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A teenage boy's normal struggles with growing up are complicated by his porn brain and pantie fetish, or at least that's what he thinks. There might be more to the story.

by Bistander

Chapter 24

A Trifecta

Earlier that evening, Candy was focused and determined that she'd stop acting like a schoolgirl and resume her role as Evan's mother. She planned on dismantling her spy equipment; then she would go to bed and start the next day on a new foot. The good wife game might be over, but she was the adult and mother of three.

Candy's one last look had been her undoing. The image appeared and a torrent of serotonin and endorphins coursed through her. Deana's firm breasts, her pink nipples and those youthful, swells of labia clinging to Evan's manly cock, derailed the good intentions express Candy had expected to ride into the next morning. She watched the expression on Deana's face, then steadied the pointer ten seconds back and clicked it over and over, reliving the moment Evan erupted. The fear and exhilaration that soar when a boy shoots his sperm into your womb for the first time stay with you forever, and it changes you. Deana would be different tomorrow morning when Candy saw her. She'd be full, bubbling with joy, and apprehensive about the new relationship with her brother. Candy would have to fight the desire to hold the girl and soak in her aura.

After hours of restless, partial sleep, Candy put one hand on her belly and the other next to her in the space where Evan laid after they made love. She felt like the only person aboard a ship lost at sea. A rogue wave crashed on the deck and washed her good intentions, determination and focus overboard. She flung the sheet aside and sat up.

When Candy reached the bottom step, ready to climb the stairs and join Evan in his bed, she heard hushed voices. The distance and the door at the top of the staircase prevented her from understanding their words, but not who was speaking. Deana and Evan were having a late night rendezvous. Candy turned, but a groan from the mattress terminated her retreat. She couldn't be with Evan, but there were other ways to appease the needy girl she had become. As a precocious little voyeur, Candy had mastered the art of gratification through vicarious living. The telltale sounds always aroused sneaky-peeky.

The first time it had happened, Candy didn't know what was going on, but the night of the thunderstorm she had learned that good things came to those who stayed quiet while waiting in fear. The squeaking floor and shadowed figure made Candy uneasy. She peeked through the layers of tangled hair that draped her face. The light outside the window silhouetted her big brother, Bobby, standing next to the bed. Maybe a typical girl would have been concerned and asked why he was staring at their sister, but Candy didn't make a sound.

Her pulse quickened. She sensed something unusual was going on. Sally wasn't sleeping. She had expected Bobby. Sally glanced at her, and Candy recognized the mischievous expression on her big sister's face. Bobby turned, and butterflies fluttered in Candy's belly. She'd seen it before in the bathroom or in her brother's room but not like that. Bobby's thing was long and fat, standing straight up like it was pissed off about something. Candy wondered if Bobby was mad at Sally. Her stomach buzzed with nervous energy. Could it have been that big the night he was on the floor, behind their mother, doing her doggy style?

Sally grabbed Bobby's dick and pulled it toward her face. The top of it looked like a helmet, and he squeezed it into Sally's mouth. The buzz in Candy's belly flowed down to her groin. She had heard about that in school; girls whispered about such things, and mean boys said, “Suck my cock,” but none of them thought it was something that happened in real-life. Candy was watching her sister give a blowjob, and that made her tiny hole wet. Candy wanted to learn everything she could about sucking dicks.

Candy's lessons always started with hushed voices and progressed to sucking sounds, slurps, and gasps. They ended with groans, grunts and gulping swallows. Candy wasn't sure Bobby's thing would fit in her mouth, but she'd be ready to try if he asked.

One night, the whispers didn't lead to the sounds of Sally's wet, sucking lips. Instead, Candy was jostled. She peeked. Sally was on her back, looking up at Bobby. She was naked. Bobby was also undressed, and his huge prick bobbed while he climbed on the bed. The mattress compressed, tugging Candy towards them. Her brother moved over Sally's body and laid on top of her. Their hushed voices were replaced by short, choppy breathing while they kissed.

The moonlight illuminated Bobby's muscled back and ass. He pushed up and light filled the void between their bodies. Sally's breasts spilled over to her sides. Her stomach rose and fell. Bobby's threatening cock was pressed into the mound of red hair, slicing through it. Her sister's knees bent. A leg rested on Candy's hip. Her brother's body coiled, drawing the heavy flesh club down Sally's groin. It fell out of Candy's view, between her sister's spread legs. Sally reached for it, and Candy was relieved that her sister was going to protect herself from that thing. Bobby pushed up on straight arms, and Candy saw it again. Sally was tugging on it, not pushing it away.

Sally looked at her, and for the first time, Candy was sure her sister knew she was awake. There was fear in Sally's eyes when she whispered, “It's okay, baby-girl, it's okay.”

Bobby aimed his dick and Candy's heart pounded in her chest. Sally doesn't know what happened to their mother during the thunderstorm, Candy thought. I should stop them. Sally's hole couldn't have been much bigger than hers. That thing was going to break her in two. Bobby's back arched, and the white globes of his ass rippled. Candy was scared for her sister and ashamed of herself for not saying anything. Her young pussy flooded with excitement. She wanted to see it happen.

Bobby hunched, and a wounded whimper came from Sally's contorted face. Candy grabbed her crotch and squeezed her legs together on her hand. Sally sucked in a long breath and clawed at Bobby's back. “Ah, finally, big brother, you're in me.”

It wasn't like the night Candy had to wait for a burst of lightning to catch split-second images. She was inches away from people having sex. Her body bounced in rhythm with the machine like motion of her brother's humping. She was watching his muscles flex with the strength that allowed him to pick her up effortlessly. He was pounding the smell of sex out of Sally's splayed crotch. Her sister's pained grunts and her brother's lustful gasps twisted up Candy's mind and guts. They were fucking right there in front of her, molding Candy's psyche.

Why would you care if they know, Candy asked herself and grabbed her pussy. She moaned, knowing Bobby would eventually fuck her, too. She couldn't wait to be just like her big sister.

The trip down memory lane ended. Actually, it had been more like a trip down the road to Mississippi, the one they called, Bloody 98. Candy had climbed the stairs to Evan's room while his mattress grunted under Deana's impaled body. She turned the doorknob. Her flooded pussy leaked down her inner thighs. Nothing would be more satisfying than to burst in on them at the moment Evan started unloading his balls inside his sister's body, but Candy restrained herself. It wasn't the right time for that. She held the unlatched door closed.

Once the bed started thumping against the wall, Candy inched the door forward and looked through the gap with one eye. It reminded her of hiding in the closet, peeking between the slants while Sally got plowed by various boys. Deana was spread wide, pulling at her brother, demanding more. Evan held nothing back. Candy wanted to wait until Evan stiffened and pumped his orgasm into Deana, but she knew the dead silence that followed great sex, so she fled when the hammering headboard reached full volume.

At the bottom of the stairs, Candy closed her eyes. There was one final slam from the wood against the wall and a loud grunt, then nothing except their panting breaths. Candy pictured her little man's face at the moment he finished fucking her in the kitchen. His pleasure, his lust, his love, and his life had flowed into her being.

Candy eased the hallway door closed and went to bed, lonely and sad, but she had an idea, too. It might be the only way to end this insanity, she thought.

“Have you ever felt more fresh or wonderful

As when you wake

By the side of that boy or girl

Who has pledged their love to you?”

When Evan awoke, he was disappointed that Deana wasn't there. He pressed his face into the pillow where her head had been. The scent of his sister's hair proved the previous day hadn't been a dream. It would have been wonderful to wake up with Deana staring into his eyes, pledging her love to him. She would have welcomed his morning erection. They could have made love again. Was there anything better than morning sex? In Evan's imagination, the answer was no, but other than Gloria, he'd never woken up with a girl. At least Deana has enough sense to avoid getting caught in bed, he thought.

In Evan's book of rules, sister fucking might have been worse than stepmother fucking, but the previous night with Deana made him uncomfortable about being with Candy. He didn't love her the way he loved Deana. Sex with Candy was a tranquilizer for his conscience, but something was amiss. Maybe he was mourning the loss of his mother. He needed to talk to Deana about it.

It was late enough that Deana would have been up for a while, so Evan sent her a text: Come upstairs. Need to talk.

To Evan's surprise, his phone beeped before a minute had passed. He smiled, expecting the stairs to start squeaking. The reply was: Can't. On the way to mall with Reb and Gloria.

Great, Deana and Rebecca are influencing Gloria, Evan thought, it can't get any worse than that. His phone beeped again: We're getting new bikinis. Reb said no excuses; you have to choose. Evan thought about that day in the school parking lot. Did he say something about bikinis? That was two lifetimes ago, before fucking his mother and his sister.

Evan reached for the MP3 player on his nightstand. Thanks to Cindy, he knew what he wanted to hear. After piling Deana's pillow on top his, Evan laid against them and selected, Pale Sun, Crescent Moon, by the Cowboy Junkies. His cousin never said that was her favorite group, but she listened to them a lot. So did Evan, even though he'd never admit to liking them. Crescent Moon was an album filled with beautiful, happy, sad and meaningful lyrics. He cursed Cindy, knowing he would be more twisted up with conflicting emotions before long.

“Oh, love it's so hard to explain

It'll make you forget your name

It'll turn you upside down

It'll make you wish that you'd never been found.”

Songs paint a picture of real-life, Evan thought. If anybody was upside down, it was him. Was there any point in trying to turn his life right side up, if that was even possible? Of course, Evan had to figure it out. That was the right thing to do, wasn't it?

On the way to the mall, Rebecca was riding shotgun; Deana and Gloria were in the back. Rebecca made a fuss, but Deana refused to make Gloria sit up front with Mrs. Stevens. It would have been weird, plus, she didn't trust her girlfriend. Rebecca would try something right behind her mother just for the fun of it. Deana didn't trust herself, either, not the way she had been acting lately. She let Evan fuck her after a firm decision had been made. Ten minutes later, she let him do her again. Then, she went to his room, asked him to fuck her again and fell asleep in his bed. How was that being careful?

Deana looked out the side window. In her mind, she was rehearsing her explanation. At the perfect moment, she'd tell Rebecca what happened. Even though Rebecca claimed she wanted it to happen, it still felt like cheating. Why had Deana changed her mind?

Mrs. Stevens pulled up to the curb in front of the mall. Rebecca opened her door and said, "Thanks, Mom."

"Thanks, Mrs. Stevens," Deana and Gloria echoed from the back.

"Remember, I'm going to be at Deana's tonight, Mom."

"Okay, but give me a call later,” Mrs. Stevens said. “Have fun, girls.” She pulled away.

The three girls entered the mall, and Rebecca whispered, “You have to tell me.”

So much for the perfect moment, Deana thought. “Shh.” She gestured at Gloria in front of them. “Later,” Deana said, hoping Gloria would run into one of her friends and go off with them for a while.

"The mall is dead on Mondays," Gloria said.

Rebecca agreed, and Deana thought, fat chance we'll get any alone time.

They stopped at the map in the middle of the main corridor. "Let's see, we could go here first," Rebecca said, pointing at number twelve, Victoria Secret.

"Yeah, let's," Gloria said. "I bet they have—"

"No," Deana said. It was stupid being embarrassed in front of Gloria, but her cheeks flushed. "Your mother would kill me if I brought you home with lingerie."

The odd expression on Rebecca's face made Deana replay her words. Is that how she saw Candy now, as Gloria's mother?

"Look," Rebecca said, pointing behind Deana. "It's your friend from gym class."

She turned around. "You mean Evan's wet dream from Social Studies."

“Evan's—" Gloria saw who they were talking about. "That's Darlene."

"You know her?" Deana asked.

"Everybody knows her," Gloria said. "You had gym with her?"

"Twice," Rebecca said with a smirk.

"How do you know her?" Deana asked.

"Seen her at the ballpark."

"The ballpark—Whose game was she there for?" Deana asked.

"Not sure. She could have been watching my games, but she never sat in the bleachers. She always stayed off at a distance, walking around. Seen her with Becky, too. They're friends."

"She's waving," Rebecca said. "Here she comes."

