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It was the middle of the night when Missy woke up to go pee. The bathroom connected her room to her brother's and his door was open, so she didn't turn on the light. She just went in and pulled her panties down before sitting on the toilet in the moonlight coming in through the window.

The tinkling rush of her water woke Andy up, and he opened his eyes to see his little sister in the bathroom. He had to pee as well, so he got up and went in there, standing right in front of her as he pushed his briefs down and pinched his cock to halt the stream of urine until he was ready to let it go.

“What are you doing?” she whispered, looking up in alarm as he pointed it down at her groin. “Oh my goodness, what are you DOING?!”

“Open your legs so I can pee between them,” he told her, his tone brooking no resistance. He used his Master voice, and she looked startled to be playing this game here, right now. It seemed inappropriate and out of place.

He was used to giving orders and her obeying them; it was a little game they played, “Master and Slave.” It had started almost a year ago, when she had come up with the idea after seeing a movie. They usually flipped a coin to see who would be the Master, and they both liked the game best when he won the toss. He deepened his voice and firmed his tone when addressing her as Master, and her whole demeanor changed as she played her part. The game had never involved nudity before though; this was something new. She felt something in her stomach area twist, but it didn't feel BAD. It was just wrong.

“Open your legs, Slave!” he ordered firmly, so she did as she was told. The instant he had enough room, he let the stream of urine go and aimed it perfectly, getting every drop of it into the bowl.

She'd never even seen a boy's private parts before, and she was fascinated by how different he was from her. The feeling of twist never stopped, but she didn't fight it. She wanted o see where this all went.

His stream stopped, and there was half a drop still on the tip of his penis, but he couldn't shake it off without getting it on her, so he left it there.

“Wipe it off,” he told her, still in his Master voice, so she grabbed a single square of toilet paper from the roll and tried to dab the tip, but he turned his hips away and kept it away. “What are you doing?” he asked sharply.

She looked up him, alarmed that she had done something wrong. “I was going to wipe it off,” she said. “Isn't that what you do?”

“No, not ever. Throw that away. You just wasted a piece of paper, but it's okay. I forgive you. You've never done anything like this before, have you? How are you supposed to know that you take it in one hand, then wipe it clean with your other thumb.”

She immediately reached her hand out and took hold of it, then used her other thumb to wipe the drop away. She held it out and looked up at her brother, holding her thumb up like a hitch-hiker. He had his other hand on hers, holding her fist on him. “What do I do with this?” she asked, holding out the moistened thumb on her free hand.

“Wipe it on your shirt, for now,” he told her, making her slide her fist back and forth a little by pumping his hips. She felt it twitch once, then it was beginning to swell and get longer, rapidly filling her hand.

“Okay, now put both hands on me, and move them back and forth,” he told her, and even though the twist told her it was somehow wrong to be doing this, he had told her to do it using his Master voice again, so she could pretend it was just the game. Besides, it was rather fun, and she'd never seen a boy like this. She knew it would be a VERY long time before she ever got another chance like this again, if she ever did.

Now that she was doing it, he let go of her hands and let her do it by herself. She didn't miss a stroke, even when he put his hands on her head and moved right in front of her. She saw it coming closer and closer, then it touched her lips!

“Open your mouth and suck on it, Missy,” he said, speaking in his normal tone and breaking the moment. She tried to look up at him, but his hands held her face from moving away too far.

The twist was almost making her sick to her stomach now, this was so fundamentally wrong, but she didn't know how to stop it. She didn't even know if she WANTED it to stop, now that it had started. That twisting feeling wasn't altogether unpleasant, after all. It was just wrong to enjoy these feelings.

“I told you to suck it, Slave!” he said, using his Master voice again, so she opened her mouth and accepted it inside, closing her lips and feeling grateful that he'd given the excuse back.

“That makes it easier, doesn't it,” He didn't ask it as a question; it was a statement, but spoken softly, in her brother's voice. “Don't stop!” he ordered in his deep voice, so she kept her mouth on him and continued sucking. “I want you to be a little slut, Missy. I really WANT you to like sucking your brother's cock. It's okay to like it, Missy. I WANT you to!”

She looked up at him, her eyes a little sad as she smiled, and he let her pull her face away a little, letting her stop. “I DO like it, Andy, and I'm not supposed to. Playing the Slave game DOES make it easier, somehow. I can pretend that I'm not really a... a slut.” She whispered that last, afraid to speak it aloud, because that would make it real. “Tell me to do things in your Master voice, and I'll do them.”

“Keep sucking it, Slave,” he said firmly, in his deeper voice, and she gratefully opened her mouth and began doing it all on her own. He wasn't touching her head with either one of his hands anymore, and she was going as deep on him as he had been fucking her mouth when she couldn't get away. “Good, now take off your T-shirt and let me look at you.”

