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Sven witnesses the fairy queen demonstrate her power by devouring her daughter's snatch.
The Rogue's Harem

Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem

Part Four: The Faerie Queen's Court

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Chapter Ten: The Faerie Queen's Court

Sven Falk – Palace of Queen Sidhe, Faerie

Awe spilled over me at the sight of Queen Sidhe sitting upon her crystalline throne, her silver hair fell about a face that was at once both as young as a maiden newly blossomed into womanhood and yet so ancient, possessing the weight of eons of existence. She perched with a regal bearing, her back straight, her naked breasts swaying and jiggling with the slow inhalation of her breaths. Long legs were crossed before her, almost daintily, but did nothing to rob her of that authority that she wore with such ease.

Here sat a being who had witnessed the rise and fall of empires without flinching.

I had to please her. I had to satiate her. I had to find a way to give this being delights, to win her to my cause and convince her to forgive Aingeal. My mouth went dry even as my cock swelled hard. Here was a challenge to conquer. Here was a woman far beyond any I had been with. Was I good enough to satiate this woman?

I had to believe I was. I needed confidence. Brashness. I had to pleasure this queen, and I would drive her wild. I didn't have a choice.

“Mother!” Princess Siona cried out from my side.

“I see you have brought guests, daughter,” Queen Sidhe said, her voice pure honey coating steel, at first soft and feminine but with such authority naturally filling the timbre of her words that it resonated through the throne room.

“I have!” the faerie princess said before her wings hummed and she flitted to her mother.

She zoomed across the throne room, the walls, floors, and ceiling reflecting the purple flash of her flapping wings. A trail of golden dust fell in her wake while her laugh peeled through the throne room with all the girlishness of youth. She landed not before her mother's throne, but upon it. Her feet settled down arms of the throne, her legs spread wide. Her cute ass wiggled from side-to-side with her excitement.

I blinked in utter shock at the sight of the queen and her daughter. Siona had her pussy practically shoved into her mother's face. The queen's hands wrapped about Siona's body, grabbing her rump in a possessive way, pulling her even closer.

“Pater's cock,” I groaned beneath my breath at the sight of lesbian incest.

“I met this amazing mortal, Mother,” Siona said, her hips wiggling more, the queen's face drifting to her pussy. “He ate my cunt so well and fucked me sooooo hard!”

“And he's the one married to Aingeal?” the queen asked. It looked like her face was almost pressed into her daughter's cunt.

“Yes!” Siona said then shuddered, her wings fluttering in excitement. “You have to experience him, Mother. He filled me with so much cum.”

“I can smell it, daughter.”

“Want to taste it?” Siona's question echoed through the august throne room.

“Gods,” I panted, my dick so hard in my leather pants, bulging it. I adjusted it, unable to look away.

“I would love to taste his seed, daughter,” Queen Sidhe purred, her fingers digging into her daughter's rump.

She pulled Siona that last inch or two to have her daughter's pussy rubbing directly on her pussy lips. The queen took a lick through the incestuous folds of Siona's cunt, her tongue parting those delicate folds to scoop out my cum.

I squeezed my cock as Siona's moans echoed through the throne room. The other faeries in the room, hovering around the perimeter, acted like nothing strange was happening. They sipped wines from crystal goblets or talked in small groups as the heir to the throne moaned out her pleasure as their queen devoured Siona's cunt.

It was so hot to witness incest. I glanced over at my sister, her nipples hard against her pink robe, her blue eyes growing glossy. This was the same pleasure I shared with Kora. The same forbidden delights we shared.

“Oh, yes, Mother, isn't that such yummy cum?” moaned the princess, her purple wings fluttered faster and faster. “Scoop it all out!”

Queen Sidhe let out a loud, purring moan of delight as she feasted on my cum in her daughter's pussy. Her fingers clenched and relaxed on her daughter's rump, parting those butt-cheeks, flashing Siona's puckered asshole for all to see.

Kora reached my side, pressing against me. My sister's hand went over my hand groping my cock. She squeezed my hand, her fair cheeks going pink with her excitement. She shifted her head, her braided hair swaying behind her.

“Getting excited by watching a mother devour your cum out of her daughter's snatch, brother mine?”

“Wouldn't you, sister dear?” I asked her, arching an eyebrow.

Her blue eyes danced with delight. “If I had the capability of fucking a girl and filling her with cum... Yes. Yes, I would. I'm finding it so hot right now. It's making my pussy so wet, brother mine.” Her hands squeezed over mine again. “Mmm, I see some of the faerie are... satiating themselves.”