Deana nodded and watched. Darlene had a unique stride. If Deana didn't know the redhead always walk that way, even naked in the shower room, she would have thought Darlene was trying to get everybody in the mall to notice her. The girl's dense, curls bounced on her shoulders, and her chest danced in rhythm with the swish of her hips. Darlene's pants looked like a two-hundred dollar pair of pre-worn jeans, but they were Levis that had been relentlessly abused by her thick thighs. From the girl's knees to her groin, threadbare white slices expanded and contracted, revealing pale flesh. Deana knew the back was going to look like Candy's Lee jeans, and she was already looking forward to seeing Darlene walk away. Why had she become so fascinated with her mother?

Gloria mumbled, "Double Trouble," and Deana realized her sister was reading the words on Darlene's shirt.

"Hey, Deedee," Darlene said as she reached them. "Rebecca, Gloria, hi."

Deana glanced at Gloria, surprised Darlene knew her name. "Hi. How are you?"

"Great,” Darlene said. “You?"

"Good," Deana said.

"Evan here?"

"No,” Deana said. “Rebecca's mom dropped us off."

"Cool," Darlene said. "What are ya'll up to?"

"New bikinis," Gloria said.

"Yeah, bathing suits," Deana said.

"Unbelievable, me too," Darlene said. "That's crazy."

"It is," Rebecca said.

"Where you lookin'," Darlene asked.

"I want one of those micro thong things," Rebecca said. “A one-piece, you know, it wraps around here then goes around here, and...”

The girls watched Rebecca's finger move around her neck, tits, and crotch, then Darlene said, “It'd take me a week to find one of those in here.” She pointed at her rump.

Gloria huffed. "If I go home with a micro, mini, thong anything, I'll be coming back with Mom tomorrow to return it. Let's go to rue21 or the Gap.”

"No, they don't have any string things," Rebecca said. “I looked online.”

“The two of you can go to the sexy, little butt shop," Darlene said, "and I'll go with Gloria where they have BB and B stuff.”

Rebecca cocked her head. “What?”

“Big butts and boobs,” Darlene said.

Deana expected Gloria to reject the suggestion, but she said, “That would be good. I don't mind. I'll go with Darlene.”

"That's great,” Rebecca said.

“I guess,” Deana said.

“Give me your number,” Darlene said. “I'll text you so we can hook up after.”

The last song on the album was nearing the end. Evan sat on the edge of his bed.

“It's a fucked up ol' world, but this ol' girl

Well, she ain't giving in”

It was fucked up, Evan thought, but he wasn't giving in either. His father was in China, so fuck doing the right thing. He had an ample supply of supplements and lived with two women he could potentially have sex with. They had both told him the last time was the last time, but hadn't he heard that before? Besides, later, the tumbler wanted him to stare at her ass in a bikini. He shivered at the thought of Deana and Rebecca bent over, demanding he judge their butts. Mm, that could turn into Jason's three favorite words. There wasn't anything for Evan to be disappointed or discouraged about.

He got up, grabbed a pair of boxers off the floor and pulled them on. After a shower, he'd talk to Candy or his mother, depending on who he found. That was a disturbing thought. When he encountered the sexy, strawberry-blonde, would he have to decide if it was Candy, his lover or Candy his mother? Maybe she would tell him what to do, thus proving he still had a mother. That was cause for concern. He and Deana were equals, so their interaction hadn't been altered significantly, but Candy had been telling him what to do most of his life, and he had to obey or face the consequences. Things would be weird between them now.

Steam wavered up from the cup of coffee Candy was staring into. She watched it twist, turn and intertwine as it rose toward her face. Inhaling hastened the ascent of the lazy white streamers. She felt the moisture on her nose and the warmth spreading up through her nostrils. The smell made her tongue wet with anticipation. She could see the reflection of her face floating on the black surface. Her touch made the image roll with the waves. It appeared her face was swimming in a tranquil brook.

Candy pursed her lips and released a puff of air. The peaceful, swaying columns of steam crashed into the sides of the mug, circled, and frantically fought to escape the scalding liquid. The ripples distorted her face. The only thing missing was ominous dark clouds overhead. Her thoughts weren't in a tranquil brook; they were riding a cyclone as Candy tried to figure out how to get what she wanted, and needed, but not what she'd have coming to her if John found out.

The sound of the shower turning on made Candy smile. She sipped her coffee and went to brush her teeth. After that, she would resolve the conflict she had created, once and for all.

As they walked in the opposite direction of Darlene and Gloria, Deana asked Rebecca, "Isn't that weird? You think I should have sent Gloria with her?"

"Yeah, it's awesome,” Rebecca said. “Tell me what happened. I can't believe you haven't told me already. Why didn't you call me? I thought you weren't going to do it? What changed your mind? Was it—"

"Stop!” Deana held up her hand. “If you stop asking questions for a second, and answer me, then I'll tell you."

“Sorry, I'm finally happened for you. This is huge.”

“How did you know?”

Rebecca grinned. “Your face is broadcasting I got fucked. Anybody can see that.”

“Shit, I hope not everybody. Gloria can't know,” she said. “I was going to tell you as soon as we were alone. I didn't think it would still be written on my face. Good thing I didn't see my mother this morning.”

“How was it? Was it good...Did you get off?”

“Shh! You're doing it again,” Deana said. “Shouldn't we have stayed with them? Darlene—”

“Darlene is fine. What dah ya think, she knew we were coming here, and she has something planned for your sister?”

“No, of course not, but it is weird that she's here alone on a buy a bathing suit. She was friendly, too, in a strange way, you know, for Darlene.”

“Dee, we're here on a Monday, buying bathing suits, and other than her calling you, Deedee, there isn't anything weird about it,” Rebecca said. “Why did she call you that?”

“Not sure,” Deana said. “Probably heard one of the girls from ball say it. She's been at volleyball games.”

“Okay,” Rebecca said. “Now, where, when, how? Start talking!”

"You lied,” Deana said. “It hurt...really hurt. I thought he ripped it."

“Did you use the lube?” Rebecca asked.

"Yeah, my blood."

“See, if I had been there, I would have lubed him up for you, but don't worry, later I'll kiss it and make it all better.”

“It's okay. It killed at first, and then it was only uncomfortable until he came."

Rebecca's eyes bulged. "Came! You let him cum in you? Dammit, I thought only guys had dicks for brains."

“Hey, watch it, I'm not stupid. Well, maybe a little, but I'm on the pill, and I had Plan B."

"What the fuck." Rebecca spun on one foot while blowing air like a leaking balloon. "How do I not know that? I thought we didn't keep secrets anymore?"

"I know, I know, I was gonna tell you."

"Did you forget? Oops, I forgot to tell you the most incredible thing that has happened in recent history."

"Stop, it wasn't like that."

"Tell me, how did you get it? You have to see a doctor."

"My mom, Candy, that's why I didn't tell you."

"That's crazy,” Rebecca said. “You asked your mom for the pill. You're not even allowed to date. What did she say, sure, you wanna fuck, that's fine?"

"Shut up! She came to me. One of those mother things, I guess. I told her I wasn't and wasn't planning on it, but she told me to hold on to them. She's not the same person she was three weeks ago. It's like she knows things she shouldn't."

"Could she?" Rebecca asked.

“No, I don't think that's possible. We've been careful.”

“My mind is blowing up. Your whole life is upside down and spinning around. Your mother offered you birth control, out of nowhere, and your brother f—”

“Shh! Don't ever put those two words together in a sentence, especially not at the mall.”

“It's unbelievable,” Rebecca said. “It's hot, fuckin' hot and I'm wet. Let's go to Dillard where the beds are. Nobody will—”

“No, no, and no,” Deana said. “Let's go find bikinis and get Gloria.”

“Okay, but we're not done, I need details. Was it good, better than—”

“Stop! That's why I decided not to do it, you're jealous, and everything is fucked up.”

“No it isn't, and I'm not jealous,” Rebecca said. “I am happy for you. You finally know—You lost your cherry, and you look like you enjoyed it. Was it that good?”

“It's hard to judge the first time. It was scary, and it hurt.”

“The first time? You did it more than once?”

“Yeah, can you believe that? I wasn't gonna do it at all, then I wasn't ever going to do it again, and then minutes later, in the shower, I did it again.”

“In the shower, you took a shower together? I thought you were being careful. Who was home?”

“Candy and Gloria, but we locked the door. They didn't know we were in there together.”

Rebecca grabbed Deana's arm. “In here.”

“Victoria Secret doesn't have bathing suits.”

“I know, keep talking.”

“I'm not sure why I changed my mind. It's like I lost my mind. He was massaging me, and...”

When Evan finished drying off, he grinned at his often forgotten robe and put it on. Knowing it could be whipped open at any moment to expose his nudity added a creepy flasher vibe to his already strange mood.

Deana wasn't home, but Evan went in her room and closed the door. It looked the same as always, but it felt different. Was that because they were lovers now or because he was secretly snooping around in her private space?

Evan opened his sister's underwear drawer and stared at the collage of panties, then he ran his fingers over them, feeling the different textures. He wished he could watch Deana put a pair on. There was something special about watching a girl put her panties back on after sex.

It wouldn't be the same without the smell of Deana's pussy, so Evan rejected the idea that popped into his mind and walked towards the bed. His heavy cock bounced from thigh to thigh. He sat and looked at the pillow Deana's head would be on if she was there sleeping. His thoughts and emotions were confusing. He loved Deana the same way he always had like she was a part of him, and he would protect her and do anything to make her happy.

Evan picked up his sister's pillow and pressed it to his face. Deana's scent made his chest tightened with another type of love. It was the kind that made him want to hold and squeeze her and satisfy Deana's every need. He wanted to make love to her and profess his love over and over.

The flaps of Evan's robe parted for his rising cock. Without a thought, he stuffed Deana's pillow into his groin. The offensive act sent a surge of lust through him. Evan ask himself, where did that come from? It wasn't from the place his love came from. He wondered if everyone was born bad, but parents and teachers trained them to do the right thing, and that made them think they were good kids, trying not to turn bad. If that were true, then why did some stay bad and not others?

Maybe if Evan were older or had children, he might have felt different, but other than the potential of getting caught, he couldn't come up with a single reason not to keep having sex with Deana. His only regret was that they waited so long to start. What had caused him to embrace the dark side of his personality?

Evan wondered if Pandora was someone's sister and opening her box was a metaphor for fucking her.

The sound of a chair sliding back from the table alerted Evan that his mother was in the kitchen. He paused in the living room until he heard her mug clunk against the bottom of the sink and the water turn on, then he moved quickly in stealth mode.

The woman's hands were under a stream of steaming water, squeezing a sponge. Evan wondered if she would be his mother or Candy. Her attire gave him hope. Her feet were bare, and her thick legs were exposed all the way up to where the tight shirt cradled her rump. Maybe it was a short dress, Evan wasn't sure, but it was sleeveless, and he didn't see the outline of a bra strap.

He grabbed his mother's shoulders. She didn't do one of Deana's pitiful fear dances; she didn't even flinch. His mother had been expecting him. He squeezed the tops of her shoulders and waited for her to say something, but she remained silent and rinsed her hands. He worked inward toward her neck, ready to kiss it. His mother's arms rose, and she reached back over her shoulders. Evan didn't know what to expect until she was caressing his cheeks.

Evan kissed her palms and massaged the muscles under her arms. The night he helped his mother peel potatoes, his forearms had pressed into the overflow of her globes, through clothing, and it terrified him. Now, Evan's fingertips slid into the armholes and found his mother's bulging breast meat. Oh, how things had changed. His only fear was that his mother would make him stop. She touched his lips, and he sucked her finger.

The sides of his mother's breasts filled his palms. The material shifted and stretched, and Evan handled her tits with confidence, pinching and twisting the giant nipples. She dropped her arms. He felt her biceps tighten on his wrists, but he kept going. The giant orbs moved, swished, squished and resisted in ways that thrilled him.

The woman's purring groans sounded her approval, but Evan felt a sense of urgency. His mother had promised they weren't going to do it anymore. He used his lips and teeth on her neck while freeing one of his hands from the shirt. Her throat was salty-sweet. He could feel her pulsing jugular vein under his tongue. His mother sighed and shivered.

