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Once upon a time there was a silly little female called Tahlia, but her real name was Shelli.
Shelli loved to show off her feminine body as much as she could, always wearing nought but a skintight shirt that covered

hre body only to the top of her hips. Below that was nothing but unclothed female body except for a pair of slutty little

ankle boots.

She relished showing off her naked female legs and hips, her round pink little girl-butt off to the world, it gave her a

big smelly wide-on to be so slutty and impure.

But one day, Shelli had a little accident. Shelli was walking along near some old embalming pumps. The pumps had leaked

their slippery fluid all over the floor- Shelli's shoes could not keep their grip, for they were just fetish shoes which

looked kinky but had no grip! Shelli slipped and slid helplessly, her pert little body a mere puppet of a horrid destiny.

She slipped and fell backwards, the back of her pretty little head plunging right towards the fluid pipe poking from the

top of the embalming machine like an erect penis! There is a meaty squelch as the tip of the pipe peirced the hymen that

was the back of Shelli's head. It slides inside a little way. Shelli's body is held half way backwards through her fall by

the pipe-tip poking ever so slightly into her soft, vulnerable head-meat. What a horrid thing to happen to poor little

Shelli! And worse, the pump is operated by pushing towards, the very thing Shelli's body is forcing upon it! With slow, wet

squelches, the pipe goes down and the embalming fluid begins to rise. Shelli despirately tries to stop her body's fall as

she hears the thick, horrid fluid burbling and slurping as it is summoned up the pipe! Despirately her hands grope blindly

behind her for somewhere to hold and her long, fit, naked female legs flail about for a none-slippy place for her silly

little boots. Her pretty eyes are wide with panic, her lips pout and gasp, mixing with the squeak of the pipe and the

burble of the fluid and the moist squelches of a girl soiling herself in horrid, frantic panic. How lucky her cute little

girl-butt is unclothed so the soil can simply fall upon the floor!

As the thick brown girl-filth collects wetly between her legs, her fingers begin to find a proper grip and her boots

finally stop slipping upon the slimey floor. Just before the thick, horrible fluid reaches the top of the pipe she makes

her body firm and rigid. The pipe lowers no further. Her bumhole is soiled and smelly but her head is clean of embalming

fluid. She hangs there, still and stiff as a pole, knowing that the slightest twitch could mean the difference between

liberty and lobotomy. Her head is bent right back so that her pretty little face sees nought but the ceiling, but with

very, very delicate care she begins to raise her body, hands slowly caressing their way up the pump, little by little

taking her weight off the pipe. Her wet, frothy lips make only the softest and most delicate gasps as she begins to slip

her head out of the rapist touch of the pipe before it gives its' load to her brain. Slowly, slowly, oh so slowly, she

begins to free herself from her horrid destiny. She becomes more confident, more sure as the pipe retreats from her brain.

Now it rests just inside the lips of the orifice it thrust through the back of her head. She is almost there! She is almost

free of her lobotomising rapist! But now the tip of the pipe becomes stuck in the messy hymen it had deflowered in the back

of her head. Shelli tries to work it loose, but it wants not to be teased so close to the big O!

But Shelli is so close now, just one more smart feminine flit and she shall be free! So she begins to ready her fit, pert

little body for her final liberation. Hands take grip. Neck readies to raise. Butt-cheeks clench. She raises one boot and

slowly, delicately slides it over to a better planting to support her leg. She feels strong and confident. She's almost

free! She brings the other one up, over, down. There is a moist squelch.

Then all is chaos and spasm. The boot slips spastically, not upon the slimey floor but upon a wet pile of Shelli's faeces!

The boot goes slip-sliding in the soil and her naked leg flails off after it and her pretty little girly body goes jerking

backwards and downwards- right back onto the pipe!

This time there shall be no escape for the poor little female. This time she will be given it hard and deep and long for

being such a cock-tease! Her body slips, falls, and the pipe thrusts, thrusts deep into soft, moist, tight virgin brain as

the fluid begins to spurt.

Shelli's world became a horrid, spastic panic. Arms flailed. Legs thrashed. Her eyes bulged and rolled, froth soiled her

lips. Between her hips whofted the moist feminine stinks of a wet, spastic wide-on, and on the other side came the horrid,

uncontrolled sludge of a girl who is being turned into a vegetable.

Shelli was being lobotomised. Embalming fluid was being spunked and spunked out of the pipe, each new spurt deflowering

more and more of the poor little female's precious, precious head-meat. What a horrible little accident to have happened to

such a pretty little female! Turned into a vegetable because she slipped on her own faeces!

Her body was becoming spastic and twitchy as the embalming fluid began to rob it of the commanding touch of a brain. Her

lips became slack and wet as her tongue lolled around in her mouth, the froth grew thicker and thicker, horrid wet gurgles

came up from her throat.

But the pipe was relishing it's orgasm! It's long, juicy ejaculation showed no signs of calming! Still her fingers tried

despirately to grip and hold and stop her fall, even as they began to spack and claw, still her legs danced and jigged in

despirate, brain-damaged spasticity to regain her footing. But all they did was smear faeces over the floor. The fluid

still pumped. The more it pumped, the more spastic she became. The more spastic she became, the more it pumped!

Shelly was becoming a vegetable. Her brain was almost all gone as the embalming fluid did its' horrid, smelly work. Her

hands clawed, and relaxed, clawed and relaxed. Thick yellow foam slopped from her lips, her eyes rolled up into her head,

leaving nothing but creepy white balls. The gurgling has calmed to a slow, deep, frothy rattle. Bumhole is soiled. Wide

fadge stinks. Embalming fluid slops and burbles down the shaft of the pipe as its' long, horrid orgasm slowly calms.

Shelli's little body begins to calm too. Her brain is all gone. No more brain-thinks. No more personality. Shelly has been

the victim of a horrible accident, and now she is nought but a twitchy little puppet made of meat who stinks of soil and

unwashed vag.


2018-04-13 22:37:21
Glad to see you are back with more stories. Never let anyone get you down and keep writing <3

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