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Girt is an Elf. An Elevated one. Elevated to be an Elventh. Is this really such a great feat?
You probably want to read Chapter 1 and 2 first.


The Eleventh Elven Elevation Chapter 3 Interlude


Hello again Cindy, hello again Alex. Good morning. Did you have a good night sleep? No? Did you party? What? You had an all-nighter?

Well, never mind. I have some good news. The Queen has awoken from her predicament. She has felt Cindy becoming pregnant. Apparently, your impregnation worked as a counterbalance to her being sick because of happenings in the north. We would like you to gather intel on what is influencing our Queen. You have been granted an audience with her in a moment. In the meanwhile, I will have the papers ready you will need above. What? No! There is no rush. I have your passports. Defend these documents with your life. Only officials working at borders of countries may ask for them or any other uniformed Country, State or City official in service. You are also not to lose these birth certificates. They say you both are 28 years of age. No! You stop laughing. This is not a joke. Humans don’t get to live 500 years and when you are above you won’t live 500 years either. Here you have a bundle of checks to bearer. Have them put in the volt of a bank, or rather, split them up over a bunch of banks. It should be enough to last you a lifetime. But if you need more than 500 million dollars, just let us know through an ad in The Times stating;

'Alex is a little short. A few inches will do!'

A day later followed with the ad;

'Cindy, I smell fish!'

Pay close attention to the humans. You have a lot of abilities they don’t. Be careful you act like them. When you act conspicuous the humans are likely to drown you or burn you at a stake after you have been hung. It will not kill you but let me tell you those shenanigans do hurt. This paper tells you your assignment. Follow it to the letter. No showing of genitals in public. Yes, that is going to be hard and no, rulers of countries above do not feed on you. Nobody above needs to feed on you. Sex on the streets is an absolute no and keep all sex between yourselves, that is the safest way of conduct. Remember pissing on somebody above ground is not considered healthy. Yes, I agree, humans have a lot to learn. They are more stubborn and pigheaded as anything. The fun thing is you can start a discussion about it. Humans find it hilarious until you show them and you will be proven pissing on somebody gets to your health. It has been said humans do not piss on you even when on fire, but I am not sure what to make of that. Now, Cindy, Alex, you go through that door and say hi to our Queen.”

“Alex, Cindy, come here you. Let me feast on your teat. When pregnant the lactation is a treat.”

The Queen entered a few digits in Cindy’s cunt and dragged her closer saying,

“Hmmm, you are such a slutty darling. Alex is so going to enjoy you. Yes, Alex, I want to suck your dick as a goodbye. I want to have my taste of your little champion swimmers. A pregnancy. Who would have thought? I wish it is a boy. Wouldn’t that be great? Yes Alex, I also want you to fuck me, come here you, gimme that thing. Han when hou han hou huy hommehing, hust hanhe ha heck hin ha hank.”

“I’m sorry my Queen, I am too stupid to understand your last sentence.”

“Han when hou han hou huy hommehing, hust hanhe ha heck hin ha hank.”

“It is my fault, my Queen. My dick is hampering your speech. Please say it again when I go spelunking.”

“Good idea Alex, come fuck me. I said before “And when you want to buy something, first change a check in a bank. Oooooohhngnnnhmmm Alex, oohhngmm Cindy is such a lucky bitch. Make me happy Cindy, tell me you need to pee, ughnnhnm, yes, on my tits, please. Now in my mouth, hmm pregnancy pee. Can I bribe you to visit me once in a while Alex, please, bring Cindy with you, pretty please?


The Eleventh Elven Elevation Chapter 3


“I love you, Girt, I so do love you. And I am so sorry daddy had to banish you from Juneau. There was no other way. He explained me on the way to Seattle. Really Girt, there was no other way.”

Having Vicky telling me all this helped. Sensing Mr. Amaqjuaq, my grandfather, sealed the deal. I was now a believer it was all a set-up. I also remembered I burned away Vicky’s love for me to be triggered tomorrow and thought I could do without the controversy. A hundred times more easily as I took away her love for me I restored her original beliefs, probably because it had not happened yet. I entered Alasie into our embrace and both girls welcomed each other in a loving way too. In the background I saw Ms. Cuch, standing a little lost next to Mr. Merculief. I mentally commanded them to approach me.

“I guess that makes you my allies and you never were my enemy.”