His cock was rigid. He shoved it against Candy's back. He had never thought of his dick as a muscle, but the more he fucked, the stronger it got. He felt like he could ram it into his mother's pussy and lift her off the floor with it.

When Evan grabbed her crotch, the silky material soaked through under the press of his fingers. He pulled her back and shoved his groin forward. His mother clutched the edge of the sink, braced herself and pushed back. His cock seemed hard enough to shove through the panties, but Evan groped her pussy, trying to get them out of the way. He had to be inside her before she realized they weren't supposed to fuck again. He frantically stabbed his cock head between thighs. It plunged into the slippery groove. He trapped it under his fingers, crushing it into the fat folds of hot pussy. Once it was at the door, he dipped down and—

"Ah, Evan." She struggled against the press of his body.

The inevitable was happening. Evan relaxed his hold. She turned around and looked into his eyes. “Mmah—” He hadn't said the word mom in days, and it stuck in his throat.

Candy put her hands on his chest. “It's okay, Evan.” She pushed the robe off his shoulder and watched it fall. “You can still say it, call me Mom.”

Evan held Candy by her neck and pulled her mouth to his. The kiss was hungry and lustful. In Evan's mind, he said it over and over, until it finally came out, “Mom.” The word excited him so much he wanted to say, Mom, I'm going to fuck you, but he settled for, “Oh, Mom, Mom.” He squeezed her ass and started lifting her.

“No, not here,” she said.

Good, Evan thought, I wanna do everything to you that I did to Miss. Tonya, and more. He started towards her room, but she stopped him. “Follow me,” she said.

Gloria's need to know if Evan and Darlene had ever dated, made her jump at the suggestion, however, before they reached rue21, Gloria had realized it had been a rash decision. She didn't know Darlene, and Darlene certainly didn't know her. It was a surprise that the older girl even knew her name. Now, Gloria had to make conversation with an intimidating stranger. Talking to Deana, who was also four years Gloria's senior, was easy, but Darlene wasn't Deana. She wasn't like anybody Gloria knew. The redhead was fascinating.

In the woman's apparel store, Gloria and Darlene took their time picking through the bathing suits. Gloria was feeling more comfortable. The girl's reputation for having the best body in school couldn't be denied, but the part about her being unfriendly was questionable. Darlene was going to be a senior, but she didn't talk to Gloria like a freshman, and she sensed the redhead had taken a genuine interest in her. Why, she had no idea.

Five of the six fitting room doors were open. Gloria started for the one closest to her, but Darlene stopped her. “I'm gonna need your help, so why don't we use that one,” Darlene said. “I haven't seen anybody in a wheelchair.”

Gloria stared at the large change room in the corner. “Um.”

“What's wrong?” Darlene asked.

“Nothing,” Gloria said, acting as if she'd be comfortable getting naked in front of the older girl. “That makes sense. I'll need your help, too.”

Darlene followed her in, closed the door behind them and immediately kicked off her untied, Pro Keds. Gloria laid the bathing suits on a bench. There are mirrors everywhere, Gloria thought while trying not to see Darlene wiggling out of her Levis, no underwear. Gloria couldn't believe the girl had gone commando in those jeans. Darlene dropped the pants in a pile. Gloria turned, now trying not to stare at the strawberry bush. Unfortunately, the mirror on the side wall gave her a profile view of the redhead, so she looked straight ahead. The mirror in front of her looked into the one on the back wall. Shit, the bodacious white orbs of Darlene's ass weren't going to be easy to ignore.

"I hope you're not uncomfortable," Darlene said while lifting the double trouble T-shirt. "You know, next year you'll have to change and shower with thirty girls in gym."

Gloria realized she had only pulled her zipper down and Darlene was naked except for the bra that her tits were overflowing. "Is that how you know my sister, gym class?" Gloria asked and shoved her pants and underwear down with feigned confidence.

Darlene nodded. "Yeah, gym." Her bra opened like a snapping rubber band. “School stuff, too.” She shrugged the straps off her shoulders. The girl's breasts rested on each other. Gloria swallowed hard. Giant red nipples swelled. The dark centers stiffened. "Mmm, it's always good to get that off. It's too small."

Gloria hated having the biggest boobs in her class and needing a bra before everyone else, but if there were a chance her tits might turn out like Darlene's, it would be worth what she had been through. Evan wouldn't be able to resist them. "What about Evan, you know him?" Gloria asked and quickly got her shirt off.

"Sure," Darlene said.

She tossed her bra and picked up a yellow bikini top. Her eyes kept moving, but Darlene stayed in her sights. The redhead's body was unreal like one of the drawings of her mother. "You ever go out?"

"Nope," Darlene said. "Let me help with that."

Gloria released the strings and lifted her arms while Darlene tied a bow behind her back. When she finished, the redhead's fingertips swept the sides of Gloria's breasts and tucked the excess into the yellow triangles. Gloria's heart raced, and her cheeks flushed. The fingers were gone, but their touch lingered.

Twenty minutes earlier, Gloria hadn't spoken to Darlene; now, she was looking over Gloria's shoulder, staring at her in the mirror. She was practically naked, and the older girl had just touched her tits. Gloria felt her nipples stiffened. She should have wanted to cover her exposed crotch or at least cross her arms, but Darlene's mesmerizing blue eyes held Gloria captive and disarmed her defenses. She was at the redhead's mercy, and that didn't bother Gloria. Darlene's hands rested on Gloria's hips. The buzz they created reached Gloria's toes.

"Do you like it?" The stiff points of Darlene's nipples sliced across Gloria's shoulder blades.

She jerked. "What?"

"The top, do you like it?"

"Oh, yeah, it's okay.” Her cheeks flashed red with embarrassment. “What do you think?"

"Try on the bottoms," Darlene said.

Gloria stopped staring into Darlene's eyes and grabbed the other half of the bikini. The redhead pressed her fists into her sides and watched Gloria put on the briefs with intense interest. Gloria had the impression that Darlene was like a peach, soft on the outside with a hard core. As soon as the bottoms were on, Darlene's hands went to Gloria's ass, adjusting the tight material with her fingers inside the leg holes.

“You have a beautiful body,” Darlene said. "You're gonna turn out just like your mother."

Gloria shivered, but it wasn't because Darlene's hands were cold. "You know my mother?"

"Um, no, not really," Darlene said. "I've seen her at Deana's games. She's always the best looking woman there. You're lucky."

“Thank you," Gloria said and adjusted the front of the bikini by running her thumbs down the inside of the leg openings.

“Do the other girls give you a hard time?” Darlene asked.

She turned around and faced unabashed naked Darlene. The mirror hadn't done the girl's body justice. "Yeah, they do, they have since I was ten. The boys, too."

"Me too," Darlene said, "but don't let it bother you. They're jealous. Be proud of what you got and learn to use it to your advantage."

Gloria couldn't imagine anybody giving Darlene a hard time. She could be scary, but Gloria didn't think she'd ever had to be afraid of this senior. Gloria didn't understand why, but they were making a connection. “I might need your help with that, but I learn fast,” Gloria said.

"Good. You wanna try a different one on?"

“Yes," she said and got naked again. This time, Gloria's confidence was genuine, and she wanted Darlene to stare at her.

When Evan and Candy reached the bathroom, he looked at her with a questioning expression. That was when he noticed what was on the front of his mother's shirt. They were words his father should have paid attention to, Needs Constant Attention. He smirked and locked the bathroom door behind them.

Candy backed up to the counter and lifted her shirt to her waist. “Take them off for me,” she said.

“Um, ah.” Evan wondered if his mother knew how special those panties were to him. “Okay.” He placed his hands on Candy's sides and inched them down toward the sexy red panties. The act of removing a woman's underwear ranked one boner above watching her put them back on. He reached around his mother and tucked his index fingers in the top of her panties. As his hands rounded Candy's hips, he looked into her eyes and eased the front of her underwear down. She smiled and gripped the edge of the counter. Evan reminded himself not to rush. His fingers combed through the strawberry pubic hair. Candy turned one knee out, expanding the gap between her legs. He grasped her crotch forcefully. His middle finger slipped into her deep groove. His mother was dripping, and her clit was bloated.

“Aaah, Evan, I want you inside me.”

Evan pushed the silky garment down the short, thick legs. His mother stepped out of them. He picked them up. They were warm and moist, and he considered boldly pressing them on his face while she watched, but tossed them at the hamper instead. Candy sat on the edge of the counter. He stared between her thighs. Deana was right; it was darker than the hair on her head. The neatly trimmed triangle pointed to the plump, bald pussy lips between her parted legs. He stepped forward. His mother's knees rose as she leaned back. The arches of her feet found the tops of his hip bones. Her knees fell outward. She grabbed his erection. He dipped down, and Candy lined the purple knob up with her pussy. The hot, slippery mouth of his mother's pussy made Evan jerk.

It was magic every time his cock plunged inside Candy's body. Her pussy tube was filled with a billion fingertips. They grabbed onto his flesh and demanded he give the woman everything he had to offer. With a grunt, he stuffed every bit of his cock into his babysitter, his mommy, and his Candy.

“Aaah, fuck, oh, Evan.” She clutched his shoulders. “It's wonderful. You have the most incredible dick and the way you use it on me...oh, yeah.”

The praise switched on Evan's autopilot. He had one purpose, to fuck his mother's pussy and fill her with cum. Candy dug her heels into his butt and helped him slam her with incredible force. Her massive tits rose and fell, swinging out and crashing together. He forced his hands under her butt and pulled her forward. Candy wrapped her arms and legs around him. He picked his mother up by her ass and bounced her on his rigid cock.

Candy huffed and groaned in his ear. “Ah, ah, ah, nobody...haaah, nobody has ever made me feel so good.”

They both gasped when Evan's orgasm burst inside Candy's body. She crushed him with her arms and legs while he squirted semen deep inside her body. Evan imagined his sperm breaching whatever birth control she was using to prevent him from making a baby in her. Hadn't that been a childhood fantasy of his?

Evan set his mother on the counter and pulled his waning erection out of her. “Oh, Mom.” Her lips trembled when they kissed.

Candy's fingers raked through his hair and squeezed his neck. A tingle ran down his spine. "I love you," he said.

She pressed her finger to his lips. "You're wonderful, a dream come true."

"I've always loved you this way."

"I know,” Candy said. “Your mother told me you would. I've always loved you, too."


“Yeah, she knew things, many things that I couldn't see.” Candy got on her feet, wobbled and put her arms around him. He held her until she finally said, "Honey, I have a lot to do. I need to go."

He wanted her to stay, but Evan said, "Okay," and watched her with the amazement of the boy seeing his first naked woman. She put her shirt and those damn red panties in the hamper and started toward the door.

“Um, Mom, you—”

"Yup,” she said with a triumphant grin, “I'm going to walk through the house just like this. I'll see you later."

Evan stared at the unreal ass until it vanished around the corner by Deana's room, then he sat on the toilet lid. Who was that lady? It was like waking up from a dream about his mother and finding Gloria next to him. It should have made Evan sad that he didn't have a mother, again, but Candy had never honestly felt like the woman who gave birth to him. As a boy, when he needed a mother's love and protection, the babysitter filled that role, but Evan always thought if he had been old enough for Candy before his father got her, they would have been lovers years ago. Their lives would have taken the alternate ending on the DVD. Did Candy see it the same way?

When Gloria finished modeling the third bikini for the naked redhead, she asked, "Which one do you like best?"

"If you have to wear one, I'd say the first one, the yellow one."

"I agree,” Gloria said. "I won't be able to wear it if my father is around, but I agree."

"Stepfather, right?"


"I hate wearing bathing suits," Darlene said. “I much rather skinny dip.”


"Haven't you ever gone skinny dipping?"


"You will, and once you do, you'll never want to wear a bathing suit again," Darlene said.

Gloria nodded and took off the bikini, so she could be naked while helping Darlene try hers on.

"Gloria, when school starts, you won't have anything to worry about. I'll take care of you...make sure nobody fucks with you."

She wasn't sure how people might fuck with her in high school, but Gloria would feel safe with Darlene watching out for her. “Thanks.”

Darlene only tried on one suit before checking her phone to see what time it was. "We better go and hook up with your sister and the wildcat."

