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To help a virgin girl seduce her older brother, Meldoy devours the girl where anyone can see them!
Public Incestuous Passion

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Two: Sister's Exhibitionist Seduction

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Becky Yates

I bit my lip, my legs rubbing together. That horny itch in my virgin pussy begged to be touched. I wanted to reach my hands between my thighs and rub up and down my slit. All weekend, I felt it. Drowned in it. The need to masturbate, thinking about my brother, picturing myself in Melody's place.

I could still see her pinned against the locker while her brother—not her cousin like everyone thought Clint was, but her brother—fucking her. Right there in the quiet hallway of our college during the lunch break. Just screwing, reveling in incest, not caring if anyone caught them.

It awakened something in me. Something dormant. I had a brother. A sexy, older brother named Tim. He was tall with black hair and these green eyes—my eyes—that just made my heart flutter when he stared at me. So handsome, his body sleek with a swimmer's build. He was such a sexy guy, two years older than me.

And saw me as a kid.

I wanted to rub my pussy so hard. My alarm clock wouldn't go off for nineteen minutes. I could do it. I could enjoy myself. I bit my lips, my hands flexing against my nightgown. I gripped the cloth, wanting to haul it up while my pussy soaked my panties. I had such a hot itch. I just needed to touch myself.

Masturbate myself. Satiate myself. Pretend Tim was making such sweet love to me. He would make me cum so hard. I just know he would be such a gentle lover. That he would give me such wicked delight.

My heart beat faster. My stomach twisted. I wanted to do it so badly.

But my brother was awake. I could hear him moving around in his bedroom. The walls were so thin. What if he heard me masturbating? My ears were pricked to hear any sounds. My mother was also up, puttering around downstairs. So much noise echoed through the house. I just wanted to cum, but how could I with everyone up? If I was caught...

I would die of embarrassment.

I didn't have Melody's courage to just fuck my brother in public. Or to fool around with a girl. I caught Melody twice on Friday having sex, the second time with Pam, a Japanese girl that dated Melody's brother, Clint. They had lesbian sex, Melody eating Pam out in the college's parking lot. She was fearless. I wanted to be like her.

Not having sex in public, but enjoying whom I wanted. My brother.

I had to talk to her. I had to work myself up. I was horny all weekend. I was so horny right now. Classes were hours away. I had to talk to her. I couldn't spend another weekend feeling like I was about to explode.


Melody Samuels

I was dozing, horny. The weekend sucked. I didn't get a chance to enjoy Clint at all. The last time we had any fun was our hallway romp at college on Friday. And while that was hot, I missed having his dick in me. He was just so busy. The house always needed cleaning and repairs, we had our job at Mrs. Hiragawa's clinic, I had to take care of our daughter, and he had all his women he enjoyed. Our sisters—Zoey, Alicia, and Lee—our mothers, including Mrs. Hiragawa, Zoey's girlfriend, the lesbians who lived with us after their family freaked out over their relationship, and those twins who moved in down the street and their mother.

And that was just the people who lived in our neighborhood. He had more distractions at college.

It was sexy that the guy I loved had so many women. He was such a stud. I enjoyed playing with him and his lovers, sharing women with him. But it didn't leave much time for any one of us to enjoy him.

Alicia found that frustrating when she wanted to be bred, the little girl monopolizing his dick until she conceived.

The covers of my bed drew back. My eyes fluttered as Zoey shifted beside me. I was sharing a bed with my older half-sister (us girls rotated around whose bed we were sharing). Hands touched my thighs.

Rough hands.

Strong hands.

Clint's hands.

My heart surged into rapid beats, pumping hot blood through me as I felt Clint touching me. It drew me out of my early morning doze. My eyes opened to see Clint's dark hair between my thighs, my naked breasts rising and falling as he kissed down my thighs.

“Clint,” I whimpered. My toes curled as his dark eyes shot up my body. His lips came closer and closer to my pussy. “Mmm, Clint.”

Had he read my mind? Did he sense I needed a little loving? Normally, one of us would wake him up with cock-sucking, usually one of the sex slaves (my mother, Aunt Cheryl, and my bratty sister Lee).

“Hungry for pussy for breakfast?” I asked, my nipples tingling as his mouth came closer and closer to my pussy.

“Just had a craving for hot cunt,” he said, his hand sweeping down my thigh to my pussy. He brushed around my vulva, brushing my folds to stroke up my landing strip, playing with my blonde curls.

