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Please read part 1 to catch up.

After getting fucked by Steve due to Rick not being up for it, Rick finally shows up out of the blue to find things out for himself
Ellen woke up to the doorbell, confused and with a flutter in her belly. She wasn’t expecting anyone else to drop by, especially not with Steve here. She quickly slipped on her dressing gown to cover up her nakedness and hurried to the door. She looked through the spy-hole and panicked. Rick was standing there, looking quite nervous and with a big grin on his face. She was planning on breaking up with him but she didn’t want him find out like this, she didn’t want to hurt him. She ran back to Steve and got him up quickly. He was confused and had no idea what was going on as she gathered the clothes she could see which the two lovers had discarded while stripping each other off in their wild sexual state, and shoved them at him. She then attempted to pull him by the arm into the hallway but not knowing what was happening he didn't budge but she was in too much of a hurry to explain so she just grabbed his dangling dong and dragged him into the hall. This time he did move. She indicated upstairs, telling him to go hide somewhere. He went upstairs and thinking it was some sort of game he went to her room and hid in a slatted cupboard in her bedroom, his dick already a semi from her touch. He looked at the bundle of clothes she'd flung at him & it was only his trousers, one sock & hoodie. He assumed she'd given them to him for a reason & put them on while Ellen opened the door as Rick was about to ring the bell again.

“Hey Rick, what are you doing here, I wasn’t expecting you.” She said with forced calmness.

“Yeah, sorry. I probably should’ve texted or phoned or something and maybe this was a bad idea but I just realised something and I’ve just got to check it and I'm sorry to do this to you but I know you’ve been waiting and wanting it for a while and erm... yeah.” He said without pause for breath.

“Erm ok,” Ellen replied, slightly confused, “what did you find out, what d’you wanna check?”

“Well it’s kinda hard to explain, sooo just roll with it, ok?”

“Ok… sure…”

And with that he kissed her more passionately than he ever had before, taking her completely off guard so that she forgot about her rather large secret upstairs for a moment. But after that moment she pulled away and pulled her gown around her, slightly more tightly.

“What are you doing Rick?!” she gasped in exaggerated annoyance while she felt a familiar tingle down below.

“Please I need to do this.” He said, going in for another kiss.

“Pleeaase.” He whispered at her as her pulled her too him and she felt, for the second time that afternoon, the familiar bulge forming in the trousers of a second boy at her entrance.

“No,” she attempted but he just carried on regardless.

“I said no, Rick” she said slightly more forcefully and he began to relent but as a final attempt, he took the plunge, it was all or nothing, sticking his hand through the parting of her dressing gown, he brushed past her tender, erect nipples eliciting an involuntarily moan from her. Realising that she was naked underneath, he saw his chance and quickly ploughed ahead. He swept her dressing gown off her shoulders, stepped fully into the hallway, motor-boated her right there in the middle of the hall and closed the front door behind him with his right foot; all in one swift movement. The feeling of him doing what he was doing was paralysing and she let out another groan only this one was more arousing. He slipped his hand down to her slit and found it already wet.

“Wet already? I must be good, did I miss something?” he asked rhetorically to which her only reply was a high pitched giggle. He took her by the hand and led her up the stairs to her bedroom, unbuttoning his own jeans and shirt as he ascended so that by the time they got to the top landing he could slip out of them so that when they entered her bedroom in a passionate embrace, his hard on was very evident through his tighty-whities and her titties were free to bounce up and down as he jumped onto the bed pulling her with him.

Steve was very taken aback when they entered the room and the blood flow started to increase to his semi cock when he saw Ellen was naked and, even though she was with another man, he got very aroused. Rick revealed his erect penis and Ellen was surprised to see that he had an enormous member. At 8 1/2 inches it was over an inch bigger than Steve’s -which when Steve saw in turn, he got rather jealous and almost stepped out of the cupboard there and then. But he was still very aroused and wanted to see how things were going to play out so he held back. He also took solace in the fact that although it was big, it didn’t have the same girth as his, it only had a circumference of about 4 and a bit, maybe 5, inches. Steve wasn’t small by any means but boys will be boys and they will always get jealous when they see a cock bigger than their own (the exception being porn of course), especially when it's accompanied by a sexual situation with a girl they've been seeing. Having compared his own to Rick's as soon as Rick’s dick became visible he has already noted that it was circumcised and it may have been big but seeing as Rick didn’t yet really know how to use it and that Steve was a natural pro, Steve would always give more pleasure to a woman. After seeing its length though, Ellen could do nought but deep throat it, or at least try. She took most of it in, getting to almost 7 and a half inches but their position and his enormity prevented her fitting the whole thing in. It was at this point, as she went down on the second cock of the day, that Ellen realised she loved sucking cock –cocks– and she was not ashamed, embracing this new discovery wholeheartedly. There was a slight nagging in the back of her mind that she was forgetting something but she carried on, enjoying the big length of Rick’s junk, the dry saltiness and the lack of foreskin, even though it was quite slender and she did prefer Steve's chubbier one. Also he was much better at pleasuring a woman -she would soon come to realise- and much more reciprocal than Rick was -he wasn’t even thrusting. She kept on going up down, up down on his cock, not caring as much about his pleasure as she had with Steve, but enjoying every inch of the mouthful.

