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As I mentioned early on, my favorite erotic author is Dedeaux and if you are interested you can read about him and his works on the web. In BING, just enter Dedeaux and Tiredny and you'll find a non-commercial site describing Dedeaux's works and "guesses" as to who he really was. (This site sells nothing and is totally ad free.)
(This is NOT a free standing story. In each succeeding part you will find new characters introduced, but only embellishments on existing characters. Just click on author name to find earlier parts/chapters.)

Author's note: For the record Carolyn is 23 years old. Molly is 22. Margaret is 36. Robert is 44.

While still tapping the paddle lightly against the first girl, Robert asked, “So, young lady, is this your first COMPANY punishment?”

Our first little delinquent feeling that awful paddle on her bottom answered quite quickly, "No, Sir. Two weeks ago our supervisor put me over her knee and gave me a sound spanking, Sir."

"I see," remarked Robert, "and do you know why you are here today?"

"Yes, Sir. I'm here to get some 'encouragement' to meet my daily quote, Sir!"

"Excellent, I can see that you are making progress," commented Robert as he lifted the paddle high in the air and brought it down and then slightly upwards so that the paddle landed flush on the under hang where the slack, white cheeks were their heaviest and had the most padding. A loud CRACK exploded and both cheeks were visibly driven upwards.

“OWWWW,” yelled the young worker as her bottom cheeks immediately began wiggling from left to right. While the paddle landed on her most padded area, this young lady did not have a great deal of padding. Each and every swat would be felt to the fullest. While up on her toes and continuing to wiggle, Robert slammed the next swat into the same area... WWHHACKKK!

"OHHH OOHHHH OHH DEAR, That really stings! Oh, Oh ..."

Her fellow delinquent next to her whispered, "It's OK, Maddie, you've had worse from Principal Harding. Settle down! It will be over soon! It's only a sixer!"

Robert then moved down the line to Maddie's fellow delinquent and began tapping his paddle on her slim, bare bottom. As with Maddie, he asked, "So, I'm guessing this is not your first company punishment either. Correct?"

"No, Sir. I mean, yes, Sir. I mean this will be my first punishment since I joined the company, Sir."

"Indeed, well let's hope this will be your first and your last. Now, you do know WHY you are here?"

"Yes, Sir. For 'encouragement' to meet my daily quote, Sir!"

"Good!" said Robert as he pulled back the paddle and delivered on the soft under hang of her bottom a hard ... CCRACKKK

"YYYIIKKKESSS!" the young worker cried out as she rose up on her tip toes and bucked her sore bottom up and down.

Robert continued his pattern of aiming for the most padded area on these slim bare hind cheeks. His next swat landed directly on top of this first and again he brought the paddle down with considerable force.... SSMMACKKK!!

"OOOWWWWIIIEEEEEE!" cried out the young delinquent as her sore backside began a tango to alleviate some of the raw sting in her now red cheeks.

While the first two were catching their breath, Robert moved down the line to the last delinquent and repeated his question about previous company discipline.

"Yes, Sir. Last week my supervisor put me over her knee and spanked me really hard. She did NOT use her paddle or strap because she never does on the first offense."

"Hmmm, that's interesting," said Robert. "That's probably only fair, but not all supervisors are so easy going. Anyhow, I trust you know why you are here?"

"To receive encouragement to meet my daily quota, Sir."

"That's correct and let's hope this will be your last appearance in our 'noon parade'," replied Robert as he lifted the paddle high and slammed it into the tense waiting, pale white cheeks.... CCRRACKKK

"OWWWW!!" yelled the last worker.

Robert then delivered her second swat and again he landed it on the padded under hang with a sound ... WWHHACKKK!

"OOOOEEEEEEIIIIIII!!" as the young girl began to pant and work her legs back and forth in an effort to absorb the terrible sting.

