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After Natalie's boyfriend broke up with her she was in pain for a while but her best friend was there to brighten the darkness.
One night Natalie was at the computer typing a research paper for English class. She is a California State student. One of the best students at the University. It was her last year at college and she was so excited. She couldn't wait to receive her diploma and start her career as an art major. Suddenly her happiness was about to die when she receives a phone call from her boyfriend. She answers the phone call and puts it to her ear. "hello Natalie? Yes, what is it dear? I don't know how to say it so I'm just going to come right out with it. You're a fantastic woman and you treat me so nice. Anyone would be lucky to have you in their lives. I guess what I'm saying is I'm breaking up with you. I found myself a new woman who I really like and I relate to. I'm sorry. Y- you're sorry! After everything, I did for you?! How could you do this to me?! You don't give a fuck! See that's where you're wrong. It doesn't have anything to do with you I just fell in love with someone else that's all.

But if you're going to start bitching at me then whatever. Feel however you want." He hangs up the phone. At that moment I started sobbing. I was so heartbroken. I was hoping this was some kind of bad dream but it wasn't. Nope, it's just reality fucked-up reality. Natalie was overthinking things and thinking that it was her fault that for some reason or another the reason he broke up with her was that she wasn't pleasing him or she wasn't good in the bed. She didn't know what else to do so she called her best friend Kayla.

Kayla picks up the phone. "hey girl what's up? Josh broke up with me!" She heard me sobbing. The next thing she said to me surprised me. I knew she hated Josh but I didn't know like that. "Oh well fuck him. You don't need him or anyone. You are a strong woman Natalie you don't need a man to make you feel strong." It was normal for Kayla to be giving responses like that after all, she is a tomboy. So she acts a little masculine and enjoys manly things like playing video games or cutting the grass. Sometimes even playing in the mud just like a boy.

I first realized she was a tomboy when I saw her for the first time. She was wearing boys clothing. Not to mention there was this one time she got into it with a boy and almost got into a fight with him literally. I'm talking about with fist, not with words. One time someone was staring at her nice tits and she got mad at him. He started arguing with her trying to say it was an accident and stuff. Kayla is very short-tempered. "Kayla, could you please come over? I need some support right now. Okay, Natalie, I'm coming over now." She hangs up and gets ready to come over to my house.

She ran into the door to comfort me because that's what best friends do for each other. They make sure each other up are okay especially with what I'm going through. I was just sitting next to her sobbing with my head against her chest. "Men are so cruel! They Don't Care About Us Girls. They just want what's between our legs!" I've never experienced anything like this before and I don't understand it. I've been such a good girl so why is God punishing me? God isn't doing anything sweetie. Don't blame God blame that idiot Josh for dating some bimbo. I never told you this but Josh is known for messing around. One time when we were at school I saw Josh hollering at some girl trying to get in her pants.

You can do better than him you don't need him. Josh is a waste of space and if I was his new girlfriend I would dump his ass quick fast and in a hurry". She was getting angry at Josh and I could tell she wanted to go over to his house and kick his ass after what he did to me. I tried my hardest to calm her down and keep her under control because she has a feisty temper. "Kayla doesn't worry about it it's over and done with I'm going to move on. You're right I'm wasting my time with some pathetic loser who probably doesn't have a job nor a life. Glad you think that way, Natalie. The fucker probably spends most of his time in his parent's basement. Hehe yeah, he probably does. Hey, Natalie do you remember what his dick looks like I know he showed you." Natalie starts laughing when she remembers what his dick size was. "hehe he's an acorn. I just realize how big he is he is about 5 4 inches. Jesus Christ, it's a good thing he left you. That pathetic cock of his couldn't please you". I and Kayla started laughing and having a good time. She was slowly killing my pain and for a second that's when I noticed how sexy she looks. "Good gosh your so sexy Kayla". I blurted out without thinking causing her to blush. “thank you, Emily, you're pretty hot yourself". The conversation went from my pathetic boyfriend to us complimenting each other. I don't know I feel like things are starting to heat up between me and Kayla.

I was getting a different vibe from Kayla something I never experienced before. She makes me feel so happy. She's been my friend since day one and we did a lot of things together. I remember one time I did something and I was about to get in trouble. But she took my place and accepted the consequences even though she didn't do it she took the blame.

Kayla has always been by side and even now she's right by me. It all makes sense to me now. The dreams being excited to see her all the time I've just been repressing my sexual nature. Perhaps I've been fixated on women for such a long time I just never thought anything was wrong with me. I was staying at my computer sometimes watching lesbian porn. I used to convince myself that I was bisexual but now that I think about it I've never once kissed my boyfriend.

