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my day to day life
Jen’s life – Chapter One

Tonight is my birthday, and I am excited to open my presents. I have a new computer game from my father and mum, the one I have been wanting for ages. My parents invite the family over for a special birthday dinner – and I get to open my presents, and thank them for thinking of me. My family consists of my uncle and Grandpa – both on my father’s side. I don’t have any more family; my mum told me a few years earlier that when she met my father and married him her family have nothing to do with her now, so it’s just us and Grandpa and Uncle Pete

My mum had baked me my favourite chocolate cake and after I blow the candles out my mum cuts it and so I give a slice to each of them. My grandpa always insists on me sitting on his lap – but I am getting too big for that now, and as I tell him this I can see straight away that I have angered my father. He stands up and swipes the plate and chocolate cake out of my hands onto the floor and shouts at me that I NEVER refuse to do anything my grandpa asks of me.

I quickly apologise to him and my father – as I don’t want a spanking today – not on my birthday, but it’s too late – and my father pulls me onto his lap flips up my skirt – and pulls my knickers down, exposing my bare bum. He invites my grandpa to come and spank me as I have upset him too, and between them I am spanked 6 times.

I know not to cry or scream out; this will not change anything, apart from adding on a couple more spanks.

My grandpa puts his hand down and touches me between my legs, and as he does I look across to my mum, she is sitting there motionless watching, a look of horror on her face. I am so sorry I put that look on her face. She often has it and I hate that. He comments that just like my slut mum I am wet for him, my mum blushes as she still looks at me. I close my eyes shut tight as his finger probes me until he finds what he is looking for and his finger pushes inside me. I lay motionless on my father’s lap as he pushes his finger in and out of my cunny. I know what he is doing; he has done it lots of times before when I have been naughty. I try so hard not to be naughty, but I never know when I am being naughty until it is too late.

Last week I scored 98/100 in my maths test and my mum was SO pleased with me, we went for a doughnut after school. I love it when mum and I do things like this.

When my father got home we were eating dinner and my mum mentioned my score in my maths test. There was silence, and this is never a good thing. My father finished his dinner and then told me to get onto the footstool. I gasped as this was usually when I been really naughty and bad. He got on the phone and called my grandpa and uncle to come round as I needed some discipline. They only lived next door so within seconds the door was pushed open. My mum tried to reason with my father, but that only got her a hard slap on her titties, and he pulled at her nipples through her top. She was begging him not to hurt her but he continued until she was crying.

When my Grandpa and Uncle walked into the room they both asked at the same time what I had done… my father told them, and my Grandpa said straight away how disappointed he was in me that I was too lazy to learn all of the maths. Those words made me sob. My father told me to get in the position – so I laid down, my belly on the footstool and my head down one side. Tears pooled in my eyes. I knew I was not allowed to lift my head up, but I could hear what was going on around me, my mum was still crying out as I think either my father, Grandpa or my Uncle Pete continued to pull on her titties as I heard her saying that her nipples were really hurting by then.

My knickers were quickly pulled down and the blows started, I had 8 spanks on each cheek – and then hands pushed my legs apart and I was spanked between my legs – at this I screamed; not being able to hold it in. The pain was so intense, my cunny was on fire, and instinctively I put a hand up to stop any further spankings on my cunny. All I heard through my sobs was a tsk tsk.

I felt my hand grabbed – and pulled out in front of me with my other one, and stretched out. I knew this was my Uncle Pete as I recognised his shoes.

I waited, sobbing to myself, hoping that it was over when out of nowhere another slap hit me between my legs, the pain was unbearable and I felt hands on my hips, holding me down, another two spanks on my cunny followed in quick succession. I was flipped over so that my back was now on the footstool and my head was now looking up. It was my Grandpa who stood between my legs with a smile on his face. My father stood to one side with both hands on my mums titties as the look of pain on her face was evident.