“What are you suggesting?” I asked her while Siona's moans echoed through the throne room.

“Nathalie,” Kora said, a smile playing on her lips.

“Mistress,” my sex slave said as she bounded up before us, her braided pigtails sweeping about her young face.

“My brother's cock is so hard. What do you think you should do about it?”

“Suck it, Mistress!” Nathalie said before falling to her knees before me. She had such excitement on her eyes. She wanted to suck my dick in this public place, not caring who saw her. In fact... she wanted everyone to see her submit to me.

My sister and I pulled our hands away. Nathalie's hands shot to my crotch. She began untying knots, unlacing my leather pants. She peeled them down, working from side-to-side to get them off my hips. My cock popped out of her pants, thrusting from my thick, blonde bush. She smiled, her left hand cradling my balls while her right grasped my shaft.

Her mouth opened wide and swallowed my cock. I groaned as her warm sucking. Pleasure surged through me. My balls ached, filled with cum that wanted to erupt out of me. Her fingers massaged them as she bobbed her mouth.

“Oh, yes, Mother!” gasped the princess. “Ooh, dig all that cum out of my pussy, Mother! Isn't it so yummy? Just imagine being filled with this cum, Mother! Doesn't that just make your pussy tingle?”

The queen didn't answer her daughter, but she recrossed her legs, flashing a bright-silver bush adorning her pussy, her pubic hair soaked by her juices. She never stopped eating her daughter's creampie, feasting on it while Nathalie sucked my dick.

My sister opened her robe, baring her breasts, the left tattooed by the flower vines. Without being asked, Zanyia appeared. The lamia crouched before Kora, her triangular ears twitching and her tail swaying. Then my sex slave buried her face into my sister's pussy, licking furiously.

I flicked my eyes from the two sluts kneeling before us, pleasuring us, to the queen devouring her daughter's cunt. I put my arm around my sister's waist, holding her tight to me as we both shuddered in pleasure.

“Oh, Mother, I can tell how much you want to enjoy this mortal,” she moaned. “Ooh, you want him so badly. He's going to pleasure you, Mother. You're going to cum and cum and cum!”

“Yes,” I growled, my dick throbbing in Nathalie's hungry mouth. The girl bobbed her head faster and faster, massaging my balls. She sucked so hard as her lips slid up and down my dick.

My hips thrust forward, fucking my cock into Nathalie's sucking mouth. She fluttered her eyes, moaning and slurping about my cock. Her tongue danced about the crown. She caressed it. She made me shudder as she pleasured my dick, her hands massaging my balls.

I couldn't wait to please this queen. I would master her body. I would dominate her and show her such delights. She would cum as hard as her daughter had on my dick. Her hungry pussy would milk the jizz out of my balls with the same enthusiasm with which she ate my spunk out of Siona's cunt.

“Mmm, you're getting excited for fucking her, brother mine.” Kora leaned closer to me, her body shuddering as Zanyia licked and lapped through the folds of her pussy.

“I'm eager to free Aingeal,” I answered. “Fucking the queen is a bonus.”

Kora snuggled closer. Her lips hovered by my ear. She licked my ear, her breast pressed against my arm. “You can't master her.”

I furrowed my brow, pleasure rippling through my body from Nathalie's sucking mouth. “What?”

“She's the faerie queen. She's thousands of years old. She expects obedience. Aingeal said if you do not submit utterly to her, she will take offense.”

“Las's putrid cum,” I groaned. Submit? I gave my women pleasure. I seized their bodies, showed them what they needed. I made them cum by mastering their flesh.

“Can you do that?” Kora asked, her hand stroking my chest through my shirt. She let out a whimper, Zanyia purring happily as she feasted on my sister's cunt.

“I must,” I groaned, thrusting harder into Nathalie's mouth, using her for my pleasure. The pressure in my balls swelled. “For Aingeal!”

“Yes!” Kora hissed. “You have to save her, brother mine.”

“I! Will!”

My cock erupted into my slave's mouth. Hot cum spurted out of me in powerful pulses. Her hands massaged my balls as they unloaded my jizz. Nathalie's blue eyes fluttered as she gulped down my cum, moaning her own delight at serving me. That was the pleasure she craved. It was what I gave her by mastering her. My fists clenched as the rapture surged through me.

Could I master a woman by submitting to her utterly? By surrendering?

