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A 25-year-old Cheyanne is doing her best to survive in a cruel and harsh world where the dead have risen with a sexual appetite that cannot be sated.
It is a late autumn evening, the crickets sing loudly and the wind tickles the leaves in the trees.

She crouches and tends to the bonfire she has made to keep herself warm for the night, she was aware it wasn’t the smartest move to bring any attention to her location but she didn’t want to deal with the encroaching cold.

The fire illuminates her soft features; her golden hair tied neatly in a bun, light blue eyes, and soft lips.

She sighs and grabs her tummy, upset by the rumbling sound that had continued to bother her for hours.

She has a thin frame and looks almost emaciated.

Food is a rare find these days, people looted and stole most of what shops had and the dead have devoured most of the wildlife, but occasionally she stumbles upon something edible.

In this case, blackberries.

She pours a handful into her mouth and savors the taste.

This moment of temporary relaxation is something she yearned for, peace from all the chaos, fighting, and running away.

It was soon put to a halt, however, when she heard footsteps approaching near her camp.

She slowly rose from her seat, tiptoeing to get her gun.

More footsteps make their approach.

She felt an icy cold feeling of panic drop from her heart to her toes when she saw exactly what was coming: them.

The lifeless depraved monsters.

It appears there are too many of them for her to fight alone, so she decides to make a run for it, she quickly picks up her bag and gun and runs as fast as she can into the forest.

She can barely see where she is going, but she continues to run as fast as she can, but the monsters continue to follow not far behind.

Her body aches with fatigue from sprinting so far and her muscles start to burn and throb from weakness.

Her foot catches hold of a fallen branch, sending her to the ground and temporarily knocking the wind out of her and causing her to drop her gun.


She hurriedly crawls back to retrieve her gun, but one of the undead men kicks it away from her, just out of reach.

The color in her face disappears, she tries to turn around and get back on her feet to flee but a cold firm hand grasps her ankle.

“They’re going to get me!” Her thoughts race.

Tears run down her face until her vision is blurred

In a desperate attempt to escape, she kicks the zombie, freeing her from his grasp.

Three more of his kind approach her and pin her arms down to the ground, one spreads her trembling legs and another covers her mouth to prevent her from screaming, she tries to grab her gun but it's too far away.

“I don’t want to die.

I don’t want to die.”

Before she can even react to what’s happening, her pants are unzipped and pulled down to her ankles.

One of the creatures unzips her jacket and feels her up underneath her tank top, pulling it down to expose her breasts.

She always felt self-conscious about her breast size, hers were a little smaller than her friends but they didn’t seem to mind.

Right now none of that matters, she wishes that she never tried to retrieve her gun, maybe she would have made it safely.

He’s rough with her breasts, his fingers squeeze tightly on her nipples.

The zombie removes his hand from her mouth to join in on the fun his friend was having with her tits, slapping them and biting them.

A cold throbbing cock slides into her pussy, it’s quite big.

Her eyes widen as she’s forced to endure just how big his cock is.

She never had anything as big as this before and she has to take every inch of it.

Her body ached from trying to escape and had no energy left to resist or struggle, not that she would be successful if she tried.

She closes her eyes, too afraid to meet the gaze of the undead as they’re using her.

The feeling of his icy lips kissing down her torso, her nipples and tits being fondled, and pussy being filled up by his throbbing cock.

It’s all too much for her body to handle, she’s never been more frightened in her life.

Her eyes slowly open and confirm the realization of what’s happening to her.

“There’s no way this could get any worse”, she realizes.

Until she sees another ghoulish man approach slowly.

The sudden realization that she is a piece of meat, left out in the open and lying there helpless for all to enjoy, the subject of their depraved instincts, brings dread to her entire being.

A hand runs through her hair and pulls it upwards, lifting her head and running her lips down the shaft of his cock.


Her eyes widened in horror, she had no idea they could speak.

She was not about to defy something that could easily kill her, so she begrudgingly obeyed and opened her mouth wide.

His being stiff cock was also quite big, though not as big as the one using her pussy.

He grabbed the back of her head and slid it in quickly, gagging her almost immediately.

Her spit coating his cock and dripped from her lips down her tits.

Her pussy and mouth were both being ravished, a whimper barely escaped her mouth but was nearly silenced by his cock.

A rough squeeze to her breasts caused her to tense up.

He pulls her head in closer to the base of his shaft, causing her to gag once more and holds it there.

A warm drizzle of cum coats her mouth and throat

“I..should spit...What if I become one of them?” she imagines the horror of such fate.

But his grip only tightens, his white eyes look down at her with a cruel sense of satisfaction.

She realizes she has no choice and swallows.

To even think that swallowing would be an option given to her made her feel like an idiot.

He slides his cock out of her mouth and rubs the rest of the dripping cum on her soft lips.

But she knew it wasn’t over.

One of the undead fondling her petite helpless body stroked his stiff cock in front of her terrified face, making her suck his balls as he stroked himself off to her gorgeous soft face, leaving her covered and soaking from cum soon after.

A feeling of utter humiliation overwhelmed her.

They weren’t done having their fun, of course, they got the perfect prey to torment and they would make sure they got good use out of her.

The undead stopped thrusting her warm, tight cunt and lied on his back, pulling her exhausted body on top of him in reverse cowgirl position and grabbing her hips, thrusting his wet cock into her tight asshole.

“It hurts please please please stop!

Please!” But he went further and harder, the other ghoulish man decided it was time to have his fun after a while of fondling.

His icy hands met her thighs and spread her legs, revealing his desire: her smooth hairless cunt that was dripping with juices, something with which she had no control.

His cock entered her and together they pounded her and used her body like a toy to discard while the others watched, looking pleased with themselves.

She had done all she could to stay safe and make sure no zombies hurt her, but now all she could do was take it as they pounded her.

Their low moans sent chills down her spine.

Her pussy and ass were covered in cum, dripping out of her down her ass and thighs.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy and carried her several feet away, leaving her covered in dirt and cum before they left.

All she could do is wonder not if, but when, she would become one of them.
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