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This is my first attempt at writing a sex story so any constructive criticism is appreciated!
Casey is a well built teen, slim but toned, strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, coming in at 5'8” and 150lbs. He lives with his mom and dad in a nice house in the suburbs, large fenced in back yard and a pool. His mom works a lot and is hardly ever home so he spends most of his time with his father. His dad is 6'2” and muscular coming in at 225lbs. He's very attractive with the same strawberry blonde hair as Casey and blue eyes. Lately Casey's dad has been acting weird, leaving the door slightly open when he showers, walking around in boxers with his impressive morning wood, small things that wouldn't seem weird but he never did this when Casey's mom was around more. Casey has caught a glimpse of his dad's package on more than one occasion, now he knows where he gets his size from.

Casey's mom had left at 5am that morning for a business trip and wouldn't be back for a few days. Casey was watching TV on the couch when his dad came inside. He had been working on a project in his wood shop for a while and just had to do some finishing touches today. He was in blue jeans, a tight t-shirt that showed off his muscles and work boots. Casey noticed his dad was hard when he came back in from working on his project. He sat on the couch next to Casey.

“Hey Casey, can we talk?”

“Sure dad, what's up?”

“Well, now that you're 18 I thought it would be a good time to have the talk” his dad said, placing a hand on his sons leg.

“Its okay dad, I already learned about it in school”

“Listen, I'm your father and its my job to tell you these things, your school doesn't teach you everything.”

“Alright well let's just get this over with then” Casey replied, readjusting his seat on the couch hoping his dad would move his hand away but he didn't.

“Well, as you know, sometimes you'll wake up in the morning with an erection, that is perfectly normal, it's called morning wood. It will go away on its own or you can take care of it. You might also get random erections during your day for no reason...” as he said this, he rubbed his hand slowly up Casey's thigh, “...this is also normal, its just puberty”

“I know that stuff dad” Casey didn't know what to do with his dad's hand so he just sat there and hoped he would move it away on his own.

“Just listen to me, Casey. Another thing to know is that it's okay to have sex, just make sure to use a condom so you don't contract and diseases or get anyone pregnant. Unless you choose to be with a man and that's okay too, but still use a condom to protect against disease.” He moved his hand even further up Casey's thigh, the edge of his hand was touching Casey's package through his pants.

“Okay dad, this is getting weird, I'm gonna go to my room” he stood up but his dad grabbed him and pulled him back on the couch, “WTF dad!”

“Casey, you do not walk away from me when I'm talking to you!” He put his hand on Casey's shoulder to hold him on the couch.

“I'm sorry dad its just that-”

“No, there's no excuse for walking away when I'm talking to you.” Casey's dad started massaging Casey's shoulder with one hand as he put the other hand back on Casey's thigh. Casey saw his dad was now fully erect in his jeans. He knew something was wrong and he had to get away but he didn't want his dad to get violent with him. His dad moved his hand down his arm and was feeling Casey's muscles. “You know Casey, you're a very attractive guy...” he moved his hand to Casey's crotch, “I'm glad we've gotten to be around each other more lately”

“Okay dad, stop! I don't know what you're doing but I don't want you touching my dick!” He jumped up and his dad again grabbed him and pulled him back onto the couch, this time standing in front of Casey and pinning him on the couch so he can't move.

“What did I say about walking away when I'm talking to you?!” He grabbed Casey and bent him over his knee and pulled down his pants.

“Dad what are you doing?!?!”

“You're being punished for disobeying me! 10 spankings.”

“I'm not 5 dad, this is weird, I'm uncomfortable..” His dad spanked him once forcing Casey to let out a small yelp. “Dad please stop!”

“Not until I'm done with you and you know not to disobey me again!” He spanked him again, this time letting his hand linger on his son's ass for a second before taking it off to spank him again. After the last spanking Casey's dad started rubbing his son's ass. “You like that?”

“No dad, please stop...” he tried to get up and grab his pants but his dad forced him back down and pulled his pants the rest of the way off. Now Casey is in just his shirt and boxer briefs. His briefs are pulled down over his ass so his dad could spank him.

“I'm gonna teach you a lesson son” he said as he rubbed his sons ass. He pulled Casey up off his knee and put him on the couch. He got on his knees and started rubbing his sons cock through his boxers. Casey tried to get away but his dad was too strong. “Boy if you don't stop moving, this is only gonna be worse for you” he said standing. He started to take off his belt and Casey saw the opportunity to run but his dad was quick and grabbed Casey by the shirt, “now you've done it, boy.” He dragged Casey by the shirt to his room and tied him to his bed.

“Dad please, I don't want to do this. I'll do anything else, just, please stop!”

“No, you've been misbehaving today and I'm your father, I have the right to punish you as I see fit.” He took off his pants revealing his rock hard erection in his boxers. He got on the bed, straddling his tied up son. He leaned down and kissed his son on the lips, Casey felt one of his dad's hands touching his chest. Casey's dad started rubbing his son's nipples and slowly grinding his erection into his son's cock.

“Please...” Casey said weakly as a last effort to stop his dad from what he was doing but his dad didn't listen. Instead he moved down and started blowing his son, getting him hard. He then moved up and put his own hard on into his son's mouth. Casey had given up at this point and let his dad fuck his face. He forced his hard 10” cock all the way into his son's mouth making him gag. He couldn't wait anymore, he needed to fuck his son. He moved down and starting eating his son's ass to prepare for his cock. Despite Casey not wanting this, he was being pleasured in a way he hadn't been before, it felt so good but at the same time he knew this was wrong and his dad was raping him.

Casey's dad wasted no time once his son was lubed up, pushing himself in. Inch by inch until he had his entire cock in his son. He started fucking hard, pulling 6”-7” out and pushing it back in hard and fast. This went on for a few minutes before he was gonna cum.

“You ready for this boy? Daddy is gonna cum in your little boy hole.”

Casey was frightened that his dad was even capable of this but as he felt his dad coat his insides with what felt like a gallon of cum he came all over himself. Casey blew the biggest load in his life and so did his dad. His dad licked all the cum off his son then put the tip of his cock in his son's mouth to clean him off.

“I'm your father and you will listen to me Casey. Maybe next time it won't come to this. If you tell anyone, they won't believe you and I will do this again. Do not disobey me.” He untied his son but Casey couldn't move. He just laid there, naked, full of cum. He was in shock and didn't know what to do. “Go to your room!” Casey snapped out of his trance and bolted quickly to his room.


2018-04-18 22:33:44
Lucky boy!!!


2018-04-18 22:33:39
Lucky boy!!!


2018-04-18 00:09:01
So hot keep writing more


2018-04-16 22:24:19
Keep it in the family, after all what us a family for.

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