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I'm an absolute animal.
When I say I'm an absolute animal, that is in no way a compliment to my ego. I mean it in the most literal and provocative sense. I'm an absolute fucking animal. A degenerate. And in no way do I deserve to breathe in the same beautiful oxygen that normal, SANE people breathe in. Since coming to age, I've managed to......well...... I don't want to list everything I've done and ruin the story for you guys, now do I? I'll try not the break the fourth wall the best I can, and just start from the very beginning, yeah? Well....cue flashback.

See, I didn't have the best childhood. My parents divorced in the middle of my coming to age, and I was left with not much more than an above average sized cock to jerk off 3 times a day with, a naive sweetheart of an older sister, and two little pricks that I called brothers.

Our parents were awful to say the least. Our dad was surely roaming the streets begging for money somewhere (heroine is a hell of a drug), and our mom, for lack of better terms, was a bit of a whore. And not even the kind that was paid either. She struggled to fill the hole that was burst wide open by our dad deserting us for drugs and a 21 year old stripper. To fill said hole, she....well...filled her hole. By a multitude of men, constantly varying in size, color, and background. Not that you can blame these guys, either. The one redeeming quality of our mom was her tits. In a non creepy, creepy way, she had absolutely phenomenal tits. DD. Perky, while drooping slightly due to the weight, and beautiful half-dollar sized areolas that blended I'm perfectly to her creamy milk jugs. How do I know? I didn't spy on her during one of her drunken, whoring escapades, that's for sure. Moving on.

By the time I turned 18, I had about had it with my current situation. My sister had been in a steady relationship nearing 5 years, and I was single and ready to move far away from my problems. The four of us siblings, as well as our mom lived in upper Texas, close to Oklahoma. And it seemed as though my sister had her fill of the current life as well.

She approached me one afternoon:

"Say bro, I just got a call from Abuela, and she has some room available at their place. They want to know if we want to head down there?"

"Fuck yeah!" I replied.

And suddenly, we were making our way to the most southern tip of the Armadillo state, 800 miles away from where we were. Our grandparents had two houses that sat on an acre of land. Known to us as only abuelo and Abuela (Spanish roots), they had rented one house out until recently, but had two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen open up for our use, so long as we paid utilities every other month.

It wasn't long until I found a job as a cook for a small restaurant, my sister, Carol, was working as a bartender, and her boyfriend at a local hardware store. The job of bartender suited my sister. She was extremely cute and very charming. She also possessed certain assets that made her nice tips every night. Her breasts were enormous. She had recently hit DDD, and was very thick in all the right places. She had wide hips and VERY thick thighs. Maybe 180? But she carried it immaculately. It wasn't like a fat 180. You wouldn't ever guess she was 180, is what I'm saying. Moving on. She had long, curly black hair that reached down to her mid back. It was as if her hair was pointing directly to her deliciously fat, juicy ass that was normally accentuated by tights.

I know, I'm being very deive when it comes to my sister, but true art deserves recognition. And believe me, her body was truly a work of art.

I got home from work late one night, knowing that my sister and her boyfriend were probably home already. This was evidenced by my seeing their car as I pulled onto the lot. I was tired from a long shift and didn't think to knock or make sure everyone was decent as I entered the living room.

Dropping my keys and wallet onto an end table, I heard music coming from my sister's bedroom. Some Celine Dion shit. But in between songs, a much more interesting sound came to be. Moans. Loud moans that were hardly being muffled.

Why are the moans so loud, I wondered? I'm sure they had had sex many times without my hearing, so why tonight? I made my way down the darkened hallway and noticed a faint, vertical light strip illuminating the floor. The door was slightly ajar. No wonder I could hear every slap. Every moan. Every gasp.

Curiosity got the best of me as I peeked my head into the room. And there was my sister. Her head being mushed into the mattress as her creamy, ivory, naked, sweat-oiled ass was high up into the air. Her beautifully luscious tits carried the majority of her weight, as they formed giant pancakes between her chest and the mattress. Her boyfriend was behind her, delivering every stroke with a sense of desperation, like he was on his last legs.

"Deeper, PLEEEEEASE!!", She screamed, as her pleads turned into moans and back again.

She's going to be disappointed, I thought to myself. He was as deep as possible. Making up for his lack of size with powerful strokes that created fleshy ripples in her ass and back.

