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A true account of my first time with a man.
Author’s note - Please read (at least skim) through this:

The author is over the age of 18 and legally safe to write erotica/sex stories.

One more thing: this story takes a while to pick up, I like writing in detail and feel the need to add a decent introduction and build up to add to the overall satisfaction of the story.

If you can’t handle it or want something shorter, just go watch a porno with a terrible plot or enjoy any of the other great stories by talented authors. I’ll release other stories if this one receives positive attention and some of them might be shorter.

I cannot promise a consistent upload schedule yet as I have to manage university, work and other commitments.

As this is my first piece of erotica, please be gentle in the comments. I completely encourage supportive criticism, if you have any improvements, suggestions or have noticed any plot, punctuation or grammatical errors, please let me know. Please take into consideration that this text was typed using Standard Australian English.


Tony On My Taste Buds.

Note: This is a true account of my first sexual experience with another male. Everything; including the events, names and ages of the characters have not been changed and stay true to life. Trust me when I say it, this is EXACTLY how it happened:


So I’m Kenny, an 18 year old male living in Australia in 2018. I’m not the tallest guy around, coming in at around 168 cm (5 foot 6 inches). I have a build that's not slim but not too fat, I don't dedicate much time to the gym but my legs are the most toned part of my body because I mountain bike and also play soccer and basketball every now and then.

I’ve dated one girl in person before, back in 2016, we really enjoyed each other’s company and also went all the way in regards to sex. Before that I've had a couple of long distance relationships on a online messenger app called Kik.

Speaking of Kik, that's where I found out that I'm bisexual. The more I was trying to find females on it, the more I came across guys with their cocks hanging out. At first it really disgusted me because I didn't want to see a bunch of pricks that were on display. But eventually I started to develop more acceptance towards them, and started seeing them as ordinary body parts without the “gay” stigma that used to turn me off. After that, I started to find some sexy looking, and that, mixed together with straight blowjob porn, is what caused me to experiment with guys on Kik. I started trading pics online and started to develop more of a craving for cock. I wanted to have one in my mouth and taste it but did not ever let my thoughts wander off into either receiving or giving anal with guys. Eventually I became more open to that as well found out that I'm a top and would like to fuck a guy.

Anyway, so when I became 18, I realised I could finally try something with a guy in person, but it was near impossible as I still didn't have my probationary licence (P plates) and also my parents were always the strict type, I never really got any freedom or independence.

About 2 months ago I got my P plates and was able to drive on my own, so I started looking for guys around my age and mostly inexperienced so I could meet them in person and experiment. After about two weeks I had pretty much given up as nothing was working out but then I received a message from a 34 year old versatile Asian named Alex. I was reluctant to delve into a conversation with him considering the age gap but he showed me pictures and looked a lot younger than his age due to him being Asian. Eventually we started talking a lot more and within a week he seemed like the guy I always had wanted. I guess somewhere along the line an emotional connection was formed and we decided to become boyfriends.

So I arranged a couple of meets with him that always turned out to be unsuccessful and was really eager to have him in person but my sexual frustration was peaking at this point considering that it had been 2 years since I last had sex (which was with my gf at the time) and had been in a horny state since then. The age difference had also grown on me and it turned me on to think of being with an older male.

One night, about 3 weeks ago, I received a message on Kik from another guy named Tony. We shared pictures and nudes and I had found out he was 55 years old with a thick 7.5 inch cock which looked so delicious in pictures. I was horny in an instant, my own cock tenting uncomfortably in my tight shorts. Eventually though I regained some self control and told him that I had a newly made boyfriend and planned on staying loyal to him. With that, I went back to texting Alex and we tried to make plans again. I started to have my doubts when all he wanted to see was nudes of my ass and asshole but I still showed him regardless. I was in a horny but doubtful state, on the one hand I really wanted Alex and I to be together but on the other I felt that he only wanted my virgin hole. I was open to receiving anal at this point but I wanted my first time to be with someone that liked me rather than just wanted my tight hole. Nevertheless, it was a Monday night and we made plans to meet on Thursday during the day, and with that Alex had to go offline. His missus was pestering him.

