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It started with an add on craigslist, out of the few replies i received i chose a 67yo man, he was everthing i was looking for, hairy body, big belly, tall, dominant, his photos were of a shaved thick cut cock and it was rock hard showing all its veins and ripples. He said he could host and wanted to do everything in my add. I took a day off work after arranging a date to visit him.
That morning i was very nervous but so excited, i trimmed my lower body hair and had a quick shower before leaving, it was hard not to masturbate before i left and once i cum i am no longer horny enough to go ahead with meeting another guy.

I arrived at his house and parked my car within a short walk as i was very discreet and worried of being caught. I approached his front door with him already looking outside for my arrival. We greeting with a handshake and went inside his home. It was dimly lit and very secluded. In my add i asked if we could start with a cup of coffee and small talk, due to this being my first time with another man i knew i was going to be nervous and shy.

We sat at his kitchen table, he chose my seat and sat close to me, he knew i was very nervous and assured me that he would handle it and said in no time i would be enjoying it. We spoke about all the fake and weird adds on craigslist, he asked a bit about my sexual history and what i knew about what my add was asking for which was everything from nipple play, cock sucking, rimming, watersports, swallowing cum, crossdressing , enemas to ass to mouth fucking. I also requested having photos and videos taken if ii was blind folded, So you can imagine why he jumped at the add.

This was my first time with another man but i had watched so much porn and had a small toy collecting consisting of suction cup dildo's that i stick to my shower walls and suck and fuck to a inflatable buttplug that fills up up nicely and stays inside me, i usually give the buttplug a few pumps and masturbate until i shoot cum over my chest, always aiming for my mouth and face, now i just needed the real thing.

We finished our coffee and he led me to his lounge room, i sat on his couch while he found a movie to play, he went through his collection and hinted at some porn if i wanted to watch it, we both knew this is what we both wanted. We watched some straight porn first and spoke a little about the scenes, i felt like i was a teenager again and i was having my first sexual experience over again. The last scene i watched was a amatuer teen girl sucking a guy off. I glimpsed over and seen him rubbing his bulge in his long pants, i remember the butterflies in my stomach and being flusted, I smiled at him and made my way onto the floor infront of him onto my knees. I went straight for his zip and reached in for his cock. It came out of his pants half erect and it looked like it needed to be let free,.

The first thing i noticed as i slowly wanked him off was the smell of manly sent, he took off his shirt to reveal a bearish chest, some grey hairs and his nipples were large, he continued to undress as i couldn't make eye contact with him. He unbuttoned his pants and slid the off as he lifted himself off the couch. I felt a hand in my hair which i love being touched, his cock was now rock hard and he was pinching the base to aid his erection. He guided my mouth over his cock and i started sucking him off, i knew from experience what feels the best and sucking the head to start with made him start talking. I ran my tongue up and down the back of his cock and tried to suck his balls which to my amazement was harder than i thought as they were hard to scoop up with my tongue so i just licked and darted my tongue over them.

His cock and balls tasted strange, i expected a little different about giving a blowjob and i remember felling is hardness and girth in my mouth. I had my hair pulled and put into rhythm as he wanted a little more speed, occasionally he would pull his cock out and direct me to his balls, this time i grabbed them gently and cupped them better for licking and sucking. His hand guidance soon changed to voice control as he would tell me to suck him. His hands were off my head now, i either closed my eyes or staired at his belly, i looked up to see if he was enjoying it and noticed that he was pinching both of his nipples. He didnt have his head back in ecstasy but rather he was watching everything i was doing.

After what seemed like forever giving him head, being so nervous and not knowing what was coming next he made his next move, he wriggled lower on the couch and told me to suck his balls, i was now getting the first directions of many, he masturbated slowly and told me to lick lower, i started lifting his heavy and full balls with my tongue, "LOWER" his voice tone changed to a more discipline voice. He now had my licking below his balls and i knew what was coming next, i tested rimming him every now and again to see what it was like. Rimming is one of my favorite porn categories but usually lesbian or tranny, i didnt spend much time licking him and tried to go back to sucking his cock.

I was told to stop in a controlling but easy voice, he wanted to stand up so i moved back so he could, he changed positions and got on all fours on his couch with his ass in the air, he pushed his cock back towards me and i followed without hesitation. I could only suck the head in this position, he gave me directions either to rim him or suck him. I gripped his cock and ran my tongue from his asshole to the tip of his cock over and over again.

