of a nanny. Another complication is that the switch to night shift supervisor has to take place almost at once. That means the last two weeks before Ben deploys, Catherine will be unable to spend those remaining few weeks being intimate with her husband. There never seems to be time in their schedule for an intimate coupling before his departure because of her immediate shift to night duty.

Ben’s mother volunteers to come for a visit and help with the children while he is away on deployment, but Ben has to take care of the children at night until Grandmother Winston can arrive. She is a widow woman in her sixties, but she is still in very good health. She is a good cook and loves the children. She can cook and do light general housekeeping in addition to babysitting the children at night while Catherine works the night shift. It’s understood that Madison will assist her Grandmother with the household chores and Michael will be responsible for his younger brother. When Grandmother Winston arrives, she instructs the children to call her Nana instead of Grandmother. She moves into Jerry’s room and he has to share a room and bed with Michael.


Catherine’s first night in her new position is spent getting acquainted with the hospital night shift personnel and catching up on hospital gossip. Catherine is in charge of all the night shift nurses and also manages floor nurse supervisors for each of the five floors of the hospital. Catherine’s office is located on the fourth floor and she’s come to rely on Mrs. Scott, the floor nurse supervisor on the fourth floor, for advice and guidance while settling into her new position. Mrs. Scott is an older widow woman and had worked at the hospital for over thirty-two years.

“Do I have any personnel problems I need to be aware of before a crisis occurs?” Catherine inquires of Mrs. Scott.

“Not with the nursing personnel, but the doctors are another matter,” she answers and then continues. “We have two young doctors in particular who will not leave the nurses alone during the night shift. Dr. Cadbury and Dr. Simpson both sexually harass the nursing staff almost nightly. They are both young, very good looking and I understand Dr. Cadbury is hung like a stallion.”

“What kind of action do you recommend I take with these two doctors?” Catherine enquired.

Reporting either doctor will in all probability be disregarded by the hospital administration because both doctors are highly skilled and there’s a doctor shortage in general. More than likely the person reporting the sexual harassment would suffer more consequences than either doctor.

“None”, Mrs. Scott replies, “I just thought you needed to be aware of them, because sooner or later both Doctor’s will be trying to talk you into a supply closet for a little impromptu sex.”

“Why would they be interested in me?” The shock in Catherine’s voice is apparent. “I’m a married woman and I have to be at least 10 to 12 years older than them.”

“You’re exactly what they are looking for, Sweetie. They target married women because there is less chance a married woman will try to trap them into marriage, and married women are much more likely to be discrete about a quickie in the supply closet.”

“You mean to tell me there are married women working here who will actually sneak off into a supply closet and have sex with these two doctors?”

Mrs. Scott throws her head back and laughs, “Ha…. married nurses seem to be more willing to play than the young single ones. I guess it’s the ‘Seven Year Itch’ that attracts them to these two young doctors. I don’t know you all that well, but you’re young and healthy and have a husband who will be away on deployment very soon. You have sexual needs. If you’re not horny at the present, in another three to six weeks you will be very vulnerable to their constant overtures.”

“Not me…I love my husband and I would never think of cheating on him,” Catherine proclaims in an incensed manner.

“Ha…. let’s see if you can say that in six weeks,” Mrs. Scott snickers. “I hear Dr. Cadbury has a cock that is at least nine inches and he can make it last until you’re screaming at the top of your lungs in sheer pleasure,” Mrs. Scott places her hand on Catherine’s forearm and whispers, “I also hear he can eat your pussy to the most intense orgasm imaginable.”

Catherine turns a crimson red and her panties get slightly wet thinking about having her pussy licked to an orgasmic climax. She squeezes her thighs tightly together hoping no moisture dampens her crotch and betrays her latent emotions. Her husband will be leaving in a few weeks and already she misses his tongue on her pussy.

Catherine looks around to see if anyone is in earshot then leans close to Mrs. Scott’s ear and whispers, “Have they ever hit on you, Mrs. Scott?”

“No…Honey. I’m probably too old for them, but I have my insurance to help me fight off any temptations from them if they did,” she hoots.