Mr. Merculief answered,

“I, Ms. Cuch, and Ms. Alasie are your humble servants, sir, in due time Mr. Goodrich and Mr. Amaqjuaq will fill you in with all the details of all arrangements that have been made in your name. I wish you a good night sir.”

Mr. Merculief left the room. I was now stuck with Ms. Cuch in my apartment and shamed myself for making her a thrall, a slave. I shamed myself for frying her personality.

< Stop those thoughts now Bhavishya. Avasie, Vicky, Ms. Cuch, Mr. Merculief, and Mr. Goodrich all volunteered into their part in helping you to find The Eleventh Elevation within yourself. You did nothing wrong and you were challenged into your actions. You were forced to make your moves. They were all prepared for much worse. Belief me Bhavishya, you were mild in your actions against them. And remember that Vicky is as devoted to you as Alasie is with the only difference that she is not calling you her master. You’d better fuck Alasie and Ms. Cuch soon. They dreamed long enough for your cock. >

< Well, in that case, I will just show Vicky my devotion to her as well. >

< One thing Bhavishya, you now have three thralls available to you along with Vicky. I wish for you to add no more. Enjoy their company during your stay in Seattle. One advice though if I may, have them understand a hierarchy between them. >

I saw the wisdom of grandpa’s advice. I did not want my women to get frustrated.

“My ladies, can I have your undivided attention, please. I just received some words of wisdom from Mr. Amaqjuaq; He thought it a good idea to set a hierarchy between the three of you.”

It surprised me that Ms. Cuch interrupted me before I could continue,

“Do you mean you will allow me to be near you master?”, and took a submissive pose on her knees in front of me.

“Ms. Cuch, you are a beautiful woman, I already enjoyed you on the journey to Juneau airport. Since I learned you volunteered for this task I can only have respect for you. I wish for you to be happy. Now, I want you ladies to listen to Alasie. She knows me best. The second in command will be Vicky. Ms. Cuch, you have the easiest task. You only have to obey. I choose it like this because during the day you will remain on these grounds for your work on behalf of the Juneau Bureau. Mr. Merculief will be our gopher on the bottom. It fits well, a male on top, me, and a male below us all, Mr. Merculief. I will inform him when he is done. If I have the thought another hierarchy would function better I will not hesitate to change the order. I will now retreat myself with Alasie, we have something to do that was long due.”

I took Alasie’s hand and pulled her towards the master bedroom.

“Just a minute”, Alasie said, “I want Vicky and Wilma to accompany us. You better learn we are a triumvirate to run your life. And not only your sex life. We are to keep you from problems in all situations. Vicky will be running your college life and will tell you when to attend colleges, she will help you obtain your MCAT and will guard you against human girls. Wilma, yes master, that is Ms. Cuch’s first name, Wilma will take care of your financial life and I will see to everything domestic, including your sex life and monitor either girls.”

“Including my sex life?”

“Yes master, did you think you already are proficient in gratifying a woman? Without using any of your Elevations?”

“I think it is dangerous to think out loud in your presence Alasie. I think it is wiser for me to shut up”, I said at the moment we entered the bedroom and spotted a king size bed that could easily hold the four of us.

Alasie continued speaking while undressing herself,

“Wilma, undress the master and worship his cock. Vicky, undress and join me on the bed. You are still a virgin are you?”

“With pleasure will I join you on the bed Alasie, and yes, I am still a virgin and I have wished for master’s cock for a long time.”

“We will make it a special day when the master will fuck you for the first time and that is not this day.”

Wilma did not waste time and had me engulfed in seconds. Apparently, she missed my appendage. I did not see a point in complaining and grew on the feeling of her eager mouth and wonderful ministrations of her tongue. The lesbian display of Alasie and Vicky were not putting me off either. I was willing and able in no time. Knowing I am just a teen with a little experience I did not want to ejaculate at this stage so I started to concentrate on something else by retracting and expanding my Elvish pearl in a pulsating manner. Making a tear in the scan between Texas and Venezuela was a given and I would not be seen by the black entity in Central America anymore. It was all automatically done. I did concentrate on the yellow color and the direction of Juneau and soon found my bearings. I could tell the north, I saw the yellow blip to the east, I could even say the yellow blip to be on the same latitude I was now.

To concentrate away from what Wilma was doing helped, my willy shrunk.

