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Becky, the world's first futa, gets quite the shock when a church wants her to breed four barely legal virgins!
The World's First Futa – Futa's Naughty Hitchhiking

Chapter Three: Futa's First Passionate Ritual

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

April 17th, 2047

“Surreal?” asked Amelia, her face growing serious, her eyes growing bold. I could see that skilled interviewer inside of her pouncing on my words. For most of our talk as we discussed my life as the world's first futa, she was laughing and giggling and horny to fuck me. Now she was focused. “In what way was it surreal?”

“Because... I don't know any other word to describe discovering the cult,” I said, feeling like that same wide-eyed twenty-two year-old futa who wandered into that little town. It happened twenty-six years ago, and it still had me feeling a little... unnerved. “Here I was on my hitchhiking adventure. It was late September, fall was coming on fast, and I was thinking about heading south because the weather was getting bad. I was passing through central Kansas, meeting more of these little churches who had adopted the ideology of West Texas.” A smile crossed my lips. I squirmed on the couch, feeling the eyes of the studio audience, and the world watching live over the internet, on me. “Those rural Christians really liked having me breed their wives and daughters.”

“All that repression has to burst out sometimes,” Adelia said. “So you were in Kansas when you ran into the cult?”

“Well, yeah, that's where they are located to this day. Omitz, Kansas is a whole lot bigger today than it was twenty-six-years ago. They've really blossomed with devotees, but back then it was a sleepy town, only four blocks by four blocks wide. A perfect square surrounded by wheat fields. I didn't think anything of it. It was Sunday, and I was eager to find me a righteous woman or three to breed with my 'miraculous' seed.

“And then a man walked up to me in a white robe...”


September 26th, 2021

I blinked in shock at the man falling to his knees before me in what looked like a white baptismal robe. I'd seen more than a few of those at the rural churches I visited. I even “baptized” a few women in my futa-jizz before they licked each other clean, not wanting to waste any of my “miraculous” seed before I bred them.

Of course, those girls didn't wear anything, their nubile bodies flushed and quivering.

My dick twitched hard beneath my jean skirt while the man then bowed before me, prostrating himself for a moment. I looked around at the near empty street. It was all residential houses. Omitz was the county seat, and like a lot of these rural towns it had a gas station, a church, and a small government building for the county seat that doubled as the sheriff's office. It had maybe a dozen homes and existed solely for the farms around it.

“Um...” I said, arching an eyebrow. “What are you doing?”

“I'm so sorry,” he said, rising before me. “It's just... it's you.” He produced a phone from his pocket. “I wasn't sure this app was to be believed, but here you are, Futanari.”

“Here I am,” I said. No one had ever just called me futanari like it was a title or my proper name. “Um, and you are?”

“Brother Gavin Stern,” he said. He pointed to the white-steeped church, looking like it was built a hundred-and-fifty years ago during pioneer times. “That's my church, and I would be honored if you visited. We have four virgin daughters all quivering and ready to be blessed by you, Futanari. They prayed so fervently that you'd appear. We've monitored your holy wanderings all summer, hoping you'd visit us.”

“Oh, sure,” I said, my futa-cock reaching its full girth, tenting the front of my jean skirt. “I enjoy spreading my seed to every virgin daughter I can. And, of course, the not-so-virgin daughters and wives. They all deserve to be blessed by my cock. Be fruitful and multiply, right? That's the command.”

“Yes, yes, I see that,” he breathed. “You do that everywhere you go. You spread your seed far and wide so we multiply! The women of my flock would be honored to be vessels for your holy daughters.”

Christian theology was getting weirder and weirder thanks to my wanderings, but I had no complaints. I never had a man fawn so much over me, but they were always eager for the Lord's “miracle” to bless their women. Maybe the Lord did send me. I didn't know why I changed.

Science really couldn't explain my futa-cock, but God, at least the Christian God, didn't feel right. He was such a downer on sex, and I was the exact opposite. I'd think maybe the Devil sent me, but the Mother Superior brandishing her crucifix at me did nothing.

No, no, I wasn't supernatural. I was hanging out with these religious people too much. Their ideas were seeping into my mind. Just because science couldn't explain something yet, didn't mean the answer wasn't out there.

I followed Brother Gavin down the road. He walked with such eagerness. Ahead, a few other men were waiting on the porch. They were all older, like him, and all wearing the same white robes. They watched us approach, their faces weathered by working outdoors on farms.

“That's Brothers Lucio, Tyson, and Neil,” Gavin said. “Its our four daughters who are all virgins and ready to blessed. They're good girls, kept themselves pure into their adult years. My own Jocelin is nineteen and proud of her abstinence.

“Proud she saved herself for you, Futanari.”

“Well, I'm proud of her, too,” I said, my futa-dick aching so badly. Four virgins? Oh, what a treat. I didn't find that many at the convent I visited a month-and-a-half ago.