“Lucky you,” Zoey murmured as she rolled onto her side by me, her large tits pillowing into two lush mounds. She had the biggest tits in the family, even bigger than our busty mothers.

“Well, maybe I have a craving for pussy for breakfast,” I purred, staring at her as Clint's kisses reached my pussy.

I gasped as Clint's tongue fluttered through my shaved folds, his rough stubble caressing my sensitive pussy lips. There was something so different about Clint eating out my pussy than a woman. His lips weren't soft. His tongue was bolder, stronger. He fluttered it through my labia, stroking me, eating me with such passion.

Zoey sat up as I groaned. Her tits swayed while her brassy hair swirled about her breasts. My twenty-one-year-old half-sister moved with the lithe grace of a stripper as she straddled my face. I licked my lips, kneading my tits as she lowered her pussy to my lips.

I was eager to do to her what Clint did to me.

“Ooh, yes, Melody, just enjoy your breakfast,” Zoey moaned as she settled her pussy on my face.

I purred my excitement into her shaved pussy, her tart juices quickly staining my lips. My older half-sister let out a throaty groan as my tongue fluttered through her folds, teasing her with the same bold strokes that Clint used on my own pussy.

My legs spasmed as Clint's tongue rammed into my snatch. He swirled it around inside of me. His rough whiskers caressed my sensitive flesh. It was just such a delicious treat to enjoy. I inhaled Zoey's tart musk as I whimpered.

“Ooh, Clint, our sister is just as hungry this morning,” Zoey purred, grinding her pussy on my mouth and lips. Her hands grabbed my tits, squeezing and kneading my round breasts.

“She's always starving for pussy, isn't she?” Clint asked.

“I thought that was you?” Zoey asked, amusement in her voice.

Clint laughed before he pressed his mouth back into my pussy. He licked harder, his hands kneading my ass beneath my body. He groped my ass, strong fingers digging into my flesh as his tongue fluttered through my folds. He sucked on my labia, sending pleasure fluttering through me. My orgasm built and built in me.

My hands squeezed Zoey's thighs. I gripped her thighs, pulling down on her so her pussy rubbed on my hungry mouth and I could enjoy her tart folds. I nibbled on her labia, making her moan, then my tongue fluttered around her clit, stimulating her bud.

She moaned as she squirmed atop me. She ground her hot cunt on my mouth. My tongue jammed into her pussy. I swirled it around my sister's depths, stimulating her. Making her gasp and shudder, her juices pouring into my mouth as—

“Clint!” I gasped as his mouth latched onto my clit. He sucked so hard on it, his whiskers caressing my flesh while his fingers slid into my butt-crack. “Yes, yes, finger my ass. Make me explode.”

He nibbled and sucked on it. His teeth nipped it. My body trembled, my stomach flexing. I squeezed Zoey's tits hard and found her clit. I nibbled on it, copying what Clint did to mine on our older sister's pussy.

His fingers slid through my butt-crack. He found my asshole. I moaned about Zoey's clit as his finger pressed on my sphincter. He probed into me. My bowels welcomed him. The velvety friction bled heat into my pussy, adding to my growing orgasm.

It built faster and faster. Clint sucked so hard on my clit. Zoey moaned louder and louder as she shuddered atop me. Her fingers kneaded my breasts. They ached, my milk built up in me. She squeezed them, my nipples growing wet, adding one more delight to my building climax.

“Ooh, she's about to pop,” Zoey groaned. “She's moaning about my clit. Keep driving her wild, Clint. She's making me feel sooo good.”

Clint jammed his finger deep into my asshole and growled. “I'm going to make her—”

A loud crash came from downstairs, followed by a shout. Clint's head shot up from my pussy, leaving me quivering on the brink of my orgasm. I whimpered into Zoey's cunt as she shifted on my face.

“What's that?” Zoey asked.

Shouts echoed louder. Footsteps thudded through the house. Clint groaned and rose from the bed, leaving me quivering. I whimpered in frustration as someone shouted for Clint. Zoey climbed off of me, leaving me alone on the bed, my face smeared in pussy cream.

“Clint, Clint!” Alicia shouted. “There's a flood!”

“You have got to be kidding me,” I moaned, my hands squeezing my tits as Clint wrenched open the door.

Groaning, I rolled out of bed. More shouts came from downstairs. My entire body quivered. I finally had a chance to enjoy Clint, and now there was a flood? I stumbled out of the bedroom, catching a glimpse of my brother heading downstairs led by our little sister Alicia. I followed, my tits bouncing before me. The shouts grew louder amid the rushing torrent of gushing water. I could just see a sliver the kitchen's linoleum floor, a puddle of water growing.

