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Chapter ten: War with Christy
Senior year in high school.... (2001)

Well after dating Christy for whole year thing seem to have slack off between the two of us. She was spending more and more of her time helping her parents with raising her little brother. This was starting to effect our relationship or at least I thought so and fact in senior year in high school I opt to go full time at A R Burton

How did this war start well it all started when I stupidly wrote Christy a heart full letter basically pouring my feelings out to her which I guess she took the wrong way or something but that evening when got off the bus I walk up to her and throw my class ring at me and told me it was OVER! I was crushed all I did was be totally honest with how I was feeling and now I had not only lost my girlfriend but my date to homecoming a week before dances!

I when homecoming without a date and it pained me deeply to see her having the time of her life with our friends. I most have spend about an hour there before I decided to leave I couldn’t handle the fact she was having time of her life and I standing there like third wheel. That the night the War that engulfed my senior year in high school broke out and she had may have won this battle but mark my works I would win the War!

Christy when around telling people that force her to do thing she wasn’t comfortable doing. Which turned a lot of people against me. When I never once force her to do anything!

Well being the dumb ass like I was I wanted her back and tried everything I could to make thing right with her. She even look at me and said “ I was best thing to ever happen to you Scott your never find someone like me!” Christy said boy was she wrong and she would find out how wrong she was come Prom.

With all girls at my school being two year younger than me. I had turn 19 at first of year. It was very hard to find someone that I could date. After being burned twice my last two girlfriends I decided it was time for me look for girlfriend who was of age that if we want to we could screw around and be legal to do so.

Well if you have been reading my stories thing with Jackie when bad and her grandma had told I couldn’t talk to her until she came of age. Well she change her mind and I was at least able to call her but NOT date her. As much I really want get back with Jackie. Now Jackie was seventeen and I really was get very desperate for girlfriend and one what I could Fuck! A year without sex with drive any man crazy no matter how many time Christy got me off I need the real thing

So I called Jackie and ask her “ hey Jackie is there any of your girl friends who are of age that are single?” I asked “ well I have this on of my friends named Lisa who is single but she a little crazy!” “ is she over eighteen Jackie?” I asked “ Yes she is but Scott she is a little crazy!” Jackie said “ Jackie I’m desperate!” I told her “ Ok here her number ###-###-####” she said “ thank you Jackie I really wish I could hook back up with you but I’m lucky your grandma allowing me talk to you” I said “ I know I had talk with her six month ago and told her it wasn’t right for her punish you so hard so she at least allowing you to call to me I miss you Scott!” “ I miss you to Jackie and I still love you!” I told her “ I love you to Scott wait about ten minutes before call so I call her and tell her you will be calling ok?”She said

So I did when I called her we hit off right off the bat. And it was funny first time I had girlfriend who wanted to have sex and I could legally do it with her since she was my age. Which made me just that more determined to bed her. Well we had phone sex every day.

Few months later...

Lisa call me a told me that her parents didn’t mind coming to spend the night! “ are you sure they don’t mind?” I said “ oh yes they cool with it I going to screw your brains out tonight baby?” “Oh I can’t wait see you tonight just I have be at work at 4 in morning!” I said

So later that night my stepfather Ed drop me of at her parents house when he when fishing and it became very evident that Lisa had lie to me about her parents being ok with me staying the night! That kind of nerve me a little it was like they knew nothing about it . More than once Lisa try to get me to to her room but I could tell her parents wasn’t going have any of it

So later on her parents took me home and while I was sitting in back seat of Lisa parents while blaze Lisa lower her hand to my crotch and undid my zipper and started to give an hand Job I looked at her and “ what are you doing ?” I ask her “ giving you hand Job silly to make up for tonight I’m sorry Scott please don’t dump me”she said “ oh God that feels good don’t stop” I said “ I would go down on you but I can’t.” She said she throw over my lap an coat she has been wearing and she when town on my dick and I could feel pressure building And “ I’m about to cum!” I whisper to her “ cum baby” she said. I felt the muscles in my dick started to tighten and spasm rapidly as they push my massive load of Cum through the length of my dick and moments later with a low moan my load Erupted from tip of my dick with great force that it shoot out up into air spewing all over Lisa and her coat.