“It is truly her,” the Hispanic man waiting said, not a hint of any Latino accent in his voice. He sounded wholly country, speaking with the same Kansas twang as Brother Gavin instead of any Central American lilt. “Blessed be her Holy Seed.”

“Praise your Miraculous Cock,” a blond man with short hair said. “My Krystine is beside herself with joy. She's waiting inside for you, Futanari.”

“They all are,” the fourth said, a tall man with long, black hair gathered in a ponytail. “Meadow will not waste a single drop of your precious seed, Futanari.”

“Meadow, what a pretty name,” I said, my futa-dick throbbing.

Beyond them, the doors to the church were open. I saw other men wearing white robes and women all naked. Most were older women, their figures motherly and plump, their breasts soft and swaying. My futa-dick throbbed—I had a thing for older, married women thanks to the second pussy I ever enjoyed.

I still savored getting together with Kurt's mother. Mrs. Albertson was always a treat to enjoy, especially with her step-daughter and lover joining the fun. Or with her husband watching. And there were so many husbands to watch me here.

I was shocked by the nudity of the women. I usually had to talk the married women into joining the fun, but my pheromones always brought them around. These women were ready for the fun.

The naked women and robed men stood amid the wooden pews that ran in two columns towards the raised dais at the far side. There four young women knelt, each lovely in her own way. My pussy clenched at the sight of them, the blonde was obviously Krystine, her face delicate, her breasts round and quivering. She was in the middle with the Hispanic girl who had black hair and, to my surprise, a landing strip of soft down leading to a shaved pussy. On the left flank knelt a girl with short, black hair who must be Meadow. She had large and perky breasts. The last girl had Gavin's dark-brown hair and his round ears, but Jocelin's green eyes must come from her mother. She wore glasses that perched on a delicate nose, her breasts small and delicious.

“Mmm, I am...” my words trailed off as I noticed what was behind the four girls.

A statue of me, cast in bronze, reared above the girls. It was too scale, naked, shaped with arms spread wide and round breasts thrust taut before me. The artist depicted me legs spread wide and with my futa-dick thrusting from the folds of my pussy and the curls of my blonde bush. My eyes widened at that thick shaft.

Why was there a life-sized statue of me here?

My brows furrowed. Then I noticed the stain glass windows running the length of the worship hall. I gaped. Instead of the usual Christian imagery of the crucifixion or the various apostles, it was me. There was a panel showing me fucking at the football game, my cock ramming into Sabrina's cunt as she knelt naked before me. Beside that image was me fucking Amelia during our interview right after that, and then the viral picture of the president of my college getting plowed from behind by me as we stood up through the sunroof of the limo. They even had me fucking the busty, lactating winner of the first Ms. Bred Pageant.

“W-what is this?” I gasped as the naked women of the church began filing to the front where the statue lay.

“The Holy Church of the Futanari Goddess,” Brother Gavin breathed. “Three years ago, after your miraculous appearance at the football game, our entire congregation recognized your virtue. We became your most fervent worshipers, recruiting all we could We remolded our church and prayed for you to appear.”

“Futanari!” moaned a woman with green eyes and small breasts who looked like an older version of Jocelin. “We are so honored by your Divinity.” Then she bent over and backed her pussy onto the bronze cock thrusting from the statue. “We worship you with all our bodies and souls.”

She quivered there for a moment, impaled on the dick sculpted like mine. Then she pulled off of it, leaving it glistening in her pussy juices. The next lady, the only Hispanic woman, knelt before the cock, sucked on the tip and the first woman's juices before she rose, bent over, and impaled her cunt down her cock.

“We worship you with all our bodies and souls, Futanari!” she moaned, such ecstasy crossing her face.

I stood there stunned. As much as this weirded me out—it was so surreal seeing this old church turned into a pagan cult worshiping me—it also made me so hard. These women moaned and gasped as they impaled their cunts on the bronze cock before the next woman tasted their passion on it and added her own. My futa-dick tented the front of my shorts. Juices spilled down my thighs as I felt drawn down the aisle.

The men all clapped a beat, their voices deep and rumbling. It was a hymn of praise to me, the words lost in the tumult of my mind. Just as I reached the dais, the four girls then crowded around the bronze dick slathered in the pussy juices of the last woman, a Black MILF who was clearly not related to any of the four.

One by one, the four virgins sucked on the tip. Kristine, then Jocelin, then Meadow, then the Hispanic girl whose name I hadn't yet caught. They sucked on it before repeating the same catechism, “We worship you with all our bodies and souls, Futanari!”

“We are so eager to worship you, Futanari,” the Hispanic girl said when they turned to me. “We want to be baptized in your holy seed and then bred by you.”

