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Julia has been sold to the group by her step-father she is Lesbian and will be trained to be a Mistress
Chapter 21 The new training class

The new class of training will have 12 weeks of training because it’s a large class 40 girl and 10 boys. The training will be starting in two weeks right now they are being seen by the doctor I will be observing looking for some new dom’s or dommes. I have one of the subs bring two of the girls in, so I can talk to them. The first one in her name is Julia 18 she is a manly looking girl, so I know she is gay the other girl looks shell shocked Beth 16 is her name I think. I begin by asking them if they know why they are here and they both say yes, I tell them to strip and Beth begins by taking her top off Julia just looks at me, so I ask if she has a problem and she says yes so, I tell Beth to stop wait outside the door and she says yes, and I correct her that its yes Mistress.

Julia- I can’t believe this bitch wants me to take off my clothes who the fuck does she think she is I give the orders. I look at her she tells me that she knows that I wouldn’t make a good sex slave, but she says I would make a damn good Mistress and I could make a lot of money, and I like the sound of that. She tells me that if I agree to be trained I would be paid 2 grand a week and that after the training I can work in the house making anywhere from 5 to 10 a week plus I keep all tips and if I say no than I will be sold to someone that will do all kinds of shit to me or be killed. She asks, me if I am gay and I tell her yes, she ask if I have ever been with a man and I tell her hell no she tells me that part of my training will be I have to submit to a man to understand what the slave goes through I tell her that I am still virgin.

Mistress- I somehow knew that she still had her hymen she is a stud, so I look at her file and I ask how did she get here she tells me that her step-father sold her and when the guy came to get her he drugged her and she woke up on a plane she was bounded and gagged she looks flushed so I ask if she was alone and she said no with other girls and I ask was she turned on and she says yes. I call Beth back into the room and I tell her to take her clothes off and kneel I show her how to get into a sub pose. I ask Julia what she thinks of Beth and she says that she is ok to look at I ask her what she would do first spank her or make her lick her pussy and she says spank her she must earn the right to lick her pussy and I start thinking. I tell Beth that she can put her clothes on and someone will take her to her room she needs to be groomed I also tell her that she needs to shower I ask if she is a virgin and she says no. I take a seat in a chair and open my legs I ask Julia if she has ever eaten pussy and she says yes I tell her to show me and she says no I ask her if she has forgotten where she is and she says no but she has said yes either so I put my hand between my legs and I lick my fingers tasting myself and I ask her if she wants a taste she is looking at my pussy with lust in her eyes. I begin licking my fingers and moaning about how good I taste. I look over at Julia and I see lust in her eyes I ask her if she wants a taste and she shakes her head I tell her to get on her knees and crawl over to me she laughs and tells me that she crawls for no one that’s what I thought. I put my legs down and I walk over to her and shake her hand she looks at me and I tell her that I would like to train her to be a domme and she says what’s that I tell her a Mistress like me I tell her that while she is training she will be making 2 grand a week and once the training is over she will be making 5 I also tell her if she says no she will be sold and since she has never been with a man she will bring big money she ask if she refuses I tell her that no one refuses it’s her only choice. I tell her to think about it. I pick up the phone and ask which single room is open after I hang up I walk her to her room I tell her that she is not allowed to have sex with the trainees or subs unless she is given permission from one of the trainers, yet I tell her to have lunch and I will talk to her later.

Julia- I can’t believe they are giving me a chance to live out my wildest fantasies they will train me and pay me and if I don’t I will be sold like a sex slave to someone who will beat and fuck me I want to do the beating. There is a knock on the door and I smell food I ask the guy what’s on the tray and he say hamburger and fries I ask for another burger I am starving he tells me he will bring me another after all the food his delivered I ask him how long he has been here, and he tells me a year I ask if he likes it and he says yes better than he did at home. After lunch I lay down and wait for Mistress to return I think about the time I tied Shelly to the bed and how I pinched her nipples as I played with her pussy and how I came so hard when I forced my pussy on her mouth damn I feel my pussy getting wet I should have forced Beth to lick my pussy I begin fingering my clit when I door opens I try to take my hand out but Mistress Ann tells me to continue I stop anyway. She comes in followed by a guy I haven’t seen before. She asks, me to come to her office I tell her just a minute and I go to the bathroom which is nice.

Mistress- I ask Rob what he thought he tells me that she looks like she is going to do it when we get to the office I tell him that when I told her to crawl to me and lick my pussy and how she said no I also tell him that she has never been fucked by a man. I also tell him that training may be hard for her when she must submit I know it was hard for me he tells me at least D won’t be taking her virginity. When a knock on the door comes I tell her to come in I introduce her to Rob and tell her that he will be going over the contract with her. He tells her that she will be trained for 4 weeks after 4 weeks she will have to submit she looks at me and I tell her that I had to submit before I became a Mistress and it wasn’t here. I also tell her that I made a lot of money being a domme and when our other partner came up with the idea of this place I was on bored with it. I tell her that we did a background check on her and we know that if we didn’t buy her stepfather would have raped her or sold her to someone else and she would have been dead. When she asks where does she sign at I give her a pen she ask when does she get paid and Rob tells her at the end of the training I tell her that she must take her clothes off, so we can look at her she has nice breast I ask her if she has ever had sex with a boy and she says no I ask if she has ever been penetrated she says no she doesn’t let girls stick anything in her. I know this next part is going to be hard for her, so I tell her that she will have to be fucked and she will be submitting its part of the training and she says no but I remind her of her options and she looks scared I tell her to relax it won’t happen today, but it will at the end of the training. I also ask if she would be willing to working with males and she says only in training I tell her that men pay big bucks for dommes and that she does have to let them fuck her. I tell her that I will be working with her.