“Insurance…What do you mean?”

“I have a ten-inch vibrating dildo that rocks me to sleep most nights, or mornings since we work the night shift”, she giggles. “I highly recommend you get one also just in case you get so horny you’re tempted to stray. Be sure It’s at least ten inches long and get the one that vibrates six different speeds. You will enjoy it much more than the one that just penetrates.”

Catherine is astounded at Mrs. Scott’s candor. She thanks her for the advice, and then retreats to her private office. She is tempted to masturbate, but instead spends the rest of the night studying the personnel files of all her nurse supervisors. The night goes by so rapidly she doesn’t realize the shift is over until the day shift personnel begin arriving at six forty-five. Catherine locks the door to her office and trudges toward the elevators. She punches the down button and dis in her purse for her car keys. She can’t wait to get home and take a hot shower. She has enjoyed an easy first night but is still very exhausted. She is visualizing a hot shower and a soft pillow when she hears a deep melodic voice behind her.

“You must be Mrs. Winston.”

She turns and finds herself looking up into emerald green eyes and the handsome young face of a thirty something year old Doctor. He looks so handsome in his white lab coat and very professional with a stethoscope hanging around his neck. His sudden appearance causes a slight chill race through her as she takes in his 6’ 2” slender body. It takes her a full minute to collect her thoughts and respond.

“And... You are?”

“I’m Dr. Cadbury”, he says extending his hand. “I heard you were moving to the night shift.”

“Heard I was moving to night shift?” The questioning tone in her voice is apparent. “Have we met, Doctor?”

“No…but I have seen you around the hospital when I rotate to day shift.” He smiles and then leans in and whispers, “How could I not notice such a strikingly beautiful woman such as you.”

A bell rings signaling the arrival of the elevator. She blushes and utters, “Sorry…Doctor but it has been a long exhausting night and I have a date with a hot shower and a soft bed.”

She steps into the elevator, turns and pushes the ground floor button. She finds herself unconsciously looking at his crotch. She remembers what Mrs. Scott had volunteered about him being hung like a stallion. He notices where her eyes are focused and smiles.

As the elevator doors slowly close Dr. Cadbury smirks, “I would be more than happy to join you on that date in the shower and then the soft bed.”

As the elevator descends, she can feel the heat rise around her face and neck. A dozen thoughts of what she should have countered back to Dr. Cadbury race through her mind. She is so angry with herself for acting like a young adolescent school girl. Suddenly she visualizes the two of them in a shower. Her heart skips a beat and her panties get wet. It pisses her off that the thought even enters her mind. She quickly erases that thought from her brain.

Catherine arrives home from work just as everyone is trying to get ready for school. Nana had arrived earlier than expected and is already busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Ben has already left for work. The place is in a general turmoil. Eventually it all falls routinely into the usual daily schedule. The children leave for school. Catherine eats a light breakfast then takes her much-needed shower before crawling between the cool sheets. The inadvertent vision of Dr. Cadbury showering with her returns and she finds herself uncontrollably masturbating before drifting off to sleep. Nana does some routine housework and then watches her favorite soap opera before lying down for a brief nap.

When Catherine wakes up in mid-afternoon, Ben is home from work and is busy gathering items for his deployment. She is tempted to discuss Dr. Cadbury’s behavior at the elevator with Ben but decides not to breach that subject. The children arrive home from school and pepper their mother with a dozen questions about her first night shift. Her mind is flooded with thoughts of Dr. Cadbury and the initial effect he had on her emotions. She forces the salacious thoughts from her mind and patiently answers all their questions and then helps them with their homework.

Nana prepares a nice dinner and they all gather around the dinner table and discuss how it will be while their father is in Afghanistan. He promises to Skype with them each and every week-end during his deployment. The rest of the evening flies by and Its soon time for Catherine to leave again for work. She tells the children, Nana and Ben good night and then departs for her night shift.

