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I get to pleasure my married ex gf
One day I planned to fuck her somewhere in public place. So I invited her for a movie in vasant kunj. The movie was “Fast and furious” . We had planned for the morning show ie from 10.30am to 1.00pm. I asked her to be dressed in wrap around. So we bunked the office and I picked her up from a place near rohini. She did dress up as I had asked her to, in a creamish wrap around and reddish sleeveless top with buttons in the front and slippers.

Cherry red and glossy lips (later she told me that the lipstick was a gift from an NRI aunty) and open loose hair, she did not wear any bangles but I did notice the silver anklet glinting in the sun light. She did not wear her mangalsutra as it doesn’t go well with the dress she said. We were in my bike , so she was scared as her hubby was in town and chances were that he could spot her with me on the bike.

Well for her safety I took the longest route and not through the city as I didn’t want her to get caught red handed. We reached vasant kunj priya by 9.30am and booked our ticket for balcony seat. We were much before time , so we went to a coffee shop and had some coffee while we chatted. We chatted about her life, her hubby and how was his job going on, how were her in-laws etc.In short we discussed everything but sex, just normal chat. It was now 10.15am , so we proceeded towards the cinema hall and took our seat in the last row corner. To my delight the morning show , the hall was pretty empty except for few couples like us and seating quite far from us. The nearest couple sat about 4-5 rows away from us , so I felt pretty much safe and moreover they seem engrossed among themselves.

The fact was that we also didn’t go to the cinema hall to watch a movie, at least my intention was not movie , I had other plan and was just waiting for the hall to get dark. Soon the commercial started and the light started to become dim, dimmer and finally it was completely dark, except for the light from the screen , but I was not bothered with that.

As soon as the lights were off , I slid my left arm across her shoulder and inside her top and started to feel her left boob over the bra, she pinched at my arm playfully. With that I turned her face towards me and started to kiss her , slowly licking her lips then parting her lips , shoved in my tongue inside her mouth. Then started to suck her tongue while my hand was still caressing her boob over the bra. With my right arm free , I parted her wrap around and caressed her thighs under it. While I was caressing her thighs and kissing her, my left arm left her boobs and put off two top buttons of her top, her boobs were more free to me now. Now again my left hand played with her boobs while my right hand clamped over her mound over the panty. It was already damp. The movie had began now but we were least bothered though she was trying to watch it through corner of her eyes. I began to rub her pussy over her panty while my kissing of her lips and then her shoulder and ear continued. With my left hand now I pulled her bra up and exposed both her globes to me, I could feel her nipples harden against my palm as I placed them over her naked boobs.

She began to moan in my mouth with all these activities of mine. She had parted her legs wide enough to give me full access to her pussy over the panty, but I wished to go deeper, so I pushed the panty aside with my fingers and found my way through her bush and dipped my middle finger of my right hand deep into her soaking cunt. It was really wet and dripping. I began to feel inside her cunt with my finger while shifting my lips from her lips to her nipples. I sucked her boobs taking almost the full boob in my mouth while finger fucking her. She grabbed my head with her hands and pushed me more deeper in her boobs. Her moans were quite audible in my ears as she couldn’t contain herself anymore. I lifted myself from her boobs and asked her to keep her voice low , she tried by bitting down on her lips but still it was quite loud. But I was not bothered as the movie was also going on muffling Neeru’s moan.

Now for the real act , I got up from my seat and sat between her legs on the carpeted floor , then taking her both the legs on my shoulder , such that her hot thighs now rested on both side of my head, I pulled her on the edge of the seat. Then pushed her panty aside ,clamped my mouth over her dripping pussy. She reacted immediately as she arched herself and grabbed the seat handles with both her hands. I held onto her thighs and started to eat her pussy , licking the slit deeply and slowly, applying lot of pressure all the way. She was writhing all over the seat , but I held on to her thighs so as not to let go. Soon she tightened her hot thighs around my head and locked her feet behind my back and grabbed my hairs with her hands, pulling me deeper into her pussy. I was more than delighted and started to tongue fuck her madly , thrusting my tongue deeper into her, occasionally flicking her clit with my tongue tip. Her moans were quite loud now , in spite the fact that she was trying hard not to cry out loud, but thanks to the loud movie noise, it was getting all muffled.