Julia- I can’t believe this is happening to me I don’t want to go back home, and I damn sure don’t want to have sex with a man, but I do want to make money. After I put my clothes on Mistress Ann tells me that I will be going to the groomer to be waxed and then I will see the doctor although I don’t know what for, but my guest is to make sure I don’t have anything. After I am waxed plucked and have seen the doctor for a birth control shot I am returned to my room and this time I notice I have a tv so I find the remote and turn it on there is a knock on the door and a guy enters the room with a tray he tells me the brought my dinner and some clothes for me he also tells me that I will begin training in the morning I ask if I can talk to him and he says yes. I ask him what does he do at the center and he tell me that he is a sub he gets paid 3 grand a week to serve and make sure the training classes run smooth he tells me that he also works in The House two days a week and that he makes good money doing that. I ask if he thinks it’s wrong and he tells me that before he came here he was beaten daily by his father because he was gay and that his father sold him to his friends to use so when they sold him to Master D he knew this was his way out. He also tells me that he is going to business school online. I ask if he lives here and he says no he has a condo on the island. I ask if he leaves the island and he tells me that he has left a few times with one of the master’s I ask how long as he been here, and he says 3 years and he plans to stay long enough to finish school and save enough money to start his own business. I am impressed by him I ask him is name and he say, Jaime. I ask about the Master’s and Mistresses and he tells me that it’s not nice to gossip and I tell him no gossip and that I am going to be trained to be a Mistress and he says ok. He tells me that Master D is the owner of the club and that he just married his sub and that Master Rob is his partner and lover they live together with two subs Master T who just returned to the island with two subs a boy and a girl he also tells me that Mistress Ann has a husband Eric who is also her sub although he’s her husband in name only she is a lesbian and they have a female sub Nat. He also tells me about Mistress Liz who has both sexes and Master Andre is the newest one and he is very handsome he also tells me that all the Master’s and Mistresses are very strict, but fare and you can learn a lot from them they are all rich and will kill you if you betray them.

Mistress Ann- I listen to what Jaime is telling Julia and he is not wrong anyone of us will put a bullet in her brain if she betrays us. I look at her file again she wasn’t a bad student. I look at the screen again as she takes her clothes off and lays down on the bed she begins playing with her pussy as I watch her begin to masturbate I feel myself getting wet I call Jaime and ask him to send in one of the female subs to my office. When the knock comes I tell her to come in its Gina I ask her if she is ready to find a master and she says yes. I tell her to take off her clothes and crawl over here. Gina has a few old scares on her body, but she has nice breast I stand up and take my panties off as I tell her to put her hands behind her back and lick my pussy. I grab her by the head and begin grinding my pussy in her face as I watch Julia play with her pussy I tell her to bite my lips and she does I tell her that she can’t cum that I have something that I want her to do as I tell her to lick harder and faster I feel myself about to cum and I push her back. I tell her to stand and I give her a wet wipe to clean her face I tell her I want her to go to room 13 and tell the girl that I sent her to be used she says yes Mistress I tell her to take her clothes with her but don’t put them on. I watch the screen has she reaches the girls door she knocks Julia opens the door and let her in.

Julia- When the knock comes I jump up and open it I didn’t know what to make of the girl standing their naked she tells me that Mistress Ann send her for my pleasure. I step back, and she enters and goes down on her knees I just look at her. I ask her what she likes, and she tells me anything that I want, and my pussy gets wet looking at her I tell her to open her legs and show me her pussy I ask her if she has cum today and she says no Mistress and I get wetter there is a lot of power in that word. I tell her to stand up and I begin rubbing her breast and twisting the nipples and she stands I tell her to keep her eyes on me as I slap her right breast as she moans I get wetter. I tell her to turn around and put her hands on the wall I take off my t-shirt and I wish I had some toys to play I rub my hands down her back and I get to her ass I slap one of her cheeks I begin spanking her and feeling her pussy, she is so wet I need to taste her. I begin licking and sucking her nipples biting them as I begin going lower until I get to her bald pussy as I begin to lick her lips as I bite them while I am licking her pussy while slapping her breast telling her that she doesn’t get to cum. I get up and sit on her face and tell her that she better make me cum if she wants to cum as I begin grinding my pussy in her face.

Mistress Ann- As I watch Julia force her pussy on the girls face I get so horny that I get my vibrator out and begin playing with my pussy as I look on I cum quickly. This girl is a natural and I am looking forward to training her.