"Rebecca?” Gloria squinted an eye at Darlene. “Why do you call her that?"

"Look her in eyes. You'll see it, she's wild."

Gloria didn't have to; she had seen that look in Rebecca's eyes for years. It used to make her nervous, but not anymore. “Why haven't you and Evan ever gone out?”

"Oh, I'm not his type," Darlene's said.

"What do you mean? What's his type?"

"You,” Darlene said. “He'd never be happy with a girl like me. He needs someone like you. You're perfect for him."

"Why, um, why would you say that?"

"Your body is like mine, and he stares at me, but you're a nice girl, girlfriend material. Too bad your mother married his father."

"Yeah, tell me about it," Gloria said.

"Girl, I think we got a lot to talk about," Darlene said.

In Beach Treasures, Rebecca showed Deana the stuff that was draped over her arm. “Hurry up and find something to try on.”

Deana sighed and said, "I have to be more selective than you. I want to push the limit, but not cross the line."

"Well, I'm gonna start without you. I have four suits that I like and this wrap," Rebecca said. “I got you one, too. We'll match.”

"Thanks. Hey, you gonna show me what you got at Victoria Secret?"

"In due time," Rebecca said with a smirk.

A few minutes later, Rebecca returned, wearing the wrap and her T-shirt. "Rebecca!" Deana said, "it's see-through."

"I know," Rebecca said and turned in a circle. "It's incredible. Don't you think?"

"I think the sales girl will call the cops. Go put on some bottoms, please."

Rebecca giggled. "Or she might wanna go in the back with me."

Deana pointed. "Go."

"Okay, but hurry up. I need you to tell me which suit you like best."

"I'll be right there," Deana said and watched her girlfriend's butt until she turned into the fitting room area. It was a good thing they were the only customers in the store.

When Deana had a few choices, she went back to the dressing rooms. Only one stall door was closed, and she saw Rebecca's feet under it. "I'll be right next-door."

"Good, get a bikini on," Rebecca said. "I'll be over in a minute to see that bubble-butt."

"I'm sure you will." She took off her clothes quickly so Rebecca wouldn't catch her naked. It would be hard to tell her girlfriend no after what happened.

A tap, tap, tap was immediately followed by a squeak from the doors hinge. Rebecca looked her up and down. "Ooh, that one looks like an arm across your boobs and a hand over your crotch. What's the back look like?"

"Close the door! Get in here and close it. You might want the whole world to see you naked, but I'm modest."

"Not for long, if I can help it," Rebecca said and closed the door.

She turned her back to Rebecca and positioned the top over her tits. “Tie it for me.” Once the top was snug, Deana faced Rebecca.

"Nice, two triangles and a string; it's definitely gonna test the limits. Aren't you afraid it will fall without shoulder straps?"

Deana laughed and jostled her chest. "There isn't much bouncing going on here."

"More than I got."

"Imagine Darlene wearing one of these," Deana said and picked up the bottoms. "Why aren't you wearing a bathing suit?"

"Or Gloria," Rebecca said. "I can't wait to see the bikini Darlene helps her pick."

"Should I be worried?"

"Not a chance," Rebecca said and lifted her T-shirt. "I got these for you at Victoria Secret."

She nodded slowly. “Mmmm.” Rebecca's white panties were transparent except for the pink butterfly wrapped around her pubic bone. "Very nice, but I thought you got them for me."

"This pair is for you," Rebecca said and sat on the bench and leaned against the mirror. "I got another pair in your size, too." She lifted and spread her legs. The underwear was split from Rebecca's clit to her asshole. "They're perfect when you need a quickie in public." Rebecca dropped her legs and sat up.

"I'm not going down on you in here."

"No, you're not," Rebecca said and yanked Deana forward.

She threw her knee on the bench to keep from crashing face first into the mirror. “Easy.” She put her other knee up and sat on Rebecca's legs.

Rebecca gently stroked Deana's crotch. "Is it sore?"

She held Rebecca's face, tipped her head back and kissed her. "You're upset, jealous."

"Only because I don't know what it's like. Once you give me my birthday present, I'll know, and I won't be thinking about it anymore."

"Not tonight,” Deana said. “You can get him to give you his present, but not mine. Okay?"

“Okay,” Rebecca said and squeezed Deana's ass, pulling her forward.

Deana knew what her girlfriend was trying to do, so she arched her back and offered Rebecca her stomach. "I just wanna make sure he didn't hurt it," Rebecca said and slumped.

“No, you shouldn't—" Rebecca's lips on Deana's crotch cut her off. She whimpered.

“It's still perfect," Rebecca said. "Perfect."

“We, ah, you better stop." She gasped when Rebecca's hot tongue sliced between her pussy lips. “Never mind.” She grabbed her ass, arched her back, and humped her lover's mouth. “Oh, Reb, ah,'re, ah, fuck me.”

"Deana, are y'all in here?"

Deana's eyes opened. She saw her crimson face in the mirror. Rebecca's tongue kept on thrashing her clit. Would Gloria open the door if they didn't answer?

"The clerk said you were," Gloria said.

The stall door is locked. "Yes, yes, we are.” Please don't look under the door. “One second, I'm, um, helping, ah, helping Rebecca—Ah, Reb, please don't...ah, don't stop."

When Deana's orgasm subsided, she stood up on trembling legs. Rebecca gave her a sloppy kiss that tasted like girl cum. “Oh, shit, you're the best, Reb, the fuckin' best!”

"Baby, it's okay if you liked it,” Rebecca said.

“I loved it.”

“That's obvious,” Rebecca said, “but not what I meant. It doesn't bother me if you enjoyed it. I'm not jealous.”

She nodded, wishing she hadn't loved having Evan's cock in her. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Rebecca said and handed her the bottoms. “Better put these on.”

"Drumroll, please," Rebecca said and opened the stall door.

Darlene and Gloria carefully looked Deana over. "Turn around," Gloria said.

Darlene leaned close to Gloria and said, "Uh-oh, you might have some competition. Your sister has got an ass on her."

Gloria nodded at Darlene. "Yeah, I know," then she said, "Dee, you got a butt from bubble-butt heaven."

"See, I told you," Rebecca said with a wink. “All that, 'No, please, don't make me,' and they love it, too.”

Deana added a dumb grin to the post orgasm joyous glow, and said, "Too bad my tits forgot to keep up with my butt."

Gloria and Darlene smirked at each other.

"What about you, Rebecca, you gonna show us yours?" Darlene asked.

"Yeah," Rebecca said and went into the next stall. "I might need help figuring out how to put these on."

Deana, Darlene, and Gloria all exchanged a curious look, then turned back to Rebecca. She was already naked. "Don't mind her," Deana said, "she's an exhibitionist. She was walking around the store in a see-through wrap with nothing under it"

Darlene and Gloria exchanged a conspiratorial nod and Darlene said, "She's a sexy little thing."

Gloria whispered, “Sure is.”

When Rebecca had a bikini on, the other girls stared in amazement. Wide strings went around her neck, fanned out just enough to hide her nipples, joined together over her belly and vanished between her legs. "Turn around," Deana said. “I gotta see the back.”

The string reappeared, emerging from between Rebecca's ass cheeks, and went up her back to connect with the part that was around her neck.

"I could cover more with my shoelaces," Darlene said.

"Okay, so it's over the top even for me," Rebecca said. "I just wanted to try it."

"Or model it," Deana said. “Show off.”

"I'll try on another one," Rebecca said and quickly got naked again.

"Did you find one you liked?" Deana asked Gloria.

"I did, but you'll have to wait until later to see it," Gloria said. "I hope you don't mind, it's yellow, like yours."

"No," Rebecca said. "That's perfect. I'll get the yellow one too. We'll be a matching set. What about you, Darlene?"

"I didn't bother," Darlene said. “It seemed like too much money when I'd rather swim naked."

"Me too," Rebecca said and came out of the changing stall with a two-piece bikini. "What do you think?"

Darlene turned Rebecca around and adjusted the bottoms. Rebecca's eyes widened, and Deana's narrowed. "There," Darlene said and swatted Rebecca's ass. "Perfect."

"Thanks," Rebecca said.

"Great, we all found something," Deana said. "Let's go eat. I'm starving."

"You better put your clothes on, Dee or that ass will cause a commotion," Darlene said and moved close to Deana's ear. "Girl, you're fuckin' gorgeous."

Evan shook his head, thinking about the conversation he had that morning with Jason. Why had it surprised him? After all, it was Becky and Jason. Evan put his feet up on the desk and balanced the chair on two legs. Jeez, not only had Becky been performing, Jason was in on it. That's what he meant on the way home from the races when he said, "One of these days, very soon, I'm gonna pay you back."

Jason had continued, admitting that he had been banging his sister for a while, and he didn't plan on stopping anytime soon. He said it started when they were little, playing doctor, then walked Evan through the progression. It was similar to what Evan went through with Deana, except she never pissed on the kitchen floor and he never jerked off on her while she was sleeping. Jason and Becky were perfect for each other; neither was interested in anything other than sex. Jason tried to convince him that fucking your sister wasn't a big deal. He supported his argument with facts about sites like Family Strokes, Taboo Family, Family Fucking and dozens more. When Evan told him that was all fake shit and fantasies, Jason said, “Tell me porn doesn't imitate real-life and watch Taboo two, one of the most popular porno movies ever.”

Evan had watched some of it, and it gave him a huge boner before he turned it off. He loved the redheaded sister in it, but he wasn't like Jason. His best friend was the guy who got naked at the Creek and let somebody's dog lick his balls while he beat off. Although, after having Miss Tonya suck his balls, Evan could understand why Jason went back for more, even though he had always said it was a one-time thing.

Right before they finished their talk, Jason wanted to know if Evan was going to do Deana now that he knew what was happening at Jason's house. Not only hadn't Evan confessed, he maintained that he didn't want to have sex with Deana. The most honest he could be with Jason was saying, "I'd fuck my mother before my twin sister."

Jason's reply was one of the smartest things Evan had ever heard him say about sex, "Fuck your mother, that sounds a lot more dangerous to me."

Evan laughed it off and asked Jason if he would do his mother. Jason said, "Wouldn't you?"

There was something fascinating about Ms. Mary Barnes, and Evan had already been fantasizing about her. It usually started with Mary catching him and Becky, then spiraled into a threesome or him fucking Mary in the kitchen and Becky catching them.

Evan's phone chirped with a text alert. He figured Jason wanted to add some perverse detail, but it was from Rebecca.  She wanted him in Deana's room to, “Settle the butt thing.” He smiled and pictured Deana's bubble-butt in a bikini. Way back when, in the school parking lot, he had felt up his sister's and Rebecca's ass, but that was before Rebecca was Deana's girlfriend. Today it was going to be more like the morning he got in bed with them. The tumbler had sucked his finger in front of an unaware Deana, and it aroused him a wicked way. Wow, what if I finger my sister's girlfriend while she's right next to me? That was something Evan could admit to Jason. “I swear, I was messing around with Rebecca and somehow it turned into a threesome! I didn't plan it.”

He replied, “Jeez, if I have to,” then he lowered his sweats and applied the cream that was supposed to, "Make you harder, for longer, like a porn star." It was unlikely that a threesome was pending, but no harm in being prepared. How much did Rebecca know about him and Deana?

The door was closed, and Evan knew the rule, but he entered Deana's room without knocking. Yes, he was hoping to catch them doing something. The only thing he thought about as much as sex, was what Deana and Rebecca did together behind closed doors. In his mind, there wasn't anything hotter than girls getting it on.

Evan started to speak, but the sight of three girls, not two, shut him up. Shit, Gloria can't be here. He couldn't inappropriately fondle Deana and Rebecca's butts in front of her. Not that Evan hadn't already been more than inappropriate with Gloria's ass, but she'd get jealous. He couldn't let that happen.

"You forgot to knock," Deana said.

"I know, but you knew I was coming." Ooh, that sounded bad.

“It's always better to knock," Deana said.

All of them were wearing T-shirts, and matching cover-ups which were transparent enough to pique his interest. "Okay, knock-knock."

"Who's there?" Rebecca asked.