My Grandpa then started to stroke my cunny, back and forth as he said he had to make it feel all better for me. I continued to sob – my cunny was still on fire as Grandpa continued stroking my puffy lips that were so red. He pulled them apart and spanked my open cunny with the flat of his hand. I gasped as the pain was too much. A massive scream erupted from me, and the pain was so bad that I must have fainted. I awoke to find myself on Grandpas lap – as he stroked my hair and told me that I was a good girl for taking the punishment. I looked around the room for my mum and found her sitting on my father’s lap on the sofa, he was still playing with her nipples, her top now pulled down showing her titties as he kept twisting them and tugging on them. Her eyes are glazed over, I know that look, the same look I have when the pain is too bad that I go into myself. I wonder how long I was out for. My uncle is sitting next to my father and his hand is up my mum’s skirt probably playing with her cunny too.

I need the loo, I was so scared when my father told me to get on the footstool I was so scared that I was just pleased I didn’t wet myself there and then.

I ask for permission to go to the loo and my father says yes. My grandpa stands up and grabbing my hand takes me upstairs to the bathroom. I sit down on the toilet, crying out in pain as I start to pee, my cunny still so sore. My grandpa stokes my hair as I pee, and his hand moves down and pushes my jumper up – roughly squeezing my puffy tiny titties: eliciting another sob from me. I finish peeing and get some paper to dry myself. My Grandpa snatches it from me and gets me to stand up so he can dry me.

He pushes my legs wider so his hand and the paper can be rubbed back and forth. I am cringing as it’s so painful. He turns and puts it down the toilet and flushes. I go to wash my hands and so does my Grandpa, soaping his fingers and washing my hands in his. I love my Grandpa when he does nice things like this with me, but its always followed by things that hurt me.

We go downstairs and the first thing I see is mum, pushed onto the sofa as my Uncle Pete is pushing his fingers hard into her cunny, and my father has his peepee out and pushing it into mum’s mouth. My grandpa goes to sit down again and pulls me onto his lap. I don’t say a word now, having learnt my lesson the hard way. Grandpa’s hand goes up my skirt to my now bare cunny, as he didn’t let me put my knickers back on again when I was in the bathroom. I sit on his lap, still as a statue as he starts to rub me.

Grandpa loves it when I am his good girl. He puts my legs over his, and then opens his legs wide – this means that I am now open to him, and his finger pushes inside me.

All I can hear is the sounds that I am so used to – the unique sounds of fingering, my uncle and Mum, which Grandpa now echoes with me and the gagging sound as my father pushes his peepee into mum’s mouth.

I don’t look across to mum, I don’t want to see her upset. She doesn’t like gagging – but my father likes her to, and he always gets his own way.

I hear my father groaning as I know his cum is soon going to come out of his peepee. I hate when I have to have it in my mouth, and I was punished when I spat it out. All I know is that my father, Grandpa and Uncle seem to cum often. My mum talks about their cum when we are alone. After my first punishment she told me that I must never waste their cum… its got to be either inside me, or swallowed in my mouth – I must never spit it out – or spill any. My father and my Uncle always have the most and I always spill some out of my mouth, and no matter how hard I try I never succeed. Then I am punished (again).


2018-04-17 23:00:35
You don't say how old Jen is, but I'm guessing if you did, this story would be rejected. So as a reader, we have to decide for ourselves how old we want Jen to be.

Your use of paragraphs makes it so much easier to read, but I think a small amount of editing with re-wording of some sentences and better punctuation could actually improve this story, resulting in a much higher rating.

You may also like to consider that most stories are told in the past tense making it easier to write and easier for the reader to understand, although writing in the present tense isn't actually wrong, neither is switching between the two as you have done in places, but I suspect wasn't intentional. I would also like to see you quote what each person is saying using speech marks.

It's very rare that I read other people stories and actually read to the end, I normally lose interest long before then, but I thoroughly enjoyed this story and intend to read the other chapters very soon.

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