“Fuck!” Clint groaned.

“I'm sorry, Master,” Aunt Cheryl called, Clint's mother was also our sex slave. “I don't know what happened.”

I reached the base of the stairs, the water spilling over into the carpet of the floor. I groaned as Clint darted into the kitchen. I reached the bottom, my pussy so horny. From above, a baby started crying. My nipples grew wet, my milk flowing, stimulated by the sound.

“It just burst,” said Juana, the younger of the two Hispanic sisters who lived with us, her naked body dripping with water. More gushed out from beneath the sink. “I don't know how it happened.”

“Old pipes,” Clint muttered as he dove beneath the sink, the spray splashing across his torso. I heard something twist and the gush turned to a dribble and then it ended.

Water sloshed across the entire floor. It was an utter disaster. Clint shook his head while Aunt Cheryl and Juana huddled together nearby. I drew in a deep breath before letting it out in a groan of disappointment. We would spend all morning cleaning this up.

I wasn't getting off with Clint this morning. And he was playing with Pam and Lee during lunch at college. I'd have to wait until tomorrow to have fun at school with Clint, enjoying him with that busty, Muslim professor of his, Mrs. Umayyah.

He loved fucking her married cunt.

I let out a frustrated groan. Arms reached around me. A familiar pair of round tits pressed into my back. I recognized the feel of all my sisters' tits. It was Pam. No one outside the harem knew she was our half-sister. Our dead father, like Clint, had a thing for Asian chicks, especially Japanese ones.

“I'm sorry,” Pam whispered like she could read my mind.

“Just life,” I muttered. “I better go nurse our daughters.”


Becky Yates

This was it. This was the time. I had to just do it. She was right over there. I just had to march up to her and beg for her help.

I stared at Melody sitting at a table with her girlfriend Pam, the two lesbian sisters Juana and Carmelita, and a pair of Japanese twins who just transferred into our college. My eyes drank in Melody's appearance, her blonde hair falling about her beautiful face. The senior girl, the same age as my brother, looked so confident as she ate, laughing and giggling with her friends.

If I didn't do this, I would spend another sleepless weekend horny and out of my mind with lust. I had no idea how to get my brother to make love to me. So I just had to do this. Melody had sex in college, screwing her brother, and didn't care if anyone found out. So why was I so afraid she'd judge my incestuous passion?

She was so brave. I needed to be like her.

I marched towards her, my back straight. My body trembling. My shoes slapped on the linoleum, the sounds almost swallowed by all the shouting and bustle around us. Students laughing, talking. Did any of them want to have sex with their brothers or sisters? Were Melody, her family, and I the only perverts in the world?


“Oh, hey, Becky,” Juana said. She was a year behind me but we shared an art class last semester. “What's up?”

I swallowed as Melody turned her head and smiled at me. She knew I watched her having sex with Clint. The way her hazel eyes found mine. I shivered as she rose, stretching her back. “I think Becky needs to talk to me.”

“Oh?” Pam asked. Then her cheeks went scarlet. “Oooohhhhhh...”

“Yep,” Melody said. She grabbed my hand. “Come on.”

My cheeks burned. Pam knew that I watched Melody and Clint. She told all her friends. Then I noticed the smirk on Juana's lips while her hand stroked her older sister, Carmelita's head, like the girl was her pet. The two Japanese twins whispered and giggled.

I wanted to melt into the floor. A whimper burst from my lips.

“Relax,” Melody said. “I didn't tell Clint that you were watching us, just my sisters. So you don't have to be that embarrassed.”

“Okay,” I said, my cheeks still burning as we threaded through the cafeteria.

“The horndog would just want to fuck you if I did,” Melody added.

My eyes widened. “Me?”

“Oh, yes, you're just so cute. He'd eat you up.” Her eyes flicked up and down my body. “But you have another boy that you want to devour you, don't you? You have a brother, right?”

“Tim,” I said, nodding, my cheeks burning, my pussy on absolute fire.

“Right, right, on the swim team?” Melody squeezed my hand. “I get it. He's cute, plus, there's just something so naughty about your brother being inside you. United with you.”

“I'd... I'd like to find that out,” I said as we left the noisy cafeteria behind, entering the quieter hallways by it.