"Funny," he said. "What happened to the bikini tops?"

Deana said, "You're here for the bottoms."

Rebecca said, "We didn't think you could handle seeing Gloria in a teeny-weeny bikini top."

Gloria beamed with pride. Evan wished he hadn't felt her up yesterday. “You're right,” he said and gave his little sister a knowing smirk, then he turned to Rebecca, “especially if you helped her pick it out.”

“Nope, not me,” Rebecca said. “Darlene's responsible for that.” She pointed at Gloria's butt.

Something snapped in Evan's mind. “Darlene?” That was worse that Deana and Rebecca. “You went to the mall with Darlene?”

“No,” Deana said, “we ran into her. She was shopping for a bikini, too.”

Evan tried to remember if he told Jason where his sisters were. “Who was she with?” he asked.

“Nobody,” Rebecca said. “She took Gloria while me and Dee went to Victoria Secret for something naughty.”

“Rebecca!” Deana held up a fist. “Gloria and Darlene wanted a different style bathing suit than we did.”

His sister didn't deny going to Victoria Secret, but Evan let it go because Gloria being alone with Darlene was more critical. “So, Darlene was alone?”

“Yeah, that's what nobody means,” Gloria said.

Evan glared at Gloria for her retort, but his brain was processing the facts. Girls went to the bathroom together. Did that mean they went into the fitting room together? “Um, you and Darlene...ah—”How could he ask Gloria that?—“she helped you?”

“Yup, that's right,” Deana said. “Gloria saw what you fantasized about all year in Mrs. Becky's class.”

“I've seen Darlene in a bikini already,” Evan said, trying to sound matter of fact about a sight that he'd still remember when he was old and couldn't sport wood anymore.

Gloria sounded matter of fact when she said, “Naked, she was naked.”

A surge of lust chemicals made Evan's brain spasm, flashing perverse images of his little sister getting it on with the fuckin' redhead in a dressing room. The tingle from the boner cream turned to fire, and his balls jerked. That was cause for him to run, but Evan's eyes remained on Gloria. Play it cool he told himself and said, “Whatever.” He pointed at Deana and Rebecca. “Let's get this over with. I got other things to do.” Like jerking off while picturing Gloria and Darlene getting it on.

“Me too,” Gloria said.

Me too, he wondered if she had things to do or—His dick extended into the leg of his sweatpants. “What?”

“We don't mind,” Deana said.

“We know we'll lose to Candy's clone, but you still have to decide between me and Dee,” Rebecca said.

Shit, what he wouldn't give to see his mother in a tiny bikini. “Fine, turn around.”

They lined up at the end of Deana's bed. Rebecca was the meat in a sister sandwich. Evan stood back a few feet, his heart pounding. Rebecca said, “Okay, girls, on, two, three.” Simultaneously, they pulled their wraps away.

Evan gulped and said, “Oh, yellow, all yellow. Did you plan it that way?”

“Nope, it just happened,” Deana said. “What do you think?”

“Give me a minute,” Evan said. The tumbler was directly in front of him. Jason thought it was stupid, but Evan loved watching gymnastics on YouTube. To him, it was more erotic than seeing naked women fuck. He could freeze the video at any moment and examine the girls. It was exciting seeing what he wasn't supposed to see, even if it was just their plump mounds or the crease between their legs that threatened to cave in and expose a pussy lip.

Deana said, “Well?”

“Bend over a little, and look straight ahead,” Evan said.

“Ooh,” Rebecca cooed and folded at the waist, putting her hands on the bed. Gloria went next. Deana gave him the evil eye before she followed suit.

Oh, did she know that would happen, Evan wondered? The yellow strip running down through the crack of Rebecca's ass wasn't wide enough. He licked his lips, imagining the tip of his tongue tracing the smooth outer edges of the brown dish that surrounded Rebecca's puckered anal eye. She looked back at him. He shooed her dismissively. Satisfied that it was her ass he was staring at, Rebecca faced forward again.

At that moment, it dawned on Evan that Rebecca reminded him of the 2008 version of Shawn Johnson, except for Rebecca's brown hair and that faint line of freckles under her eyes and down her nose. The tumbler bent over until her elbows were on the bed. Wow, Evan thought, they wouldn't let Rebecca on national television in a gymnast's outfit, not with that large pouch bulging between her legs. Fuck, the tiny tumbler's fat pussy was like her mouth, too big for the rest of her.

“Phew,” Evan exhaled and turned his attention to Gloria. There wasn't any gymnast to compare her to. Her butt was rounder, thicker and more like Candy's than he ever realized. He had grabbed it, squeezed it, and fondled it, but he had never examined it in a bikini. Gloria had those smiley faces under each cheek. The top of the bikini had to bridge the groove that would funnel water down into the deep valley. He wanted to lift one of those thick ass-meat globes and drop it. It would do that sexy jiggle thing he loved. Shit, my kid sister has a serious badonkadonk, and I'm getting a boner for it.

“Ah, come on,” Rebecca said. “Just admit you think Gloria has the best ass you ever seen, then tell Deana her glorious bubble-butt is nicer than my skinny butt.”

Fuck, Rebecca's glorious pussy was right there, mocking him like the target at the dunking booth. He stepped forward and bumped her ass with his groin and laid one hand on Gloria's butt and the other on Deana's. It was outrageously erotic touching both of his sister's butts, neither knowing about the other, and his balls rested against the tumbler's backside.

Rebecca pushed up on her toes, rubbing Evan's stiff cock between her cheeks. He hunched and ground it into the groove while his fingers rounded the inward slope, down into the deep, warm valley of Gloria's ass cheeks. She didn't respond, so he challenged her as he had in the kitchen yesterday. The ring around her asshole heated the tip of his finger. He circled the rim like a roulette ball ready to drop, then followed the slick material down. The crotch patch bridged the divide between the high ridges of Gloria's plump lips. He tested the strength, collapsing the fabric into the groove. Gloria finally gave him her attention. Her expression dared him to keep going. The problem was, he could tell from the look in her eyes that his sister would let him finger her right there in front of the other girls. Deana couldn't know anything about him and Gloria, and Gloria couldn't know about Deana. It was crazy and exciting like a Sidney Sheldon novel.

Evan groped Gloria's crotch then whacked hers and Deana's ass at the same time. "I can't choose one. They're all perfect, best in class.”

"You have to," Rebecca said.

"It would be like choosing the best apple while tasting a plum, an orange, and a grapefruit. It can't be done. They are all perfect."

"Okay, then," Rebecca said, "have a taste and decide which one you rather tongue fucked."

“Rebecca Stevenson,” Deana said. “You want Evan's birthday present or not?”

“Of course,” Rebecca said. “But—”

“No buts,” Deana said.

“Um, I see three butts, but what birthday present? I didn't get her anything, ah, yet,” Evan said.

“You know,” Deana said, “kiss her, she wants a birthday kiss.”

The hair on the back of Evan's neck rose. It would be the trifecta of erotic kisses. He would have his lips on Deana's lover while she watched. Rebecca kissed his sister, who was his lover. And best of all, he would be kissing the mouth that tasted Deana's pussy. Evan shrugged and said, “If I have to, okay.”

Under the influence of the tumbler, Evan blacked out. Her firm body contour to his, working in unison with her mouth. Kissing her was a whole body experience. Her legs touched his, her pelvis rubbed, her hard nipples poked into his chest, and her hands and fingers worked on his neck and shoulders. The girl's mouth was strong, and her tongue did gymnastics with his. No wonder Deana loves her.

"Rebecca, don't try and get an extra birthday present...tonight," Deana said.

Evan heard the tone of Deana's voice and forced himself to stop. The cute in Rebecca's face had been replaced with a burning passion. Before she turned away from Evan, Rebecca smirked, gesturing at his throbbing erection. He said, "Happy birthday."

"Thank you," Rebecca said. "You still have to give me something."

Evan figured that, but the way she said give me something made him think that he wouldn't have to go shopping for what Rebecca was expecting. How incredibly hot would it be to fuck Deana's girlfriend while she watched?

"Who kisses better?"

Rebecca didn't react, but Deana and Evan's head whipped around toward Gloria. They asked in unison, "What?"

"I'm not sure," Rebecca said. "Let me see."

Evan could feel the pounding of his heart in the head of his dick. Girls kissing was hot, but his sister kissing the tumbler in front of him and Gloria was out of this world erotica. The expression on Gloria's face suggested she agreed. "Should we leave?" Evan asked.

"I, ah, I'm not, mm, not going anywhere," Gloria said. "Looks like Deana might kiss better than you."

"Hey," he said.

"We need a second opinion," Rebecca said.

Gloria said, "Okay."

"Kiss Deana first," Rebecca said. "I got her warmed up."

"No," Deana said.

Evan was more than warmed up, and if Gloria and Deana started making out, he would blow a load in his sweatpants.

"I'll kiss her then," Rebecca said and held Gloria's face, then locked lips with her.

Evan turned to Deana; she looked as flustered as he felt, but not shocked like he thought she would be. He pointed at the inflamed pink of her aroused nipples, bleeding through her shirt. She crossed her arms over the bloated tit caps and looked at his groin. Evan fluffed the front of his pants, trying to hide the irrefutable evidence of his excitement. It was useless, though, without the elastic band of boxers to trap his boner. He ignored it and joined Deana, watching their sister and the tumbler. It looked like an audition for a lesbian porn movie.

"Whoa," Gloria gasped, "she's good."

"What good did that do?" Evan asked. "You still don't know who kisses better. You have to kiss Deana."

"Wait, this isn't about me," Deana said. "She wanted to know if you kiss better. Gloria, kiss him."

Gloria was in front of Evan before he could respond. Oh, he hated it when his twin did that, but Deana didn't know they had already made out, so he'd fuck with her mind. Gloria's upturned lips were ready. At first, Evan kept his eyes open, one focused on Deana, but Gloria's hot, passionate mouth lulled his lids downward. They had only made out once, but it felt so natural that Evan's hands settled on the handles he always used to adjust the position of his early-morning stowaway. Gloria hopped and tightened her arms around his neck when he lifted. Her thighs grabbed his hips and her legs wrapped around him. The tips of his fingers plunged between her globes. He adjusted his grip and got his hands under the meaty orbs. The wet heat at the edges of Gloria's pussy groove got his attention, and Evan peeked at Deana. Her mouth was hanging open in shock or jealousy or both. Good, he thought and kissed Gloria like it was Candy. It might as well have been, but Evan didn't realize that.

“Fuuuck,” Rebecca said. “I think Gloria and Evan might need us to leave.”

“Nah,” Evan said and lowered Gloria. Her crotch caught on his erection. She grinned, and he bounced her, banging her pussy against his shaft. “We still don't know who kisses better.”

“You have to kiss Deana,” Gloria said.

Evan had never been closer to cumming in his pants before and Deana's mouth would be the straw that popped his cork, so he said, “I can't. I gotta go...go to the bathroom. You kiss her.”

“Okay, I will,” Gloria said. “Too bad you'll miss it.”

Evan didn't look back. If Gloria and Deana started making out, he would embarrass himself, again.

When Mrs. Anderson asked her to babysit Jordan, Darlene kicked the air triumphantly. For someone who didn't consider herself lucky, Darlene felt like she had purchased three winning lottery tickets, the trifecta of perfect days.

What had started as a thought spawned an idea, then it became a plan. It was quite a ludicrous plan, and when Darlene reached the mall that morning, it seemed like her plan would never be more than a fantasy. The accidentally on purpose encounter with Deana and Rebecca happened, but Gloria's presence was a complication Darlene hadn't anticipated. She didn't want to extend the invitation to Style's house in front of Deana's kid sister. Gloria was a year younger than Becky and surely would be too immature, Darlene thought.

That was when the goddess of deviousness had an orgasm and sprayed good fortune all over Darlene. Where else could her next thought have come from?

The uncharacteristic offer unquestionably concerned Deana, but Rebecca had practically shouted her approval. Darlene suspected she knew why Rebecca wanted to ditch Gloria, and later, the sounds coming from the change room confirmed Darlene's suspicion. Imagine that, Deana and Rebecca.