I didn't know how to feel and needed some advice, so I texted Tony again, not sure what to expect. I had originally planned to ask him for help regarding my situation but, being in my horny state and having my mind in a mess, I decided to text him and just go with the flow. We started talking again exchanged some more pics and he was beginning to grow on me. I decided to have a couple of beers and try to ease myself. He seemed like a nice guy (but then again, so did Alex at the start) and his nudes and the massive age difference between us all started to make me crave him. Being drunk didn't help. He told me he was free tomorrow (Tuesday) and I had told him I was too. We had made a plan that he would pick me up in his car from the shopping centre and take me back to his house where we can enjoy each other’s company. Without thinking about any of the consequences, dangers or risks of doing this, I agreed to meet him at 12pm the next day.

27/03/18 - Tuesday:

I woke up the next day at 8am and was reminded of everything that happened yesterday. I immediately felt guilty (for arranging with another guy and not telling Alex or getting his permission), scared shitless about the fact that I had just agreed to meet with a complete stranger and on top of that, he would be picking me up. Every scenario possible ran through my head: I could be killed, I could be raped, he could seriously hurt me, he could turn out to be a creep. Or, he could turn out to be the sweet guy that he seemed like on Kik. I spent an hour trying to calm myself and think rationally. I wanted to just stay at home and not bother going, I could just call off the whole thing and make up an excuse, I could just avoid talking to him altogether. But something just pulled me towards him, I don't know if it was his sweetness, his sexy cock, or me just being a horny cunt. But something made me text him again, for some reason I decided to tell him that I'm willing to meet, we confirmed our plan and it was sealed. I would be meeting him in the parking lot of the shopping centre and he'd be taking me back to his house.

However, I didn't know if that's what would actually happen, it could turn out to be the worst day of my life, maybe even the last day of my life, or maybe it could be a wonderful first experience. I was clinging onto the latter with my life (quite literally).

I reach the shopping centre and reluctantly go to the parking lot, my heart aching and beating rapidly, I text him and he describes his car to me: a deep blue Toyota Landcruiser with black roof racks. I manage to spot his car and see a white male inside the driver’s seat. There's nobody else in the car so that makes me feel a bit safer, I text him the number plate and he confirms. I slowly approach his car from behind, wanting to run away for miles until I can't run anymore, wanting to just call it off, wanting to just get the hell out of there. Nevertheless, my feet make their way towards the car, one step at a time, eventually I approach the passenger door, I look inside and see Tony, the guy from the pictures, the guy who was sweet talking me last night, the guy with the thick 7.5 inch uncut cock that I badly wanted my lips around.

“Hi…”. I say with a nervous smile.

“Hi, you must be Kenny.”. He greets me with a warm smile.

Me: “Yeah that's me, you're Tony right?”

Tony: “Yep, sure am, you wanna jump in?”

I hesitantly open the door and slowly get in the car. Not knowing what's gonna happen to me, my life in potential danger.

Tony: “So you came huh, was hoping you weren't gonna ditch at the last second.”

Me: “Yeah I guess I did, sorry I'm just nervous.”

Tony: “Oh I understand, you're really brave for doing this with a complete stranger. You’ve really never been with a guy before?”

Me: “No I've never.”

Tony starts the car and we start driving.

Tony: “Oh wow ok, don't stress we don't have to do anything if you don't want to, I'm just glad you came.”

Me: “Yeah me too I guess.”

Tony: “So you’re not in school?”

Me: “No it's my first year of uni actually.”

Tony: “Ah ok, and you're working as well or not?”

Me: “Yeah I also work at a service station.”

Tony: “Oh cool, how's that going?”

We exit the parking lot.

Me: “Yeah it's going alright, do you work?”

Tony: “No, well I'm semi-retired actually so I'm a bus driver on casual, so they call me when they need to.”

Me: “Oh ok, so you've done that your whole life?”

