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This is an updated re-post of my original story titled "Daughters Five" which was removed from this site due to the age of the characters in my fantasy story. I have updated the ages in the hope that the site management will allow it to be posted again as I did receive many encouraging remarks from readers. The youngest daughter is now 17 where before she was 14. I sincerely hope that this updated version will satisfy the site administrator.
“We’re home.” I heard Alice call out then heard the front door slam.

Looked up and saw three of my angels; Alice, Alison and Angie giggling together like they always did. Three of the five great gifts they’re mother gave me before she took off. All I knew about what was going on was when I was served with divorce papers from a court in Reno, Nevada.

“Daddy.” I heard one of their sisters’ call from the front door and waited to hear it slam again.

Then the other two gifts I’d received almost seemed to bounce into the room; Barbie and Bea. Alice, Alison and Angie were identical triplets and always dressed the same just to confuse their teachers. Eighteen now, full of the wonders of life and the unlimited energy of teenagers. They were ten months older than Barbie and Bea, the identical twins that did the same as their older sisters that dressed the same for the same reason the triplets did, just to confuse others and to have fun. They matched their sisters in the unlimited energy.

All my girls got their looks from their mother and are all blondes and even as a father that was supposed to not notice things so intimate about their daughters, mine all have killer bodies that more than one boy had shown a lot of interest in.

“I’m sure that I may have mentioned this perhaps one or two thousand times before, please don’t announce your home by trying to break the door.”

“Tried daddy, sorry.” Alison told me with the sweet angelic look all of them could put on without any problem.

“Please girls, for an old man’s sake, try to close the door without slamming it. I’m sure Mrs. Appleton knows your all home.”

“Daddy, that’s silly. She’s four houses down the street.” Bea told me.

“Like I said, I’m sure even she knows your home. How was school?”

“Yucky but I did meet a real cute boy.” Bea said and all attempts at any further discussion ended as her sisters mobbed around her wanting to know everything about the cute boy. Gave up and went back to reading my paper.

I heard them go to their rooms to change out of school clothes and tried to prepare for what I knew was coming. Being the lone male in a house with five teenage girls, I was pretty much ignored or totally forgotten when it came to how they dressed. My own fault letting them run around the house naked when they were little kids because I thought they were all cute. They’re still cute but gorgeous is now a much better deion.

“Daddy, can I go to the movies with Billy on Friday?” Bea asked. I knew that among parents I was more lenient about the age I allowed them to start dating but any man that’s has five daughters all begging him will understand why I gave in. Even though Bea and her sister Barbie were barely 17, I’d allowed them to start dating when they were 14.

Put my paper down so I could answer her, seeing her wearing only a pair of panties, her breasts not covered at all.

“If you wear more than that, yes you may.”

“You’re so silly sometimes daddy, of course I’ll wear a skirt and blouse, at least for a little while.” She said grinning at me.

“Don’t tease your father like that.” I told her smiling with her now.

“I’m not teasing.” She said grinning bigger.

“You are and you know it and so do I.”

“OK you win — for now.” She said pretending to pout.

“Go, go do some homework.” I told her raising my hand to look like I was going to swat her. She started giggling like all my girls did when I raised a hand around them because they knew I wouldn’t. None of them had ever been spanked. Just didn’t believe in trying to teach a child what was right and wrong by showing them that a person bigger than them could hurt them.

“Go.” I told her leaning forward in my chair, raising my hand more shaking it. She took off giggling and I went back to reading my paper.

“Daddy got a note for you from a teacher.” Angie said and with that my paper went down fast. At least she was wearing a little more than Bea, barley.

“Let me have it.” I said holding my hand out taking the note from her.

“Mr. Peterson, please have a discussion with Angie regarding the displaying of her body. It is not appropriate for a classroom and I believe not appropriate at any time for a girl of her age.”

The note read signed by a teacher.

“Displaying your body? What’s this all about?”

“It wasn’t me daddy, it was Alice.”

“ALICE.” I yelled out.

“Yes daddy?” A near nude girl said from the doorway.

“In here, now.” I told her letting my eyes run fast over her body. Nice cone shaped breasts with large pink tips. Narrow waist, full hips barely covered by a thong panty.

“Angie got a note from a teacher and says that it was you, not her. Tell me what the teachers’ means about displaying your body?”

“Huh uh, not me daddy, Allison.”

“ALLISON.” I bellowed getting frustrated and really hoped this wasn’t another confuse daddy time.

Allison came running wearing only a pair of thong panties like Alice was wearing.

“What daddy?” She said with big innocent eyes.

“What does this note mean about displaying your body?”

“It wasn’t me daddy.” She answered and my patience expired.