“Yes, yes, Hilario is right,” Meadow moaned. “We want to bear your Holy Daughters. So many other women have borne you demigoddesses, and none of them worship you.”

“But you've come,” Jocelin said, her glasses quivering on her nose. “You're here to love us.”

“Yes, yes, love us,” whimpered blonde Krystine, her round tits swaying. She reached out, a look of awe filling her blue eyes as she grasped my thigh. Her fingers were delicate. They slid up my inner flesh until she felt my wet juices. “Oh, you are so eager for us, Futanari.”

“Are you eager, my Goddess?” breathed Meadow, her large tits quivering before her. They swayed with her slightest movement.

“Yes,” I couldn't help myself from saying. They were just so young. Eighteen or nineteen, and virgins! I loved virgins. I wanted to fuck a virgin every day for the rest of my life, to be the first cock to enter them and spurt my seed into their fertile, untouched depths.

Their hands all touched me as the church, men and women both, sang another worship hymn. It sounded like a parody of a traditional Christian song, replacing all the talk of god and Jesus with me and my miraculous seed.

I ignored them, concentrating on the four vixens pulling me closer. Their hands explored my body, pulling off my clothing. In moments, my round breasts jiggled free, Hilario's golden-brown fingers kneading and squeezing them while Meadow and Jocelin pulled my skirt down my thighs. The blonde Krystine leaned in and licked the tip of my girl-dick.

“Mmm, that's her salty precum,” she moaned in awe. “Oh, yes, Futanari, we are so honored.”

“And blessed,” Meadow purred, the black-haired girl lifting her face to nuzzle between my thighs. “Oh, her pussy smells so good and...” She took a lick through my folds. I gasped, my futa-dick throbbing. “She tastes even better than any other woman.”

“Of course she does,” whimpered Jocelin. “She's our Goddess.”

My pussy clenched at that word. It sent a heady thrill through me that clashed with the strange, surreal writhe through my guts. The hymn echoed around me, the worship song of the other adults. I focused on the girls, on Meadow and Jocelin kissing, sharing the taste of my pussy while Hilario leaned in and nuzzled into my folds.

Her tongue thrust up inside of me. She wiggled around, stirring me up. My futa-cock throbbed and ached the shaft rubbing into her black hair. I wiggled my hips back and forth as she feasted. Then she pulled away her lips, my cream glistening on them, and kissed Krystine with such eagerness. Their round breasts brushed as they shared their lesbian passion.

“Do you often kiss each other?” I asked them.

Meadow and Jocelin broke their kiss. “Of course. We know you enjoy women who engage in carnal relations with each other,” Meadow said. “I've lain with every woman in the church.”

“Me, too. Save my mother, obviously,” Jocelin added, pushing up her glasses. “We are only virgins because we have our hymens. I enjoy licking Meadow's pussy. I shaved her myself.”

“That was so wicked,” Meadow purred. “Before you appeared, Goddess, I would have thought that a horrible sin.”

“But instead you all love each other,” I said. “You don't have any jealousy or anything.”

“We all care for each other,” Hilario said after breaking her kiss with Krystine.

“Sex and love aren't the same thing. You said that in one of your sermons.”

Sermons? Did she mean an interview I'd given?

“It's made everything so harmonious for us,” Krystine said. “My parents rarely fight. They are enjoying themselves.”

“And you'll open us so we can enjoy the men, to,” Meadow moaned. “My boyfriend wants to marry me. He wants me waddling pregnant down the aisle with your divine daughter, Goddess.”

“Damn,” I groaned. “You will.”

Then the four girls leaned their faces forward. They were pressed cheek to cheek, Meadow and Hilario in the middle, Krystine and Jocelin on the outside. Their hands grasped my thighs and huge cock. Their lips all nuzzled into the sides and tip. Their tongues flicked out. I gasped as fingers found my pussy, caressing my folds while their hands stroked the base of my dick.

Pleasure shot through me as the four virgins loved my cock. They licked and nuzzled against it, their four eyes shining up at me: two pairs of brown, one blue, and one vibrant green behind her twinkling glasses. They were cute and passionate, horny vixens and innocent maidens all at the same time.

My pussy and futa-dick drank in the sensations.

Pleasure flowed down my shaft. I groaned as their tongues bathed across the crown of my dick. Meadow and Hilario lapped at the precum leaking to of the slit while Krystine fluttered their tongues where the crown met my shaft, the sensitive frenulum that had me shuddering.

“Oh, yes, yes, you're loving your Goddess,” I moaned, unable to stop myself from playing along. “You're... Ooh, you naughty sluts!”

Two sets of fingers penetrated my pussy. I didn't know, didn't care, who plunged their digits in and out of my cunt. I just savored the different speeds, one thrusting so hard and fast, the other pumping slow, teasing me. Pleasure rippled through my body. My round breasts swayed before me as I groaned. They put there all into pleasing me, sucking and teasing.