Tony: “No actually, when I graduated school I became military for a good 5 years, then I went to uni myself and did a PhD in teaching. Then I became a professor at the Uni I went to for most of my life. And now I’ve retired from that so I do bus driving every now and then, just gives me something to do and I'm not bored then.”

Me: “Oh wow ok, you've done quite a lot then.”

Tony: *chuckles* “Yeah I guess so, how about you then, what are you studying?”

Me: “I'm actually doing Computer Science. A bachelor's degree first, the I'll do a master's if I feel like it.”

Tony: “Oh that's good, yeah good jobs in that nowadays, and future proof as well.”

Me: “Yeah part of the reason why I'm doing it, also just like computers too.”

Tony: “Ah ok, fair enough. It's good that you know what you're doing.”

Tony: “So your boyfriend then, he’s ok with you meeting with me?”

Me: “I didn't tell him actually.”

Tony: “Ooh you naughty, cheating on him like that.”

Me: “Well I haven't actually met him yet, we were planning on Thursday, he was gonna be my first.”

Me: “But I guess you’re gonna beat him to it.”. I wink and smirk.

Tony: “Yeah guess it doesn't really count if you've never met, but it should be fun anyway.”

Me: “Yeah it does turn me on though, going behind his back like that”

Tony: “Oh I bet it does.”. He gives me a naughty smile.

Me: “So how many guys have you been with?”

Tony: “Oh I've been interested in guys since I was a kid you know, I never really thought about it as a gay thing, I've always just appreciated the bodies of both genders. But yeah I've been with several over the years.”

Tony: “I actually have a Chinese boyfriend currently, he's 26, lovely guy, delicious too.”

Me: “Oh I bet, Asians are always hot. He knows you're meeting with me?”

Tony: “Well he wants a threesome with me and another guy that's older than him, so he's expecting me to find one for us. But he doesn't know about you, because you're younger, he wouldn't approve. May just have to keep you hidden from him.”

Me: “Oh ok, sounds hot, but yeah I don't mind just the two of us.”

Tony: “Yeah should be fun regardless.”

Me: “So are you married as well? Have a gf?”

Tony: “Yeah got a wife, she doesn’t know about this side of me.”

Me: “Ah ok, she still gives you action?”

Tony: “No not anymore, she’s had her tubes tied a while back and since then nothing really. Just a change that happens because of it.”

Me: “Ah that sucks, guess that’s why you have a boyfriend haha.”

Tony: “Yeah, guys are always fun. So, what were you expecting when you came today?”

Me: “I honestly don’t know haha, very nervous, really scared, but also excited, didn’t know what could happen or what to expect.”

Tony: “Yeah I understand, just be careful with these stranger hookups and the guys on Kik. Most of them are horny pigs, they just want a hole to fuck and move on. They won’t care about you, just your ass, don’t rush into anything, always back off if something doesn’t feel right you know, better to be safe than sorry.”

Me: “Yeah I understand what you mean, will do.”

Tony: “I mean I say that but you could be thinking the same thing about me, you know, you don’t know me and you think I could be exactly what I describe but I try to be different from the rest. I’m always about all parties involved feeling comfortable and having fun.”

Me: “Yeah I know what you mean, I was scared to meet you for sure, you seem like a nice guy though.”

Tony: “And I don’t blame you, if I didn’t know any better I’d call you stupid for meeting a stranger like this, but it’s ok, let’s just have a good time.”

Me: “Yeah that sounds good.”

We arrive at his house and he pulls up to the driveway.

Me: “So, you’re alone right? Wife isn’t home? Nobody else?”

Tony: “Yeah she’s a teacher as well actually, so she’s at school, nobody else in the house.”

Me: “Oh that’s good.”

Tony opens the door and invites me in, he shows me the way to the couch and asks me to have a seat and make myself at home while he goes to sort out some things. After what feels like years, he comes back and sits down on the couch next to me. I take out my phone, wallet and keys and put them on the table next to us. I start to tense up again and get butterflies, as well as feeling scared shitless, like i’m about to be killed. He notices the fear in me and tries to relax me.