“Anyone of you ever wants to ever date again, which one and the only answer I’ll listen to is ‘me daddy’ so don’t any of you try to point a finger on a sister.

The girls looked at one another before two looked at one sister.

“It was me daddy.” Alice admitted.

“That’s better. What did you do?” I asked her.

“I was trying to get a boy to notice me so I took my bra off and went to class. Guess my nipples showed through my blouse.”

“You knew they’d show through?” I asked her.

“Yes daddy.”

“Any one of you does anything like that again will be grounded for one month. Is that clear?”

All three nodded they’re heads.

“Now, all three of you lied to me and I will not tolerate a liar. You all know that. You’re all grounded for the weekend and that includes Friday night and no phone calls. I don’t care with whom, no telephone.”

“Daddy, I’ve got a big date with Pete that I’ve waited a month for.”

“Break the date, you’re not going.”

“Daddy, please, it’s a really important dance?” Angie begged.

“You lied to me, now you pay for it.” I told her picking up my paper again.

“I promise I’ll never do it again daddy. I just have to go to this dance.”

“No and that’s final. Stop asking, you know it won’t do any good after I’ve made up my mind.” I told her as firm as I could to a near naked gorgeous blonde teenage girl that had a pleading look on her face.

“Daddy, I am sorry I lied and I won’t do it again. I promise you that even if I can’t go to the dance.” She said then turned and left the room just in time because I was real close to giving in when she said that.

In one of the bedrooms the five girls got together to talk about the triplets being grounded.

Chapter 2

“We have to do something guys or we’re all screwed. Daddy is just tense about something. We’ve pulled bigger things than this on him and he didn’t ground us.” Alison told her four sisters.

“Were not grounded.” Bea answered.

“Just wait, you will be. He’s in one of his moods again and we have to get him out of it.”


“When was his last date?” Alison asked them.

The other four girls had confused looks on their faces because they just did not know.

“A long time ago?” Bea asked as an answer.

“Almost a year,” Alison told them. “And no guy can go a year without a good fuck. We can’t go a week.”

“A guy go that long? Huh uh, one of my boyfriends bitches after three days.” Barbie told her sisters.

“So what are we supposed to do about it, hire a hooker for him?” Bea asked.

“Or go door to door asking all the mothers if they’d please fuck daddy?” Angie asked.

“Nope, he needs a lot of fucking.”

“Ok, but who?” Angie asked.

“Us.” Was all Alison said and watched the expressions on her sisters’ faces turn to astonishment.

“Fuck our own dad? That’s sick; he’s old.” Angie said.

The others looked at Alison with shock on their faces now.

“Look guys, have any of you paid any attention to anything in his pants besides his wallet; he’s built.” Alison told them.

“Uh… built?” Barbie asked.

“Yeah, built. That bulge in his pants isn’t a wad of socks like I’m sure we’ve all found?”

“Yeah, screw that asshole Greg. Stay away from him. Got the socks out of his shorts and saw his dick, all three inches of it.” Bea said giggling.

“Why do guys always brag about how big they are? When it’s crunch time, none of them are anywhere near the size they said they are.”

“And always a lot smaller. What do you think they’d do if they took our bras off and got wads of toilet paper.” Barbie said giggling.

“Jamie does that. Saw her in the girls’ room stuffing her bra.”

“Miss Big Boobs stuffs? Aww shit, that’s too much.” Bea said laughing hard.

“C’mon guys, we have to come up with a way to seduce daddy and we all have to do it or none of us does it.”

“He might get mad if he figures it out.” Bea said.

“Has any of the boys you’ve fucked been able to think with a hard cock? Huh uh, once it gets hard a boy follows it anywhere.”

“But daddy’s a man.”

“So? Just means he has more than we’ve been getting. You guys ever wondered why the bitch split?”

“I’m only 17 and won’t have kids for at least a few years but I already know that there is no way I’d just take off and leave my kids behind.” Barbie said and the others all nodded agreeing with her.

“Big question. How can we seduce a man that sees us almost naked every day?”

“We use that. No more panties and bra. When daddy sees us, were bare ass naked.” Angie told them.

“What good will that do?”

“What’s the one thing we’ve always kept covered so daddy can’t see it?”

“Our cunts.”

“You got it, so from now on, no panties.” Angie said getting up and sliding her panties off. Her four sisters did the same.

“Good. We need to do one more thing, shave our cunts naked too. No hair at all.”

“Down there?”

“Big deal, I haven’t got much hair above my clit anyway.”

“And we have to show everything we’ve got. He’s a man, he’ll break. Whoever sees him with an hard-on tells all of us. Now really, what boy or man can resist five naked girls that want nothing more than for him to fuck us.”