Upon arrival at the hospital, she goes immediately to her office and fires up her computer. She leaves the door to her office open so she could monitor the foot traffic in the corridor. As the night supervisor she has access to all personnel files. She pulls up Doctor Cadbury’s file and reads it. His first name is William and he is thirty-two years old. He graduated top of his class at John Hopkins Medical School. He is single and has his younger sister, Dianne, as his emergency contact.

Catherine senses some movement in her office and is startled to find Mrs. Scott leaning over her shoulder, reading the personnel file on the computer screen. She immediately closes the computer screen and addresses Mrs. Scott.

“I met the infamous Dr. Cadbury when I was waiting for the elevator early this morning.”

“And what did you think of the good Doctor?”

“I found him to be rather charismatic.”


“And…he is a little young and overconfident for me, but appealing.”

“So…there’s no interest on your part; or any temptations?” There’s skepticism in her voice.

“None, whatsoever!”

“Is that why you’re studying his personnel file?”

Mrs. Scott lays a brown paper bag on Catherine’s desk and smiles a sly smirk.

Catherine questioningly picks up the bag and asks, “What is this?”

“Something to help you fight off temptation.”

Catherine looks in the bag and blushes. It contains a flesh colored ten inch, vibrating, lifelike dildo with veins and muscular curves in all the right places. She unthinkingly reaches in the bag and wraps her hand around the toy. It feels so real it takes her breath away. Mrs. Scott is pleased with Catherine’s reaction. She turns and casually strolls out of Catherine’s office.

“Let me know how you like it,” she grins over her shoulder. “A word of caution, don’t put it on its highest setting the first time. You don’t want to startle the whole neighborhood with your loud screams of pleasure.”

The night drags by and Catherine finds herself wondering if she can actually put the dildo to proper use; she has never had to play with toys because her husband has always been able to give her amazing orgasms without resorting to artificial means. He isn’t ten inches but is close enough to meet her needs. Several times during the night she picks up the bag and touches its contents. She wonders if Dr. Cadbury is really as large as the rumors allege.

Her shift finally ends. She gathers her belongings, but leaves the dildo locked in her desk. She strolls to the elevator half hoping to run into Dr. Cadbury again. She is still pissed at herself because of the way she had allowed him to dominate their first encounter. She has prepared some strong come backs if he ever hits on her again. She couldn’t let him get away with thinking she will be easy like so many of the other female personnel had been.

As she nears the elevator, she sees Dr. Cadbury down by the nurse’s station. He is flirting with a couple of young nurses. He is so involved with flirting, he doesn’t notice her. The elevator arrives. She glances back at Dr. Cadbury one more time before stepping on the elevator. She arrives home just as the children are leaving for school. They are running late and just wave good-bye. She returns their wave and enters the house. Her breakfast is on the table and Nana is in her easy chair watching television. She eats her breakfast and then heads for her bedroom. The hot shower is the next priority on her agenda.

The next two weeks fly by rather swiftly. She continues to adjust to the night shift and Ben has departed for his deployment in Afghanistan. Catherine has fallen into a nightly routine at the hospital. Each night is pretty much the same as the night before with no major disaster or problems. The only dilemma she encounters on a nightly basis is that Dr. Cadbury is now on the night shift rotation and makes it a nightly habit of hitting on her. So far, she hasn’t had any problem rebuking his advances. That seems to make him even more determined to wear her resistance down.

The time change between the East Coast and Kabul, Afghanistan is about nine and a half hours. When Catherine is working in her office in the early morning hours, Ben will be having lunch in Afghanistan. They begin a nightly correspondence through e-mails. A couple of nights each week Ben and Catherine will Skype around 3 A.M. because It’s lunch time for Ben in Afghanistan. It gives them time to catch up on things face to face. It strengthens her with her resolve to fight off Dr. Cadbury’s nightly advances. Ben is having a rough time with his sexual desires also, but neither he nor Catherine discuss the lust and temptations that occupies their thoughts on a daily basis. Catherine is determined not to give in to her increasingly lustful desires. So, she opens the bottom drawer of her desk and removes the brown paper bag. She takes a deep breath and clutches the brown paper bag to her breast. She closes her office door and locks it. It’s time to relieve the itch between her legs.