When Gloria heartily agreed to go off with her, Darlene was shocked. Most girls Darlene's age were intimidated by her, yet this younger girl had wanted to spend time alone with her. Gloria had balls, and Darlene respected that. What followed had been too good to be part of any plan Darlene could have created.

Within minutes of walking away from Deana and Rebecca, Darlene felt a connection with Gloria. That was odd because befriending other girls wasn't something that happened quickly or often for Darlene. She didn't trust women, and she didn't appreciate them assuming they understood her just because she had a vagina, too. Darlene was more comfortable with men because their motives were clear. They wanted to fuck her, and that was fine.

The feelings Darlene developed for Gloria were something she didn't understand. How could she? Kinship wasn't anything Darlene had experienced. Other than Candy, who claimed to be her aunt, Darlene had never been with a blood relative. When Gloria stripped, Darlene thought it was a deja vu thing, like seeing herself in the mirror when she was thirteen. Over time, in the close confines of the dressing booth, Darlene knew Candy hadn't been lying; the woman was her aunt, and that gave the expression, kissing cousins, new meaning.

Down in the basement, Evan stopped punching the heavy bag when he heard, "Ooh, all those sweaty muscles."

“Ah, jeez.” He turned toward Rebecca at the bottom of the basement steps. The weight of his gloved hands pulled his rubbery arms to his sides. "I didn't hear you coming down." The tumbler's cutoff shirt didn't cover all of her belly, and her skin like black gymnastic pants made her groin and crotch somehow more erotic than a bikini had. “Where's Dee?” he asked and shook off the boxing gloves.

Rebecca flipped her hair, pressed her hand to his chest and slid them down his sweat covered body, wiping them on his pants. “She needed a shower.”

Evan was caught off guard by the tumbler's affectionate tone and demeanor. Her brown hair was tossed from left to right, sweeping across her brow. He touched one of the prominent freckles on her nose. It was hard to believe he had spent the last five years ignoring the tumbler. “You're cute.” She was a lot more than cute.

"I was hoping for beautiful or the sexiest piece of ass you ever laid your eyes on, but I guess cute is okay.”

Evan wasn't sure if Rebecca was being sarcastic, but he pretended she was. “Why, did you get her sweaty?”

Rebecca's smirk was more telling than the nod she gave him. “Mm, all of that kissing got us excited. I can see why Dee likes kissing you,” she said.

“Thanks,” he said. “You too. Deana's lucky.”

“And Gloria, wow.” Rebecca swiped the back of her hand across her forehead. “Phew, don't think that was her first time.”

Did she mean first time kissing a girl or kissing him? “No, I don't think so.”

“She's her mother.”

“Whoa, you checking my mother out?”

“Mmhm, just like you do,” Rebecca said.

“I do not.” Evan picked up a towel.

“You expect me to believe you don't check Candy out? Come on, she's gorgeous, and, mm-mm, that body. Damn.”

Evan chuckled. “She said the same thing about you."

"Don't tease," Rebecca said and poked his belly button.

"Don't tease!” he said. “You saying you'd hook up with my mom if you had a chance?"

"Hell yeah! I'd be out of my league, but hell yes. Wouldn't you? Don't lie."

Evan was saying, no in his head while nodding, yes. “What kind of person does that make me?"

"I think it makes you human,” Rebecca said and took the towel out of Evan's hand. “Your sister thinks you're too."

He watched Rebecca wipe the sweat off his shoulders and chest before asking, “Do you know about Deana and me?”

Rebecca continued with the towel, dabbing at his stomach. Her gentle, compassionate touch was unsettling. She said, “Of course, we share everything. Turn around so I can get your back.”

When Rebecca finished rubbing down Evan's back, she pointed at the beat-up couch and said, “Let's sit.”

Evan crashed down hard, and the old sofa creaked. Rebecca sat sideways, facing him, with one leg under her. She smiled, nervously, and asked, "Do you remember the last time you kissed me for my birthday?"

It had been Rebecca's eleventh birthday, and she wanted a kiss from Evan. Deana had gone upstairs, and Evan leaned over Rebecca's slumped body. He was so nervous he almost missed. His body ended up on top of Rebecca's. She opened her legs, and Evan fell between them. It was awkward when their lips touched together. They bumped noses and stared, both waiting for the other to do something. An unseen force of nature took over, and their eyes closed. Evan hadn't expected it, nor could he prevent his dick from getting hard. It lined up with Rebecca's crotch. He didn't remember deciding to do it, but he hunched, humping and grinding his boner across Rebecca's pussy. It excited him and made him want more.

When Deana opened the door at the top of the stairs, Evan jumped up, turning away from Rebecca to hide his erection. As soon as his sister got to them, Evan fled to the bathroom. He was embarrassed by the sticky mess in his underwear, and he avoided Rebecca for a long time after.

“Oh, God,” Evan said. “It was right here on this couch. I'm sorry. That was probably the worst present, kiss you have ever gotten."

Rebecca stared at him, thoughtfully. "Evan, it was my first serious boy kiss. It scared the shit out of me, but it wasn't bad. Something happened in here.” She pointed at her groin. “That scared me, more. We were so close to having sex."

"We had our clothes on," he said.

"I know, but I could feel your thing right there on me. It felt great. I would have let you if you tried."

He sighed. "I wanted to, but I was scared. I my pants. How embarrassing is that?"

"Me too," Rebecca said. "That was a great present."

"Wow, you want me to dry hump you again for this birthday?"

With deliberate, sensual movements, Rebecca knelt over his lap. "I'd rather get naked next time."


“She knows I'm not trying to steal you, just fuck you." Rebecca kissed him and got up. “I better go. Dee must be done showering by now.”

“One second,” Evan said and sprang to his feet.


“Can you do a handstand?”

“Of course,” Rebecca said and took a step toward him. Evan watched in amazement as the tumbler's hands hit the floor and her backside, legs, and feet rose into the air. “Whoops, catch my feet.”

He grabbed Rebecca's ankles. She didn't resist when he parted her legs and looked down her arched body. The front of Rebecca's shirt fell, exposing her small, firm tits. She strained to look up at him, turning her face red. Evan smiled and rested her ankles on his shoulders. He squeezed her rump, pulling the spandex further into the tumbler's crotch. It definitely could be done. “You better get upstairs,” Evan said and held Rebecca's hips while she folded her legs down and got her feet on the floor. “I'm sure Deana is wondering what you're doing.”

“That was fun,” Rebecca said and straightened her shirt. “See ya later.”

Evan watched the tight, muscled ass ascend the stairs. Would things be different now if Evan had fucked Rebecca before she became his sister's lover? Woulda, shoulda, coulda, it didn't matter now; the tumbler was Deana's girlfriend. He had rejected Becky and Rebecca because they were younger than him. Now, they were both so fuckable. What was that his mother said after Becky had been flirting with him at the ballpark? “Evan, kids, girls, they turn into young ladies, women before you know it. Don't overlook what's right in front of you for someone out there who you think is what you want.”

His mother didn't know he had a thing for Darlene, so that couldn't have been the, who you think is what you want, that she was referring to. Candy would never suggest he should be with Deana, so who was right under his nose? His mother must have been telling him back then, that she was available. Who else could be right in front of him that Candy thought he was overlooking?

Evan didn't understand any better now than he had that day. What he did know, though, was that he would take a shower, have a snack, and go upstairs to watch the upside down fuck video, again. It might not be okay to fuck his sister's girlfriend, but there wasn't anything wrong with pretending he was. His balls had never been more ready to blow a load.

At the Anderson's, after Jordan had fallen asleep, Darlene had nothing to distract her from her feelings. Anger and hate had always been useful for building walls to protect her from the abandonment issue. Now, thanks to Gloria, Darlene was thinking about her mother. What if the woman wasn't the horrible crackhead that she envisioned? Darlene had seen so much of herself in Gloria. Did that mean her mother could be like Candy? No, Darlene thought, wondering leads to longing, and I won't go there, not again.

Darlene got up and turned in a slow circle, trying to decide which room she'd use to annihilate her strange emotions. She could go in their bedroom and fantasize about Mrs. Anderson spread eagle on the bed. Mr. Anderson would burst in and catch Darlene eating her out. He'd teach his wife a lesson and make her watch him fuck Darlene.

That was the fantasy I used last time, Darlene thought. It had been sufficient, and she came all over their bedspread, but in Mr. Anderson's office, she could cum on his chair. Over the next few days, Darlene could imagine him sitting in her dried up mess. Mr. Anderson would be able to smell her. He'd want her; his urges would become too much to deny. He'd invite Darlene over while his wife took Jordan shopping. She'd sit on his desk and put her feet on the arms of his chair, exposing her pantyless crotch. The man would stare between her legs, contemplating for a minute, then he'd finally give in and lean forward for a taste. The only question was whether or not Mrs. Anderson should catch them so that they could have a threesome. Nah, Darlene thought, a threesome is nice, but secretly fucking Mr. Anderson had more potential. After the illicit act, she'd have to be in the same room with the Anderson family, knowing she'd been fucked by Mrs. Anderson's husband. The thought gave Darlene chills. She'd have a secret that would make her nerves tingle, and her adrenaline flow. It would give her a sense of control, and, oddly, a family connection.

Darlene left the office door ajar so she could hear Jordan if she awoke. After taking off her pants and panties, she sat at Mr. Anderson's desk. The crisp, black leather on her warm skin sent goosebumps down Darlene's legs and up her spine. She leaned forward to turn on the computer. Her fat pussy lips flattened out on the seat.

After a few minutes, Darlene was watching Taboo II, one of her favorite porn movies. She would make an excellent Sherry, except her tits were much bigger. Darlene had advanced to the best scene; the part when the mother walks in on Sherry and Junior, fucking. Darlene loved the expression on the woman's face. She wanted her mother to step in while she was fucking her brother, if she had one. The only thing she'd change would be when the mother shouts, stop, Darlene would glare at the woman and say, Don't stop, keep fucking me, big brother.

Maybe Style is right, Darlene thought, I need to work on compassion and forgiveness. It was true; Darlene didn't know the details beyond what Candy had told her. No, I won't get my hopes up again just because I felt something weird when I was with Gloria. Darlene wedged her middle finger between the leather and her pubic bone, into the wet-heat of her juicy pussy groove. She rotated her pelvis, grinding her clit and said, "Ooh, Mr. Anderson, slow down, slow down or I'll cum all over your hand."

Darlene slouched, sliding her leaking pussy across the leather, and put her feet on the edge of the desk. Her knees opened, and she grabbed her crotch. A rush of cool air made her clit buzz. She stuffed two fingers into her pussy and used the other hand on her throbbing bud. It would have to be a powerful orgasm. She needed to spray her juice on the carpet and blackout. Even that might not be enough this time, but Darlene didn't know another way to make herself forget about the woman who gave birth to her.

The blood coursing through Darlene's veins, roaring in her ears, and the short, sharp sounds of her huffing breaths allowed Boy George to go undetected until his head brushed the underside of her thigh. "Shit!" She almost hit the dog for scaring her, but she smiled when he looked up from between her legs. It was as if he was asking, Can I help?

Not a good idea, Darlene thought and held the sides of his head. Mrs. Anderson had commented recently about what a pest her dog had become. Darlene was afraid Boy George might have gotten the wrong idea about women in general. What if he started licking Mrs. Anderson's pussy? Or worse, if Jordan happened to be naked, on her hands and knees, and the dog mounted the girl. Would Mrs. Anderson suspect Darlene had trained their dog?

Darlene remembered the first time she gave in and let that pushy pup climb on top of her. She knew what dogs did to each other, and he had a history of humping pillows, stuffed animals, and legs, yet she still allowed him to mount her. Maybe she didn't expect him to land his first punch and daze her, but she still could have stopped him. She didn't. The dog took her young cunt with brutal force and blinding speed. She whimpered and cried, but never fought him off. Hot puppy juice had spilled out of her abused hole. She felt violated, yet excited beyond belief.

She let go of Boy George's ears and held her cunt open. The dog's long, rough tongue tugged her inflamed labia upward. Darlene pushed off against the desk and made more room for Boy George. He devoured her flooded inner folds. His tongue caught the ring around her butt hole. She hooked her arms behind her knees and pulled her legs up to her chest, giving him full access. He took the hint and eagerly licked her puckered anal flesh and upward to her clit.