“Oh god, eat me baby.” Bea said giggling again.

“OK, he can eat us too.”

Now that they had a plan, the five girls put it in motion. First stop was the bathroom where they shaved off what little pubic hair they had then each girl asked a sister to see if there was any hair at all around their pussies.

“Now we’re ready for him. Just act like we always do around him. All we’ve really taken off is our panties, our boobs have been naked since we started to grow them.”

“Saw daddy really looking at mine the other day.”

“Me too, sure liked it.”

All of the girls said they’d seen daddy looking at their tits and they liked it.

“OK, now we give him a good look at our cunts. If he says anything what we’re doing is no big deal, he’s seen us naked since we were babies and shaved the way we are, it probably looks about the same.” Alison told them and all five girls giggled.

I was minding my own business, sitting at the computer in my office paying bills when I saw them go by the door and saw they were completely nude. I may be only a mere man in their eyes but even a mere man can see when someone is up to something. Looks like they want me to see their pussies so I’d just not pay any attention. Turned off the computer then went to the living room where I found all five of them laying on the floor on their stomachs watching TV. Sat in my favorite chair and saw why. Five girls watching TV with their legs spread just enough that I had a good shot looking at five bare cunts. Now this was something new and even though I’d just told myself I would not pay any attention to them, I am a male and seeing five bare cunts belonging to five gorgeous young teenage girls had its affect. I felt my cock growing hard.

“OK self, do something or your girls will see what they’re doing to you.” I picked up the paper starting to read where I’d left off, the paper blocking my view of them. Took some time reading the boring financial pages but eventually my cock did go down. But when I put the paper down to get another section it came right back up. Girl’s legs were spread more than before. OK, now why are they showing me their cunts, what are they up too? Has to be because I grounded the triplets. Yeah, sounds good but why are the twins in on whatever it is their up too? Figured that I would just have to wait and see and what I was seeing was nice. “Knock it off, they’re your own daughters idiot?” Yeah but damn, five teenage girls flashing cunts and I’m supposed to be a eunuch? Father or no father, they’re getting to me. Better get to the bathroom and take care of it. Now, how can I leave the room with a hard-on? Cover it with the newspaper. Almost passed them, so far so good.

“Can I see the paper daddy?” Angie asked pulling it from my hand. Now a blind woman could see the bulge in my pants and of course five teenage girls with perfect vision didn’t miss it.

“What’s that daddy?” One of the triplets asked and right then, I didn’t care which one.

“Uh, nothing.” I answered and tried to keep walking but two pair of hands stopped me cold.

“This isn’t nothing.” One said gripping my hard cock through my pants.

“Hard as a rock.” Another one said then it was like I was a dollar bill in the breeze in front of a mass of five year olds. So many hands grabbing my dick or balls I thought I’d cream in my pants.

“Enough; stop teasing your father.” I said trying to move away but they just followed me trying to grab my dick again.

“Uh, daddy, were not teasing.” A triplet said and that got my attention.

“What?” I said having stopped to ask and that was a mistake because now my belt and zipper were under siege.

“Daddy, we’re not teasing at all…” Angie said and her sisters continued.

"You can have us…”

“…all at once or one at a time…”

“…any time day or night…”

“…and from now on…”

“…one of us sleeps with you…”

“…a different girl each night daddy.”

“Huh?” I muttered feeling my pants being pulled down.

“We decided your too tense and it’s because you haven’t been on a date for a year so you haven’t had any for a year…”

“We decided that our handsome daddy just has to have some…”

“whenever he wanted it. Want a blow job daddy?...”

“We all swallow because cum tastes so good…”

“Want to fuck our cunts? None of us is a virgin but we do have virgin asses...”

“We want our daddy to fuck our asses…”

“We won’t let you say no daddy.” I was told as warm hands gripped my swollen cock while others played with my balls and two mouths were licking and sucking my nipples.

Swear to god, I don’t know how the five of them can finish each other’s thoughts but they do it all the time. Ok, yeah I know it’s wrong but give me a break. Five naked teenage girls all over you and you’d say no? I don’t think so.

I looked down and saw two identical girls lean forward, mouths fighting over who got my cock first. Who cared, I wouldn’t lose regardless of which one was first and my cock sure didn’t care as a warm wet mouth latched on around the head, sucking it.

“My turn.” I heard one of the girls say.

“Which one?” Like I’m paying that much attention?