“Gods damn!” I groaned as the final spurt of my jizz flooded Nathalie's mouth.

“Oh, yes, Mother!” moaned the princess. “Cernere's black cunt, but you are the best pussy licker! Oh, Mother, yes, yes! You are feasting on his cum! You'll enjoy him, Mother! You'll savor him!”

Her wings fluttered so hard as she came on her mother's mouth. I sucked in deep breaths, Nathalie nursing the last of my cum from my dick, and watched the princess writhe on the queen's face. Then she rose into the air, gold dust raining down on her mother.

Queen Sidhe's golden eyes locked on me as she licked her cream-smeared lips. A shudder ran through her body, her large breasts jiggling. She squeezed her eyes tight for a moment, claiming herself down, her hands resting on her throne's arms.

“You wish to intercede on behalf of Aingeal who assaulted my person with iron?” she asked after opening her eyes.

I felt her anger. It warped the air about her as her eyes flicked to Aingeal surrounded by the guards. Her hands clenched the throne's arms. Then her eyes flicked back to me. They bored into my soul. I couldn't show fear. I had to do this.

“I do,” I said, standing straight-back and tall. “She is my wife, and I am here to petition you for mercy. She only returned to Faerie to right a great crime.”

She rose with grace, her wings fluttering, silver flashing. “Then follow.”

She didn't so much as march towards a door as flow as sultry quicksilver, her body swaying, all her curves wiggling and jiggling that did nothing to diminish the utter majesty of her presence. My stomach twisted. My mouth grew dry again as Nathalie pulled her mouth off my dick. I shoved my cock back into my pants and followed.

I would have to submit. I would save Aingeal and let the queen master me.


Chapter Eleven: Naughty Rumors

Princess Ava – Echur, Kivoneth Princedom, The Strifelands of Zeutch

I trembled. I had to do this. With a sharp inhalation of breath, I knocked hard at Shevoin's door. My heart sent blood thundering through my body as I squirmed. Greta breathed deeply beside me, her large tits almost spilling out of her bodice. They were lovely breasts.

“Yes?” the master mage asked, his voice sounding weary.

“It's Princess Ava,” I called. “I have a great need to speak to you.”

“Fine, your highness. Enter.”

Greta opened the door, a minxish smile on her lips. She slipped in first, moving with such willowy, curvy grace. For a moment, such envy went through me. I had such a petite form, my breasts small, my hips almost boyish. I couldn't wiggle my hips like she did. I couldn't have my tits almost spilling out of my dress. I know Sven loved me, but...

But he would enjoy me more if I was more ample.

Shevoin sat at his desk, wearing his black robes. He ran a hand through his gray hair. But the sight of my curvy bedmaid crossing to him melted away some of his exhaustion. He straightened, his eyes flicking up and down her body.

“I thought you needed some... care,” I told him. “I know things have been so stressful from this horrible tragedy that has befallen my father.”

“It's more than a tragedy, princess,” he said as Greta reached him. She grabbed his hands, pulling them to her breasts. He squeezed them as he let out a groan.

“I need you well rested to aid my father,” I continued. “A man needs his seed drained regularly, doesn't he? To rest? And I know my Greta thoroughly enjoys your cock.”

“I thought my first time would be horrible,” Greta groaned. “But when you took my virginity, you showed me such pleasure. Your cock... I need your cock in me again. Will you... give it to me?”

Her coyness made my pussy clench. Poor Shevoin squeezed her tits as he let out a long, throaty groan. “I would be honored to aid you, my lady.”

Greta giggled. “Mmm, you'll just aid me with that big cock of yours. My pussy needs it soooo badly.”

She led him to the bed, keeping his hands pinned to her tits. Already, his fingers were dipping into her bodice, playing with those large mounds. I squeezed my thighs together, my nipples pressing against my bodice as I watched them. When they reached the bed, Greta pushed Shevoin down. The old mage didn't fight her, entranced by her youthful beauty.

He was one of the most powerful users of magic in the world. He had past the test of the Collegiate Tower. He possessed the power to wrap up both Greta and myself with his magic. He could seize what he wanted. Shevoin with his magic could even destroy my father if he desired.

And here he was trembling before a girl barely flowered into womanhood, a slave to his cock throbbing beneath his robes. I licked my lips, watching as she parted his robes, exposing his body. He didn't have Sven's muscular body or even my father's fit form...