“I thought so.” Melody paused us by some lockers. She turned to face me, her eyes flicking up and down my body. “So, what's the problem? He's not gay, right?”

“No,” I said. “I don't think so. He's had girlfriends.”

“So just get naked, slip into his bed, and he'll fuck you,” Melody said. “It's not hard to get a guy to fuck you.”

“How did you get Clint to fuck you?” I asked. I couldn't believe I was having this conversation.

Melody opened her mouth and... frowned. Her brow furrowed. “Okay, maybe it's not that easy. I forget how hard it is to just strip naked and get in a guy's bed that first time, fearing he only sees you as his friend and not... Well, it was Clint who actually made the move on me. I was... scared.”

I blinked at that. “You?”

“Yeah, me.” She gave me a considering look. “So we need to get your brother to make the move.”

“But he sees me as a kid,” I said. “He even calls me kiddo.”

“Once he realizes you're a woman—and with that cute bod of yours, he will—he'll pounce on you.”


“So he's on the swim team, right?”

I nodded my head.

“Does he have his own car or does he get a ride?”

“He has his own car.” I swallowed. “I, uh, wait after classes to get a ride home with him. I was in the parking lot... on Friday.”

“So you got a double show,” Melody said, her hazel eyes so bright. “Mmm, perfect. I know exactly what we need. You just have to send him a text that you're waiting in the gym for him when he finishes practice.”

“Okay,” I said, my voice tight. I didn't understand that.


Melody Samuels

My excitement surged through me. I shivered as I hurried through the college, my fingers blazing on my phone's keyboard as I texted: “Something came up. I'll be getting home on my own. Got something to do at school. Love and kisses from your Queen.”

“Oh?” Clint sent back. “What are you up to?”

My pussy clenched as I moved through the halls. “I'm helping a young girl find that sweet connection with her brother.” I sent while thinking how much fun I would have in the process. Maybe more than Tim would see what happened. Anyone could come across us.


“I'm going to be so naughty. I'll tell you about it later.” Whenever later might be.


I shoved my phone into my skirt pocket and walked faster. My pussy was melting. And without any panties on, my juices ran down my thighs. I loved that naughty feeling. I was going to help a young girl find that delicious relationship with her brother.

I reached the gym. The lights were down, giving it a dim feel to it. Becky leaned against the wall, the nineteen-year-old sophomore fidgeting. She was a slender girl with black hair. Her head lifted, her green eyes meeting mine. She had a petite build like my half-sister Alicia, with those small, firm breasts and a pixyish cuteness radiating from her.

“I sent the text,” she told me. “I don't understand how this will help, Melody.”

I grinned at her as I took her hand. “We just have to put on a little show.”

“Show?” she asked, brow furrowing as I led her to the small equipment room off the main gymnasium. I knew all the places on campus that were perfect to have sex in. Then she gasped. “You mean...?”

I nodded my head, my pussy so juicy. “How else can he see you as a woman? You'll be naked, squirming, gasping out in rapture as I make you cum and cum and cum.”

“But... but... I'm not into girls.”

“Mmm, that's okay. I am.” I stroked her face as I backed her into the equipment room. Because of the gym mats, the door stayed open easily. Light spilled into the dark room. Our bodies would be writhing shadows in here. When Tim came to find his little sister, his cock would melt. He would never see her the same way after I was done with the cute thing.

“Melody, this isn't what I thought we'd do,” she gasped as I peeled off my top, standing in the doorway. My round breasts popped out, both full of my milk. I'd have to nurse Christie, my daughter, when I got home.

I loved the daughter I created with my brother, his firstborn child, though not by much.

“Melody!” she gasped again as I unzipped the side of my skirt, her face scarlet. The loose garment fell down my feet, unveiling my naked body, save for my shoes, to her eyes. I could feel the light on my back, illuminating my rump. The front of me would be shadowy, with only highlights of my curvy figure on display for Becky's eyes.

“Mmm, we're going to have so much fun,” I told her, my hands grabbing her and pulling her close. “We're going to make your brother so hard. He's going to want you so badly.”

“I... I...”

I stroked her face with my hands, feeling the smoothness of her cheeks. I stared into her eyes, loving how liquid they were with her confused emotions, highlighting their green tones. I turned her, pinning her against a shelf. It rattled as I kissed her hard.

The girl stiffened as I enjoyed her virgin lips. I savored the plumpness of them. I was horny all day. I didn't get to enjoy Clint, he buttered me up so well this morning and then the disaster happened, but now... This would almost make up for it.