Our next location was the bathroom, i was still fully clothed as i followed his naked body to the shower, he said to strip off and turned the shower on, it was a cold month and in no time the bathroom was steamy. I loved his double shower which had enough room for both of us. In now time my cock was rock hard, we both had a turn under the water and to rinse my mouth out was the first thing i did. We stood close together as held my cock and jerked him at the same time. I dropped to my knees without direction as i loved sucking his cock, i knew i put watersports in my Craigslist add and only ever wanted to try it as it always looked fun in porn movies. I told him that he could pee on me but i didnt want to drink it, He was ok with that and still involved it in out fun, he aimed it the shower wall and emptied his bladder, my mouth was quickly forced over his cock and although he had stopped peeing i still tasted his salty cock, he shot small birst of piss into my mouth, i let all if it seep out as i was sucking, this lasted for a few burst but i was caught, "MOUTH OPEN" he ordered, my mouth was wide open like i was waiting for a load of cum, he shot more urine into my mouth and i obeyed and swallowed before opening my mouth to show him that it was all gone, he finished off the rest of it while i sucked him off, receiving small amounts which i ended up swallowing.

His toilet was only metres from his shower but in the same room, he opened the shower door and told me to stand next to the toilet, i wasn't expecting being directed to kneel onto the seat of the toilet, with my ass exposed he had disappeared for a minute, he returned and made a clicking cap noise, i felt his hand grab my hand and pull it behind me, he had squeezed a drop of tube onto my finger and i was directed to finger my ass. This was his play to give me an enema, he filled a small rubber bulb up with water and inserted it inside me, the warm water felt good for a second, i knew the process of an enema and sat on the toilet to empty myself, repeatedly we did this over and over until he was happy.

I was still stitting on the toilet and was mouth fed again my his cock until the effects of the enema were finished, ask i was sucking him off he asked if i wanted to bend over for him, we worked out this was too hard where i was and we went into another room, the curtains were closed and the light's were off, he led me onto the bed and repositioned my body into all fours, he worked his lubed figers in my ass, i wasnt new to anal and regularly using toys helped, he teased his cock over my ass a few times and started to enter me, i was slowly assfucked with just the head of his cock until he felt that he could go deeper, i was loving it, the feeling was much better than the toys i have used. He told be to push back his cock as deeo as i could go, he was now fully inside me, his rythum got faster and his balls were hitting me and slapping close to mine, i didnt hold an erection as he was fucking me, i later found out this can be normal. He pulled out and told me to move to the corner of the bed, he mounted up behind me and forced his cock back inside me, i was pounded hard and fast from behind, then he suddenly pulled out, he walked around the bed and opened a bedside draw, he pulled something out and then went over to his wardobe, my face was still against the bed, he came back and just said "hey" i looked up as he slipped a peice of fabric over my face, he cleverly secured it with a bulldog clip and went back to fucking me from behind, i played with my cock and told him to fuck me over and over.

He pulled out again and walked around the bed, "open your mouth" i through i was about to have his cum shot in my open mouth but he shoved his whole cock in, suck it he said, i didnt mind giving him ass to mouth as ive done this with my toys alone before while i was fantasizing about being spit roasted. He caught on to me liking it and made a game of swapping holes for a while. He told be to lay on my back on the bed, with the blind fold still on i felt him climb on top top of me, he ended up being backwards and made me lick his ass and suck his cock. Not once did he touch my cock during ourour fun, he next climbed off and told be to lift my legs up to my chest, he fucked me missionary for a while, grunting and dripping sweat all over me just all added to the experience. He stopped his rhythm and pushed his cock in deep, he told be to jerk myself off, it took me a while to gain an erection but i just squeezed my ass tight around his can and soon i was shooting cum all over my chest and face.

He pulled out and went very quiet, could hear him wanking his cock, he didn't groan or sould like he was going to cum, instead he kneeled on the bed and put one leg over my body, he jerked off and said mouth open, tongue out then he blew all of his cum into my open mouth. I swallowed instantly and gagged tyring to get it down, he head my gag and said good boy, i cleaned his cock clean from every lsst drop. How do i know all this? I was being recorded on his smart phone ever since he blindfolded me.

We layed there for a while as i rubbed his empty balls, i wanted more but thats for next time i visit him.
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