I could feel her coming as she dug her nails onto my hairs and her thighs clamped more harder and then she came with shattering orgasm and her body convulsed and shook , and let out a muffled scream. I lapped up all the juices happily and pulled myself free from her thighs and got back into my seat. I regained my lips on her boobs and started to suck her delicate nipples as she was still recovering from the wave of orgasm. I opened the zip of my jeans and took out my already hard cock from my undies. My cock sprang to attention after its release. I guided Neeru’s right hand onto my cock , which she gripped immediately and I again inserted my fingers of my right hand into her dripping pussy and started to finger fuck her. She started to stroke my already erect cock with her hand as I sucked onto her boobs and giving light bites onto the nipples. She ran her finger nails over my cock tip feeling my pre-cum which sent shivers through my body and I began to finger fuck her vigorously. Her silver painted nails shone in the dark against my dark colored cock. With the effect of my finger fuck she came again , her pussy walls tightening around my fingers as her hand gripped my cock tightly.

I then took out my fingers from her pussy and made her lick her own juices. Her hands were still gripping my cock as if she held on to it for life. I asked her to get up and sit on my cock , she was shocked “ Koi dekh lega yahan” , I told her don’t worry and again urged her to sit on my cock, finally she gave in and straddled facing me on my lap and held my cock with her hand and positioned it herself on her pussy lips and sat on it. She was already wet and lubricated , so all of it went inside her pussy in a single go. The cock was now buried in her cunt till the hilt and she gasped loudly as her eyes rolled back with pleasure. It was erotic to see a female sitting on my lap with my cock deep in her .

I held her by hips and helped to get up and down motion on my cock, she got off till my cock tip was in her and again sat down with force, she gasped with each getting down. Soon she placed her hand on my shoulder for support as she began to move faster on my cock, her boobs jiggled with each movement. I stuck out my tongue and licked her nipples as it passed over it. Anyone in the hall if looked behind could see a figure moving up and down so fast. Her mouth was open as she was moaning loudly and her eyes closed as if she was cut off from the outside world and only concentrated what was going on in her pussy. I held her by her waist and helped her to go faster and deeper on my cock, the juices from her pussy now dribbled through my cock onto my thighs. Her pussy hairs and hairs at my cock base were wet with her juices. She came again for the 3rd time and shuddered as her pussy grabbed my cock tighter, she slowed down with the wave but I urged her on and made her move faster. Soon she picked up the rhythm again , I was about to cum soon, so I grabbed her waist and pulled down harder, and after few strokes kept her deep in me. As my cock spurted cum in her womb. She cried out loud beside my ears as she fell on my chest heaving , I too wrapped my arms around her and held her there with her boobs crushing against my shirt. After few moments she got off my cock as it slipped out of her and she went back to her seat with my cum oozing down her legs as her exposed boobs heaved with her heavy breath.

My cock was now semi-solid but watch another man’s wife sitting beside me half naked in a public place made me hot again as my cock started to pulse again. As she was panting in her seat, I took her right hand again and placed it on my pulsing cock. She gripped it lightly feeling the sticky coating mix of her juice and mine on my cock. Her slender fingers played over my cock , gripping it, running finger over the tip as she could feel my cock grow again in her hand. She began to stroke it now as my cock regained its shape and became rock hard and ready once again. Her nose flared with each breath and stud on her nose glinted in the light from screen.

After few moments , I asked her to get down on the floor on all fours, she looked at me but complied , she got up, moved back her seat and got down on the floor on her hands and knees. I got behind her lifted her wrap around and made a bunch of it around her waist, then got myself between her legs and pushed aside her panty and positioned my penis head between her pussy lips. I held on to her waist and pushed hard. Not much force was required as she was already well lubricated as my cock slid in her easily. I pulled back till the tip and pushed again slowly, I wanted her to feel every veins of my cock. I wanted pound her slowly and deeply. With that I started my to and fro motion of pulling out and pushing in. she grunted and moaned with each deep stroke of mine onto the carpeted floor of the cinema hall. It was highly risky as neither of us could see anyone coming near to our seat, as we were hidden behind the empty seat.