My tongue thrust into her mouth as my hands shoved up beneath her t-shirt. Her belly clenched beneath my touch. She whimpered against me as my hands rose higher and higher, thrusting up her blouse as I came closer and closer to her tits.

Those small, little titties. They would feel so wonderful in my hand.

My fingers brushed the bottoms of her bra, feeling the thin cloth. With such small breasts, her bra didn't have an underwire or any stiffness to the cups. It was just fabric to cover her little mounds. She didn't even need a bra at all. My fingers wormed beneath them, touching her silky, hot flesh. She gasped as I brushed her hard nipples, her body squirming.

She was a hot, little thing. I bet she was horny all weekend thinking about Clint ramming his dick into my pussy. My cunt clenched hard in memory of that amazing fuck, pinned against the locker, his dick pumping in and out of me, driving me wild.

Becky whimpered.


Her lips moved against mine as I played with her nipples. My fingers stroked her little nubs and puckered areolas. The key to a woman's pussy was her nipples. Play with them, and she got hot and wet and squirming. It made it harder for her to think. Harder for her to resist that juicy ache between her thighs demanding that she be naughty.

I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I twisted them. She whimpered, her lips moving more and more. Her tongue stroked me back. She made all those sounds that would attract someone's attention.

Anyone could catch us. Her brother... a stranger... a professor...

“Melody,” she whimpered between kisses. “You're... you're...”

“I know,” I groaned. “I'm making that hot, little cunt of yours so juicy. Mmm, virgin pussies can melt. I want to taste you.”

“Melody!” she gasped.

“Your brother is going to love it. When he sees your naked tits jiggling while I eat your cunt out, he's going to know your a woman.”

“What if he thinks I'm gay?” I asked.

“All guys thinks girls are bi,” I told her. “This will just make you hotter to him when he knows you play with other girls. Trust me. I know a thing or two. Do you know how hot Clint gets when he watches me go down on a girl?”

“I...” She licked her lips, her little breasts rising and falling in my groping grip. “Okay, please, please, do it.”

“Mmm, take off your top, and I'll take off your bottoms,” I purred. “Bra, too. He has to see those firm, little titties bouncing.”

She nodded her head, her green eyes glassy now with lust. She wanted her brother to see her as a woman so badly. I licked my lips, so eager to use that to help her out and eat a delicious, virgin cunt in the process.

I fell to my knees as she peeled off her t-shirt, revealing her tits to my gaze, her bra cups shoved up over her little mounds. The light spilling in from the gym proper painted her tits in harsh silhouettes, her nipples leaving long shadows across her flesh. She peeled off her bra next while I unfastened the pair of jeans she wore.

She had such a cute pair of panties on beneath. As I tugged down her jeans, I smiled at the pink, frilly underwear, a little, white bow on the front right above her pubic mound. I couldn't resist kissing it, feeling her bush beneath. Would her brother like her shaved or not. He was on the swim team.

I wonder if that meant he was shaved... I heard they did that. Their entire bodies to make themselves more aerodynamic... No, that was in the air. Hydrodynamic? Was that a word? Whatever, they did that to let them swim with less resistance.

“I can't believe we're doing this, Melody,” Becky said as she stepped out of her jeans, her shoes coming off in the process. She had frilly ankle socks on, white with pink lace. “This is so... so naughty.”

“Mmm-hmm,” I purred, hooking the waistband of her panties. I tugged them down. “You are going to love it. Anyone might see us.”

She gasped, her cheeks flaming as I exposed her cute, black bush. The dark hue contrasted so much against her pale skin in the dim light of the equipment room. It made my pussy clench in excitement. I tugged down more and more, my lips kissing into her bush, loving the feel of her. I moved lower, chasing her underwear, nuzzling closer and closer to her pussy.

I tasted something fresh, a flavor similar to Alicia's snatch.

Then I felt her pussy lips. They were thick, not at all what was I expecting. She didn't have the virginal-tight slit, but inner labia that were long, thrusting out of her vulva. The type of broad petals you could part like butterfly wings. They caressed my lips and cheeks with their silky heat as I nuzzled into her virgin snatch.

“Melody!” she moaned, her panties down around her ankles now. I left them there, sliding my hands up her sleek thighs to grab her pussy. “Oh, wow, Melody!”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned as she shuddered, the locker rattling.