“What am I doing wrong, master? I cannot keep it up.”

“You are not doing anything wrong, Wilma, I was concentrating away from what you are doing, because you are doing it too well. come up here, Let me just hold you.”

Wilma stood up and glided into my arms. I let myself fall back on the bed with Wilma on top of me.

Gently I caressed her while putting pressure on her vulva with my right upper leg. To save me some strength I lifted her a tiny bit with my mind so I could balance her with her vulva on my dick. Having her cunt being the only pressure point her body rested on she neared an orgasm quickly. In a teasing way, I kept her at that point and started a mind speak conversation with her

< You would like to come, don’t you Wilma? >

< Oh, yes master, please let me come, please. >

At this point I directed my dickhead into her entrance and kept it there, only making small moves. Soon Wilma was panting like crazy.

< Unhmghnmm, m-m-master, p-p-pleeeeeeeeaaassssh. >

Vicky and Alasie noticed I was doing something special to Wilma and suddenly I had an audience in a pair of beauties who posed for Wilma and me with their fingers in each other’s cunt.

Now I lowered Wilma very slowly so my dick entered her cunt in the same slow process. I tilted Wilma backward so my dick pressed against her g-spot. I really liked this teasing and wished I could last for a long time but with all my power over others and innate things, I could not prolong my own coming, so I opted for Wilma to get her release before I did.

< Come, Wilma, come now, come for me. >

While Wilma was getting her release I lifted her body a meter and a half. The three of us now got sprayed in her release. I watched Wilma in awe. She did not have the largest of tits but they were mighty solid. Even in a lying position in the air, her tits kept their form. I could fondle them with my arm stretched and I did. When Wilma was done coming I lowered her to the bed and caressed her until she was calm.

< It is your turn Alasie. >

< What do you want me to do, Tiguaak? >

< All I want for you to do is to enjoy yourself Alasie. >

Like with Wilma I suspended Alasie in the air. But unlike Wilma, I had Alasie suspended on her back.

< Vicky, kiss her and fondle her tits, please. >

I started to kiss my way up over her legs from her toes to buns and further upwards. Starting all over before I arrived at her neck. Multiple times. Off course, Alasie pretended she felt nothing, but after 10 minutes she started to pant heavily, already lost to her cause. It also helped that I said,

“Do not come yet darling, hold yourself in. I know you can do it”.

After half an hour of teasing I thought it to be enough and surprised Alasie to kiss my way up to her vulva and licking her lips a bit, and again started back at her toes.

This got Alasie to beg me for release but I was relentless and forbade her.

Again I kissed my way up from her toes, her shins, her knees, the back of her knees, her tummy and abdomen, kissing her tits, her nipples and kissing my way down, butterfly-kissing her everywhere.

I gave Alasie a whole lot of kisses. Everywhere.

“Tiguaak, please, please let me come, please.”

“No, you wait, Alasie.”

Now I kissed her vulva like I would hungrily kiss her on her mouth, passionately. That got her good,

“Nooooooooooooo, ooooooooooh, uunnngghhnnmmmm.”

“Hmm, You are a bad girl, Alasie. Enjoy it. Now Alasie was tenderized enough to my liking. I stood myself on the floor next to the bed and floated Alasie to me. I could enter her effortlessly this way with Alasie weighing nothing.

“Ooohhnhnmghmasstuuurhh, this ishh heavenlyhhhhhh.”


“So you want me to attend all medicine related colleges I can get myself into? What good will that do me, Alasie?”

“Credibility Tiguaak, credibility. You will be seen. And when you will take your MCAT this summer nobody will question you having a positive score for it. And you can hone your Elevation techniques while attending colleges. Besides, I want you to get a reputation of someone who seems to be out of it in college, and when someone wants you to answer for being mentally absent, I rather want you to step up and repeat the lecture like a genuine professor, like you can, because you will extract their knowledge and absorb it. Which brings me to another thing. We have succeeded in getting you a spot in the new Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. We got you on this new program and the only thing you have to do to qualify for this new program is getting your MCAT. It will not make you the youngest medical student ever, but your tender age will turn heads. Nobody wants that, but we cannot avoid it. You will not bypass colleges, you will also not be able to speed up your college time. This is a new program so you cannot get ahead. Spend as much time as you can honing your Elevation Techniques or attend colleges given by as many different professors as you can. The knowledge you extract from them will certainly not hurt you. And do get horny as often as you like, we girls like it to be spoiled floating freely in the air. You can make us a propeller on your axle. Screw us on your pole master!“

How come I did not think of all that Alasie?”