I mean he did show me his penis and he did fuck me but I was never crazy about it either. My mind was exploding off the realization of what I am. In order for me to be sure if I'm a lesbian or not, I have to kiss her. It's the only way to be sure.

"Hey, Kayla can I kiss you?". She jumps back for a second blushing as she said with a shy tone for a moment. "umm sure why not." She reached her hand forth and grabs her head and begins kissing her. Kayla started blushing then after a few minutes or so she pulls out looking excited.

“I wanna be honest I love you, Natalie. I've Loved you ever since I met you. I-I love you, Kayla! I started kissing her passionately and then she places her hands on my pussy. She rubs my pussy and I rubbed her tits. I'm so happy to be messing with my new girlfriend. We started tongue kissing each other and soon enough we started rubbing each other's parts. Our tongues were playing with each other in delight.

Soon Kayla started stripping showing me her sexy body and her large tits. I stood up amazed as I walked over to her groping her tits and I started sucking them which caused her to moan.

“oh yeah, it feels so good baby. Good gosh you suck me off like a baby. Keep it up baby I love this so much.

" I sat there squeezing her tits amazed at how big they were. So big and round I could do whatever I want to her. Her moaning was really starting to turn me on. Hearing another girl moaning was making me pretty excited. I had no idea I was getting so horny by a female. She stops me and looks me into the eyes why was she smirks naughtily like. “first before we proceed we need to get these clothes off of you baby”. She starts taking my clothes off one by one till the point my white skin was visible to her.

She took my hand as we started walking to the bedroom. She brought me into the room and blindfolded me. “mm I got a little surprise for you. I want you to lay down for me and have your butt standing straight before me. And don't move". She walks over to the closet and opens it up and pulls out a strap with a nice large toy cock. She puts on the strap and gets on the bed. When she got close to her girlfriend she pushes it into her pussy causing her girlfriend to moan in pleasure. “surprise! I told you I was going to give you something nice, didn't I? Yes, you did baby!"

Kayla starts smiling pumping harder wishing she was a guy for a moment so she could feel the pleasure, however, she was happy she was making her girlfriend happy. Natalie moans more in pleasure and she was getting her pussy pounded by her girlfriend. After a few minutes of pumping, Natalie started exploding a huge amount of liquid from her pussy. Kayla smiles and slaps her ass and she said playfully. “hehe you like that cock don't you slut? Yes yes, I do baby!

I was getting my pussy pounded by my perverted girlfriend. I didn't care if it was a fake dick or not long as it was her and no guy. I was finally happy with what I was. I was no longer suppress and happy to be a lesbian. I love my girlfriend so much and I'm going to spend the rest of my life with her. I have a feeling we're going to be doing a lot of kinky things together. Not to mention she has big tits what more can a girl ask for? I sat there and soon enough I had my second orgasm. If it was a real cock she would be exploding with semen by now. Sadly it's not it's just a toy.

Kayla pulls off her strapped and moves her head to my vagina and starts licking and sucking. I cried out in pleasure as she ate me out. "Ohh this feels so good baby! Hehe happy you're having a good time sweetie." She said that as she licks her and smirks more. “wanna try scissors baby? Yes, sweetie let's give it a try anything for you. She moves back and then positions herself. When she was ready to go she started moving with me and our pussies were being rubbed together which was so arousing. We both started moaning more as soon enough we started climaxing. "Mmm, that's so good babe! Yes, I know baby.

We were going at it for a few minutes or so. After we were done we laid on the bed cuddling and she looks at me and smiles lovingly. " we will be together forever. Yes, we will honey. I love you. I love you too". A week went by and we were graduating college. After college, we bought a house and we started living together as lesbian couples. Everyone at our school we're aware of our homosexuality. They didn't care or anything they just stayed out of our business. Somewhere disgusted others were not. We will never have children and we are okay with that we can always adopt! I love my girlfriend so much!


2018-04-16 21:41:14
Thank you guys for reading my story. I don't write stories to make other people happy but myself. Thank you for the positive feedback. I was also wondering when this story was going to process. I'm guessing it takes about 24 or more hours to process. Don't know why it takes a whole day but whatever.


2018-04-16 21:41:09
Thank you guys for reading my story. I don't write stories to make other people happy but myself. Thank you for the positive feedback. I was also wondering when this story was going to process. I'm guessing it takes about 24 or more hours to process. Don't know why it takes a whole day but whatever.

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