Catherine arrives home with enough time to see the children off to school. She hugs and kisses each child. Nana is watching one of her soap operas. Catherine eats a quick breakfast and hurries to her room. She tosses the paper bag on her bed and stripes for her shower. As the hot water cascades over her body, her mind is filled with lust for Dr. Cadbury. She is ready to test the dildo again, but in the privacy of her bedroom to see if it will relieve her sexual stress.

Michael forgot an important paper he had written for his history class and has to rush home to get it. He enters the house and finds Nana asleep in her easy chair. The shower is running upstairs. He rushes to his bedroom and starts to print the history paper. The shower turns off in his mother’s bathroom. He hurriedly collects the history paper and places it in his book bag. As he slips by his mother’s bedroom, he hears a low moan. Her door is slightly cracked a few inches and he cautiously pushes it open and finds his mother naked on her bed. She is on her knees in the middle of the bed with her butt facing the door and her face buried in a pillow. She is shoving a giant dildo in and out of her pussy. She is mumbling and moaning to herself. Michael is momentarily stunned by what she is doing and saying.

“Oh, yes Dr. Cadbury…. keep fucking me with your large cock. Push it all the way in until I feel your balls slapping against my ass.”

Michael pulls out his cell phone and starts filming her. She is entirely spellbound and is completely unaware of his presences. Michael had never seen his mother naked before and has certainly never seen her fucking herself with a giant dildo. He involuntarily gets a painfully hard erection. He wants to masturbate but decides to film her to completion and then masturbate later while viewing the video.

“Oh my God, Dr. Cadbury; I love it when you slide your big cock in and out so slowly. Please finger fuck my ass while you shove that wonderful cock in my wet pussy. Fuck me faster deeper and harder. I’m almost ready to cum. Yes…yes…yes, I’m cummmmm. Oh, fuck Doctor Cadbury, don’t stop! I’m cummmmmiiiiiggg!”

His mother falls forward on the bed and begins to tremble and shake as the most intense ever orgasm races through her body. Her skin is gleaming with a luminous sheen of radiant sweat. Michael turns off his video, slips quietly out of the house and rushes back to school. His cock is so hard he thinks it will break off. Catherine falls into a deep restful sleep.

As soon as Michael returns home from school that afternoon he goes to the downstairs guest bathroom and locks the door. He views the video and masturbates. His orgasm is so intense; he shoots cum all over the bathroom sink and mirror. He cleans up his mess then heads for his own bedroom. He passes Madison’s bedroom and her door is ajar. He peers in and sees her in front of a full-length mirror admiring her figure. She wears only her panties and a bra as she views her body from different angles. Her body is beautiful he can’t fight off his growing erection. He rushes back to the downstairs bathroom and masturbated again.

Three and a half months into her night shift routine and Dr. Cadbury is starting to wear down her resolve. She is so horny It’s becoming unbearable. The dildo is helping, but she needs the real thing in her pussy. She pulls her chestnut brown hair back and ties it in a tight ponytail. She applies a sparse amount of ruby red lipstick and then inspects her appearance in the full-length mirror. The lipstick and the way her light blues scrubs hug her slender body gives her the young professional look she wishes to project. She is pleased with her appearance. She kisses the children good night and leaves for work.

At approximately one o’clock Catherine goes to the nurse’s station on the fourth floor to audit patient charts. She has to make sure the nurses are current with their patient notes. The auditing is a slow boring process, but it has to be done in order to insure the patients are getting the very best care. Catherine is at the station alone and is unaware of Dr. Cadbury’s presence until she feels his semi-erect cock press against her ass. He reaches around and cups each breast with his hands. She struggles to push him away as he pinches her nipples through her scrubs.

“Dr. Cadbury…get the fuck away from me this minute!” She shouts. Her face is red, her breathing erratic and her heart is racing ninety miles an hour. It all seems to amuse Dr. Cadbury.

Dr. Cadbury steps away and chuckles. “I love it when you talk dirty. How did you know that was my big cock pressed against your ass?”