“Ooh, your precum tastes so good, Futanari,” Hilario groaned in her Kansas twang, her golden-brown features twisted with passion.

“Uh-huh,” Meadow moaned before she sucked on the tip of my girl-dick in her mouth for a moment.

That brief delight of being in her virginal mouth sent a spike of delight shooting down to my pussy teased by the two sets of digits. I gasped, my breasts jiggling before me. I squeezed them as Meadow's mouth popped off and Hilario's took her place, the Hispanic girl sucking with such hunger, her cheeks hollowing.

I whimpered, my hips undulating from side to side. These virgins were driving me wild. Their sucking mouths and teasing fingers swelled the pressure in my ovaries. My moans joined the congregations hymnals echoing over and over through the small space.

“Fuck!” I gasped. “Oh, fuck, you little virgin sluts. I'm going to cum all over your faces!”

“Yes, yes, yes, baptize us!” moaned Jocelin, her glasses slipping on her cute nose. “Just coat us in your passion.”

“Cover us in your blessed seed, Futanari!” groaned Krystine on the other side, her face twisted in utter rapture. “We love you, Goddess.”

“Love you!” whimpered the Hispanic girl.

Fingers jammed deep into my cunt. Four tongues lapped around the crown of my dick. They all touched me, stimulating my naughty bits. My fingers dug into my breasts. Pain flared as my fingernails dug into my tits. I didn't care. I savored it as...

“Fuck, yes!” I howled as my cock erupted.

The four virgins pressed their faces tight, my pussy convulsing about their fingers. They whipped my cock back and forth as blast after blast of my futa-jizz spurted out of them. I painted across all their features, bathing Jocelin's glasses, splashing across Hilario's golden-brown skin. Spunk drenched Krystine's fair cheeks and streaked across Meadow's dark hair.

The four girls moaned in delight as I gave them a futa-baptism. I shuddered, my pussy spasming so hard. The pleasure raced to my mind. It shot ecstasy through me. The congregation cried out in celebration as my ecstasy peaked in me.

“Amen, Futanari! Amen!”

I groaned, swaying, dizzy from the exertion, and hungry to have more. I stared down at the cum-drenched virgins. I fired so much. Dozens of blasts painted their faces with my ropy seed. It ran in pearly rivulets down their features to their hungry tongues. They were all so sexy. All so delicious.

But which to enjoy first and...

Jocelin had those glasses covered in my spunk.

I pounced on her with such hunger. I pushed her down onto her back while she gasped in surprise. Her glasses shifted on her face, my jizz pulling on the lens. I settled between her virgin thighs, my cock nuzzling at her trimmed bush as my tongue attacked her glasses.

I licked my salty cum off her cool lenses. I shuddered as the taste, the creamy texture of it. She whimpered beneath me, her hips wiggling, rubbing her wet bush against the tip of my dick. Her hands shot down as I lapped again and again, gathering all the spunk I could off of her. She grabbed my futa-cock and guided it to her virgin pussy.

“Oh, Futanari,” she moaned as she pressed me against her hymen. “Break in my pussy and breed me!”

“Yes!” I moaned before taking another swipe across her lens, gathering another glob of my spunk, leaving white streaks across the glass.

Then I thrust.

Her cherry stretched and stretched. She quivered as my licking tongue descended to her lips, gathering more of her jizz. I found her mouth, kissing her as her hymen resisted my entrance. I groaned into her mouth and thrust harder.

Her fingers bit into my ass.

Her cherry popped.

I slid into Jocelin's pussy. She shuddered, her pussy clenching down on me while her green eyes widened behind her cum-smeared glasses. She shuddered, her body trembling beneath me, her little tits quivering.

“Futanari!” she gasped as she wrapped her arms and legs about my body, pulling me tight. “Yes, yes, Futanari! Breed me! Bless my womb with your holy seed!”

Those words, coming from her sweet voice, galvanized me. I couldn't have stopped fucking her deflowered pussy if I wanted to. Not with her begging to be bred. I couldn't resist that. Just like women wanted me to impregnate them, I wanted to pump my futa-seed into them and quicken new life in their wombs.

It was primal instincts we both felt.

My round breasts pressed into her firm titties. Her nipples kissed mine as I leaned down and captured her mouth. Her lips, stained with my jizz, tasted wonderfully sweet, from her watermelon lip gloss, and wickedly salty, from my futa-cum. I savored the contrasting flavors mixing as I kissed her. It spiced the pump of my hips.

Urged me to fuck her faster and faster.

I drove my futa-dick deep into her pussy. The singing of her church, giving praise to me, faded as the pleasure roared through my veins. There was only her tight, hot, silky cunt wrapped about my dick, pleasing it, stimulating me.