She looked up at him, alarmed again. “No, not my T-shirt, I'm not wearing anything under it! You'll be able to see my...”

“Stand up,” he ordered, so she complied. “Now, keep facing me, and lift your shirt up enough that I can ALMOST see your nipples, Missy. Tease me like a stripper.”

Her face flushed bright red as she blushed, but she did as he said, feeling that thing inside her twisting again as she did it. He crossed his arms and smiled at her, letting her know that she was doing it well. His approval made it easier.

“Okay, now give that shirt to me, and let me see them,” he told her. “You're very beautiful, Missy, you don't have to be ashamed of letting ME see your body. I'm not ashamed to show you MY most intimate parts. You even had them in your mouth. Let me look at you. It's okay; really, it is.”

“Sorry, Andy, I'm just shy, I guess,” she said, dropping her arms and letting him see her penny sized areola and pencil eraser nipples.

“That's okay too, Missy,” he smiled. “I know you're shy; it's really cute sometimes. Not right now, though. Right now, I want you to act like a hussy. I want you to flaunt your body to me, and act like a little slut. I want you to be a whore. Can you do that for me?”

She met his eyes, then nodded and bit her lip. She turned around and arched her back, sticking her ass out at him and rotated her heels open with her knees together, showing him the insides of her closed thighs.

“Like this?” she asked, biting one knuckle seductively as she made eyes at him.

He smiled his approval and took her hips in both hands, pulling her pantie clad ass back against his hard cock. His hands slid up to her bare breasts and lightly pinched the nipples as his cock nestled between her ass-cheeks. She stayed quiet as he pulled her close, his lips nuzzling her ear.

“Go to your bed and take your panties off before you sit down with your legs wide open,” he whispered to her. “Then, I want you to lay back and pull your knees up to your chest while you touch yourself. I'm going to watch for a little minute, then I'm going to touch you, Missy. I'm going to touch you there with my mouth, just like you did to me.

Go; go into your room and do as I told you.”

She shivered with anticipation as he straightened up, then she went into her room and took off her panties. She was glad of his instructions, because she didn't have to think about what she was doing. Nobody was allowed to see her down there, and here she was, getting completely naked for her own brother!

She sat on the edge of the bed, then lay back and began touching herself, the fingers of both hands rubbing each side of her mons. She used the index finger of her left hand to stroke her clit, then a moment later, she used her right finger to tease the opening.

He stood there, also naked, with his arms folded as he watched what she did to pleasure herself. He noted that she kept all her fingers on the outside, and only gave her clit the most minimal of attention. Her climax was quiet, and quite short, he noted, and smiled again. Her eyes were fixed on his cock again, so he began stroking it slowly with his fist.

“You want to suck it some more?” he offered, coming a step closer to the bed. She nodded, smiling, and put her legs back down, but he stopped her by holding up his hand, palm outward. “No, stay like you are!” he said sharply. “I only asked a question, do you WANT to suck it again?”

Her face froze, realizing the implications of the fact that she did indeed want to suck it again. She realized the depths of her own depravity by how much she wanted it. The forbidden aspect of the whole thing made it just that much worse, and better, too.

“That's what I thought,” he chuckled. “Make sure you tell all your friends at school today about the wonderful new thing you've discovered. I bet they'll like doing it, too. Bring one of them home tonight, and you can give her some pointers.”

“Since it's graduation next week, why don't I invite three of them home for the weekend, and we can have one last sleepover?” she said wryly, but then she saw the look in his eye and gasped. “I was only joking, you pervert! Leave my friends alone!”

“Why? Wouldn't it be fun to show them the Slave game? I bet you'd like to order them to do some things, wouldn't you?”

“Oh my God! I know exactly who to invite!” she said excitedly, then saw him move in front of her as he bent down. “Oh! You're going to...”

She gasped loudly as his tongue did what her fingers had been doing a moment ago, but this was FAR more intense! He was getting her far more excited than she had done to herself, and he watched her labia flower open, revealing a vibrant pinkness to her insides. He used an index finger, moistened with saliva, to rub back and forth over the opening, then he stabbed it inside suddenly, breaking her hymen.

She let out a little squeal of pain, quickly stifled with her own hand, and he was kissing it better.

“Ow, what was that?” she asked. “That hurt!”

“I know, baby, but that's the only time it's ever going to hurt like that, okay? I promise. I just broke your hymen, so later, when you lose your virginity for real, it will only be pleasure for you. I just took the pain out of the act, little sister. I love you.”

“Yeah, well, that really hurt!” she said. “Is it all right if I just suck it again, and you leave me alone down there for a little while?”