Catherine says nothing as she marches angrily toward her office.

Dr. Cadbury boldly shouts to her as she moves away, “I know you liked it and want more.”

She keeps walking but shoots him the bird over her shoulder without turning back to face him.

“Meet me in the supply closet later if you find you can’t resist me any longer,” He laughs and adjusts his growing erection as he walks in the other direction. “I will be waiting for you.”

She enters her private office and slams the door. The noise echoes down the corridor, but no other hospital personnel bothered to check it out. They are all aware of Dr. Cadbury’s reputation. They all know that sooner or later Catherine will give in and meet him; everyone he targets eventually let him have his way with them. The night shift personnel all knew it was just a matter of time before Catherine would succumb to his constant overtures.

Catherine sits in her office shaking with anger. She can feel the heat rising from around her neck and face. She mulls over in her mind what she should have done or what she should have said. She feels so frustrated and humiliated. That’s why she can’t understand why her panties are so wet. It has been well over three months since she had real sex, but she was determined not to give into the temptation she now feels deep in her stomach. There’s an itchy feeling in her pussy and it needs to be scratched. Her breathing had become rapid and her heart was beating unusually fast. A dildo will not satisfy this itch. She lays her head on her desk cries. Her sexual frustrations are wearing her resolve down.

At one thirty she grabs her inventory clipboard and marches to the supply closet. She begins taking the nightly inventory, starting with the sterile bandages. She is in the middle of counting the latex gloves when she hears the door open behind her. She doesn’t bother to turn and see who has entered the supply room. She continues with her count as though no else is in the room. She first smells his cologne then feels his hard cock against her butt. Her panties get wetter. She continues with her count; totally ignoring his actions.

Dr. Cadbury encircles her waist with his arms and lets his right hand move down the waistband of her scrubs. His hand descends into her wet panties and one finger moves easily into her wet pussy. She didn’t resist as she has done I the past. She no longer has the energy or the desire to resist his advances. Instead, she leans her head back against his shoulder and lets out a low sigh. He unties her ponytail and she shakes out her hair. She knows she should tell him to stop but doesn’t really want him to stop. She is tired of denying her sexual needs. She is getting wetter and wetter. Dr. Cadbury slips her scrub pants down to her ankles. He gently pushes her forward until her elbows are resting on the supply room counter. He spreads her ass cheeks and runs his index finger then his tongue along her crack, pausing to circle her rosebud with his tongue. She is breathing hard and lets out a throaty moan and then steps out of her scrubs before kicking them away. She spreads her feet further apart to allow him better access to erogenous parts.

Dr. Cadbury tickles her rosebud with his tongue as he inserts two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. She draws in a deep breath as he brings her almost to an orgasm before extending his large cock between her legs from behind and rubs his cockhead against her clit several times. She shudders each time and is on the verge of begging him to enter her but doesn’t want to acknowledge her desires are as strong as he had alleged earlier in the evening. He places his cock at the entrance of her pussy and his thumb over her rosebud. He slowly begins to exert pressure with both; her vagina lips part and the head of his cock pops easily into her wet pussy. He holds it there for a minute then pushed sit in as far as it will go. She covers her mouth with her hand to muffle a squeal that is fighting for release. His thumb enters her ass and the sphincter tightens on the first knuckle. She lets out a startled gasp and then let’s go of the squeal she had fought so hard to contain.

After a minute she begins to subtly push and pull her pussy and ass away from him. He gets her message and starts a slow gentle withdrawal from her pussy. He stops before full withdrawal and shoves it all the way in again. She lets out another loud gasp. He gives a mirthless laugh and can feel her trembling as he continues this slow deliberate motion for three or four minutes. She can feel her orgasm building. It even gets more intense as he occasionally wiggles his thumb. She places her hands palms down on the counter to maintain her balance. It’s driving her crazy. His cock is everything she had imagined when she was fucking herself with the giant dildo. She cannot remain silent any longer. The pleasure is too great.