I bent forward and grabbed her boobs with both my hand as I kept up the tempo of fucking her. She also enjoyed it as I felt her push back as I pushed forward each time. A thought came to my mind on how Neeru was enjoying being fucked by a person other than her own hubby. I decided to speed up , so I grabbed her by her waist and banged her hard and fast. She clutched the carpet with her lovely nails as I banged on. With my right hand I grabbed her hairs and pulled her face up , she lifted her face with a jerk and moaned quite loud Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . Her eyes were wide open as her mouth as I kept on fucking her real hard and fast.

She pushed back her hips to match my strokes with eagerness , I was enjoying every moment to fuck this married female out in public place , the fear of getting caught was turning me on. As I fucked her , I kept asking her “baby aacha lag raha hai” (Are you enjoying also) . She replied amidst her moan and gasps “Haan Haan” . I was just loving how this female was reacting having sex with another man.

I left her hairs and bent down and grabbed her by her dangling boobs with both hands. I kept squeezing and tweaking her nipples while fucking her away to glory. I looked at my cock and it was slimy from her juices and it was just ramming in and out of her pussy .It buried itself to the hilt and almost immediately pulled back till the tip. It was hitting her clit each time when it drove in with force. This was sending Neeru over the edge as she came again all over my cock as her pussy walls spas med on my cock. I could feel her body tremor as waves of orgasm rode in her.

Her moans and the view was also throwing me over the edge as I felt pressure built up in my balls. My balls kept slapping themselves in her ass. I fucked with few more deep stokes and finally kept it embedded in her as my cock started to shoot cum in her pussy , as her cunt milked me .

Then I fell over her exhausted and lay there for few moments. We both regained our breath and got up on our seats, no one seems to have noticed, because few were engrossed in the movie and other engrossed among themselves. Neeru’s boobs were still exposed as her bra still remained pulled up. The movie was nearing halftime interval , so I advised Neeru to button up her top but to leave her bra like that only, as for me I also put my cock inside and zipped up. Soon the lights came on and we started to look for her slippers as she said they fell off during the doggie act. Well we found them under our seats much to her relief. I told them to keep them on the seat beside her , so that she doesn’t lose them again. I did some study on the carpeted floor and found that if the seats are pushed back properly , then there is enough space on the floor for a person to lie down comfortably.

After a few commercials the lights went off again, the first thing I did was unbutton her top fully this time . exposing her belly along with her boobs. She didn’t resist this time , I guess she had given up resisting with me for she new I’ll do what as wish. And moreover I couldn’t resist my hands off her sexy body , so was willing to take up risk even in public places. I set my lips upon her boobs once again sucking and licking it , enjoying every moment of it, as her left arm went behind my head involuntarily. I guided her right hand again on my semi erect cock, she wrapped her slender fingers around it and started to stroke it. She gripped my hairs whenever I put a bit her nipples. With her hand she kept on stroking my slime covered cock, she ran her finger over the sensitive tip of my now rock hard cock.

I could feel my cock regain its rock hard shape in her palm. She was stroking as well as caressing the cock feeling its veins as I was sucking and licking her boobs all over, flicking the nipples with my tongue from time to time.I moved my face up from her boobs and asked her to lie down on the floor on her back , she got up like an obedient girl , straighten her wrap around, pushed her seat back and lay down on the carpet. I also got up and pushed back my seat and got in between her shapely legs. She could feel my cock touch her in the thighs. She parted her legs more in anticipation as I got down on her and started kissing her exposed belly , licking her belly button in the process.My jeans were bunched up around my hips, I still had my T shirt on. I lay on her , kissing her lips while asking her to hold my cock and put it in her pussy. She obliged and while kissing me held it with her left palm, parted her panty and positioned it in front of her pussy hole, I pushed and it went in half way, she gasped and arched her back , raising her hips, I pulled back till tip and pushed again harder this time, her pussy and my cock was already lubricated well enough and helped my cock to get buried in her deep. I wrapped my arms around her shoulder and started banging her. I kept kissing her neck and licking her ear lobes , while she kept on moaning in my left ear getting louder with each stroke of mine. She wrapped her arms around me as she got under my T shirt and dug her pretty nails in my back and her legs wrapped around my back, I could also feel her anklets in my ass. The sexy moans in my ear and the pain of her nails in my back was turning me on more and more , until I decided that my cock should be deeper in her, so breaking free from her grip and raising myself on my arms but I kept my cock still embedded in her.