She dug her nails into the sheets and started smashing back into the poor guy, seeming as if she was trying to drain every bit of juice from him.

"Baby, please...I..I'm getting close", he managed to whisper in between strokes

"DO IT! FILL ME UP WITH ALL YOUR JUICES!" She gritted through her teeth

She continued to smash her fat ass against his likely bruised, 150 pound-frame-carrying pelvis, the ripples in her ass becoming increasingly prominent.

"HERE IT COMES! IM CUMMMIIINNG!!" Her boyfriend, Joe, screamed as he emptied all of his seed into my sister, each pump being carried by a loud gasp between the two of them.

He leaned and fell backwards onto the bed as my sister sat up and reached for some wipes to clean the both of them up. Obviously, I hadn't been heard yet, as I was quietly rubbing my painful erection through my shorts. I continued peering in, seeing what would unfold next.

Something wasn't quite right.

There lie Joe, completely spent, as my sister just stared at him, almost as if he had wronged her in some way. He was clearly asleep already. She seemed dubious, almost puzzlingly upset. She cleaned herself up, wrapped herself in a robe and headed towards the door.

I had just enough time to silently run away and make my way to the refrigerator, seeming as if I was looking for a snack as she snuck up behind me.

"Hey bro, when'did you get home?"

"Right about the time of the little finale to y'alls show"

She blushed hard, as she self consciously folded her arms across her fleshy chest, covering the beautiful cleavage that i had been staring at me since we began talking.

"I'm so sorry!" Her face reddened with her whine, "if I would've known you were home..."

"Hahaha don't worry about me!" I reassured her. "It's pretty obvious, that after five Years, you guys WOULD be fucking, I would hope"

"Heh, I guess so" she almost whispered.

"What's wrong?" I asked, knowing that something was on her mind

"Well...It's pretty personal, Sam."

"Obviously. You just got fucked silly and you seem pestered. I would assume it's pretty personal"

"Well....that's just it. I wasn't fucked silly. I haven't been. Like at all" she confessed.

I figured this was about the time I turn into the gay friend and have her talk to me. I made us some coffee and we sat down in the living room, her, being covered by only a satin piece of cloth that you could call a robe, and I, fully clothed, minus my shoes.

"Well...go ahead. Lets talk." I pushed as I took a sip of my coffee

"Sam, me and Joe have been together for 5 years now. We've been fucking for 3. I've cum twice, Sam. TWICE " She gritted through her teeth.

I was wide-eyed in awe. I was a bit of a porn connoisseur, and had already had my fair share of partners. Four to be exact. All of whom came usually four to five times to my one. The true pleasure of sex is creating pleasure, after all. And here was my beautiful, lovely, chesty, sexy sister, telling me that she rarely received any pleasure. I almost teared up.

"'m so sorry" I half mocked, as I put a hand on her shoulder

"Oh, fuck off!" She retorted. "He's a good guy, he know...He finishes pretty quick. And to be honest, he's just not all that great, when he does last."

"Well what is it? Is it his size?"

"Kind of, I guess. I dunno. Most nights he seems, kind of fragile. Almost afraid. I always have to take charge."

"That's it then!" I exclaimed. "Let him take charge, once. Seduce him and have him take control for once"

"That's the thing..." She replied, " I can't really seduce. It's always just me jumping his bones, really"

"Well, then try to be sexy, you know? Show a little bit of skin, but hold it back some. Don't show too much, but just enough to excite him." I said.

She seemed worried. Her chocolate-browned eyes were a tad glassy, like she was about to tear up. She really wanted this to work, but how? If she's only cum twice in three years, is just trading places going to be enough, I wondered?

"I don't know sam" she almost whined in her silky voice, "he just doesn't seem like that type of guy, you know?"

Oh, how I do know. I rarely fanticized after my elder sister, but after tonight, I saw her in a whole new light. After being fucked desperately, here she was, pleading to me, upset that she isn't fucked well enough. Just the thought made my loins jump. My eyes made their way to her chest, as the robe had opened up substantially.

I could almost see the darker tint of her nipples peeking through the sides. A trickle of sweat traced her neck and disappeared into the valley between her two creamy tits, almost taunting me. Her chest was heaving, as if her breathing was picking up. I looked up to notice her staring back at me, as our eyes locked.