“Oh my God, Dr. Cadbury; I love it when you slide your cock in and out so slowly. And please keep finger fucking my ass as you shove that wonderful cock in my wet pussy. Fuck me faster, deeper, and harder. I’m almost ready to cum. Yes…yes…yes, I’m cummmmm. Oh, fuck Doctor Cadbury, please don’t stop! I’m cummmmmiiiiiggg!”

Her gyrations and her vaginal muscles squeeze and milk his cock causing him to fiercely explode into her quaking hot pussy. Her legs spasm and become unstable; giving way to her weight. She slides slowly to the floor and curls into the fetal position. Dr. Cadbury reaches down, grabs her hair, and pulls her to her knees. He shoves his cock in her mouth and orders her to clean it. She hungrily licks the combination of their love fluids from his cock, swallowing every single drop.

She looks up at him and pleadingly requests, “Can we do this again tomorrow night?”

“We’ll see…you’re not the only person I have to service each night,” he answers.

Her shoulders sag and her face is bursting with despair. Dr. Cadbury pulls his pants up, straightens his scrubs and leaves the supply closet.

Catherine puts her scrubs back on and hurries to the ladies’ room to clean her sated pussy and to freshen her face. She doesn’t want the rest of her staff to know that she has finally succumbed to Dr. Cadbury’s advances. She fails to keep her Skype appointment with Ben that night. She couldn’t bring herself to face him. When the end of shift arrives, she makes her way to the elevator. It’s obvious by the expression on everyone’s face; they all know what had happened, but none of them make any kind of acknowledgement. Catherine rushes home and skips her breakfast but does spend an unusual amount of time in her hot shower.

For the next three weeks Dr. Cadbury totally ignores her. It’s as if he is punishing her for resisting his overtures for so long. Catherine becomes frustrated and cranky. Her family and her staff watch as she sinks down into a depression that causes her to be irritable, easily upset and short tempered. Everyone wants to help her but have no notion where to begin. None of Dr. Cadbury’s previous victims reacted like she had.

Her encounter with Dr. Cadbury has made her sexual desires even stronger; rather than satisfy a primal need. She even finds herself looking at her son Michael with incestuous thoughts. He looks so much like his father, she finds herself wondering if he has a large cock like his father. She isn’t sure, but she is beginning to think Michael is now looking at her with the same incestuous thoughts. She doesn’t know if she wants that to happen or not. She is very confused. She spends the next couple of weeks humiliating herself in over Dr. Cadbury and the way he avoids her.

At ten forty-five Catherine tells her family goodnight and departs for the hospital. She needs to Skype with Ben more than ever since giving in to Dr. Cadbury’s persistent overtures. She makes a mental note to e-mail Ben as soon as she gets to her office and sets up the ground work for a 3 A.M. Skype session. Catherine isn’t ready to divulge to any of her indiscretions, but she did needs to run some upsetting things by her husband.

Nana goes to her bedroom and retires for the evening. She falls asleep immediately. Jerry goes to sleep right away, but Michael goes back to the downstairs bathroom and views the video of his mother again. He masturbates with thoughts of himself ramming his cock into his own mother’s wet pussy. Madison decides to finish the last few chapters of a book she has to write a book review on. It’s approximately one thirty when she finally turns her bedside lamp off. She slips her t-shirt and cotton panties off then places her right hand over her pussy and starts to tease her clit.

Michael’s alarm goes off at one thirty and he slips out of bed and quietly moves toward Madison’s bedroom. The room is dark and she is fast approaching an orgasm when she hears the door to her bedroom open. She pulls her hand away from her pussy and lies completely still as she tries to make out who It’s in her room. Michael guardedly approaches her bed and softly whispers her name. She pretends to be asleep and doesn’t answer him.

He pulls her top sheet back and finds her sleeping in the nude. He whispers her name again. She doesn’t respond so he leans forward and sucks a nipple into his mouth and begins to tenderly lick and chew on it. She can’t lay there and quietly take it. The electricity that shoots through her body is more than she can handle. She lets out a passionate growl and throws her arms around Michael’s head, pulling him close to her breast. He is startled and tries to pull away, but she holds him tightly to her breast.