I pushed my mind away from my father even as my pussy grew hotter. No. I couldn't think about him one bit. I needed to get away from him before he drowned me.


I could let Greta talk to Shevoin... I could... go to my...

I shoved my hand into the crotch of my dress, pressing the cloth into my pussy as I rubbed myself. My snatch sent pleasure rippling through me. I groaned, sucking in deep breaths as my clit absorbed the feel of my rubbing fingers.

I needed to focus here.

“Oh, Shevoin!” purred Greta, grabbing the mage's cock. “Ooh, you're so eager to help out my poor pussy.”

“So eager,” he panted, almost breathless as she slid up and down his dick. It was such a lacking specimen compared to fath...

To Sven! Sven!

He has the best cock. Sven has the amazing dick! Not him!

I rubbed my cunt faster as Shevoin unlaced Greta's blouse. He groaned as he buried his face into her youthful breasts. She trembled and quivered, stroking his dick faster as her dress slipped off her shoulders. She wiggled her body, working it off a he noisily kissed and sucked at her breasts and nipples.

The sounds he made had my pussy weeping juices. They soaked through my breasts. I focused on Greta's curvy ass as she shoved down her dress over her hips, exposing that rump. I licked my lips, living in the moment, keeping my thoughts away...

No, no, no, stare at that ass. That delicious butt.

Greta's ass flexed as she groaned. She went back to stroking Shevoin's dick, her hips wiggling from side-to-side. Juices trickled down her thighs, her bush growing more and more wet with every moment, aching for the older man's cock in her. She'd never had better. She'd never experienced Sven's wondrous dick penetrating her pussy or...


“She needs you so badly, Shevoin,” I panted. “Thank you for assisting her.”

“You are so welcome, your highness,” he groaned.

Greta pushed him back now. He didn't fight her as he stretched out on his bed, eager for her youthful pussy to ride up and down his dick. She straddled him, her hips wiggling from side-to-side. She grabbed his dick, stroking it with her excited hand. He let out a groan as she guided his dick to her pussy.

I moaned with them as Greta sank her young cunt down his dick. Her ass clenched and her supple back arched. Golden curls tumbled about her shoulders as she took every inch of his shaft. She bottomed out on him, letting out such a throaty moan of satisfaction.

“Oh, yes, I needed this!” Greta moaned, her arms thrusting high into the air as her hips moved. She worked her cunt up and down his dick, leaving his shaft streaked in her cream.

I rubbed my cunt harder, my dress growing soaked as I watched them. Greta cooed and moaned, her hands running through her hair as she bounced her pussy up and down his cock. He grunted and groaned, his wrinkled hands caressing her fair and youthful body.

Pleasure thickened his voice. He grabbed her hips as she went faster and faster. She worked that pussy up and down his dick, her cream churned to a froth that streaked his dick. I wanted to lick it. Heat billowed through me. My pussy drank in the friction.

But I just couldn't stand here masturbating. I had to act. I needed to get away from him.

I needed to go to him. I could suck his cock. I could bob my mouth up and down his girth and...

I threw myself at the bed. I landed on the hard mattress stretched out beside the master mage. Greta's breasts heaved at the top of my vision, bouncing up and down as she fucked his dick. The mage frowned at me, his hands still caressing her body.

“Your highness?” he asked, eyes wide. “You're still... here.”

“Well, yes,” I purred. “Did you think I would let you use my bedmaid and not ask for payment?”

“Payment?” he asked with a groan. “I... Do you need me to tell you more? I already told you too much.”

“I need something far, far more from you this time,” I told him, running my fingers across his chest, smearing my own pussy cream on him. Fear swept through me, a cold wind swirling through my body. I couldn't show it. I had to be confident. I had to be imperious. Or I would be trapped by the corrupted priestess's spell, chained forever to my father's cock. “You're going to help me escape from the castle.”

“What?” he gasped, his hands squeezing hard on Greta's body. “Your highness?”

“I'm getting away from my father, and you're going to help me!” I hissed.

“O-of course I won't help!” he spluttered. “Your father would kill me!”

“And he won't kill you when he learns that you fucked his daughter.” I grabbed his hand from Greta's hip and brought it to my breast. My skin crawled as I squeezed his grip around my small tit through my bodice.

It made me feel dirty. Even this much was cheating on my Sven. But it was nothing compared to what I'd done with my father, the filthy incest I'd committed with him.

“I haven't touched you.” His eyes widened and he tried to rip his hand from my breast, but I held on tight.