Robert return to the beginning and decided the next two swats would be applied to the crown on each of the waiting bottoms, but not nearly as hard. He already had their attention, plus none of them were well padded there. Nevertheless, all three showed clearly that the sting was becoming unbearable. The cries and shrieks increased in volume as did the squirmings. They were comforting each other as best they could as they all fear for the worst ... that someone would move and the spanking would start all over from the beginning.

When it came time for the last two swats, Robert returned to the area of more padding and delivered two hard swats to each of the delinquents. This had them in tears and wildly squirming. Although no two bottoms are alike, here we had three slim bottoms, all bright red in color, wiggling wildly, but in different directions. Robert waited a few seconds to see whether anyone would break position and when no one did, he ordered them up and out.

Our delinquents did NOT need a second invitation as they all rose quickly, pulled up their pants, and rushed out the door rubbing their bottoms with tears flowing freely.

Robert thought he heard something along the lines, " ... almost as bad as that time when Principal Harding ...." Upon hearing this fragment, Robert concluded that these three seemed to have a history of getting into trouble together. He then turned to Carolyn and said, "Now, I'm just guessing mind you, but I'll bet we'll be seeing that lot fairly often. Speaking of seeing often ... where the hell were you this morning?"

"Sir, I was with Margaret as she wanted to teach me about the household and my new duties.... "

"That's no excuse! Get yourself in position over the bench. You are going to get a sound paddling for coming to work late. You know that your work here takes priority. I can't understand this because, Carolyn, you've been punished before for coming to work late. Now get moving!" remarked an angry Robert.

'Oh Geez,' though Carolyn as she began undressing, ‘He sounds just like Mr. Boldger when he called me into his office for a paddling.' For the second time today, Carolyn stepped out of her shoes, removed her tight black, knee length skirt and stepped out of her half slip. All that remained was for her to thumb down her yellow, nylon panties and step out of these as well. Now, totally bare below the waist, Carolyn assumed the position she knew so well from her days in the accounting secretarial pool. She immediately began recalling those awful experiences.


To begin there were several differences, as Martin Boldger's paddlings were dispensed frequently with no set, scheduled time, and no where near as formal as the paddlings Robert dispensed in the 'noon parade'. Mr. Boldger's paddlings were completed fairly quickly so the punished secretary lost little work time. Unfortunately similar to Robert's, they hurt something dreadful.

With sixty girls in the pool, in a typical day 3 to 5 girls got a spanking. Naturally, there were days with far more being punished and also days with fewer. Mr. Boldger's methods were well known to all of the girls working in the pool. When he was unhappy with a recent piece of your work, he'd step outside his office and call your name. Upon responding, he'd invite you to join him in his office.

He'd immediately show you the reason he was upset and asked whether you agreed that the work was poor quality. Your typical response was, "Yes, Sir", and you'd then reach your hands up under your light blue, denim skirt and push your coarse cotton underwear down to your ankles. You were then expected to lie over Mr. Boldger's punishment table so that your upper body was flush on the table. All of this happened quickly and matter of factly. You pulled your skirt high up on your back leaving your bare hind cheeks prepared to receive the punishment you earned. To insure your skirt remained out of the way, you folded both of your arms on your back locking your hands on elbows. This also effectively locked your skirt in place.

Throughout the punishment, Mr. Boldger left his door open as he wanted all workers in the pool to know that poor work would NOT be tolerated. While the girls in the secretarial pool could not see the spanking, they could hear it as thought they were right there in the office.

Once you were in place, Martin Boldger would retrieve from the hook the company paddle issued to all supervisors. Naturally, he also had a company issued strap, but he rarely used it favoring the ease of use and better accuracy he could achieve with the paddle. He'd tap your bottom a few times and then announce the number of swats you earned. He never bothered to warn you about earning additional swats as everyone already understood that poor acceptance of your spanking meant you'd get extras. Nobody wanted those and they were rarely awarded. Most often they were earned by the new girls who were not as yet accustomed to the atrocious sting of the company paddle as applied by Martin Boldger.

