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This was posted elsewhere years ago, but it's been updated a bit for republication. A very experienced woman finds a new thrill, and explores it up to the hilt.
In her diary, she wrote:

I've been thinking a lot about kinkiness and perversion lately. What's normal? What's just kinky, and what is out-and-out perverted? Normal people, I guess, like simple, normal sex. Man-woman vaginal intercourse stuff, with a little oral thrown in for variety. Kinky people like their sex with a twist, maybe with some adventure and some unusual circumstances. And props. Sometimes kinky people get a bit obsessed about their sex - about the thing that turns them on. I've been kinky in the past - in fact I'm usually a bit kinky. Perverts, on the other hand, well, perverts have at least two kinky urges that they have to experience together, and are totally obsessed by the thought of doing it. Society has to frown on what they do, or it just isn't perverted. It's true that abusive, hurtful sex is perverted, but you're still considered a pervert even if what you do only freaks people out.

I have to admit it. I have become a pervert. I am completely focused on my asshole, and I'm dying to get deeper into lesbian sex. I want a woman to fondle my ass. I want her to worship it, kiss it, bite and suck it. I want her to lick my asshole. I want her to bury her face in my crack. I want her to shove a vibrator up my ass and fuck it. And while she's doing that to me, I want to be eating out her sweet, hairless, beautiful pussy.

A day later, she wrote:

I went to The Pearl tonight, and I thought I had the woman. Arab, I think. Beautiful dark eyes. But I made a move and she told me that she was no slut.

And then, of course, I knew it. I'm not just a pervert. I am a slut. A kinky, perverted, lesbian slut. At least right now I'm a lesbian slut. I've been a

straight slut for years. God, I love being a slut!

I didn't fuck anybody today, but I did save the taxi fare home by blowing the driver. He was middle eastern, and had a very skinny cock with a big red circumcised head, and he came in about thirty seconds. He didn't even touch my breasts until he was already cumming. I'm so horny.

She closed her password-protected diary file, slipped the thumb drive out of the port and into her purse beside her bed, and moved to the internet. The thumb drive went with her everywhere she went. She had been keeping a diary of her sex life - every single detail of her sex life - for twenty years, ever since she left college. It spanned many volumes now, and she had recently copied the old files out to the cloud. It was quite a

story. There was as passionate a deion of the twenty-first time she was fucked up the ass, as the first time. Every lover was described in detail, right down to the unique texture of his balls or the special fragrance of her cunt.

She scanned for new messages in her favourite forums. Her lesbian pictures site was a wasteland of spam, as it usually was.

The one specializing in anal pics was a bit better. Someone had posted a whole series of pictures of a very pretty young blonde taking a cock up the ass while a much older, butch-haired brunette worked on her pussy. They were both clad in bra, garters, stockings and heels, with their

breasts pulled out of the bra cups. Her fingers slid inside the nylon panties that were all she wore as she sat at her desk. Quickly, expertly, with the

experience of decades of daily practice, she began to masturbate. One picture in particular caught her attention, in which the older woman's fingers were deep inside the young girl's cunt, the cock was buried in her ass, and both women were facing the camera, beautiful eyes staring out at her. Her right hand worked her clit, while her left hand teased the hard nipple on her naked, full, right breast.

Before she could cum, however, her eye was drawn to something on the screen she hadn't noticed before. The site advertised another group specializing in fisting. Fisting! Intriguing. Reluctantly withdrawing her hand from her pussy, she clicked on the link. Now this group was something different! Still a ton of spam, but a few nuggets were buried within it. After a few minutes of exploring the pictures, she saw a definite pattern to the pornography. There were usually two women and a man. One woman was either blowing the man or taking him up her asshole, while the other fistfucked her stretched, dripping pussy. Often, they would switch positions, and usually the series ended with cum on the faces of two apparently ecstatically happy women.

Then she saw a variation on the pattern, and gushed into her panties on the spot. Her hands quickly assumed their favourite masturbation positions, and in seconds she was cumming with frantic passion. She whimpered and began stroking herself again.