Once I was soft enough she replace my dick in my pant and as she zipped my pants she lend over and “ baby I am really sorry about how this night when down but I promise I’ll will make it up to you” Lisa said “you better your sweet ass you will Lisa especially since you lied to me about your parents being ok with me staying the night you don’t understand how humiliating it was for me!” I told her Lise drop her head down towards the floor “ Scott I really didn’t think they would have mind you staying the night with me since we were both of age. I should have check to make sure I’m sorry can you forgive me please I don’t want to lose you?” She said

I lift her head up and “ I forgive you this time Lisa but you ever lie to me again and we done you understand stand me?” I told her in stern voice “ I understand Scott how can I make it up to you? She said “ well your going have figured that one out!” I told her. Moments later we pulled into my drive way and I got out when down to my bedroom. I had to do hard thinking on whether or not Lisa and my relationship was going continue or not.

The War between my ex girlfriend Christy and myself was is raging on. It was really starting to heat up. She continued to find new ways to tarnish my reputation. She had successfully turned majorly of my close friends against me. It came to point where I had to fidgety draw a line in a sand with one of my friends

“Man Scott have you heard what Christy been saying about you?” John said I turn to him sharply “ John I couldn’t really care what Christy has said about me it all lies but John I need to know where you stand are you for me or against me? John was kind taken back by this question. He was silent for a few moments before he replied “What do you mean I am for you or against you Scott?

I rolled my eyes at him “ well Christy has turned majorly of my friends against me I need know where you stand ! It either your for me or against me there no middle ground now!” I told him. John quickly said “ I’m staying neutral on this Scott!” “ Good answer John because if this issue can’t be bought to an Diplomatic solution come prom I will rage full out War on her!” I said “ I thought you to were at War already?” John said “ Na it more of Cold War that heating up quickly!” I said “ Oh I get it now but why prom of all the times to strike back Scott? John asked “ Christy ruined my senior homecoming but I’ll damn if she going ruin my senior prom!” I told him” “In that case I’m glad I’m staying neutral on this I surely hope it can be solved peacefully!” John said as turned to board his school bus.

Few week later...

I was working at Salem East Hardee’s in Salem and my best friend Brandon work there with me. Well one day I walked up to him while he was making food on backline and plain told him “Brandon this crap with Christy need to stop she ruining my reputation and she has already ruined my senior homecoming! And I’ll be damn if she going ruin my senior prom!” I told him he turn towards me “ To be honest with you Scott everyone sick and tired of the bull shit! I mean that all I heard Christy talk about ever freaking day! That why Christy and my relationship didn’t last because all she could do talk about was you.... you... you...!” Brandon said “ Well Brandon put yourself in my shoes wouldn’t you do the same thing if she was ruining your reputation?” I said to him

He thought about for few moments “ I see your point Scott but this really need to be solved!” Brandon said “ I have tried so many time it not funny Brandon! Hell she won’t even talk to me! That where I am hoping you and Jen could come in to play?”

“ What make you think we can do something Scott ?” Brandon said “ Well Brandon it seem to me at least she some what listen to two of you... and I’m really hoping that the two of you could work together bring this to an diplomatic solution or at prom I will have take matters in my own hands and trust me you wouldn’t want that to happen.” I told him “ what you mean take thing in your own hands Scott what are you planning?”Brandon said “well Christy thinks she a master of mind game. She will learn who truly is an Master of mind games. Brandon I really am counting on you two brother to solve this peacefully.” I told him “ I can’t promise you anything Scott but I will try my best” Brandon said as when back preparing orders “ that all I can ask of you brother” I said as step back on to front line help some customer who just walk into restaurant.

Stephanie dream ....

I was sitting in my bed room watching some tv when all suddenly my phone in my room started to ring at first I thought it was Lisa calling for we seem to talk at least five time a day. So I slide off my California king size bed and walk over to the black cordless phone and answer it “ Hey Lisa what up babe” I said “ umm this isn’t Lisa Scott!” The voice said “‘ok if this isn’t Lisa than who is it?” I replied the voice on other end of the line did sound some what familiar to me but I couldn’t put name to it. “Damn It Scott I know we haven’t talk in while but it me Stephanie!” Stephanie said

I was taken back a little I hadn’t heard from Stephanie in God months the last time I had spoken to her was when I was trying get her go as my last minute date to homecoming! “ oh I’m sorry Stephanie I had a blonde moment there!” I said Stephanie burst out laughing on other in of the line

“ Damn you Scott and your blonde moments and thank a lot you ass you had me laughing so hard that you caused me shoot my drink out of my nose” Stephanie said I burst out laughing hard luckily for me I hadn’t an thing to drink because it would also happen to me “ I’m sorry you ok Stephanie?” I ask her “ why you laughing asshole that shit burns when come out of your nose like that !” Stephanie said “ I know it does it happen to me before.”I told her next thing I heard was her blowing her nose trying get what soda was left out “ so what up Stephanie I hadn’t heard from you in while since you started dating Barry!” I said to her “ don’t get me started on that asshole Scott..... that why I was call today Scott” Stephanie said