"Getting a bit bold, are we, little bro?" She teased.

You don't want to see me bold, I thought.

"Well it's getting late" she said, taking my attention away from her tits again,"I should get some rest"

She leaned forward to get off the couch when her robe rode up her fat ass. For a second, her bare, shaven, freshly fucked pussy, stood a mere three feet away from me, staring deep into my soul. The lips were perfectly smushed together by her thick, milky asscheecks. A perfectly wet, pink hotdog bun formed and it was simply mouth watering. I could smell it's aroma filling the air as my head began to spin. Something had snapped. Something was wrong.

She took two steps forward, heading towards her room when I dashed up and pinned her, tits first, into the wall. I reached around and grabbed her by her sweaty throat.

"You want bold, you little slut? I'll give you bold."

She gasped out loud as I grabbed her by her curly hair and wrapped it around my knuckles. I pulled hard towards the couch, throwing her to the ground right in front of the sofa. In a swift motion with the other hand, i reach through my shorts and yanked out my rock hard cock, which was now a personal-record 8 inches and slapped her right down the middle of her face with it.

She stared up at it, mesmerized. My balls rested right on her chin as my shaft made it's way atop of her sexy, pink lips, up her nose, in between her eyes, and the head of my cock rested on her forhead. She continued staring for a long while. It seemed like an eternity. The house was completely silent other than the very faint snoring coming from her room.

"Wow." Was all she could manage before I once again ran out of patience.

Using the the couch as a brace for her head, I shoved my cock deep into her warm, inviting mouth, desperately trying to make my way down her throat. It seemed, however, that my girth would make it impossible, as I could only smash the back of her throat and tonsils, causing her to gag ferociously with every deep thrust.

She was pushing hard on my thighs, trying to create just a bit of space for her to breathe. I was pumping hard into her throat, cupping her jaw with one hand and pulling her head back by her hair with the other. Saliva was pouring out of her slutty, violated mouth like a waterfall, trickling down my balls and onto her tits, reminding me of the glorious flesh mounds that I might as well make mine, in this whole process.

I pulled out my veiny, diamond-feeling cock from her throat in one swift motion, a trail of spit and foam coming with it. My sister could only manage a very deep breath as I reached down and ripped her robe open, exposing her creamy fat titties for my eyes to feast upon.

They were perfect. Huge and only slightly gravity pulled. Her areolas were almost bologna sized and her nipples stood out, hard, almost like pencil erasers. Her milky breasts were coated from top to bottom in saliva and made them shine beautifully.

"Sam pleas-" she yelped, as I interrupted her by pulling hard on her nipples. I pinched them with the index finger and thumb of both hands and lifted upwards, letting only the gravity create a little pain for her. Her eyes began to tear up, and her face began to flush.

She winced in pain but looked up at me with lust filled eyes. I knew this was what she needed. I stuffed her awaiting throat with more dick as I pinched and pulled at her hard nipples. She would whine, moan and gag all at the same time, saliva still pouring all over us.

I was getting very close very fast, but i knew that I already had gone very far, and probably would not get this chance again. I once again yanked hard on her hair, jerking her up off the ground. She stood up for only enough time to be thrown back yet again, this time, face first into the back of the couch.

Through all this motion, I kept my eyes fixated on her ass, looking closely as it jiggled gloriously with every hard move. There she lie, her ass in the air, face in the couch. I grabbed her hair with my left and hand and smashed her face deeper into the couch to muffle her screaming as I took my right and began furiously rubbing her wet slit, my middle finger and ring finger making their way to her sensitive little button.

She squealed and squirmed rapidly as I stormed her fleshy pussy, making sure to really torture her clit as best I could. Every time she would try to push up and away from me, I'd simply over power her and smash her head deeper into the sofa. She was at my mercy, cumming desperately as I tortured her sopping pussy. I didn't let up either, only moving my two fingers from her clit to the inside of her pussy, finding her g spot quickly and rapidly digging it with them.

She let out a low loud moan that echoed thought the living room.

"OOOOOOoooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuck!" She screamed into the cushion. Her body began to vibrate uncontrollably as liquid began gushing out of her slutty sex. Her legs gave out and her whole body slumped forward, her face falling towards the seat cushion of the couch, knees to chest, ass still in the air.