“Perhaps because you are only 18, wanting to get into my pants.”

“And there is another good idea coming from you, come here you naughty girl.”

“No, Tiguaak, I am still sore from your yesterday’s plowing. Give me a rest, please. Go ravage another thrall or something.”


“Yes master, what can I do for you?”

“I want a firm to be set up, not in my name but on the background owned by me. Have it the firm’s business mission to be one of the highest level financial advice. Make everything flashy, like a proper Wall Street Institute. Name it "Triple A-Administration"

Draw up contracts with Juneau Bureau to be a major customer and bill them for reports and pieces of advice you are going to write. This will give me money to play with and build a financial empire.

No. No questions Wilma, just see it done. And another thing, transportation. See to it I get a Pullman cougar card.”

“Settling your businesses will be a piece of cake, sir. Consider it done. The Pullman cougar card is impossible for me to get for you, sir. I am very sorry. It cannot be done. Really, it is impossible sir.”

“How can that be? We are in the academic year. I am 18 years old. I meet all requirements. If I cannot get a cougar card I will have to drive myself or hire a chauffeur, this is dreadful, what is the problem, Wilma?”

“Vicky already has your cougar card available sir.”

“Really Wilma, someday I will change your appearances to an ugly witch and have you fly a broomstick.”

“Oh please sir, vent your frustrations on Vicky, here she is.”

My shenanigans got me a few kisses from Wilma but before I could grope for softer pastures she slipped out of my grip. Instead of Wilma Vicky had to take most of the brunt now. Vicky did not mind much and said,

“Sir, we have an appointment with the Health Profession Student Center to prepare you for your MCAT and your majors next year. We have to be there within an hour. We have to go, sir.”

“I cannot have you call me sir anymore Vicky, when we are together you have to suffice with Girt, or Luv or Honey, but you have to drop the sir and the master thing when we are in public. Remember it, Vicky.

“Yes sir, eh Girt.”

We left the house and walked to the nearest bus stop. Vicky seemed to know what she was doing. A bus arrived within a minute and was going to campus with a stop near the building we needed to be. The trip would take 15 minutes and other than the trip by bus, being a drag, there was nothing wrong with it. The seats actually were quite comfortable. The time of day made it silent in the bus. Our age was not an issue because local high school students had a cougar card as well. But there was another thing that bothered me and I mind spoke to Amaqjuaq about the subject,

< What is it with all these Elves here in Seattle? I think at least 10% of the people here are Elves. >

< I would not know Bhavishya. The closest I have ever been to inhabited areas was your house near Juneau. Having neighbors within a few square miles, yikes. >

< Wilma…. Did you hear that? >

< No master, you know I cannot hear you if you do not direct your thoughts to me exclusively. >

< Wilma, how often do you see Elves here in Seattle? >

< What? Are there Elves in Seattle? >

< Now, seriously Wilma. How often? >

< Well sir, as often as in ‘never’, sir. I have never seen an Elf in Seattle. And I have been here twice before this visit. >

Damn, so much to do, so little time……..

Vickie and I entered the building housing the Health Profession Student Center representative Ms. Vandereeken with whom Vickie made an appointment and we were directed to the fourth floor. We found the correct room number and according to the directions we had received at the entrance we knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

A female person approaching us after we opened the door introduced herself as Ms. Vandereeken. She was also one of those persons with Elven eyes. I checked in her mind and she had a bright Elvish pearl but without any skills.

< Vicky, what do you see in her eyes? >

< Nothing Girt, why? >

< Nothing, maybe later. >

We introduced ourselves to Ms. Vandereeken and she asked us to sit down.

She came right to business and complimented us with our flawless foundation in science, math and communication skills and asked us what major we were interested in when we would qualify for Med School. We made it quite clear we both opted for the Genetical Programs.

Ms. Vandereeken reminded us of the WSU generosity to have reserved two seats in the program for us despite not having cleared our MCAT.

I was so polite not to remind her of the generous sponsoring the Juneau Bureau favored the WSU with.