I instantly got very worried at that moment. Had Barry hurt her if he had I was going beat his ass. “ So help me Stephanie if Barry has hurt you in any way I’m want his address so I can go and kick the living shit out of him” I said in stern tone of voice “ Wow Scott he hasn’t hit me or anything like that!” Stephanie said I took an deep breath and let out calming myself down “ Ok so what up?” I asked her “ I had an dream last night about you.” Stephanie said “Dream ? What kind of dream Stephanie?” I ask her “ Oh it was very NICE dream that I had about you last night .. to be honest it making me wet just thinking about it “ What was your dream about Stephanie and tell me everything no short cuts!” I said to her

Stephanie point of view of dream

Last night well I was sleeping I had a dream that you pull up out my grandma mother house in white stretch limousine and you and had when to five stars hotel and once we got to the room we passionately french kiss our way to bed and then you push me down on the bed and slowly start to undress me like we did we we did it. You removed my shirt first and then my bar toss them both in the floor.

I could feel your weight pushing down on top of me as you start to slowly kiss the side of my neck. While you doing that I pull your shirt off of your body and ran my hands over your back. You slowly made your way down towards my breast soaking them both with you warm saliva you ran you wet tongue over my harden nipples “ damn I’m getting wet just tell you about this Scott” Stephanie said “ Keep going Stephanie I want heard everything we did” I told her i dug my finger nail into you back as you were sucking on nipples I didn’t want you to stop it felt so damn good . Once you were done with my chest you made you way down my stomach kissing every inch of my Blow your scorching hot breath on my skin causing it Spasm . Once you were finished with my belly you undid my pants and pull off them off of me along with my panties I was wearing and toss them into floor beside my other clothes.

Then you gently spread my thighs with you hands and slowly made your way up my thighs kiss every inch of my leg as you made your way up my leg once you finally made to my pussy it my pussy was soaking wet. You then flick you tongue over my G spot causing my whole body to shutter and i throw my head back and let out loud moan. I so want you to tongue fuck me .

“ oh God Scott that feels good don’t stop ... devour my pussy oh Fuck!” I scream out has you started to move you lips over my extremely inflamed lips of my pussy. It was when I reached down with my hand and forcefully push your head deeper into my pussy my body began to shack violently as you slipped your tongue in between my inflamed lips off my pussy and pushed your tongue deep into my canal I let out a loud moan as the waves of my orgasm rippled though my body it cause my whole body to shutter. My scorching vaginal fluid Erupted from my canal and it covered your whole face you with draw you tongue and drank the second and third wave.

Then you took moment and wipe you face clean and then you drove back down between my legs and started to tongue fuck pussy for another thirty minutes cause me to have multiple thunderous orgasms. This when I pull you up by your head and push you firmly down on bed and our tongues locked as I reached down with my free hand and undid your pants and slide my hand in them took a hold of rock hard cock and started to slide my hand up and down it you throw back you head let out loud moan. I slowly start making my way down you body kissing and sucking your chest and ran my tongue over your belly.

I sat up and reached down with both hands taking ahold of your pants pulling them down with one pull. I ball them up and toss them into floor with my clothes and sorry your boxers i Literally tore off of your body and toss them into floor. I wasted no time taking your thumbing dick into my mouth. I felt the tip of you dick hit back of my throat. I deep throat you for about twenty minutes without stop. Then all suddenly i felted the muscle in your dick tight and start to spasm moments before I felt your scorching hot cum Erupted from the tip of you dick. Your scorching hot cum Slammed hard into the back of my throat. Before I could swollen the first load you blow an second load into my mouth. I pull up from you dick and swallowed both of your load at once.

I jump on bed beside you and our mouth lock and our tongues intertwined. You slide your finger into my pussy and started to slide in and out. I bend down towards you and said “ Scott Take me now I want your dick deep inside of me” you had a worried look on your face as you said “ Shit I forgot grab the box of condom before I head out” I just smiled and told you “ who said anything about using an condom... I’m fertile right now and I want you to fertilize my womb.” Stephanie said “ are you telling me you want to have my baby?” You said asked