“Certainly, little sister. Besides, your first time shouldn't be like this. You should have a whole night out on the town before being whisked away to some secluded bungalow to be ravished until sunrise.”

“Ohh, that sounds romantic!” she cooed, smiling as he helped her sit up.

“Let's go into my room,” he suggested. “That way, I can lay on my bed, and you can suck me to sleep. I'm going sleep in tomorrow, so Mom will make you come up here to wake me up before breakfast is over. Guess how you're going to wake me up?”

“By sucking it again?” she guessed, and he smiled at her, ruffling her hair and leading her to his bed. He made her kneel beside it, then pointed out a box of tissued on his nightstand. “What are those for?”

“When I come in your mouth, there's going to be WAY more than you can swallow,” he told her. “Those are for cleaning up the mess it's going to make.”

“I don't know what that means,” she said. “What mess?”

“You'll find out,” he said, smiling. “Just keep sucking on me. You've quite good at it, so don't stop once you get going. Don't worry about going deep, either. Just do what's comfortable and have fun.”

She looked up at him, nodding that she understood, then took him in her mouth and began. His hands caressed her hair, brushing it out of her eyes, and she could feel the love her had for her in his touch. She was rubbing her tongue against the underside of the helmet, just the head between her lips, when she felt it spasm and her mouth was flooded with hot, saltiness, and she choked, spraying most of it against his lower belly.

“Swallow it!” he ordered her, using his Master voice again, so she closed her eyes and did as he said. Immediately, it spurted again, so she gulped that mouthful down as well. She drank down the rest of it without having to be told again, then he pulled out of her mouth and got on his bed.

“Clean the rest of it off me with your mouth,” he said. “You need to get used to the taste of my come.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, using her little Slave voice. She licked and swallowed the mess she had made on his stomach, hen pulled his blankets up and kissed his forehead as he closed his eyes.

She went back to her own bed and lay down to sleep, savoring the taste in her mouth and thinking about everything that had happened.

Her mind flicked to the memory of his smile as she mentioned the sleepover, and immediately the vision of her best friend Rosa on her knees with Andy's cock in her mouth filled her mind and refused to leave. She knew Rosa would NEVER do something like that all on her own, but Missy could ORDER her to do it as part of the Slave game. It would add a kinky twist, and she felt that thing twist a little more.

She imagined Theresa Pellaby doing it, then shook her head. Theresa had probably been doing it since she was nine, Missy snorted to herself. That girl was something else; her breasts had to be a D cup, at least! The size of those things!

Jessica Wickbarn was the prettiest girl in her class, but way out of her league of friends. Asking her to come to a sleepover would be totally out of place, but she felt Andy deserved to have the prettiest girl in school be his girlfriend/wife. It would only be right, after everything he had taught her!

Okay, she wouldn't be able to get Jessica for him, so one of her other friends? Angie West was pretty, and she had a great figure, too, but would she go with her brother? Missy wasn't sure.

Angie had never had a boyfriend or gone on a date. Her mother was quite strict. Getting Angie's mom to agree to a sleepover would take a phone call from Mother, but she thought she could swing it. They all went to the same church every Sunday, and even though Mother had to work tonight, Andy had graduated the year before and was an adult, so he could “babysit” them so there would be an adult present.

A simple scoff and laugh about “every boy's fantasy” would put Mother's mind at ease about leaving them home alone with a boy, because Andy was so well know to be trustworthy. He even carried a gun for his boss, Mr. Moretti, but Mother didn't know about THAT, or he wouldn't be allowed to work there, no matter how good the money was.

Three girls. Missy tried to think of two more she could invite. Susan Parker. She was a petite little blond with a really mousy personality. She'd be perfect for the Slave game! So would Sherrie Anderson, Missy realized, and with those glasses off, she was quite pretty. That frizzy red hair would be pretty bouncing up and down in Andy's lap, she grinned to herself. She smacked her lips one last time and closed her eyes, to sleep and dream about what her brother had in store for them tomorrow.


2018-05-13 17:56:35
I just watched an interview with John Michael Godier, and he gave aspiring writers some free advice. He said, "If you don't have an ending, don't even start." That's good advice, and I apologize for my previous work. I've started some shit with no endings, oops.


2018-04-20 20:07:03
Okay, I wrote the rest of it, bu I don't like it. It stopped being a game, and my good guys keep turning into evil bastards. What id wrong with me?


2018-04-16 20:26:38
There's a little more to this, like the sleep-over, and I kinda have an idea for where I want ch3 to go, but it ain't wrote yet, sorry. This was a stopping point, so I stopped.


2018-04-16 20:25:37
There's a little more to this, like the sleep-over, and I kinda have an idea for where I want ch3 to go, but it ain't wrote yet, sorry

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