Often on their first experience, when the paddle whacked down on their bare hind cheeks, the new girls would screech and jump up grabbing their sizzling hindquarters. Of course, this was not allowed and only guaranteed a much harder and longer spanking. Naturally, all of the girls had been paddled before, either at home or at school, but Martin was most proficient. He knew how to whack that paddle to achieve maximum results from a minimum of swats.

Carolyn, having experienced many paddlings from Mr. Boldger took her punishments as well as she could. She never moved out of position or lowered her arms in an attempt to protect her bare rump. Screeching, however, she could not resist! Everyone in the office knew when the paddle was being applied to Carolyn's bare hind end. Carolyn was simply amazed how some of the girls could take a 10 stroke paddling without crying out while she'd be screeching after the first swat.

Tears, however, were shed by all and Mr. Boldger always offered tissues at the conclusion of the spanking. The girls were expected to quickly replace their underpants, wipe away tears, return to their desks and re-submit the poor work that earned them the paddling.


After this quick review of her secretarial pool paddlings, Carolyn arched her back so that her bottom cheeks were angled up to provide the maximum real estate for the company paddle. She just dreaded the fire Robert's paddle would light in her still sore and throbbing hind cheeks. Carolyn then remembered that another difference between now and back in the pool is embarrassment. Carolyn just hated showing all her bare charms to her old supervisor, Martin Boldger. After last night, however, she actually felt a minor tingle showing everything to her ... new boyfriend!

Her new boyfriend, who also happened to be her angry boss, upon seeking Carolyn's bright red and welted bottom asked, "What happened to you? Duh ... I mean who spanked you? Margaret??"

"Yes, Sir. Margaret gave me a full dozen with house paddle. She was very fair and actually quite lenient. It could have been a lot worse, Sir."

"Well, Margaret runs the household and if she spanked you, I'm sure you deserved it," remarked Robert as he began tapping the paddle against Carolyn's terribly sore cheeks. He then queried, "Carolyn, while I have you in the ‘position of truth’, I need to know how it is that you finally decided to come to work." All the while Robert kept tapping the paddle on Carolyn's bright red rump.

"Position of Truth" is a fairly accurate deion as no way would Carolyn even consider telling anything but the truth while in this position. Her immediate, reflex response was, "Margaret sent me upon getting your phone call."

'Oh NOO,' thought Carolyn, 'what have I done!' Knowing full well the trouble she'd just gotten Margaret into, she attempted to recover with, "She delayed not even a second, Sir! IMMEDIATELY ... she had me on my way, Sir."

Robert stopped tapping the paddle and said, "Just what I thought! Well, there is going to be some sore backsides in our house tonight. Carolyn, get dressed. Your bottom is too sore to punish now. Tonight, however, both you and Margaret will be getting the punishment strap before bedtime."

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir," answered the unhappy Carolyn. As she was rising, she had another idea and blurted out, "Sir, I'm in perfect position to do something ... or er I mean, that is... something else? I mean it won't take long. You have an hour before your next meeting so all you have to do is lower your trousers and ... and ..."

Robert had to admit that spanking those three teens did get him stimulated. Further, seeing Carolyn's well curved, bare fanny, scarlet in hue and severely bruised though it was, nevertheless just added immensely to his stimulation. He answered, "Ok, but just this once." With that Robert closed and locked his office door. He returned behind Carolyn, lowered his trousers and pressed his abdomen into Carolyn's very warm bare hind cheeks. Nature took its course and the highly stimulated Robert finished quite quickly.

Upon Robert withdrawing Carolyn, not desiring any more spankings from Margaret, rushed to Robert's sofa and lay on her back with her knees pressed to her chest. This was in accordance with Margaret's instructions and Carolyn had learned earlier today that Margaret was to be OBEYED. Failure to obey risked another sound spanking from Margaret; a risk Carolyn was unwilling to take.

When the five minutes were up, Carolyn stood up and observed, "You know, Sir, maybe we should do this everyday, right after the 'noon parade'. I mean it's for the re-population effort, Sir, and you always have a free period immediately after?"