“ that right I want you put your bun in my oven!” I told you as I grabbed ahold of your thick cock and began to Stroke it slowly. You lend in close and ask “ Stephanie are you sure about that?” I lend in give you passion kiss and whisper to you “ I want you to impregnate me Scott do you need me to draw you a picture!” I said “ Ok than let get to impregnating you than Stephanie!” Our lips locked as you roll me over on my back and spreading my thighs wide only breaking the lock our mouth was for you to get between my legs you made your way to the opening of my pussy and you rubbed throbbing dick over my G spot and it send waves coursing thought my body i lifted my head up and yell at you “stop torturing me put it in me” you laugh and said “ hey you want to do it on floor behind the door?” You asked

“ Fuck that shit Scott I’m not getting rug burn like last time you understand stand me!” I told you as I wipe my thighs tightly around your waist pushing you in closer “Stephanie may I enter you” you bend down whisper in my ear. I reached up grabbing ahold of you by face and told you “ Either you enter me now or I’m going to rape you buster” I told you in stern tone of voice you laughed and said “ baby you can’t rape the willing” as you pressed the tip of dick at my maid head and then with one strong thrust you drove your full length deep into my canal. I throw back my head and let out very loud moan! “ oh God Scott that fucking feel good fuck my cunt like dirty little slut I am!!!” I yell out as you began bang the holy shit out of me. You were thrusting so hard that my head was banging up against the head board “ oh damn Scott that right HARDER HARDER HARDER fuck me like your life depends on fill me with your SEED !!!! We when at like this for thirty minutes before you broke through my cervix which was painful has hell and you started to pound my womb

“ Oh Shit Scott YOUR in my WOMB but FUCK it feels good don’t stop flood my fertile WOMB with your seed! What ever you don’t stop until you Fill my Womb with your fertilizers oh Shit I’m about to Cum!!!!!” I yell out as you are pounding my womb “ Oh Stephanie you said you want me to impregnate you right so best spot to drop my load is right in your fertile womb. Shit I can felt it not much more my muscles in dick are starting to tighten oh my God I’m about blow!” You say as your body start to shack “ oh God HARDER Scott pound my fertile womb into submission fill me with you seed!!!!!” I yell out as my orgasm hit sending wave coursing thought my body at the same time I feel your seed Erupting forward into my fertile womb I feel you dick pumping my womb full. Another thunderous orgasm rips though my body as you blow your second massive load into my womb. I felt warmth of your scorching seed pumping into my womb. Once you had finish pumping your seed into me you collapsed down on me your breathing very hard I reached up to wipe the sweat from your eyes “ damn Scott I have never been fucked like that before neither have has a guy ever literally fuck me in my WOMB before!” I told you as you slipped out of me. And you roll on your back breathing very hard “ had to make up for last time ... oh you may want order some food because I still have loads to pump into you fertile womb!” You say

After we ate I sucked you hard again and you mount me from behind doggie style this time and once again you pushed all the way into my fertile womb and pound my womb for thirty minutes before you blow your load into my womb. You pump at least five load into my womb on top of four load early. You pull still rock hard dick from my pussy “ I think I have at least one load left want me pump in your pussy or ass doesn’t matter to me” you say to me

“ shit i won’t be walk straight for at least a week. Hell why not add not being able shit right to the list.” I said as you slide you rock hard dick deep into my ass it hurt like hell at first but it loose up and you pound my ass for what seem like an hour before i felt you unload your load deep inside my colon.

“ so Stephanie did you end up pregnant? I mean it with that amount cum inside your womb your egg didn’t stand a change?” I said to her after I really did blow my load at least three time just listening to her tell dream to me “ oh let just say nine months later we married and had twins one a boy and other an girl” Stephanie said “‘damn I only wish that wasn’t just a Dream Stephanie” i said

“Well Scott I been think neither of us really happy in current relationship how about you dump your and dump me at same time and we make that dream into reality how that sound?” Stephanie said “ I would dump Lisa if you dump you but I can’t just dump her without you doing the same?” I said

“Well how about this I call you back in twenty four hour and When I call you better pick up and than dump Lisa!”Stephanie said “ ok it 2:30 so you going call me at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon right .if so I’ll dump Lisa deal?” I ask Stephanie “ deal I call you tomorrow at 2:30 be ready pull trigger Scott” Stephanie said “ ok 2:30 it is so if I don’t heard by then I will take you decide not go through it” I told her as we hung up the phone I could help replaying her dream in my head over and over...

Next day I look up at clock on my radio it read 2:10... I start pace the floor 2:20 cams I was starting to worry she was going call... my heart sank when 2:30 came when no call. By 2:40 it finally sank she was going call and I pick the phone up call Lise to make plan on us finally making love

Next chapter war continue.pregnancy scare and more
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