“Oh Michael…you don’t know how long I have wanted you to come to my room and suck my nipples and lick my pussy,” She moans. “I was just on the verge of having an orgasm on my own when you came into the room.”

She releases her grip on his head and begins to kiss his face and neck.

“I would have been here sooner, but you were busy with your book report.” He pants.

“What made you come tonight? How did you know I would welcome you into my bed?”

“When you finished sucking me off last night, I heard you say you wanted to find a way to let me suck your tits and eat your pussy. So here I am.”

“You mean to tell me you were awake the whole time?”

“Not just that time, but every time you touched or licked my cock I was awake and enjoyed every minute of it.”

“Okay…asshole! Start eating my pussy and don’t you dare stop until you hear me screaming with my first orgasm.”

It takes about two minutes before she is squirming and shaking with her first orgasm of the night. She grabs a handful of his hair and pulls him up to her face and starts licking her juices from his face. Then she gives him the most passionate kiss he has ever received.

She breaks from the kiss after a few minutes and gasps, “Okay…Michael; you’re now going to shove your big delicious cock in my pussy and fuck me until I can’t stand it any longer. I will teach you not to tease me and pretend to be asleep. From now on I expect you to come to my room every night. You should know I can’t fall asleep without having a good orgasm”.

Michael fucks her to three successive earth-shaking orgasms before he entertains the thought of letting himself enjoy his own orgasmic reward. It takes him about twenty minutes and when he does reach that point of no return he launches five powerful bursts of semen into his twin sister’s tight little pussy. When It’s finally over they are both coated with a glossy coat of perspiration. It takes them approximately ten minutes to recover from their afterglow.

Michael decides to share his video with his twin sister. She is shocked but insists on watching it several times. When Michael suggests they call it a night, she tells him not until he fucks her again using the same position her mother was in during the video. She gets on her hands and knees as Michael enters her doggy style. It takes another ten minutes for them both to have their final orgasm. Madison becomes so loud Michael has to shove her face down into a pillow just keep her from waking everyone in the house.

“Oh my God, Michael…. that was the most amazing orgasm ever,” she breathlessly whispers.

“Speaking of orgasms, I think part of Mom’s depression is because she hasn’t had a good orgasm since Dad deployed to Afghanistan.” Michael surmises.

He plays the video again of his mother ramming a giant dildo in her pussy. Madison is just as speechless as before and can’t take her eyes off the video. When Michael asks her for her thoughts, she insists on watching it again and then asks, “Who in the hell is Dr. Cadbury? And why is she calling out his name instead of Dad’s name while fucking herself with that giant dildo?”

“I think he works the night shift with Mom and judging by the video, I’m reasonably certain she seriously wants him to fuck her,” Michael answers, “That’s assuming he hasn’t already fucked her.”

“We have to do something, Michael. We can’t let her lust destroy Dad and their marriage.”

“What do you suggest we do? I’m open for any suggests.”

“You have to fuck Mom before she lets Dr. Cadbury steal her away from Dad!” She boldly declares. Michael almost chokes on his own tongue. He can’t believe his twin sister would even suggest such a thing.

“Madison…. I can’t fuck Mom. That would be incest!”

“Duh…. what the hell do you think we have been doing for the last hour? I have been enjoying incestuous sex with you every time I slipped into your room and sucked your cock. You knew I was doing it and we both loved every minute of it.”

“That’s different. We are brother and sister. But Mom is Mom and I just wouldn’t feel right about fucking her.”

“Look Michael…incest is incest no matter which family members are involved.”

“I just don’t know, Madison.”

“Don’t you think Mom’s beautiful and sexy?”


“Can you truthfully tell me that you have never thought about fucking her or eating her pussy?”

Michael thinks about it a minute then asks, “How would I go about talking her into bed with me?”

“I think she needs a good hard cock in her so bad it would only take a gently push to get her to welcome your big hard cock into her obviously cock starved pussy.”

“I wouldn’t know how to begin to get her in bed,” he whines.