Tony: “It’s okay to be scared, I understand you’ve never done this, don’t worry, I don’t want to hurt you. Just relax and enjoy yourself.”

I try to calm down and can barely look him in the eyes. Tony scoots over slowly and tries to get me comfortable.

Tony: “So, how did you start to like guys?”

Me: “Well I was trying to find girls on Kik before I met my first gf in person but it was just riddled with cocks, I found it quite disgusting and a turn off for the longest of time until I started to question why people are gay in the first place and just changed my thinking. Became more open to conversation with them and eventually I started liking it too. Soon after that, I appreciated guys and loved cocks, and I’ve wanted to experience it ever since.”

Tony: “Yeah typical for someone your age, it’s okay to like both genders, it’s actually more fun to like both. And let’s face it, guys have been fucking each other for thousands of years, it’s nothing new.”

Me: “Yeah I agree, both are awesome.”

Tony moves his right hand to my left knee and starts to massage above it, he slowly moves up and caresses my leg. I immediately get rushed with chills and a horrible uneasy feeling. It feels good, don’t get me wrong, he looks like a nice guy, but it just makes me uncomfortable and tensed up.

Tony: “Just relax, don’t be tense, you’ll like it.”

I nod in approval and watch his hand move up my leg slowly, pushing my loose shorts higher up my leg and caressing my bare smooth skin. He starts seducing me with his touch, making me go hard, putting me in a horny state. I eventually just let go of the fear, I let him play with my body, enjoy it while it lasts. He pushes the leg of my shorts as high as it can go and moves his hand closer to my cock.

Tony: *whispers* “Do you like it?”

I just nod in approval and gulp as I watch his hand brush over my cock, my shorts and briefs blocking him from access. He slowly grabs my cock, tugs and pulls on it softly and cups my balls, all while my clothes are still on. My cock twitches and throbs to his touch, it feels great.

He slides his hand under my shorts and briefs and slowly grabs hold of it, and then moves further down and cups my balls before coming back up again. My cock tingles and my balls churn, craving his touch. My legs automatically spread wider for him and my hands push my shorts and briefs to my knees before letting them slide to my ankles. My cock is fully erect and on show for him. I kick my shorts off and he slowly starts to jerk me. He pulls my foreskin back as far as it can go and then slides it back up repeatedly, my skin is tight and resists his motions. It hurts but feels so good at the same time, almost unbearable. my hole starts leaking precum and I moan.

Me: “That feels good.”. I barely manage to let out.

He continues to tease my cock with his hand and my hand reaches over to his leg and starts rubbing his cock and balls slowly. He stops to take off his shorts and briefs and I’m greeted with a flaccid uncut cock. I reach over and grab it, it feels so firm yet so soft, and it’s not even hard yet. I slowly jerk it, wanting it to get hard, it starts to grow in my hand eventually and soon enough, it forms into a thick 7.5 inch monster with a thick delicious looking head.

Tony and I exchange glances while we are holding each other’s cocks and he can read in my eyes that I want to play with him.

Tony: “Come sit in front of me.”.

He motions for me to get on my knees while he lays back on the couch. I take his cock with both hands and slowly jerk his monster, watching and feeling how easily his skin slides back and forth over his head. His doesn’t put up a fight, and I’m greeted with a beautiful head that’s leaking small amounts of clear precum. I get the urge to taste it, I bring my mouth closer and lick his tip while looking at him, he rolls his eyes up and moans softly. I lick his hole some more and notice how easily it spreads open from my tongue probing it. It just encourages me even more to taste his tube and spread it open further, trying to get my tongue deeper inside.

I slowly wrap my lips around his head and suck on it like a lollipop while swirling my tongue around his tip and the underside of his cock. It tastes amazing. He closes his eyes and moans louder. I wrap my lips tighter and take more and more of him into my mouth until I can feel it touching the back of my throat. I start to gag and pull up, leaving his cock wet and shiny from my saliva. I go back in and take it as a challenge to get more of him, I bob up and down on his cock, trying to open my throat, and manage to deep throat him all the way to the base, my nose is touching his pubic bone and I hold it there as long as I can, feeling his cock twitch and throb against my throat.