The picture that caused her such erotic abandon was of a very lovely forty-fiveish strawberry blonde in black lingerie that exposed her medium-sized, round, pert breasts, with a large, hard cock up her pussy, and the tiny fist of a very young-looking, very cute blonde, buried to the wrist in her asshole! This was her secret perversion embodied. She must be fistfucked up the ass by a cute young blonde, and soon!

She returned to The Pearl the next night, and positioned herself at the bar, short tight skirt hiked up to show her long, shapely nylon-clad legs to best advantage; buttons on her silky white blouse undone enough to expose her full breasts to view when she moved just the right way. It was very clear that she was on the make. She refused the offer of a drink, politely, from a dyke in jeans and a t-shirt, before a very attractive young lady sat down beside her. This was not the blonde of her fantasy, but she was worth investing some time in. The girl was about five foot three, with short dark brown

hair and beautiful brown eyes. She wore a cream-coloured pant suit with a matching blouse, that rivalled hers in undone buttons and exposed breast.

"I'm Victoria," the older woman said.

"Karen," the pretty little thing responded in a low voice, eyes lowered.

Karen bought her a drink, which the tiny brunette handed to Victoria. After her first sip, Victoria placed the drink on the counter and took Karen's hand in hers. She watched the girl glance at her crossed legs, which Victoria slowly uncrossed so that she could lean closer. "You have beautiful hands," she purred seductively. "So soft, so - tiny. This one's a perfect size." The young woman looked up sharply.

"Do you like hands?" the pretty brunette asked.

"I love hands," was the reply. "I'm really getting into hands. Small hands are best, don't you think?" She closed the girl's fingers into a tight ball, raised it to her lips and kissed it softly, then continued in an even lower voice, "Fists are nice, too..."

"I - I'm not a - an expert - on fists. Hands. But I suppose small hands would be - better." She took the older woman's hand in hers, stroked it gently, frowning. "Yours is pretty too, but I wouldn't say it's small..."

Victoria smiled. "No, it's not small, but perhaps we don't both need small hands. Perhaps your small hand will be enough. But my fingers are long, aren't they?"

"Long enough, I'm sure."

"Do you think I have a pretty mouth?"

Without a moment's hesitation, the girl replied "Oh, yes. A very pretty mouth!"

"Well then. A young lady with a tiny fist, and an old lady with a pretty mouth - and long fingers."

The girl was silent, looking intently into her eyes. Victoria slid gracefully off the barstool, and helped her cute friend down from hers. Without a word, she led her to The Pearl's door, and into a waiting cab.

Victoria directed the cab to her apartment, and once again placed Karen's hand in her own. She stroked it gently, then kissed it once again. In the back of the taxi, Karen's hand was gently placed on Victoria's nyloned leg, and directed higher and higher up her thigh. Victoria felt the familiar, welcome stirrings in her cunt as Karen's fingers began to work on their own against the bare flesh above her thigh-high stocking. The edge of Karen's hand brushed against her lace panties, causing a quick gush that soaked her hot pussy.

Tonight, Victoria paid the driver, but she took a long hard look at his erection, eyebrows raised dramatically, to let him know that she knew he'd been sneaking peeks at the lesbian lovers in the back seat. Then she led Karen, by the hand, past the smirking doorman and into her building. When the elevator door closed, Victoria quickly pressed Karen against the back wall, planted a passionate kiss on her open mouth, and roughly pressed her hand into the girl's crotch. Karen melted under the assault. She kissed back hard, hands waving uselessly in the air around her older lover. The door

opened. Victoria broke the kiss and abruptly turned and walked out of the elevator. Karen, stunned, followed her to the door of an apartment that Victoria unlocked quickly. They stepped inside. Victoria closed the door and resumed her passionate advance against the nearest wall. While her tongue probed Karen's mouth, Victoria flipped the buttons on Karen's pants, dropped the zipper and slid the pants over her ass. Karen responded by sliding her hands up Victoria's skirt to knead her firm buttocks. Soon, Karen's jacket was off and her blouse open, revealing a cream-coloured lacy bra. Their tongues never leaving each other's mouths, Karen's hand found Victoria's wet pussy, and Victoria pushed, pressed and fondled the pantyhose covering Karen's little cunt.