“Haven't you?” I asked, scooting closer. “I mean, I'm in your bedchamber.”

“Having such a naughty threesome with you,” Greta said then moaned louder, “Oh, Princess, ride his cock! Ooh, you love it in your pussy.”

“I do!” I moaned with wanton, throaty pleasure. “Oh, Shevoin, you are such a stud. Mmm, yes, keep licking my Greta's pussy while I enjoy this cock! It's the best!”

“Princess!” he shouted, his face going white.

“Oh, his dick stopped being hard,” pouted Greta. “Don't go soft on me, I was so close to cumming.”

“W-what are you doing to me, Princess?” he said, his voice strangled. “You're father is not a man to be trifled with.”

“I know,” I told him, my face growing angry. “And I will escape him. I won't be his sex slave any longer!

“And you shall help me!”

“P-please, your highness, this is preposterous. No one will believe that I touched you.”

“Even though several serving women saw me and my bedmaid at your door. They're already gossiping about it.”

“Your father pays no heed to gossip,” he said.

“But when I tell my father that I fled the castle because you were using your magic to make me fuck you...” I let the words trail off as I twined my finger through his gray hair. “Who do you think he'll listen to?”

“Las's putrid cum.” His eyes bulged. “You'll get me killed, princess.”

“Only if I get caught.” I rolled away from the bed. “My father will turn to you when I escape. He'll use your magic to track me down. See that he doesn't, or else...”

Greta suddenly squeaked and threw herself off the bed. “He pissed himself! Eww!” She grabbed the sheets, rubbing at her soaked thighs and pussy. “I need to take a bath.”

Urine spilled over Shevoin's body. I grimaced and whirled around. As I strolled to the door, my excitement utterly evaporated. I felt so terrible for frightening him. Until I remembered that he arranged for my father to cast the spell on me that made me obsessed with him and...

I had a hot pussy. I could go find father and...

No! I had to pack. I had to flee this castle as soon as possible.

Chapter Twelve: Fairy Performance

Kora Falk

Music of unsurpassed perfection played through the throne room. It tinkled and strummed, feeling the air with resonating notes that could hang for long moments or be swallowed by the next percussive beat. I swayed to it, my robes still open.

With the queen and my brother gone, the nobles of the court mingled and shared their pleasures. In the sky, two female fey scissored their legs together and tribbed in delight, colorful dust spilling off their bodies to rain down upon the mingling courtiers along with drops of honey-scented pussy juices. The two fey drifted, moaning, singing to the music.

My pussy itched. Zanyia had already made me cum once, but I needed more. I considered using her delicious mouth again. Or perhaps Nathalie's. She and Zanyia were kissing before me, sharing my cream and my brother's cum while Ealaín stood to my right and a step behind me, hovering like she needed to protect me from threats here.

And there were threats, just not the physical kind.

I could feel it in the air, the eyes watching me. They talked about me as my hips swayed to the music. I couldn't help dancing to it. I hadn't danced in so long. Weeks maybe. Not since dancing on the table back in Cheyvn after we first defeated the slavers and found the phylactery.

I glanced down at the red ruby swaying between my breasts. It should make my skin shudder, but I had grown used to its presence over the last two weeks. Strange how that could be. That the monstrous could become the mundane.

The more my hips danced, the more inspired I felt to put on a show for the watching fey. I was a radiant of Rithi, trained in the art of painting, sex, and dancing. My body moved with willowy grace, my feet sliding across the floor as I spun, my robe hanging loose, flaring about me.

I let it flutter to the ground, exposing my tattooed form.

Ealaín nodded to me, her yellow-bright eyes glowing with approval. With practiced ease, she began stripping out of her armor. I arched an eyebrow at her as I raised my arms over my head, my hips swinging from side-to-side. My breasts, and the amulet between them, swaying with the movement of my body, my braids dancing down my back.

Murmurs grew louder. The faerie moved around us, watching with their hungry, multi-colored eyes. They were all so young and beautiful, though I bet most had a century if not more on me; eternally fertile. I shuddered, my nipples so hard.

I stared at the aoi si as she bared more and more of her midnight-black skin. Her white hair danced about her shoulders as her hips moved, too. She was my muse, sent to inspire me. I licked my lips, such naughty ideas dancing through my mind as she bared those large, taut breasts, her nipples so dark and puckered, aroused.