I took her legs which now lay on my side in my arms and hooked them onto my shoulder, her ankles now lay on both side of my head . I sucked on to her toes and licked her feet , biting her anklets , rammed into her again. She arched up again as my cock reached more deep in her as she held on to the seat frames with both her hands to steady herself. I was now fucking her real hard , pulling out till the tip and ramming into her with force. If anyone looked behind then he could have seen my head with a feet near it moving to and fro. I held onto her thighs while fucking her deep ,as she also pushed back to get my deeper into her. Luckily the movie was loud or anyone could have heard her moan and scream. The juice from her cunt was dripping down her ass onto her wraparound, she would be having a big wet blot in it when we go out , I thought and smiled. I kept on fucking her real nice , I looked down and could make out my dark cock moving in and out of her pussy real fast. She gripped onto my T shirt with her hand pulling me deeper into her. She was having her orgasm again as she clenched her teeth and looked at me with open wide eyes. Her eyes rolled back into her head as waves of pleasure went through her. It was an enjoyable and erotic view to see another mna’s wife enjoying my cock in her. “want to make you pregnant Neeru” I thought that in my mind as I kept on fucking her endlessly.

Her boobs bobbed up and down as she kept on taking my torture in her pussy. My thick and long rod was pistoning out of her pussy real fast. I wanted the wet blot in her wraparound to be bigger , for the people to see how good fuck she got just now and how slutty she was.

She was nothing but a slut to me , otherwise in no condition can a married woman let her be fucked by another man that too in public and moreover she was enjoying more being fucked by me rather than her hubby and she confessed that to me the other night.

All these thoughts came and went out of my mind as I went on fucking her, I was trying to keep my mind away from the fucking , so as to prolong the session and please the lady under me beyond her imagination.

The movie was nearing end and we needed some time to regain ourselves, so I sped up my tempo and started fucking her at breakneck speed. She curled up her toes which I took in my mouth sucking as she was nearing her fifth orgasm and I could feel mine also at the same time.

I held my cock deep in her unprotected pussy as my cock started splashing her pussy walls. She also came at the same time with a loud moan..OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I held my cock deep in her , till my last drop was sucked by her pussy and fell down on her , kissing and licking the sweat off her forehead .

I got up from her after few minutes and pulled my cock out of her and put it back in my jeans, she got up few more minutes later and pulled down her bra and buttoned up her top. Her glassy looks, her undone hairs and red marks on her shoulder and her lips was also swollen with my sucks and bites along with the big wet blot of juice around her ass hole in her wrap around , anyone could tell that she had a good fuck.

She straightened her clothes , took the slippers from the next seat and we left the hall few minutes before the movie ended. I could see she was not able to walk properly as still she had few traces of her orgasms waves . I wrapped my arms around her as she rested her head on my shoulder as I guided her to my bike, no words spoken. I saw few girls giggling behind as , they must have seen the wet spot on her wrap around , I looked behind and winked at them and gestured with my hand that she had a good fuck, they looked at me with shock but later smiled as we walked off.

Later I dropped her off near her home and as she walked off I could see the blot her juices had made on her creamish wrap around, about which she was not aware of. I smiled and drove off , thinking where our next session would be.

After the movie session it had been few days, but I did get a scolding from her the next day “Tumne daag ke bare me bataya nahin, pagal ho pure” ( U mad , why didnt you tell me about the spo). I just smiled on.
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