“Wait, wait, slow down or you’ll make me spurt,” he laughed.

He reached down and cupped her ass so that he could lift her towards him and onto the bed. They ended up so that she was lying back on the bed and he was kneeling with his cock ready to be plunged into her moist entrance.

Rick bent down and kissed her sloppily then leaned back up and gave her a cheeky smile.

“Enter me,” she whispered and he complied, his dick already positioned at her entrance, he simply thrust his hips forward, slipping easily into her depths. They both smiled as he started up a rhythm: going in and out, sliding his solid prick almost all the way out then ramming it all the way back in, up to the hilt.

Steven’s growing erection was getting way too hard to bear as, from his vantage point, he watched Ellen move on from oral and start to be ploughed for all she was worth by Rick, whose cock Steve could analyse (which he has already) and see perfectly while it went full-throttle at its job of fucking Ellen. He was as much aroused by the erect cock as he was by the wet pussy and he couldn't cope anymore. Seeing as neither of them knew he was there, he unbuttoned his genes and pulled his meat and two veg out. He always took the balls out too when he was going to commence with the deed as he'd long ago in his self-pleasuring career realised that they are always useful to stop one’s trousers slide back up as you pumped the one eyes snake, spanked the ferret (i.e. wanked), and it’s always nice to massage them at the same time if you fancy it. He started by circling his partially revealed head with his thumb, eased by the precum that was present (caused by what he was watching and from what he had done earlier) while intently watching Ellen being penetrated by Rick’s humongous cock. He sped up as the pleasure increased then started beating his meat good & proper with the increasing need for climax. He couldn’t stop beating it, just speeding up, going faster and faster, lost in a world of ecstasy but he knew he had to stop so as not to blow his load. He managed to catch himself in time and let go suddenly, having to tense his testicles so that he didn't cum & his penis was off limits for touching for a good minute just in case.

Ellen decided to take the reins and started to roll over, ending up in the cowgirl position where she had control, straddling his waist. She started jumping up and down on his prick faster and slower moving his dick with her hands to the optimum position. She caused herself to orgasm, moaning loudly, riding it out on top of him. Being on top always improved her orgasm and as the pleasure passed through her she panted for breath as her pussy tightened around Rick's knob. This made his eyes roll back as he had never felt his cock being gripped from the inside like it was now; the changes in pressure were doing him wonders.

They changed position again after she came and her pussy relaxed a bit. He picked her up and leant her over the bed entering her doggy style and even though she had had her orgasm she was still very much enjoying it; the feeling she was experiencing, while not as pungent as a full orgasm, was like a constant pleasure deep inside her.

“Aa-aa-ah. My fav’-rite pos-i-tion,” he announced between pounds a he hammered away.

“Mine too" thought Steve, "though not that entrance.”

As Rick pounded away at Ellen he had a strange look on his face. Of course he was enjoying it but something about his expression made him look a bit out of place. Ellen, not seeing this due to her position facing away from him, though he was lasting a very long considering the gusto he was putting into it and that this was supposed to be his first.

She interrupted his pounding, saying "Yeah but it's not really my favourite, sorry Rick".

She turned around on the bed so that her back was in the same position her tits and belly had been in during doggy. She wrapped her legs around Rick & pulled him to her, getting his prick back inside her so that he could recommence. In this position with Ellen’s back to the bed while she was on its edge, Rick had to lean into her slightly to keep fucking her which pushed his arse out a bit in the direction of the wardrobe.