A sensual beat entered the music. Above, the tribbing faeries moaned and sighed. Their dew rained down on me. I lifted my face, letting the pussy cream caress my features. Drops landed on my breasts, a fine mist of sensual juices washing across my body.

“Wow,” Nathalie gasped, cuddled with Zanyia on the floor.

“I know! Our Mistress is so sexy!” Zanyia said then purred loudly.

My hands roamed my body know, caressing it like a lover's. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. I felt my juices trickle down my thighs as I maneuvered my body to the song, letting it dictate how I shifted my hips, moved my feet, and caressed my flesh. I tweaked my nipples. I squeezed my tits. I cupped my curving ass. My fingers traced the tattooed vines flowering across my body, on my left leg up to my pussy, spilling around my pudenda, surrounding my left breast, and entwined about my right arm.

More pussy juices rained down on me, the faerie tribbing so hard above me, moaning as they humped to the excited beat of the music. It pulsed faster and faster, building up my own excitement as Ealaín removed the last piece of her armor.

She stood naked before me, her fingers caressing the black folds of her pussy. With a groan, her clit blossomed into a beautiful girl-dick. My hermaphroditic muse produce a cock to rival my brother's.

My pussy clenched.

The courtiers buzzed even louder as I swayed to my muse. Zanyia purred with her mounting excitement. I spun once, the amulet flaring out from my tits, my braids going wide. Then I stopped right before the taller Ealaín.

Her yellow eyes smoldered. The tip of her girl-dick throbbed against my belly. It smeared precum across my pale flesh as she trembled. I grinned at her and threw my left leg high up into the air, resting my ankle on her shoulder in a display of my limberness. My pussy lips stretched wide apart, the tip of her dick nudging against my entrance.

I impaled my cunt down her shaft.

A great sigh of delight went through the watching faerie nobles. Their bodies shifted. Hands found pussies and cocks, stroking and rubbing as I sank my snatch down that amazing shaft. My toes flexed beside her head as I took her dick to the hilt.

And danced with her.

“Ealaín,” I whimpered, her hands grabbing my ass, squeezing them as I pumped my hips, sliding my pussy up and down her dick. Pleasure spilled through me, tingling me as I put on a display of the sexual art mixed with my dancing.

“Yes,” she whispered. “That is it, Radiant. Inspire them with your passion.”

My head leaned back as I wrapped my arms around her neck and my right leg about her left, supported wholly by her hands on my ass and her cock in my pussy. I undulated my lithe and limber body, pumping my pussy up and down her cock as she spun me. Not fast, but slow, letting all see my body writhing in passion on her girl-dick.

Faerie wings buzzed as they witnessed my passion. My pussy juices flowed, coating Ealaín's cock as I fucked my snatch faster and faster up her dick, following the beat of the music. It flowed through my body, pouring through my soul.

“Rithi!” I whimpered to my Goddess.

“Wow, Mistress,” Nathalie groaned, her fingers buried into Zanyia's pussy, the lamia returning the favor.

“You are so beautiful, Mistress,” yowled the catgirl, her ears twitching as she plundered Nathalie's cunt, her fingers fucking in so fast.

The faeries watched me with burning eyes, their youthful, beautiful faces twisted in passion. They groaned and gasped, hands stroking dicks and digits fingering snatches. Breasts heaved and muscular chests flexed as they drank in the sight of my passion.

And then the music slowed. I shuddered, no longer slamming my cunt up and down Ealaín with every ounce of passion I possessed. Now I took my time, feeling every inch of her girl-dick caressing my pussy as I slid up and down her girth.

My head lolled back again, my braids swaying behind me as I squeezed my pussy down her snatch. Anticipation built in the music, waiting for my eruption of pleasure. It built in me with every silky glide of my cunt along her dick. I swallowed her over and over again, twitching, shuddering, moaning out my joy.

“Yes, Radiant,” groaned Ealaín, her fingers digging into my asshole. “Show them your beauty! Inspire them!”

“Yes!” I gasped, the music rising to its crescendo.

And so did I.

I slid my pussy down Ealaín's cock, savoring every inch of her spearing deeper into me. The friction caressed my pussy walls. My eyes rolled back into my head. I let out a whimpering moan as I took every inch of Ealaín into my snatch.


My pussy spasmed about her girl-cock. My flesh writhed as the rapture shot through me. The music exploded in celebration of my orgasm. The two fey tribbing above cried out in rapture, juices falling down on me as I heaved and thrashed.