“I have a plan,” Madison says. “She is off on Saturday nights and sleeps in her own bed. That’s when we will seduce her.”

“What do you mean WE will seduce her?” Michael asks.

“Mom always sleeps in the nude so it will be easier to arouse her sexually. We will wait until about two in the morning and then strip naked and sneak into her room. I will get into her bed on one side and you will get in on the other side. We don’t want to frighten her so we will gently wake her up and tell her we needed to talk. At that point we will each take one of her tits in our mouth and I will put a finger in her pussy. It may shock her at first but believe me the pleasure will win out. I guarantee it. Once she feels our naked bodies against her naked body she will respond.”

“Okay…. your plan will probably work, but I still want to give it more thought before we actually do anything.” Michael insists.

“We can’t wait too long. It’s obvious that she really needs a good hard cock and we can’t afford to let Dr. Cadbury be the one to give it to her.” She argues.

“I know,” he laments.



“This whole thing has gotten me horny again. Do you think we could fuck one more time before you go back to your room?”

Catherine and Ben’s Skype session starts promptly at three o’clock that morning. It’s 1130 hours military time in Afghanistan for Ben. He is on his lunch break. He recognizes the distraught express on Catherine’s face immediately and is almost afraid to ask her about it.

“Good morning Catherine. I hope everything is going well at home. You look as if you’re a bit distressed about something.”

“Oh…everything is fine at home. I’m just stressed a little with things at work.”

“Dr. Cadbury is not giving you a rough time I hope.” He asks without thinking.

As soon as the words leave his mouth, Catherine’s expression goes from anxiety to shame to panic to bewildering to puzzling; all in a matter of seconds. He realizes his faux pas at once and searches his tired brain for a way to recover.

“Dr. Cadbury? Who said anything about Dr. Cadbury? How in the hell do you know Dr. Cadbury?”

Catherine’s face is a crimson read and she is blabbering on like a fool; trying to figure out if some ass hole at the hospital has told him about her brief indiscretion. She is suddenly over taken by guilt and remorse. She is just on the verge of offering an explanation as to why she let Dr. Cadbury fuck her in the supply closet when Ben breaks in trying to cover his slip of the tongue about Dr. Cadbury.

“I don’t actually know Dr. Cadbury. I only know of his reputation. One of the pharmacists at your hospital told me long ago that he was a womanizer and aggravated all the women who work at the hospital. I was just assuming he was bothering you.”

Ben can see the relief on Catherine’s face and her coloring is slowly returning. He is proud of his quick recovery because he doesn’t want to tell her about the spy cameras located throughout their home. He makes a mental note to remove several of them as soon as he returns from deployment. Hopefully before she has a chance to find them on her own. Among the first to go will be the ones covering the bedrooms and bathrooms. He has already seen and learned many things about his family that he truly wishes he hadn’t.

He has seen his wife, his daughter, his sons and his even elderly mother masturbating in the showers. Those are personal moments that should have remained private. He has also seen his oldest son masturbating in the downstairs bathroom as he watches something on his cell phone. He has seen Madison and Michael slipping into each other’s bedrooms in the middle of the night. And most disturbing is the footage of Catherine fucking herself with a large dildo while fantasizing about Dr. Cadbury fucking her. It’s distressing to watch Catherine do that, because he himself is guilty of fucking the beautiful Dr. Connie McLemore practically every night. And he is in no position to be critical of her sexual behavior.

“Dr. Cadbury can be a bit of an asshole, but I can handle him,” she assures her husband.

The personal guilt hangs heavy over both of them. They are both anxious to end the Skype session.

“Well…I have an assignment I need to get to so I will sign off until tomorrow night.” He says.

“I’ll speak with you again tomorrow night Sweetheart,” she replies before closing down her computer.

She is glad to see this Skype session end and couldn’t wait for her shift to be over. She feels much better after clearing the air about Dr. Cadbury. A lot of the constant worry about Cadbury’s harassment is gone already. She can handle him, but can she handle the constant fantasies about fucking her teenage son?


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Great storylines please continue this project nice work

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