She was limp, but breathing deeply, her pussy glistening in the light.

I gave my hand a good spit and I rubbed it all over the head of my now 8 and a half inch dick. I eased it right at her entrance, wiping her wet slit down its length with my prick head.

"..S-Sam ple-please....." She gasped out.

I chuckled darkly as I filled her wet pussy up in one fluid stroke. Her ass rippling hard all the way to the middle of her back.

"OOOOOH FUCK!!!!" She screamed out loud, cumming all over my hard cock.

"In the first stroke? Really big sis? I thought you were a little bit tougher than that..." I taunted, before slamming a few more hard strokes into her.

She was extremely tight. Almost as if no cock had ever reached this deep inside of her. I pounded away at her limp body, furiously, the only signs of life coming from her in form of orgasms, gripping my cock in a fleshy, warm vise for a few seconds before letting me free to pound at her some more.

I was intentionally being loud, not caring if her boyfriend found me fucking his love silly. She was in a trance. Completely weightless as her only physical motions were caused by me smashing into her fat, milky ass from behind.

It went on like this for several more minutes, and I stopped counting her orgasms at twelve. I was getting to the edge once again, as the sight from the ass ripples were pushing me to my brink.

"Get ready, you little slut. I'm about to empty all my cum into your womb"

"S-sam please....You C-can't" she quietly whined, "what if I get PREGNAAAAAAAANNNTT!!!"

She came as strong as ever as I emptied shot after smoking hot shot of cum deep inside her pussy.

I stayed inside her for maybe a minute more before I pulled out of her with one quick POP. I looked down at her soaked, abused pussy as my cum began to trickle out and down her meaty thighs.

"What a little slut" I said, in an almost depraving voice. "Clean yourself up."

I reached over to the arm of the chair next to us and grabbed a beach towel that had been draped over it, and threw it on top of her back, before I turned away from her and headed towards my room, wet from my stomach to my knees.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of a delicious pancake breakfast, the scent of bacon and maple syrup filling the air, much like her pussy did only twelve hours before. I made my way into the kitchen to see a very happy Carol, in a cute little apron, manning the stove.

"Good morning Baby Brother!" She beamed at me, "I hope you are hungry!"

Joe was looking down at his plate, while Carol sat my plate down onto the table and leaned over it. She was wearing a white button up dress shirt, with clearly no bra. Her cleavage was almost drool-worthy from my standpoint, the sweat from her hard work coating the flesh of her breast in an amazing shine. She began shaking her massive tits from side to side.

"Eat up", she said with a wink.

Thanks so much for reading, guys! Let me know in the comments what y'all think, if there should be more, and what our main character should do in the future! Possibly more to come,



2018-05-06 01:25:08
Thanks so much guys. Thing is, I've written stories before that people hated, and I didn't do as well as I hoped, so taking in comments will eventually just make me an overall better erotica writer. I like any and all comments and acknowledge them, good or bad. But I like good ones best. Lol thanks guys!


2018-05-06 00:45:57
We have our own style of writing - you cannot please everyone - I have stories using cock in the third person, some love it some don't, anyway keep up the good work ...your story made me horny...


2018-05-06 00:40:13
A really erotic writing, well done.....I look forward to more of the same....enjoy what you do, ignore the critics.....


2018-05-05 06:50:21
Hey, thanks so much, animal99! In hindsight, I should've properly conveyed my thoughts in this story because in my mind, your suggestion is precisely what happened. I just didn't take the opportunity to put, in detail, how "my sister" felt. I will definitely keep this in mind for my next story!


2018-05-05 05:43:45
Sam, This was a Good story. The only thing I would have changed a bit was your sisters' reactions to you, during sex and the day after. If you were going for fantasy, then I would have suggested her character would succumb to your brutal thrusting by becoming a body quivering from the many orgasms you were giving her and I would have made her more flirtatious or grateful the next she liked what you did and wouldn't mind have more... Or She was So excited to see you and talked about how she felt Great and made you your favorite things to eat for breakfast! It's happened to me and it can happen to your character, as well - but as far as fantasy, Who wouldn't enjoy fantasizing about having royally fucked a woman and she loves you for it?

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