"Oh, yes, that's good, so good,” she said. “Yeah, good boy, eat my pussy." Boy George liked it when she encouraged him, and he loved it when she came. He always went wild trying to drink every drop of her honey. "Get ready, ah, ready, oh, so ready, here it comes."

Before Darlene got a chance to give Boy George a big drink of her girl cum, he decided there was something he wanted more. It was risky letting him lick her, but she'd still be able to stop him if she heard Jordan or the Anderson's car. If the dog started fucking her, she'd be at his mercy. She'd be his little bitch, and Boy George would have his way with her regardless of who was screaming.

Darlene let the dog put his front feet up on the chair. "You better stop if somebody comes," she told Boy George, then guided him forward, looping her legs around his back. A wet cock jabbed her butt cheek. She held his hindquarters with her feet and centered him. It was usually a challenge to get his driving prick aimed, but Boy George got lucky. The second thrust stabbed into Darlene's slippery channel. His third was a bulls-eye. The dog whimpered, howled and started slamming her cunt. She grunted, opened her legs and grabbed Boy George's shoulders to give him better leverage.

Dogs fuck fast and hard, but they don't last long enough for Darlene. That wouldn't be a problem this time, though. She started climaxing as soon as Boy George plunged into her body. It was one of those orgasms that kept on going until she couldn't take any more. If Boy George hadn't finished by then, she'd be wailing and begging him to stop, but he wouldn't.

Darlene pulled the dog up, trying to get every speck of his cock inside her body. The overflow of pussy juices spilled into her ass groove, trickling across her anus. Boy George's hot breath and drool landed on her shoulder. He was about to send his K9 cum into her body, and that meant she needed to prevent—Darlene grabbed Boy George's behind with her heels and forced him forward. The risk level would rise to red, but she needed it tonight. His knot blew up in her tube, stretching her while his clear doggie sperm squirted deep inside her. It sent Darlene over the edge. She shook violently. The big cock-knot sealed her pussy, and their combined cum pressurized her tube. The redhead bit her lower lip and tongue together, stifling her screams.

Boy George didn't like to cuddle after he blew his load, but Darlene was too sensitive to let him yank that fist-sized balloon out of her, so she held him with her legs and arms. "Oh, thank you, Boy. I needed that, but you better not try it with Jordan or her mamma."

Once under the hot water, Evan thought about sex, sex, and more sex with Candy and Deana. Shouldn't he be satisfied? No, he was hornier now than before he had either of them. His head was filled with the knowledge of how fucking incredible they were, yet he had to go back to masturbating while fantasizing about the women he couldn't have.

Candy had fulfilled Evan's wildest dreams, and more. The years of loving her as a mother, and being loved by Candy, and watching his father not worship her the way he should, merged with all those fantasies and memories of loving the sexy babysitter. It created a vortex of passion, love, and lust that rocked Evan mentally and emotionally. Their lovemaking had been the most enjoyable, powerful, fulfilling, and memorable event of his life. Evan's love and appreciation expanded, as did his desire. The fact that Candy was married to his father was a burning fire in his guts, and the only way to extinguish it, was to have her again and again and again, but after the bathroom, she reminded him that they had to stop. What about Deana?

Deana told Evan she wanted him to be her first, then changed her mind. The idea of sex with your twin sister was not something to take lightly, and Evan's mental and emotional swings were violent, but the longer he waited, the easier it got. He finally accepted that it wasn't going to happen, and it was a relief. Then they ended up making love, anyway.

As amazing and fulfilling as Candy had been, taking Deana's virginity had been a cosmic experience. Evan knew sex with your sister couldn't send you to hell because it was a spiritual experience that felt like heaven. Their minds and hearts had joined, and Evan saw and felt things that were beyond words. It was physically, mentally and emotionally satisfying. That was until Deana told him it had been a mistake, and she felt sorry for cheating on Rebecca.

Evan shook the water out of his hair, turned off the shower and grabbed a towel. Candy told him they couldn't do it again; then they fucked in the bathroom. Deana told him she regretted it, then came upstairs and made love to him again. Rebecca told him Deana shared everything with her. He couldn't make Candy or Deana have sex with him, but he wouldn't be relegated to self-service without putting up a fight.

On the way to the kitchen, Evan stopped and looked in Gloria's room. His sister was sitting Indian style in the center of her bed with a video game in her hands. The yellow bikini had been replaced with gym shorts and a T-shirt. “How long am I going to have to wait before I get to see all of that bikini?”

Surprisingly, Gloria stopped playing the game, placed it on the bed and said, “How come you wouldn't say who had a better butt?”

“I didn't want to hurt Deana and Rebecca's feelings,” he said and sat next to her.

“Why didn't you want to kiss Deana?”

“Why didn't you kiss her?” he asked.

“Maybe I did,” Gloria said. “Did you like kissing Rebecca?”

“Did you really see Darlene naked?”

Gloria grinned. “Wouldn't you like to know?”

“Hey, stop answering my questions with a question.”

“You started it,” Gloria said.

“I did not. I asked the first question.”

Gloria leaned toward him and whispered in his ear, “I can see why you would like her.”

He was starting to wish he had gone for his snack. “Who?”

“So you think I have a nicer butt than Deana and Rebecca?”

“That's it!” Evan pulled Gloria down, straddled her squirming body and tickled her stomach. “Who, who, who? Tell me.”


“What?” He stopped torturing her but kept her captive between his folded legs, sitting on her thighs. His sister's cheeks were red, and her blue eyes sparkled with tears. “Why would you say that?” he asked.

“She's like Mom,” Gloria said. “Not that I've seen Mom naked, but Darlene has a body like Mom's.”

If Evan hadn't been surprised by Gloria's statement, he might have asked questions about Darlene's naked body. He fell on his side and stretched out beside his sister. “What are you talking about?”

“Come on,” Gloria said, “I see how you look at her and rub her back all the time.”

“You jealous, ah, jealous that I don't massage you all the time?”

“So, you admit it,” she said, “and I might be.”

“You shouldn't be,” Evan said and propped his head on his arm. “No, I'm not admitting anything. You imagine things.”

Gloria rolled her eyes. “Deana told me you used to want to marry her. You think if she didn't marry your father, you and Mom—”

“No,” Evan said. “I'm going to kill Deana.”

“I think things would have been different,” Gloria said. “You could marry her.”

“You're crazy, she's married,” Evan said. “Even if I wanted to, what makes you think I'd have a chance with her?”

His sister's expression changed. She was dead serious. “Evan, you would have a chance...I think, and I wish you could.” The glistening in her eyes wasn't from laughter anymore.

Evan scrambled in his mind, trying to come up with a response, but Gloria did some scrambling of her own. He didn't put up a fight. When she pushed, he rolled on his back. Gloria's breasts pressed onto his chest and ballooned into the low cut neckline of her shirt. He smiled and grabbed the cushions of his sister's butt. It was a familiar and comforting position for Evan. He didn't resist the approaching lips.

Gloria tasted like bubblegum. Her tongue was hot and knowing. His sister knew how he liked to be kissed. He squeezed her ass like he always did, but it wasn't the same. Gloria wasn't the out of place girl who he had discovered in a morning haze, staring down at him. He had walked into her room, wearing boxers, and got in her bed. The nagging truth that kept things somewhat in check had been eroded by too many kisses, inappropriate touches, bikini bottoms, and the sight of his little sister making out with Rebecca. Or maybe Gloria was too much like Candy?

“Mmm, you kiss better than Rebecca,” Gloria said.

“Phew.” He touched his sister's face and held her hair behind her neck. “If I had or ever married your mother, I'd be your father, and we wouldn't be able to do that anymore.”

“I'd let you—I'd want you to kiss me.”

Where did this girl come from, Evan wondered. At times, she acted more mature than he felt. Gloria was beautiful inside and out, and sexy from head to toe. The feelings he had for her, the strength of their bond, had always been confusing, but now, Evan's love for the girl, staring at him with those ocean blue eyes, soared into a third dimension. He stroked her ears with his thumbs and touched his lips to hers. “You kiss better than Rebecca, too.”

Evan tucked his fingertips under the elastic and forced his hands inside her shorts. They were a perfect match for the miniature badonkadonk. Gloria's muscles flexed in his grasp. The vigor of Evan's groping was in proportion to the passion of the kissing. He stuffed his fingertips deep into the valley of her ass cheeks. Gloria's body inch wormed, rotating, so he felt the damp heat of her crotch. He teased the puckered ring and dove deeper with his other hand. Gloria hunched, demanding more. His middle finger dipped into the steamy wetness. It made Evan's breath catch in his throat. Gloria dry humped him, grinding her pubic bone and clit on his stiffness. His sister wanted him to finger her, and Evan lacked the moral fiber required to deny her.

The tip of Evan's finger followed the curved crease down, then up, opening the length of her swollen lips. Gloria sighed. She was soaking wet with hot, slippery readiness. He swirled a bulky fingertip around the hole. His sister's cheeks flushed crimson. The tightness of her opening surrounded his finger. Her eyes opened wide. "Aaah, oh, yooooh."

Gloria clung to his shoulders and thrashed her clit on the ridge of his solid shaft. He shoved half his finger into her, and she fucked herself on it. His cock lurched; the silky dome skidded across Gloria's sweat moistened stomach. Her muscles contracted and released in a determined rhythm, humping the root of his erection. Evan saw the same expression he'd seen last time he made his sister cum, except this time he could feel the inside of her body spasming and soaking his finger. "Mmm, ah, ah, ah, oh, Evan, oh, Evan, mmmmah." Her eyes rolled up, and she held her lip with her teeth.

The sight of someone you love experiencing pleasure because of what you are doing was beautiful and amazing. Gloria went board stiff; her feet kicked the bed. Evan grasped the tense muscles of her ass and pulled his sister into him, sandwiching his cock between the cushion of her mound and his groin. Lost in the experience of Gloria's ecstasy, Evan hunched with all his might and forced his erection upward. For a second it stuck in Gloria's belly, then it slid with ease through the hot creamy release. Blast after blast of his orgasm burst between their bodies. Evan might be embarrassed later, but for now, he moaned softly and gently fucked the flesh channel. The serene pleasure of lovers cumming together filled him.

“Oh, fuck, Evan, wow, haaah, fuck.” His sister went limp on top of him.

"Watch your mouth, young lady," he said.

"Why? You're not my daddy,” she said. “Thank you, oh, thank you. I love you." Gloria slid down, smearing the creamy load as she went, and laid her head on his chest.

He extracted his hands from her shorts and rested them on the sensual slope of her back. “I love you, more,” he said. “Sorry about the mess.”

“Mm, that's more than what you did on my leg.”

“That was your fault,” he said, wishing he hadn't blown a load all over his sister, again.

"Yeah, it was,” Gloria said.

"Hey, you make an excellent blanket, but we can't stay like this. Someone might come." Jeez, he thought, now you're worried about that.

Without looking at him, the miniature version of Candy asked, “Are we ever gonna do it?"

Evan was shocked that his sister would come right out and ask that question, and he knew an affirmative no was the best way to respond. "I don't know," he said and rolled Gloria off of him. “I'll go get some paper towels.” The expression on his sister's face made him grin like a little boy with a crush.

The kitchen was dimly lit by the fluorescent bulb above the sink. Gloria was at the counter. Her lips clung to a spoon, collecting the last traces of creamy vanilla ice cream. She dug in for another lump of frozen heaven and plunged it into her mouth. Who could blame her for indulging?

If Evan had given her a firm no then let her go upstairs with him, that would have been better than mechanically wiping off her stomach and leaving her with a tiny shred of hope and a post-orgasm emptiness. Now, she was alone with a gallon of Bluebell. Maybe she could squeeze into bed with Deana and Rebecca?

Rebecca turned into the kitchen and jerked to a stop. Shoot, Deana's mother, she thought and tried to stretch her shirt enough to cover the crotchless panties. Rebecca's heart started to beat again and slowly descended from her throat. Gloria's T-shirt might have been longer than hers, but those sexy butt cheeks were still poking out.