"Hmmm, let's talk about it tomorrow. Right now I'm inclined to say 'yes', but let's try again tomorrow when I have a clear head. Now, Carolyn, don't think this gets you off the hook. You and Margaret are both getting the strap tonight. In fact, I want you to call Margaret and inform her she is expected in the study at 10:00pm to get a good strapping."

"Oh nooooo! Do I really have to tell Margaret, Sir?"

"Yes, and one more word out of you and you will be seeing me first thing tomorrow morning as well."

"Yes, Sir. I understand, Sir," responded a very unhappy Carolyn.

Both participants replaced their clothing and went back to work. Carolyn immediately called Margaret and gave her the bad news. Margaret told Carolyn she was to report to her in the study as soon as she came home from work. All Carolyn could think is that Margaret's displeasure would result in another twelve smacks from that awful house paddle. This was a meeting she just dreaded.

While Carolyn was on the phone with Margaret, Robert headed downstairs to production department R3 to sort out a scheduling problem. Upon reaching the lower level he turned the corner and saw an accounting clerk put out a cigarette in a potted plant. She saw Robert and quickly headed for the door leading into the vast Accounting Department.

Robert called out, "Hold on there! I saw that."

"Yes, Sir," answered the very nervous clerk who was rather slender and appeared to be in her late 30's to early 40's. She was wearing the standard issue light blue, denim skirt, white blouse and brown rubber soled shoes. In short, she was wearing the typical accounting clerk uniform issued by the company. Robert could see that her lips were trembling as she faced him.

"I'm certain you know that smoking is not permitted in this building and why are you trying to kill our plants?"

She got even more nervous and stammered, "Sir, I was late getting back from lunch and I guess I forgot, but those ashes won't kill the plant. They'll hold moisture and actually help the plant."

"Be that as it may, it is dangerous to smoke in this building where we use and store many inflammatory chemicals. What's your name as I'll have to write you up?"

"Brown, Sir. Angela Brown, but please don't write me up. I have a perfect record and don’t want any blemishes on my record. Won't you please punish me, Mr. Morgan?"

Robert could now see that in addition to the trembling lips, tears were beginning to form in her eyes. "Well ... I have a few minutes, but no instrument ..."

Before he could answer, Angela opened the door, went in and very quickly returned with a standard issue company strap, which she handed to Robert. "No problem, Sir. We have these hung all over the accounting department. Should I take my shoes off, Sir?"

"I have little time so we'll dispense with clothing removal. I think a sound dozen is that standard for safety violations like this."

"Yes, Sir," responded Angela as she reached under her skirt and lowered her coarse cotton underpants to her ankles. She then placed both hands on her shoulders and waited.

Waited, that is, while Robert raised both skirt and slip and gave the hems to Angela to hold. This left Angela's slim bare hind cheeks completely exposed for the company strap to do its job. Robert commented, "I expect you know the proper procedures?"

"Of course, Sir. If I move out of position or let go of my garments, we start from the beginning until all twelve strokes are received ... without incident."

"Seems you understand well our punishment procedures, Angela?"

"Of course, Sir. We get punished in the department. Usually only with the company paddle, but in my dorm our dorm Mom uses the strap quite regularly. While I don't get it too often, usually once a month I come to work with a well strapped bottom." As she was relating this, Angela bent slightly forward sticking her bare backside out. In addition, she bent her knees slightly rounding out her slim rump and leaving her cheeks fully served up for the ensuing correction.

Robert concluded this woman really knew how to take a spanking and make the disciplinarian appreciate her humility and acceptance. Actually this proved a very smart tactic as it would greatly lessen the anger and intensity of any male disciplinarian. That is, any male who saw a female bent over and voluntarily offering her hind cheeks for punishment in such a rounded-out position as this, triggered a natural desire to protect. Of course, punishment must still be dispensed, but not with as much enthusiasm as when anger was the chief motivation.