Stars danced before my eyes. I arched my back, my toes curling. Rapture rushed out of my pussy to hammer my mind with ecstasy. Over and over the pleasure beat on my thoughts. I loved it. I drank it in as I heaved in delight.

“Yes!” hissed Ealaín.

Her girl-cum fired into my pussy. I whimpered, all those eyes watching me. Jizz erupted from faeries' cocks. Pussy juices flooded down their thighs. Their voices all merged with the harmony of the music, enhancing it. My eyes widened at the chorus rising around me as my pleasure peaked in me. More and more spunk filled my snatch.

“Rithi, thank you for your blessed art!” I howled.

And then the applause thundered around me.

I gasped and groaned, sliding off Ealaín's cock. Dizziness assaulted me. The aoi si held me tight as I swayed, coming down from my orgasmic high. Her spunk dribbled down my thighs as I sucked in such deep breaths. I trembled, clutching my hand to my breast, gripping the phylactery dangling between them.

“That was so awesome, Mistress!” Zanyia moaned.

“It truly was!” Nathalie groaned. She pulled her fingers from between Zanyia's thighs and popped them into her mouth, sucking them clean, her cheeks rosy from her own orgasm.

“Breathtaking,” a male faerie said, golden wings fluttering behind him. He stood tall, his chest muscular, his face almost effeminate, and so beautiful, so delicate. His ruby hair glittered with drops of pussy dew which still rained from above. “You are marvelous. I have never seen such a dance.”

“And by a mortal,” another male said, standing beside the first. He had black hair that fell in lustrous curls about his hungry face. He had a slender, rapier build about him, his body sleek, his cock thrusting hard before him. “Just wonderful.”

“We would be honored to enjoy your pussy,” the first said. “I am Conleth. I would worship you for a chance to enjoy that snatch dripping with the aoi si's jizz.”

“Yes,” the other groaned. “Please, Radiant Kora, let us be your slaves. You will find no men who can satiate you more than Turlough and Conleth.”

I arched an eyebrow at them as they fell to their knees before me. Then they kissed and nuzzled at my feet, sucking at my toes.

“The only man I fuck is my brother,” I told them, their hot tongues sliding between my toes, sending tingles up my body.”

“Then let us bathe your body with our mouths,” Conleth moaned, his golden wings fluttering. “Our cocks never have to touch you.”

“Just let us worship you.”

I shuddered, tempted by their offer. They were just so eager. And so beautiful...


Sven Falk

“Strip,” commanded the queen the moment I entered her bedchamber.

A canopied bed dominated the center of the crystalline room. Every surface gleamed, reflecting back eternity of repeated images in a bewildering, dizzying landscape that almost held my attention. But Kora's warning echoed through my mind.

“Yes, your majesty,” I said with all the submissive weakness I could, performing for her.

Queen Sidhe sank down into an ornate chair carved of a bright-red wood, perching on it with the same majestic grace she had sat her throne. She licked her lips as she watched me remove my leather jerkins. My cheeks warmed beneath her scrutiny. I felt like an object, a living statue which existed to be admired for its sculpted lines than as a person.

She licked her lips, leaning forward as I bared my chest. I wasn't a brawny warrior, but sleek and wiry. But I had strength, my muscles lean and compacted. I had a fencer's grace. I used it, my cheeks burning hotter as I exposed more and more of myself.

A strange shyness seized me as I unlaced my leather pants. I found myself turning around, facing away from her. I had stripped for hundreds of horny women, but I never felt so... so afraid of what would happen.

I wasn't in control here.

“Ooh, yes, look at him, Mother,” Princess Siona moaned from the bed, her fingers between her thighs, rubbing at her pussy hidden by her purple bush. “Isn't he ravenous?”

“Yes, he is, daughter,” the queen moaned as I shoved down my pants. The leather creaked as it peeled off my thighs. I sucked in deep breaths, my heart thudding in my chest as I felt her staring at my ass.

My cock bobbed hard before me as I worked off the pants, bending over, aiming my rear at her. She could see my balls swaying heavily between my thighs, my dick twitching with my heartbeat. I had women do this before, bending over, flashing their delights as they stripped for me.

I always enjoyed the sight.

And from the queen's sharp intake, she savored this moment.

My heart beat so fast as I straightened, fully naked now. I had to please her. I wouldn't let Aingeal down. I turned around, my heart beating so fast, showing off my cock in full. Precum beaded the tip. There was something so exciting about her scrutiny. About feeling like an object about to be used by this ravenous beauty.