"Talk about double dipping," Rebecca said. Gloria jerked and dropped the spoon into the container. "I do that too."

Gloria turned around and leaned back on the counter. "Yikes, what are you doing up?"

"I'm not tired, and Deana fell asleep on me, so I came for a snack," Rebecca said. "Looks like you're having the same problem."

Not quite, Gloria thought, you'll have somebody to hold you when you go back to bed. She held up the container and said, "Yeah, but we got this. Not sure it will help us sleep, but it's yummy."

The two girls faced each other, both with an elbow on the counter, tipped sideways with their hips shoved out. "It's worth a try," Rebecca said and sucked some ice cream off of Gloria's spoon. "What's got you awake?"

"Nothing," Gloria said. "Just couldn't sleep."

"You sure it wasn't all that kissing?" Rebecca asked. "It got to me. You kiss great."

"Mmm," Gloria slurped ice cream off the spoon, "you too."

“Thanks.” Rebecca took her turn with the spoon and said, “You and Darlene seemed to have hit it off.”

“Yeah, um, she's nice...was nice to me.”

“Did you really see her naked or were you teasing Evan?” Rebecca asked.

“Naked, we were naked.”

“That must have been a rush.”

Gloria wanted to describe Darlene's body in great detail and tell Rebecca everything that happened, but she didn't want to get all worked up, so she said, “It was, mm, interesting.”

"You and Evan—"Rebecca fanned her face—"that was hot...smoking hot."

Gloria's face flushed with embarrassment and her nipples erected with excitement under the clinging fabric. She cursed her body for the double betrayal. A ridge formed from one tit cap to the other. "I, ah, I wanted to shock Deana, but, um, I didn't know my brother would take it that far. My whole ass must have been hanging out the way he picked me up."

Rebecca's stuffed her finger into the soft ice cream around the edge of the container and scooped some out. "It seemed like he might have had a little help," she said and sucked her finger clean.

Gloria dipped into the slushy vanilla and said, “Maybe,” then she held her dripping finger out. Rebecca grabbed it with her teeth and circled the end with her tongue. Something stirred between Gloria's legs.

Rebecca used her index and middle fingers to collect more melting ice cream. Two gobs dropped on Gloria's chest. Deana's kid sister sucked so hard that Rebecca's fingertips tingled. Then her pussy lips moistened while the girl's tongue treated the tips like a clit. She sighed and asked, "How far would you have let him go?"

Gloria pulled back with a loud slurp. "How far would you have let him go?"

Rebecca grinned. "Only as far as your sister let me," she said. "You?"

"Only as far as my brother would take me." Gloria used two fingers to dish out more than they could hold. The tumbler sucked her fingers to the third knuckles and flicked the webbing between them. Gloria mumbled, "Mm, all the way," and watched more cold droplets land on her tits.

Rebecca smeared the liquid vanilla around Gloria's mouth and pushed two fingers to the back of her tongue. Gloria scooped up more and stuffed it into Rebecca's mouth. Deana's girlfriend sealed her lips around Gloria's fingers and worked them over with her tongue. Gloria pressed down on the firm muscle where it sloped into Rebecca's throat. Maybe it should have felt gross, but to Gloria, it was an erotic experience that caused the walls of her pussy tube to seep. She dragged the tips of her fingers forward, massaging Rebecca's strong tongue. It curved up at the end and hooked on.

“You got ice cream on my shirt,” Gloria said and gouged out a lump and carelessly fed it to Rebecca.

After simulating a blowjob with three of Gloria's fingers, Rebecca slopped the melted treat on the younger girl's face. It dripped off her chin. “Oops, let me get that.”

If someone had told her they were going to suck her chin and run their open mouth up and down her jawline, Gloria would have said, no thank you, but that was what the tumbler did. Gloria couldn't get enough of it. The hot, sloppy, wet mouth was insanely stimulating and her pussy lips buzzed with pleasure.

“Let me get this, too,” Rebecca said.

Gloria wasn't sure if Rebecca was asking permission or warning her, but she nodded and stared down at her sister's girlfriend, whose eyes were turned up. The tumbler's smiling lips touched Gloria's engorged nipple. She pushed her chest out and intertwined her sticky fingers in Rebecca's hair. “Mmm.” The girl who had been sucking her face was now trying to pull the top of her tit through the fabric. Gloria could have learned a few tricks about seducing another girl if her mind wasn't spinning. The girl Deana made love to was going to get her off by eating ice cream off her tits. The whole thing was surreal, even more so than when Darlene squeezed her naked ass.

“It's dangerous dressing like this with Evan around.” Rebecca cupped the globes of Gloria's ass, lifted and jiggled them. “Mm, mm, your ass is fuckin' beautiful.”

“Ah, thanks,” she said and met Rebecca's approaching mouth with hers. Their vanilla flavored tongues worked with an angry, passionate lust. They sucked, nibbled and bit each other's lips and tongues. Gloria felt the tumbler's hand on her stomach, diving down. “Mmah.” She whimpered when Rebecca groped her crotch. The older girl knew her way around a pussy and had a finger inside her without a moment of fumbling. “Ah, yees.”

“Fuck, girl, you're soaked,” Rebecca said and pumped two fingers, bashing Gloria's clit each time they bottomed out. She took a step back and grabbed one of Gloria's tits while finger fucking the hell out of her. The great orgasm Gloria had earlier at Evan's hand was more about how her brother loved her and had finally, without reluctance, treated her like a girl he wanted. The one Rebecca was about to give her, it was all about the wild, wanton pleasure, and the secret lust associated with getting off in the kitchen at the hand of your sister's lover. Rebecca was skilled beyond Gloria's own ability to masturbate. She multi-tasked, kissing Gloria, twisting her nipples, grinding her swollen bud, and punching fingers deep inside her body.

Gloria's mouth opened in a silent scream. She slammed her fist on the counter and held on. Rebecca rammed her hand upward, shoving two fingers deep, and closed her hand, grasping Gloria's pubic bone, and crushing her clit. The young girl's orgasmic juices spilled down the back of the tumbler's hand, and her body quivered dangerously close to collapsing.

“Fuck, you cum hard,” Rebecca said and wrapped her arms around Gloria's trembling body.

Gloria hugged Rebecca, wishing they were completely wrapped up together in bed. “Ah, ah, you, phew, you did it, you made that happen. I've never...never cum like that.”

“I'm not sure Deana would be happy about this,” Rebecca said.

“I'm sure she wouldn't be happy about this, either,” Gloria said and got on her knees. “I promise not to tell if you don't.” She pressed her lips against the tumbler's pubic mound. The aroma of lust was strong. Gloria was nervous like the first time she went down on Jayda. She wanted to impress Rebecca by giving her an orgasm equal to the one she just had.

“Mm, deal,” Rebecca said and moved her feet apart.

“Are these what you got at Victoria Secret?”

Rebecca nodded. “Deana got a pair, too. Don't you think they're perfect for a quickie at the mall?”

“Ooh, yeah,” Gloria said and licked the bald pussy lips that were bulging out of the crotchless panties. “God, at the mall, that's exciting.” She spread the tumbler's swollen pussy lips. “I wish someone would go down on me at the mall.” She sucked and flicked the stiff flesh bud.

Rebecca jerked and asked, “Someone like Darlene?” She leaned back, arching her body.

Gloria shivered at the memory of Darlene's naked body and the way the older girl touched her bare flesh. It had been gentle and compassionate. When Darlene looked at her with that questioning stare, that had been Gloria's opportunity to get what she now wished had happened. Instead of answering Rebecca, she circled the girl's clit with her fingertip while poking it with her tongue.

“Shhhit, ah, fuck, you, aaah, you know what you're doing,” Rebecca said and lifted her straight leg sideways until her heel hooked on the counter.

She closed her eyes and smashed her mouth into Rebecca's crotch, plunging her tongue inside the tumbler's tight hole. Darlene's huge tits, her red bush and the swells of labia crammed between those stout thighs filled Gloria's mind. Rebecca grabbed her hair and rotated her pelvis, bashing her clit against Gloria's nose. She continued to tongue fuck the girl's pussy hole while teasing her puckered anus with a spit coated fingertip.

“Fuck, girl, you got experience,” Rebecca said. “I, ah, oooh, yes, oh, yes, I'm gonna, gonna cum, cum hard. I cum a lot.”

Gloria ignored the warning and thrust her finger into Rebecca's asshole while frantically licking the drooling clit. The tumbler went off like nothing Gloria had ever seen. The girl's sphincter clamped down on her finger. Gloria sucked in the sweet, erotic drink like she'd die without it. The hot, slippery fluid spilled over and ran down her chin and neck.

“Holy shit, holy shit, holy fuckin' shit.” Rebecca pulled Gloria's hair to get away from the younger girl's mouth. “Damn it, if Deana finds out how good you are she might forget about me.”

She rubbed her stinging scalp and grinned with pride. If kissing Deana that morning had been one of the most moving and memorable things that had ever happened to her, what would sex with her sister be like?

Rebecca helped her to her feet, kissed her and licked her neck. “Mm, thank you. That was unbelievable.”

“I agree,” Gloria said and picked up the ice cream. “It's melting.”

“It's not the only thing that needs cooling off,” Rebecca said and put the lid on. “Let's get cleaned up and go to bed. I don't think Deana will mind if you squeeze in with us.”

Things sure had taken an unexpected turn. Gloria's cheeks rose with joy. What a day, she thought. It started at the mall where she got naked with and made friends with Darlene. After that, for the first time, Evan had come to her room and took her further than ever before. Then, Rebecca seduced her, and they both got off in the kitchen. Now, she was going to bed with Deana and Rebecca. Does it get any better than this, Gloria wondered?

Anganell BrigetteReport

2019-01-21 02:22:39
BiStander, you have the most vivid and incredible imagination! Where and how do you dream up all these absolutely outrageous scenarios? What is so scary that in my experience they are all so damn plausible and could actually happen in real life. Trifecta? You have to be kidding me! How did you come up with that one? I am so envious of your talent!

Anganell BrigetteReport

2019-01-21 02:01:09
It just does not get better than chapter 24! I also read your comments in being surprised anyone was still reading your stories. Some of us like me just discovered you six or seven weeks ago. I also noticed comments from other readers who did not enjoy reading about some of the acts the characters perform. There is not another writer on the site who provides us with such a diverse, profound, interesting, attractive cast of characters. Just like in real life do we approve of everything our friends do? Or there are some people we meet that we just don’t like. I have read chapters 1 through 24, and they are all wonderful. Never, never change a thing!


2018-06-14 23:41:47
Thanks for your insightful comments. I was starting to think nobody was still reading it here. I get discouraged when day after day there aren't any comments.
I understand how you feel, ruff, ruff, but other people want more of that. Evan needed a friend, and Jason is a perfect balance and instigator. Next chapter is being proofread. Will show up on wolfpub first.


2018-06-13 12:45:12
Holy shit, I’ve just caught up with this, started reading about a week ago and could hardly put it down. Amazing story. This a great piece of work and I applaud your commitment. If you don’t mind my own personal views, not a fan of the beastialty but happy to read past it. Not a fan of Jason either tbh, think I just like concentrating on Evan. Totally understand that bringing other characters backgrounds and storylines into brings great depth to the story. So glad he’s finally got Candy and his sister. Not gonna lie wouldn’t mind him having a go at Cindy. Also his dad not making it back from China wouldn’t be a disaster. Anyway keep up the great work and now I’ve got the pain of having to wait for chapters now lol.


2018-06-13 12:41:56
Holy shit, I’ve just caught up with this, started reading about a week ago and could hardly put it down. Amazing story. This a great piece of work and I applaud your commitment. If you don’t mind my own personal views, not a fan of the beastialty but happy to read past it. Not a fan of Jason either tbh, think I just like concentrating on Evan. Totally understand that bringing other characters backgrounds and storylines into brings great depth to the story. So glad he’s finally got Candy and his sister. Not gonna lie wouldn’t mind him having a go at Cindy. Also his dad not making it back from China wouldn’t be a disaster. Anyway keep up the great work and now I’ve got the pain of having to wait for chapters now lol.

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