Her fingers scratched at my back as she writhed beneath me. She pumped her hips as she whimpered into our kiss. She was a fierce thing, a little hellion hiding behind those innocent glasses and schoolgirl blushes.

“Futanari!” she moaned when our kiss broke. “Yes, yes, yes! Oh, Futanari! You're going to make me cum!”

“Good,” I panted. “I want to feel that cunt milk my cock! I want you working out every blast of my cum into your fertile depths.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she whimpered. “Oh, Futanari, my beautiful Goddess, breed me!”

“Breed her,” whimpered Hilario from beside me, the other two virgins licking up my cum off the Hispanic girl's face. “Spill her cum into her so we can enjoy your seed, too.”

“Yes, yes, we want your futa-dick in us!” groaned Krystine. “We want to be full of your girl-spunk.”

“So full,” whimpered Meadow, her black hair spilling about her flushed face, her big tits piled into Hilario's side.

“You will,” I groaned, driving my girl-cock deep into Jocelin's pussy.

“Yes, you'll breed us all, Futanari!” the girl groaned. “Ooh, you're making my pussy so hot and juicy. Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

I kissed her again, our nipples rubbing together. Her tight pussy swelled my orgasm so fast. My ovaries brimmed with more cum to spill. I always had more jizz for fertile cunts in need of my seed. My futa-dick throbbed in her as I plowed into her so hard, so fast.

She would give birth to a daughter. She would think our daughter was holy. That thought sent a drunken wave of weird exhilaration through my flesh, tingling all my nerves. This was all so creepy and yet... it flattered me. I thrust harder and harder, pumping my dick into her untouched depths with all the passion I could.

She squealed into my kiss. Her body bucked beneath me, pressing her small nipples against my tender nubs. Then her pussy convulsed about my cock. Her tongue thrust into my mouth as her orgasm swept through her body.

I shuddered, her hot flesh sucking at my girl-dick. She was so eager for it. So hungry for my cum spilling into her pussy. As if sensing her orgasm, I heard the church's singing build louder and louder as they worshiped me.

They wanted me to breed this girl.

I broke our kiss, my back arching as I buried my futa-dick into her convulsing pussy. “Fuck, yes!”

My dick twitched.

My ovaries tightened.

“Futanari!” howled Jocelin as she felt my futa-cum spurted into her pussy. “You're breeding me!”

“The Holy Seed!” cried the congregation around me, abandoning their song. “Our Goddess spreads the Holy Seed!”


I shuddered as they sang again, a frantic chanting as my girl-cum spurted over and over into Jocelin's hot depths. Her pussy writhed about my futa-cock. She wrung me dry as the pleasure swept through my body. I groaned, my body shaking atop her, growing dizzy with the rapture.

Then I collapsed on her, panting, my orgasm spent.

“You breed me, Futanari!” Jocelin said, her eyes wild behind her glasses. Exultation spilled across her features. “Thank you, thank you!”

“Let me taste the Holy Seed in your vessel, Jocelin!” Hilario moaned.

“Yes, yes, I want that,” whimpered the green-eyed girl, her pussy clenching on you. “And, please, Goddess, breed her while she pleases me. Let us share in it.”

“I'll grant that... that prayer,” I groaned, my futa-dick twitching. How could I say no to a virgin licking my cum out of her friend's snatch right before I popped her cherry?

I ripped my girl-dick out of Jocelin's cunt as I rolled off of her. Hilario wormed out from beneath Meadow and Krystine. The two girls didn't mind, attacking each other's cum-smeared faces, licking up my jizz as they writhed in passion. I sat up, letting the Hispanic girl get into position and shuddered.

Brother Gavin had such a huge look on his face, his arm around the green-eyed woman's shoulder. They stared at pride at their daughter I just bred. Then their eyes flicked to me and I could see the zealous worship in their eyes.

They would do anything. If I commanded them to burn down this church, they'd do it.

I glanced at the church's doors beyond the singing people. My stomach twisted. This was all so much. I shouldn't be here. These people shouldn't worship me. I was a genetic fluke, an accident of nature, not a divine goddess who—

“Futanari, breed her while she eats your Holy Seed!” Jocelin cried out.

My head snapped around. I groaned at the sight of Hilario's golden-brown form kneeling between Jocelin's thighs. The Hispanic virgin's rump faced me, a tight touch begging to be fucked. But my eyes were drawn to her shaved pussy, her pink folds peeking out around her flushed vulva, her juices glistening on the petals.

Jocelin shuddered as Hilario feasted on my cum leaking out of her pussy. That was fine. I fired so much jizz into a girl that no one could lick out all my spunk. Enough would remain behind to impregnate the girl with glasses.