I heard footsteps approaching, crossing the mat. Becky's moans were loud, drifting out into the gym. The footsteps stopped. Their owner heard the sounds. I shivered, licking my tongue fast through the girl's folds to tease her. To make her gasp louder and louder.

She shuddered, wiggling her hips. Her small tits quivered as she squeezed her eyes shut. I saw a look of awed rapture cross her face. I was the first person to ever touch this pussy. I enjoyed it, my tongue caressing her thick labia, my lips nibbling on them, savoring the fresh taste of her juices.

“Oh, Melody, ooh, wow, you feel so good,” Becky moaned, oblivious to the person in the gym listening to us. “This is... Oh, my!”

“Mmm, Becky, you taste so fresh!” I groaned. “You taste so good! Mmm, I'm going to enjoy making you cum!”

I licked through her folds as the footsteps approached again. Slower. The gym mats creaked beneath their steps. My pussy clenched. My excitement mounted, growing and swelling in me as my tongue fluttered through the virgin's thick labia, brushing her hymen. Her clit.

I sucked on her nub as, out of the corner of my eye, witnessed a shape appear in the gym, staring into the room. A tall, slender shape, eyes arrested on us. I shuddered, realizing it was Tim. Her brother watched her gasp and grind her pussy on my mouth. He was seeing those little titties bounce.

He was realizing his sister was blossoming into womanhood.

I sucked on Becky's clit. My hands shot up her thighs. I rubbed her thick pussy lips with my fingers, stroking her silky flesh as I sucked with all my might on her clit. My body quivered, my cunt growing hotter and hotter as Tim stared at us.

He watched us get wild.

My breasts swayed before me as I shook. I moaned about Becky's clit. My lips sealed on it. I sucked with all my might, my cheeks hollowing. Becky squealed. Her head leaned back while her little titties jiggled. She grabbed them, squeezing them.

“Melody!” she moaned. “Oh, Melody! I... I think... I think I'm going to... to... Yes!”

The girl bucked hard. Her juices squirted out of her, splashing on my chin, bathing my fingers stroking her labia. I abandoned her clit to lap up the fresh flood of her cream. I reveled in it while her brother watched.

I could feel his eyes drinking in our sapphic fun.

A heady thrill ran through me as I licked and lapped at his little sister's virgin cunt. I pleased her, devoured her. I gave her so much pleasure. It was incredible the way she gasped and moaned. She screamed her head off in rapture.

“So good! You're making my pussy feel so good, Melody!”

Tim groaned. Faint. I barely heard it over his little sister's passion.

I knew what Tim needed to see now. My pussy was on fire. I pulled my face, virgin cream running down my features, and leaned against the shelf kitty-corner to Becky's. I spread my legs wide, my shaved pussy pointed right at Tim.

“Now you eat me, Becky!” I hissed, staring right at the tall twenty-year-old guy. He didn't have Clint's broader build. He was slimmer, lankier, but I could see why Becky was wet for him. “Get down on your knees between my thighs and devour me.”

“Yes!” Becky moaned, overcome with lust. She fell to her knees between my thighs, pointing her rump, her black-furred pussy, right at her brother as she lowered her head to my cunt.

I lined it up perfectly. I gave him such a wondrous view of how developed his little sister was.

His eyes were locked on us as Becky pressed her face into my juicy snatch. I hadn't cum all day. I hovered on the edge of frustration, needing just something to get me off. The last few hours, since lunch, had me thinking about this over and over.

And now it was happening, and it couldn't be more perfect.

Tim stared at me with such hungry eyes as his little sister licked through my pussy. Her tongue fluttered, lapping at my pussy with no skill, just licking me wherever she could reach. She grazed my clit. She stroked my labia. She made me moan and groan.

“Yes, yes, yes, Becky!” I groaned. “Eat my pussy! Ooh, yes! It was so hot eating your virgin twat! It made me so wet! I need to cum!”

Tim squeezed his crotch.

I shuddered, knowing we made him so hard. My breasts heaved as Becky devoured me. Her tongue licked and lapped across my folds, fluttering with her unskilled charm. It made me whimper. The shelf creaked behind me as I squirmed.

My cunt clenched. Then I gasped as her tongue wiggled into my depths. She swirled it around, stimulating me. My head knocked back into the shelf. It rattled as her tongue darted in and out of me. My orgasm swelled so fast.

“Fuck,” Tim mouthed.

“Yes, yes, yes, Becky!” I gasped. “Oh, my god! You're going to make me explode! Just keep doing that! Just keep licking me!”