Her large breasts rose and fell as her golden eyes swept up and down my body. She pressed her thighs tighter. Her nipples thrust hard from her tits, silver glittering amid the dusky pink of her areolas. She licked her lips, her fingers clenching at the armrest of her chair.

“What a remarkable specimen you are, Sven Falk.” She cocked her head. “I see the most minute traces of scars, your wounds healed by priestly magic. Your sister's?”

“Yes, your Majesty,” I said, posing before her, trying to show off my body while my heart thudded through my veins.

I trembled with the building excitement in my balls. What would she do to me? How would she want to use me?

Part of me wanted to march up to her, grab her silver hair, and fuck my cock into those imperious lips. My hands clenched just for a moment as I imagined feeling her silvery hair beneath my fingers, entwining my fingers in her hair and fucking her mouth so hard. I would ram my cock into her mouth and show this faerie queen what it was like to be a slut.

She never had that experience before her.

Her golden eyes grew bright. She arched an silvery eyebrow. Could she sense my desire to treat her like a slut. To fuck her so hard that she would cum over and over again. Cold panic squeezed about my heart.

I wasn't here for my pleasure. I was here for Aingeal.

“You love Aingeal?” she asked me.

“I... care for her,” I said. “She hasn't been my wife for long, but she is growing on me by the hour. She only returned to faerie to help me liberate my people imprisoned on Duke Gallchobhar's land.”

A darkness flitted across the queen's face.

“Yes, that was such a... despicable thing to discover happening in Faerie,” she said, voice ice. “It is partly why I am granting you this petition.” She uncrossed her legs, her silvery bush drenched with her excitement, her sticky juices clinging to her thighs. Then she recrossed them, now her left on top of her right.

My dick throbbed. I wanted to bury my cock into her pussy.

“Aingeal was instrumental in stopping what he did there.” I smiled. “If she hadn't violated your exile, you never would have sent your daughter to investigate and discover your vassal's misdeeds.”

“Indeed.” The queen shuddered. “But Aingeal's crime was... equally as despicable. She touched my flesh with iron.”

“Then let me make it up to you, your majesty,” I said and, like so many beautiful women I had seen before me, like my sister herself, I caressed my body. I stroked my muscular flesh. My dick twitched and throbbed before me. “Let me repay her crime by providing you whatever pleasures you wish.”

She arched an eyebrow.

Then she rose. Her magnificent breasts heaved before her as she strutted to me. I sucked in a deep breath, my heart pounding away in my chest as she flicked her eyes up and down my body. Behind me, Siona whimpered, her fingers plunging with juicy passion into her cunt.

I fought my trembles as the faerie queen circled me. The edges of her wings caressed my body as she made her circuit. I felt her eyes scrutinize every bit of me. I felt so exposed, so vulnerable. I hated how that excited me.

I should be strong.

I should seize her right now and show her my power.

I would grab her silvery hair and haul her to the bed. I would push her face down between her daughter's thighs and make her eat that incestuous cunt once more. I would watch her feast on Siona's cunt as I fell to my knees at ate the queen's royal twat.

She would cum like she never had. She would cry out in rapture. She would moan and gasp and shudder. Then I would fuck her so hard. I would pound her cunt. Her asshole. I would use her body in every way. I would drench her in my cum.

And lose Aingeal in the process.

A man controlled himself. A man wasn't ruled by his passions, his emotions. I took deep breaths as the queen lingered behind me. Her finger stroked down my spine. My body shuddered as I surrendered to her touch.

I let her use me.

She grabbed my ass, squeezing it with her fingers. She leaned against me, her breast rubbing into my back. Her mouth nuzzled up to my ear. She nipped it. Hard. A stab of pain flared through me as her fingernails bit into my butt-cheeks.

“Mmm, you truly are going to do anything I want?” she asked.

“Yes, your Majesty,” I groaned. “In the name of Pater, Father of All, King of the Gods, I swear it. I will be your lover, your boy toy. I will do whatever you want. I will please you in any way possible. For my wife.”

“I think you do love Aingeal. Just like you love your sister and those two slaves.” The queen squeezed my ass. “Do you know how remarkable that is, Sven?”

“I don't know,” I answered. “I just know how to be myself. And I can't stand to let something bad happened to Aingeal. I'm responsible for her. I brought her to Faerie.”

Her fingers bit into my ass as she whispered her first command. My eyes widened in shock as my cock throbbed and ached.

To be continued...
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