In her diary, she wrote:

She knew how to kiss a woman. Her tongue explored my mouth, her lips embraced and sucked at mine. God, I love to have my lower lip sucked by the soft lips of another woman. Her pussy was so wet, my hand was soaking even through her pantyhose. She doesn't wear panties under her pantyhose, which I like - it makes it so much easier to work her pretty little quim. I got a finger inside her, drawing her nylons in with it. Karen giggled lustily and shoved her own finger inside me.

"Get that hand wet," I instructed her, "It's going places it's never been before, I'll bet." She thought I meant inside a pussy, and she told me I might be surprised. But I didn't mean pussy. I pulled my finger out of her tight snatch and placed it to her lips. Her eyes widened momentarily, then she accepted it shyly. And of course, placed her own pussy-drenched finger to my lips, so I I sucked it in quickly. I liked the effect her very mild perfume had on the familiar taste of my vagina.

I bit down gently on her finger, then slid my own out of her mouth and back into the nylon that still defined the lips of her pussy. I'm sure I must have had a sly grin on my face as I dragged her, by the finger between my teeth and the pussy hooked by my own finger, towards my bedroom. She could only take short steps because of the slacks at her ankles, which had her laughing as we moved slowly along. At my bed, I released her from my grips, then tossed her onto it.

I ripped the crotch out of her pantyhose, and ordered, "Take everything else off." As she stripped, I removed everything but my own stockings, garters and heels. I slid onto the bed beside her. In a flash, my leg was over her chest, and I massaged her lovely breasts roughly, grinding my cunt into

her stomach. She reached for my tits, but she was much more gentle. So I squeezed hers harder, twisting and pulling at them until she gasped, and took the hint. She tweaked my nipples hard. It hurt, a lovely, sexy pain. "Again!" I commanded. She pulled one nipple hard, and grabbed the other breast roughly. I moaned. I creamed against her soft belly. Her eyes closed, she winced against the harsh treatment I administered to her pretty titties.

Then I moved to her face. My pussy found her sweet lips, and her tongue found my clit in seconds. She had eaten pussy before. I came on her face in short order.

"My turn!" she said. I shook my head. Not yet. From the drawer beside my bed, I produced a large tube of petroleum jelly, and an even larger dildo.

"Put this in your pussy," I instructed her, giving her the dildo. Itslid in very easily, despite its size.

It was time to get down to the business of getting my asshole fistfucked by Karen, the beautiful, horny little lesbian. Propping my head up on a few pillows, I spread my legs wide and lifted them up over my body. My pussy was wide open to Karen's view. She took the opportunity to move in close, but I stopped her. I took a huge glob of jelly and smeared it across my pussy, down to my anus, across my cheeks and back up to my pussy.

"Karen," I said, "which hand are you going to fuck me with?" She held up her right. "Grease it up, but you can't use your left hand to help." She smiled, as comprehension came to her. Karen placed her hand on my bare cunt. She slid it around, up and down, turning it over. She ran the outside of her hand through the crack of my ass, up to my pussy, then slowly across my clit. She knew what she was doing. One by one, she used her fingers to explore my cunt. My clit responded with a sharp tingle that culminated in another gush from deep inside my vagina. Again she turned her hand over, and stuck her thumb inside me while she wiggled her index finger against my still sensitive clit.

In a moment of creative passion, she pulled one of my legs over her shoulder, so that her face was inches from my slippery, wet genital area. She placed her hand against the opening to my quim and slowly pushed forward, the longer fingers sinking inside. But before she went too far, she tickled my anus with her thumb, and looked up me with a questioning eyebrow raised. "Do it!" I commanded, and her thumb thrust hard into my eager asshole. My ass clenched in response. "Lick me," I continued, and her tongue eagerly splashed onto my clit, where she flicked it hard. I came again. I pulled her head away and said, "Your wrist. Grease your wrist." Her eyes widened, but she obeyed. My pussy reacted again to the motion on and around it.

"Do you want me to fistfuck you? Should I stick my fist up your pussy?" She emphasized the dirty words as she spoke.

