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The alcohol hits the spot. Relaxing. releasing imaginations restraint...
The cider hit the required spot. Hand rolled cigs lit. As they sat in the dark heat of summer. "What was that you were on about last week ?" "Oh that sick dream! " .." know weird penchant ! " .." yes I know & I,ve an interesting thought ! - old mate of mine has redone his pub - redone the bog....& had a great thought how to use it ! "

Few days later they went to the Red Lion & went in to see what they'd done . "Big George" opened the side door , & I recognised him !...just remembering his huge prick in the gents urinal half-light . "Look at what you're getting before you suck" ...he said . He hadn't remembered me & I didn't say . we got taken through to the loos , showing the old one gutted & the new mens one all fresh paint & stainless steel . "You can see it - all nice n fresh" . Then through to the room next door - the old gutted bog. "See - the piss trough runs through the walll to here through that pipe which is n't connected yet - SO , YOU lay under here , awaiting the fresh piss ! " . My mind was already running wild , my cock had a hard on . Shit ! Big george said there was grand openning - happy evening all night SO plenty of drinking . As we left Big George wispered in my ear " Going to be the first to piss in you buddy " ...

Back in that dark evening our conversations turned to my mates dream..."always fancied being in the bog...with people shitting on me - but I can't escape ! " ..."Know I'd regret it with the first dump !" I thought..."let me see if an old mate was still around , especially if he was at his old house . dug out his address , just went round & knocked on his door .

The house looked dreary , & as he answered & opened the door the dowdy darkness drew me in . Cracked a beer , .."Long time no.." Light showed his huge fat body , vest & bracers .. We went into his lounge , dim lit & porn on the t v. He belched & flew off his braces . His old trousers fell as he sat back on the settee pantless , balls low & cock limp ..."Drink some beer - suck me off" .Knelt tween his legs & sucked . Later with my mouth buzzing with fresh spunk I told him of my "mates" dream . After awhile he said " Fine " ..BUT once he's in - HE'S IN ! " - "NO cryin & wanting out " . I said "Deal "

Night off the pub re opening . I slipped in early , "Big George " had run up a trolly of old pallets . "Right - lay on THAT - strap you down with ties " As I lay there he tied me legs arms neck . Brought in a lap-top , plugged in a wire & it showed the urinal looking down across the trough. Then he came with a stumpy funnel & shoved it in my mouth & tied it. The he wheeled the trolly under an pipe outflow . Then as a last gesture he unzipped my flies & pulled out my cock & scrotum & gave it a vigorous wank !

I lay in the dark , laptop screen my eyes on the coming event. I could hear the first punters - oblivious of me & their part to play. Music played. Voices raised . Then a bang of a door then a louder bang - the first punter ! I watched as he unzipped , pulled out his cock & sprayed the first piss of the night ! I watched it's strem , it's flow along the steel , the suddenly into my mouth - now cold & salty now several yards from the penis that dripped it's last..for now . My mouth filled with fresh urine - I gulped it , swallwed it down till the funnel was empty. As I looked at the figure he turned to the camera - it was "Big George " , he swung his cock to the camera ! Then a another figure came in , & as George left I watched a young teenager flop out & piss . it seemed SO surreal , the delay , then the flood off piss into my mouth . I couldn't swallow - it overflowed the funnel & splashed down over my face . I managed to swallow a bit but THATsalty earthy warm cock juice was almost overwhelming . Watched the young guy tuck his cock in , as two more guys came in . I watched & waited . Two cocks , two strems & then that rush into the ,outh & over the funnel , drenching my face , hair , eyes ...It became a constant turn over of guys , cocks , piss stream & that deluge of salt , of maleness .To have tasted SO much piss - I loved it - I hated it - I nearly wreached with it's taste . At one time five guys stood inturn & it gushed out into me , over me that pont I heard a door open & close . In the dark I felt movement , then a hand around my nose areaas a small piece of cotton wool wool was jammed tween funnel & nose - it wreaked of "Popper" - my head swooned , more piss flowed into my mouth , my head spun , a hand wanked my erect penis ! ""Hello mate" - "This IS fun - & your all mine tonight " . I watched another three cocks dangle , piss arc to the steel then flow to my mouth , I felt a finger push up my ass as he tossed me . My head spinning with another wad of popper soaked wad , finger pushed deep up me , cock wanked , & another swoosh of male penis juice , I swallowed it , oh god
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