The mouth on my cock went real slow went from the base siding up the shaft then over the head sucking hard. Thought I was going to blow my load then but a hand clamped around the base and squeezed hard. Which one it was; again I’m supposed to pay attention to trivial things? Whichever one it was definitely knew what she was doing because she clamped my cum off fast. She kept my cock clamped as another mouth slid down my cock, the clamp on the base of my cock was removed and I guess it was the same hand that started rubbing my balls and that was it.

“I’m going… going… going….” I tried to say I was going to cum to let whoever’s mouth it was on my cock know. I guess who ever it was already knew because she pulled her mouth off and a hand was pumping me then wham, I was cumming hard. Somehow I managed to get my eyes open and looked down to see three girls with cheeks touching each other trying to catch my cum on their tongues. Each caught some but most of my cum was landing all over their faces as I kept shooting a huge load, shivering as my orgasm ended. Now the girls turned to each other licking each other clean. When the three faces were clean again, each girl looked up at me then opened they’re mouths. I saw my cum on each tongue and groaned when they each slowly swallowed.

“Have to sit… sit down.” I told them so they moved aside a little so I could sit, actually falling is a better word, into my chair.

“Feel better now daddy?” One of the triplets asked.

“C’mon daddy, feel better?” A twin asked.

I looked at my five girls, all smiling at me like the cat that licked up the spilled cream.

“Why?” Was all I could say as I was still catching my breath.

“Because we love you…” One started to say.

“…and we know you haven’t had…” Another one said.

“…any for at least a year and…” A third one said.

“… and no man should…” The fourth said.

“… ever go that long without.” The fifth said completing the message.

“It’s wrong girls. I’m your father.” I tried to tell them but even I didn’t hear any conviction in my voice.

“So what?” A twin asked and the other four nodded.

“We meant it daddy, one of us will sleep with you every night…”

“…and will do whatever you want.”

“Even sleep?” I asked.

“Yeah, even if that’s all you want to do.”

“Daddy, you still haven’t…”

“…said if you feel better or not?”

“Of course I feel better, what kind of man do you think I am?”

“A daddy.”

“Our daddy.”

“And we love you.”

“And we want to...”

“…take care of you.”

“Anybody finds out and daddy will be locked up.” I told them for all the good it did.

“We won’t tell if you won’t.”

“Besides, having a cock here...”

“…at home will help us too...”

“…yeah daddy, sometimes our boyfriends...”

“…leave us high and dry.”

“I thought two of you were virgins?”

“You have got to be making a joke daddy...”

“…none of us has been a virgin...”

“…since you started us on the pill…”

“…and we really…”

“… really thank you for that.”

“Oh god. Look girls, I put you on the pill to regulate your periods. It was the doctor that suggested it. Do me a favor, please don’t become the neighborhood sluts?”

“Ooops.” One of them said.

“Just what does ooops mean?”

“We already are, we like being sluts.”

“Yeah daddy, every boy in the neighborhood knows who to see when they’re horny because we always are.”

“Not good. A parent finds out and I’ll be in trouble.”

“He’s right, we goofed.”

“So how do we protect daddy?”

“The bible tells us how.”

“The bible?” One of the twins asked with a shocked look on her face.

“Sure, there’s a part about the one that hasn’t fucked up can throw a rock or something like that.” Alison explained.

“I get it. Give some to their fathers too?”

“Yeah, one of us can take care of the boy while another works on his daddy.”

“Wait a minute. That is going too far. Don’t be seducing anyone’s father.” I told them. “How may boys are you five doing?”

“Both school and home daddy?”

“Aw Jesus; ok, yeah both.”

The girls huddled a little bit then answered my question.


“Each of you or kind of a combined total?”

“Total daddy; 63 boys, I’d be so sore.” One answered and the others giggled.

After they talked a few minutes I became the center of attention again as the girls again attacked my dick. This time though I was allowed to at least get on my bed they made sure I stayed on my back. My cock had gone down a little but they took care of that fast, one sucking it, another licking my balls, two playing with my nipples and the fifth one trying to gag me with her breast. Ok alright, of course I sucked nipple, who the hell wouldn’t? Then it sounded like a battle was going to start as they decided who’d be first on my cock.

“I’m the oldest, I go first.”

“Only by four minutes.”

“I’m still the oldest.” Alice said straddling my waist as she held my cock and just simply lowered her cunt right down over it.

Aw shit, talk about tight, damn is she tight then just to tease me I guess, she started to clamp down with her muscles. I laid my head back and just moaned.

“Daddy likes it.” She told her sisters.

“What? What did you do?”

“When he’s inside you, just tighten your muscle as much as you can. He likes it and wow, so do I.” Alice explained to them.

“Will daddy do it?”

“Do what?” Alice asked just sitting on me with my cock all the way in her hot tight cunt.

“You know, eat our pussies?”