Hilario's hips wiggled back and forth as she licked and lapped my cum out of her deflowered friend. I moved to her virgin pussy. The church's singing grew low, anticipating what was to come. I felt all their eyes upon me, especially Lucio and his wife, watching me lowered my face to Hilario's untouched cunt.

I grasped her rump and pressed my lips against her shaved, virgin flesh. My tongue swiped out, dragging through her tangy folds. Her cream coated my tongue as I ran from her quivering clit, up through her folds, to the entrance of her pussy covered by her maidenhead. I licked at it, fluttering my tongue against the membrane of skin.

The barrier between me and breeding her.

“Ooh, yes, yes, yes, Hilario,” Jocelin moaned. “Ooh, it's so naughty. You can reach your tongue into me now.”

“Uh-huh,” groaned Hilario. “It's like eating your mother's cunt out. You both taste the same.”

“Don't talk about my mom when eating me out!” gasped Jocelin. “Just love my pussy while the Goddess loves yours.”

“She's licking me and... And it feels so good. But.. Please, Futanari, breed me. I've had my pussy licked before, but no cock has entered me. Impregnated me.”

My clit-dick throbbed as my tongue fluttered through her juicy folds. My fingers clenched on her butt-cheeks. I couldn't deny this girl, either. I wanted to breed all four of these virgins, to give them the pleasures they denied themselves out of religious fervor.

But I couldn't be mad about that. Not when I got to enjoy four virgins cunts as a result.

I rose, my futa-cock throbbing before me. I brought it to her shaved flesh, staring down her supple back to her black hair draped across her shoulders. Her head moved as she devoured Jocelin, making the petite girl quiver and moan. Her green eyes locked on me.

“Fuck my friend, please, Goddess!” she whimpered, her hands squeezing her small tits.

“Yes, yes, please,” moaned Meadow as she ground her pussy atop Krystine, her and the blonde tribbing together.

“I need you in me!” Hilario moaned as I rubbed my girl-dicks spongy tip against her juicy, hot flesh.

I felt her hymen.

I thrust.

Unlike Jocelin, Hilario's hymen tore with ease. I hardly felt any resistance before I was in the Hispanic girl's cunt to the hilt. Her hot flesh wrapped about me. I shuddered. She whimpered, moaning into Jocelin's pussy. My crotch smacked into her rump, a loud smack echoing through the church.

The singing swelled around me as I fucked hard into Hilario's broken in depths. Her pussy clenched around me. I shuddered, loving the feel of her virgin pussy. I licked my lips, savoring her spicy musk clinging to my lips.

My breasts heaved as I pounded her twat, her tight sheath squeezing down on my futa-dick. I massaged her rump, kneading her while her hips wiggled and stirred her girl-dick around me. The Hispanic girl moaned into her friend's snatch, licking up my cum.

My thumb slid into her butt-crack as I fucked her. I felt her puckered anus. I couldn't resist.

“Futanari!” she gasped as I jammed my thumb into her rectum.

She went off like a firecracker.

I gasped in shock as her pussy spasmed about my cock. She came so fast. I thrust into her convulsing depths, her asshole writhing about my probing thumb. Pleasure shot through me. Her hungry snatch massaged my thrusting cock, building the pressure at the tip faster than I expected.

My tits heaved as I pounded her climaxing cunt as hard as I could. She whimpered and moaned into her friend's pussy. Her hips wiggled, stirring her spasming snatch around my dick. Her flesh sucked at my futa-cock, hungry for cum.

“Shit!” I groaned, my strokes growing so hard, so erratic. The pressure swelled swiftly at the tip of her cock.

“Give my daughter your Holy Seed, Futanari!” Lucio cried out.

“Amen!” his wife moaned.

“Bless another of our daughters,” Gavin called out.

“Bless her, Goddess!” whimpered Jocelin, her petite body trembling, the climaxing Hispanic girl driving Jocelin towards another orgasm.

I buried into Jocelin's convulsing snatch. I couldn't take the pleasure. My dick hit that wondrous point of no return. My back arched. My pussy clenched. Her cunt writhed about my futa-cock. My ovaries tightened.

I erupted into her pussy. I flooded my second virgin with my seed.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I cried out.

“She's blessing me!” howled Hilario as her pussy writhed and spasmed about me, working at my dick, hungry for every drop of my futa-cum. “Yes, yes, yes, she's spilling her seed in me.”

The pleasure spilled through my body. Every blast of my seed spurting into her cunt had me trembling. My breasts quivered as my thumb jammed deep into her writhing asshole. Pussy juices flowed down my thighs while rapture and ecstasy bathed my mind.

“Now you have to breed me, Futanari!” Meadow moaned, still tribbing Krystine, the two virgin sluts writhing together.

“No, no, I need your seed, too,” the blonde Krystine groaned as she squirmed beneath Meadow.

My futa-dick throbbed in Hilario's cunt.