“You taste so good!” Becky whimpered, her hips wiggling from side to side, shaking that rump and hot pussy at her brother. He was in heaven. “Cum on my face!”

“Finger my pussy!” I hissed. “Jam them in me. I need more. I need to cum hard! Suck on my clit and finger my twat!”

She listened. Her lips sealed on my clit. She sucked on it, sparks bursting in my snatch. Two of her slender fingers buried into my pussy. They weren't Clint's fingers, but they felt so delicious inside of me, pumping away, driving me wild.

My head tossed back and forth as the pleasure built and built in me. I groaned, my toes curling. It felt so delicious. Such a wicked delight. Her fingers plunged in and out of my snatch, stimulating me while she suckled on my clit.

“Becky! Yes!” I howled as my orgasm burst inside of me.

My pussy spasmed on her fingers. My rapture surged through me. I stared at Tim, looking him right in the eyes as his little sister made me cum hard. I shuddered and bucked, my tits heaving. It felt so good. It melted my brain.

I was showing off my body. I was being watched while I came hard. I squeezed my eyes shut and wished Clint was here, watching me, too. I groaned, my thighs squeezing about Becky's head as the pleasure peaked in me.

I gasped and moaned as her licks slowed. Then she lifted her head, staring up at me with Awe. “Wow, Melody, that was... that was amazing.”

Tim departed.

“Wait until your brother fucks you,” I said, smiling. “That is amazing. A girl never forgets her first time with her brother.” Even if she thought he was her cousin at the time.


Becky Yates

“Thanks for the ride,” Melody said when Tim dropped her off at her house.

“Yeah,” Tim said, his cheeks pink, his hands gripping the steering wheel.

“Thanks for helping me with my special project,” I called, sitting in the passenger seat, squirming in delight. Melody told me how Tim watched me eat her pussy, staring at my own twat and rump.

He was trying to act like he didn't see us, but he kept glancing at me, his green eyes a little wide. I smirked as he glanced at Melody as she strode up to her house, all the windows glowing with lights on as twilight deepened. Winter was mild here, so she could get away with wearing those skirts without freezing too much.

Maybe I should wear skirts like her?

“So, eh, that must have been... nice,” he said. “Getting help from Melody. She's... popular.”

“Uh-huh, it was sooooo nice,” I said, sitting with my back straight, thrusting my little breasts out against my t-shirt. My nipples dimpled the fabric. My bra was in my pocket.

His eyes flicked down at me then away. He swallowed and backed out of the driveway. “Melody is something else.”

“Uh-huh,” I said, feeling so sexy knowing my brother saw me as a woman now. I couldn't wait for the next stage in Melody's plan.


Melody Samuels

I still buzzed from the fun with Becky. She wasn't Clint, but it was a satisfying romp for once. It took that edge off I'd felt all morning. Besides, I'd have Clint tomorrow during lunch. We'd play with that busty, Arab teacher. She could lick his cum out of my asshole. That would be kinky.

I finished nursing Christie, leaving my daughter in Pam's care. She held Hikaru, Clint's daughter with her. They were two sisters who would grow up together. I hoped Lee or Mom or even Alicia had a son. They were all in various stages of pregnancy. Our daughters deserved their own brother to love.

Though I bet they would be daddy's girls. More monopoly on Clint's time...

My breasts no longer aching, I left the nursery behind and headed naked next door, using the connected backyards. Thanks to Mrs. Hiragawa, we owned three houses in a row on our street. Clint had taken down the fences separating them, making one giant backyard. I rushed to the main house, my tits bouncing as the cold, evening air attacked my naked flesh.

I hoped one of the neighbors caught a glimpse of me. Just thinking of the possibility made my pussy juicy.

I slipped inside. It was strange not seeing Aunt Cheryl and my mom cooking dinner together, but they were back in the house I left. With the sink broken, this kitchen wasn't usable. I opened the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water. I had just closed it when rough hands shoved me against the refrigerator.

“So, you were naughty this afternoon, weren't you?” Clint asked, his hard cock pressing against my rump.

“So naughty!” I moaned as excitement blossomed in me. My nipples throbbed against the rough texture of the refrigerator, feeling the cold bleed through. “I ate Becky Yates virgin pussy out while her brother, Tim, watched.”

“You wicked slut,” Clint growled, his cock throbbing on my rump. “I knew I should have fucked you hard this morning. I let you go to classes too horny.”