“Jerks we fuck sure won’t. Put it over his mouth so we can find out.”

I really hadn’t heard them as I was lost in my daughter’s cunt when the next thing I knew, I had a pussy on my mouth and I just started to lick tasting the flavor of one of my daughters.

“He’s licking me, and does it feel good. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.”


“He’s… licking… my… my… clit. Now… he... he’s… suck… suck… sucking… it.” Barbie told them then screamed when an orgasm wracked through her body making her fall off my face as she lay on the bed. Then it was another battle to see who’d be next, and this time Bea won and clamped her cunt right on my face.

I lost track of how many times they had me cumming and while I have only five daughters, I swear I ate more pussy than five before even they couldn’t get my cock up again and my tongue is so swollen and sore. I was laying on my back, eyes closed still trying to figure out what it had been all about finally I just thought fuck it, who cares and opened my eyes to see all five of them looking at me.

“More? No way.” I groaned.

“We know that…”

“…daddy. You sure made…

“…my pussy feel…

“…real good with…”

“…your tongue daddy.”

“Glad… oh god my tongue… can’t even talk.” I said real weak.

“Poor daddykins…”

“…which one of us…”

“…do you want…”

“…to sleep…”

“…with you?”

“None. Have to really sleep. Oh god that hurts.” I told them with a tongue that felt like it was swollen twice its size.

“Daddy, were very sorry…”

“…we lied and promise to…”

“…never do it again. Can we please…

“…go to the dance?...”

“…Please daddykins?”

“Go, go… aww shit it hurts to talk. Go to dance.”

“Thank you…”

“…thank you…”

“…thank you…”

“…thank you…”


Then they all started giggling again and started kissing me like little girls, not like the vixens they were a half hour ago. Somehow, I have to get them married off before they kill me.

Chapter 3

Have no idea what time it was when I woke up but judging by the amount of sunlight, it had to be past noon. Good thing I own my own business or I’d be fired. Called to ask my secretary if the factory had burned down.

“Everything is going smooth. Nobody’s goofing off, well not too much. Mike get out from under my desk, I’m talking to the boss. Uh oh. That was a joke boss, just a joke. Quiet, sorry I didn’t mean you boss, somebody just came. Through the door, I mean somebody just came through the door.”

“Oh god, oh well. Remind everyone that getting pregnant on the job is not a work related accident. See ya’ Monday if I still have a plant left.” I said hanging up the phone.

Coffee, I smell coffee. Bless you girls. I was thinking walking butt naked through the apartment. Even if they were home, after last night what difference would it make. Poured a cup and plopped in a kitchen dinning chair, sipping the coffee to get my body moving right again.

“We’re home.” I heard and thought about running to the bedroom but said fuck it, too screwed up to run anyway.


“…your naked…”

“…and we like it.”

Triplets, twins should be slamming the door just about…

“Were home.” I heard and heard the front door being closed hard.

“Daddy want…”

“…some more?”

“More coffee. What the hell got into the five of you last night?”

“Just you…”


“…and we…”


“…liked it.”

“Don’t tell anyone. Daddy doesn’t want to wind up behind bars as some big guys bitch.”

“We won’t…”

“…tell a…”

“a single person.”

“Us too daddykins…”

“…won’t tell anyone.”

“Daddykins we…”

“…feel bad…”

“…about doing that just…”

“…so you you’d let us…”

“… go to the dance…”

“…so if you say….”

“…we’ll stay…”

“…home and make…”

“…it up to you.”

“No, oh no, go to the dance. You five know you raped your father?”

“Wasn’t rape daddykins…”

“…because you wanted…”

“…it as much…”

“…as we wanted…”

“…our daddykins.”

“One of these days, can just one of you tell me something? Gets confusing the way you always fill in each other in. I’m beat and starved, can you fix your poor worn out old daddy something to eat, preferably meat.”

“You got…”

“…it daddykins.” The twins responded.

They did fix me something to eat then after I finished they all stood in front of me and stripped naked.

“Aww shit.” I moaned.


(Perhaps this story will be continued)


2018-12-26 06:11:33
I thought this was awesome it was sexy and had a good bit humor too hope there will be more great job


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Can I move to your neighborhood??

mr longfelloReport

2018-05-28 02:46:51
To bad your 14 year old wasn't allowed. That is such a sexy age. But other then that, I really enjoyed your story. Ps, this site went to crap once age limits were inforced


2018-05-24 18:05:14
If you do write more, please try to sort out your problems with there/their/they're and were/we're. Would make it so much easier to read.

Having said that, I did enjoy the story.


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WOW....something kept pulling me to this story, now I know what it was. Great read.

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