Julia- I feel like I am dead that was the best sex I have ever had, and she let me do whatever I wanted to do to her and she followed all my rule. I am going to love this job.

Chapter 22 Training New Slaves

Welcome to The House you have been brought here to be trained and sold as pleasure slaves. For some of you it will be painful others it will be pleasurable. I am your Mistress you will not speak unless you are asked to, and you will answer with yes Mistress or No Mistress. My team and I will train you to enjoy, want, and even crave the things that will be done to you. This is a large class for us, so it will take 90days after which time you will be sold to the highest bidder. You will follow all rules that your trainer’s give you The Center has some rules that must be followed if you break any of these rules you will be punished harshly if a Master or a Mistress tells you to do something you do it. Rule number two is that there will be so sex with each other outside of training meaning not in your room or with your roommate as some of you will find out that there is no way to escape and if you resist training you will be sold to someone who will do a lot worse to you than we will. I have friends who like to kill while fucking their slaves. You will be sharing a room and if you can’t get along we will step in and it would be nice be respect to each other and the staff. You will be given three meals a day and you will be required to exercise daily. Soon you will be with your trainer and his or her helper.

The Master’s Meeting

Mistress Ann-When Rob and D come into the conference room they are tan, and all smiles Liz comes in wearing jeans and looking well followed by T and Andre.

Master D- Hay everyone welcome, back, after the auction we will be taking a break for about a month. This will be Andre’s first training class so if you need any help just ask although I have seen some of his work from the house and I don’t see it being a problem. We also have 2 males and a female who are training as Master’s and the girl is something else she is gay and not interested in fucking men and she has never had one she still has a hymen which means one of us will be taking it. I think one or two will be problems, so we do have standbys for them we have ten virgins I don’t know how we got lucky, but I would like to keep them that way, so I think we should keep them together they will be in the dorm room for their own safety. Everyone’s dungeon has been set up. Andre your schedule at the house as been updated to your schedule here you will only see a few people a week only your regulars like The Princess and the couple and one other.

Andre- I get to train I am so excited I have made a lot of money over the last few months and with the training I am getting ten grand a week plus what I make at the house and tips maybe over the break I will take The Princess up on her offer to visit her and fuck her greedy cunt. Her husband died 2 weeks ago, and she was happy she got all his money the old bastard.

Liz- I need to find a Master of my own I thought it would be Andre, but we had sex a few times and he doesn’t want to be tied down and I get it he’s 18 and not looking for a family. With everyone settling down I think its time for me to do so maybe I’ll ask D to fix me up with someone.

T- Now that I have my number 2 handling the drug business and I have settled down with a baby on the way I am happy. My boy and girl are both doing well in school although Selena is having a lot of morning sickness my boy takes really good care of her they get along well with the others and my boy even redid the security system in the house he is a computer whiz.

Rob-I am glad to be back with Daisy and Sonya both pregnant they are wearing both of us out and we haven’t been able to be alone. I like Daisy although I don’t think I will ever be in love with her like I am with D and Sonya. I finally got to fuck her, and it is unbelievable her pussy is so tight that I don’t like fucking Daisy and she knows it maybe I need to get rid of her after my baby is born.

Ann- I am going to need a vacation after this with Nat having the baby she is so sweet she doesn’t complain about being sick or her back hurting and she is so horny I am in love with her already and so is Eric although he thinks that it will hurt my feeling he will be helping with the male slaves and I am glad he got his law degree and I was so proud of him I even had a little surprise for him and Andre was really good with him.

D-Ann will be training 8 of the virgins all girls and she will be also training Julia. Rob will have the other two female virgins with 2 males and 6 girls Liz with have 9 girls T 9 and T will train Eddie. Eric will have 6 males and I will have 8 plus Danny. Andre will have 8 girls Also, anyone that refuse to follow rules like the last bitch will be sent to Aahil and Priya they have moved to their island and are looking for slaves I don’t have to tell you guys what they are like although Kathy has come along way. When a knock on the door comes I look up at the monitor to see who it Gina I tell her to come in and she tells us that one of the new slaves is acting up, so I tell her to take her to the TV room and make sure the rest of the slaves are there. It is always no or two in the bunch. After the meeting ends we all go into the TV room and Gina bring the girl over to me I ask her what’s her name and she says Tammy and it just had to one of my trainees I ask her what’s the problem and she tells me that she doesn’t want to be here when she is done I ask her did she attend the meeting with Mistress Ann and she says that she did so I remind her and the rest of them that I am Master D and that she will disrespect me so I ask what is her other problem and she says that she doesn’t want to share a room so I tell her that she doesn’t have a choice and that because she made a fuss she will be punished when I tell her to raise her dress she tried to run I grab her by the arm and bend her over my lap and I begin spanking the hell out of her she is trying to kick when I tell her that if she continues I whisper in her ear that I have a friend who likes to fuck girls while he has his hand wrapped around their necks and one phone call to him and she will be dead in 24 hours she stops and says ok. I tell one of the house slaves to take her to my dungeon and strap her to the cross. I look at the group and I ask if anyone else has a problem which everyone said no. Tomorrow we will start training so get some rest after you eat.
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