I ripped out of the Hispanic girl and sprang on the two tribbing virgins. My wet dick smacked into Meadow's perky rump, splatting her with Hilario's pussy juices. She squirmed, starting to roll of her friend and dismount.

I stopped her, pinning her in place with my hand planted between her shoulder blades. “No, no, keep tribbing each other. Keep rubbing those virgin cunts together while I breed you both.”

“Both?” Krystine asked, her flushed face staring up at me past Meadow's head.

“Both,” I groaned, sliding my futa-dick down across Meadow's rump to nuzzle against her shaved vulva.

“You're so naughty, Futanari,” breathed Meadow, her cute ass wiggling as she ground her clit into Krystine's.

The blonde moaned her agreement.

I nuzzled my clit-cock's thick tip into Meadow's virgin flesh, her hot juices coating the tip now, mixing with Hilario. I shuddered at the sight of Meadow's labia spreading about my tip, my crown pressing against her hymen. Lower, her shaved flesh met Krystine's blonde bush.

I bet Meadow loved those silky strands caressing her clit and pussy lips as she squirmed.

“Hilario, yes, yes, let me eat that pussy, too!” Jocelin moaned as her deflowered friend fell into a sixty-nine with her. “Let's celebrate our Goddess's blessing together!”

As Jocelin feasted on the creampie I made in Hilario's pussy, I popped Meadow's cherry. Her moans joined the singing church as I sank into her juicy depths. I groaned at the feel of another virgin pussy wrapped tight about my futa-dick.

Another untouched womb to breed.

I groaned as I bottomed out inside of her. My entire body shook. I trembled, wanting to stay inside of her. She felt so hot wrapped around me. So wicked. My head shook from side to side. The pleasure built and built in me. It was incredible to be inside of her.

I shuddered and drew back my hips. I groaned as her hot flesh clenched about my girl-dick. I whimpered at the heat around me. This wondrous delight that squeezed and sucked at my futa-cock as I popped it out of her cunt.

“No, no, please, put it back into me!” squealed Meadow, her cute tush clenching as I moved my soaked futa-dick down to Krystine's furred muff.

I nestled into blonde curls, found another juicy cherry, and thrust.

Krystine squealed, her hands grabbing her friend's bubbly rump as I buried into her untouched depths. My fourth virgin in the last half-hour. It was such a treat to sink into her, to feel how she was tight near the entrance of her cunt, as opposed to the middle of her snatch like Meadow. She had a slightly different texture, a delicious feel that had me trembling in delight.

“She's fucking me, Meadow!” Krystine moaned as I plowed into her juicy depths, my crotch smacking into Meadow's shaved cunt.

“Uh-huh,” Meadow moaned, grinding atop her friend. “Mmm, you're so lucky. I want her in... me!”

She squealed as I rammed into her cunt, quickly switching from one cunt to the other. I'd grown skilled at fucking two women at the same time, moving back and forth from one pussy to the next. I loved doing it, one lying on the other, their bodies pressed tight, both of them squirming and groaning as they shuddered and shivered, loving each other as I pleased their pussies.

It gave me the delight of enjoying two different cunts, of switching from one to the other, experiencing the differences. It was always a delight to enter a woman, to slide my girl-dick deep into her cunt and feel her quivering around me. But then to switch to another pussy and experience that same sensation again and again.

It drove me wild.

“Yes, yes, yes, take my futa-cock, sluts!” I moaned, my tits bouncing before me. “I'm going to breed you both!”

“Thank you, Goddess!” Meadow whimpered, her pussy clenching down on my futa-dick as I pumped hard in and out of her for a few strokes, smacking my crotch into her ass gripped in Krystine's hands.

“Futanari, yes!” howled Krystine as I plowed into her juicy snatch, her once-pure depths squeezing down on me, welcoming home.

“Fuck her!” Meadow moaned. “Ooh, give her the same pleasure you give me, Futanari!”

I switched pussies, my cock momentarily free of any silky friction, the air wafting cool around my drenched cunt. Then I was back into Meadow's barely legal snatch, her hot flesh caressing the tip of my futa-dick.

The pleasure built and built in my ovaries. One more load of jizz to breed the last two virgins.

My breasts heaved and bounced as the pleasure spilled through me. It was incredible. The church pressed in on us. The men were naked now. I hadn't noticed. The women stroked their cocks. It was clear they all salivated to enjoy the four virgins, Gavin and his wife staring at Meadow and Krystine as they writhed before me, Meadow's father staring at Hilario as she sixty-nined with Jocelin.

Such lust brimmed in the air.

“Give them the Holy Seed!” chanted the church, their faces twisted with feverish light.

“Breed them, Holy Futanari!”

“Bless them, Goddess!”

“The Holy Seed!”