I slide back up to the head and let it pop out of my mouth.

Me: “Mmm, you taste good Tony.”

Tony: “Gosh, have you really never given a blowjob before?”

Me: “No never, am I doing it wrong? I’m just going off what they do in porn.”

Tony: “No you’re doing amazing, keep going, and try to wrap your lips around it tighter.”

I happily oblige and squeeze his cock with my lips and let it slide back and forth in my mouth as I bob my head up and down. I lubricate it using my saliva and suck his slippery wet cock. I love feeling it throb in my mouth when I tease the underside of his head with my tongue.

Tony: “Let go for a second.”

I oblige and let it out of my mouth. I look at him confused, wondering what I’ve done wrong. He lifts me up and sits me on the sofa, then he stands facing me.

Me: “What are we doing?”. I ask, all confused.

Tony: “I’m gonna fuck your mouth.”

To that, I eagerly put his cock in my mouth and he grabs both of my hands and rests them on his ass. I grab both his cheeks and squeeze and play with them. He grabs the back of my head and slowly pushes forward. I immediately start losing air and get restless.

Tony: “The trick is to breathe through your nose, don’t tense up, keep breathing, and wrap your lips around it as tight as you can, don’t use your teeth.

I oblige and squeeze on his cock while trying to breathe. His cock rests over my tongue and I lick the underside, tasting it, wanting more of it, while he thrusts it in and out of me. I time his thrusts and push his ass further every time he thrusts forward, taking his cock as deep as it can go and gagging on it.

Tony: “Oh fuck that feels so good.” He pants.

I moan on his cock in return and let him fuck my mouth.

Tony: “Fuck, I’m about to cum.”

I moan harder and push his cock onto my tongue and hold him there. I hear him moan hard and feel his cock oozing out it’s delicious juice. It’s super sweet like fresh fruit juice but thick and viscous like molten chocolate, easily making it the tastiest dessert I’ve ever had. I allow him to empty his balls in my mouth, swallow his load while keeping him in my mouth and then lick his hole clean. I take him out of my mouth and show him my empty mouth and smirk.

Tony: *Moans* “Mmm, good boy.”

I take him back in my mouth and moan in return for him, while licking and sucking him clean. Feeling his cock soften in my mouth. I let it pop out of my mouth and watch it dangle, becoming fully flaccid. I look back up at him.

Me: “Did you enjoy that? Did I do good?”

Tony: “Mhm you did brilliant.”

Me: “I hope it wasn’t too bad for my first time.”

Tony: “No it was perfect.”

I smile back at him, content with my performance.

We pick up our clothes, put them on again, I gather my stuff, we clean up and wash our hands.

Tony: “We’ve ran over time, my wife is about to come home, I’ll need to drop you off now. Sorry you can’t stay longer.”

Me: “That’s alright, I understand.”

We hop back into his car for the drive back.

Tony: “Did you enjoy today?”

Me: “Yeah I absolutely loved it, you taste perfect and your cock is too.”

Tony: “Aw you do too, sorry you didn’t get to cum…”

Me: “That’s alright I wanted to focus on you instead anyway.”. I smile back at him.

Me: “You reckon we could meet again some time?”

Tony: “Yeah I’d love to, but I’m going on holidays soon, just to relax, when I come back we can definitely meet.”

Me: “Sounds great, can’t wait!”

The rest of the drive we just spend talking about life in general and his experiences. He drops me off back at the parking lot and we thank each other once again for an amazing session. I walk back to my car smiling, thinking over the events of today, definitely one of the best first experiences I could have hoped for, and definitely one to remember for many years. I go back home and blow a massive load dedicated to his sexy cock.






2018-05-21 11:54:20
Excellent storyline. Sounds realistic and it could really happen to anybody


2018-04-17 15:22:36
Hi guys Kenny here, thank you all so much for the support! Please dont forget to leave comment feedback (the good and the bad) and tell me what you think!

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