As Steve stroked away, his eyes wandered from the entrance of Ellen's vagina being constantly re-entered by Rick again, followed Ellen's belly upwards, over her soft skin to those precious breasts that were jiggling with Rick's every thrust (and Steve's purposely, & well-synchronised pumps). Steve's eyes lingered there for a moment, wishing he could squeeze, flick and suck her sensitive nipples like he knew she loved and which Rick, in his inexperience, had negated to pay any attention to or satisfy, even though he had two free hands. He now looked up towards her face. Her eyes were open and Steve could tell that although she was having a good time, she wished it was him inside her, him servicing her to a much better orgasm than anything Rick could conjure up. Then his eyes drifted over to Rick, down his back and to his dick which he was kinda fascinated by as it was something new to him... he had seen some like it in the locker room as he and the other non-prude, unashamed boy, who weren’t afraid of nakedness, got showered and changed in front of each other. But most of the few who were comfortable enough in their masculinity to not be so petty about such things weren’t circumcised. It’s hard not to look and everyone does it, it's just courteous to not do it obviously & stare so when he'd have a sly look at everyone while changing just to see the differences and compare, he’d never managed to get a good look at the ones who were circumcised and certainly never erect. Although he'd seen many, many, many of them in the porn he occasionally (*cough* often) watched, he had never seen a circumcised one fully erect before (they were usually blurred in motion during the videos), especially not in person... only semi ones in the locker room cause ya know, who doesn't get a semi in there? His own penis was uncut and he had seen others like it erect but nothing like this new specimen in front of him. Changing focus, he looked at the rest of Rick, comparing their similarities and differences. Rick clearly did a lot more manscaping than Steve. He had no hair anywhere down there which really takes a lot of work to be kept in good condition; all Steve really kept up with was his coin-purse. He was shorter and thinner but nowhere near as broad or hench as Steve who then looked at Rick's arse, he loved arses, and weirdly it looked kinda shinny like it was wet or something but why would his butt be wet?

Steve had watched all types of porn, you name it he'd dabbled in it and loving anal he had always looked at porn containing that so he thought he knew what was up (apart from the erections in the room) with Rick's bum. Once he knew he just couldn't help himself, he knew what he was going to do it was just a matter of when.

Rick was slowing down now, doing more individual, long, hard, powerful strokes deep inside of Ellen. He had closed his eyes in either ecstasy or concentration, Ellen couldn’t tell as she looked at him having kept her eyes open. She then saw, understood and complied with what happened next even if she was a little surprised.

She had pushed the thought of Steve’s presence in the house out of her mind when Rick had got his cock out and certainly hadn’t thought that Steve would be in the wardrobe in her room. Steve slowly eased out of the cupboard and meandered leftwards towards the bed to stay out of Rick’s line-of-sight in case he opened his eyes. He positioned his cock at the entrance as Ellen watched on excitedly. An ass was an ass to Steve, anyone's would do as long as he got to give anal and Rick got the shock of his life when Steve's erect dick went straight up his well lubed arse. Steve thrust in hard and was almost as surprised as Rick that he went up to the hilt into the entrance straight away but he knew what he was doing and had realised that it was Vaseline on Rick’s bum which could only mean one thing so Steve knew Rick would accept it, it was just a matter of how long he and Ellen would need to keep him pinned between her pussy and his prick, and if he’d need to be persuaded, to be won him over with words –or maybe a demonstration or taster, a free sample shall we say? Steve pinned Rick, his cock up his ass, to Ellen who thrust back with Rick’s cock anchored inside her so that no matter how much he squirmed (which in the end wasn't all that much), he couldn’t get free. At this point Ellen was very intrigued as to where all this would go. She had always been on the curious side, the experimental type up for most things, especially new experienced so she became very horny, very quickly, with what was now happening & was just about up for anything that might follow. She had realised what was going on as soon as it had happened and Rick knew he was foiled as soon as he was hilted. So, after freezing for a moment, he whispered sorry to Ellen and then said "Ok, let's make the most out of a bad situation" and they continued.

Steve, loving his anal and ignoring the fact that it was technically gay, looked over at Ellen worried she would be angry, or worse, hurt. But she was enjoying herself even more now that Steve was involved and no one was hiding in any closets anymore. Rick looked completely comfortable with a cock rammed up his butt after the initial surprise but it was clear to him and Ellen now, and especially Steve, that Ellen’s suspicions had been correct: Rick was in fact gay –and as it turned out Steve was bi as long as he had an ass to fuck. Ellen was still straight if not rather curious and open to… irregular experiences; such as the thoroughly enjoyable threeway she was currently in the middle of –or rather at the end of.
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