I groaned, my pussy clenching, my juices flooding down my thighs as I fucked from cunt to cunt . Meadow and Krystine shuddered and writhed together. Their bodies undulated as I plowed over and over into their juicy twats.

I buried into Meadow and groaned as her back arched. Her rump tensed beneath Krystine's slender fingers. And her pussy... Her pussy went wild about my cock. My head threw back as her once-virgin flesh sucked at my futa-dick, begging for my girl-cum.

“I'm breeding her!” I howled as my cock erupted. My first blast of futa-cum spurted into her cunt. “I'm giving them both my holy seed!”


The cult's church thundered with their euphoric praise as I wrenched my spurting cock out of Meadow's cunt and, my jizz splashing across both their pussies, I rammed it into Krystine's fertile depths in time to give her a share of my spunk.

My body bucked and quivered as the euphoria slammed into my mind. It was so incredible. Waves of darkness washed across my vision. My eyes fluttered. My tits heaved while my pussy convulsed. Rapture flooded from my cunt while ecstasy fired from my dick.

They met in my thoughts, melted them.

Krystine's pussy milked out the last of my cum. I groaned, stumbling back. I gained my feet, swaying, staring down at the two pussies dripping with my futa-cum. The watching cult groaned, surging in, Krystine's and Meadow's parents going for Hilario and Jocelin while their parents went for Meadow and Krystine. The rest of the church swarmed who they wanted.

I shook my head as my orgasm bled out of me. Euphoria died into buzzing rapture as I witnessed their frenzied worship.

“Fuck me,” I whispered.

The orgy raged around me. The members of the church, especially the women, were all so eager to touch the virgins. The older women diving between the deflowered virgin's thighs to lick at their bred pussies while the men readied themselves to enjoy their pussies. Gavin's dick aimed at Krystine's blonde-furred muff, guided towards her depths by his wife.

I backed away, realizing they had forgotten about me in their celebration.

The stained glass windows depicting my life and actions loomed about me. They stared down at me. It made me shiver. I wasn't a goddess. I felt like such a fraud standing here even pretending for these people. My excitement died.

I backed away, grabbing my discarded clothing and backpack. Then I darted for the doors. I wanted to put distance between myself and this strange cult. It was fine that they worshiped me.

I just didn't need to be there to watch it.

Outside, I drew on my clothing as fast as I could, my body buzzing from my orgasms. My backpack on, I darted down the main street from the church. My cowboy boots, well-broken in after months of walking, carried me at a brisk pace. My toned legs ate up the distance with ease.

I had gotten two blocks, halfway to the highway that ran along the north side of town, when my phone rang. I pulled it out of my skirt, frowning, wondering who was calling me right now? This was a number only a few people should know—my family and close friends, for emergencies. I asked them not to call me unless it was important.

I swiped the screen. “Hello?”


April 17th, 2047

“Wow, that does sound a little surreal,” Adelia said, shaking her head. “Do you still feel that way today about this Holy Church of the Futanari?”

“No, no,” I said, the politician in me taking over. I still found it... disturbing that a large group of people worshiped me as a goddess, that they thought I was special. But they were instrumental in both getting me elected as president and helping to unify the world under the new government I would head in a few months. “I think they're wonderful people. They're good-working and honest. The men are happy to raise futa-daughters. They're honored that the women they love were blessed by me or one of my many, many daughters.”

“We love them, too, Mom!” a group shouted from the audience. Clearly, my daughters were in attendance.

“So, you got a phone call,” Adelia said. “This is the second time you brought up phone calls in the interview. They always are important to your life. Was it the cult? Where they trying to get you back to worship you some more?”

“No, no,” I said, a smile on my face. “It was Kurt. And he dropped one astounding bomb on me. I was right there in the middle of the road in Omitz, Kansas when he told me that he was getting married.” A giddy twist built in me. I couldn't help but sound gushing as I continued, “While I was wandering across America for the last few months, he met the one and was hopelessly in love. I could hear it in his voice.”

“That must be such a satisfying thing to experience,” Adelia said, a sighing wistfulness entering her voice.

I turned my head to stare at my wife, Sharron, watching from off-stage. Her blue eyes glowed as they stared at me, her strawberry-blonde curls falling about that beautiful face. My smile matched the loving one on her lips.

“Yes, it is,” I said, not hiding the emotion.

Sharron dabbed at her eyes with her right hand, her left cradling her pregnant belly.

“Well,” Adelia said, her voice a little tight with emotion, “when we get back, we'll talk about this wedding. We all know what an impact it had on your life, Becky.”

My head turned back to Adelia. “It changed my life, it just took a while for me to discover that.”

“We'll be right back with a word from our sponsors,” Adelia said to the camera, her words breathy. The red lights dimmed.

I had to go kiss my wife.

The END of This Tale of the World's First Futa
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