“Mmm, you know I get so naughty when I'm horny,” I groaned. “Anyone could have caught me and Becky! I 'accidentally' left the door to the equipment room open. That little minx is a screamer, too.”

Clint kissed at my neck, sucking at my flesh as his hands moved his cock down to my pussy. I was wet already, dripping from the sudden attack, from Clint just seizing me and using me. I was his queen, not his sex slave, the first of his women, but I still submit to him. I still let him use me.

His cock rammed into my cunt.

“Clint!” I moaned, squeezing my pussy down on his cock. “Oh, yes, yes, yes! I missed this cock!”

The refrigerator rattled as my brother pounded my cunt from behind. His strong chest rubbed into my back. He gripped the top of it as he thrust. He slammed his cock so hard into me. His crotch smacked my rump.

The ache built and built in my nipples as they drank in the texture of the refrigerator door. It groaned as it rocked. Jars rattled inside. My moans joined the sounds, bursting out of my lips as Clint pounded me.

“Tim watched you eat that virgin's cunt, huh?” Clint asked, stroking me harder.

“Mmm, does that make you jealous?” I asked, rotating my hips, stirring my pussy around his cock. “Knowing that Tim saw my tits heaving as the little slut ate my cunt. Mmm, she feasted on it. She fingered me and sucked on my clit. He saw it all.”

“No!” Clint growled. “I'm not jealous. I just wish I could have seen Becky eating you.”

“She's like Alicia,” I moaned, my pussy drinking in the friction of his hard thrusts. He rammed them in with such force, fucking me with all his might. “Oh, god, Clint, she was so sweet. I came so hard while Tim watched!”

“As hard as you'll cum right now?” he demanded, the tip of his dick rubbing against the top of my pussy wall.

Brushing my G-spot.

Pleasure sparked every time. I drank it in as I moaned, “Keep fucking me and let's find out! Ram that cock into me! Make me explode, Clint! Remind me why your cock is the best! Why I love you!”

“Because you're my queen!” he snarled, ramming that dick into me.

“Yes, yes, yes, your queen!” I moaned, my pussy clenching down on his dick, welcoming him in.

The silky friction built and built inside of me. My orgasm swelled so fast as he pounded me. He plunged his dick into me with such force. It was incredible. It made me quiver and ache. Pussy juices ran down my thighs, churned to a hot froth by his plunging dick.

I whimpered, trembling on the brink of my orgasm. The refrigerator felt so cool against my hot flesh. My eyes squeezed shut. His dick slammed into me, brushing my G-spot again. The pleasure shivered through me.

I came hard on my brother's cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled at the top of my lungs, wanting everyone to hear me. “I'm cumming! Oh, fuck, Clint! I'm cumming!”

“You are!” he snarled, hammering into my spasming cunt.

Then he buried into me. His cock erupted. His cum fired into my snatch. I smiled at that wondrous delight, the pleasure denied me this morning by the stupid pipe. I whimpered, rapture shooting through my body. It slammed into my mind, boiling across my thoughts.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, Clint!” I whimpered as my pussy milked his cum.

“Melody!” he groaned. “My queen!”

I quivered between him and the refrigerator, the rapture burning through my mind. I shuddered. It was an amazing orgasm, as good as the one Becky gave me while Tim watched. If we had an audience right now...

I would melt.

“Damn, you are a stud,” I panted. “Mmm, that was good.”

“Some makeup loving for this morning,” Clint whispered in my ear. “And for tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” I asked. “We're getting together, right? It's my turn for lunch.”

“Sorry,” he said, voice tight. “I have to stay home from college tomorrow to fix the pipe. It's a mess. The plumbing in this house is old.”

I sighed I was looking forward to enjoying Mrs. Umayyah licking his cum out of my asshole.

I turned my head as Clint kissed me over his shoulder. Our lips touched. I closed my eyes, joy swelling through the buzzing bliss, mixing with it. I groaned as I loved my brother, my king. I’d had a crush on him since we were kids. I loved him longer than any other woman. I—

“Big brother, I need help with my math homework!” Alicia called. “Please, please, big brother.”

Clint broke the kiss. “What's up, princess?”

I sighed, wanting to glare daggers at Alicia. Sometimes, I wished I was my brother's only woman.

I pushed that irritation down as Clint broke away from me, his cock sliding out of my pussy. I couldn't enjoy Clint at college tomorrow, but there was Becky... How could I manipulate things with her and her brother?

And how to do it where we might get caught?

To be continued...
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