Yes, fistfuck my pussy - to start." I replied, in the same tone. She looked puzzled, butI didn't respond. Her hand reentered my wet snatch, this time with her thumb tucked against the inside of her palm. She moved it in and out slowly, getting a shade deeper with each thrust. Soon the widest part of her hand was stretching the skin surrounding my pussy. It hurt. "No!" I said, as she bean to withdraw for another thrust. "Push! Push it right in." She complied with a lusty grin, and with a painful jerk, she was in me up to her wrist.

"Fuck me! Fistfuck me!" I commanded. Karen pushed in and out, quickening the pace as she learned how much my stretched snatch could take. Her arm moved in deeper, until I could feel her fingers exploring places I didn't know I had. It felt so good.

"Move your hand around. Open and close your hand. Make a fist!"

She responded with a giggle, and proceeded to do so. Then she opened her hand again, and stretched her fingers as wide as she could, causing me to gasp. In and out, open and closed, her hand explored thr depths of my most private place. My second most private place. I reached between my legs and grasped her arm near the elbow, beginning to pull it out.

"Am I hurting you too much?" she asked with concern.

"Oh, no," I laughed lustily. "Give me your pussy." I touched my finger to my lips as I said that. She eagerly swung around, where I placed her on her back, and moved into a sixty-nine position on top of her. But instead of dropping my cunt down onto her mouth, I placed a knee on either side of her torso, and stuck my ass high into the air. "Touch my asshole. Stick a finger inside." She complied, and began to whimper as my tongue slashed at her clit.

"Another finger. Push them in and out." I had forgotten about the dildo jammed up her pussy, which was now in my face. I pulled it out with a loud slurp, and held the dripping thing out behind me so that she could see it. "Take it!" I ordered. "Put it in my asshole."

"Really?" she said with wonder in her voice. "You can take that up your ass?"

"Do it!" I commanded. Her fingers had opened my sphincter enough that it slid in without much trouble. She fucked my ass with it while I ate her sweet, dripping pussy to an orgasm. She has a pretty pussy. Her labia are large, but not too large. Her vaginal fluid tastes more sweet than fishy, but it has that unmistakable sexual flavour. The aroma around her quim was delectable. She used a very mild perfume that mingled well with the wonderful cunty smell. She was completely shaved, not uncommon for women who expect to get most of their sexual gratification through mutual cunnilingus. I enjoyed licking the whole beautiful area.

"Now," I instructed Karen, "pull that thing out and put three or four fingers inside." She did, but she was clearly surprised. She went straight to four fingers. My ass pushed hard against her pretty little hand.

"You don't mean..."

"I told you - fistfucking my pussy was a start. Deeper!" I moaned, but went back to work on her clit. "Your thumb!" My asshole stretched wide open. She pushed and pulled back, then pushed her hand into my ass again - but not nearly hard enough. "Twist it into my asshole. Push harder," I instructed. Karen did what she was told. I tongued her pussy hole. She worked my anus hard, until the beautiful pain became almost too much for me. But then, with a final searing thrust, it was in! Karen was really, truly, fistfucking my ass! I was screaming out moans as my asshole clenched down on her wrist, locking it inside me.

"Now," I whimpered, "we're almost there. I need one more thing." Karen was shocked once again. "Fuck my cunt with your other hand!"

"Your CUNT?" Karen questioned. Good little lesbians don't say cunt.

"My CUNT! My fucking CUNT! Fist my CUNT!" I commanded. Karen fisted my cunt. Her left hand slipped in very easily.

The sensation of a fist in both my holes at the same time was like nothing I had ever experienced before - not any of the hundreds, no thousands, of sexual experiences with men, women and both together had prepared the depths of my loins for this incredible violation. Karen found a rhythm with her hands - pushing one deeper while pulling the other back - that sent me over the top. It must have looked like she was punching me - left, right, left, right! I gushed into her hand and moaned from the depths of my throat. I engulfed her pussy with my open mouth and tongue-fucked her until she cried out for me to stop. When I was fucking well ready, I stopped.

Victoria and Karen, a pair of well-fucked lezzies, fell back onto the bed and cuddled each other for a while. Karen impulsively moved to Victoria's mouth, frenched it with passion, then rose before Victoria could draw her back into a sexual frenzy again. Karen dressed quickly and left. After she washed her hands.
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