I did not mind to scan her mind for her heritage but could not find anything in relation to her Elven eyes. Ms. Vandereeken specifically mentioned the end of May we would have acquired the MCAT. Our reserved spot in next year’s medical program would otherwise be forfeited.

I reminded Ms. Vandereeken to apply for next year’s Juneau Bureau donation to WSU before the end of next week including a motivation what the WSU had done with last year’s donation and why and to sent the application for next year’s donation to the Juneau Bureau’s address here in Seattle.

Ms. Vandereeken could easily see the Juneau Bureau address was the same as my personal address data and I gave her the idea that I might have something to say about the approval of the application. Really just a little nudge. That was all. Nothing more, with God and Vicky as my witnesses.

Ms. Vandereeken reacted like she was tickled pink and said in one breath,

“But in your case, it is perfectly alright if you qualify for the program at the end of July sir. I can arrange for a special committee to validate your score. It will be no problem, sir. I can give you a list of relevant colleges you might want to attend sir, before taking your test. I will provide you with a passe-partout to be able to enter the lecture halls, sir. And here is my business card with my email address on it sir, and better, here is a card with my personal address and phone number sir, please do not hesitate to contact me. The bus stops right in front of my house sir, should you be in the neighborhood. It is only three stops from your estate sir. If it is not too much trouble I can bring a read list of interesting books with additional medical information and study material sir. I can get the books for you from the library and bring them to your house, sir. Or I can have my daughter bring you the books sir, she is so lovely, sir. Oh, thank you, sir. You made my day. Thank you. Thank you.”

< Vicky, shall we go? >

< What did you do? Yes, let us go. Have the read list sent to us by post. I do not want this creep to ring our bell. >

“Yes Ms. Vandereeken, thank you. We would be so grateful when you would post the read list and the relevant colleges' list with the passe-partout and the opportunity of doing our MCAT the end of July is just wonderful. And please Ms. Vandereeken. Call me Girt. Goodbye Ms. Vandereeken.”

“Goodby Girt, goodby Vicky.”

< Girt, what is it with that Elven eyes you bothered me with, in there. >

< You really did not see the Elvish component in Ms. Vandereeken’s eyes now did you? >

< No, what did you drink? She is not an Elf. >

< We will talk of this at home. >


On the way home I suddenly felt alone. Some unanswered big questions that had bothered me most of my life and the problems I should not have at my age crashed into each other.

Why did I have foster parents?

Why did the Juneau Elven society deny the Eleventh Elevation in me?

How could Alasie be my foster mother without being married and how did it come to be she looked like she was only 25 where I was now 18?

What to do about the yellow and black blips on my Elven radar?

What to do about people with an Elven pearl but no visible Elven signs for my fellow elves from Juneau?

Were the Juneau Elves, the yellow Elves somewhere in Europe and the small coloring on the Southern Hemisphere the only Elves in the world?

Should I get some intel on the black blip in Central America?

Did I really love Vicky or did I not?

Damn, I know less than Jon Snow.

“What’s the matter honey, you seem raged about something.”

“Yes, some issues are bugging me right now. I only seem to have questions and I cannot answer one of them.”

“Care to share?”

I told Vicky of all my predicaments and she stared at me in awe for a few moments.

“You are right. Not any 18 years old should have these burdens. Sorry, I am blond, but would it not be great to eliminate the easy ones.”

“There are no easy ones Vicky.”

“Yes, there are.

I might be blunt about it, but are you ignoring the blips only because Amaqjuaq told you to? Come on, the man has never in his life seen two houses together. What does he know? And for that other thing, whether you love me or not, who cares. We are only 18 years old and probably will not end up with each other, but I am having the time of my life. So, when are you going to start to have one hell of a time? Whether we fuck like rabbits or you have me watch when you fuck other girls or thralls, I like it. So, fuck me Mr. Adakai. And for your question about Ms. Vandereeken. I bet she is at the door with her daughter before tomorrow evening either with a real list or a stack of books. I would say, fuck them both. They will be asking for it. Please Girt, can I watch?”

We walked into the estate and I said,

“Thank you, Vicky. Why don’t you come swim with me?”

“Really? Only swimming?”



You know by now my grammar is far from perfect, well neither am I. I do wish you like my story though. Even in the worst case scenario, it is junk, a good result does tickle me and makes me want to perform better. I think you are in for a well enough ride, if it were not I would not have written it.
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