Robert placed his left hand on Angela's shoulder to steady her and to provide himself with some stability. He drew the strap back over his head and brought it down with a terrific slashing stroke CCRACKKK!!

The strap wrapped around Angela's slim backside such that the tip finished on her right flank just where her bottom meets her thigh. From there it angled up to middle of her right cheek and finally up again near the top of her left cheek. You could clearly see where the strap landed on Angela's pale, white bottom by the red, raised welt it left behind. In response to this first swat, Angela closed her eyes and emitted a hushed, "aaaaaaaaha." Her hind cheeks began quivering and her lower jaw began to tremble.

Robert delivered two more strokes both overlapping the first by half the strap width, one above and one below. On the second swat, Angela repeated her response except her cry was slightly louder, but the third stroke was answered with a loud, "OOOWWWWWW, God this hurts!" Angela at this began to cry quietly and tears streamed down her cheeks. Never did she move her legs or reduce her grip on the hems of her skirts.

Robert was not swinging will full power, but with sufficient force to insure Angela never smoked again in unauthorized areas. It was clear that with her small, tender bottom, the company strap stung atrociously on her bare cheeks. The welts were now raised a quarter inch and colored a dark red. While Angela admitted to a strapping a month, that would not be sufficient to desensitize these soft, tender hind cheeks. No, Angela would feel every spanking like it was her first and Robert felt this was a good thing. It meant Angela could be taught a lesson without having to be severely thrashed.

For the fourth stroke Robert decided to change tactics. Rather than bring the strap up, he brought it around so that it would swing level and parallel to the floor. This time he aimed for the crowns of her bottom and indeed, it landed straight across both cheeks at their most rounded point with the tip slapping hard into the hallows of her right cheek.

Again, Angela screeched out, "YYYEEOOOOUUUCCCHHHHHH! STINGS! IT STINGS!" No longer was her crying quiet as she simply could not hold back anymore. The company strap, modeled after the punishment straps used in women's reformatories, was an incredibly effective instrument when used by an experienced disciplinarian. In addition, tears now simply poured from her eyes.

Robert decided to end this quickly with two more swats delivered horizontally with each stroke landing lower on Angela's sore cheeks than the last stroke. WWHHHACCKKKK!! SSMMAACKKKKKKKKKKKK!!

The last stroke being the loudest, not because Robert swung harder, but because it slapped into the fatty under curve of Angela's bottom and set her entire backside in motion. That is, both cheeks shook violently and wobbled wildly.

Angela felt it as well and positively screamed out, "YYYEEEOOOUUUUU OOOOWWWWWOOOOO00000!"

Robert immediately took control, "Angela, stand up straight, and let your skirt down. We are done for now, but I want you to step out of your underpants and give them to me.”

"Yes, ... hic .... huuw .... Sir," replied the still sobbing Angela as she handed her underpants to Robert.

"Thank you. Now, get back to work. At the end of your shift you are to report to my office. If I'm out or busy, you will stand with your nose to the wall with your skirt and slip lifted. I want my secretary, Carolyn, and anyone else in my office to see what happens to employees who violate our safety rules. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir. I'll go to your office and stand facing the wall with my backside exposed for all to see."

"Very well, Angela, I'll see you again in a few hours. You will get your pants back then. In the meantime, you are to sit on your wood chair with your skirt raised so that your bare bottom is in contact with the hard seat. This will help you remember that our smoking rules are to be obeyed!"

"Yes, Sir," stammered a very unhappy Angela knowing full well that her punishment would be prolonged and would end with the final six swats in Robert's office. Sitting bare bottom on her chair, however, was NOT an unusual occurrence. All accounting clerks after they were punished sat bare bottom, but with underpants at their ankles. This just added to the discomfort as it advertised their condition. At least, Angela would NOT have to "advertise" the fact she got a spanking. As you would expect, Angela would report the punishment to her dorm mom to insure she got her required "augmentation" spanking. Failure to do so earned a far, far worse dorm punishment.
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